Castle Hints More at Beckett's Future — Plus: Watch RySpo 'Get Lucky'

Castle Beckett Captain

This week on ABC’s Castle, Rick and Kate prepared to go dancing with the NYPD stars, while investigating the murder of an ambulance chaser. Also: more hints at Beckett’s eventual career move?

Let’s face it: the real draw/curiosity-piquer here was the PBA talent show, where Ryan and Esposito — most recently fueled by a “Crime of Our Lives” Dirty Dancing homage — reign as two-time champs. This year, however, since Rick is eligible to participate, subbing as he is for Jimmy Kimmel as the celeb guest, all bets are off. Or on, actually, since he makes a wager with the boys.

Rick of course fails to run this by Kate, who has concerns about doing anything too silly, since one day she may be captain and needs to command respect. Rick suggests that the two of them will simply do their “routine” — as in, the song they sing together naked in the shower (“where no one can see or hear us,” Kate points out). Later, we see them rehearsing ballroom dance-y moves, and things are looking good, but Kate ‘fesses to Martha in private that she gets awful stage fright. Rick, it turns out, overheard this admission, and pulls some strings to get his buddy Kimmel back as celeb host, thus disqualifying him and Beckett.

So no, we never got to see Caskett’s official, clothed performance, though the episode’s coda teased viewers with the silhouette of them doing their “routine” in the shower, unfettered. Plus, just as entertainingly, there was a full-on performance of Ryan and Espo’s “Get Lucky” number, as they “privately” rehearsed in the interrogation room. A sample from Castle‘s Twitter feed is below:

As for the Case of the Week itself: the less said, the better. A shlocky, as-seen-on-TV lawyer nicknamed “The Pitbull” got offed by an even cornier rival, all over a crash test dummy that incriminated a fictional auto maker in covering up a defect. Why they decided to bury the dummy, wrapped like a body, deep in the woods versus, say, simply stow in a storage locker somewhere, made little sense. But hey, Andie McPhee/Mrs. Hotchner sighting!

What did you think of “Habeus Corpse”?

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  1. Leigh says:

    I loved the fun stuff with Ryspo dancing. This cast is so talented😁

    • NF and SK fan always says:

      That was funny, obvious that they were in the interrogation room but it was worth over looking that seeing them dance.

    • panchang810 says:

      I agree with you. The cast of CASTLE are really very talented not to mention really smart in real life. Like Stana, she sings and speaks several languages and Espo too can sing like a pro which he has proven in one episode. Love CASTLE and its cast.

      • NF and SK fan always says:

        that was worth the wait, Ryan and Espo dancing was great, even the small part in the loft was fun to watch as well.

  2. skrable2 says:

    Couldn’t they have found body doubles for the shower scene that — oh, I don’t know — looked more like actual doubles for their bodies?

    • Just one thing says:

      I could’ve done without that last scene entirely – body doubles or not. Everything was cute and endearing throughout the episode, particularly with the two dance numbers, but showing the shower scene raised the cheese factor exponentially.
      It’s funny, though. For an ABC show, Castle has all the sex appeal of a Hallmark TV movie. Right down to the slow pan of a room with clothes strewn everywhere and not a hint of skin to be seen. I’m sure parents of dorky little Castle fan minions appreciate it, though.
      The episode could’ve ended at the elevator and it would’ve been fine. That final tag seemed like a well-meaning afterthought.

      • m3rcnate says:

        Lol i know right? For some reason the writers/directors/showrunner…someone in charge is HORRIBLE at writing chemistry/sex appeal for these two characters. I dont put 100% of the blame on them, something is up between Stana and Nathan. Idk if they dated in the first season and are now exes, or they dont really like each other, or Nathan’s GF is the type that doesnt want him being flirty with the leading lady or SOMEthing…but something is weird/off. Stana looks like she could have sexual chemistry with a brick wall, and Nathan is notoriously a charmer, a smooth talker, a nerd sex symbol. Yet together they are like oil and water.

        • Just one thing says:

          I shouldn’t touch this with a 1000-foot pole, except to say that Fillion’s alleged girlfriend (as far as the all-knowing Twitter is concerned) seems pretty cool with his co-star. So, that’s nice.
          And here is where I back away from that…

        • Kris says:

          Haha so true. tbh, i’m a bit disappointed that they let whatever happened between them affect the show. Yes, sometimes it’s not obvious but sometimes it’s so awkward. So much potential lost..

          • Reddog says:

            The episode was a throwback to the halcyon days of early season 6: interrupted romance, substitutes for romance and kisses that don’t happen, complete with a lead actor who looked like he would rather have been anywhere but on that show with that woman.

          • S. says:

            Nothing happened with them, they haven’t let any of the ‘not happening’ affect the show, and gossips really need to keep this fake crap on the TMZ comment sections or fan fiction sites. So childish and incorrect. I’m a bit disappointed that you let the thing that didn’t happen affect your enjoyment of the show.

        • lkh says:

          You know what?–I haven’t seen a lot of NF’s acting much-saw Firefly, and Much To Do About Nothing (?) neither of which had love scenes. (Know nothing about his soap days) Maybe this just isn’t something he’s good at–(really not good at). SK is notoriously good at this–so it is a little weird, but it doesn’t seem to work for them. He’s probably just a Canadian gentleman :] Everyone is remarking on this, but honestly it was a tad better than last week, no? And I think Better Call Saul was on–nuts.

          • m3rcnate says:

            Its not just love scenes its chemistry in general. Watch every interview, especially panels…Stana is so warm and giggly and when asked things like “what do you want for Kate” she instantly says “tons of Castle babies” and giggles and blushes…she was also the one (which it to say Nathan wasn’t) that wanted Kate and Rick together soon (back when it was will-they-wont-they) and wanted it to be passionate and hot.
            Again, i think something is up…but its sad..honestly this show could be POPPING with chemistry and flushed-cheek inducing scenes. Instead its full of middle school level kissing on the cheek and innuendo that gets interrupted with a phone call and sex scenes that look like they were shot by a nun. (I’m not saying this show should be 50 shades lol, but dang, go watch Densi on NCIS:LA and their scenes [which are still relatively demure] are sexier…and they are brother & sister-in law! lol)

          • m3rcnate says:

            Compare that to when you watch him on panels sitting next to her. He doesn’t look at her, he doesn’t really say anything positive about Kate or Stana, he uses his charm and sense of humor and wit to entertain the crowd, the other people on the panel, but never really says word one to her or at her.

      • Harry Wild says:

        It for gossip and talk like it generating here! LOL!

      • NF and SK fan always says:

        @just one thing

        the last scene was kinda off the wall but I loved it……

        I see here there is a lot of SK\NF bashing once again. Kinda sad. I don’t blame the actors……I blame some of the writers, not that they aren’t good writers it just that they aren’t on the same page, things are what they used to be. I think that once they got together then the show made a turn that it didn’t know where to go…….

        the main thing that got to me was the inconstancy with the characters.
        Martha and Alexis was a major one this week.

        The last time that we saw Martha she was coming down the stairs with her boyfriend in Castle’s pj’s and moving out of the house to let the newly weds start a family but yet this week there she was giving Beckett advise of the talent show (Im not complaining) but that was just so off for me. She’s more comfortable being in the middle of their lives, living there. Which is what I loved about the show, the family aspect of it.

        and Alexis last time we saw her was telling Beckett and Castle to get a room then slamming the door in their faces, being a total brat-yet in this esp she is being all friendly even daughter-y like doing the whole family thing. which was great to see but it was odd to me. it’s like they did a 180 on them trying to put them back in earlier esp.

        and for Beckett and Castle they were trying to show them loving each other, since “Reckoning” they could hardly touch each other anything lovenly, then in this esp they are kissing well okay almost (the getting interrupted that’s that only contestant part) and then what they did for each other to make them feel comfortable with each other. It’s like they are trying to get back to each other.

        To me it was like since Reckoning they (Beckett and Castle) put up these walls between them and they are starting to fall (will they be like what they were in earlier seasons in time for the season-series finale don’t know). I loved this esp.

        had it all. laughter and light murder. along with good family times and a little romance fun\caring for each other and even Ryan and Espo dancing was entertaining. As for the shower\singing part-one didn’t see that coming so it was a shocker, and I thought gave us hope that they were still in love with each other. Yes the dancing was kinda off but the singing was great. I gave this esp A for effort hope to see more like this one.

  3. Laura says:

    The zip tie scene had me in stitches. Agree that the case was whatever, but hey – I couldn’t care less, what with the RySpo dance and the Caskett singing.

  4. Luli says:

    Caskett, Ryspo scenes!!!! I loved them! This can go as one of my top ten eps ! (without counting the case of the week, it was ok, but not that good)

  5. lkh says:

    I thought it was entertaining enough–not always a fan of the silly episodes. They fooled me this time–my rule is that the person who appears for a short period of time for no apparent reason is the killer, thus, I guessed the ex wife. Wrong. Close though. It was the lawyer–always a good bet too (or the butler).

    Is it safe to dance in a shower? I know SK has a good voice, don’t know about NF. The winner in the voice category is Tamala Jones.

    An ad followed stating that on April 20, we’ll learn more about Castle’s disappearance. Wow-really :[ (Castle quote-there’s not a day that has gone by that I didn’t think about being gone-or something like that–another REALLY?!) Me too–not an episode goes by…

    In some respects, I don’t know why, this reminded me of some of the earlier Castle episodes–I think Beckett got some of her moxie back. Would she have gone along with breaking those zip ties by hitting her butt before their marriage–I think not, but she tended to control the investigation a little better this week.

    • Just one thing says:

      Yeah, silly is not my preference either, but I’m always up for RySpo fun. The Rick/Kate/Martha scene was fun, and kudos for their effort to show Kate & Alexis sharing dialogue in the same room. :-)
      As for Castle’s “not a day goes by” line, I found that disingenuous. Really? Nearly a year later, and you’re still thinking about what happened? Because that doesn’t show onscreen. In fact, it seems like everyone was happy to forget it mostly…

      • lkh says:

        yea, the guys were around more and having a good time. I pretty much thought Martha was history so was glad to see her. When the program first started her character was different, she was real hard on him. Now she seems more like the voice of reason.

        • Just one thing says:

          I actually really enjoy the nuances of Rick and Martha’s relationship over the years. She seemed hard on him, yet also indulged him, both in that old-school WASPy way. Like she wanted to keep his ego in check, just like he wanted her to stop trusting philandering jerks.
          But it’s always been clear that they loved each other, had each other’s back. They’ve always been a team, playing that game of sometimes sarcastic digging, but always supportive when it counts.
          And I think that as Castle’s priorities changed over the years, so did Martha’s willingness to bestow compassion and wisdom. It’s nice to see the mother/son relationship ebb and flow. Here’s hoping Martha can stay a while longer. :-)

    • giggle says:

      You really don’t know about NF’s singing abilities? How about Dr.Horrible’s Sing Along Blog or his turn at the Emmies with NPH and Sarah Silverman last year?

  6. EK says:

    Ok, here’s the the thing. NF/RC – when will you learn that when you have the hots, and act in love with KB, you become endeared by this fandom? It melts our little hearts and makes us want you. Quit living up to your nickname “Mr. Hover hands” and touch that woman! And look her in the eye when your talking to her FFS!

    Secondly, SK/KB- since when are you so insecure, clingy and a little too silly? Girl, go back to season 3 or so. KB is confident! KB takes charge, so quit this nonsense. Make him work for some of dat, he needs to take the lead in the romance dept. a little more. Don’t be so vulnerable girl!
    I love this show and will watch until the end, but it’s a little painful at times.

    • Kiya says:

      hahahaha i agree. but kb has become way too too vulnerable on that department with everyone really, even kissing eric vaughn, lol. she got to slow down, lol

  7. Kris says:

    So much secondhand embarrassment from the shower dancing scene…glad it wasn’t really them doing it!

    • Just one thing says:

      Secondhand embarrassment is the only way to describe it. Right on par with the wedding landscape out of OLTL.

      I was luckily forewarned about Silhouette Gate, so I FFed right through it. Missed their singing, but that’s a price I’m willing to pay.

  8. Matthew Weber says:

    I liked it. It’s nice when Castle does something sweet. A lot of times this season he’s been kind of a jerk and hasn’t made up for it (Beckett’s apartment, his exploits with those old action movie stars, etc).

    I’m not sure that the talk about Beckett becoming a captain really qualifies as a hint though.

    • Kiya says:

      Yeah it happens really, Beckett didn’t make up for kissing Eric, and then hiding her going to D.C and returning, or being too hard at the airport, and that was even worse as that was obvious to even her that Castle didn’t like that, while for those things, Castle didn’t notice or anything, otherwise he would have done something.

  9. a says:

    You’ve really turned on Castle lately, Matt. They must be giving you the cold shoulder.

    • Just one thing says:

      That’s uncalled for. Maybe it’s just his opinion? This site has done loads of both cheerleading and level-headed commentary for years now.
      And I have a hard time believing they’re giving him the cold shoulder. No other site covers Castle like this one; they’d be stupid to do so.

    • lkh says:

      Being a sycophant may not be the direction he wants the site to go.

  10. Kiya says:

    liked a lot the husband and caring part of rick this time. how they support each other now is good. good that rick did not go with the bikini lady for one night and that beckett ws stopped by the bullet from choosing eric, lol

  11. Kristine says:

    I can’t even bring myself to watch this show anymore. I come here to get the synopsis and to make sure something “big” didn’t happen then I switch over to reruns on TNT from when it was an enjoyable show. It’s sad. I really hope they finish it up this season.

    • Castle Fan says:

      Sorry…..but I really hope….your hope isn’t realized. There are a lot of people who still enjoy the show.

    • panchang810 says:

      Speak for yourself! There are a lot of us who love this show so keep your silly hope to yourself!

      • NF and SK fan always says:

        now no need to get mad at them, over here is a lot of negative this about the show and actors just ignore those. I enjoy the show and not let anyone take that away from me!

    • John NYC says:

      Unless you have a gig on a potential replacement, since you don’t watch it anyways, why even care if it’s on or not?

      For myself, I like it.

  12. Tara17 says:

    Hoping Castle gets renewed soon!

  13. lkh says:

    spitting? now I got that in my head.

  14. Jennifer says:

    I loved this episode. It show the entire cast. From Alexis kissing Beckett good bye, Lanie at the crime scene, Martha being motherly to Katherine, Ryan and Espo dancing, Captain Gates asking Castle to be the host. I like the hints of Beckett wanting to become a Captain and her and Castle talking about becoming parents again. I’m waiting for the first time Alexis calls Beckett Mom.

  15. N says:

    Castle was great!

  16. Harry Wild says:

    This episode got 1.5/6! Rating/Share. Around 8 million people!
    Castle is stabilizing! That good! Now, can they get more viewers especially in the 18-49 range to boost these ratings back to the 2.2 range?

  17. Julie Lamb says:

    Light fun and enjoyable! could use more talent show material and less case this week . Fun!

  18. lame says:

    Have I become jaded, I found the peripheral activities funny. That shower scene was right out of Ed Woods storeroom. The silhouetts resembled Marge from food service and Jose from lighting. At least the voice over seemed authentic. Am I the only one offended by the preview for next week,”everyday”……are you joking. The writers gave Caskett amnesia, never once did give the abudction a second thought.

  19. Cassie says:

    I found Stana and Nathan singing while a random couple danced in the shower adorable.

    • John NYC says:

      What would have been the issue with it being them? It’s not like they had to be unclothed for the scene: bathing suits and it’s a go.

      • NF and SK fan always says:

        The more I watch it on the clips the more I like it, it’s funny. so who cares who it is. it was entertaining and that ‘s all that matters to me.

  20. VB says:

    Great episode. Whoever wrote it did such a great job, witty and funny and an interesting case. Also, Stana Katic has great singing chops. :)

  21. JImN says:

    Fun show. One of the best this season or any other season for that matter. Very enjoyable

  22. Rida says:

    I absolutely loved this episode! Especially the scenes between Beckett-alexis/martha. And the espo ryan dance were equally enjoyable! And caskett rehearsing their dance moves, loved it. The last scene was a bit awkward tho knowing they used body doubles for that scene. Well something is absolutely up btw stana and nathan and it’s just sad that they are letting that effect the show. Look back at their chemistry from s01-05 and now. Something definitely happened. The show has so much potential to show intense chemistry between Caskett. And the general kisses interrupted by phone calls is getting old. Writers need to get more creative!

  23. Kelly says:

    Just watched the episode and really enjoyed it. I read many of the comments prior to watching the episode, so I expected to hate the shower scene at the end. I agree that it was corny, but I also thought it was cute.

    I like the married Rick and Kate. Kate continues to be smitten with Castle and he with her, but Castle has a bit of his swagger back. I felt last season he wasn’t the funny, confident and sometimes self-centered guy he was in the beginning which I enjoyed. I love Kate this season. I don’t think she is any less the badass then in the beginning, but I do think it’s realistic that she would begin to re-evaluate her life at this stage of the game. Also, we are seeing the personal side of the woman and all that comes with it.

    I love this little show and hope we get a bit more before Castle writes his last book. Do I think it needs a full season? No, just half a season to wrap everything up. Until next week!

  24. Pat says:

    I would love to suggest to the writers that they address Kate having an unlimited budget for the first time in her life. Maybe a designer dress, or something she never thought she’d have, but she can purchase it now! Money is never discussed except when Castle is bragging he’s rich.

  25. panchang810 says:

    This was one of my fave episodes, really hilarious especially the last scene – that shower scene it was really hilarious. ;o)

    • big Castle bones fan says:

      that it was, I think it was one of my fav besides, time of our lives (minus the wedding-that was okay) this season!

  26. panchang810 says:

    Castle has some of THE BEST writers on TV and really creative directors. I always look forward to its new episode and still watch its reruns on weekends on ABC as well as the reruns on cable channel TNT. And yes I have its complete DVDs of all its past seasons. That’s how much I looooove this show and its cast.

    • NF and SK fan always says:

      me too, I have all the seasons, books (both sets-heat and storm) and love to watch (and sometimes read) reruns of the show every time I can. One of the best shows that I have come across.

  27. lame says:

    Why is it that moments that should have been season highlights will be memorable for their incredibly cheap excision i.e. the green screen at the wedding and now the shower scene.

    • NF and SK fan always says:

      for me it’s cause they don’t really know what they are doing (and they don’t know how to fix the mess they got themselves into by thinking it was “fun” to mess with 623), I wouldn’t blame the actors is they didn’t want to come back! (i bet it wasn’t for them either) but I did enjoy those esp though! I think cause it was different then other shows.