Arrow Recap: Up and Atom!

This week on The CW’s Arrow, newlyweds John and Lyla apparently registered at Bloodbath & Beyond, while Oliver and Ray each discovered how the other likes to dress up at night.

As Diggle-centric episodes go, “Suicidal Tendencies” probably was my favorite to date, largely because in addition to giving much-needed focus to Team Arrow’s lone uncostumed hero, it served up solid B-stories on the periphery.

The wedding itself was short but sweet in the way it had fun showing how utterly awkward our heroes are when summoned to partake in normal human social activities. (I mean, just the fact that Laurel had to coordinate an arm cast with that dynamite dress….) That said, I’m not entirely sure what shoe-horning Ray into the role as emergency minister accomplished, but we’ll have to allow it.

As for Diggle’s op itself: One of the “problems” Arrow has butted up against in recent months is Oliver’s steadfast stance that a city-saver cannot have it all, that there is no room for family/romance — and yet Diggle has seamlessly segued into his role as father (albeit “working the comms” a bit more frequently). Deadshot echoes Ollie’s opinion, because as we see in better-than-Hong Kong flashbacks, Floyd had a really rough go of it upon returning from the war — embraced by his wife, yet met with indifference by his very young daughter. What’s more, he couldn’t hold a job or socialize, all because of the PTSD caused by his role as soldier — how every time he pulled a trigger, someone died. Quite literally, being a sniper and all

One 911 call and restraining order later, Floyd ends up in jail — but gets bailed out by a slithery H.I.V.E. representative, toting a briefcase full of cash and his first kill assignment: Andy Diggle.

That particular kill reverberated briefly during the Suicide Squad’s mission to save a kidnapped senator (as if Steven Culp would ever be cast as merely a “kidnapped senator”), when in between deadly melees John catches sight of his brother’s name tattooed on Floyd’s chest, amid a veritable Who’s Who of those Deadshot has shot dead. Even so, Diggle soldiers on and ultimately laments the loss of his frenemy, who — in keeping with the squad’s name — sacrifices his life for a greater good. So that John and Lyla can return home and be a family.

OK, Cupid. No, not the dating site I frequent, but a new topic. There are two schools of thought on her inclusion here. Either you welcome her loopy quips (“We’ll make strong, beautiful babies”) and horndog stalker attitude, or you find them intrusive amid the action. I for one at first found her jarring in this episode, in a square peg/round hole way, but as the hour progressed, I gradually “warmed up” to her wanton ways, especially when it afforded Deadshot cause to roll his eye at her.

Will Diggle follow through on his decision to quite Team Arrow? Or will Lyla resigning from A.R.G.U.S. be enough to normalize their family unit? We shall see….

Meanwhile in Starling City:Suicidal Tendencies

Ra’s al Ghul’s campaign to paint the Arrow a relapsed assassin worked in spades, landing the vigilante on the radar of the mayor, Captain Lance and resident rich kid Ray. Then, Ray-as-Atom grabs a scan of the real Arrow and realizes his true identity. This causes friction with Ray’s lady, makes for a tense moment when Oliver visits his old offices to plead his innocence to the tech titan now privy to his secret, and then sets the stage for an Atom vs. Arrow/Arsenal clash that made Ray come off as juuuuuust this side of off-kilter, consumed as he was with the idea that — despite level-headed Felicity’s protestations — Oliver Queen is a cold-blooded serial killer. (And yet Ray has no qualm with zapping Roy across a parking lot? Oliver put it best earlier: “Unstable.”)

The saving grace of this skirmish, of course, was that Oliver had no trouble exploiting the weakness in Ray’s suit design, and then emerged as the better man by not offering his opponent an arrow through the head but a helping hand… and the advice to trust Felicity, who did choose Ray after all.

Having just beat up on Ray some myself, I will say this: The scene that followed, where Felicity asked if his “offer” of a partnership — in his mission and in life — was still on the table, coupled with Ray’s refreshingly warm response, in my mind was that couple’s first good moment.

Alas, as the episode drew to a close, Felicity was in the crosshairs, not so figuratively, as Maseo launched an assault of arrows on the mayor’s meet-up with Ray, the Lances and others.

What did you think of the episode “Suicidal Tendencies”?

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  1. Barry says:

    Lol I like how Ray zapped roy and Oliver just walks away

  2. CM says:

    I’m at the point where I hope Mateo kills Felicity.

    Her character is now that bad.

    Oh and she got to be the prize between Oliver and Ray.

    • Sil says:

      She was one of my favorites, now, she could go with Ray on his new show. This triangle just is just bad. I don’t give a hoot about any of it.

      • Sasha says:

        Agreed, she used to be so awesome!

        Now i’m at the point where I wouldn’t care if she dies or goes to the new show.

        Let her go I say.

        I want Oli to be back to his ass kicking self.

        I am also at the point where I prefer Laurel to Felicity and that’s saying a lot!

        • Kate says:

          That’s exactly what they wanted to happen. They’ve written Felicity badly this season so people start rooting for Laurel and you’re just buying into it.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Laurel’s scenes were all very enjoyable tonight….

          • Sasha says:

            I know but I can’t help it.

            They ruined her, it makes me so sad.

            AND I’m not even a fan of Katie Cassidy (like i can’t stand seeing her on screen) but I prefer her to Felicity atm

            And that smug ass smile when she walked into the wedding Grr.

            Can I also say…a few eps ago I complained that they turn her into a whiny needy person who needs a man people told me off because she should be with someone who needs her. Well not anymore it seems

          • Ab1973 says:

            The character is just the writing plus the acting. The actress who plays Felicity is still good, but Felicity is just awful now. She’s a gold-digger, fickle, whiny/ragey, apparently has Ray glued to her hip (seriously, why did she even bring him to the wedding knowing it would make the best man uncomfortable…that is just bad etiquette). The actress who plays Laurel is still not particularly good, but man have they ever destroyed everything good about Felicity. I mean she went back to a dude who pretty much called her a liar and then tried to hunt down her friends/teammates, and ELECTROCUTED Roy. Forget romantic crap, she’s a terrible FRIEND.

          • Jill says:

            I agree with you Kate.

          • Lex says:

            Exactly. Sara has already been killed off, and now they’re getting rid of Felicity via character assassination. The entire season was planned around two major agendas: launch another spin-off and reinstate Laurel as the female lead character. The Laurel-as-Black Canary storyline has been planned from the development phase. Based on the comic books, Black Canary would be obvious as the female lead/love interest, and it’s likely something that made Katie originally sign on for the show.

            For some reason, during the development phase the writers decided to change Dinah/Laurel’s origins to create conflict and drama with Oliver, drawing out the romance over several seasons. They knew they wanted shippers – they’re one of the most active audiences and constantly promote their shows on social media. The producers were probably hoping for something like Chuck and Sarah: no other love interest for either was going to last long; and inevitably they would end up together with a happily ever after. They weren’t anticipating a character introduced in episode 3 to be such a hit – Felicity had instant chemistry with Oliver, added charming humor to an otherwise dark show, and won the audience over. Suddenly people saw how amazing she was with Oliver platonically, so why not put them in a romantic relationship? Shippers came out of the woodwork – in Felicity the audience had the strong, lovable female character they wanted. They found Oliver’s leading lady. And the writers went with it.

            Felicity was funny, relatable, and (at least until this season) broke through cliches by showing you can be a geek and brilliant and awkward and girly. The nice, smart girl didn’t need to be a plain Jane. She constantly proved she was more than Oliver’s “Girl Wednesday;” I found her empowering because she was an Everywoman who (again, until this season) refused to play the damsel, even if she got herself in trouble and needed rescuing, it was because she was ready and willing to step into the field and get the mission accomplished. Her life, her choice. Her conflicts with Oliver weren’t only about keeping her on the sidelines for her own protection: she challenged him about doing the right thing, while (until this season) always made sure he knew she still supported him. Her interactions with Oliver weren’t just about cutesy, flustered flirting; she helped him find another way to be a hero and made him want to be a better man. Throw Diggle into the mix, and you have one of the most formidable crime-fighting teams on television.

            But what about Laurel? Wasn’t she supposed to be the female lead? Sure, Katie still had top billing, but everyone saw Felicity as the de facto female lead, and was taking on every function and role Laurel was supposed to have in Oliver’s overarching narrative. Laurel became a regular in an episode’s B-plotline, and you wouldn’t miss anything if you decided to fast-forward through her parts. This season, they’re going back to square one. They’re making sure Laurel is set up to be the female lead again. The way their doing it is by killing off the competition, literally in Sara’s case and figuratively in Felicity’s.

            It started with the character schilling after the midseason break: suddenly Laurel was everyone’s best friend and shoulder to cry on after Oliver’s supposed death, even though she’s barely had any sort of civiI interaction with anyone on Team Arrow (and she only rarely showed Oliver any basic human consideration). Then we are told Sara had no “light” – by Felicity no less, the show’s metaphorical light. Laurel is therefore the better Canary, isn’t she? And as Felicity has become the show’s unofficial kingmaker – get her seal of approval and you can officially consider yourself a hero – it’s discrediting Sara’s heroism, in case anyone in the audience was still hung up on her death.

            Eventually Felicity will become so hated we’ll want her to be killed/written off the show. This pod person has become season 1 Laurel – B storyline, extremely dislikable, and always making the worst choice – the one that would make the audience loathe her more. The Ray spin-off is something that came later. It wasn’t originally planned, but after the success of The Flash, the writers decided they wanted another show in the same continuity. How do they go about it? Make him interact with Felicity. The audience like[d] Felicity, so they’ll follow her into the B-plotline that sets up the spin-off. Great way to use her popularity, and as a bonus they’d be making room for Laurel to take her “rightful place” in the Arrowcave.

            I desperately want to hope the writers are pulling a long con; that this whole season has been leading to a satisfying twist that would make everything before it make sense. They have reasons for breaking up Original Team Arrow. They have reasons for suddenly making Laurel this tough, “strong female character” (the term used in irony). They have reasons for transforming Felicity into her evil twin. They have reasons for suddenly making Ray a jerk, and they have reasons for why this season has been such a let down. However, I’m pretty much losing my faith. Characterization and narrative have been sacrificed for contractual obligations about main characters and cranking out another spin-off. In the words of the late Whitney Huston, didn’t we almost have it all?

            I did not mean for that to be as long as the book of Deuteronomy, only without the bans on homosexuality and shellfish.

          • Briggs says:

            I think it’s empowering when a woman refuses to wait around for a guy who can’t seem to make up his mind as to who he is and what he wants without help. She’s taking control of her life and letting Oliver know it. He’s the one getting himself into impossible situations and dragging everyone along with him. Oliver is the one screwing everything up. Not Felicity.

          • kath says:

            It is empowering not to wait around for a guy to make up his mind.

            It is however neither empowering nor self-respecting to apologize for keeping Oliver’s secret to the guy who stalked her to put her on his tech team and didn’t even tell her that the suit she’d been working on has been flying for the past month, who took her facial recognition software without telling her, and who told her that she was untrustworthy when she said that Oliver wasn’t the person who was doing the killing even though he’s known her for five months and been sleeping with her for the last one.
            It’s not empowering to ask him if he still is willing to take her on as a partner when he’s spent the episode showing her that he either has no idea of what a partner is, or doesn’t want to give her equal partnership.
            Everything the executive producers have said about Ray being a good option for Felicity vanished in this episode, along with Felicity being a strong woman who will stand up to Ray in their end scene.

          • Briggs says:

            They are in an adult relationship. In adult relationships, you apologize when things you do hurt the other person. Besides which, he corrected her and *apologized to her*, because what happened was indeed his fault, later.

          • kath says:

            I don’t see how she hurt him. By keeping Oliver’s secret from him? It was Oliver’s secret, not hers to tell. She also kept Ray’s secret from Oliver.
            Ray, on the other hand, out and out lied to her, told her he didn’t trust her judgement after he’d told her a few episodes that he relied on her judgement, told her they were partners and then didn’t tell her the suit was working and stole her software.
            The first apology should have come from Ray, and then Felicity could have reciprocated if he had. This way, when she apologizes to him when he hurt her much more, makes her look needy to have “a partner”.

          • Briggs says:

            And he let her know he should have the first apology. And he got hurt when she didn’t tell either of them about the other and they had that fight. But Ray was good and told her the apology should be his. A Youtuber named Olicity Queen even has the scene on her (?) channel if you need to watch it again.

          • kath says:

            Felicity went to Ray and apologized to him for keeping Oliver’s secret and asked if he still wanted a partner. And then Ray said he should apologize to her.
            But if he was sincere in believing he wronged her, why didn’t he seek her out? He’s so good at pinging her phone to figure out where she is and showing up unannounced at her house when he wants to talk to her. Why did he wait till she came to him if he really felt that he needed to apologize?
            This episode made Ray out to be A Boyfriend To Be Avoided.

          • Briggs says:

            I believe he was dealing with a bruised ego and body at the time. Having woken up with a sore body before, I think I can understand his reluctance to go track her down immediately. Especially since he might have been as worried she’d break up with him as she was worried he’d break up with her. All in all, he had good reasons to want to avoid a confrontation right off.

          • CM says:

            Not to mention Ray and Oliver whipping out their equipment in order to decide who would get Felicity.

            Felicity didn’t choose anything – the guys decided.

          • Lex says:

            I think who apologized first doesn’t really matter, because when you add Ray’s stalker-like behavior all season (maybe the kindest way to put it is inappropriately overeager?) and his manipulation to gain control of Queen Consolidated, among other things, he’s still a bit of a jerk. Apologizing first in this situation doesn’t account for several months of being a creeper (apologies to Brandon Routh, who I expect is a lovely person; if he is intentionally making Ray unsettling he’s doing a fabulous job. If not…)

      • Dj says:

        I would be so happy if this happened. Every show Felicity is ticked off at Oliver for something. It makes me hate her character with how they are overly forcing her as the shows moral compass. Outside of Laurel Felicity has been the worst character on the show this season.

    • Sarah T says:

      Really? I really liked the interaction between both her & Oliver & her & Palmer. I feel like her & Oliver are getting back to “normal” for the most part

    • Kath says:

      You mean you didn’t love how Ray and Oliver decided between them who Felicity should be with? That came second, right behind Felicity suddenly not caring that her “partner” never even told her the suit she’s been working on for months, works now.

      I’m so disappointed in this show.

      • nashieb says:

        Never mind that afyer calling her a liar she went crawling back to him literally begging to be his ‘true partner’. She was sorry for what happened to him?!! What about what he done to Roy. Her friend for longer than she’s been seeing that smarmy eejit?!! Hating arrow right now. Everyone on team arrow but Roy seems to have gone though a body snatching of some sort!!!

    • Kate says:

      I don’t want her dead. I want them to write her character the way they used to and stop using her to prop the bad ones like Ray. They’ve twisted her and made her so ooc just so Ray had a reason for being there.

      • Kim&Bey says:

        Ray has a reason to be there unlike, Laurel and Roy….

        • Mari says:

          Roy’s role is to be Oliver’s sidekick. No one else can do it — Diggle is Oliver’s mentor and comic book fans would be very upset if that role were Laurel’s. Roy is also there so that Oliver can mentor someone younger and do a good job of it, unlike last season. He can’t do that with Laurel or Thea

          I can accept that Laurel had to go through her origin story this season because of comics! but I don’t see how she’s going to fit on Team Arrow. She was really good this episode, being a tough lawyer. That’s what the show needs, a competent lawyer not a floundering vigilante.

          Speaking of which, Ray hasn’t had a real place on this show since he took over Oliver’s company. Now that he finally gets to interact with characters other than Felicity, he’s even worse than before, accusing both Felicity and Laurel of being governed by their emotions when he’s the one who is doing it more than anyone else, and accusing Felicity of not being honest with him when he’s been lying to her and hiding things from her himself.

          I just wish Raylicity would end before I dislike Ray so much I won’t want to watch the spin-off.

        • Mari says:

          “He has been open with her, unlike Felicity..what show have you been watching”

          Ray didn’t tell Felicity who he was when he went to see her at the tech store to get equipment to hack into QC’s records even though he knew who she was. He didn’t tell her why he wanted the equipment (to hack in illegally and steal the company).
          Ray didn’t tell her why he wanted the company (to get access to the OMAC software) and why he wanted the tech (to build a super suit and be a vigilante).
          He didn’t tell her that he’s had the suit flying for a month now; he didn’t tell her he was taking her facial recognition software.
          There may be other things he isn’t telling her. But for sure, he hasn’t been open and honest with her from the start as he said he has.

    • jj says:

      The only season where Felicity is acceptable is the first season. She is so annoying that I no longer watch the show live. I watch it the next day (if it is not a heavy Felicity episode) and skip all scenes with her in it. To say that she sucks is putting it mildly.

      • Briggs says:

        So she was only acceptable when she had no character development. Gotcha.

      • Sam says:

        Why even bother watching the show then? Felicity is the heart of it.

        • Celina says:

          She is not the heart of the show. The Arrow is! And if someone likes the story and all the characters, except for her, he or she has the right to watch. They have good storylines, but the romance is not one of them. This whole ‘I can’t be with you, but I love you” is meh and is going on all season, since ep one. They shoudn’t have gone on a date, they shoud have stayed friends that have ‘secret’ feelings for each other, because now, it is very boring when they argue about everything. And people blaming Laurel is ridiculous! The reason why all of this happened is because fans wanted Oliver and Felicity together, so they decided to make this the most important relationship of the show.

  3. Sil says:

    The Suicide Squad and the wedding were the best parts. The rest was meh. Ray and Felicity thing blah. I miss the old Oliver. Love Dig. I really enjoy watching Netflix of seasons 1 and 2 best.

  4. GirlvsTV says:

    Well, I’m sorry I decided to watch this show live again after that episode. I had hope because last week’s ep seemed to be a step in the right direction, but this was really terrible.

    If the writers wanted me to hate Ray Palmer they certainly succeeded. His suit looks cheap and the cgi/practical effects for his ‘flying’ were pretty bad. He was also a total dick to both Oliver and Felicity.

    I despise that it feels like they’ve turned Felicity into some object to be fought over. The only way this episode could have ended properly was if she told both Oliver and Ray to GTFO.

    I was also really disappointed with that Arrow vs Arrow vs Arrow vs Arrow fight scene. The choreography or editing or something felt really off.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      See, I actually thought the “flying Atom” CGI was pretty good. Then again, I’ve laid witness to the Castle wedding.

      • GirlvsTV says:

        Eh, it didn’t really do it for me. The practical over-the-shoulder shot from behind with Ray ‘floating’ was also pretty distracting.

        However, the picture quality my CW affiliate broadcasts at is pretty low so I may revise my opinion after watching a better version online.

      • BBussey says:

        The special effects are well done. It’s just that there is a vocal online minority that is ticked off about the soap elements of the season and rail about everything. They overlook the fact that if the majority of viewers felt as they did, the ratings would reflect that. Given that the show is enjoying its strongest ratings on average this season, it’s very difficult to push the argument that the show sucks. They keep trying though.

        • GirlvsTV says:

          This a comments section, where people express their personal opinions about how they felt about an episode. In my opinion, I didn’t enjoy that episode for all the reasons stated above. And I personally didn’t like the effects. I can respect that you have a different opinion, and would hope that you could do the same for me.

          • Ab1973 says:

            I’m with you that this season is terrible, but he’s right that ratings are fine. That’s why everyone who hates this season has to stop watching. I haven’t watched since they killed Oliver, because it was so obvious that was a stunt to make people give a crap about Laurel and Ray. They’re not getting my eyes or a dime of my cash again.

        • Dmac says:

          Umm no, the vocal minority are ticked off because the show was outstanding in season 1 and 2 and now it doesn’t even seem like the same show. The problem with ignoring the vocal minority is that eventually become the majority and than you have a problem on your hands. The dissatisfaction with this show has been growing with every episode. Go on other sites and you will see the same thing.

          By the way this is a comment page, which I assume means everyone is free to comment on what they feel.

      • Kath says:

        The Castle wedding was bad CGI but real emotions and good characterization.
        The emotions here, from PodFelicity to Oliver and Ray deciding between them who she should be with to Ray disrespecting Felicity and not telling her about the suit, to killing Deadshot makes me more critical.

        I have an imagination and if the writing for the characters is solid, I can forgive bad special effect. But bad writing + bad effects = a poor episode.

      • Luli says:

        The castle wedding was great… I’ve seen worse CGIs, the background wasn’t that bad.

      • LOL touché Nothing beats bad CGI like the Castle wedding.

      • Kim&Bey says:

        I liked Ray and his suit and the scene with Arrow & Atom, just brilliant. Everything about this episode was on point IMO. I’m glad the writers are not paying attention to some viewers who are always negative and nit pick at everything, why people cannot just sit back and enjoy a show as it is, is beyond me!

  5. Sarah T says:

    I thought this is an excellent episode overall. Really like the focus on Daigle and getting to see more between oliver & Felicity . I also like that Oliver was able to put Ray in his place without having to beat the crap out of them even though he probably wanted to. I agree I wasn’t sure what Ray’s reasoning was in wanting to take out the Arrow. Was he wanting to harm him, kill him or put him in jail? I feel like the season is finally coming together more. Definitely looking forward to the rest of it. And even though I’m team Oliver and Felicity I did like the interaction between Felicity and Ray at the end. Looking forward to next weeks episode is that.

    • lucifer says:

      yep me to.. loved the episode. felcity was awesome and loved her interaction with oliver

    • Anne says:

      I agree it was a good episode. I really like the interactions between all the characters, which to me seemed genuine. Albeit Roy getting zapped and left for dead is a bit of a plot hole, poor guy. I hope the Oliver felicity stuff is behind us because, even though I’m a fan,I feel like they’ve covered it enough and done a really good job explaining why they’re not together. I haven’t been crazy about parts of this season as well but episodes like this help to remind me that this show is still my favorite.

  6. Sarah T says:

    Yeah I wasn’t sure what Rays plans for taking out the Arrow entailed but overall solid episode. I really liked the focus on Digg & even Deadshot. Loved the interaction between oliver & Felicity. I’m not crazy about Rays suit so I’m wondering if they’re going to revamp that (and his abilities) for the spinoff show. I think that would be good.

  7. Shelley says:

    It’s time to record this show. This was rather pathetic. I was really excited about Diggle’s wedding.

  8. Josh says:

    Screw Ray Felicity shouldn’t be having to apologize to Ray. That freaking Gary stu. Nice guy he is telling Felicity he don’t trust her and acts like a dick but MG has Felicity go back to him at the end when she should be telling him to F Off. I hate Ray so much

  9. Lysh says:

    I don’t care if it’s a river in Egypt, Deadshot cannot be dead. And I like Cupid. She adds some humor to the group.

    I was wondering about Ray’s level of hypocrisy when he was zapping Oliver and Roy…it was probably merely set to stun. He definitely needs some vigilante pointers. Right now he’s just a rich kid in a fancy (albeit really awesome) suit.

  10. Kath says:

    Not sure what they were trying to accomplish with this episode as if they had taken my vote, Deadshot would be alive and Ray would be the one dead.

    Plus, they’ve managed to kill any affection I had for Raylicity by making Felicity a doormat for Ray. Why didn’t she get angry that he hadn’t told her the suit worked? The whole reason Ray was supposed to be a better option for her was because he was a “team player” (EBR’s words) and Oliver wasn’t. What kind of team player is this? Not to mention what he did to Roy who tried to answer a 911 call to help, should knock him off any team Felicity is on, and yet there she is, propping him again at the end of the episode.

    • Kate says:

      THIS. She became a total doormat and that’s not Felicity. It’s bad writing. So very bad. I can’t believe they’ve ruined Felicity to prop such a terrible character as Ray.

    • Dmac says:

      Team player, the only team he plays with is Felicity. He barely even interacts with rest of them. Ugh

  11. Alichat says:

    The introduction of the Atom suit would have been pretty impressive if the dude inside it wasn’t such a tool. And seriously, he thought just saying “hey, Arrow is innocent.” was going to be enough for the mayor and Lance?? It would have been nice if he’d supplied some videotaped backup to that declaration. I’m so disappointed in Maseo, and I would have liked to see Nyssa pop up at one point to help Oliver since she doesn’t really want him to accept her father’s “offer” either.

    • Alichat says:

      Forgot to add…..I thought Ray’s hypocrisy was pathetic…..”From the moment we met, I’ve held nothing back from you”….uh….except when you lied about who you were to get Felicity’s program to hack into Oliver’s company and steal it. Or having Felicity hack into the system to get to the stash of questionable tech. “I’m going to honor the promise I made to this city and bring the Arrow to justice.” Uh….I thought you said you were bringing him to trial?? Also, how did he know Laurel is the Black Canary?? Where did he hear that name?

  12. Suzyque says:

    Loved the Suicide Squad stuff, and this was the best use of flashbacks in a long time. But I’m so over Oliver and Felicity yelling at each other. I used to want them together but I’m tired of watching them have the same argument over and over. And why did she thank him at the end? For what, exactly? It was almost as nonsensical as her going back to Ray after everything he did this episode. They need to pause the soap opera stuff and get back to basics: Oliver, Dig and Felicity working as a team.

  13. autumndreamer76 says:

    I think it was a mistake to kill off Deadshot, but am really glad they gave us a bit of a back story to him first.

  14. Kate says:

    Oliver and Felicity are so perfect together I literally have NO CLUE why she’s going back to Ray, like the fool insulted her and said he didn’t trust her and went after the people she cares about and SHE apologises?!!!! I’m in shock. Ray Palmer ruined this episode & he pretty much ruined Felicity tonight. I hope the real Felicity Smoak returns soon.

    The only good thing about the episode was Digg/Lyla. Everything else SUCKED.

  15. James D says:

    I really want to get into this season, but I just can’t it has overplayed it’s soap opera hand and now i just watch because I’m hoping it will turn itself around. with that said their were some very enjoyable parts to this episode any time they give Diggle center stage i’m all for it, I thought they pulled off the wedding scene very well it was short and sweet. And dang Laurel you were sure wearing that dress, Katie’s gotten cut. other than that and the Deadshot stuff I could of done with out it to be honest. I was really loving Ray until they decided to turn the Atom into freaking Iron Man WTF Arrow writers you really dropped the ball on that IMO. Felicity seriously has become one of the worst characters on this show which makes me super sad because I love Emily and I love her in this role but dang the writers have given her nothing to work with this season. with AOS’ strong season and Flash’s mostly solid freshman season not to mention the abundance of comics show on there way Arrow really needs to step up its game. Hopefully it does what it does best and ends on a stellar note.

  16. Rachel says:

    Up to now, I’ve tolerated Ray. Now I just hate him. He has to go or I will.

  17. LaLa says:

    I got the impression that Lyla convinced Diggle to continue his work with The Arrow. Although I’m sure he’ll try to limit his activities to the “Arrow cave.”

  18. Xaida says:

    Deadshot dead??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That cant be possible why bring him back only to get him killed.

    I wonder like most of the people here Whatever happn to the Felicity we all fll in love with in S2 ? Where is that chick?= Cause i dont ee her anymore. I dont know if the writers planned to change Felicity this season cause they are suceeding in doing that, she is a total differnt person and that is Ray faul., she met Ray and she became this unbereable person.

    I am dissapointed in Maseo? He became a killer all of a sudden? Wasnt he supposed Oliver friend who helped him in many ways and Oliver saved his famiy only to turn himself into a traitor? Maseo can kill Felicity I agree cause she has became a unbereable lady, she thinks she knows it all and peole have to do and say what she says like her word is the ultimate thing. If the writers cant fix Felicyt they better writer her off and find a replacement for her for the next season, a new possible love interest for Oliver but no Laurel though. Oliver needs a better friend.

    Felicity had not been a good friend much less a good possible love interest for him. The writers had ruined Felicity character this season so much that fans already do not like her at all and prefer her seeing her away from Oliver and the show. If she wants to stay with Ray so let her go with him. even if for Oliver that be very painful, but Oliver needs someone who understand him, Felicty stopped caring for him the moment ray came into the picture.

    We need the Felicity from S2. My view is that te writers wanted to change Felicity beause they wanted Felicity not to be the naive woman anymore, the nerd chick behind the computer, they wanted a woman with strong character who can stand up to Oliver and speak her mind. I mean that is good a strong character lady but not in the way they chaneg Felicity this season, very different.

  19. Ashley says:

    Trying to remind myself that Ray is just a temporary character and that he’ll hopefully be upgraded on the new show, but I really just want him to shut up and disappear so that they can get the characters back on track as well as the storyline. Also, dang them. I was mad when they killed Bronze Tiger off screen, now I’m raging that they killed Deadshot on screen. I really liked Lawton and his moral ambiguity. Plus, introducing HIVE finally, he would’ve seemed like an obvious character to keep around. WTF?

  20. Ray Marquez says:


  21. Man the editing choice and such on this episode kind of ruined it for me. Ollie fights three guys, and two look like they’re going to fight each other before fighting him. Cupid charges right at a guy with a gun, very slowly no less. Ollie just sort of watches Ray flay at him. Roy is zapped and then never seen again. Floyd dies apparently sniping from the roof of the building that’s going to blow up, but what roof was he on earlier shooting into the building? And then finally terrible mayor gets assassinated, making that 3 mayors and 1 mayoral candidate who’ve bitten the dust, not counting the lame villain named The Mayor.

    • Anne says:

      I agree about Cupid. In the previous Cupid episode they said she was on the swat team. Seems like she should have been carrying a gun like everyone else. That bow of hers is ridiculous looking

  22. m3rcnate says:

    These writers sure dont know what they are doing. Lets pretend like theres a scale of 0-100…and 50 is the perfect number. This show has proven that it can hit 50 over and over…yet why does the quality of the writing fluctuate so much that there are episodes like this one that are a 20 or 80 on the scale?
    It doesn’t seem that hard as a fan to look at what works and what doesn’t and to know what they should do and not do if they want the episodes to be good. They have proven a small handful of times that they can write Laurel to be good to watch (like in this episode) yet they write her horribly 90% of the time. Now its happening to Felicity. She was consistently written very well (her own woman, smart, funny, goofy, etc) and now she is delegated to being the love interest (in a crappy love triangle) and naggy whiner? A love triangle where (as mentioned by some of you) her opinions aren’t where the buck stops…she is being told what to do by both guys. That line “You would like that wouldn’t you”….wow. HORRIBLE. How insanely immature would she have to be to so that to him? Or say that to anyone? He what…wants him (a innocent nice guy) dead so he can have a chance with you? WHAT?! Hes the one that dumped you and said it cant work and has consistently said it wont work so we cant be together.

    Overall…as the season goes along (and the series overall) this show is really really wavering in its quality of content. First two seasons we pretty damn solid (weakest link being Laurel) but damn, seems now like for every good episode there are 3 bad ones. And i dont mean they are filler…they just arent good.

  23. Briggs says:

    “This week on The CW’s Arrow, newlyweds John and Lyla apparently registered at Bloodbath & Beyond, while Oliver and Ray each discovered how the other likes to dress up at night.” Okay, this is the best intro I’ve seen in a good long while. Good job, Matt!
    I loved the wedding. I’m starting to put Ray in Marty Stu territory, just because he *happens* to be ordained when Felicity brings him as her plus one. I know it’s easy to be ordained, but still. This was a bit much, even for Ray. He *does* get his butt kicked by Oliver later, however, so he can’t be *too* much of a Marty Stu…
    Felicity doesn’t seem too enthused by having caught the bouquet. Maybe it was one bouquet too many? She *does* seem the type brides would look at and think, “She needs to find a love. I’ll aim for *her*.” One of those cute girls that seem like they need to be taken care of. Not that people need to aim bouquets at you for them to still be thinking that. *raises hand*
    BTW, let’s take a moment to recognize that while Felicity owed it to Oliver to tell him what Ray was planning to do, it wasn’t as if she knew the suit was in working condition, and she probably hoped he was going to give it up in exchange for spending more time on the *company*. Meanwhile, she owed Ray no such thing, and it’s not like he can get on a high horse about it when his activities, while less lethal in his eyes, would have been no more legal than Oliver’s.
    Speaking of legality, can I just say I love Laurel in her element? Even when confronted, however subtlely, about her own activities, she still tells Ray he has no case and effectively sends him packing. At least, more effectively than explaining her brace on her wrist to Oliver, who probably knows that she’s training with Nyssa (or even just suspects), and does not approve. Felicity carrying a bouquet derails that conversaion, however.
    Roy got little to no play in this episode (hello, electric shock!), but I loved when they all got the alert on their phones about the faux Arrows. Good thing Thea is now in the know! And I love that they appear to be back together, but it’s too early to tell.
    The op was really all kinds of fun, but the biggest thing I loved was Cupid and her interactions with Deadshot. I loved everything, but when he became her latest ‘boo’, I laughed out loud. Easily one of the best parts of the ep, right there. And with that, I pay my respects to the fallen sniper. RIP, Deadshot. We always knew the Suicide Squad was going to have a high turnover rate, right?
    The Deadshot flashbacks, I gotta say, made it more sad when he *did* eventually sacrifice himself. I felt so bad for him, though the appearance by HIVE was welcome. *How* long has it been since we heard about them? I think it was the ep where ‘what happens in Russia, stays in Russia’, but I’m open to being corrected.
    The screwy senator doesn’t quite measure up to Senator Bracken (in Castle) for most corrupt, but he gets pretty close. I take comfort in the fact that if ARGUS is saving his butt, that means he owes them, and anyone who owes ARGUS has bigger problems than paying off a dozen or so hostages.
    I don’t think Diggle is going to leave Team Arrow, but the wait and see approach is probably best. He may yet see that he’s still needed.
    The multiple Arrows is going to be a big problem. And obviously, Maseo is knee-deep in the plan. Here’s my thing: Maseo saves his life, and is now insisting that Oliver take an offer that he knows his friend does not want to accept. So what’s his deal? It’s more than preserving his life, I’ll bet. I think there’s an underlying plan, here, that we don’t know about yet.
    Oliver sparing him was no big surprise, but his wanting to keep Felicity with someone she chose was. It might be to his benefit, should Ray and Felicity not work out for some reason. Far better than possessiveness, anyway. And the fact that he went to talk to Ray before being forced into a physical confrontation later shows real growth, I think.
    The Raylicity scene was very cute, but Oliver calling Ray ‘unstable’ kinda makes me wonder if he was comparing Ray to himself, or if he may have a point. Not sure at this point.
    Maseo hesitating as he takes aim at Felicity shows that he’s not exactly all in for this plan as a way to get Oliver to take over the League. Maybe he looks at Felicity and sees Tatsu, Ray notwithstanding? Intriguing.
    Ready for Mama Smoak to come next week!

  24. Madison says:

    I don’t understand why TV shows feel like shoving Brandon Roth were he doesn’t belong is a good idea. (He seems like a nice guy in interviews, I’ll give him that.) I didn’t think it was possible to like him any less than I did when he was on Chuck and then this episode of arrow aired. Thankfully I think he only has a few more episodes left under his contract and then it’s bye bye Ray Palmer.

  25. JayJay says:

    Not crazy about Felicity being written like she’d support the cause of every good looking millionaire who bats his eyelashes at her. It makes her look desperate for a relationship and easily swayed.
    Is the League going to kill Felicity and Oliver accept Ra’s position to use the Lazarus pit to “resurect” her?

    • Mari says:

      Marc Guggenheim has said that’s not going to happen. From the pictures for next week, I’d say that Ray saves her, which the producers are going to think makes up for him being such a jerk this episode.
      One of the worst things about this episode was all the gaslighting of viewers with the stuff going on between Ray and Felicity. He tells her he’s always been honest with her, RIGHT AFTER revealing that he stole her facial recognition software and kept the fact that the suit works from her. Felicity tells Oliver that Ray wants to be a real partner, shortly after finding out he lied to her and won’t trust her. It’s a dysfunctional relationship and having Felicity keep saying how much she wants it is hurting her as well as making Ray even worse than he already is.
      If Oliver really cared for Felicity, he’d try to get her to see that she really shouldn’t be with Ray.

  26. Michelle says:

    Does anyone know when Ray’s last episode is on Arrow? I might WANT to watch the show again after he leaves.

  27. Lex says:

    Does anyone remember that one show about a guy becoming a hero, saving the city armed only with an archaic weapon, an ex-soldier and a tech wizard? And the hero guy was always struggling with doing the right thing, and his team was there to back him up and show him the right way? And together they totally kicked ass?

    This is not that show. The Oliver, Felicity, and Oliver/Felicity I loved have disappeared in a storm of angst and OOC character assassination, and as we saw during the “Shove Laurel Down Our Throats” arc, the writers aren’t afraid to bench Diggle on the sidelines if it gives them a chance to push the Laurel Agenda. Eventually he’ll be put out to pasture, and we’ll be stuck with weak characters like Laurel and Ray.

    It’s all rather sad, but I guess in a way it’s good that they’re eventually going to go with the original comic book characters and get rid of the good ones created for the show. We had to wait until the series finale to learn the How I Met Your Mother producers are morons.

    • GirlvsTV says:

      I miss that show!

    • Dmac says:

      That was such a good show. Ah well we always have season 1 and 2 on Netflix.

    • nashieb says:

      Sounds familiar. Don’t think it got renewed for season 3. 😝. I moss the old team.

    • Boston2AZ says:

      What a great post! Congratulations – and thanks for encapsulating what so many of us feel.

    • Sam says:

      I want that show back too. This whole season has been about ruining everything to make Laurel BC and give Ray his origin story. It needs to be about Oliver. And the love triangle stuff is terrible. The strange thing is, the Olicity scenes are always really good. This episode showed they believe in each other, they support each other. The love is clearly there. It’s just Ray is ruining everything. It was unnecessary. They need to get back to basics or else I’m really not gonna tune in for S4.

  28. Pat says:

    This is the first time, for me that I can honestly say that only half of this show was good. John and Lyla were great, especially when their honeymoon took a detour and ended up being a rescue mission by the suicide squad.I was glad to see some of the backstory on Floyd which was really sad. As for the character of Ray, I never passed judgement on him when he started on this show but now I have to say, that it is time to get him off this show.

  29. Anna says:

    What even has this show become? I liked the Suicide Squad part of the show, but the rest? The worst was when Oliver just walks away from Roy lying on the ground. He could’ve been dead! Does nobody care? I mean, logic was never the show’s strength… ugh! This really bothers me, because I used to love this show. But this is getting ridiculous. I hate love triangles and this one between Oliver and Felicity and Less-Depressed-Oliver is so freakin’ boring! At this point I hope Mateo shoots Felicity and wounds her, so that Oliver can come back to his senses… I’m not impressed by this season at all. I hope it gets better.

  30. nashieb says:

    Now that Lyla’s no longer team deathsquad she can join team Arrow and Felicity can go with Ray whenever he leaves. Which I’m hoping is soon. She’s no longer Felicity. I know they want the whole love triangle which is cool? She can shag the whole of starling city for all I care but…whoever that woman is, she’s not Felicity. Maybe it’s a shapeshifter in her place. With the way Arrow’s going that’s a possibility. And what’s with Oliver?!! Just leaving Roy lying there?!! Is he alive?!!! I was kinda hoping Mateo would arrow Felicity but she’s in next week’s epi so…..

    • Lex says:

      You know what? I’ve been referring to Oliver as Winchester!Oliver, because he’s reaching levels of manpain I’ve only seen Sam and Dean Winchester display. Maybe there is something supernatural going on… certainly would explain why Felicity has become so incredibly out of character from the girl we loved in seasons 1 and 2.

  31. Joe says:

    I get the feeling that Matt was particular proud about his “bloodbath and beyond” pun.

  32. GhostWolf says:

    Not sure what the heck is going on with the show. I liked Ray P. in the beginning but not now, please just go. Oliver was right that he seems unstable and their little showdown – just because you have a suit (a la Iron Man) does not make you a crimefighter with no fighting experience – was a joke. This is about Oliver and team Arrow but that is all getting convoluted at this point.

    Really not interested in the whole multi-Arrow storyline. Captain Lance is on full-blown hatred based on next week’s promo more so than in the beginning when the vigilante came on the scene.

    The highlight was Diggle / Suicide Squad. RIP Deadshot (at least we got background on him rather than more of Oliver’s tedious flashbacks which I always FF).

    Hopefully, season four will get back on track since this season has been all over the place.

    • Boston2AZ says:

      “Oliver was right that he seems unstable and their little showdown – just because you have a suit (a la Iron Man) does not make you a crimefighter with no fighting experience – was a joke.” Right. But then again, isn’t that EXACTLY what the show has been force-feeding us all season long with Laurel??

  33. Calliope says:

    I can’t help but think that they’re building up to the point where, on account of their handy-dandy time-travelling friend, Barry, by season’s end they’ll just rewind to the part where Thea killed Sara, change it so Sara’s spared, and call a major redo on the rest of the season. I think the part where you see Capt. Lance in the Arrow Cave pretty well sells the theory, not to mention Caity Lotz being due to costar in the spin-off.

  34. laffers18 says:

    I thought Layla had already resigned , or did I misread/mishear her last scene with Diggle. It’s most likely me, as my observation skills are sadly lacking! LOL

    Really enjoyed this episode, liked the mix of the action with The Suicide Squad and Starling City.

    Cupid…I’m not a fan. I just find her annoying and pretty surplus to requirements…but Deadshots annoyance with her was amusing.

    Ray – love the actor, find the character a tad dull. Nice enough, but doesn’t interest me. (But I’ve always been a sucker for a bad boy, so I really shouldn’t use his niceness against him. But I am.)

    Refreshingly, I’m also really enjoying the Laurel side of things for once. And Felicity still rocks (IMO).

    I missed Thea, but really looking forward to the rest of the Season.

    • herman1959 says:

      Yes, Lyla did say she had resigned, but nothing is final on this show. And to that point, I don’t think Deadshot is dead either since they could use him in the Atom spinoff. Um this is where I could go into a rant about how the writing was jacked to set up the spinoff, but I won’t because I think I did that yesterday about The Flash.

  35. brenna says:

    I actually enjoyed the episode. The Diggle/Lyla half was great. And I enjoyed the Oliver/Atom story, although I agree that it’s time for Ray to go. I feel like we are getting our hero back with Oliver and I look forward to the rest of the season. And I think Oliver and Felicity are getting back where they need to be. I really hope that Felicity will be the one to end it with Ray, and not the other way around. I agree that they are making this strong, beautiful, intelligent, funny woman seem desperate for love. The relationship with Ray seems forced on us. We may can see where Ray was coming from, but the Felicity we know would not have jumped right back into a relationship with him. They haven’t had time to develop something that deep. I enjoyed Laurel schooling Ray. It’s one time when her haughty attitude really worked well! If they wanted us to like Ray for the new show, they should have introduced him in a really good two-episode arc that would have made us want to see more, as they did with Barry Allen.

  36. Emmy says:

    Ok, so yes the love triangle stuff was a little annoying, I’m ready for them to get Felicity back to normal (I can see them slowly getting there), but as a whole I felt that this episode and last were huge improvements to this season, where there have only been a handful of good episodes. It makes me think that even though this season hasn’t been great, that next season still has a chance of being back to awesome.

  37. 134sc says:

    I very much enjoyed this episodes. My complaints are very minor and really not even worth discussing.

  38. Luis says:

    R.I.P. Floyd Lawton – given this show’s attitude toward death, I seriously hope we haven’t seen the last of you. Tattooing the names of your victims on your body , BTW – completely badass. “Bloodbath & Beyond-” you’re a cheeky devil, Mitovich! Why am I not surprised Ray is a minister? If they’d been at a bakery that was short a man, Palmer would have been kneading dough in two shakes. Facial recognition software in the armor? How awesome is that? I feel sympathy for Felicity, being whipsawed between these two head cases – girlfriend needs to tell them both to go jump in a lake. Oliver calling someone else unstable? Yikes.

  39. Brigid says:

    I disagree with everyone. I love this season much better than last year. Slade annoyed the heck out of me. I enjoy Ray and Ra’s and I love the way they are writing Felicity. Every character has to grow and the fact that she is becoming more serious and everything isn’t a joke to her any more shows that she is growing up. The only character regressing is Quentin and he’s just ridiculous. I don’t want this show to go backwards and be the same thing it was in Season 1, things have changed, just like real life and you need to adjust to that. Why do people want everything to stay so vanilla when there are a 100 other flavors out there? I like where the writers are taking this show and I hope they continue to try new things and put there characters through the ringer in order to make them better people. Last nights episode was great! I laughed so hard when Roy got zapped and it looked like Oliver left him, so funny. Cupid was great and I was impressed that Deathshot sacrificed himself for the greater good. See how people change.

    • Ab1973 says:

      You think it’s fine, other people think it sucks. You’re no more right than anyone else is. And yeah, it’s hysterical when a “hero” abandons his injured teammate. Hardy har.

      • Briggs says:

        Not like she’s wrong, either. And we’ve been assured the show ‘will never be the same’ after the season finale. If that bothers you, you might want to get out now, while the getting is good.

        • Ab1973 says:

          Everyone’s opinion is equal. And I got out after they killed Oliver, in a pointless and obvious stunt. When the only way you can make the viewers give a crap about your pet characters is temporarily killing the main character, your problem isn’t the viewers or the main character, it’s the ones you have to work so hard to try to prop.

          • Briggs says:

            I was with you up until you said you weren’t watching the show anymore. If you aren’t watching, why are you still commenting? That’s like FB stalking your ex an commenting on their statuses after you break up with them.

  40. Erick Lee says:

    Something that is starting to annoy me about the show, is the ‘soapy’ interactions between the characters. No matter how serious the topic, or how it desperately needs to be talked about, sorted out, and gotten to root of, no conversation between two people in this show lasts longer than 30 seconds before one party becomes upset and storms off angrily Like in soaps, people travel across town to visit people to ‘talk in person’, say three sentences, then leave with nothing settled. .

    • herman1959 says:


    • GirlvsTV says:

      Because if the writers allowed characters to have actual discussions with one another 90% of the ‘drama’ would be resolved. It’s one of the reasons I liked last week’s episode – it felt like people were finally talking TO each other instead of AT each other.

  41. Lois says:

    I’ve just stopped watching Arrow. I used to love the show. But ever since that lame episode after Oliver’s fight with Ra’s I just gave up. I don’t know what they’re doing with the characters or the story. It’s just boring. Now I just read the reviews and if there’s anything good I go and watch the episode. And after this one, I think I’ll be away from the show. I hope it gets better.

  42. AW says:

    The best part of this episode was Deadshot’s back story and redemption in the end and the dedication to Wounded Wear Project. Regarding Ray’s costume, it’s still looks too big and clunky to fly in and looks too much like Ironman. The comicbook version looks better.

  43. Bill says:

    Dead shot better not be dead, if so that was really lame. The fight between Arrow and ATOM was equally disappointing, lasted like 15 seconds. The suicide squad and Lawton flashbacks were great (except for law tons death) were good. Wasn’t a fan of the Arrow stuff in this one

  44. Justin Smith says:

    No disrespect to Brandon Routh but the writers ruined The Atom. It’s NOT the suit (the suit is awesome) but it’s features that pissed me off. He doesn’t fly & doesn’t shoot energy bolts. The “Main” purpose for the A.T.O.M. exosuit (that the fans including myself we wanted to see) is to have the ability to shrink to incredible sizes while retaining his full density whether its the size of an insect or at subatomic levels that is not visible to the naked eye which he can alter his size & mass, able to glide on air currents and stiff breezes & gained superhuman strength by shifting all his mass into his fists he can punch with incredible force.

    In a way, The Atom is suppose to be the Ant-Man of DC Comics (minus the incects).

  45. Ellie says:

    The “I am not with u b/c what I do could place u in danger” line from Oliver to Felicity has grown old and simply does not hold: being on team Arrow is already a dangerous position for her and everyone and their brother already know she is Oliver’s soft spot. At the risk of sounding cliche’ it seems the only one Oliver is trying to protect from harm in not being with Felicity is himself. Boo-hoo tough guy! He is at some point going to have to make a choice and jump in the water or lose her for good.
    Hope Deadshot is still alive, enjoyed Cupid’s crazy and want to see more more Diggle action.
    Please let Ra’s al Ghul give Ray a good old school whoop@$$!

  46. grys03 says:

    Have no doubts that Deadshot will return. Don’t mind Cupid’s silliness in smallish doses & definitely enjoyed her more serious side when Deadshot apparently “dies”

    The Suicide Squad segments were well done with enough story to make it worth watching on it’s own.

    Did miss a Oliver’s flashbacks – though Floyd’s were well done.

    I liked Brandon as Supes but he is simply too sugary-sweet in Arrow. The suit pretty well sucks – a form fitting outfit would work better.

    Will be glad when the Arrow & ATOM interactions are done. Not sure that the spinoff will succeed.

    Finally they are handling Laurel well but at the expense of Felicity. Not to mention the slightly schizophrenic Capt Lance. (I like Arrow, I don’t like Arrow, I like Arrow…)

    Felicity was great because she was the “goto-guy/person” for info, for tech, for support. & her great Freudian slips. But she’s been reduced to a Mills & Boon character. Hopefully that will change once ATOM goes.

  47. mike says:

    This is almost as big a misstep as killing Sara was. Atom is NOT Iron Man. So stupid. I had hopes we would be seeing the actual shrinking Atom..not Iron Man lite