Coach Revival Starring Craig T. Nelson Ordered to Series at NBC  

Coach Reboot at NBC

NBC is tackling a Coach revival.

The Peacock network has ordered a 13-episode sequel to the ’90s sitcom, with Craig T. Nelson reprising his title role, TVLine has learned.

The present-day Coach will pick up 18 years later and find Nelson’s Hayden Fox interrupting his retirement to become assistant coach to his own grown son, who is the new head coach at an Ivy League school in Pennsylvania that is just starting up a new team.

Barry Kemp, who created the original Coach (which aired on ABC from 1989-1997), will write and exec-produce the continuation. Nelson will also serve as an EP.

It’s not yet known which Coach alums will be reuniting with Nelson, who is coming off of a six-season run on NBC’s Parenthood. An airdate is also TBD.

It’s been a big week for ’90s TV resurrections. On Tuesday, Fox announced that it had ordered a six-episode continuation of The X-Files, with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson reprising their signature roles.

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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, this would be how desperate NBC is.

    • Ray says:

      Pathetic. What a sad state of affairs (no pun intended) for NBC.

    • leigh says:

      You know, I was just watching an old episode of Night Court and thought to myself this is a show that could be revived. Never thought if Coach, though.

      • NF and SK fan always says:

        I watch that one, I don’t mind I just think that it’s pathetic and they are grasping for straws themselves. they better hold on to the ones they still have.

      • worthymagic says:

        Harry Andersen was amazing and I don’t know who you would get to replace him. if they could bring him back and add some new, fresh faces, I could see it going for 3-5 years.

    • NF and SK fan always says:

      you got that right!

    • David4 says:

      I loved Coach and would gladly watch a sequel but I agree. It’s because NBC has nothing.

    • herman1959 says:

      You said it! I been OK with most of the remakes lately, but I have to put my foot down on this one. Plus, doesn’t Craig T. Nelson need a break?

    • Karl Le says:

      Evidently, you’re either not a fan or too young to remember Coach. I loved Coach and can’t wait for it’s return. Just because for whatever reason this doesn’t float your boat doesn’t mean you have to poop on other’s parade.

      • iceturkee says:

        i loved coach too. but a main part of its appeal was shelley fabares as christine. they are killing the character for the new show. and o won’t be watching!

    • NF and SK fan always says:

      @ soapView

      true I think it’s not just NBC though I think it’s everywhere. Now, I watched these shows in the past and yes they were good, but i think that making re-makes shows that there is no real ideas anymore. Not saying these shows won’t be good but come on seriously do you (networks) have to sink that low? where are all the good writers with imagination?

      • worthymagic says:

        They all retired or died. You also have to remember that some people are writing or trying to write for new pilots that are then turned down by the people who run the networks that have ZERO imagination or ZERO guts to try something different or offbeat. Keep in mind that when they talk about the TV season of 2014-15 and discuss all the new hit shows that came out, NOBODY will be discussing anything from NBC.

    • Adam Crain says:

      I’m just waiting for an Alf or Major Dad reboot. That’s when you know literally all hope is lost.

      • big Castle bones fan says:

        I know how about puncky bruster…..hey how about a “rainbowbrite” live action while we are at it! oh some many re-makes we would never run out!

        Lol………rolling on the floor……

    • They are very desperate. Right now the only new shows they have for next season are this and Chicago Med, which means they may have renew State of Affairs and The Mysteries of Laura. If ABC lets Castle go, NBC needs to pick it up immediately.

      • big Castle bones fan says:

        ABC doesn’t want to let go of Castle, but the actors might want something they can’t give both of them so there is a possible let go. I don’t think that they (actors) hearts are in show anymore. Time for them to move on!

  2. Nellie says:

    Yay Coach!!! Dauber?

    • Jaimeson says:

      Dauber has to be a part of the caching staff. Loved that interplay between Daube and coach Fox. Can’t wait until the premier dat is released

  3. I love me some Dawber and all, but was anyone really asking for this?

  4. CJ says:

    Coach was a fun show and I love Craig T. Nelson, but….seriously, Hollywood? Aren’t there ANY original ideas out there anymore? These show revivals are becoming less fun and more tedious.

  5. Lysh says:

    Crispy M&Ms are back. There’s Spice Girl reunion rumors. I found some gel pens the other day. The 90s are coming back full force. I didn’t watch Coach, but I’m sure this makes someone happy.

    • KT says:

      It has to make the people at VH1 happy. They love the 90s. They love it so much, they have the show “Hindsight” that is all about the 90s.

  6. What next, Growing Pains? We going to see old Mike trying to bludgeon religion into his poor kids?

  7. Tori Coop says:

    Everyone else may be hating, but I’m loving this!

  8. Pat Reymann says:

    Coach didn’t have a son..

    • Matthew says:

      I thought so too! But apparently in one of the last seasons he adopted a son (I had to look it up) I have already forgotten which season it was either the last one of the one before the last season either way apparently he does have a son

    • Matthew says:

      The better question is what Ivy League school in Pennsylvania that is starting up a new program? So not Penn right? So they are going to make up a new Ivy League school that hasn’t hosted football with all the other 8 Ivy League teams who have all hosted a football program since the 1870s-1890s? sounds a bit weird right? Why make it an Ivy League school? Why not just a school in Pennsylvania?

      • Jared Munson says:

        Everything in Coach was made up (the college in Minnesota, the Florida football team), so it fits

        • Matthew says:

          No yeah I understand that it just it feels strange and completely unbelievable that there be a Ivy League team without a football team already…Now if they make it to where that Ivy League team once did have a football team years ago but the university took it away like in the 60s or 70s and now they are bringing it back that I can understand I guess I am just asking for to much lol

          • Network says:

            You are exactly why nothing fun gets made on TV anymore.

          • Matthew says:

            @Network Well okay then way to be slightly rude about geez I was just simply bringing up a concern I had…And I guarantee I am probably not the only one who wondered about it. All I was simply trying to say was it felt weird to me okay? I wasn’t trying to say they shouldn’t do it.

        • Nero tTVf says:

          Go mighty Screaming Eagles!!!

      • herman1959 says:

        Ditto to everything you just said. At least, the writers had the sense to disguise the law school in How To Get Away With Murder (even though we know it’s based on Penn).

  9. Wendy says:

    No offense intended to any of its fans here, but…why?

    • Jack says:

      Why not?

      Just dont watch it if it bothers you that much.

      • NF and SK fan always says:

        they don’t have anything else to put on and they can’t think outside the box anymore. grasping for straws to hold on to some of the older (sorry, I’m in that category too) watchers. too much streaming ect going on!

    • Andrea says:

      Why? The New York Times just had a piece that said that streaming services like Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix have shown that nostalgia sells, and there is a huge call for content from the ’90s. The article went on to say that there is money to be made.

      So far, the X-Files, Heroes, and Coach aren’t reboots that do anything for me, but I’m totally hoping that the L&O reboot happens.

  10. A. D. says:

    I am so excited! I loved Coach!

  11. Jenny says:

    Can’t wait for the revivals of Friends, Seinfeld, Mad About You, Cheers, and Frasier!

  12. Cherlynn says:

    Coach and his wife adopted a baby boy in the last season.

  13. Kingmose1 says:

    No Shelley, no watchee!

    • Nero tTVf says:

      I have to agree. Shelley Fabares is one of my all-time favorites. I loved Coach, but she was a big reason why I did. I would hope she might be able to do a small role [at least] in the new limited run series.

      But I do agree – no Shelley, no watchee.

      • NF and SK fan always says:

        isn’t that why people watched in the 1st place (a good actor\actress) at that time? I’m not sure how many re-makes can survive, I think that networks (all) are grasping for straws now…..

  14. thisismenow says:

    X-Files, Heroes, Law & Order, Twin Peaks….I guess we know the theme of 2015-2016.

    • April says:

      Are they going through with Law and Order or just considering? Will watch Coach but want Law & Order!

    • Matt says:

      But Firefly is still dead.

      • NF and SK fan always says:

        maybe it to will rise from the grave!

      • Jack says:

        Because it did badly in the ratings.

        • NF and SK fan always says:

          so, and i don’t think that that’s why, I think if they did it again, it would be more of a success then most shows that are coming out now, never show the show itself but heard way to much from way to many fans\comic cons ect……

          • Andrea says:

            Firefly is also not my thing, but I agree that it will likely reboot as a limited series at some point. There seems to be a call for it, and Nathan still seems quite keen on the series.

  15. Boiler says:

    Great show before. Just dumb now. If NBC desperate pick up comedies Fox may dump as n

  16. Honestly, I prefer this, and I don’t consider this a reboot. Instead of new actors in the same roles, they are continuing the story.

    • Matthew says:

      Yeah exactly and its not really a revival either it is a sequel like what Disney did with Girl Meets World that show is a sequel to Boy Meets World

  17. Carl says:

    Unless this has Shelly Fabares (if she’s able to work), I will NOT be watching.

  18. Tom says:

    This is EXCELLENT news. As a recent fan of the show (I only watched recently on Netflix and fell in love with the show) I cannot wait to see where Hayden and co pick up and I do hope all the originals return as well!

  19. fringe30 says:

    So happy about this. Hopefully the will stay on Netflix so I can re-watch before the new episodes.

  20. Jared says:

    Now that we’re remaking old shows can we get a Gilmore girls revival..a Full House spinoff and maybe Patrick Duffy and Suzanne Sommers back on Step by

    • April says:

      I would SO watch a GG revival! The ending they gave Rory was horrendous! Rory and Jess(or Marty) forever!

      • David4 says:

        I thought what they did to Rory in the last few seasons was horrible but they ended it with her in a great independent state.

        Whatever happened to the Full House revival they were thinking about?

  21. BarryFlash says:

    Maybe TNT shouldn’t have canceled Dallas with all these revivals

  22. Tony says:

    Article kinda contradicts the headline. A sequel and reboot implies two different things. Though I guess in some cases, a sequel can serve as a reboot.

  23. dj says:

    Will Shelly Fabares be back?

  24. Steven says:

    Who asked for this?…

  25. mdbchud says:

    A MILLION amens to the “TNT shouldn’t have cancelled Dallas” comment!!!!!

  26. cycworker says:

    I loved Coach. A lot. Was one of my favorite comedies at the time. But no. Just no. This will not work.

    • Jack says:

      We have not seen an episode yet, so you cannot say this with 100% certainty at this moment. You can think it will probably be, and you may end up being right, but its too early to tell

  27. grinchy says:

    Excellent! We really enjoyed that series; and it will be nice to have a comedy series that doesn’t rely on sex jokes

  28. grinchy says:

    Excellent! We really enjoyed that series and it will be nice to have another comedy sreries that doesn’t rely on sex jokes

  29. Kermit says:

    Wait. What?

  30. jim says:

    Peacock brothers….goose bump city…with a Johnny Mathis theme song.
    Don’ look under your bed!

  31. Julie says:

    I guess we’re officially out of ideas,maladies and gentlemen. The only show they should be reviving (again) is 24: LAD. I need to see Chloe (and Kate) bust Jack out of a Russian prison.

  32. Gloria says:

    I loved “Coach” now if only VanDyke could join him!

  33. NF and SK fan always says:

    now I know that they have run out of ideas….not that I can complain but really? come on now, where are all new shows…..I love the shows that are re-coming out, but I also want to see new things, not just old past shows…..what happen to being original? are two many networks scared or are there just no more brilliant writers out there anymore. I’m sorry tv networks I just think you guys are grasping for straws to hang onto views. No wonder no one hardly watches you!

  34. Travis says:

    ABC should bring back The Commish.

    • NF and SK fan always says:

      i loved that show……and night court. funny without cussing every other word!

      • Jack says:

        Thats because they were on NBC and they cannot cuss every other word

        • NF and SK fan always says:

          no, I mean shows today, just listen to them, not actually using words but actions too. I can name a lot of them! I don’t know it NBC has any but there is someone CBS, ABC and FOX! most of it is garbage…….

  35. hipster says:

    Are they going to bring back Veronica’s Closet!?!?! Caroline in the City!?! The Single Guy!?!

  36. chadcronin says:

    NBC Should Bring Back Baywatch

  37. Larry C. says:

    Let’s start a campaign to bring back MY LITTLE MARGIE, LIFE OF RILEY, and OUR MISS BROOKS. The new COACH will die a quick death on NBC.

    • Jack says:

      No one cares about those shows. And they are only doing 13 episodes, so yes, it will die a quick death. But its planned that way.

  38. Sheldon W. says:

    Coach had a couple of decent seasons at the beginning of its run but there is no way this should be happening.

    How very sad for NBC.

    • NF and SK fan always says:

      they are all grasping for straws, my way of looking at it is they can’t get younger views to watch why not tempt the older views into their fav shows way back in the day! sounds kinda of harsh but that’s what i believe what’s happening. I was part of that group too now. I loved to watch coach among others “oldies” when they were on. and now a few are coming back…..let’s try for more!

  39. Maple Leaf Momma says:

    I’d rather have a re-do with a strong cast, writing and direction anyday than Reality and anything
    Kardashian !! Bring it on !!

  40. hud says:

    Please NBC bring back Cosby….

  41. Jim J. says:

    NBC reviving a series that didn’t originally air on its network, but on a competing network. Another example of a situation similar to the pre-1948 “Paramount Case” situation*, in which the production company of the original series happen to be under common ownership of a competing network.

    * “Paramount Case” – The studios owned their own theater chains.

  42. rowan77 says:

    You’ve got to be kidding. That show was good for about four or five years, then it ran out of gas with three really bad years. What is wrong with NBC? They don’t know how to develop new shows and they’re wasting time resurrecting old ones that ran too long in the first place. It’s like they’re stumbling around in the dark. It’s time they stop screwing around with Greenblatt and his people and bring in someone who knows programming and is willing to take chances.

  43. Jenna says:

    Wow. I just realized how long it’s been since I’ve seen Shelley Fabares. Would definitely tune in to see her.

  44. Tom Hunter says:

    I am still waiting for more information on the BEWITCHED spinoff that was written about a few months back. The one that was to star Tabitha’s daughter?? ANY NEWS??????

  45. jackie2830 says:

    Now if we could just get King of Queens revived……..I’d be in heaven!!!!!!

  46. Jaimeson says:

    Loving that the Coach series is being revived was one of my favs in the 90’s and know it will have the same tones as the original. Also will be interested how Craig T. Nielsen’s character interacts as the assiant coach. Still can’t wait until the premier date is released

  47. Jaimeson says:

    Love the fact coach is being revived. Will be interesting with the interplay coach Fox is now an assiantant coach and wonder how will play out with his son as the head coach. Hopefully some other members from the original are brought back as well. My two votes I want to see is Dauber and Jerry Van Dyke’s character which I can’t rember his name right now. Can’t wait until the premier date is released.

  48. Jan87 says:

    Bring the CBS Sitcom Becker with Ted Danson back.

  49. koop says:

    this is crazy if anything deserved a reboot it should of been a different world or even have a spinoff of rudy and bud from the cosby show yeah I know they are afraid of the cosby but less not forget the cosby show and different world network saved them before or hell they could of even saved Dallas , do spinoff of Guiding Light and bring it back anything but Coach

  50. Chris says:

    If anything I’m just happy that Peter Griffin won’t have to kill Craig T. Nelson now.