Revenge Boss Previews Amanda's New Triple Threat as Season 4 Concludes

Revenge Season 4 Spoilers

Is this really a photo of the trio destined to take down Amanda Clarke?

Revenge returns Sunday (ABC, 10/9c) with the final five episodes of Season 4, and showrunner Sunil Nayar advises TVLine to keep an eye on Victoria, Margaux and Louise, who might just be the Hamptons’ versions of Once Upon a Time‘s Queens of Darkness. (Even though Louise looks more like an Ariel than an Ursula.)

“Louise is someone who’s always looking for, not just love, but someone she can trust,” Nayar says of Nolan’s ex-to-be potentially joining forces with Victoria and Margaux. “Betrayal is a touchstone for her, and she’s learned a lot of new facts she didn’t know before — especially things that her husband didn’t tell her, like who Amanda Clarke actually was.”

Nayar says we can expect see a more “kinetically charged” Louise moving forward. “You’re going to see her take a very interesting turn,” he adds. “She’ll start to question her fidelities to everybody she’s met on the show and make some very dramatic decisions as we head towards the finale.”

As for Victoria, Nayar promises that Amanda’s longest-lasting nemesis will only be “energized” in her ongoing efforts to destroy her. “Amanda’s now open to the world,” Nayar says, “and there’s going to be a bit of a calling on the carpet for her.”

We’ll have more Revenge scoop coming your way next week, but for now, drop a comment with your hopes for the final five episodes below.

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  1. Fred says:

    My hope is that they wrap up the entire series. Give us that well-deserved series finale and give us proper closure and a real ending. Because this show isn’t going to survive. I hope the producers finally realize that too…

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Agree. I don’t know how they can do one more season of this.

    • Sue Daniels says:


    • Iakovos says:

      I agree about a wrapup. An other season seems to me a wasteful exercise. Let Emily/Amanda have her win — and Jack! — once and for all. The Evil Trio more and more are losing their believability with me. Victoria has murdered or been complicit in murders several times. Margaux unfortunately made bad decisions and inherited a mess from her father. Louise, who I really liked, seems to be turning her back on those who gave her the escape she needed. That I cannot forgive. I have no empathy for these villains. We get it. Emily/Amanda has finally cleared the playing field with her reveal. I am tired of watching them sing the same old song and dance. It is not Emily but themselves who have made their own lives hell. It led to a fatal end for Conrad and Daniel. There is no compelling endgame now. Just right the ship and let justice prevail.

      • mediaanon says:

        They did not know what to do with these characters so they suddenly made them evil to contrive this. You’re right, they shouldn’t drag this any further or try to do new characters because it’s not working.

      • ellajwade says:

        Could they have one accident that kills Louise, Victoria and Margaux? Why is Margaux still around? Does anyone really like this person?

      • Alison Usher says:

        I agree. I believe that ” Emily” should take down Victoria and Margaux once and for all but I think Louise should realise that she is helping the wrong people and so go back to help Nolan. I believe that “Emily” should get to live her life with no revenge and have a happy and free life with her friends and father. They should wrap up this season and have a good ending.

      • Judi says:

        I totally agree with you said, My thoughts exactly. I don’t like Margaux, never did, I like Louise, but Victoria is just flat out annoying now. Amanda has come forward, time for Jack and her to sail of into the sunset to a happily ever after. I like Nolan too. He deserves a happy ending as well

    • Dude says:

      TBH I don’t think they’ll be renewed regardless but I hope you’re right. From what I’m hearing, it seems like it’s going to be a somewhat series finale with an open end which I’m not crazy about. I’d rather they go the Hart of Dixie route, see the writing on the wall and end it.

    • susan says:

      yet you search for spoilers about Revenge…..why????Hope the show continues.I look forward to it and it’s unexpected revenge ploys. Great TV!

    • aph1976 says:

      If Revenge does end this season maybe it’s kind of fitting that the series started with Amanda wanting revenge on people and now it ends with people wanting revenge on her.As for Victoria maybe she’s at a point where she needs to get revenge on Amanda because she needs something do in her life or she would just break down.So just like when the series began Amanda was focused on revenge that’s who Victoria is now.

      • Heather birch says:

        You may be right their :) it will turn around onto Victoria’s revenge series or if Victoria dies maybe Charlotte will return and have revenge…?

    • Yolanda says:

      This program is an insult to the viewers inteligente. Two of my friends hace already stopped watching. Kill it!

    • Heather birch says:

      This season has to be the finale, iv loved every bit of revenge and to be honest don’t want it to end but we need to see Emily and jack together and everything to do with the Grayson’s vanished… :)

      • Lopez says:

        I feel someone likes Madaline Stwoe and are making her the heroine now. They are killing Amanda. She has suffered enough. Give her and us The ending we want. Either kill Victoria or send her to prison. Take all money from her.

        • Judi says:

          Yeah – it’s becoming the Victoria show. I’ve watched since the beginning, but am not liking what I’m seeing now. Seems like the writers are going to bring Emily/Amanda down. That ending will be as bad and almost as disappointing as the way How I Met Your Mother ended. What a slap in the face to the fans who watched every season.

  2. Al says:

    By clearing Daniels name I thought they would call it a truce
    It feels like they are running in circles

    • Kelly says:

      Agreed. How does clearing Daniel’s name energize Victoria in her desire to destroy Emily? I’d think she would be grateful.

      • chloe says:

        why would victoria be grateful to amanda after the blondie smeared her son’s name by lying that he beat her? this show and its fans are irrational. it was irrational when victoria mournfully went along with david clarks’s dumbs plan to avoid the fbi because of malcolm black and allowed him smear daniel, too. then victoria sacrifices her own life up for amanda because she feels bad about her past (after confessing to david) which we already know since season 1. now she’s on the warpath, again? abc, hang it up because you’re out of ideas and your ping pong creative decision-making is pathetic. I feel bad for the writers and actors in the mess you’ve made.

        • jazzyt2u says:

          It’s not like Daniel was this innocent person he did shoot her when he found out she was playing him…

        • David G says:

          Daniel was no saint. Let’s not forget he was responsible for Pascal’s death by telling Conrad about what was going on. Then he lied to Margaux and tried to blame it on Emily. He also shot Emily. And, he framed Margaux brother and sent him to jail.

    • Dude says:

      Because Victoria is such a one-dimensional character all she is motivated by is Emily-hate. So many times, Emily has done something beneficial for Victoria and it’s never earned her so much as a glimmer of respect. I think any motivation she has at this point is preposterous but then again, any motivation Emily had was pretty much wiped when they brought David back.

  3. Sue Daniels says:

    Tell me that we’re going to see Emily❤️Jack finally happen & and an opportunity to say “adios” to Ben! Waited so long for them!!! Especially if the show doesn’t return in the fall. (Sob)

  4. Kelly says:

    Why can’t Louise just accept that fact that Nolan couldn’t tell her certain things (like Emily really being Amanda Clarke) because they were not his secrets to tell? They did the same thing on Arrow this season (Ray got mad a Felicity and couldn’t “trust” her because she didn’t tell him Oliver’s SECRET identity) Sometimes this show just gets annoyingly redundant.

    • abz says:

      She needs to also accept the fact that her husband is not really her “husband”. Her marriage to Nolan is a sham and basically a contract to get her out from under the control of her mother and brother. He just met her not long before they married and they haven’t been friends long. He isn’t obligated to reveal every secret of his life to her and like you said, this particular secret was not his to tell.

  5. bradick says:

    I stopped watching after Daniel’s death, not because I was upset to see him go but because I couldn’t stand Margaux. She and Louise’s plot lines were both pulled from the ether and weren’t at al compelling. I’ll probably watch the finale, like I did with Gossip Girl and 90210 even though I had stopped watching them. I don’t have time to watch so many plot lines about characters I don’t care about.

  6. smartysenior says:

    Louise was saved by Ems and Nolan so why should she care about the Amanda family tree one way or another? Her loyalty is clear plus Victoria is the one who let her down. Not sure I’m going to get this story if it’s about Louise going with the girls.

    • Kelly says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Louise would still be drugged and crazy if not for Amanda and Nolan.

    • Andy Swift says:

      Louise’s beef is more with Nolan, I assume, for all the secrets he kept from her during their “marriage.” Emily will end up as a casualty of Nolan’s indiscretions, just as he’s always been a casualty of hers.

  7. AL says:

    Do you know if Nayar is approaching this finale as a series finale?

    • kn1231 says:

      If you read the most recent scoop article TV Line put out today, the Revenge portion definitely sounds like they are writing a series finale. Typing up lose ends, and tying the final episode in with the pilot.

  8. Madoqua says:

    I like that Amanda made her disclosures. Why is it that people who seek to destroy others never admit their culpability when part of the fallout stemming from their actions comes back to bite them? As far as I’m concerned Victoria murdered Daniel. And Victoria and Margaux murdered Daniel’s baby. It’s too bad Louise learned nothing about loyalty when she was the one being victimized. What did she expect when she married a gay man? It’s not like it was a secret. Amanda had. I’d LOVE to see Victoria and Margaux and Louise getting their comeuppance!

  9. silvy says:

    hope to see jemily finallyhappen and that this is the final season like it seeems it would have a satisfing conclusion

    Not happy to see Louise work with Vic, loved her relationship with Nolan

  10. Drew says:

    It is a shame that this show is still on the air, keeping good actors from working on worthwhile projects. There was a time when this series was great… I miss that. But it is a zombie of a series now. I hope that those actors can be working on more quality material by this time next year.

  11. I love Revenge says:

    I hope it is just a season finale not series finale!! This show is so good I look forward to it every Sunday I can’t imagine life without it!! Renew!!

  12. Jan says:

    There’s an unstable group if I ever saw one. After all he has done for her, the fact that Louise would betray Nolan is unthinkable.

    • mediaanon says:

      They don’t know what to do with the character, so they just suddenly turn her into a villain like Margeaux. Poor writing/characterization.

  13. Alichat says:

    So Jack sends Carl off with his mother. Sounds like things will get dicier. As for the Margaux, Victoria, Louise pow-wow…..let me think about how I feel about that……hmmm….how do I feel……how do I feel……oh yes…..meh.

  14. Lopez says:

    My comments did not go through. In short I believe we want Amanda happily ever after with Jack. Nolan and David with them. Victoria put in prison forever. Although she would find a way to be Queen Bee in prison. Charlotte comes back and backs Amanda her sis. Marqaux needs to go over to team Amanda. Louise I really do not care what happens to her. In my eyes Nolan and Amanda especially Amanda freed her from her Mother. But you know what it looks like Amanda will suffer more. Victoria will come out on top. I am totally disappointed in the producer that has killed Amanda this way. Just not Justus. She never killed anyone. Unlike Victoria the witch. What’s up with you Sunil. You suck!!!!

  15. Arthur says:

    I really believe that Louise will play with Victoria and Margaux, after all if she does question everything that happened so far she’ll remain at Nolan and Emily’s side no matter what.
    As for Victoria she was always blinded by her hatred for Emily, since season one and now would be no different but is amazing how she does not learn, I mean Emily did anything but to kill her and she still thinks she can deafeat Emily somehow, same goes for Margaux who has zero credibility in any aspect of her ‘revenge’ – Emily schooled her big time at that.
    And the two graves thing I would really like to see David or Jack dying from Emily’s side (it would be the ultimate incentive for Emily to go full throttle mode) and Victoria parting as well. It would actually be fitting for Victoria and David to die since the whole story starts with their affair – and I would like Jack to die because I hated him since the end of season 1…

  16. Joy says:

    I loathe Louise, why is she even on the show..what is her purpose. We already have enough annoying characters as it is..yes looking at you Margaux!
    What vengeance is Louise seeking when she’s the one who inserted herself into these people’s lives. They are no obligated to tell her anything about their lives. She’s a nut case!

    • mediaanon says:

      She really doesn’t have any. She spent her entire time meandering through pointless subplots and being far disconnected from the main story until she was forced into the villain role like Margeaux.

  17. James says:

    People appear to forget that this show is a pulp novel soap although made with more money and better sets. The actors all look workshop trained for long running seasons, even the dialogue is borrowed from the Bold & beautiful. If you want to take the plot seriously, lets get some serious writers.

  18. Debbie says:

    Jack and Amanda should fall in love and keep the passion in season 5. There is enough twists and turns with the writing due another season. I do miss Daniel and Conrad on the show. I thought the lost some of the fire when they were killed off the show.

  19. Dawn Isham says:

    Would like to see jack and Emily/Amanda get together. Margaux needs to go! Victoria needs to die!!

    • Gael says:

      If we are wrapping up, can we please see some happiness in Amanda’s life? Been hanging on for Jack and Amanda for four seasons. Would not like to see the series end without that result.

  20. Dawn Isham says:

    Exactly lets wrap things up. Kill Victoria in a grandeous fashion!!

  21. Martha says:

    If the show is winding up, it would be nice to see Jack and Amanda together. After all David Clarke is alive, and she’s eliminated so many enemies already. I like Jack behind the bar. Is he going to learn who his father really was, or is the story line going to ignore that>

  22. Poetica says:

    I definitely don’t think it’s time to wrap up this series! Revenge and corruption is a daily thing in today’s real life society. I appreciate the keen characters, clever plots as well as the indelible script! It’s the best thing on tv!!!!

  23. Pete v says:

    Victoria was ready to throw in the towel and now Margaux stills the pot. I love the show but it comes time to wrap it up. I hope Amanda doesn’t die or go to prison in the final episode.

  24. arlie says:

    I have read the comments. If you fun suckers hate the show why are you still watching. .. puck up the remote and change channels. I love this show and don’t want it to end!

  25. Andrew says:

    It’s time to wrap up. This series has no reason to continue. “Abduction” would have been a great ending to the series but they decided to keep going…
    All those twists between Margaux good-or-bad, Louise good-or-bad, Victoria good-or-bad… No one really has any good reason anymore to be revenging anything, and they try to create situations for that to happen which are way too forced.

    It’s time for Amanda to find happiness and for Victoria to find a purpose in life. And for Margaux to blow up.

  26. Kyle says:

    Victoria needs to be destroyed once and for all. How does she always manage to make her way back in?! And they finally need to put Emily(or should I say Amanda) and Jack together so they can live happily ever after raising Carl.

  27. Luther Stevenson says:

    Let Jack and Amanda get together. Also please don’t let this be the last season

  28. Wanda Beil says:

    revenge has been a interesting show so far. i would miss it if it were canceled. just hope we get a really good wrap-up if this is last season.

  29. Aiden says:

    Final scene: Victoria and Amanda are both facing each other dead on the floor. As Charlotte is looking down them, gun in hand, she tosses down the red sharpied photos of them both and walks away.

  30. Amanda says:

    I’ve read all the previous comments, and allowed time to react. To those that want it to end, I get it but I’m sad. I’ve looked for an awesome series since Desperate Housewives ended. I started this series on Netflix to catch up, and have loved it since. I will be the first to admit, it was losing it’s luster somewhere in season 3, and I didn’t really want to see Daniel go. Conrad too, is a big loss – he had so many awesome reactions to keep Victoria in line. However, I feel the story has picked up again, yet a realize a series should “go out on top”. I used to watch ” Emily” on Brothers & Sisters, and to me, she is so much better now! We all have our own love/hate with the various characters… But my favorites are Emily, Victoria and Nolan. While a Jack/Emily happily ever after would be great, that’s only if this is the end. Emily and Ben – NOT! Louise needs to look at who saved her, instead of their impending divorce and joining forces with Victoria, who is pure evil (even though I get her past made her what she is). Margeaux can go anytime. I’m happy for Emily’s reunion with her Dad, that’s what needed to happen. As for the new Sharpie circling, this could go many ways – and the powers that be are likely watching all our comments. Based on previous posts, my thought is that Conrad is really dead and Mason is an interesting, yet non exciting option for us all. Lydia would take us all back to where it started… But Charlotte, being Emily’s sister, would be truly exciting! Whichever way it plays, I would LOVE it if this series continued another year… I really think these writers could take it to a new level. For those naysayers, you have to remember, this really IS a soap opera… And some of us love that about it!!!!

  31. Terry says:

    I think there’s a lot more that can be done on Revenge. I hope it does not get cancelled. Who is Amanda really. We just now see a softer vulnerable side. But it should not be. There’s plenty of storyline here. Like it feels like the conspiracy against David is kacking. I’ve thought before Amanda might be a CIA agent or FBI. Something besides just her Father’s daughter. There’s a lot of things I could write for Revenge. Victoria is evil. Not broken. She needs to be finally brought to justice. She murdered Aiden. Also David doesn’t feel right. Is he the real David Clarke. If so then him Amanda Nolan and Jack could dig deeper into the rich thugs that hang out at the Hamptons. There’s probably lots of stories that could be told. Louise is much deeper and storyline for her. Margaux boring. And what if David wasn’t Dad. It just seems like there’s more. I hope so. It’s my fave Sunday night show.

  32. paula says:

    I hope Amanda finally tells Jack she has feeling for him and they end up together. I hope Victoria gets a life and leaves Amanda alone once and for all. I really hope they dont kill off anyone like Nolan because that would be too sad. Love the show but agree it must end.

    • Heather birch says:

      Totally agree with everything you said Paula 😀 it’s been great would be sad to end but has to end this season… Nolan is the sweetest.

  33. I want Emily and jack to be together and Nolan to really fall for louise

    • Heather birch says:

      I agree with the Emily and jack that would be a perfect ending but theirs still something about Louise I really don’t like, Nolan deserves someone really special.

  34. C. Wynn says:

    Why does anyone else have to die? If the show has to end, Amanda and Jack belong together and Nolan deserves to find happiness too. David finally got his life back and Victoria and Amanda will always be enemies. Louise has to grow up and understand why Nolan couldn’t divulge Amanda’s secrets. Margaux has to go. There are many new ideas to be developed. I truly hope the show continues next season. It is one of the few I look forward to watching.

    • Lopez says:

      I agree, but ABC dose not listen to the fans. They are just killing it. I loved this show. Amanda was always at the top of her game. A true Ninja, now they are taking that away. She is fighting for a normal life and they will not let her have it.

  35. Ray says:

    I would love for the show to continue :)

  36. Graeme says:

    I agree. I think “Abduction” would of be a great way to end the series. It is like now they are just trying to create more story lines. I like the show but I think they are now starting to run out of ideas.

    I also think this Louise and Margaux story joining Victoria should not be in the series at all. I mean like what someone said before Emily/Amanda Clarke and Nolan did save Louise and Emily/Amanda Clarke did come clean about her identity and what happen to Daniel.

    The whole series was based on Emily getting her revenge on the Grayson for what they did to her father and she has done that.

  37. lorna says:

    Elena is gorgeous and a wonderful actress, but they should have kept her role smaller. I hope Margaux and Victoria get w g at they deserve.

  38. Betty Karr says:

    First Victoria was not attacked by Emily, how much money did she give that guy for a chair? Second Victoria always has a revenge plan or has she grown so tired that she decided to join her son Daniel. Throughout the series the story was about love. Emily wanted to clear her dads name that is how much she loved him as a little girl. Emily/Amanda watched Jack Fly away. Once Victoria body is discovered Emily will be arrested. Two Graves could that be Victoria and Emily in the end. The show has to end all the main characters are deceased. I want a good ending for Emily and her dad, they deserve it.

  39. Dawn Isham says:

    I knew when I saw the chair Victoria was going to off herself! YES!! Thank you writers! Perfect. Great episode Sunday night! It was like what?! What?! WHAT?! Ha. Just what the fans needed! Some movement.. been so stale, boring Margaux/ Louise crap..they bring absolutely nothing to the table! They need to go (quietly) just disappear!

  40. sawana says:

    I wish aiden come back and get marrid with emily becuase he was the love of her live not jack hes just friend they don’t bilong together that would be stupid jack and emily ending together i see him with margow . if revege would end like this it would be the best thing in revenge

  41. Penny Hatfield says:

    Sorry Revenge is cancelled. Hopefully Amanda will end up with Jack and they will settle down happily.

  42. I’m saddened that it is ending…its my fav!