The Voice Recap: TKO and Sympathy

Pharrell Williams can do no wrong in my book — although he came pretty darn close when he anthropomorphized musical notes during the final night of The Voice‘s Season 8 Knockout Rounds.

“Cracking doesn’t mean you hit a bad note,” declared the Coach Most Likely to Be Confused With Yoda to his obvious favorite contestant Lowell Oakley. “It means you’ve given up on the note — and left it out there by itself.”

Oh, no! What about the notes? Who’s going to speak out on behalf of the poor defenseless notes? #JusticeForTheNotes

OK, OK, I’ll stop being a goofball and talk about what actually went down on the last pre-taped installment this season. You’ll be shocked to learn that the sole remaining Steal was held ’til the episode’s final segment and was spoiled well in advance during the “coming up after the break” interludes. (Urgh! Why do Mark Burnett & Co. continue to hold on to the baffling belief that suspense lies not in which contestants will be stolen, but which coaches will be the beneficiaries of such moves?)

And while I’m not sure any single performer lived up to the insanely high standards of last Monday’s proceedings — you remember, the one with Kimberly, Koryn, Sawyer, Mia, Sonic, Sarah and Meghan? — we definitely unearthed two or three more legit contenders for Craig Wayne Boyd’s crown.

With that in mind, let’s get to ranking the night’s six Knockout pairings in order from least- to most-promising winner:

6. TEAM PHARRELL: Lowell Oakley – “My Girl” defeats Jacob Rummell — “Life of the Party” | Lowell busting out in laughter midway through the opening verse — which came across as an unhinged error rather than a deliberate artistic choice — was perhaps the strangest moment of the Knockouts, and his face-touching, overly theatrical vibe made him the clear loser of this matchup. Sure, Jacob’s not-quite-steady pitch and insipid delivery weren’t significantly superior, but at least those blunders didn’t leave me wanting a Silkwood shower. Lucky for Lowell, then, that his coach seems more obsessed with him than your average 11-year-old girl with the uncertain fate of One Direction.

5. TEAM BLAKE: Brooke Adee – “Electric Feel” defeats Kelsie May — “Tim McGraw” | The biggest mismatch of the night found Kelsie’s nervous quaver and gruesome glory notes making Taylor Swift’s original sound like a Jessye Norman aria. Brooke would’ve had to pause her performance and burn the debut CDs of Danielle Bradbery, The Swon Bros and Cassadee Pope in order to see the win slip through her fingers. As it turned out, her completely competent (if somewhat soul-free) MGMT cover was more than enough to seal the win.

4. TEAM XTINA: Rob Taylor – “Love and Happiness” defeats Treeva Gibson — “Chasing Pavements” | Wait, did I call Brooke-Vs-Kelsey the night’s biggest mismatch? Because on second thought, perhaps I should’ve given the honor to Rob-Vs.-Treeva? His opening riff on Al Green’s buoyant jam was so scintillating, and the remainder of his performance so solid (save for that hunched-over stage stance), it left Treeva almost no margin for error. So when her attempts at recreating Adele’s runs proved as successful as a Kardashian performing Shakespeare, it paved the way for Xtina’s easiest call all season.

3. TEAM XTINA: India Carney – “Big White Room” defeats Joe Tolo — “One of Us” | Future Voice contestants wondering about the difference between beautifully theatrical and painfully theatrical need only compare India to the aforementioned Lowell. Whereas the latter singer was presenting a mess of cheesy gestures and forced facial expressions, India anchored all of her drama in palpable, authentic emotion. Her “I’m goin’ crazy” refrain was like a vessel transporting viewers inside a padded room with her romantically tormented heroine. Yeah, Xtina ought to encourage her to give us 25% less vibrato — not every note needs to be sung like girlfriend is sitting atop a washing machine on spin cycle — but the way she phrases a lyric and throws her whole body and soul into the mix is damned impressive. As for Joe… sorry, buddy, you’ve got a pretty voice, but by Wednesday morning, I’m afraid I’ll have already forgotten your painfully earnest recitation of Joan Osborne’s quirky meditation on religious faith.

2. TEAM ADAM: Tonya Boyd Cannon – “I Wish” defeats Barry Minniefield — “What You Won’t Do for Love” | Barry’s old-soul stylings were groovy, but proved no match for Tonya’s muscularly groovy Stevie Wonder cover. The way she rode the pocket — and the way she put a little extra stank on lines like, “Smokin’ cigarettes and writing something nasty on the wall, you nasty boy” — proved utterly delightful. I wish she’d kicked off her movement-constricting heels and gone barefoot (or chosen flats), allowing her physical presence to match the flow of her vocals. But she didn’t miss a single note of a song with a high degree of difficulty — and her riffs and runs struck just the right balance between tasteful restraint and full-fledged peacock.

1. TEAM ADAM: Joshua Davis – “Arms of a Woman” defeats Lexi Davila – “Anything Could Happen” (Lexi stolen by Xtina) | I’m never big on coaches calling each other stupid — even in jest — but what was Adam thinking pitting two of his strongest artists against each other? (#HeActuallyWasKindaStooopidHere) Joshua’s take on Amos Lee was a whispered revelation — thanks to a tone filled with vibrant color and character and an innate ability to wring every bit of emotion from every word that passed through his lips. In a season filled with big, brassy female voices, Joshua’s delicacy could prove a popular destination for voters. Lexi, meanwhile, sounded kinda rough in her rehearsal package, but transformed from timid robot to a very alive young woman the minute she hit the big stage. I liked how her voice bloomed right in time with the build of the lyrical story — and that monster run toward the end was as impressive as any vocal trick employed in this deep, deep Season 8 pool. Xtina’s never won The Voice before, but if she doesn’t botch song choice for Lexi (and Kimberly, Sonic, India and Rob), she could be helping hoist a trophy come mid-May.

Your turn. What did you think of the final night of the Season 8 Knockout Rounds? Who were your faves? Did the coaches get it right? Take our poll below, then expand on your thoughts in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jeff Marley says:

    This was a really solid night. India, Tonya, and lexi were the standouts to me. Here’s my ideal top 12 for each team.
    Christina:India, Kim, Lexi
    Adam:Deanna, Nathan, Tonya
    Pharrell:Sawyer, Mia, Caitlin
    Blake:Meghan,Sarah, Corey or hannah

    • I agree with u jeff. Also that’s my exact top 12 as well. Any other predictions guys?

      • Ur right, there’s koryn who is just unforgettable. MAN, Pharrel is really gonna has a hard time at the playoffs

        • Pharrell’s team is rock solid. Sawyer and Mia will advance next week. But who will the third one be? I used to love Lowell up until last night…that stupid laugh and “I love this song!” mid-peformance lost me. So it’s either Caitlin (who I’m lukewarm on) or Koryn. I’m rooting for Koryn.

        • Christina Johnson says:

          IMO, Joshua is kinda boring an forgettable, makes me sleepy. He has a really good voice though, I hope he shows us more of his range. For me, Brooke really stood out tonight.

          Blake’s top 3 would be: Meghan, Brooke, and Corey would be saved. Please America, no more Sarah. She’s too shouty and she sound like she has a hell lot of phlegm.

          Pharrell’s top 3: Mia, Caitlin, and Sawyer/ Koryn. I honestly don’t see why everyone roots for Sawyer. He sounds nasal, average in terms of technicality, and his range is very limited. I do hope Lowell would be eliminated though. Lowell’s seems too cocky and he tries to hard to stand out and be ‘unique’. Sawyer’s more unique IMO. Lowell’s trying too hard to be playful or artistic, but unfortunately for him, it did not get positive reviews. His chuckle was too scripted and he tries to hard to impress, Jacob dhould have won that Knockout.

          Christina’s team in my opinion is not as good as everyone says they are. She has a lot of powerhouses, true. Sonic, Rob, and Lexi would be my top 3 on Xtina’s team. They have a lot of personality. India and Kim have powerful voices, yeah, but not my cup of tea. India’s vibrato is bad and her voice is too thick. Kimberly is easily forgettable and she lacks personality.

          Adam’s top 3: Deanna, Joshua, Nathan. The rest are average and forgettable. Brian was a waste of steal. Tonya is good and is a powerhouse but i see no attitude.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I don’t think Lexi will beat Sonic and I’m fairly confident Caitlin will be swapped for Koryn. But what do I know?! Only my best guesses.

    • akillesheel says:

      I want Christina to take Rob over Lexi (but it’s close), Adam to take Joshua over Tonya, and Pharrell to take Koryn over Mia, and agree otherwise. No idea what Blake’s going to do for the third spot, I think Meghan and Corey have the first two locked up (Corey not necessarily because he’s one of the best, but he fills a niche Blake loves, and to his credit, does it well).

    • JT says:

      I can’t believe the Voice is doing another “clips show” tomorrow — that’s the third one this season. Instead of wasting valuable airtime on such filler, how about slowing down the hasty eliminations of all our favorite singers?

      Next week they will eliminate 8 of the top 20 on one night. They could have used those filler shows to cut only 4 after the first live show, then cut only two the next two weeks.

      Instead they will race through these eliminations and many of our favorites will only get ONE chance to win the voters.

      Oh, and drop the dumm twitter save already. It’s not fair to the West Coast and favors performers with established fan bases.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        The Twitter save has nothing to do with fairness, and the producers don’t care how non-East Coast voters feel about it. They get paid by advertisers based on the level of tweets, and couldn’t possibly care less how you or I feel about it. From a production standpoint, it’s genius. From a competition standpoint, I agree with you. But ultimately this is a tv show, and $ wins. Always.

      • Karen says:

        It could be worse, Voice UK goes down to 3 per team in the knockouts, no steals. But they don’t waste time with clips shows, so you see everyone’s blind and everyone’s battles. They also only vote during a 10 to 15 minute window during the show, call in or online. Of course the UK is all in the same time line. No twitter saves.

    • analythinker says:

      I’d change Caitlin to Koryn because I just didn’t feel anything when she performed and I’m still undecided on Sonic/Lexi (although based on overall body of work, Sonic’s better).

    • Christina Johnson says:

      BROOKE KILLED IT tonight! I was also impressed by Lexi, huge improvement.

    • Jill Moy says:

      Get with it people! This show has superior talent compared to American Idol! Why so few comments????AI gets close to 500 every blog, yet The Voice there is 100 tops! This show needs more following on this sight! COMMENT, COMMENT, COMMENT! DON’T BE SHY!

      • Timmah says:

        I think it’s because of that old adage that people are much more likely to complain about something that’s bad than praise what’s good.

      • Lee says:

        Or maybe because people don’t care to listen to “adult contemporary” singers. I think this will be the dullest Voice season ever.

    • Jaszy says:

      Team Adam – Joshua, Tonya, Deanna
      Team Christina – Sonic, India, Kimberly
      Team Pharrell – Sawyer, Mia, Koryn (Caitlin)
      Team Blake – Meghan, Sarah, Corey ( Hannah)
      The ones in parenthesis are who I want to make it as opposed to Koryn and Corey.
      I’m completely fine with the top 12 being all girls except for Sawyer and Joshua.
      Again, I really think this is going to be the best season ever!

    • I would add Joshua to the list. There is just something very emotional and touching that draws me in his performance.

  2. akillesheel says:

    Hey wait a second, Jacob didn’t sing “My Girl…”

    Loved Joshua and Lexi, and I kind of wish for Adam’s sake they’d each gone against one of Adam’s other performers tonight. Poor guy’s team is weak enough as it is.

  3. Ashley says:

    So sad about Treeva. I really liked her.

  4. Jenny says:

    I would personally flip Tonya and Brooke on Michael’s rankings.

  5. Ron says:

    YASSS India! That girl was giving me life tonight. Also loved Lexi, Josh, and Tonya. But, for me, India took the night.

    • J Isbell says:

      For me, India takes the entire show, but in terms of the public vote, who knows how it will go. I will say this, that woman HAS a future in entertainment regardless of her finish in this show. Remember J Hudson? Same kind of feel to me–India sings so well, writes her own material (and who knows how good it might be, that’s the wild card) and has talent in acting, so Broadway IS in her future I think anyway. Bottom line, for me, India should win this season, but I doubt it will be more than a little bump in her career if she does not.

  6. Kaba says:

    Tonya is a more promising winner than India and Rob?
    You’re joking right?

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Yeah, I’ve been on board with pretty much everything Slezak has said this season, but I’m with you on this one. That’s some crazy talk right there!

      • Kaba says:

        India and Rob were amazing. Absolutely amazing.
        There’s a reason Tonya’s knockout was first.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          I love India. She’s probably my second favorite this season behind Koryn. Her battle round duet with Clinton on Rihanna / Jewel’s Stay was the highlight of the season for me. But all that being said, I didn’t love India’s performance tonight. I think it was the song. It didn’t feel connected emotionally, and it’s the first time I got the sense she was singing notes as opposed to making music.
          But agreed that she and Rob did well. Tonya I thought did well too, but she’s got a tough road ahead of her. Adam’s team just isn’t strong this season.

          • Kaba says:

            Vocally I thought she was great, if anything I could’ve done with a bit less of the movements during her performance. Struck me as over-dramatic.
            Adam’s team is just not that nice this season…nothing more to say.
            Stoked for the playoffs?

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I’m just sad to see what will happen on Pharrell’s team. One talented person will get cut. I’m excluding Lowell from this group because I used the word “talented.” Lowell sucks. His performance tonight was the worst of anyone’s in this entire round of the competition. But either Caitlin, Koryn, Sawyer or Mia will get cut. My guess it will be Caitlin or Koryn. And if it’s Koryn, I will immediately start binge drinking while waling inconsolably for days — if not weeks — on end.

          • Kaba says:

            I don’t care who goes through so long as it’s Koryn.
            Koryn. must. prosper.
            I’ll be right there with you binge drinking.
            You can’t shut out that voice! I’ll be gutted.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I don’t know the music from The Wiz. Is there an appropriate role for Koryn? This would be the time for some NBC crossover magic to happen. Let’s make her Dorothy now! That voice must be heard. She’ll be like the anti-Allison Williams (i.e., talented, likeable, and the furthest thing possible from nepotism).

          • Kaba says:

            I am totally on-board with this! This needs to happen asap. Koryn needs to be heard.

          • Guest says:

            The worst of any Knockout round? Are you forgetting Anthony Paul’s “The Other Side” performance from season 5

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I was talking the worst of any knockout this season. and I stand by that opinion.

  7. Kim Moores says:

    Rob, India, Lexi, Brooke, and Joshua were just fabulous tonight.
    Lexi came out of the woodwork, I can’t wait to see Xtina bring out that fire in her cause she’s got insane potential.
    Tonya v Barry…on any other season those two wouldn’t have made it past the battles.
    Jacob and Lowell…Jacob was a big no-no
    Am I the only one who lost her shizz when India hit that final run?

    • No, she made me raise my hand and let me caught something powerful. She was amazing along with Kimberly, koryn, meghan, sawyer, and mia. Oh, and kimmy, what song choice would u give these 6 artist? Mine would be:
      Kim-Dirty Diana or Sail
      Koryn-Pretty hurts or Stuttering
      Meghan-Magic Man
      Sawyer-I Beg My Life
      Mia-What Kind Of Man

  8. Chris C says:

    I really liked tonight! My personal picks for Top 12(and I honestly *KNOCK ON WOOD* don’t think we could go wrong, I love the Top 20 we have! Something drastic would have to happen for me to not be pleased with the Top 12).
    Team Adam: Deanna, Tonya, and I am probably leaning towards Nathan but I honestly don’t care who else gets this spot.
    Team Pharell: Can they just all Move on :(. If I have to pick Sawyer and Mia for sure. I think my third pick would have to be Caitlin but I really loved Lowell up to this point and Koryn is kind of fabulous. So I just can’t pick.
    Team Christina: India(FTW) and Kimberly for sure. I think I would chose Sonic as my third but Lexi is great to.
    Team Blake: Brooke(Despite what everyone else seems to like I kind of love her and think she might maybe just be a dark horse), And Meghan. I would give the third spot to Sarah but I think Corey will actually get it but I still really want Sarah to get it.
    Overall I am kind of in love with this season and don’t think *Knock On Wood* we will end up with an awful Top 12. There is just so many people I can see winning this season and it’s just to hard for me to pick a favorite. I love them all and I want them all to win :(!

    • akillesheel says:

      What about Joshua for Team Adam? I thought he was the clear #1 on an otherwise extremely underwhelming team.

      • Sharon says:

        My favourites from each team are: Joshua (Adam), India (Christina), Koryn (Pharrell) and Sarah (Blake). There are others I like a lot, but they are the standouts on their teams, at least in my view.

      • Meme says:

        I agree Joshua is the one on Adam’s team … what a voice!

      • Chris C says:

        Ok Disclaimer:I am an awful person and I’m sorry. So technically Joshua is the best on Adam’s team. However I just can not get excited by him and I know I should, but I just can’t. But After re-watching performances I would actually probably maybe chose him over Nathan but honestly as long as Deanna and Tonya move on I will be satisfied. So he can move on but for some strange reason (which means he’ll probably win because If I am not the biggest fan of someone they do stellar in the competition) I just can’t be happy with him even though I know his voice is amazing…

        • akilles says:

          Haha, you never have to apologize for personal music preferences. Just wanted to know your explanation.

  9. Gailer says:

    I was surprised Barry didn’t win!

  10. Chris C says:

    Sidenote: I really need India in at least the semi-finals. If we are being honest I think she deserves to get to the finale. I would’ve ranked India first tonight. I really don’t agree with the rankings for tonight…

    • J Isbell says:

      Totally with you, to me India is a bit above ALL the rest, and that is saying a lot. She is not first among so so singers, she is first among amazing singers–to me. But we shall see, those pesky voters……………..

  11. Mytake says:

    Pet peeve: the over the top gratuitous a$$kissing of the guest mentors. It’s so damn fake and the producer insists on every single contestant doing a fake spiel about how in awe they are even when I’m pretty sure several of the contestants have zero idea who the mentors are (from the coaches helpers weeks ago to Jake during the latest rounds). Spoon fed, scripted accolades parroted by the contestants just sets a whole new level of false uncomfortableness into the mix that I wish they’d eliminate.

    • Kaba says:

      I’m about the age of half the contestants on the season and I knew of every last guest mentor.

      • Mytake says:

        They are singers not actors. No doubt some of them knew the mentors and their comments are their own thoughts, but too often it’s clear they are repeating what they’ve been told to say. Also it’s extremely unlikely that every single contestant not only knows the mentors but loves them, or idolizes them, or grew up wanting to be them yadda yadda. If the contestant doesn’t know the mentor, then why can’t the producers just let’s those contestants not have a blurb?

  12. danin says:

    I love singer songwriters.Josh took the soul&grit out of Arms Of A Woman…so far he just doesn’t do it for me.

    • Timmah says:

      I thought it was really boring. India was the best of the night for me, not even close.

      • Arvin says:

        Watch her get eliminated. Belters usually get eliminated first and her vibrato sucks.

        • Timmah says:

          I think she showed tonight that she’s much more than just a belter.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Point of order: India is not a belter. Belters are females who scream artlessly on high notes from attempting to bring the chest voice higher than the chest voice is humanly intended to go, which she’s not doing nor has she ever done.
          Carry on…

          • Arvin says:

            Still doesn’t change the fact that she won’t make it to the finals. 1.She’s a girl.She’s no Tesseane Chin 2.Female Voters 3.Team Xtina 4.WGWG(Joshua Davis)

          • Kim Moores says:

            That’s such a stupid list of reasons. Xenia coasted to the finale with the very vocally untrained Jacquie Lee and nearly won. Something tells me taking India the distance won’t be that hard.

          • Kim Moores says:


          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Except women have won 3 times out of 7 and a white guy with guitar has only won this show once. Not sure what your point is. You seem to be making up points as you go along, including the definition of belting.

        • danin says:

          Her vibrato is too quick for me too.

        • Chris C says:

          WGWG? Wrong show Lol. And I haven’t heard India scream. I for one think she can make it far in the competition (Well I hope).

  13. Jill Moy says:


  14. Shannon Jones says:

    Wish you the best all the way from, Sharps Chapel, Tn. You definitely have the voice to be on the # Voice#

  15. Eman says:

    Michael loves Tonya, what a shock, I knew from the instant she started to sing that he would back her no matter what. She is a good vocalist, but really does nothing for me and just never a fan of anybody doing Stevie Wonder songs it just doesn’t pan out. For him to have her above India is nuts!!!!

    India was amazing and she was committed to the song. She really just captures every nuance of the song with her voice and I appreciate her technical nuances and artistry. Coming from an opera background she does have to watch out not to use her vibrato too much, but outside of that she should go far is she picks the right songs.

    I rarely agree with Christina but she was right about Joshua when she said he sucks you in right from the start of the song. He crafts each note so carefully and beautifully and I love his tone and commitment

    Biggest surprise for me was Brooke and the way she sounded and got funky with that song and the second biggest surprise was that Blake picked over his young country gal, that shocked me. Brooke is much better than I thought and really enjoyed her this week.

    Lexi also stepped up and nailed a difficult song outside of the opening she really sang it well.

    Outside of those four I don’t think any of the other singers really shined and don’t think any of them have a legitimate shot of going very far.

  16. mcasci says:

    You must all be tone deaf. Lexi Davila, no way. India Carney sounds like a damn goat.

  17. Moria says:

    I’d rate India as easily best of the night. (Besides Nate Ruess of course, he throws away half a line and shows what an actual singing superstar is – about ten levels above everyone on the show.) India not only gave a good performance but she’s actually relatively unique and interesting. Very glad to see at least a couple annoying contestants leave tonight. The best part about Lowell’s performance was Adam’s bitch face. I guess he’s cannon fodder. Sorry Brooke, all I could think during your song was how much better the original is – not a good sign. Joshua put me to sleep. Don’t get his win. For once a steal makes sense – more poor choices by Adam.

  18. Arvin says:

    I know it’s your opinion but let’s realistic Tonya is gonna have a hard time to get voted in. She could pray for Adam’s save. Even with that expect her to get eliminated the next week,

  19. Colton Smith says:

    I think brooke killed it , make her a potential dark horse

  20. K C says:

    “Tasteful” was a pretty good adjective to describe Tonya’s approach to a song that desperately needs to be anything but tasteful. “Lunesta” would also have been appropriate.

  21. daynamoet says:

    These are my picks for top 12. Not necessarily what may ACTUALLY happen, but my personal preferences:
    Team Adam – Deanna, Nathan, Joshua (I don’t think Tonya is making it even if she has a solid performance over the other 3. People won’t be voting for her and Adam likes his youngins. The other guy has already been forgotten.)
    Team Blake – Meghan, Sarah, Brooke (I know many people like this Corey guy, but I can really do without. If this is Blake’s final 3, I would actually root for his team despite the fact he’s won a million times. Meghan and sarah especially are fire. I think Hanna’s voice is too similar to Sarah’s and Meghan’s but just not as good so she’ll be cancelled out.)
    Team Xtina – Kimberly Nichole, Sonic, India (I mean, this is pretty obvious to me. I wasn’t crazy about Lexi like that like many of you were and she can’t hold a candle to the other 3 girls vocally and that Rob guy, yeah, i don’t see him getting the votes.)
    Team Pharrell – Koryn, Mia, Sawyer (Koryn I think is my favorite along with Sonic and India, so she must make it, but she’s going to need the votes since she was stolen she could still do amazing and Pharrell not pick her. Lowell I think is out. Caitlin just hasn’t impressed me as much as some others, I know everyone loves Sawyer so he’s golden. Honestly I like Mia and I’m a sucker for whistle notes, BUT i can’t ever understand what she’s singing. I know pharrell wouldn’t do it, but if it came down to Mia and Koryn, I would so choose Koryn.)
    Last season was a guy’s season, well this season if definitely a girl’s season. I would love the final four to me Sonic, Koryn, India and Kim. That’s a really one-sided final four obviously, but they’re the ones I’ve liked most from the beginning. I wouldn’t mind Meghan creeping in there though. Why do so many people dislike belters/soul R&B singers?

  22. Finally, some Voice love! Too much talent to not discuss.

  23. Meme says:

    Even with all the divas, Joshua Davis made the night for me. His voice pulls me in immediately and keeps me there wanting more.

  24. Jill Moy says:

    That hairdo was real cute on rob! I didn’t recognize him! Is he trying to look female. I thought it was a woman when he first came out! HOW LOVELY!

    • B.T. says:

      And the redneck trailer park trash chimes in

      • Jill Moy says:


        • JIll LOL LOL LOL LOL Yer so funnyI I was trying to chase down all of your comments last night because I didnt get some of them. I found most of them and commented back! Yes India is great. Dont like Megan at all, also love Sawyer!

          • Jill Moy says:


            Glad you read them all! My streaks could end as I’ve been losing picks to unworthy winners, on both shows! Never know, I may be right! Good to hear from you!

          • I dont really have a pick on AI to win anymore! They all seemed excellent at top 24 and now???? What has happened? I like Kelly Clarkson, but I dont know if I want to hear her whole songbook in one night. Sounds very boring! Its too much Kelly in one night, so Im not really looking forward to Wed night! The talent sucked last year, but I actually liked last year better! And this year, it seems like every week the contestants are getting worse. The only one keeping my interest is Quentin, but dont know if he will make it! Tyanna, Quentin, And Qaasim have the least twitter followers, which made me wonder? Do African Americans not twitter as much because these 3 are in the bottom? Tyanna should not have the least twitter followers, for sure! Stupid twitter save!

          • Jill Moy says:

            It’s funny! DADDY DEAREST get’s bent out of shape because I thought ROB looked female! I thought he was a female mentor when he went out to sing, with that ADORABLE HE-MAN looking BUN in his hair! Send me back a truck load of wire hangers, please….next day mail!

          • Jill, DADDY DEAREST got mad! HAHAHA He had a bun in his hair to match his OTHER buns! Bring on the WIRE HANGERS!

  25. Jill Moy says:


    TYANNA, NICK…..INDIA, CAITLIN! Caitlin, Nick commented to you in very beginning that I chose already but I hardly heasd anyone, so I added those 2 ONLY!

    • Jill Moy says:

      Meant, hardly heard anyone, which is stupid as everyone else picks even after late rounds!

      • My picks are Quentin for Idol and Sawyer, India for the voice!

        • Jill also, am now wondering if Joshua might be a frontrunner. The older one on Adams team. I didnt really notice him until last night! I think he is around CWB’s age! His performance was good last night! Dont like Corey (Blakes Team) wanted Cody Wickline instead. The voice facebook page is Blowing Up at blake in the comment section over his elimination of Cody Wickline!

          • Jill Moy says:

            Yep Becca, you always said from the start you liked Sawyer and Cody to win! Cody overall was better than Corey but I believe in his last performance, Cody fell flat! Too bad, the same thing happened to Maddie on AI….ONE PERFORMANCE A LITTLE SOUR AND THEY ARE HISTORY! In Maddie’s case, bad song choice! Actually, Cody was alright but a little boring, last performance! WHY WAS HE NOT SAVED, CODY?????????????

          • Jill, Cody wasnt saved because there were no more saves left! It sucks. Blake could have won with Cody and people are furious over on the voice facebook page! Not on this page so much, but I mean comment after comment about wanting Cody back on the show and calling Blake names! LOL People get really mad over their favorite singers. I guess! Only saw one comment that said Cory was the right choice. I think Blake made a huge mistake! Im not even a country music fan and Cody blew me away! So now, its just Sawyer or maybe India! Yes poor Maddie! Who gave her that awful song? I hate that song anyway! My dark horse Adanna is gone! Very depressing! Are you ready to hear 2 solid hours of bad arrangement Kelly Clarkson songs? Because this year its all about BAD arrangements! LOL Im not joking. The music and songs have sucked this season, except a few Quentin has done!

          • Jill Moy says:


            I think Tonya stinks….she’s going nowhere….Barry was better! “BALDY” has no appeal! What do people see in her! She isn’t very good…so bland! Barry was cool! I liked him!

        • Jill Moy says:

          I like Quentin’s outfits! He does what he wants, which I love!

          • Quentin tells them to FORGET IT when they try to dress him up! He wears what he wears thank god! They are dressing these kids horribly! What was that plastic flowered mess Joey had on? It looked like an Easter reject dress from 20 years ago. All she needed was a basket of dyed eggs and a rabbit hopping around behind her! And Rayvons high-water pants with no socks? But Yes I love Quentins style! Ok I would go shopping with Quentin!

        • Jill Moy says:

          You’re right about Clarkson songs….BORING! I’ve nicknamed Mia, MUMBLES….It’s lucky if one can understand 30% of her words! On AI, Joey is THE CLOWN! As far as Adanna…She had it all…the voice, showmanship and looks! Nobody had all 3 but her!

          • Jill, I dont care for Joey either and I really liked Barry! Damn some of the good ones go home!

          • Jill Moy says:

            Oh I forgot, I nicknamed Jena (GINA) Irene, MUMBLES! So, Mia is MUMBLES 2!!

          • Jill Moy says:


            I forgot to mention that a couple weeks ago (maybe 3), a person commented to you, more or less telling you that since you met me, you aren’t nice anymore;that I corrupted you! I got a big kick out of that! What did you think of that….LOL? Do we need WIRE HANGERS for DADDY DEAREST THE SECOND?????

  26. Viajero says:

    I agree with Sezlak that no one quite matched up to the best of the previous Monday night. But I did think there were five very good performances in this episode (in order):

    1. India – For me that was her best performance so far (which is saying something given how good she’s been). She’s the only real contender from this episode.

    2. Brooke – I was worried during the rehearsal about how much she was changing up this song. But it really worked. There’s just something about her voice that gets to me every time.

    3. Lexi – I thought the last knockout was basically a tie, but give the slightest edged to Lexi for a very imaginative rearrangement of a song that is very difficult for soloists without backup singers. She took big risks and they paid off in a big way.

    4. Joshua – A very smooth professional performance (as always with him).

    5. Tonya – Good, but kind of old fashioned.

    The rest were mediocre at best, with the worst of the night going to either Kelsie May or Lowell. I’m going to be really upset if next week Pharrell puts through Lowell over any of the four excellent women on his team.

  27. Eidi says:

    There were two black men winners, two country singers who also got the crown, two R&B singers and one pop singer who reached the trophy. Now it is the time for a black woman for the win! (GO INDIA/KIMBERLY/KORYN and even TONYA, although she reminds me the old-fashioned Sisaundra)

  28. Raven Speaks says:

    Joshua is an excellent musician as well as a great singer song writer. He doesn’t have to yell to attract the attention.

  29. Colleen says:

    So MUCH talent! Josh Davis is incredible! Love his voice, song choices and Nate Ruess hit it right on the head…he (Joshua) has a peacefulness about him. SO good! All the way for the WIN.

  30. Gabs says:

    INDIA <3

  31. Blynn says:

    I thought I was going to lose interest after Cody Wickline was eliminated, but have to say Lexi’s performance has brought me back into the fold.
    I liked Josh as well, and added points to him for being from TC.

  32. The last episode according to me 1.Rob Tylor 2.Brooke 3.Lexi 4. Joshua.

  33. cannot believe Tanya was kicked off, awesome voice & personality. Had watched performances from ER & the performance that creeped me out & was horrible was the chick w/big black hat & hair covering her face. Plus her singing sucked. Didn’t hear who it was because doc came in room. Hope she got kicked off. Did she ?