Grey's Anatomy Recruits Reign Hottie Giacomo Gianniotti for Top-Secret Role

Grey's Anatomy Giacomo Gianniotti

Grey’s Anatomy is about to be graced by royalty.

The venerable ABC medical drama has cast Giacomo Gianniotti — AKA faux “Lord Julien” on The CW’s Reign — to join the cast in a potentially recurring role, TVLine has learned exclusively. An ABC rep confirmed the Italian actor’s casting, but provided no details about his character. (My guess: He’s a new intern.)

In addition to Reign, Gianniotti has recurred on ABC’s short-lived Selfie and BBC America’s Copper. He is also set to co-star in Lifetime’s forthcoming miniseries The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe as the Blonde Bombshell’s first husband Jimmy Dougherty.

Here’s Gianniotti participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge, and making 99 percent of the male population feel inferior in the process.

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  1. RLH says:

    Oh how I wish this would be the guy to get Amelia away from Owen. I am not a fan of that pairing!

    • abz says:

      I would love for this to happen too. But its happened and I doubt Shonda will change that. She started the courtship and the drama and the angst and the whatever and she will continue with it as she does. Such a shame too because Amelia is one of my favourtie characters of the Greysverse and she deserves better.

  2. Jasper says:

    Hope he is not someone’s long lost relative or something..

  3. aph1976 says:

    I think it’s good casting by Grey’s Anatomy and i also see the actor playing a new intern at the hospital.

  4. lqza says:

    Used to love it, but got bored at the end of season 9. Have not watched since. Well past it’s sell by date.

    • Antwon303 says:

      Yet you’re commenting on it LOL. Shonda Rhimes had planned on ending it season 10. It’s still profitable and thus ABC wants it on the air. They are her bosses so…

  5. Mary Kate says:

    Was he on Selfie, too?? I’m actually excited for more interns. It’ll allow the show to continue if more actors want to leave or have less screen time, plus new doctors at a hospital is realistic, people!

  6. Philip says:

    As long as he is not a love interest for Callie or any other single female doctor in the hospital I am fine!

    We dont have many males in the show and almost any new character introduced the last couple of seasons became a love interest for an existing character. I hope this is not the case again!!

    • abz says:

      I wouldn’t mind him being a love interest or Callie or Amelia (her pairing with Owen is lame and I really have no desire to see Shonda pursue it). Shame the Kevin Alejandro character didn’t work out for Callie at least for a little while.
      Plus, this hospital is so incestuous. Casting a love interest wouldn’t be a surprise because what would Grey’s be without all the relationships drama.

  7. Kelter says:

    Here’s Gianniotti participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge, and making 99 percent of the male population feel inferior in the process.

    Seriously? This site is starting to feel more like a gossip site. Another E! and TV Guide in the making.

    • Lauren says:

      How is a video of this guy “gossip”? That’s a new one lmao

    • S McMary says:

      I wouldn’t really call it gossip since it actually happened. And it was for a charitable cause, not about who he was dating or if he got involved in some kind of trouble. That would be something E or TV Guide would feature. For the most part, at least to me, this site deals more with what’s going to happen onscreen than what’s happening behind it (minus the occasional blind item or two). When TVline starts featuring those types of articles or ones when an actor cuts his hair, then I might start getting worried😏

  8. zac says:

    I miss those intern storylines. It was one of the most fun storylines. Remember when George and Lexie were interns haha. Fun stuff.

  9. Ame says:

    Sloans long lost son…?

  10. Kenbud says:

    Must be one of the “three” possible recurring characters introduced in the finale. (reported by TVLine awhile back)

  11. Babygate says:

    If they are planning to add new characters, I hope they get rid of others. This cast is way to big already and that impacts the storytelling. And, hopefully he will get a meaningful arc. The last interens they introduced did not work so well. Jo is still fighting to be relevant and Stephanie is still as unlikeable as ever.

    • Miss Rozie says:

      Fully agree ~ thought that when Catherine suggested to Stephanie in last Thursday’s episode to go to Boston with her, thought she would (she still could, season’s not over with yet) & I am SO not a Jo Wilson fan & never have been AND I saw “chemistry” going on between Alex/Maggie last week as well. AND I am hoping that they do not pair Owen/Amelia up. HE is very deserving of SOME WOMAN ON THAT SHOW, who ISN’T RUDE OR ISN’T ALL about her career. Amelia sounded just like Cristina … LOVED Owen/Cristina together, just so not a fan of this potential pairing. And the only one that is not rude or all about her career (too much) is April & I have always liked the character of April. I think that Sarah Drew does a great job of her portrayal of her character.

      • abz says:

        Don’t know if you’ve watched Private Practice, but Amelia is a VERY damaged woman and has been through a lot of pain and hurt over the past few years. From her addiction to her boyfriend overdosing and losing her boyfriend to her anencephalic baby and being around Addison whose life she thought in contrast to hers seemed so much better. Her intervention episodes were probably the best episodes of the entire Private Practice show for me and the best acting by Caterina Scorsone (worth a watch even if you haven’t seen the show). And then we don’t know much of what happened after PP ended, but clearly she has a lot more issues as we’ve seen with her rehab, her complicated relationship with Derek and feelings of inferiority, etc. Sure she shouldn’t snap at Owen (I still hate the pairing though) and Meredith (who has been through her own fair share of hurt and trauma), but Amelia is still struggling and damaged and needs to work through it.

    • abz says:

      I don’t really mind Stephanie that much. Out of their batch of interns, she and Jo were the only ones I could tolerate really.

      • bluefairy says:

        Stephanie and Heather were my favorites. I was so sad they wrote off Brooks, she was the funniest intern. Jo is annoying at times. She’s supposed to be down-to-earth, because she had such a difficult childhood etc., but she often acts like a drama queen.

  12. jc says:

    Omggg hottie lol.

  13. I loved loved loved him on Selfie. Can’t wait to see his eye candy self on Grey’s!!!

  14. Patsy says:

    Will Meredith be in season 12 looks like she is in mental hospital in eps 21

  15. Mia says:

    Loved him on Reign and Selfie (still sad about it). Love that he’s also Canadian! Can’t wait to watch him on Grey’s.

  16. Patsy says:

    will Shonda kill Meredith in episode 21? I hope she is not breaking up MerDer I agree we need some new characters but don’t kill yor original Meredith Grey Curious abot cast for season 12!

  17. Becky says:

    I didn’t recognize him without the stylish mustache.

  18. Derek says:

    I don’t know this guy, but I already love him as an idea for Grey’s. He seems like a normal guy who would be great as an intern for Grey Sloan Memorial. I can only imagine who Shonda will have him hooked up with or maybe it will be another arc like Dr. Herman’s tumor this season. Real excited about Grey’s right now, and how high the bar has been set again.

  19. busta950 says:

    I really think Derek’s last episode will be 11×21 by his choice he has a chance to do something fully sponsored he really want to do much as we would like Shonda make him stay I am sure she will do him justice (just not the fans)

  20. LenJ says:


    Him and Meredith ;)

    • Yes Mer and the new intern. Which I think might happen just because he reminds her of the love of her life Der. Alex and Jo needs to stay together. Let Owen and Amelia be the new drama couple so that they will let Mer have a normal life with her children and not a spin off of her mother. To me that would help the show and to show that Mer can move on in life and not to follow in her mothers footsteps.

    • guest says:

      i would not like to see her in a relationship so soon after dereks death. i know people move on from losing a loved one. i would rather see her as a widow for a couple more episodes and then maybe give her a love interest. imo derek was meredith love of her life and for me i dont know if i could see her dating someone else but that just my opinion.

  21. carla says:

    Shonda is the boss- but she is very smart- i would believe keeping her fans some what happy is important. You have to look at what Shonda story is about people ,have ups and downs. Life is sometimes hard why me, so much has happened to the cast in the story what person could go on with life after that. The way she writes and what she writes is great think of each eps. Aprils baby dies- wow Derek gets killed by truck reaching for his cell phone. Doctor hook on drugs but cleaned but the women new her past. We love the cast want to see them happy-happy, but that doesnt happen. They are Doctors see more then you and I see in a day of work. They are people in real life crises. I have to say Shonda gets to your heart and soul thats why you watched this for 11 years. The kid that killed other kids at the school why, the mother of this killer, how could you ever think your child could do this. If we look at her show its life today so sad, how can we change to make are life better or our loved ones. The cast are great but they also have a family waiting for them. Yes they make alot of money for what, to have us judge them. So with that i hope to Shonda could keep Callie and Arizona togther, at least one couple.