Finding Carter Season Premiere Recap: Egg-citing New Developments

Finding Carter Season Premiere

It’s a good thing Tuesday’s Finding Carter season premiere was only a one-hour affair, because I’m not sure my imaginary ovaries could handle any more excitement.

Picking up just four hours after Carter’s (second) kidnapping, the episode gathered Lori, Carter, Elizabeth and Taylor together as part of a leisurely lunch sting operation, where Lori dropped this little bombshell on the unsuspecting sisters:

“I need you to know I’m not the bad guy here,” she began. “I am your real mother. And Taylor’s mother, too.”

The craziest part? She was telling the truth! Elizabeth and David were unable to conceive on their own, so they received an anonymous egg donation from Lori. Things apparently got messy when Lori tried to contact the happy couple — a fact Elizabeth claims to know nothing about — which led to Carter’s (first) kidnapping.

Lori was eventually apprehended — by a surprisingly aggressive David — but not before planting this little seed of doubt in the garden of Elizabeth’s mind: “It’s not the whole story. I know the truth about the egg donation. If you don’t believe me, ask David. He knows other things, important things you would want to know. … I am not the only one to blame here. David did a number on both of us.”

I guess even without his book deal, David remains the shadiest member of the Wilson family. What is he hiding this time?!

But the episode wasn’t all about secrets and lies; within the first few minutes of the premiere, Max and Taylor decided that breaking up had been a terrible mistake — so bring on the croutons! Also, was anyone else taken aback by Grant’s growth spurt between seasons? (Longest four hours ever.)

Finding Carter fans, what do you think David is hiding from Elizabeth? Are you feeling at all sympathetic for Lori? (I think we’re supposed to, but I can’t say I am.) And how happy were you when Max and Taylor reunited? Grade the premiere below, then drop a comment with your thoughts and theories.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Karen94 says:

    they jumped the shark.

  2. I don’t know….on one hand Lori being the twins mother is a good plot point but on the other it kinda hurts the plot as well. I was more interested in seeing how Carter fit in with this family her “real” family. Now it turns out Lori was her biological mother all along so no wonder Carter has nothing in common with Elizabeth.

    • johnhelvete says:

      Carter and Taylor being twins has always felt like the key biological relationship to me. I would think that Elizabeth, who had both girls in her womb for 36-40 months and raised the two girls from birth to three years (Carter) and Taylor (17) feels like she is their mother, the biological factor is minor compared to raising Taylor for 17 years.

    • CMarie says:

      I have this sinking feeling that this is going to get real soapy and the casting of two actresses that look nothing alike was no accident. I feel like they are going to reveal that Taylor is Elizabeth’s and Carter is Lori’s. Elizabeth started saying, “when you were babies…” then Taylor cut her off. This may be way off base but it’s just my theory.

      I am irritated by the inconsistency in the plot though – David definitely said he married Elizabeth because she was pregnant.

  3. kate says:

    I kept having this thought Grant’s growth spurt is what the Once writers fear about Henry and the Walking Dead about Carl.

  4. Jane says:

    As a mother to a child conceived thru egg donation I can assure you that the egg donor is NOT the “real” mother. I carried the baby for 9 months and went thru a grueling labor, breastfed and have loved and cared for my child! I AM the REAL mother!!! I am grateful for the donor but she is only the genetic donor not the mother. That said I do feel like my child has the right to know about their origins and if they wish to find the donor someday I will help… Because as a mother I want what’s best for my child.

  5. C says:

    I don’t get it. In season 1, David said he married Elizabeth because she was pregnant. So why would they have been trying for 3 years and then gotten married? That just seems weird.

    • BrittBrat says:

      Hmmm I forgot about that. It seems like the writers tried to go in a different direction than originally planned.

    • johnhelvete says:

      They could have gotten married and than lost the baby very late in the pregnancy. Than they spent 3 years trying to get pregnant again and than after not succeeding got an egg donor. The more interesting question is how was Grant conceived?

      • C says:

        I went back and rewatched the scene to make sure I was remembering right and David said something like “you were as big as a beach ball” and they laughed, so I don’t think they had a miscarriage, it was definitely meant to imply they got married after she got pregnant with the twins. But yeah, I wondered about Grant after the reveal as well.

        • J says:

          lol guys, Lori was just the egg donor, Elizabeth carried the babies in her stomach. The took David’s sperm and Lori’s eggs and fertilized them and placed them in Elizabeth’s womb.

  6. Riley says:

    I saw this coming a mile away. It’s so cliché and such an easy choice for a twist it hurts. She was kidnapped but dun dun dunno the kidnapper is her real mother!!! It’s Shyamalan level bad. I was dreading this and here it is. Don’t know if I’ll stick with the show going forward. It seems more focused on twists and turns than actual story. I’m pretty sure David was banging Lori, because choosing to bang chick claiming to be the egg donor of your kids as opposed to sending her away makes perfect sense the way this show is going.

    • Becca says:

      But Lori wasn’t actually her “real mother.” It takes a whole lot more than an egg that you donated to a bank for money to be able to claim parental rights to the child. She waived those rights away. Elizabeth was the rightful mother of both girls and she was indeed kidnapping. A while back, the producers were saying that we might feel sympathy for Lori and her side of the story, but I think that’s far from the case! Someone posted a theory that David might’ve actually allowed Lori to kidnap Carter as part of some deal – maybe to cover up their affair or to further his writing career (raking in money from the Carter books he was able to write because of the kidnapping), which would be a pretty crazy reveal.

      • Riley says:

        I’m not talking about parental rights and morals and ethics and all that. Of course it can all be worked out with the typical ‘no matter what you’re my daughter/mother’ talk followed by a nice family hug before fading to black.
        But we were to believe that this mostly unrelated crazy woman stole her but now with the ‘saw it coming’ twist, the kidnapper actually is the ‘real’ (biological, whatever) mother. That is so ‘first choice’ for a twist that it just comes off as very cheap. And you knew it was coming. How many times can they keep up with the ‘you don’t know the real truth’ and ‘wait till the truth comes out’ talk. It was so obvious that she could be the real mom and she probably banged David as well. They’re obsessed with twists
        I bet we’ll find out the son, their brother, is the cops kid.

  7. Hannah says:

    I was disappointed in the Lori being the egg donor reveal. To me this story should have been about Carter, Taylor and Elizabeth as their real mom, now we are going to be stuck with the dumb storyline all year about Elizabeth worried Carter and Taylor won’t accept her which is so unnecessary as Elizabeth’s character used to in a way ground the show but not anymore. Already from the previews we see Taylor is going to go on a downward spiral with this news and Carter is going to what looks like make amends with that psycho Lori while she is in jail. Elizabeth back to a triangle with David and Kyle and Crash returning free after shooting Max, blah it feels like its getting too soapy.

    I am just not a fan of where its going with the reveal and in the previews my fears look confirmed. And as pointed out in some other pots its obvious they changed the storyline with the new head show runner for season two as things were said in season 1 that do not fit with this new dumber narrative. My two cents anyway.

  8. Heidi says:

    Really? Did they really have to make psycho Lori the bio Mom? I think what initially captured my interest in this show, was the whole abduction aspect of it. Now it’s just a soap box hot mess! They really need to redeem this storyline, and David and Elizabeth better end up being the victims in the end.

  9. LastBrainOnTheLeft says:

    Please explain:

    Lori generously donates eggs to an infertile couple.

    Then Lori decides those are her children after all, but rather than approaching Elizabeth and explaining her change of heart, and asking if she can somehow be involved in their lives, she just cruelly kidnaps one of them.

    Even though she is their mother, she only cares about one of them? When did “Finding Carter” become “Sophie’s Choice”?

    She does all of this even though she has functioning eggs and could have children of her own without destroying the family she helped create?

    Where did Grant come from?

  10. smartysenior says:

    Lots of thumbs down on this one. Cop Mom would’ve at least had a taser in her pocket which she would use to zap Lori the minute she walked in, cuffed her and that’s that. The whole running around the parking lot stuff was really ludicrous. This episode raises my eyebrows and not in a good way. Good first season, we’ll see if this one gets too corny. So far it’s pretty corny.

  11. kayla says:

    My thought is that it was great but I have a question, what could David be hiding, did him and Lori have a affair? I hope Carter and Taylor are stilll sister’s! And that Elizabeth and the kids stay together!! 😭😭😱😱😖

    • Tee says:

      Hope they’re still sisters? How could they not be?! Unless Carter is 9 months older than Taylor I have no idea how they could be anything other than sisters.

  12. Deejay71 says:

    So irritating that Lori is still messing up this families lives. Being an egg donor doesn’t make you the mother. No one told her to give her eggs away for money than decide she made a mistake. Elizabeth carried those kids and brought them into the world she is their mother….DNA does not make you a mom.

    • xyz says:

      This isn’t real, why are we talking like it is and getting upset about it? It’s fake, and super ridiculous.

  13. Guest says:

    While I do believe that David did in fact have an affair with Lori I don’t believe he was in on the kidnapping. For some reason I think Gammy was in on it with Lori I don’t have a good reasoning on why I just feel it in my gut. David being involved is too obvious to me (but then Lori turning out to be Taylor and carters biological mother through egg donation was obvious as well so maybe the writers are going the easy route when it comes to twists and turns). In my mind though Elizabeth is their real honest to god mother. She literally was the one to bring them into this world and while yes it was with the help of Lori, Elizabeth gave birth to them, and loved them unconditionally. Lori doesn’t because if she did she would have taken both girls not just the one who seemed to look more like her and more spunky. Grant I believe is biologically Elizabeth and David’s. But yeah Gammy just seems shady to me always has. It’s not surprising that the two people who are just suspicious to begin with (Gammy and David) wouldnt get along because either knowingly or subconsciously they know they are a lot alike and can’t trust the other). First season i loved from episode 1..this first episode this season..I’m not sure. Oh and as much as I love Taylor and Max that last scene they had together was awkward and I think Max (trying to be the good guy) only got back with Taylor because her sister had just been abducted again. I’ll hold out judgement on this season until a few more episodes have aired though.
    Ps: I have not proofread so forgive any typos and grammatical errors :)

    • Tee says:

      Although I never suspected Gammy, your speculation leads me to wonder why they would cast Meredith Baxter Birney in a role where she maybe shows up one or two times a season. I mean, why not cast some nobody?

  14. jill says:

    anyone else confused about who Grant’s real mom is? I’m hoping we find out because that is very interesting .

    • Tee says:

      Why can’t Elizabeth be his mom? Plenty of couples conceive on their own after the stress of trying to have a child through IVF, or whatever, actually happens. Heck, my supervisor’s brother and SIL went through so many treatments to have their son, and then three and a half years later…SURPRISE…No treatments, and now they have a daughter. It happens.

  15. Alyona says:

    I think it’s great carter and liz became so close. She call her a mom. And even she find out the truth she still considering Elisabeth as her mom. but I actually think that after all that she wouldn’t! I personally think it’s the reason to Carter be on Lori’s side. but thinks could change!
    I’m not feeling a sympathetic for Lori. She just gave her eggs as donor and what is more she get paid for…David a and Elizabeth raised their girls for three years. And Lori just taking her away from them. Lori isn’t their mother. She is a stuker! DNA doesn’t make a family, love does. Lori loves only herself!

  16. Alyona says:

    I think it’s great carter and liz became so close. She call her a mom. And even she find out the truth she still considering Elisabeth as her mom. but I actually think that after all that she wouldn’t! I personally think it’s the reason to Carter be on Lori’s side. but thinks could change!
    I’m not feeling a sympathetic for Lori. She just gave her eggs as donor and what is more she get paid for…David a and Elizabeth raised their girls for three years. And Lori just taking her away from them. Lori isn’t their mother. She is a stuker! DNA doesn’t make a family, love does. Lori love
    only herself!