Disney Channel's Jessie Spinoff Gets Title, Premise, Cast Additions

Jessie Spinoff Bunk'd

One of the year’s hugest TV mysteries — within the walls of my home, I should probably note — has been solved. In that we now know what Disney Channel’s Jessie spinoff will be about.

After all, the offshoot will not involve Debby Ryan, nor will Cameron Boyce (who plays Luke and will front Disney XD’s new comedy Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything) or Kevin Chamberlin (Bertram) be along for the ride. So how, how, how do you focus a series on Emma (Peyton List), Ravi (Karan Brar) and Zuri (Skai Jackson) without any parental or nanny-ental guidance and also explain Luke’s absence?

By sending the New York City penthouse-raised kiddies to a rustic summer camp in Maine, that’s how, and thus title the show BUNK’D.

As also reported by our sister site Deadline, the spinoff has added to its cast Miranda May (Liv and Maddie), Nina Lu and Kevin Quinn. Production on BUNK’D starts later this month with an eye on a summer debut.

As previously reported, Disney Channel’s Jessie is concluding its run at the end of Season 4 and 101 episodes.

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  1. Riana says:

    This seems like it would be a huge challenge if the show should last multiple seasons. Are they gonna spend 3-4 seasons on a single summer?

    • Bob says:

      Who said it’ll be focused on a single summer? They could always do 1 summer per season. Stupid.

      • rondove says:

        So your saying at the end of each season they’d have the show speed through time one year to the next summer thus starting the next season yea and rianas stupid…

        • Hello says:

          Raina’s not stupid but the fact that every summer they would go to the camp is not unrealistic. A lot of kids would go to a camp summer after summer especially if you are a counselor bc teens can put that on a college app or a summer job.

    • Jazz says:

      Well, to be fair, Phineas and Ferb went on for a while taking place in all one summer, so it’s possible.

  2. celrste says:

    Pelse don,t cancel of Jessie on Disney channel ok

  3. Mya Nolen says:

    Sooo where will Luke and Jessie be at??? Nonsense and summer camp? That means this will only have a few episodes bcuz Summer is not that long. So I don’t see how this show will last like Jessie did. I’m upset two of my favorite characters Luke and Jessie won’t be in it 😢😔 it better b worth it. Don’t disappoint me Disney.

  4. arulabishek says:

    I like Disney channel

  5. 'A' Has Been Revived says:

    Wait, if the show is eyeing a summer debut, does that mean Jessie will end before the summer? I mean, they still have 14 more episodes. So will they be airing at the same time then? That’ll be weird…

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I believe, am not 100% sure, that JESSIE’s final episodes will air in early 2016.

      • poweranimals says:

        How are they gonna make that work then? It’ll be awkward to air Bunk’d before the Jessie finale.

        • John NYC says:

          It’s television plus summer vacation does fit with summer and for continuity there’d be references to the family “back home”…

  6. Beckers0505 says:

    Love Jessie, however this sounds pretty bad.

  7. Paul Meier says:

    Im disappointed the mother isnt taking on a bigger role in this series. There would be some good plots and stories with the parents involved. Still i hope its a good series. Disney usually gets it right.

  8. androme3 says:

    This is a very interesting premise and could work;
    but I don’t think the title (BUNK’D) would work if the show behind it will focus on the remaining Ross kids. Not many people would recognize the show under it.
    Maybe Bunk”d with the Rosses or just The Rosses or Camp Ross could rock better.
    I could be wrong; we’ll see.

  9. Dobre mięso to połowa, jak nie więcej sukcesu jeśli chodzi dobry stek.Polecam sklep Kiszeczka w
    Karczewie, to jest niedaleko Warszawy.

  10. Our whole family loves to watch Jessie and the gang.. Together!!

  11. Theresa says:

    Jessie is Better Title Name and the song

  12. Hi I’m Zack and I’m a talented dancer and actor, but no one has the time to realize it because they’re to busy. Just like my parents

    • Jordi says:

      Zachary, go online to the Disney channel website now and then, they publish dates for open casting calls also you can check online about Talent Agencies close by your home town. Also, get involve in drama and/or music clibs at school, the experience over there is aleays a plus. Nevertheless, it is very important to talk to your parents. Perhaps they don’t realized it because they think that’s something that you like as a hobby, for entertainment but if you talk to them and explain your interests and professional desires, they may hear and understand.

  13. moasia says:

    So happy for the spinoff i will miss Jessie but i always said i will see the kids one day again and i was right

  14. Iyana Grier says:

    I really want to be on Bunk’d on Disney Channel. I always want to see Skai Jackson, Peyton List, and Karan Brar. I always wanted to be on TV, ever since I was a little girl and I hope that I could be on Disney Channel with Peyton, Skai, and Karan. I hope my dream will come true. I love to act.

  15. Kyler wilhelm says:

    This is stupid I prob won’t watch. Jessie was good the way it was. Debby ryan shouldn’t have changed it

  16. Larry Robertson says:

    I would love to be apart of this show please contact me if so

  17. Kyla says:

    r they really gonna be in Maine?

  18. Ariana says:

    i don’t know if they made a jessie episode of how to explain how jessie, bertram, or luke don’t go to the summer camp. i think it would be weird if they just go on with bunk’d and not say anything about the ending of jessie. i used to be so obsessed with jessie, and im pretty sad that my favorite characters won’t be in the new show. disney just kinda went downhill. if you know why luke, jessie, or bertram won’t be in bunk’d, please tell me. thanks.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      It is alllllllll explained in the BUNK’D premiere.

    • angel gonzalez says:


  19. Sean McPherson says:

    All of you are idiots obviously this series was created so they could write scripts for new episodes of Jessie their obviously going to do this series for maybe one or two seasons then show Jessie and return back to bunks and go back and forth I wouldn’t be surprised if Luke came on the show and

    • Sean McPherson says:

      OK I didn’t finish but I wouldn’t be surprised if Cameron Boyce appeared on the show and if Debbie Ryan and Kevin Chamberlain guest starred on the show and before you say something like why would Luke appear on your show well summer school doesn’t last that long

  20. Alexis says:

    I can’t believe Luke won’t be in bunked but at least I can see him in “Decendants” and “Gamers guide to pretty much everything” I’ll miss you in “Jessie” Luke

  21. Becca says:

    It will not compare to Jessi!! Luke, Jessi , and Bertram were the show .. The Premiere of Bunkd was not what we thought it would be👎

  22. I have watched Bunked 2 times and it is absolutely horrible. Tacky acting. It doesn’t compare to Jessie. Super disappointed and doudt it will be around for long ,at least I hope not. What happened. It must be a whole production team. Jessie was clever!! I can’t and won’t watch bunked again!!!

    • larry james says:

      I, too, have seen a couple episodes of b’unked, and YES, it is absolutely horrible. Almost as bad as best friends whenever and kc undercover. Disney has recently created these 3 terrible shows that deserve to be canceled asap, along with I didn’t do it and dog with a blog. In fact, the only shows I look forward to are Liv & Maddie and Girl Meets World..

  23. kc says:

    They need jessie and Burcham back. This TV show is so dumb. What is a planning to do for summer camp for the kids going to school. Some of the points in the new one just doesn’t make sense for what to show was. Bring back the old show

  24. Nasir says:

    I dont get bunkd i thought jessie was funnier

  25. 😋😇😜😝 says:

    Seriously Luke, jessie,Bertram they had to leave they where so funny but what happened 😭😢they were the best actors there also the rest of the cast but too bad it’s not gonna be the same anymore please come back jessie and Luke +Bertram 😪😥😢

  26. Olivia says:

    They should cast new actors

  27. Erica thomas says:

    I really like the show Jessie because Cameron Boyce payton list and ski Jackson are my favorite in this show

  28. Erica thomas says:

    I love Cameron Boyce

  29. Jordan says:

    This show should keep going or they should all be together on bunkd and other shows whoever desires these suggestions are stupid so y’all need to fix that

  30. honey says:

    i you going to come back when bunk’d is over

  31. Connie adams says:

    I don’t like bunk’d. Are they going to go to summer camp all school long. Doesn’t make since. I much rather have watched jessie. I know it was getting stale. I don’t see this show going far. My grand kids are already bored with it. Come on disney get with it. Give us some good television. Glad dog with a blog is going off too. This was such a believable show. Right! Going to miss austin and alley though.

  32. Daniel says:

    I love bunk’d i always wanted to go on tv and I’m really good at it

  33. Patty Lrwis says:

    Disney is always doing this with their high rated shows my autistic grandson is so upset about it and the new spin off with out luke Bertram or jessi really knock it off

  34. Star says:

    This doesn’t answer the questions. Where are the answers? What is the background? Jessie got married, I understand that, but what happened to Luke and Bertram?

  35. Kayla says:

    I really hope Debby Ryan will come back. She taught me so much while watching Jessie! Loved her and all the cast! I’ve been watching the show since I was 8 and I am now 12.(middle school)I understand she needs time to herself and is now in a band but please Debby! Come back!!!Disney channel!!!!

  36. jlynn says:

    I think that luke ross should join the ross kids. Can you make an arrangement and put luke in bunkd please.

  37. Ravneet loves jessie says:

    I hope they make another show about a nanny that came and took care of kids. But with different names of charters

  38. Kathleen says:

    This was just a little sudden. I haven’t watched Disney channel in a while, so I decided, “Hey, I miss it and should go see what’s new.” Well now I’m just super confused because one moment they had this great show Jessie and now it’s basically all of the same characters with the same names on another show. If anything, I feel like the name “Jessie” should have been kept. Now “Bunk’D” is just confusing for us kids. Many kids could have missed “that one episode” where the kids in New York transition into summer and are “bunked”. In Addition, my favorite Disney channel show of all time was Hannah Montana. Best show. Clever Puns, funny one-liners, great morals at the end of the stories, knee-slapping humor, intriguing problems just waiting to be solved. Lastly, a very simple, realistic story line. This show helped me, my friends and I’m sure others open our eyes and make us think more about decision-making and so on. Thank you for your time, I really hope you have read this thoroughly and thought about these “different” or “odd” new shows.

  39. Debby Ryan must return to disney channel STAT. Her character is beyond absolutely amazing. Yet all her fans are saying the same and such. But honestly, her disney roles are like PERFECT. All the kids even the adults loved the show of “JESSIE” and we all missed watching and laughing. I don’t know what else to say, but it should be a new show call “Jessie & the Ross’s takes Ollywood” and continue to bring more memory, and laughs. Of course including their favorite butler Betram. The new shows on disney channel are somewhat ok but not funny as “Jessie” and “Girls meet world” those two shows are thumbs up. Well, hope; one day it’ll be an Reunion all over again. God Bless.

  40. And for the bunk’d show, Debby Ryan aka Jessie should play the camp director. And of course Betram (Kevin) can be the kitchen director or/ the camp cooker as he started from Jessie show “butler” cmon people get those 3 actors back Luke (Cameron) Debby (Jessie) and also Betram (Kevin) back. Without all these actors & rest of the other cast of Ross’s won’t be the same.

  41. Mya says:

    Luke is going to be on episode 12 of bunked on Disney channel

  42. Thank you if I get this addition I hope I get it its my favorite show

  43. Tonya says:

    The stupidest show EVER. Annoying beyond words.
    I refuse to let my kids watch it.