Looking Cancelled at HBO — But Patrick's Story Isn't Over Yet

Looking Season 3 is out of HBO’s sight: The cabler has cancelled the underdog gay dramedy, although we haven’t seen the last of Patrick & Co. TVLine has confirmed.

“After two years of following Patrick and his tight-knit group of friends as they explored San Francisco in search of love and lasting relationships, HBO will present the final chapter of their journey as a special,” the network said in a statement Wednesday. “We look forward to sharing this adventure with the shows loyal fans.”

UPDATE: Series creator Michael Lannan tweeted about the capper, saying:

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  1. jeff says:

    I wish more cancelled shows got a special. Hate being left without any closure.

    • Dean says:

      amen, bro.

    • lechatnoir says:

      told you guys it’ll be cancelando ! there was nothing left to do/say . There needn’t be any special ,

    • Jules says:

      Southland would be first on my list for that.

    • Nellie says:

      I’m ok with this. Although, I cant believe this was cancelled and Girls is still on the air.
      In any event……yeah, I’m ok with this.

      • Gary Weaver says:

        I’m with you – in my opinion, Girls has passed its “sell-by” date by quite a bit, if you get my drift. -Gary

    • Gordon M says:

      HBO may want to think again. Their alliance with appleTV will not only completely change television in this country, but bring in an ocean of new viewers who are surprisingly more interested in this program then they think. Maybe in a couple of months, when the NOW number start to come in on this fascinating show, they will have a change of heart.

      • Andre love says:

        I agree 100% as I am one of those viewers! And I’d buy another 10 seasons easily! They missed something huuuge!

  2. Carmen says:


  3. wrstlgirl says:

    Dang on the cancellation but yay for the final chapter. Better than nothing.

  4. Dean says:

    Was enjoyable and glad they’re able to wrap things up after how season 2 ended.

  5. Jared says:

    I loved Looking and have followed the show from the start but what story lines do they feel the need to “wrap up” with a TV movie?? Who Patrick chooses Richie or Kevin?!?..lol

  6. Nick says:

    Such sad news, but forever thankful to HBO for providing one last goodbye.

    I guess it’ll be back to “looking” for a suitable Looking replacement

  7. CJ says:

    I’m disappointed that it has been cancelled, but really grateful to HBO for finding a way to give closure to the fans.

    • Erin B says:

      My thoughts exactly.

    • tj says:

      Hear Hear! The second season finale didn’t only leave a lot of questions unanswered but brought up a bunch of new ones. I would have felt cheated had HBO not given the series one last episode. I know it’s a business decision to make the series more appealing on HBO Go/NOW, but still appreciated for the fans.

  8. Bill White says:

    I am of course so very sorry to hear Looking has been cancelled. I thought it was terribly innovative and an important tool to let others see and learn about others. Quite frankly I am immensely disappointed and was looking forward to season three. I did think it was a mistake to pander to criticisms about the script not being intense enough. It would be absolutely great given the ‘intense’ nature of public dialogue on ‘weddings and court cases’ to give renewing a second thought!!!!! short sighted and mean would apply as well .

  9. GuessWhat says:

    So is it just the two talking head showrunners talking in that special — or an actual 1/2 hour or longer episode with the actors?

  10. LT says:

    Oh man. That blows.

  11. Steven says:

    At least we will get closure. It’s more than we usually get.

  12. Glenn says:

    So not the right call.
    just another case where inclusion loses out.
    Shame on HBO.

    • Zenobia Jackson says:

      HBO was VERY generous giving LOOKING a second season let alone a movie finale. The ratings were horrible even by HBO’s standards. The writing was uneven and it was poorly cast. Bland Jonathan Groff didn’t make a viable hero and the goofy looking Russell Tovey was poor as a sex symbol. Alvarez/Augustine was totally unlikeable and Dom/Bartlett was just sort of there.

    • B says:

      When less than 300,000 people watch a season finale, it has nothing to do with “inclusion.” It has more to do with the fact that the show was boring, and the lead was just pathetic! I tried to like it, but just did not think it was well written or very interesting. Patrick came across as needy and whiny, and they kept trying to build this burning underlying chemistry with the monotone Richie…and I just didn’t see it.

      • Temperance says:

        At least they weren’t telling stories that we haven’t seen on TV a million times. I’d like to see them do(/redo) Tales of the City, or heck, pick any LGBT popular story.

    • Anna says:

      Oh please. HBO has never shied away from inclusion. Some of the most well known main characters from HBO series have been LGBTQ and have not only had active sex lives on their shows, but also stuck around for a long time. Crying wolf only makes it less meaningful when actual discrimination occurs.

  13. Eric7740 says:

    At least we will get closure. Thank you HBO for that!!! Now, just give us a solid 2-hour movie HBO!!!

  14. D. says:

    I’m so bummed about this… But at least they’ll give us closure :(

  15. Bill says:

    I’m not surprised at all. It got tiresome week after week watching entitled Patrick whining about how miserable his life is. As it turns out Augustin ended up being the most interesting character on this show.

    • Bill says:

      But thanks to HBO for the closure special. Can’t wait to find out if Augustin and Eddy make it.

    • NotAnselAdams says:

      The constant whining week in and out made it totally unwatchable for me as well. I gave up early in Season 1.

      Even Russell Tovey’s hotness could not entice me back. And that’s saying a LOT.

  16. Gerri says:

    I thought the twist was going to be that another network picked it up. That is too bad.

  17. Terrance says:

    Bring it back. PLEASE!!!!

  18. Joseph K. says:

    Some one please fine another show for Jon Groff.

    • Fernanda says:

      Groff and Michele should left Hollywood and return to Broadway. Groff would be on Hedwig and Michele is my Elphaba on Wicked

  19. Et al says:

    I wish it could have continued, but that’s pretty darn awesome of hbo to give us a feature length special (hint hint).

  20. A.J. says:

    I could not be more upset and disappointed by this news. I have enjoyed Looking since the first episode. And I thought season 2 was a great improvement on what was already a solid series. I will miss Patrick, Dom, Agustin, Doris, Kevin, Richie and Eddie. I am glad HBO will give us a special to wrap up the story, but I truly wish they would have given this underrated gem another season.

  21. Lou C says:

    For the first time in a while, HBO produced a show for the Gay population that was not at all stereotypical. In fact, as a SF resident Gay, I think that it was so realistic… They need to revisit their decision to cancel because someone got this wrong!!!!

    • Fanulla says:

      I am a straight woman but I have to tell you I liked Looking. It clearly was aimed for the gay population in SF, because most of the actors ther are gays with exception of 2 of the main actors but I think the show was realistic cause they do things straight people do too is not that they do things differently the only difference is that the things they do were things done with the same sex. But they fall in love, they could cheat for instance, they move in together, some are monogamous people, others were open, they have straight parents, they have straight friends, they have jobs, they have relationship issues, they attend parties, they go shopping, they had sex, they help needed people, etc I mean everything that straight people do they did also only they do it with people of the same sex, it was a way to see the gay community from their point of view.

    • Dash says:

      @lou c I so agree! I’m from SF originally, moved away about 7 years ago, and I myself believe this show is the most realistic show about Gays we’ve had.. Not to mention the most realistic show about SF! Man, I miss the light, the mission, the food, even the Castro and this show made me feel like I was there… While I loved Queer as Folk, especially as they were doing something that’d never been done before re: the sex and overall approach, but even QAF was full of stereotypical gay archetypes & story lines.. RIP to a great show..

  22. para says:

    what does a special mean?

    like 25 mins? 50? like a TV movie?

    someone tell me

  23. joefromwb says:

    Is HBO just blowing smoke here to minimize viewer complaints over the cancellation? Can we expect them to air this before or after the Deadwood wrap-up movies?

    • Dizzle says:

      Hah! Precisely where my mind went! I think those Deadwood movies have a better shot at turning up on Ausiello’s MIA Network…

  24. Carole says:

    I am so disappointed that Looking has been cancelled as it truly is something special. Great writing, exceptional acting and beautifully shot…it really is art at it’s finest! I think had it been left in it’s original time slot, the ratings would have been much higher. I do appreciate that HBO will give us closure, and just hope that the TV movie is full length and has the same quality level as the series!

  25. So sad to see it go. And after a much better second season. But at least we’re getting some closure with a series finale special.

  26. Sydney says:

    I don’t think news of a show being cancelled has ever made me this emotional. So going to miss these characters.

  27. yongpal.kim says:


    STUPID HBO !! get a better writer before you canseled the great show

  28. Larry C. says:

    I will not miss this show at all. What a collection of stupid, immature people! The show certainly wouldn’t win any awards for improving the public’s perception of gay people. I watched in the hope that the series would improve, but it didn’t. I expect better from HBO.

  29. Dean-Craig says:

    I will cancel my HBO because of their decision to cancel LOOKING.
    LOOKING was a series that spoke to me and my chums about
    contemporary LGBT life, without the usual steriotypes so prevalent
    elsewhere on TV.
    This decision was not worthy of the HBO we expect.

  30. Steve says:

    ATTN :MICHAEL AUSSIELLO. Those mother f’ers. Any chance another outlet can pick it up and air it instead? A SAVE THIS SHOW campaign? Steve

  31. Jim says:

    HBO Please don’t cancel Looking, you have many shows which nobody watches. It was just warming up!!!

  32. Roy White says:

    Absolutely gutted, a great series. Lets start a campaign to get HBO to think again.

  33. Esther says:


  34. Timot says:

    I loved Looking! It was a good example of life in San Fransisco. I am very happy that HBO is going to make a movie to end the story lines. That is so much better than not having a third season. I have all of the episodes on my DVR. The cast was absolutely great, all of them. I will miss watching Looking on Sunday nights!

  35. june says:

    People these days are only welcomes dramatically shocking stories. Looking was quite and slow but really really well written one.

  36. Can I just say that my prayers have been answer? What an awfull season finale, I even wish that HBO doesn’t air that special, I want to believe that Patrick moved in with Kevin and that’s it, none of the other crazy grindr and open relationship stuff.

    I even rather that Patrick became straight and married Rachel Berry that’s a better ending than the awfull series finale

  37. Dilette Villa says:

    I’m incredibly sad to see the only currently gay drama on TV being cancelled. There aren’t enough of these shows out there. As a fan I’m really glad HBO won’t leave us hanging. Hope to see all of these actors in the future.

  38. Stevie says:

    Some said they are happyit was cancelled because the show was BORING and it was like watching Fifty Shades of Grey, no explicit sex scenes or even Hot scenes. What can you say about that? I bealieve that is a show for TV very very explicit scenes could not be air, maybe sensual sexy ones do but very porn explict scenes I dont think it would had been appropriate even if was a gay show for gays.

  39. jason says:

    Wah! I’m so bummed! Looking has been such a refreshing series; paced for a more nuanced development of character and story – it feels more real and relatable than many shows. I’m so bummed!

  40. RJinSD says:

    Goodbye Looking – Goodbye HBO…. this show was the only reason we subscribed.

  41. I was just starting to enjoy the show. I wish they would have given it more of a chance.

  42. Fernanda says:

    no more Russell Tovey’s ass in America? shame you HBO!!

  43. danin says:

    Too many unlikable characters helped kill this show.Aside from Richie, who I loved and love the actor who plays him, either Jonathan G. or his character were nerve wracking.Kevin,awful character, Augustine was horrible last season.His redemption this season felt forced.

  44. Good! I’m sick of the white gays having the complete control over the “gay” experience in America. The show got cancelled bc it is the same old white gay version of events.

  45. W says:

    Immensely sad Looking got cancelled. As a gay man myself I’ve never been able to identify with any characters until Patrick. Everything he’s been through, I’ve been through. It’s such a shame the show is ending so early. But I am relieved that their will be a movie or w/e. So at least we’ll get a proper ending

  46. Christian Simonetti says:

    A movie? Put it to bed mate! Looking is atrocious

  47. Tinkywinky says:

    Congratulations, Sassy Gay Men!

  48. azu says:

    If Almost Human could be cancelled, what else did you expect?

  49. Rick says:

    I’m saddened by the news that this series is cancelled. The characters are wondeful, true to heart and a welcome to the gay community. I can so relate to the situations they are going through, please bring it back.

  50. Justin says:

    All these people saying ‘oh how sad’ but clearly not many of you were watching, I knew this would happen. I for one had a feeling it would get canceled and I personally like the show and supported it because it was the only gay show on tv. But honestly the show was very basic, it wasn’t funny nor was there any over the top/ intriguing drama that would create a buzz. It was just OK and in today’s world of television there is no room for OK. And can someone please explain to me how on a show featuring what 3-5 gay men, the straight woman was the best character?! #TeamDoris