Walking Dead Spinoff Title Revealed

The Walking Dead Spinoff Premiere Date

Look alive, zombies! The upcoming spinoff of AMC’s The Walking Dead — which has already received a two-season order — can finally be referred to by name.

TWD creator Robert Kirkman spilled the beans Friday on Twitter with the following simple — yet internet-exploding — tweet:


As if that early Christmas present wasn’t enough, we’ve also been blessed with the spinoff’s official logo. Behold:

Fear The Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead, which is slated to premiere late this summer, stars Cliff Curtis (Gang Related), Kim Dickens (Deadwood), Frank Dillane and Alycia Debnam Carey (The 100) as Los Angeles residents struggling to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Your thoughts on the surprising title? Drop ’em in the comments section below.

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  1. Ari says:

    This is a terrible title. I think if they wanted to use this they should consider dropping the “Walking” and just have it be “Fear the Dead.” Although, that’s not much better. It’s just too clunky.

  2. That’s pretty sad. What lazy sad sack writer came up with that turd?

    • Andy Swift says:

      Are you talking about my lede?

    • erichw1504 says:

      Can you come up with a better one?

      • JMill says:

        Just the armchair genius chorus chiming in, as always. The hows, whys, and ifs of how the title fits will be seen once the show is actually seen.

      • Alan Rodrigues says:

        The Walking Dead: Los Angeles
        The Other Walking Dead
        The Walking Dead Too
        The Dalking Wead
        The Dead Walking
        The Dying Walk
        The Walking Dead: Inferno
        TWD: Fear
        The Dead Fear
        The Walking Deadly
        The Walking Death
        Death Walks
        2 Walk 2 Dead
        The Living Dead
        Moonwalking Dead
        Walking Dead On Arrival
        Walking White
        Walking Grey
        Walking Shades of Sepia
        The Decaying Dead
        The Walking Dead: The Squeakel
        The Walking Dead Again
        The Walking Dead Live
        The Walking Dead On
        The Walking Dead: Decay
        The Walking Dead, the Universe and Everything Else
        The Baking Dead

        I’m trying really hard to stop.

  3. Matthew says:

    I know that a lot of people hate this title but I actually love it….Bring on the oh your stupid for liking the name of the show comments

  4. Daya says:

    I don’t even WATCH the show and I find it an atrocious title.

  5. Well, that’s the name Bleeding Cool revealed awhile ago.

  6. chuckiechk says:

    wow im honestly not sure how I fell about this. if this is indeed a prequel, the title sounds more like a warning, which I kinda like.

  7. Ed says:

    I thought it was trying to be different than The Walking Dead — exist in the same world, yes, but be an entirely different series. I understand they still want to align themselves with the juggernaut that is The Walking Dead, but by essentially naming their show the same thing they’re not taking confident first steps in defining themselves as a show able to stand on its own. Bad title.

  8. Angelstorm says:

    Fear The Walking Dead ? Really ? That’s honestly the most terrible thing I’ve heard today !

  9. Spence says:

    The title is kinda clunky… But I like how ominous it sounds! And quite honestly I’m more focused on if the show will be good rather than what the title is.

    • Matthew says:

      I think that’s why I like it. Because it sounds kinda ominous like its a warning or something seeing as this series starts out at the beginning and shows us the zombie breakout I think it fits with the show. I mean sure they probably could have come up with a better title but did anyone really believe for a second that they weren’t going to have the title be somewhat close to the title of the original show?

  10. Steven says:

    Awful title for what I’m sure will be an awful show.

  11. Geof says:

    I hope they don’t go to the typical politically correct, LA themes about society in the middle of a killer Zombie story. They have that level of screw-up in them.

  12. Babybop says:

    It’s not a great title, but let’s be real, most people will just call it “Walking Dead Spinoff”.

  13. JeffDJ says:

    Not a very creative title, certainly, but it’s the quality of the show that will really matter.
    Also of great importance: will the Nerdist be doing an aftershow for this one too and what will THAT be called?

  14. Why not ‘Fear the Dead’ ? sounds much better.

  15. Simone says:

    What? That sounds like a backup title Chris Hardwick had for Talking Dead.

    Wasn’t there something better they could of named it?
    I already have major issues with the concept of the show itself and now they’ve gone a named it what could easily be an unoriginal TWD fans you tube channel name. UGH

    I’m bummed. A spin off could of been so much better than this is sounding like it will be :(

  16. titoveli says:

    are we in the best TV era? imo we are how many great show vikings, GOT,
    The 100, Bates Motel, POI, Arrow, The Flash, Shameless, TWD, TBBT, Mom
    and plenty more shows i watch … who else watches all or more than half
    of this shows i mention

  17. maria says:

    the name should be there already dead

  18. Kay says:

    Terrible title! A title is supposed to hook you in and make you look forward to watching it. It can make or break the show. There’s another show I love, but the title sucks so no one watches it. This will happen to the new show if they keep this title. Seriously, they have all these creative geniuses at the show and this is the best they could come up with??? Why not just have ‘Fear’ as the title? Or ‘The Dark Days’… anything would probably be better than this moronic title.

  19. RichCD says:

    Terrible. Even worse than ‘Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.’

  20. wrstlgirl says:

    OMG I can’t stop laughing that is so bad.

  21. SusieCr says:

    I’m wondering if the reason they had to stay away from some suggestions (fear the dead, living dead) because it is to close to Romero’s or other people’s work. Romero’s first movie was “Night of the Living Dead” and after that he had other movies that ended with “the Dead” so perhaps that was an issue.

  22. Jim J. says:

    A title of a spinoff being too similar to that of the existing series. This may lead to the potential for confusion and the producers of this “Fear the Walking Dead” series practically setting themselves up for failure. I agree with those who state that the title of this new “spinoff” is lame.

    On the other hand, “Fear the Walking Dead”… yeah, that does sound like the title of what is being called a “companion series” rather than a “spinoff”.

  23. Meh says:

    Since this show takes place much earlier in the outbreak than the current show, why exactly arent we calling it “Rise of the Walking Dead” or something like that, to show its intent? (Yes, just like Rise of the Planet of the Apes, except this is more appropriate because with this show the “rising” is not metaphorical, it’s literal.)

  24. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    HAHAHA……Come on now Robert Kirkman YOU can do waaaay better than that! Besides I won’t be watching this spin-off love the ORIGNAL show can’t wait to see the super size finale this weekend!! Haha Fear the walking dead….#STUPIDTITLE!

  25. m3rcnate says:

    I dont mind it. Fact is i dont think there are many titles that incorporate “Walking Dead” that will be really good. And you might say “well just name it something else!” but why would they waste the opportunity to use that “The Walking Dead” title/name recognition.
    What you want more than anything is viewers…and viewers will know “Fear the Walking Dead” is the Walking Dead spinoff and will give it a shot, and if its good they will stick around no matter how horrible the title is. But if they name is “Fear the Dead” enough people might not realize its the spin-off (no name recognition) and the title will be better but you will have less viewers (how many less? I dont know).

  26. Paul says:

    Some Compton Zombies in the house.

  27. Mary Ann says:

    The should take a page from CSI and name it “The Walking Dead: LA”

  28. steph says:

    the name is stupid. They should call the zombies something besides “walkers.” Even “Fear the Undead” would be slightly better but still not great. What about “The Undead” ? It’s simple and to the point just like “The Walking Dead.” IDK I just don’t think they should use the whole walking dead thing in the spinoff’s title. “The Undead” isn’t very creative but I still like it better than their title. Is there time to change it?

  29. Title is to long. How about “Walking in L.A.” or “Fear in LA”.

  30. Ryan Olds says:

    Why not just keep it simple and call it “The Walking Dead 2” ??? IMO its way to strong for a spin off and almost appears more bold or stronger than the main show which IS the best and theres No other like it. Such a common sense no brainer lol,i had faith theyd come up with a suitable name for it since they have surely pulled all else off almost to perfection,granted theres been some unanswered loose ends i never seemed to understand,but besides a couple of gaps and loosing Beth and Tyrese so close together,the shows been amazing! So i am rather shocked this is the title they have come up with for just a spin off that we dont even know the fan outcome on yet lol. We been calling it The Walking Dead 2 here lol. Now lets talk about that LONG dreadful 6 month break lol,can we possibly change that some lol,maybe a 3 month break in the very near future PLEASE? A happy wife = HAPPY husband :D hearing her complain for 6 mo. STINKS!

    • Ryan Olds says:

      The Walking Dead 2 would of been good enough and its much easier to converse among each other,kinda seems silly to call it the long name in a brief conversation about the show. I never was a fan of LONG movie titles and usually didnt bother even wasting my breath saying a long title in any conversation lol kind of like naming your pet dog a super long name,would stink everytime you had to call him in or if he chewed up your shoes,how silly to haler out “no no,Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!!” hahaha. Oh well,we call it TWD 2 here.

  31. Dan says:

    That’s.. an early April Fool’s, right? That’s a worse title than Selfie, Cougar Town and The Mob Doctor combined.

  32. TWD: Apocalyptic would be better than Fear The Walking Dead….

  33. tamekamullins says:

    I would have liked something a little more original for the title, but I’m looking forward to the show though.

  34. Becky Duffey says:

    I’m looking forward to giving it a try , at least. What about “The Rising Dead?” Personally, I’m not fond of the current title.

  35. Rob says:

    I think they should do it like CSI have WALKING DEAD NEWYORK , WD LA,WD NEW JERSY ,Walking DEAD HARLIN COUNTY… You get the idea

  36. Lola says:

    maybe they are referring to the people! the show has showed us in many occasions that the living are way too dangerous than the dead, they should be feared!

  37. 21GRMS says:

    Ya, the title lacks a little grab but I get it. They want to associate this show with the original. News flash writers, after 5 seasons u have your fans and we don’t need such a simple reference. Too late now but how about “Dead Angels” since its in Los Angeles (The Angels). It has shock value, apocalyptic feel and represents the loss of civiality of the people involved . Hey it still has Dead in it for ppl who live in a cave and never seen or heard of TWD. Here’s an idea. SPOILER ALERT. In the end, which I hope never happens, you can merge the finale with intertwining characters from TWD with a solution to their dilemma. Please don’t hint to that in anyway during either show to give it a real feel. Fans will feel satisfied to see it come to full circle. Hope to see FTWD have the same success. That’s gonna be tough.

  38. How about The Dead Live! …but always use Chris Hardwick’s emphasis?

  39. Kiki says:

    How about “The Dead Walks”? or perhaps, “Walking Corpses”?

  40. Kami says:

    Cannot wait!!!!!! Because I LOVE 💟💗💜💛💙💖💕💟💞💝the walking dead