Girl Meets World Season Finale Recap: A Date With Destiny

Girl Meets World Riley Lucas Kiss

Girl Meets World wrapped its first season Friday exactly where it began, with wide-eyed world-meeter Riley Matthews being thrust into the confused arms of Lucas, her knight in shining v-necks — only this time, things ended a little differently.

Riley and Lucas had just reached the end of their first official date, which Papa Cory — exhibiting a parental fear the likes of which I’ve never seen — managed to turn into a double date, enlisting an excited Farkle and a reluctant Maya to tag along as chaperones.

And it’s probably a good thing Cory wasn’t on the subway to witness what happened next: his daughter’s first kiss! “You know those moments we were talking about that we’re going to remember forever?” she asked before going in for the kill.

Heck, even Farkle managed to get a little sugar before the end of the night, even if it was merely with Maya’s open palm. (“Tell your friends!”)

Girl Meets World Riley Lucas KissBut as one Matthews discovered the joy that dating has to offer, another was reminded of just how quickly that joy can turn to crushing despair; after spending the bulk of the episode thinking he was hitting it off with his NYU tour guide, Josh was dealt a cruel blow when she reminded him, “It’s my job to be nice to high school kids.” (Ouch!)

And I’m not sure what to make of Auggie, who exchanged vows — and Topanga’s ring — with his pal Ava, promising never to make her feel bad for the rest of his life. Is it possible that the youngest member of the Matthews clan has already figured out this whole “world” thing before reaching fourth grade?

It’s like Cory and Riley said, “Life as we know it has changed.”

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  1. I am so excited for season 2, it’ll be fun to see how they handle everything from Lucas and Riley to Ava and Auggie and my personal favorite, Josh and Maya. Also, I hope they bring Smackle back as a series regular. I liked her.

  2. Damn it Josh, you know you wanna be Maya!

  3. kiki says:

    Josh and Maya are to weird if they were ever paired. The age difference is to much. Id see a huge problem with a 7th grader dating a 11th grader.

    Now Lucas and Maya I can be down for.

  4. A says:

    I think eventually if the show make to season 6 or 8 the 3 year difference between both Maya and Josh won’t matter once they all grown up.but it is a big deal for now but not for forever.

  5. amber says:

    That guy who plays Lucas looks like he is a good 3 or4 years Older than the others. I have a hard time buying them being in the same grade much less them as a couple. It looks and feels unnatural

    • Karen MT says:

      He’s 3 years older than Rowan (Riley) but only 6 months older than Sabrina (Maya). So close enough?

      • Amber says:

        Their age difference in real life aren’t what bother me. They are supposed to be the same age on the show. Maya looks younger then she is so I can buy her being in their group. But you can definitely tell Lucas is not 13, he looks several years older then them especially Riley and Farkle and I don’t think he really acts their age either.I think it was just bad casting.

      • A_2 says:

        Dang, I really wish I was Rowan in that episode!
        Peyton is so H-O-T.
        I had a dream and he flirted with me 😍 😊
        And then I woke up 😒

    • t.w.123 says:

      I agree. I know that the actor really is older than the rest of them, but visually it just looks off. I was glad when Cory finally made a joke to address it. He said something along the lines of, “He’s 35!” while pointing to Lucas when he was freaking out about Lucas asking Riley out on a date.

      • t.w.123 says:

        And also, to be fair, puberty does hit kids at different age. I know that when I was in 7th grade, there were kids who were about Farkle’s size and kids who looked almost the same age as the teachers! It’s the way nature works.

  6. Kali says:

    I want josh and maya together

  7. sarah says:

    This has definitely made me ship riley and lucas together

  8. Mark says:

    When does season 2 start? This show is definitely my guilty pleasure. Love it!

  9. Ash says:

    I’m confused – imdb says there is one episode left in season 1 and that it airs Apr. 17, 2015.

    This sure felt like the season finale. But why does it say there is one more?

    Also, I’m 34 and I adore this show.

    • FatherOctavian says:

      Disney ordered an extra episode to serve as a “bridge” between the seasons. It will air in late April, with the second season premiere to air later in the summer.

    • "A" Has Spoken says:

      When the show was ordered, it had an order for 21 episodes. They took one episode off (Girl Meets Fish) and put it to air in July apart of season 2 (although it was filmed during season 1). They then added an episode to put as a “bridge” of sorts to be included apart of their “What the What” weekend. It’s called “Girl Meets What the What” by Disney but “Girl Meets Demolition” by the writers of the show. It’s considered the 21st episode of season 1, officially.

  10. Joey Padron says:

    season finale was good, sweet, and funny. can’t wait for season 2 later this year!

  11. Jada says:

    The episode of girl meets world is awesome but in season two I wonder if they are going to boyfriend and girlfriend

  12. AtlLady says:

    Riley made me smile when she kissed Lucas. I had to initiate my first kiss back when I was about Riley’s age. Brought back some sweet memories. Mr. Swift may have a valid point about Auggie already having a good idea about “the whole ‘world’ thing”. I also get a kick out of how this show is more than Girl Meets World and sometimes becomes Dad Meets World. Cory strikes me as the kind of Dad who sobs the whole way while walking his daughter down the aisle.

    • Stacy says:

      I can see him pulling a Shawn right before they walk down the aisle. “You really like him??” “I really do.”

  13. Chris says:

    I really prefer Maya and Lucas. Sorry Riley!

  14. taleigha says:

    What is your phone number lucaus

  15. it all says:

    it was beyound amazing it lol !!!

  16. cookiedough says:

    I think Riley and Lucas make a great couple but it seems to awkward between them and I was really disappointed with that kiss.

  17. cookiedough says:

    Lucas and Riley seem like a good couple but I was really disappointed in that kiss

  18. Alyssa says:

    Loved that season finale of “girl meets world” it was awesome all the way amazing no doubt about it!!!!

  19. Wow do they actually kiss or is it just fake??

  20. olivia says:

    can’t wait till season 2 what will change after riley and lucas and maya and josh

  21. EMJay says:

    I love watching this show with my kids. And I’m trying hard to get onboard with Rucas. But I keep coming back to Lucaya;). Don’t get me wrong. I think Riley is good for Lucas now. But Riley is Cory and she needs a Topanga guy lol. Is that Lucas? Not convinced. Is that Farkle? Possibly. Or is it someone she is yet to meet. Cory won’t like any guy but it would be funny to see Riley like a new guy where Cory says to Topanga ‘he’s you’, And Topanga says. ‘ he’s good. I like this one’ Angela and Shawn didn’t happen. But Maya and Lucas can. Go right writers, go right ;)

  22. Highland says:

    I want maya an farkle and Riley and Lucas to be couples😍 josh Is hot. He’ll find someone else

  23. Nicole says:

    I really love this show! The drama the romance it’s awesome