TVLine Items: Maria Hill's S.H.I.E.L.D. Return, Doctor Who on Disney and More

Cobie Smulders Agents of SHIELD

This week on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., we saw Maria Hill’s name, atop an old memorandum.  But soon, fans will see the former intelligence director in the flesh.

How I Met Your Mother alum Cobie Smulders, who portrays Hill in Marvel’s Avengers film franchise, announced on Tuesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! that she will appear in an upcoming episode of the ABC drama.

“There is one coming up,” Smulders said of her character’s next encore. “I pop in every now and again to link the two worlds — the movies and the TV show — together.”

Smulders most recently appeared on S.H.I.E.L.D. last April. Press PLAY on the video to see her Maria Hill-centric chat with Kimmel.

Ready for more of today’s newsy nuggets? Well…

* Netflix on Wednesday announced Our Planet, an eight-part follow-up project to the BBC’s Planet Earth. Slated to debut in 2019, the documentary series will explore never-before-filmed wilderness areas and species.

* Dexter/Nashville alumna Rya Kihlstedt has joined NBC’s Heroes Reborn, though details of her role are being kept under wraps, reports.

* Disney’s Frozen — perhaps you’ve heard of it? — will make its TV debut in February 2016, premiering across Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney XD, ABC and ABC Family.

* In other Disney XD news, the cable network has picked up Doctor Who Seasons 2 through 4, which will begin airing Saturday, May 9.

* Following the success of Killing Jesus, NatGeo has greenlit Saints & Strangers, a four-hour miniseries that tells the untold story of the founding of America, Deadline reports.

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  1. David Stumme says:

    I wonder how cut up the Disney-fied version of WHO will be.

  2. m3rcnate says:

    Personally unless something huge happens (this Theta protocol) i am against Agent Coulson. So far with everything we have seen him do and say, the other “SHIELD” guys are right on the money in being suspicious and thinking he needs to be replaced as “Director”. So far everything they have done is by the book and good and pure and everything he is doing is shady and involves aliens and inhumans and secrets. I’d be very curious to know if the showrunners & writers want us to be picking sides and not be rooting for Couslon.

    • Tamim says:

      I think what you may be seeing in this set up of SHIELD versus SHIELD is ground work for the Civil War that is soon going to break out on the Movie Screens and separate the Marvel world into the two camps who either back Tony Stark or Captain America. Coulson has always admired and been fascinated by people with special powers – he worked very hard to assemble the Avengers, he did everything he could to protect Skye, he wanted Mike “Deathlok” Peterson to have a normal life, and appeared truly sad that Mike felt it was better to isolate himself to protect his son. Coulson isn’t a stupid guy and I believe that his actions firmly place him in the Captain’s camp on the side of the people with special powers and feels he needs to protect their identities. I don’t think this makes Coulson a bad person, just someone with a different agenda. I also think it’s very clear that at least some of the people who are part of “The Real SHIELD” would kill any enhanced people they found if they could not find a way to lock them up, regardless of their intentions or willingness to help people. Coulson recognizes this, so he is trying to protect as many as he can – hence the secrecy. Keep in mind, the term “pure” could be interpreted as a very exclusionary term that means “anyone who is only human and can only perform actions that an unenhanced human could be trained to do” (like agent May for instance).

    • Badpenny says:

      I would point out that SHIELD 2 is paranoid and xenophobic. This was a group that shot at Skye to kill her rather then capture here. There is nothing redeeming in this group – and it is certainly not the type of group you would want dealing with meta-humans all over the planet.

      • Tamim says:

        Exactly, though I think (hope) that Bobbi, May, and Jemma, soon realize just how scared and trigger happy these people are. Bobbi already seems to be questioning her loyalty to this group of people. If Mack wasn’t continually reminding her how “dangerous” Coulson and the metahumans were to the entire human race, Bobbi would already be back on Team-Coulson. Mack however has totally drunk gallons of the paranoid koolaid. May and Jemma are emotionally on Team Coulson, but they have been exposed to enough material to generate questions. They will need to do a little bit of soul searching before they return to the fold. I do worry about Jemma though. She was legitimately scared of the changes and power that enhanced and changed people possess and rightly realized the potential dangers, though she ignored the benefits that these same types of people can provide. I think of all the people who are part of Coulson’s team, she stands the best chance to jump ship, at least for a while, especially since her favorite teacher, to whom she was first loyal, is part of the counsel.

      • m3rcnate says:

        To be fair…imagine in our real world, human beings that are running around unchecked and uneverything with powers…powers to teleport, do what Skye can do, to Hulk out, etc. Fact is they would be super-weapons…their “off” day can kill thousands and thousands of people. Dont forget it was aliens that invaded Earth (Avengers 1) and tried to kill most of humanity until the survivors would knee to Loki. Call me crazy but if i lived in that world i think i would be a little quick on the trigger to mutant (“inhuman) people with these super powers running around and trying to avoid being “caught”.

        • Badpenny says:

          This is not our “real” world. This is a comic book universe full of superhumans who have been around for decades; going all the way back to WWII and Captain American, Red Skull, Hydra, etc. And that does not even included the characters who are briefly easter egged but have not yet been seen in a movie, like the original Human Torch shown in Captain America I.
          When people start trying to make comic book universes real is when things start to get wonky. They are not real.

          • m3rcnate says:

            I disagree, i love Daredevil (TV series) and a few other series/movies that have attempted (& succeeded) to portray how the real world would react to human beings with powers. The point of most shows is to portray the real world and then add something ontop of it…whether its a man who can live forever (Forever), or a AI (Person of Interest) or aliens/powered humans (SHIELD, Alphas, etc). The base off of what I as a human being has to judge and critique a shows story and its characters is my own real life experience in our world, so when people say “The other SHIELD team are bad! They are trying to kill the inhumans! they are paranoid and xenophobic!” I can only reply to that with how i think people would really react if that happened in the real world…and how i think people would react to human beings with powers like Skye’s is to be VERY scared (rightfully so) and to want to have the government watch them, maybe put them on an island or to kill them. So no i dont see the other SHIELD team as bad (yet)…they are trying to protect real human beings that haven’t been altered to have powers from alien technology.

        • Badpenny says:

          And I would point out that it was not “superhumans” who destroyed SHIELD, or even the safety of the world. It was Hydra – and they seem to be completely ignored by SHIELD 2 in their mad quest to eliminate all meta-humans. Hydra causes far more damage then Loki ever did.

          • m3rcnate says:

            Hydra utilized alien tech for their powers. And its not always about physical damage…you know the psychological damage 9/11 causes to the United States? Imagine the psychological damage done to human kind being attacked by an alien horde that are trying to take over Earth and enslave human kind…imagine knowing that there are aliens out there, and that your first experience with them is them trying to take over Earth and kill as many humans as they needed to for that to happen. You really think that wouldn’t psychologically impact all 7 billion human beings on Earth more than SHIELD being taken down from the inside? Thats like if the CIA had a few buildings blow up and an uprising that within days was stopped…wouldnt be THAT huge of a deal because we know so little about the CIA and they are just one agency of the US government. Well SHIELD was even more secretive than the CIA. The public awareness was probably as small as people knowing who NCIS was before the TV show ever came out. Hence all the “SHIELD who?” line always said after a SHIELD agent introduced themselves and flashed their creds in the first few movies and first season of SHIELD.

        • KCC says:

          This whole conflict is a cautionary tale about power, the people in power and what they’re willing to do to keep that power and maintain the status quo. Do we eliminate “outsiders” (New SHIELD) or learn to live with them (Coulson) even if it means readjusting our world view? While most immigrants have little or no power over the establishment, the people with “powers” in the Marvel Universe have the tools to be conquerors if they wanted. Much like Europeans coming to the Americas and all but exterminating the native populations. In this scenario we’re, meaning the people without “powers”, the native population. In the current PC environment I would guess Coulson is considered the “good guy” to liberals and the New SHIELD are the “good guys” to conservatives. Two different views, neither one with a solution that will guarantee a happy ending for all. It should be fun to see how this plays out (on TV, in the real world it will never end in my lifetime).

    • Catherine Calhoun says:

      By the book and good? They decided to shoot to kill on Skye before giving her a chance. The way they went about trying to bring her in was designed to get her back up. Had they actually wanted to talk to her and not attack her maybe I could believe they are not out to kill anyone with abilities.

      • m3rcnate says:

        See my comment above that i just posted. Basically imagine if we really lived in a world like Marvel portrays….you really think its that crazy to shoot at a mutated human who is as powerful as Skye? You’d really be fine with people all around the world walking around unchecked with those powers? The ability to teleport? to be invulnerable? to kill 1,000s of people with a single thought? Would you see them as a mutation of human beings and not truly one of us, and extremely dangerous and there be a need for the Government to have a handle on the situation? That a girl with Skye’s powers couldnt just walk around like she is normal and go unchecked? How would you like it if the girl in HS that you didnt like had the power to tear you apart with her mind? To shake a mountain causing an avalanche?
        Can you blame the Other SHIELD? Did you watch the Avengers and see what Aliens tried to do to Earth and humankind?

        • alex says:

          I disagree, power is not good or evil, it is how it is used, you can’t just kill someone just because their powerful, we can’t progress as a species if we just kill anything we don’t understand. maybe i’d feel a bit nervous about powerful people walking around but i’d feel worse if I found they were being rounded up and killed, now maybe neutralising their powers would be okay but killing them is going too far.

        • Badpenny says:

          Are you going to watch the new Avengers movie in a couple of weeks where Tony’s invention will almost destroy humanity?
          The point is in a superhuman universe you do not need meta-humans, or aliens, to destroy humanity. The smart guy can destroy humanity. The rich guy can destroy humanity. The super-powered can destroy humanity. The alien can destroy humanity. You cannot just hate one group and justify any action against them because everything can kill you in a comic book setting – including the Kingpin just wanting to own your neighborhood. :)

        • KCC says:

          People with “powers” exist in this world. Governments with nuclear weapons could do as much damage as anyone with “powers” in the Marvel Universe. Do we eliminate any country with the bomb because of what they have the potential to do, for the good of humanity? We can’t do that because it won’t work, the bomb could be used on anyone that tried to eliminate them. The same could be said in the Marvel Universe. On a smaller scale, anyone with a weapon like a gun or knife has the “power” to kill someone on a whim. We have laws and police to enforce those laws and the same laws apply to the people with “powers” in the Marvel Universe. The difficulty is in enforcement. If some people in the population have more powerful weapons than the police what do you do?

    • Kristina says:

      Their claims of “transparency” notwithstanding, this new SHIELD seems like just more of the same to me. They may be touting a new and different way of doing things, but the way they’ve gone about things certainly doesn’t back it up. And they certainly seem willing to plow over anyone that gets in their way–if anything, they seem to have more in common with HYDRA than SHIELD when it comes to the way they do things.

  3. Wordsmith says:

    It makes sense that there would be some sort of tie-in coming up, with the impending release of Age of Ultron. Maria Hill seems like a good character to connect the plot lines.

  4. Eric says:

    Excited to see Our Planet, but I hope they get David Attenborough to record the narration for it sooner than later! It wouldn’t be the same without him, and he is already 88 after all…

    Doctor Who coming to Disney XD is also an interesting development. Only the David Tennant episodes though? Not that I mind, he’s my favorite Doctor. Hopefully the Canadian version of the channel will air them as well.

  5. Lizo says:

    I had thought that Smulders was supposed to be joining SHIELD once Mother was done. Been disappointed that didn’t happen (lol amongst other things)

    • Badpenny says:

      She lives in NYC with her husband – who is on SNL. She had a bi-coastal relationship with her husband while Mother was on. She does not want to keep that up. Thus she is content to do guest appearances which allow her to spend as much time with her family as possible.

    • Matthew says:

      That wasn’t ever a thing. That was just something that fans (me included) were hoping would happen. I too am disappointed it never did. But I understand why it didn’t….Also side note it would have been nice to see her on my tv screen once a week she is not bad to look at.

  6. Mr. Tran K says:

    Maria Hill’s return to SHIELD should give a huge boost this season.

  7. Nero tTVf says:

    Awesome to see CS back on TV w/JK and Marvel SHIELD, even if just for this one episode. Her appearance last April on SHIELD was a real treat. : ))

  8. Joey Padron says:

    Happy Maria Hill be back on AOS.

  9. Nonnaru says:

    Doctor Who on Disney seasons 2-4…the original seasons 2-4 (with Hartnell and Trouton as Dr.’s 1 & 2) or the newer ones with David Tennant?

  10. steven says:

    Why can’t Cobie be a regular on SHIELD? It’s not like she’s busy these days.

    • Badpenny says:

      As I posted above, she lives in NYC with her husband, who is on SNL. She does not want a bi-coastal relationship any longer. If there were a show in NYC that she could get on – Forever, Elementary, Blue Bloods, etc – she would probably jump at it but she does not want to live and work in LA anymore while her husband is in NYC.

  11. Kristina says:

    Yay! Always enjoy the cameos from the movie characters :)

  12. Dj says:

    Glad to hear that Hill is going to show back up. My working theory has been Stark and Hill are behind this second SHIELD which will set up Civil War.