The Good Wife Season 7: Is Torchwood Actress the New Kalinda?

The Good Wife Season 7 Cast Cush Jumbo

The Good Wife has an opening for a new private eye. A buzzy actress is set to join the cast in a major-ish role. You do the math.

London-based thesp Cush Jumbo — whose TV roles include Torchwood: Children of Earth and Getting On — has signed on to recur in the CBS drama’s upcoming (yet not-officially-announced) seventh season, Deadline reports.

Although it’s unclear who Jumbo will be playing, one could (and will) speculate that she’ll be taking the investigator reins from Archie Panjabi’s exiting Kalinda. CBS has not confirmed this theory, however.

Broadway audiences known Jumbo as Hugh Jackman’s co-star in the recent smash The River.

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  1. Aidan says:

    But what about Robyn!?!?

  2. D. says:

    They should bring Robyn back as the PI for the firm.

  3. So, maybe Kalinda’s character don’t leave the show, just Archie? That would be great i think. Would be hard to see another woman in kalinda’s jacket but i prefer this to not knowing anymore aboyt Kalinda.

    Is just me who thinks this way?

    • Eran says:

      The kind of recast you’re proposing is only acceptable on daytime soap operas. If a prime time series, especially one that’s as critically acclaimed as The Good Wife ever tried to pull a stunt like that, the show will not only have jumped the shark, it will have somersaulted, cartwheeled and synchronise-swam around it.

      • I think i get it, thank you. Maybe Revenge would do that, but TGW it’s on whole different level.

        Well, i think we should be OK about anything about this show, the writers team and the producers really know what they’re doing. I just want CBS officially announce the season 7.

        • Eran says:

          In total agreement with you on that one. It’s not been the easiest season to stick by, but week in, week out, the show delivers a writing and acting master class, regardless of whether I’m on board with the storyline. We need more TGW on television.

      • Lizo says:

        Game of Thrones has done it three times already

    • matty says:

      That would NEVER fly on a show as sophisticated as The Good Wife. Maybe if it were a daytime soap, not in primetime.

      • Dude says:

        Hannibal just did it. A sophisticated and critically acclaimed primetime soap. Game of Thrones did it last season and they’re about as sophisticated and critically acclaimed as it gets. I’m not advocating that The Good Wife recast Kalinda but I’m saying, it happens on primetime. Recasts aren’t exclusive to soap operas.

        • abz says:

          It can happen in primetime but not really to major characters. Kalinda is a character that has been on the show for 6 years and a major character on the show. Substituting a character like hers with another actor would never work.
          On the other hand, the Game of Thrones switch happened to a not nearly as important character that was on for what two episodes before Michiel Huisman took over the role so not really a huge deal. And Hannibal is a special case I think and they could get away with it because the recast was for a character that had most of his face cut off and fed to dogs.

          • Andy J says:

            Kalinda could be in a car accident, spend a few weeks in bandages, and once the bandages come off Cush Jumbo would have taken over the role. “Dynasty” did this all the time.

          • Eran says:

            Exactly, you do NOT recast a core character of a high-end drama, six years into the show’s lifespan. It’s just not done. And you know what? I’d get a chuckle out of a prime time recast if say, Jane the Virgin did that because it’s lighthearted and half comedic and spoofs telenovelas but on the good wife that is so anchored in reality? That would be a bold faced insult to viewers. And sorry but any comparisons to Dynasty drawn here are just downright ludicrous.

        • carterfrancis says:

          Mason Verger’s face gets eaten off and he’s not a major character. Honestly, Pitt will be missed, but his character is NOT Kalinda. For God’s sake, Archie won an Emmy before JM.

          She is irreplaceable.

    • Ann says:

      NO NO NO, no one can play Kalinda like Archie. That would be just awful I think, stick with Robin, we got to like her…..

  4. Steven says:

    While it should be Robyn this is amazing news as they are already casting for next season. Cush wouldn’t appear this season right, only next?

    • dman6015 says:

      Doesn’t necessarily mean anything. They’re just lining up their ducks (contracts) in case there is a Season 7.

  5. Ange says:

    Sorry Robin

  6. Stefan says:

    Nooo, we want Robyn!!!

  7. SJ says:

    What about Robyn?!? I’d much rather have her return.

    I think she’ll be playing a different role, maybe she’s a new attorney at the firm and Alicia becomes her mentor. That would certainly bring the series full circle as the student will have become the teacher.

    Oh and apparently TGW is now, I guess, unofficially renewed? Great! :)

  8. Scott21 says:

    I want Robyn :(

  9. Bradster says:

    Why not Robyn?!?

  10. Bradster says:

    What about Robyn?!

  11. MikeR. says:

    I wonder if she’ll actually have scenes with Alicia?

    All joking aside it is not confirmed she will be the investigator, so I hope Robyn has some sort of presence in the potentially final season, and this is as good as a renewal is it not?

  12. K says:

    Team Robyn. This actress looks a lot like Kalinda. Hope there not going to suddenly bring in Kalinda’a sister and have her replace her

  13. Carissa Pavlica says:

    It’s a little insulting to put another ethnic actress into the PI role, to be honest. Cookie cutter much? Make her an attorney and bring back Robyn into the PI role. She was really good at it and was refreshingly light and entertaining.

    • MikeR. says:

      Agreed, but I’m glad they casting someone of color in the show, but I’m hoping she is another attorney as well.

  14. matty says:

    Really, they should just bring back Robin! I really like her, or they could just have Andrew Wiley join the firm!

  15. C says:

    Robyn! I mean, I’m gonna miss Kalinda like crazy, but the last thing TGW needs is to add another peripheral character. They have enough good ones in their universe that we’ve barely seen. And they’ve underutilized their current investigator for going on three seasons now. I hope, for her sake, that this isn’t the role she’s gonna fill. While there are so so so many good things about TGW, everything about Kalinda’s storyline since the A/K split has been so poorly handled :(

  16. ellajwade says:

    Why can’t Robyn take over for Kalinda? She was great!

  17. Lauren says:

    She has an impressive resume. I wish her luck and hope that they do not waste her talents as they did Matthew Goode’s on the program. Perhaps they will spread the wealth around more in season 7 and let others besides Alicia have a tad more story.

  18. Miro says:

    Where the F is Robyn, people?!!

  19. Elizabeth says:

    Matthew Goode was not ill used this season. Since he is also on Downton Abbey, he cannot be in two places. I think this is why his story has slightly altered and seemed disjointed. This is why other characters are also in and out of the show. If you are a reoccurring character, you are probably working on other shows. Kalinda, Alicia, Cary and Diane are the only main characters to be in each show. Also the show is called The Good Wife, not Cary’s Life or Diane’s life. So 99 percent of this show is going to be about Alicia.

    • Lauren says:

      He’s a season regular not a recurring character and was on one episode of Downton Abbey that was filmed last summer. Look at how well the show fared this season with so much focus on Alicia and the dreadful campaign story. It lost its luster and millions of viewers that it is scrambling to get back. Critics and fans agree that having Alicia in her own little world did nothing for the show.

      • ParkerWyeth says:

        It wasn’t too much screen time for Alicia, it was awful, long, slow storyline. BORING.
        I’ll stick w/ the show, but hopefully it picks up in it’s (last) season. It’s been a great run overall.

    • Lizo says:

      I too would like to see more of Finn; more of the flirty banter I’ve come to love between him and Alicia

  20. Ugh, I don’t want another PI, I want Robin! I miss Robin!

  21. abz says:

    I agree with others. Would love to see Robyn again? Perhaps the may still find a way to keep Alicia as SA and can still bring Robyn back and this actress may also be an investigator as well for Alicia. I’m having trouble wrapping my head around her losing. Maybe it’s just because I really want her to win, but I really feel like the show might be up to something. The season still isn’t over.

  22. HAP says:

    Jess Weixler has had more work in cinema recently than anyone else in TGW cast, including co-writing, co-directing and starring in one movie. I get the impression that she prefers doing film work.

  23. Lizo says:

    Ooooo! I approve. I hope her character is a friend or relative of Kalinda…feels a bit…icky to replace one British brown actress with another. But I really like Cush and TGW has never led me wrong yet.

  24. August says:

    I agree with so many others who have already posted: BRING BACK ROBYN!

  25. kn1231 says:

    Everyone is saying bring back Robyn, but TV Line posted an article weeks ago stating that the actress was busy with other projects, which is why she has been missing lately. So if the new firm PI is going to appear as often (or even more) than Kalinda, the actress who plays Robyn may be unavailable.

  26. Beckers0505 says:

    Hello Robyn?!? Why hire another PI when you already have a great PI waiting for some screen time!!

  27. smart house says:

    W przypadku gwarancji dla prawa pracy powoływane są – zgodnie
    z tym prawem – instytucje kontrolne.

  28. This latest development of replacing Kalinda with another actress really BITES!!! What with all the interruptions to the airing of show’s episodes, the way Will left the show,and Robin’s being more there than here on TGW, an excellent show has sunk to its nadir in my opinion. I definitely will NOT be watching TGW any longer!!!!!

    • abz says:

      Archie Panjabi chose to leave the show by the end of this season. It sucks, but that’s the reality. Also, if you read the article carefully, you’d see that this actress’s role is still unclear and this article is just speculating. And it’s only natural for the show to cast another investigator (if that is indeed the role this actress is cast for) to fill the void that will be left from Kalinda’s absence. Robyn may just be down to scheduling issues as from the many comments I’ve read I had no idea she was that busy of an actress.
      The interruptions do suck but they have been going on for years now and if you’ve made it watching this far, it’s a pretty lousy excuse to quit the show especially if all the speculation is right about next season possibly being the shows last (I hope not).
      And with regards to Josh Charles, he chose to leave and the show chose to handle it they way the wanted to and the fifth season turned out to pretty much be the show’s best I think. The way he left the show also wouldn’t really matter because he’d still be gone.

  29. I hope they give Robyn more air time and bring in the new person to take Robyn’s (background) place.

  30. jazzluv says:

    No one else could even come close to Archie and the character of Kalinda

  31. Mini says:

    I agree, I really think Robyn is a wonderful actress…bring her back!!!

  32. Elizabeth says:

    Matthew Goode is currently filming more episodes for Downton Abbey. He was never going to be in just one. You are correct that he is a series regular but I am sure that filming Downton forced the writers to alter his story a bit and limit the flirtation. Whether or not, people liked the SA storyline, I think the twist in last week’s episode was amazing. It couldn’t have been done if she hadn’t run for SA.

  33. liame says:

    Loving the name “Cush Jumbo”! That’s a name I’ll never forget. Good luck kiddo, the vultures are already circling.

  34. TDXI says:

    And we still have no idea what happend to Robyn.

  35. Russ says:

    Is there any hope that Hawaii Five “O” will kill the background music or bring it down to a level that one could hear the actors lines?? Is anyone else having the same problem?

  36. KevyB says:

    I’m surprised Julianna Margulies didn’t insist on a man for the role, or at least an ugly woman who wouldn’t be allowed to win Emmys.

  37. Moe says:

    I already see the underlying bias just from these comments. Robyn was annoying and was NO Kalinda. The “investigator” with the kids is annoying as h*ll too. Haven’t heard people make a peep about Robyn until this announcement. Interesting. It’s also interesting how someone wants this actress to take a background role. Typical.

  38. Tgw fan says:

    Noooo. All wrong. Don’t try to replace Kalinda with a semi lookalike.

    Kalinda is irreplaceable. Just bring back Robin …Kalinda mentored her. Flashbacks that include Kalinda would be inevitable . Just makes sense. We need to be weaned off her …slowly