The Voice Playoff Results Recap: Seriously, Eight Is Enough

The Voice Results

The first results show of The Voice‘s live playoffs are a lot like Oprah’s Favorite Things: The prize isn’t exactly ideal, but boy, does the NBC reality competition hand it out in mass amounts.

You get eliminated! And you get eliminated! And you get eliminated!” cries Carson Daly. “You’re all getting eliminated!

OK, maybe my re-enactment is a tad dramatic — a common problem of mine — but the basic concept remains true. By the end of Wednesday’s hourlong broadcast, the Top 20 of Season 8 had become the Top 12, booting eight hopefuls faster than Christina Aguilera can upstage one of her contestants in rehearsal.

Still, all hope is not lost for those who didn’t survive Wednesday’s massive cut. If Pharrell’s last-minute pep talk wasn’t enough — “This is meant to be the beginning of the rest of your lives,” the coach assured his team — then perhaps the eliminated contestants can take solace in seeing Season 7 finalist Chris Jamison take the stage alongside Wiz Khalifa for one of the strongest Voice alumni performances we’ve seen.

OK, OK, I know what you want to know. Let’s get right to the results, shall we? (And in case you’re wondering, your trusty Voice recapper, Michael Slezak, is busy in American Idol Land right now, bringing you those results as soon as he can. Oh, Reality Singing Competition Gods, what did he do to deserve two results shows on the same night?)

Saved by America: Corey Kent White, Meghan Linsey
Saved by Blake: Hannah Kirby
Eliminated: Brooke Adee, Sarah Potenza

Saved by America: Kimberly Nichole, India Carney
Saved by Christina: Rob Taylor
Eliminated: Sonic, Lexi Dávila

Saved by America: Sawyer Fredericks, Mia Z
Saved by Pharrell: Koryn Hawthorne
Eliminated: Caitlin Caporale, Lowell Oakley

Saved by America: Joshua Davis, Deanna Johnson
Saved by Adam: Brian Johnson
Eliminated: Nathan Hermida, Tonya Boyd-Cannon

What did you think of Wednesday’s Voice results? Take our poll below and tell us which elimination stung the most, then hit the comments to back up your choice!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. NEmma says:

    Now that it’s down to 3 per team, I don’t think Team Adam is the weakest anymore. The playing field is now even. This is the strongest Top 12 ever. There’s very little room now for mistakes. Song choice will be key from hereon. Oh, and this Top 12 will blow American Idol’s Top 12 out of the water, for sure!!!

    • Sierra says:

      If only they could sell albums after the season ends…

      • James T1SK says:

        Ooooo….. roast that Voice like a campfire

      • NEmma says:

        The Voice’s Season 7 and 8 may be the batches that will produce album-selling artists. It remains to be seen, of course. Meanwhile, AI seems to have lost its ‘Midas touch’ and has not produced a star the past 3 seasons. Anyway, if we just stay in the present for a little bit and just look at the collective vocal talent of the current seasons, I still think this top 12 is wayyyy better than the AI’s top 12.

        • DL says:

          I think in part it’s been because over the last few seasons Idol has focused on putting inexperienced youngsters and underprepared tweeny bait through to the Top 12. The current season marks a real return to form, and I’m thrilled to see a few contestants who could become breakout stars (Clark, Jax, and Joey seem to have the most mass appeal for me).

        • River City says:

          Yup, Idol only has about 3 that are worth even listening to.

      • Greta says:

        Since the release of Phillip Phillips’s “Home”, there have only been two songs certified Gold (500,000 copies sold) that have come from either Idol or The Voice. Those two songs are Cassadee Pope’s “Wasting All These Tears” and RaeLynn’s “God Made Girls.” Notice there are no Idol singles? It’s a tough time for singing competition contestants in the real world.

        • wild_child says:

          In fairness to singing competition shows I think we’d be remiss not to mention the success that Fifth Harmony from the now canceled X:Factor US has had. They have had at least 3(soon to be 4) certified gold singles (Miss Movin On, Boss, & Sledgehammer) They’ve also won a ton of awards so I’d say they are one of the more successful acts to come from a tv show as of late

        • Sierra says:

          Wow, two gold singles.

          Chart News @chartnews March 5, 2014 6:22 PM

          US digital sales: Phillip @Phillips’ Home tops the 5 million mark. It’s the top-selling song by any contestant in American Idol history.

      • P-Applecakes says:

        Actually, several of Blake’s team are well on their way. Cassidy Pope and Danielle Bradbury both have very successful albums out. Of course, if you’re not a country fan, you would not know that. Even many who did not make it to the end, are touring and drawing sold out shows as opening acts. Blake, in my opinion, has done a great job of connecting to his people and has continued even after the show. On another note, take a look back at Chris Jamison’s performance last night. He was AWESOME! It still takes time and hard work to make it happen….

        • Vickie says:

          I agreed with most of the results but thought Sarah Potenza would win over Corey. I was totally happy with the 3 finalists on Team Pharrell and Team Christina and think one of those will be the winner at the end of the season. First time ever that I felt this early on that Team Blake nor Team Adam will win.

    • Simon says:

      Nah, Team Adam is still the weakest. In fact, the 2 that got out were the only 2 that interested me…

      • Jon says:

        Team Adam was definitely the weakest in the group performances. Team Xtina was good, but not as transcendent as I was expecting given the choice of “Like a Prayer.” But Team Pharrell was EXTRAORDINARY on “Say Something!” Given how overplayed that song is, I didn’t expect much, but IMO they brought depth, perfect tone and real emotion–shocking given their youth. And it was Koryn’s best performance on this show.

        It’s going to be a tight battle between Team Pharrell and Team Xtina this year…

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          I hate Say Something quite viscerally, but agreed that was Koryn’s song. Even Lowell whom I strongly dislike had a few moments where I questioned my strong dislike. It was a good performance of a song I loathe.

        • Vickie says:

          I agreed with most of the results but thought Sarah Potenza would win over Corey. I was totally happy with the 3 finalists on Team Pharrell and Team Christina and think one of those will be the winner at the end of the season. First time ever that I felt this early on that Team Blake nor Team Adam will win.

      • kimmer says:

        Agree with that.

    • NEmma, funny how that worked out. I think the reason is because Blake and Pharell let go of so many good singers. I like Adam’s team a lot. Best top 12 ever

    • Lyn Jensen says:

      I think this season of “The Voice” blew this season of “Idol” out of the water back around the premiere episode.

    • sebastian says:

      They have already started and NBC is promoting them.

    • HTGR says:

      I totally disagree. Adam’s Team seems by far the weakest to me. I’d have filled two of his slots with people who didn’t even get to make the top 12. I still don’t get how Caitlin who everyone was saying just 2 weeks ago was one of the best voices they’ve ever had is gone before top 12! Losing Sarah and keeping Corey or Brian or even Joshua doesn’t make sense to me either. I wish they’d go with wild card #13 and give Adam Caitlin. It’s insane not to. She breezes to top 12 from any team any other season. It’s ridiculous and makes the show much worse. Sometimes you have to know when the team concept failed beyond failed and rectify a horror! So utterly wrong.

      I am thrilled Mia made it though and Kimberely too. Rob was a nice save. Not sure I agree with the Brian over Tonya save, but neither were near my tops anyway. America voting Corey over Sarah was so bad, but 100% a given, with one country singer, no way he can lose, he gets 100% of the largest single voting block. The Caitlin thing was just a disgrace. Pharrell’s team was just too over-stacked. Awful.

  2. Dee says:

    Sarah rocks! But young always wins out. Sad.

    • Same with Tonya. I loved her energy and spirit. Sarah was truly an original but she kind of got the “death spot” in terms of performance order, as did Tonya. Sad.

      However, there are lots of great singers this season!

      • GENTRYMAN1976 says:

        I was very saddened by these two losing… it hit hard,, it freaked me out because they are AWESOME. .. IT ALMOST FELT FIXED!!! :(

    • Sky says:

      Yo Sarah looked pissed lol

      • JM1 says:

        As was I! It really won’t be the same without her.

      • Birdy says:

        And well she should have! I think Blake’s a bloomin’ fool for letting her go and keeping Hannah, who just hasn’t shown the greatest of versatility and/or ability to tone it down and scale it back. Even her last performance, when I started out feeling as if she was finally going to show us her full potential, ended up in her usual holler-fest…. Sarah should’ve stayed.

        • Jon says:

          I totally disagree. I think Hannah’s a terrific singer who’s true to herself and not just adopting a “quirky” persona. I think she has range and good tone and is always entertaining to watch. Love her.

          Having said that, I wish America had not voted for Corey so that talented Sarah could have been saved as well. LOVED that Sarah didn’t put on a BS “It’s okay if I’m booted off” face for the cameras — that’s who she is. I’ll miss her…

          • Birdy says:

            I disagree about Hannah, but am totally with you about Corey. Why America voted him in and not Sarah is beyond me. She has by far the better voice and is unique.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          I liked both of them. It was a hard decision and either way, someone talented was going to be leaving. It’s a very tough field this year.

      • Lisa says:

        What is Blake’s problem??? Sarah was one of the biggest draws this season. What a stupid decision. Of course the real problem is that Corey got through. WHY???

        • davidf95 says:

          I am sure the producers reminded him of past contestants. Even though Sarah was my favorite too, woman like her get voted off early. The majority of the voters are teenie boppers voting hundreds of times a night. They are NOT going to vote for someone who looks, sounds, and as old as Sarah. So they released her based on “American Idol” criteria, rather than “The Voice” criteria.

          But again, I agree with you. But what you mean agree with doesn’t matter to the producers. I am quite sure they think they know far better than we do.

        • P-Applecakes says:

          Please don’t hate on Corey! He got through because he has the kind of voice that makes you feel something….. other than anxiety (like many do!) He is so smooth and easy to listen to. Obviously, others think so too. Yes, I also LOVED Sarah! But, all the judges are loving on Hannah… Must be something to it. If you listen closely, she does have a beautiful tone.

        • Blynn says:

          Blake should have kept Cody. His was the better country voice as far as I’m concerned. I wish Blake could bring him back!

    • Paulette says:

      Sarah was absolutely terrific and cannot believe Blake let her go. Very disappointed in him.

  3. Kristi says:

    Shocked by Adam’s choice.

    • LADY_in_MD says:

      Me too how could he not keep Tonya!

    • NEmma says:

      I actually applaud his choice. Brian presents something different. I love Tonya but the other R&B divas (Kimberly, India) outshone her last night. And at least Brian adds some variety to the mix.

      • Amina says:

        There is NO way Brian was a better singer OR performer than Tonya. That’s why Adam keeps losing. After all, the show is called “the VOICE”. Tonya had it ALL.

        • JM1 says:

          I LOVE Tonya and personally would have chosen her, but from a strategic standpoint, she is not even the only bald African-American woman on the show! Maybe the votes just didn’t support his choosing her? Maybe Adam felt Brian fills an open niche on the show? Either way, I’ll miss her a ton.

          • Jill Moy says:

            I told everyone for weeks,”BALDY” wasn’t going anyway! She never was good! Melinda’s love for her is baffling! She’s pure karaoke and nothing more! Are they making a remake of CONEHEADS? If so, There ya go!

        • GENTRYMAN1976 says:

          I Concur !!!!

        • A.R. Vega says:

          You are out of your mind to think Tonya was that great. Sorry, but a bald and older lady is not worth keeping around. Sorry, but if you don’t like, go back to your daytime soap opera’s and don’t watch The Voice.

          • Elledee says:

            It is one thing to diss a singer because their perfomance was not up to snuff, but what in the world do age and lack of hair have to do with Tonya’s merit as a singer? The show is called the VOICE, not “The Hair” or “Youngsters.” Josh, who won a couple of seasons ago, was pushing 40. So what? He is a brilliant artist. Assigning talent on the basis of age and looks is pretty shallow.

          • JM1 says:

            AR Vega – Having a bad day? Why so nasty? How about we all have our differing opinions without personal attacks.

      • Birdy says:

        I agree, NEmma. Tonya’s great, but I feel her performance on Tuesday (or was it Monday?) wasn’t as strong as that of the other two, and she may have been at a real disadvantage against them going forward. Brian may not be as exciting as the divas, but his voice is wonderful.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I’m not shocked at all by Adam’s choice. There’s no other contestant like Brian in the competition. However, there are tons of singers exactly like Tonya who happen to be better. I loved Tonya and Brian so it was tough to see either of them go. And you could tell it broke Adam’s heart to cut Tonya. She seems like such a lovely woman and was so grateful to be there.

  4. Caitlyn Corporale kind of reminded me of Pia Toscano. Technically a good singer, pretty, but bland. I will miss Lowell’s tight high water pants. They made me feel… funny inside. Won’t miss his singing though.
    So many good singers on The Voice this year! What a great season. As always, I enjoy Michael’s recaps.

    • LADY_in_MD says:

      Love your name and will miss his tight pants too!

    • Caitlin, to me, was one of the best singers on the show. She came across sweet, kind and genuine … Which is not bland . Her forte is not rock n roll so there is not that sort of ediginess… She focuses on her voice. I think of singers such as Barbara Streisand …. I would not go to see a performance … I go to hear her sing… Listen to her voice . If that is bland … Fantastic! Pharrell, IMO, made the wrong choice.

      • She has no emotional impact. Her voice is generic as it comes. Koryn though…
        that girl’s voice is fire. Her lower register is just gorgeous. Her voice is gorgeous.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          I can tell you and I are going to be friends this season. HUGE fan of Koryn. That voice of hers is like nothing I’ve ever seen or heard. I almost want to go to a live taping so that I can hear it live to behold its grandeur.
          That said, we have each other’s shoulders to cry on after she gets eliminated.

          • Jill Moy says:

            A O,

            You must have developed a new format….you can SEE A VOICE! you better get that invention registered immediately at the Library Of Congress! A patent for that puppy is in order! You are more brilliant than I gave you credit for….KUDOS!

      • Choir Girl says:

        I have had the pleasure of seeing Barbara Streisand in concert..and believe me, she PERFORMS…I think she’d likely be insulted by an incorrect notion that she focuses on her voice in lieu of PERFORMING in an interpretive way appropriate to the song. Caitlin has potential, but she and Barbara Streisand are not at all in the same skillset arena. For me it was less about Caitlin being bland, more that her generic pop style didn’t seem particularly unique when compared to the other people on her team.

        • No insult to Barbara S….whatsoever. The meaning/point being made/ intended here is … Barbara is The Voice … You( at least I do) pay to hear her Voice and iI have seen her as well .

          There was no intention of comparison here …. Just trying to make a point about vocals.

          Caitlin kept up with Xtina who has an outstanding voice. That fact alone can point to the quality/strength of her voice.

          As far as bland, generic pop style…. Not all song choices were her decision and that played a factor here…

          Everyone is entitled to their taste, their opinion… I, personally, felt amongst the bottom 3 … She was the best and strongest vocalist. I

      • Candace says:

        I thought Caitlin was terrific too, but there’s something about Koryn that just touches you and doesn’t let you go. And more importantly, her voice is in a category all it’s own. I think that is what Pharrell saw.

    • Gailer says:

      Hahaha I will miss Lowell too. He reminded me of the kid in Fast times at ridgemont high!

  5. Jenna says:

    Let’s give contestants who have not already had two noted singing careers a shot at this. Please?

    • Actually, NOT discriminating against those singers is what gives The Voice it’s, well, voice. American Idol tries to avoid people who have had a touch of fame previously. The Voice is a place that allows artists who have attained a middling level of success a second chance. And people like Javier Colon, Jermaine Paul, Tessanne Chin, Sasha Allen, Amanda Brown, Frenchie Davis and so many others have taken that chance and expanded their breadth. That’s the beauty of the show. Otherwise, we might as well cancel it and just watch American Idol. I applaud the opportunities it’s allowing these artists.

      • JM1 says:

        Jenna – I respectfully disagree! Pretty sure these singers aren’t on the Voice for any other reason than their careers weren’t going anywhere. They have so much talent but maybe lack the timing, connections, or luck that are a huge part of any success. I’m so glad The Voice is here to give them the chance to make it.

        P.S. – I watched Idol last week for first time in ages. Those singers were ROUGH. I’ll take The Voice’s talented bunch any day.

        • Sandy says:

          I like both shows. I don’t see how anybody could say Quentin, Tyanna, Jax, Joey or Clark are “rough”. They’re crazy talented and nobody is making them into clones like Christina and Adam do. At least when Blake makes a country singer into a clone, it’s a good clone which is why he always wins.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I like both shows too, but I would argue the Idol crew is pretty “rough” in comparison to what we’re hearing on The Voice this season. And it’s really just this particular season of The Voice; these people are freakishly talented.

      • LesFair92 says:

        I couldn’t agree more!

    • tvtjw says:

      Hold on – are you talking about two separate individuals? Or just two careers within one person? Only one I can think of right now is Meghan Linsey – who am I missing that already had a career?

    • P-Applecakes says:

      Why? That sounds a bit like discrimination. Maybe they just need to meet the right people. If it’s not going to happen for them, it won’t happen here either. Relax.

  6. Rawwk on says:

    I’m glad Rob Taylor was saved, otherwise he would have gotten…wait for it….wait for it….


  7. Florence+TheMachineRules!!! says:

    I was pretty sad about the oysters of tanya, caitlin, and sarah but happy for Kimberly, India, rob, deanna, Mia, Koryn, and meghan!!! Who are ur top 12 rankings? I put Kimberly at the top!!! 😃

    • Bringing Back the Sunshine says:

      Rob (yuck)

      • Bringing Back the Sunshine says:

        Meghan at 2

        • wild_child says:

          Cody was eliminated during knockouts. If you’re referring to Corey then you’re insane. Between the two nights he had the single worst vocal(next to Lowell of course) He is a mediocre singer on his best day.

          • JM1 says:

            Wild Child you are right, but for sure Corey is way high up in the voting. He’s the only country singer, has Blake’s fan support, and is cute. What I’m saying is, he’s sticking around for awhile so we’d better get used to it. :-p

          • Jon says:

            Why did Blake choose Corey over Cody Wickline in the first place? Cody was equally young and good-looking and a FAR better singer, IMO. Cody was a 4-chair turn, and all the coaches gave him a standing ovation. Corey is a sweet guy, but the least talented singer on Blake’s team. I don’t get it…

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Rob (YAY!!!)

    • Simon says:

      1. Kimberly
      2. Mia
      3-5. Team Blake
      6. Koryn
      7. India
      8. Deanna
      9. Rob
      10. Sawyer
      11. Josh
      12. Brian

    • securtis2 says:

      1) Kimberly
      2) Joshua
      3) Deanna
      4) India
      5) Mia
      6) Sawyer
      7) Koryn
      8) Brian
      9) Meghan
      10) Rob
      11) Hannah
      12) Corey

      • K23434 says:

        1) Kimberly
        2) Joshua
        3) Hannah
        4) Brian
        5) Deanna
        6) Rob
        7) Sawyer
        8) India
        9) Meghan
        10) Mia
        11) Koryn
        12) Corey

  8. Laurie Lewis says:

    That was exactly the top 12 I would have picked. Will miss Tonya and Sarah.

  9. analythinker says:

    Yay, Brian!! Angie, where ya at??

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I’m here, I’m here! Was working last night and am just caught up now. GO BRIAN!!! I paused my dvr to behold the look of wonder and joy on Brian’s wife’s face when Adam saved her husband. If you still have it, go back and look at it. She’s so cute! lol
      I did feel really bad for Tonya though. Both she and Brian are very good singers, but ultimately I think Adam made the correct choice.

      • analythinker says:

        I secretly replayed it over and over, heh. I thought “oh Angie would love this” :D
        I feel bad for Tonya as well, she definitely has passion. But I noticed she wasn’t at her best during the group number? It was arguably the song and I thought Joshua would crash and burn in it but he held his own.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          She’s so cute! I can’t get over how much I love Brian’s wife. And Kimberly’s grandmother. The cuteness of the families is just off the charts this season.
          Were you as stoked as I was about Koryn being saved?

          • analythinker says:

            Yes, of course, but not even a bit surprised, I somehow knew Pharrell was going with her. She’s unique. But please, again, song choices need to be smart, although I’m not sure she’ll outlast Mia & Sawyer.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Koryn is my dark horse to win it all. Is it likely? Not at all. My guess is the winner is India or Sawyer. But of the more underrated singers, she’s my pick. Her voice is so damn special. I really hope Pharrell helps her after the show.

          • JM1 says:

            That grandma with the hat is everything. She needs to go to the next inauguration a la Aretha.

          • Birdy says:

            Kimberly’s grandmom is a hoot, and should have her own TV show; love her!

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Yes! Can we please petition the producers to pay the way for all the family members this season? I am absolutely loving a few of them and wouldn’t mind an entire spinoff on Kimberly’s grandma.

  10. Mj says:

    Just the way I would have selected them!!

  11. Kaba says:

    Koryn was saved, Chris sang his way into my heart again, and Quentin lives to see another week on AI ^_^
    Good night.

    • I love Koryn also. Also happy Rob was saved! Very happy, and I love Quentin but I have to say that was the worst AI show! Yuck! Im only watching AI for Quentin! Ugh! Jax ruined my fav Lady GaGa song! It just was not a good show tonight and it might be because the voice is soooo good this season!

      • Ansa says:

        I was loving AI this season but after the top 20 of The Voice….I am finding the AI folks completely lacking. I find the kids in AI all fluff but lacking in true vocal chops. I also find the judges in the Voice so much more genuine and entertaining. I love the top 12. Sorry Sarah and Tonya are gone….but I have no problem with Brian and Hannah…the bench is that deep.

        • Ansa Yes Im lovin The Voice. The best contestants on idol would not even get a chair to turn if they were on The Voice!

          • JM1 says:

            Having not watched Idol in years, I nearly choked when I saw how much JLo hogs the attention on that show. Is Idol contractually obligated to show her dancing in her seat or “emoting” when the singers perform???

          • JM1 I think it might be in her”payed contract” that they have to give her attention! YUCK

          • I rewatched the whole performance show of the voice and I think I have around 9 singers that I like! This year is unreal! At first I was all for Sawyer, he is still one of my favs! The ones I dont like are all of Blakes team except for Hannah and I dont care for Mia. Decided I like Deanna and Koryn out of the girls! This is really anyones game,so many of them are good!Also I think the voice has better songs, song choices, and group performances seem to always be good songs too!

          • Oh and I forgot India too! Soooo many good singers. I will be upset each week as they go home! I usually like who Blake has, but not this year! I loved Cody and he sent him home!

  12. Patricia Reidy says:

    Loved Sarah’s style –and her voice!!!!

  13. alistaircrane says:

    Brooke was my fave, so I’m sad. :-/

  14. Silver says:

    Props to Slezak for predicting 12 for 12 :-)

  15. jais ottathengil says:

    i love all but caitlin was so hot af

  16. Kim Moores says:

    Listening to Pharrell’s group song.
    Koryn made that damned song with just a couple of hums.
    Glad he saved her.
    Clearly Pharrell is intelligent this season

    • Caitlin, to me, was one of the best singers on the show. She came across sweet, kind and genuine … Which is not bland . Her forte is not rock n roll so there is not that sort of ediginess… She focuses on her voice. I think of singers such as Barbara Streisand …. I would not go to see a performance … I go to hear her sing… Listen to her voice . If that is bland … Fantastic! Pharrell, IMO, made the wrong choice.

      • Kim Moores says:

        Pretty, but entirely bland voice. She needs to focus on more than just her voice cause she’s got zero performance charisma and most certainly no vocal charisma outside of singing well.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Koryn absolutely owned the song. That girl’s voice is otherworldly. Please, Pharrell, start contacting the right song writers for this girl because she needs a recording career yesterday!

      • I agree! When she did “How Great Thou Art! I was stunned. I hadnt really noticed her before and now I think she is amazing! That deep voice. Its so different. And there isnt any voice like that on the radio like hers! She shows great emotion too! Great performance on “Say Something”!

  17. Evan says:

    Can we talk about how good Chris Jamison was?! It’s a shame he’s not the original vocalist on the song or else I’d predict a hit for a Voice alum for the first time. He sounded great, I hope he’s got an album in the works. He can breakout.

    • Kaba says:

      If I’m correct, this is the first live performance of this song since its release and it was just posted to the Complex magazine website, that’s a LOT of exposure a la the R&B/Hip Hop community, they love falsettos

    • NEmma says:

      I’m with you. He looked like a star and sounded so good. He may be the breakout star the The Voice has been lacking.

    • Ansa says:

      He was fantastic! He definitely needs to be out there with a record….

    • Jon says:

      Agreed–Chris was terrific! And completely comfortable performing with an established star. It reminded me of how great he was with Jessie J. on “Masterpiece” last season. I hope Chris breaks out — he deserves it.

      • Cagney says:

        Chris was my favorite from last season and he did not disappoint tonight, His falsetto is effortless. i had to rewind and watch again. I want to hear more frrom him. Love Jesse J and their duet last season was so special.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Chris was amazing. Methinks the boy has a real chance at a career in this field, that makes me a very happy gal.

    • Gailer says:

      He was truly great! What’s he up to?

  18. Jill Moy says:

    My pick from day 1, India, is still kickin!!

  19. Jill Moy says:

    Average Meghan and Hannah still here and Caitlin gone???? That’s hilarious!

    • Timmah says:

      It’s sad, really. Was looking forward to hearing more from Caitlin and Sarah.

    • Jill Moy says:


      With some of the average talent that went through, Caitlin should have made it for sure!

      • Jill,I know. I wish Caitlin would have made it also! AI sucked so bad tonight! Jax ruined Pokerface! I really only am watching idol just for Quentin! On the voice I like about 7 singers! Its great this year! And the f3emale singers on the voice dont sing with fake Betty Boop voices, they use their own voice! LOL. Featuring Betty Boop and Olive Oil on the American Idol Stage! LOL

        • Misspelled female! Female voices!

          • Jill Moy says:


            You’re right about everything! Well, I have India to win from start! She has a shot! I told everyone Tonya was leaving! Melinda loved her and loves Rayvon over on AI! She isn’t great at judging talent! BETTY BOOP, OLIVE OIL…LOL! Jax always stank….THE WORST! She could sing in a karaoke bar….MAYBE!

          • These people on idol that are left could never even get a chair to turn on the voice! Jax ruined Pokerface. It was super awful and the judges told her so! Everyone thought Daniel would be saved again and again while better contestants get sent home! No that is Rayvon that is standing in the way of better contestants! Especially when Adanna Duru went and he was in bottom 3 and got to stay. Then 2 more weeks of twitter saves. Obviously if he keeps being in the bottom, we dont want him there! But the stupid twitter save interferes. The ONLY reason I watch is for Quentin! I fast forwarded after I saw Jax almost all the way through! Also no idol journey at the end? They are trying to copy the voice and it doesnt work! It just doesnt work with American Idol! When Quentin gets eliminated, I wont be watching. Except if they bring everyone back for the finale. Are they going to change that too? Oh and a tour with only top 5? Who is going to pay good money to only see half of the contestants? I got to see all ten last year! Are they that broke that they cant afford the motels for ten people? LOL LOL Im just mad because this USED to be one of my fav shows! Not Now! Too many changes that arent good!

          • Jill, I wish they would have canceled American Idol and Kept x factor! What do you think?

          • Jill Moy says:


            I liked X FACTOR MUCH BETTER AND AGT IS BETTER TOO! Who could forget 11 year old MIRA JUSTINE (I believe that was her name)! The blond lady was so amazing, wasn’t she???? She loses to Mr. Card Trick! Pllus there was Miguel Dakota, and FIELDS, THE SINGER DRESSED AS A BABY,…..REMEMBER HIM? He was as good as anyone on Voice and AI!

          • Oh Yes that guy that dressed as a baby and Miguel! Both were good! What about that gothic opera singer with the long hair and eyeliner and he cried during the performance! That was a few years ago! That blonde girl last year sang Chandelier and nailed it. That would be so hard to sing! I havent heard anyone else attempt to sing that! I miss Sharon Osbourne though! Lets keep AGT and then bring back x factor and cancel idol! LOL They have just changed the format of AI too much and now I dont like it! Scott Borchetta sucks! I also agree that I love Melinda D but I do not agree with with who her favs are! Joey and Rayvon? Yuck! Remember Robs (the voice) performance the other night? Now compare that to boring, flat, dull, Rayvon. No comparison!

          • ok I have the amounts of each persons twitter followers on AI. I went to each facebook. LOL So we know what to expect with the twitter save. Tyanna is the lowest with 14.4, Clark has 36.3, Joey has 21.6, Nick has 27.5, RAYVON has 23.1, And Jax 46.9 Qaasim had 17.1, and Daniel had the highest (even tho he is gone) at 49.7 I hope Tyanna and Rayvon dont end up in the bottom, cause Tyanna has almost no twitter followers and it would once again be Rayvon saved! I think when someone is in the bottom 3 weeks, its time to give someone else a chance!

        • Woops I meant their twitter page is where I went not their facebook! LOL

      • HTGR says:

        +beyond infinity

        it shows how awful the team concept can be and why they resist a wild card when something goes so wrong…. is far beyond me

    • Agreed . She had the looks, the voice, great attitude, humble and genuine … What a mistake!

  20. Tonya Boyd Cannon is such a wonderful singer. Sorry to see her go.

  21. Bringing Back the Sunshine says:

    Can someone please explain why Sawyer is so popular? His voice is nasally and he’s nothing to look at. Hannah is “unique” and she’s much more interesting than Sawyer. I wasn’t shocked that he made it, because everyone fawns all over him, but I just don’t see it. This is my first year of watching the show and it will be my last if he wins it.

    • Moria says:

      I think your definition of nasal is a little different than most, because of all the things one could say about him nasal would probably not be it. I do hate his look – I just want to hold him down, cut off his hair, and trash that stupid hat. He’d look a bazillion times better. But if you can’t dress awful in your teens, when can you? But his voice is amazing.

  22. Barbara says:

    I do not understand why we should vote, when the last 3 were chosen by the coaches.

  23. Kim Moores says:

    Glad that Caitlin girl is gone, tired of people ogling over pageanty singers. She needs to learn how to emote.
    Tonya was middling, I don’t understand anyone’s obsession with such a middling woman who delivered such a middling performance last night, to each their own.
    Actually kind of excited Hannah got saved. Looove her dancing lmao

    • JM1 says:

      Tonya’s actually fantastic. That song choice last night was really bad. And, as we’ve seen before, the older ladies sadly have a rough time succeeding on The Voice (boo).

    • Jill Moy says:


      Caitlin was far better than some of the average talent that went through! Brian and Meghan stink!

      • Agree . Caitlin could sing really, really well.? Because she is beautiful… It does not make her pageantry… That is quite funny … Really!

      • Kim Moores says:

        Well if only she’d been on another team. Otherwise, Pharrell’s team is simply too stacked for it to have been her to top off his final 3

      • JM1 says:

        Seriously, it’s fine to prefer other singers. And fine to think some are better than others. But to come on here and repeatedly say that ANY of these singers stink is just wrong.

        I’ve got my favorites, too, but that doesn’t mean my non-favorites deserve to be dissed like that.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Tonya wasn’t the beast master in a crowded beast master category this year. But what the girl had was heart. There was something I found very endearing about her and I’m sad to see her go. I am happy that Brian advanced, but I’m sad it was at her expense.

      • Birdy says:

        I agree, Angie_Overrated. This was one of those times where you just hated to see either of them lose. Glad Adam chose Brian, but Tonya is a very cool, gutsy lady. Just too many like her in the competition, and you’re right–she wasn’t the best of the best. Hope she furthers her career, though, after this.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          And she was so very grateful to be there. I’m sure they all are, but she was wearing her eagerness on her sleeve. It really made me sad to see her go. I’d have to imagine these contestants have a fairly good understanding that winning the show is close to impossible given the competition, but it still makes me sad to see talented people who really want to be there get eliminated. Ditto that for Sonic, Caitlin, and Sarah.

      • Jill Moy says:


        Tonya was a “BEAST”, uh I mean Beast master! Queen of the BEASTS!

  24. Paige Turner says:

    It’s a shame that most of them are screamers, not singers. Louder is not better. More notes are not better. I wish they’d have singers who know how to caress a lyric, caress a melody AS WRITTEN, not throw in tons of runs and mellismas.

    • JM1 says:

      Agreed! I think that’s why Joshua will do well. He’s sort of a balm to the ears in between all the screaming. ;-]

    • analythinker says:

      Based on this comment, you would be pleased that Adam picked Brian and not Tonya, though… would you not?

    • Lordy, how mislead you are. Being able to connect to a song and being able to to do runs aren’t mutually exclusive. Go watch Kimberly’s performance and tell me that she didn’t tell a story. I dare you.
      If you don’t deviate from the melody and have a creative input in the arrangement, how different are you from a karaoke singer? What a silly comment.

  25. Blank Slate says:

    Adam’s team is filled with weakest links.

    • Davey says:

      I won’t be surprised if some of Adam’s singers survive longer than some others. Especially if Adam chooses the right songs. Pharrell does not always choose great songs. Christina often chooses songs that are too hard for her singers to sing. Let’s see what happens next week. I do think Hannah will be gone next week.

    • People really like Joshua for some reason. He was the leader of last night’s performers on iTunes. I can’t withstand another snoozefest of a performance of his. I have this bad feeling that he’s going to make it further than he deserves.

  26. Jennine says:

    I am just lost at Blake picking Hannah over Sarah. Re-watch the show…. Hannah never won a single battle. Ever. He even picked Sarah over her in the face off and she lost again in the knock outs. Is she a cat with nine lives? I am now going to watch the show for the day I can do my Hannah is finally gone dance. Let’s face it, she is not winner material anyway…

    • Hannah’s total package is growing with each performance. Glad he picked her.

    • TJ says:

      I like a Hannah a lot, she interests me. She’s the only one really who can pull an underdog card (maybe Brian too, though it’s easy for me to forget about him) as even though she haven’t been as impressive as some of the other folks, I always remember she’s there and get’s excited if she’ll break out. There is nothing really to complain about her vocals unless it doesn’t do anything for you, and she can’t do anything about that.

  27. Julie says:

    I hope team Aguilera get booted off first embarassing lol.

  28. Fran King says:

    i would love to hear “you raise me up” performed on the snow

  29. tvtjw says:

    Also – after the hype of Chris Jamison’s return tonight – who else might make a reappearance this season? Any chance the always-wonderful Taylor John Williams from S7 may show up?

    • Davey says:

      I’m sure Matt McAndrew will make an appearance at some point. I think he has been writing new material. Would like to see Will Champlin. I doubt they will bring back Amber Carington or Amanda Brown but I’d love to hear their voices again.

      • Holly says:

        I bought some of Will Champlin’s songs on itunes from his new album and I really like it. But I had to go look for it. The Voice would do better to promote some of the past artists better. Same for Jamie Lono (sandwich boy) he also has some really great stuff out there.

        • JM1 says:

          Holly – SO true. The Voice does NOTHING to promote its artists. There have been a few I also had to go searching for. Even the winners get almost no promotion from the show (although Blake, at least, seems to keep in touch and help his artists out.) Not long ago I contributed to a kickstarted campaign for James Wolpert b/c he apparently got no support or promotion from the show. Guessing it’s like that for most of them. Ugh.

  30. Jushu says:

    Xtina is an idiot, Rob Taylor’s falsetto is so annoying, not the falsetto USA was looking for that’s why he was on bottom three. Lexi Davila’s “All by Myself” is a powerhouse and Xtina didn’t chose Lexi.
    since season 1, xtina wanted to win the show but she keeps on removing the artists that has the potential of surviving in the live show.

    • Kaba says:

      Lexi’s ‘All by myself’ was a wobbly mess. Rob, India, and Kimberly were the best of her team last night. No questioning that whatsoever. The right people went through.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      All By Myself was really not good. Lexi’s a talented girl, as is Sonic, but I think Christina has the right three on her team.

    • Gupy says:

      There are so many good female belters on the show who are better than Lexi Davila. There’s no other contestant like Rob. Xtine made a strategic move and I think it was the right one.

    • Meri says:

      Lexi is competing in a highly saturated genre this season where most of the contestants are also female. They have to be stellar to not be weeded out early. Though Rob’s genre is similar, he has a slight advantage because the genre is female dominated this season. Lexi is good, but not as strong as her other group members. I think her best performance was her blind.

  31. David Penn says:

    Koryn over Caitlin? Dumbest decision Pharrell has ever made. Take a ‘C’ quality voice over an ‘A’ quality voice. Caitlin could win. Koryn will be the first one cut. DUH!

    • Kim Moores says:

      Koryn has a much better voice than Caitlin.
      Caitlin is average as hell.

      • Timmah says:

        I agree with David. Caitlin stood out, but there is nothing special about Koryn. She will be the first one out, probably along with Meghan.

        • Kaba says:

          Well Imma just agree with Kim cause you two are nuttier than squirrel poo

        • Choir Girl says:

          There’s a reason why Koryn’s last performance is still in itunes top 100, while Caitlin never cracked the top 500. Just because you have a great voice doesn’t mean you connect emotionally. With both Try and How Great Thou Art, Koryn proved that she has the power to really move people. Caitlin would have been a shoe-in on Adam’s team but tonight Pharrell made the right decision.

          • Song choice … And that was Pharrell’s decision again . Caitlin consistently outperformed her the whole season . She is more polished, sophisticated and more experienced. Koryn can sing but is very young and does not measure up to Caitlin. Pharrell will see he made the wrong decision. However, I wish Koryn the best.,

          • Choir Girl says:

            I have had the pleasure of seeing Barbara Streisand in concert..and believe me, she PERFORMS…I think she’d likely be insulted by an incorrect notion that she focuses on her voice in lieu of PERFORMING in an interpretive way appropriate to the song. Caitlin has potential, but she and Barbara Streisand are not at all in the same skillset arena. For me it was less about Caitlin being bland, more that her generic pop style didn’t seem particularly unique when compared to the other people on her team.

          • Choir Girl says:

            Sorry, wrong comment posted below…here’s what I was trying to say…
            Denise, don’t think you can chalk up solely to “song choice”. If Koryn hadn’t delivered latest song in a powerfully emotive way (or on Pink song before that), nobody would have cared enough to buy her version of it. I’d rather listen to someone with raw talent who sets the stage on fire with vocal ability and a little grit rather than someone who fits neatly inside the box of today’s too often overly generic sounding pop music. (I balk a bit against this tit for tat who’s better thing, not really what art is supposed to be about…but I’m responding to your this person “doesn’t measure up” statement.) Despite her youth, Koryn has access to a kind of expressive power Caitlin doesn’t have yet.

          • Choir Girl, I agree about Koryn. She was the only one to give me goose bumps with “Try” I am glad she was saved.

          • I prefer Caitlin over Koryn. We are all entitled to our opinions. As stated, I wish Koryn the best.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          I respectfully disagree that Koryn’s voice is nothing special. I don’t think I’ve ever in my life heard a voice as heavy and husky as hers be able to sing soaring high notes the way she can. Normally those lower voices stay low, but she can climax on notes with power in the most effortless manner, which I find absolutely thrilling. I’m actually getting the chills just thinking about it.
          Caitlin — though an excellent singer — didn’t do much for me. She would have easily been top 12 on another season, but season 8 is a new ballgame. I think she’d have also been top 12 had she been on any other team besides Pharrell’s.

          • analythinker says:

            Not sure I agree with you about Caitlin making it to Top 12. She has a good voice, but her performance is always very calculated. I could tell when she’s about to do runs or high notes because I felt her preparation to go there. And one thing that bugs me the most about her: pocket! I feel like she’s almost always behind the beat.

          • Jill Moy says:

            KORYN IS YOUR AVERAGE CHURCH SINGER….VERY AVERAGE! Again, Caitlin held her own singing with XTINA, NOT AN EASY TASK, INDEED!

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I’ll be perfectly honest with you: I’m being polite. I thought Caitlin was a talented girl, I didn’t think it was a competition as to whom should be saved. Maybe on Blake’s team or Christina’s team she’d have had a chance, but she was toast with Pharrell or Adam because the third slot singers were both amazing.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Koryn is about the furthest thing ever from an average church singer. What church do you go to? I might need to start attending if you think hers is an average voice.

          • HTGR says:

            Wait what??? You think Caitlin would have been toast on Team Adam? The weakest team??? And then you go to Brian over Caitlin???? Are you real??????? She’d have breezed on his team! Made it on Blake and probably on Xtina.

            It called for a wild card. When you could make any other team, some with ease, make any other season with ease, migh tbe the third best voice of even this season, wake up NBC and don’t be afraid to use a wild card!!!! A.I. has it’s issues but even they are smart enough to use a W.C. when it’s clear one is called for!!!

      • HTGR says:

        Caitlin’s voice is average as hell???? Yeah because any old average voice can sit there and sing next to Xtina and fit right in! LOL! Insanity.
        She could make the top three of basically any season of all these vocal shows by voice.
        I’d maybe have put her third this season, perhaps the most loaded of seasons ever.

    • Meri says:

      Actually, it was very smart of him to do that. Koryn charted quite well. Caitlin didn’t even make the top 200. Seriously, if I didn’t see a slight resemblance to Taryn Manning in her looks, I wouldn’t remember her that well.

      • Jill Moy says:


        There are so many great singers out there! Seriously! There’s a venue I used to go to….open mike night! It featured established stars who sang for the first hour and then average people got to sing for the last 3 hours! The singers are all fantastic, ESPECIALLY the last 3 hours! I’ve been there many times! I remember one particular time several years ago, EVERY SINGLE SINGER WAS A 10 OUT OF 10! It was astonishing indeed! We’re talking about maybe 40-45 singers in the last 3 hours! There would be tiny little girls up there and OMG, the sounds that came out of their mouths! Booming, wonderful voices! Also plenty of black singers with soulful voices, who are better than India, Kimberly, Koryn, etc., etc.!

        This place is in Las Vegas. I heard the place had a different format and nothing but weirdos went there (I heard this a few years ago, so I stopped going there)! But last year I read that it’s back to open mic with the stars so I’m sure it will be back to older days, with stellar talent! I was comped to the upcoming Mayweather, Pacquiao fight May 2 in Las Vegas .! So a couple days after that I will go there and check it out (It’s on Monday nights)!

        So, if you go to Vegas (I go there every month or so), I’d be glad to tell you the name and where it is! You will then realize these singers are just average, on these shows!

  32. PatD says:

    No way Blake should have picked Hannah over Sarah (I don’t blame her for being pissed off). Hannah is a very sweet girl with a lovely voice, but she is eons away from Sarah’s legit entertainment value and killer voice. Blake is way smarter than this. Obviously, he got a memo this year. No other explainin’ such a bone-headed move.

    Sad to see Tonya go, too, but that awful song choice pretty much ruined her chances of going any further.

    America did good. The coaches not so much.

    I’d be curious to know if the third highest vote-getters on each team coincided with the coaches’ decisions.

    • analythinker says:

      I’m curious if it’s deliberate to make room for other coaches’ contestants to sail through. Blake could’ve made arrangement with TPTB NOT to win this season (to satisfy or keep those who threatened to quit watching if he wins again) and this means sacrificing the good ones. BUT it’s just a theory, as Hannah did come third on iTunes for his team.

      • wild_child says:

        actually Sarah was 3rd on his team on the itunes chart though Hannah wasn’t too far behind.

        • analythinker says:

          No, Sarah was fourth when it counted, but I think she sells more single than Hannah to still hold certain position while Hannah’s slipping down. I know Blake watches the chart, so maybe he made decision based on that.

    • davidf95 says:

      I agree. However, I guessed that he would before it happened. Sarah is actually my favorite. But I told my wife she wouldn’t make it past this round. At this point, it is no longer “The Voice”. It is now American idol. I have to admit that Hannah is far prettier than Sarah. She would make it farther through the voting process. The tennie boppers who vote hundreds of times a night will never vote Sarah over Hanna. How do you think Sanjaya got so many votes?

      This is the only thing I dislike about the voice. It “starts’ out by paying attention to ONLY a voice, but ends up completely “ignoring” the voice as the primary criteria.

    • Timmah says:

      Hannah over Sarah the one decision that’s really got me scratching my head. First, Sarah is a *much* better singer than Hannah — I think that’s indisputable. Now, I can get behind taking a lesser singer sometimes if they have some sort of special artistic quality, but there’s nothing unique about Hannah’s style, it’s a dime a dozen. Nor is she particularly charismatic either, she’s just dull iyam. Sarah is a powerhouse and a unique talent and it’s really a shame to lose her so early.

      • Well everyone here is suspecting he got rid of Sara because of age? I dont thnk so because CWB was 35 and he kept him. There must be some other reason. Sara claims to be 34 years old. One year younger than CWB! But then CWB was an older hottie and Blake knows what sells! I would rather have Sara and Hannah and no Meghan!

        • Jill Moy says:


          Meghan and Sarah lied about their ages! Meghan’s age has to be 10 years older and Sarah’s 10 years older! Maybe they’ve lived hard…who knows! Megan looks 35 at least and Sarah looked 50! Sarah to me looks and sounds weird! Her voice is so forgettable that Blake didn’t turn his chair and he worked with her! All Sarah did was scream! I never got the attraction ofJanis Joplin’s voice! If screaming is talent then she’s great!

          • Jill That is what I thought! Meghan looks 40 to me and Sarah in her 50’s, Next week should be interesting on AI. Do you think the twitter save will keep saving Rayvon? Tyanna better not ever get in the bottom because she only has 14k twitter followers, the lowest of any contestant! So if its her and Rayvon, this will be week 4 that he is in the bottom! We cant count out the week Adanna and Maddie were sent home! He was in the bottom 3 that week too! So who Do you think will be bottom 2? I HOPE its Joey! Well Rayvon should go home also! He is like Marcus Canty! He wont go away! AS for the voice, I still like Sawyer, Rob, India, and now Koryn. I absolutely loved Rob’s last performance! Where is the AI recap? The new one? There is no new recap!

        • Jill Moy says:


          There is a new AI recap! Put tvline ai in google search. Then go down about 8 or 9 headings and you’ll see…Qassem Eliminated! You’ll see it’s tvline! I wondered why you aren’t on therer commeneing! Bottom 2 I think will be Rayvon and Jax (I’m hoping Jax)! Rayvon will go I believe!

        • Jill Moy says:


          By the way,

          I loved your “JOAX” name for horrible Jax! She is a JOKE!

  33. gjazz says:

    I believe Sarah Potenza could have made it all the way. She was so fun to watch. Brian Johnson will not make it. Love Joshua Davis. India Carney is too perfect and that bugs me.

    • Davey says:

      Its bugs you that India is too perfect? You’d prefer her to sing flat? I don’t understand that.

    • davidf95 says:

      She was my favorite too. But I told my wife yesterday when she was the bottom 3, that she would be going home. That I knew “The VOICE” was no longer the goal, but an “American idol” is now the goal. Hanna has the “looks” to be an American idol. Well.. I believe that is what the producers think, and it is THEIR show.

    • Candace says:

      I totally agree. India is technically perfect, but emotionally flat, despite her posing. It’s like she’s pretending to be emotionally vested, but it’s coming across as just acting. No goosebumps.

  34. Sharon says:

    Meagan is awful! Somehow Blake can’t say no to her because of their past. She is way too old to make it now.

    • Sharon says:

      Though it needs to be pointed out that it was America, not Blake, who saved Meghan last night. I did think he looked very relieved that he didn’t have to make the choice to save/not save her. p.s. I’m the other Sharon, btw, and am not replying to myself! :)

    • Smokey says:

      Meghan Linsey will have work in the Country music business again after the show, (formerly was in a duo called Steel Magnolia).

      > A number of the known bands tag-on a lesser known name on their tour dates, to open the show, The Voice performances help somewhat, to keep recognition in the field.>>She doesn’t need to win the show to get a boost.

      Some of the State Fairs and annual events around major cities set-up bookings where you’ll see 2 or 3 tag-ons to a known name in Country, to fill-out a big show. plus she would be a very good back-up singer for Country stars and groups.>

      Her connections and recognition will increase through the exposure on the show, and though she may not make a big splash as a single artist, she will get work……. check her status in another 6 -10 months and I think you will find plenty of gigs on her schedule,

  35. Bill Wren says:

    One of the reason’s I hate singing competitions is it’s not just about singing It’s about Looks and that sucks.I here people talk on here about how they cant believe Adam kept Brian because he was not as good. bull crap.He is a big man that’s why America didn’t want him.Cudos to Adam for not be so damb superficial.Tonya eliminated, big woman and an awesome performance.Look at the people America wanted to keep. Beautiful people.Christina will be the team to beat.

    • Bill Wren, You hit the nail on the head. The hate for Meghan is huge on here – her age, her clothes- she’s creepy. It’s the voice only at the beginning. Then it’s just like any other singing competitions and youth and looks get votes I guess.

      • JM1 says:

        Sad to say but you are both 100% right.

      • HTGR says:

        Partly. Looks definitely get votes for guys on these shows, but they have never, ever gotten votes for girls. In fact, I’d bet that looks get women a bit of loss of votes on these shows. All you mostly hear is catty comments and how the contest is ‘obviously a b’ and so on.

    • HTGR says:

      I don’t your comment. Tonya is a big woman. So how can you say people are hating on Brian for being big because they wanted Tonya over him? And Caitlin can simple sing miles around him. I’d liked Sarah better too and she is not some young Victoria’s Secret model. At the end of the day, the Brian/Tonya thing wasn’t that huge for me, although puzzling, since neither was anywhere near my tops anyway. It was only big to me in that the team concept meant that I lost some from others teams over it.

  36. Choir Girl says:

    After tonight, Pharrell forever and always has my undying affection.

  37. munchma q says:

    Ugh, were STILL stuck with Hannah? She screams every song and has absolutely no finesse…she’s been cut twice and America didn’t vote for her, either…for gawd’s sake, let her fall by the wayside!

    • Jennine says:

      Glad to see someone feels the same way I do about her. Well said!

      • Birdy says:

        Count me in, too! WHAT was Blake thinking? Hannah the Hollerer needs a whole lot of work before she’s ready for this…. Being able to just belt out a song doesn’t make one a great singer.

  38. Choir Girl says:

    The results are in…pretty happy overall. Will miss Sarah, but Hannah was the better performer last night. I put Hannah’s “I Feel the Earth Move” on repeat. Also, I preferred Tonya’s personality and musical style over Brian’s. Her version of Stevie Wonder’s “I Wish” was killer. Also Brian’s tone is a little thin for me. If I could swap Brian for Caitlin, I would.

  39. Simon says:

    If Adam had Blaze in his final 3 instead of Joshua, he would have a team of only Johnsons.

  40. Simon says:

    Have we ever had this many stolen finalists before? Meghan, Hannah, Kimberly, Koryn, Joshua, Brian… That’s half of the top 12!

    • Simon says:

      Also, Blake followed the same pattern as last year for his top 3. One that was with him all along, one that he stole in the battles, and one that he got rid of in the battles and got back in the knockouts.

  41. NotVirgin Mary says:

    Can we please take a moment to appreciate Koryn’s gorgeous vocals during that Say Something performance? She is something special.

    • Rhodes X says:

      Yup. Her distinct voice would come out on top whenever they all sang together. I don’t always watch group performances, but wasn’t theirs one of the best?

      • Out of the 4 last night, I guess. They were the only ones actively trying to harmonize. I’m still trying to erase the bad memories of ‘Diamonds.’
        I didn’t like Lowell’s parts at all. Not okay to change a song’s phrasing when it’s one of the defining features that make the song good. But the only part that really grabbed my attention was Koryn’s voice, to be honest. When she harmonized it was just magical. The layers of depth her voice has… She has a gift. The grit of her voice really complimented the song.

        • Rhodes X says:

          Agree 100% about Koryn and I was delighted she was saved.

          Watching Lowell ‘overact’ while singing his lines made me wonder if that was a last-ditch attempt to get himself saved or some sort of farewell drama because he knew he was toast.

          • CynthiaMV says:

            Yup, I agree that Lowell was singing hard for the save! Someone else tried this as well – can’t remember who. Didn’t work either time. Pharrell’s & Xtina’s teams ended up exactly as I would have chosen. I like Hannah but would have preferred Sarah getting saved. Love Tonya and was really hoping Adam would save her, but I agree with the other commenter that Brian occupies a more unique space this season than Tonya, which may work in his/Adam’s favor.

    • Yes, NOTVIRGINMARY I hadnt noticed Koryn until the other night and she has a really deep richer voice that is different! I like her!

  42. David says:

    The problem with The Voice is, it STARTS out as “The Voice”. But doesn’t end that way. As many people below have stated and I agree, for example, Sarah Potenza, has a better voice than many kept, however, she is older and not what the producers would think the young people who vote would vote for. So it ends up turning into an American Idol.

    I have said many times that I enjoy The Voice until about this point when it turns into American idol. They didn’t disappoint again this year. For here on out, I am not very interested in it, as I really don’t care on how all the tennie boppers who vote 100s of times a night for Sanjaya. But I do have a couple singers left that I enjoy listening to. I have a DVR and can fast forward to their singing. :)

    Don’t get me wrong. The Voice is still by far the best realty TV show in my opinion, what reality their is of it, and I will continue to watch it. I just hope they can continue to improve on it like they have been doing. And they did a great job on the 4 coaches. I love watching them fight (if that is what you want to call it) over contestants. But now, they are really nothing more than bystanding mentors.

    • davidf95 says:

      Why don’t these forums recognize your paragraphs instead of removing the line space and lumping it into one huge wall of text?

    • StrangerThanMost says:

      Sarah has an amazing voice, but I think a lot of Sarah’s downfall was her look. She was only 34 — But she dressed and styled herself like she was on Social Security. Certainly, there was no reason for her to try to look like Mia, but why adopt the look of a retiree from south Florida? I think people would have voted for her if she hadn’t done that.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Sarah is not 34. She may say she’s 34, but she would be lying through her teeth. 44 I’ll believe. 54 I’ll also believe. But 34, no.

        • StrangerThanMost says:

          Well she’s claiming a DOB of 1980 which would make her 34/35ish if true. (I would have guessed that The Voice does at least a rudimentary background check so no one embarrassing gets through, but who knows! ) But just the fact that people easily buy 10 to 20 years older does kinda indicate that she’s styling it a older than necessary and that’s probably not helpful.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I think a lot of people in performing arts, particularly the women, lie about their age. It’s possible she’s 34, but I don’t find it particularly likely.

        • SusieH says:

          Hey, if Megan is 23 then Sarah could be 34!

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Wait, Meghan is claiming to be 23? Meghan is my age, which is a lot older than 23. lol And Sara is claiming to be 3 years younger than I am, though I’d bet my life she’s at least 5 years older than I.

          • tealeaves says:

            They have talked about Meghan having a song and opening for Blake many years ago. I don’t think anyone is claiming she is that young.

        • David says:

          I think that in itself was a big reason. You don’t believe what they say about her. So why would you vote for her?

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I did vote for her though. I voted the max for her actually. I don’t really base my votes at all on looks and couldn’t possibly care less if she’s 74. I was also one of the few people defending Brian after his amazing performance when pretty much everyone wrote him off as the fat dude with a “boring” voice.

  43. katedfw says:

    Travesty that Sarah and Tonya were eliminated last night! I guess they don’t fit into the 20-something category!

    I really used to love this show but the stupid bantering and editing (we have a major save coming up…with one contestant left) have really worn me down.

    Now I just watch the performances and fast forward through all the BS!

    And did Blake say last night it was his last season? He said he hated having to choose between the 3 and then said it would be his last time to do so?

    • CynthiaMV says:

      Blake meant it would be his last time doing so for this season. From here on in, it’s up to America’s votes. There are no more coach saves.

    • Jessica says:

      My rankings:
      2. Mia Z.
      3. Kimberly
      4. Korryn
      5. India
      6. Rob
      7. Megan
      8. Deanna
      9. Brian
      10. Hannah
      11. Corey
      12. Josh

  44. Roger says:

    Corey Kent White is the only one of the 12 who should NOT have gone through! Most likely got the teeny bopper vote… “oh he’s so cute”! Weakest of the lot by a longshot!

    • Timmah says:

      It’s just a fact of life with these shows that with mostly women watching and voting, cute guys with marginal talent are going to make it much further than they should (and sometimes win).

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Agreed. I’d put him in dead last for these final 12. But even he’s passable, so I’m not going to complain too loudly here.

  45. kimmer says:

    Most of the America voted ‘saves’ were good; a few were a shock. Sarah and Tonya not getting a return vote/save was a miss for me. I think the best of the best should be saved, not three from each team. If a team has 4 or 5 amazing artists, why are they eliminated?
    I thought the some of the songs picked by some coaches did not show case their artists ability. Loved songs Christina picked for all her team. Blake’s picks, uh, not so much. I was not crazy about the rushed end of show, especially Wednesday. Adam had what seemed like seconds to speak and Carson, “Times up”.

    • JM1 says:

      I’d also love to see the top 12 vote getters advance, regardless of teams. Sadly it doesn’t work that way. That’s why I always yell at my tv when performers pick to be on “overstacked” teams . . . their chances of getting cut go way up. It’s also why Adam can have the weakest team up until now, yet still make it to the end.

  46. Lyn Jensen says:

    I thought Adam was unwise to let Tonya Boyd-Cannon go–I think he could have coached her the way he coached his last champ, Tessanne Chin. I was also troubled that Blake let Brooke and Sarah walk while he kept a singer he cut two rounds ago that hasn’t realized her early potential. However, the cut that really stung was Lowell Oakley. He was obviously benefiting from Pharrell’s coaching, the show’s short on male vocalists, and he was an unique presence.

  47. ru says:

    My rankings of the top 20:

    1. Sawyer
    2. Mia Z.
    3. India
    4. Deanna
    5. Caitlin
    6. Sarah
    7. Joshua
    8. Brian
    9. Lexi
    10. Brooke
    11. Koryn
    12. Megan

    13. Lowell
    14. Tonya
    15. Rob
    16. Kimberly
    17. Sonic
    18. Corey
    19. Nathan
    20. Hannah

    So….I was not happy to see Blake choose Hannah even over Brooke…don’t even talk about dropping Sarah! What an idiot. But really, Sarah…choosing Blake as your coach? What were you thinking?

    And I’m sorry, but I like Caitlin much more than Koryn. As you can see, however, I thought Koryn should make the top 12, but she should have made it while on Christina’s team. Kristina made a big mistake keeping Kimberly over Koryn. My problem with Kimberly is the quality of her voice. She can sing really well, I’ll admit it. I just don’t like the sound of her voice. If I was rating people just on the sound of their voice and not their singing ability otherwise, I’d have placed Kimberly last.

    I also thought that Lexi should have stayed in the contest over Rob. Christina was correct…Lexi had a lot of potential. Rob is not going anywhere beyond where he already is. Notice that he did not get enough votes to make her team on his own. That’s why a good coach will pick the person with the most potential to improve….like Adam did with Chris Jamison last season. Adam could have picked Nathan for potential this season….but he just had too far to go.

    • JM1 says:

      Kimberly’s voice reminds me a little of Fantasia’s. As much as I ADMIRE their voices, I don’t super-duper LOVE them.

      • Jill Moy says:

        Fantasia sounds like an overgrown babbling Baby! What a hype job! How she ever made it is beyond me! I can’t stand Kimberly’s shrieking high pitched tone! But she is better than much OVERRATED Fantasia!

  48. o says:

    I honestly think it was stupid of christina to let go of koryn. Im not saying shes stupid i mean it was really stupid to let go of her because koryn is really talented and i think she could’ve won for christinas team but at least she’s still on the voice. I have a feeling pharrel has a good chance of winning now. Miss gwen on the voice


    Totally guessed this outcome except I thought Blake would spare Sarah.

  50. Tenia says:

    Sarah’s gone! I won’t be watching anymore! I agree this feels fixed!!!