The Flash Recap: Repeat After Me

The Flash Barry Relives Day

This week on The CW’s The Flash, Barry relived the fateful day in which the Weather Wizard terrorized Central City and Wells (unbeknownst to anyone) killed Cisco for knowing too much.

Was Barry’s day any better this time around? Let’s take stock of what changed, despite Dr. Wells’ repeated warnings to Barry that “time is an extremely fragile construct” prone to unleashing “cataclysm” if tampered with:

IRIS THEN: Her subconscious feelings jarred by the attack on the cop shop and then the tsunami, Iris professed her love to Barry, and they kissed.
IRIS NOW: Giddy Barry tried to be proactive by, after breaking up with Linda, meeting Iris for coffee and a big, clumsy download of emotions — ones that she was in no mindset to reciprocate, still. What’s more, Barry got slugged by Eddie for his overture, though all fences were mended when Cailtin “explained” that Barry was suffering from “Lightning Psychosis.”

CISCO THEN: Suspicious about Dr. Wells, Cisco poked around the containment field gizmo, realizing that his boss faked his “fight” that night with the Reverse Flash — because they are one in the same. Wells sneaked up on Cisco, confessed that he is Eobard Thawne and that years ago he meant to kill Barry, not his mother Nora. The doc then used his vibrating hand to kill Cisco.
CISCO NOW: Because Barry never relayed the news that Iris’ boss was investigating Wells, Cisco’s suspicions were not roused. Instead, he (begrudgingly) attended his brother Dante’s birthday party, though Caitlin nicely tagged along. Later, when Cisco quits S.T.A.R Labs after arming Captain Cold & Co., Wells has a talk with him — down by the containment field gizmo, natch — speaking of how Cisco is “family” and in a way is the son Wells never had. (IOW, a very different outcome!)

THE VILLAIN THEN: Mark Mardon emerged as the Weather Wizard, out for revenge against Joe. In an attack on the CCPD, Captain Singh is gravely injured. Mardon later kidnaps Joe and unleashes a tsunami on Central City, which Barry races to stop.
THE VILLAINS NOW: Knowing what he knows, Barry easily gets the drop on Mardon and locks him up in the Pipeline. Instead, Captain Cold, Heat Wave and Snart’s sister Lisa (aka Golden Glider) launch an offensive against the Santini family’s casino — using guns that Cisco is forced to make for them, because they kidnapped Dante. Cold later tortures Dante until Cisco reveals The Flash’s identity. After Barry thwarts the “rogues gallery’s” attack on a money truck, he is forced to reach a compromise with Snart: Cold has free reign to rob, but he won’t kill. Or else Barry will come for him, identity revealed or not.

So… though Barry prevented Singh’s hospitalization and the tsunami threat, he now has a villain on the loose aware of The Flash’s identity. Also, things went much worse for Mason Bridge, who was paid a visit by Reverse Flash and (forever!) prevented from writing “the story of the century. This century, anyway.” After Barry catches wind of Mason’s “disappearance,” he meets up with Joe to acknowledge, “You were right” about Wells. “All of it.”

What did you think about “Rogue Time”? A little too tidy a “reset” of the bananas stuff that went down last week?

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  1. CBWBDK1 says:

    Everything seems to be a lot worse, except for Cisco being alive.

    • KCC says:

      In addition, (i) Capt. Singh is not paralyzed; (ii) Joe has not been captured and tortured; (iii) Cisco’s brother has more respect for him; and (iv) there’s not a tsunami threatening to wash away the city.

  2. Viv says:

    Well, I don´t care about anything else: Cisco is alive!
    And I can´t shake the feeling that Eddie´s “It´s not like me to hit anybody” was a hint towards…. something…

    • L says:

      Eddie has always been kinda sketchy….

      • Seahawks 12th Man says:

        Yes i agree, Eddie is Sketchy not kinda lol. I have a feeling he knows whats up with the reverse flash.

    • GhostWolf says:

      Well Eddie is the least fleshed out character on the show so maybe hitting someone may not be so out of character for him. We know close to nil about his background other than he is a relation to Wells in the future.

  3. Figures they undid everything, though the new situation isn’t exactly peaches.

  4. Tai says:

    Cisco is alive. The rest I can learn to live with. Love Caitlin coming to the rescue at the end of the day for Barry. Similar to Barry being there for Cisco earlier. The friendships on this show impress me more than the romantic subplots.

    Also it’s about freaking time that Barry got clued in especially after last week’s ending. I can’t wait to see how this all plays out.

  5. James D says:

    at least Cisco’s still alive that makes me happy. as for the rest I’m kind of meh on the whole thing. Love Wentmorth he’s very good as Snart but i wasn’t really feeling this little arc for some reason. As for Wells/RF i’m not going to keep repeating myself, but I will say I’d like to know where there going with him.

    • Ab1973 says:

      Captain Cold becoming somewhat nicer is really transparent setup for the spinoff. It came out of nowhere and grates.

      • herman1959 says:

        Ditto, and allow me to add that the “agreement” between The Flash and Cold just didn’t make sense to me. I kept waiting for the full explanation, but I didn’t get it. AND, now Iris doesn’t know she loves Eddie, but she thinks he’s psychotic…Ugh!

      • Brian Bauer says:

        It follows his motto in the comics “Rogues don’t kill”. But it was an abrupt change from his previous appearance.

  6. deathwater says:

    Really didn’t care for the episode for the most part, but thought the last five minutes saved it from being a complete dud. Last week was to me the best episode of the season and undoing all of it in this episode made the weak story-lines seem worse. Enjoyed everything from Captain Cold talks with The Flash on-wards.

  7. Bwhit says:

    I really like that they set up Captain Cold always being out there and knowing who Barry is. I enjoy how Wentworth Miller plays Captain Cold, he is the perfect, campy bad guy. I felt bad for Barry the whole episode but I am so glad he is on to Wells.

  8. Ab1973 says:

    That was really boring. Glad Cisco’s alive, though.

  9. jrex says:

    The Flash/Captain Cold relationship/rivalry established this episode is similar to the classic comic book Rogues but I’m not sure sharing his real identity is a good idea. Has anyone kept count of how many of the villains he’s captured have seen his face?

  10. Lynne says:

    Overall, episode was a dud, especially compared to last week’s insanity. But we still have Cisco, so I’ll take it.

  11. Que says:

    I want to know how Wells knew of the Brigg’s article if it wasnt spoke of to anyone in the second timeline except for barry and briggs

    • Chris Coburn says:

      He’s from the future? That’s a catch-all for things he wouldn’t necessarily know of in the current time

    • silveraynea says:

      He told Gideon to let him know if the future changed. The assumption is the article about Wells was written and published in the new timeline, altering the future. Gideon tells Dr. Wells about the change. He suits up to stop publication.

  12. Deena says:

    Poor Cisco can’t catch a break in any version of the present day. At least he’s alive. Wells giving him the family speech was so awkward and icky, knowing what we know happened. Wentworth Miller is so enjoyable to watch, I love how he plays the part. And of course, Caitlin Rocks.

  13. L says:

    It would be cool if they actually can get all the Rogues together in one episode like they do in the comics.

    • Isobel says:

      The first episode of season 2 maybe, they talked of wanting to do that seeing the original flash show was going to do that if they got a second season

  14. Luke says:

    I loved this episode, though not nearly as much as the one last week; let’s face it no matter what they would have done this week it still would have seemed slow and slightly boring compared to the previous episode and it was mentioned that this episode was going to be like a part 2 of last weeks, a wraping up of a slightly bigger story ; probably what I loved the most of this episode was watching how time filled in the big moments (someone still had to be kidnapped, some characters had to have an honest talk about how they feel for each other, someone had to become suspicious of Wells, Wells had to have a serious talk with Cisco [apparently still next to the containment field], Wells had to kill someone); and while they did this they still managed to slip in teasers for future episodes (Captain Cold deciding not to kill – something he does in the comics – which may ease the way for him into the new show, Eddy’s line, Wells planting the ideea in Barry’s head that he shouldn’t time travel back in time to when his mother was killed and the big one Barry finally suspecting Wells);

    The one thing that I didn’t get is how Wells knew Mason Bridge was on to him, since last time he didn’t do anything and for the most part was caught by surprise by Cisco finding out?

  15. m3rcnate says:

    I get why this episode had to go the way it went, but it wasn’t a fun episode to watch. I was bored and uninterested. Last weeks episode was fantastic in every way, and obviously part of that was fan service, giving us what we wanted to see and probably wont see for quite a while (Iris admitting feelings, Wells saying who he is, etc). And i get that this was an important episode (pivotal game changing things happened that will ripple repercussions and consequences through out the characters journey’s, such as the rupture of Barry & Eddie’s friendship over Iris, Capt Cold learning The Flash is Barry and more).

  16. Sheldon W. says:

    The reset was okay. The deal with Cold was poorly set up and kinda weak.

    Definitely one of the weakest eps of the season.

  17. And this is what it’s like to read comics and try to make sense of them :P

    • herman1959 says:

      You said it. I still don’t understand the Flash/Cold agreement – Barry is now only going after baddies that hurt people – of course, I do know it was all about the spinoff, but…

      • Ab1973 says:

        They’ve been twisting Arrow into pretzels all season to set up the spinoff, shoehorning Ray everywhere he doesn’t fit (not to say Ray is by any means all that’s wrong with that now-terrible show), so I guess it’s The Flash’s turn. Hey, let’s have this guy who five minutes ago killed a couple guys and tortured and threatened to kill Cisco’s brother just decide hey, I guess I’ll become a quasi-okay guy suddenly, for REASONS (aka I want to be on the spinoff and long-term regulars can’t really be bad guys). I really, really hope the spinoff is a colossal dud and never even goes to series. Although I love Caity Lotz.

  18. Imzadi says:

    Since The Tomorrow People was canceled, it has been nice to see Robbie Amell and Peyton List show up on other CW shows!

  19. Preacher Book says:

    I understand narrative needs, but why does Flash always seem to announce himself to the bad guys? He could have “flashed” in there, clocked three criminals unconscious (or at the very least taken their guns!) and headed off for a nice latte.

  20. Seahawks 12th Man says:

    Yesterdays episode was alright, i kinda figured that would happen from the ending of last weeks episode, the whole time travel thing. And, don’t worry you guys, you will end up seeing Barry and Iris together hopefully soon, in the Comics they get together, get married and have a child together :) and also i cant wait till Caitlin turns into Killer Frost. Will be Interesting!

  21. AW says:

    Last week’s episode was so much better than this week’s.

  22. Briggs says:

    Poor Barry. Just… Poor. Barry. In so many different ways. Poor Barry.
    Caitlin came to the rescue, though. :) What a good friend.
    Who thinks Iris is going to look into Mason’s disappearance? She’s a reporter, after all…
    Eddie reacted the way anyone else would. Good for him. It’s not like he knew what Barry did. Though he might still suspect Iris feels more than she’s telling.
    I would be more mad about what Lisa did to my baby Cisco, but since *Wells* outright *killed* him last week, it’s somewhat less heinous. Somewhat. In any case, terrific casting!
    Speaking of Wells, I cannot wait for someone to knock him off his pedestal. True, he had some great words for my baby, but that doesn’t mean he’s not evil. At least, evil-minded. Not killing Cisco again this week doesn’t negate his actions last week. *sniff* I want blood, is that wrong?
    Joe is such a well-crafted character. Love him so much.
    The villains, as always, were fantastic. Flash has the best villains, I’ve noticed. The banter and delivery of the lines were on point. More, please?
    I admit, I didn’t see the whole thing, but that’s okay. That’s what Hulu is for. Can’t wait for next week!

  23. Gail says:

    So will Barry feel guilty that he changed the timeline and Brigg died where he didn’t before. He doesn’t know that Cisco died in the other timeline.

    Barry suspects Welles now because Barry knew about Briig’s article from the previous timeline?

  24. BrianR says:

    Forget Iris and go for Caitlin Barry.

  25. Liz says:

    Every week I think I couldn’t hate Iris more, and then the next week happens and she hits a new low. If she hasn’t had her break thru, she could have at least said, “God, Barry! Now I have to tell Eddy!” before she stormed off. Giving him a heads up so he’s at least not cold cocked. And I don’t understand how one evening out on an awkward double date really could have changed her mind so thoroughly. She’s so fickle, she doesn’t deserve Barry.

    I am happy that Cisco is ok. And it might take a little longer, but I think Dr Wells will still be “unmasked” soon.

  26. Leeeeeeeee says:

    cisco is alive, barry and iris arent together…(yet i guess,she’s such a Bword), and Barry is onto Dr wells!!!! not as exciting as last episode but im happy with the results nonetheless!

  27. Jenny Wine says:

    Caitlin and Barry would be great together… if not for the Flash canon around Iris! They have a good chemistry.