The Voice Recap: The Giving Trio

Permission to say something terrible? (Actually, I can’t hear you over the din of the Internets, so I’m just going to proceed…)

I involuntarily groan whenever I hear the opening line of Whitney Houston’s “The Greatest Love of All” — you know, that whole “I believe the children are our future” bit — because, well, of course children are our future. Nobody’s arguing otherwise! I’ve gotten more meaningful bits of philosophy from an inspirational cat poster!

And yet, after watching Sawyer Fredericks and Mia Z (a pair of insanely talented 15-year-olds), and later, the sickeningly good 17-year-old Koryn Hawthorne deliver some next-level vocals on the opening night of The Voice‘s Season 8 Knockout Rounds, I’m suddenly throwing up a Gospel hand and demanding that their coach Pharrell Williams “teach them well and let them lead the way.”

The Voice - Season 8This is not to say, however, that Oldie Olsens (relatively speaking) don’t hold some of the answers in their experienced hands, either. Kimberly Nichole, Sarah Potenza and Meghan Linsey are all near or over the age of 30 (aka past the deeply depressing sell-by date championed by most major labels), and yet each of ’em boldly reminded fans that they’ve also got legitimate chances at inheriting Craig Wayne Boyd’s throne when the competition concludes a little less than two months from now.

All of this is my roundabout way of saying we might be looking at the deepest bench of contestants in The Voice‘s eight-season history. (Heck, poor Pharrell — after losing Anthony Riley to some undisclosed personal issue — had to make the unprecedented move of creating a three-person Knockout, in which only two could advance… and even the “loser” was pretty great.)

Anyhow, while it’s certain to prove a near-impossible task, I’m going to get to ranking the night’s six Knockout pairings in order from least- to most-promising winner:

6. TEAM ADAM: Nathan Hermida — “Leave Your Lover” defeats Clinton Washington — “Wanted” | Nathan’s sweeter than a toddler’s chewable vitamin — as is his tone — but on a night with something approaching Amanda Brown-level talent in almost every matchup, his not-always-accurate pitch and retiring demeanor left me less-than-optimistic about his chances once public voting begins.

The Voice - Season 85. TEAM XTINA: Sonic — “A Woman’s Worth” defeats Ashley Morgan — “Heartbreaker” | Sonic’s voice wobbles ever-so-slightly when she’s stretching all the way to the top of her range, but I loved how she imbued Alicia Keys’ anthem with a supple sexiness while showing a real understanding of dynamics, too. She’s not just screaming a note — she’s telling a story. Ashley’s pitch was perhaps even more spot-on, but she had her foot on the gas pedal from start to finish — and the lack of push and pull in the performance made it emotionally stagnant.

4. TEAM BLAKE: Meghan Linsey — “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” defeats Travis Ewing — “I Don’t Want to Be” | From a vocal standpoint, Meghan shed her country-music cocoon tonight and spread her soul wings as majestically as a freshly hatched butterfly. Those Xtina-esque runs she executed in the final seconds of her classic Aretha cover were jaw-droppingly good. I just hope Blake (or somebody on his team) realizes Meghan’s look — the tortured hair helmet and tablecloth-plaid blouse (paired with sequined skirt!) — need to wind up in the same storage locker as her cowboy boots and twang. Otherwise, the juxtaposition is just too jarring. The handsome and charismatic Travis threw his soul down on the stage, too, but I think going second — and realizing he couldn’t match his rival’s vocal muscle — caused him to overshoot the target. Is it crazy I kinda wanted someone to steal him?

The Voice - Season 83. TEAM BLAKE: Sarah Potenza — “Wasted Love” defeats Brian Johnson — “Nothing Ever Hurt Like You” (Brian stolen by Adam) | I loved how the typically roaring Sarah reined in her power and brought tender shading to her very astute choice of Matt McAndrew’s Season 7 finale single. (How is that song not an international smash in the vein of Phillip Phillips’ “Home”?) On the flip side, though, I didn’t really get the judges’ enthusiasm for Brian, whose Lite FM approach was mostly in tune, but came off like a piece of plain toast sitting on a platter next to Sarah’s loaded omelette with hash browns and sausage. (Yes, I’m jonesing for a diner-style breakfast… it’s been too long, people!)

2. TEAM PHARRELL: Sawyer Fredericks — “Collide” and Mia Z — “Hold on, I’m Comin'” defeat Paul Pfau — “I Don’t Need No Doctor” | Blake went absolutely bonkers over Mia’s emergency-broadcast-system high notes, and I was right there with him. The girl doesn’t reach for the tippy top of her range just for the heck of it, but instead uses it sparingly to punctuate the gruff, sensual blues vibe that courses through all of her performances. Slightly better diction wouldn’t hurt, but her twist on Sam and Dave’s pleading soul anthem was the night’s most original arrangement. Sawyer, while not as range-y as Mia, is no less startling — thanks to a beyond-his-years sincerity and a beautiful break in his voice that calls to mind the folk-rock greats of yesteryear. He’s so connected to the lyrics that he makes me believe in past lives: I mean, how can anybody convey so much emotion at 15? Paul, for his part, was rock-solid, but his clenched-jaw delivery made him a little less accessible than his rivals. As Xtina noted, he held back just enough to open the door for Mia and Sawyer to sail to the Live Playoffs.

The Voice - Season 81. TEAM XTINA: Kimberly Nichole — “If You Love Somebody Set Them Free” defeats Koryn Hawthorne — “Try” (Koryn stolen by Pharrell) | I don’t come from the “Gold Stars for Everyone!” school of criticism, but I couldn’t disagree with the judges that there were two winners and zero losers in this Knockout. Heck, when Kimberly herself couldn’t contain her joy over Koryn’s performance — shouting “Sing, girl!” and wrapping her younger rival in an embrace at the end of her Pink cover — it was clear we’d transcended competition and entered into the “People Who Love People Who Love Music as Much as Them” part of the show. Koryn’s depth of tone — and steely dive into the lyric — were crazy impressive. Still, Kimberly’s bluesy stomp and growlicious tone have me ready to pre-order her full album (and we’ve got like eight weeks left to go in the competition!). When Adam said he felt like we’d fast-forwarded to the finals and these were the last two left standing, all I could do was nod and say, “from your lips to God’s ears, dude!”

What did you think of Night 1 of the Season 8 Knockout Rounds? Who were your faves? Did the coaches get it right? Take our poll below, then expand on your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Denken Sie aber auch an die kleinen Accessoires und Dekoelemente,
    die ein Wohnzimmer erst so richtig gemütlich werden lassen!

    • JT says:

      The producers REALLY need to drop some of these songs from the singing contest selection book : Heartbreaker for the bazillionth time? Natural Woman? Try by Pink? Please, no more.

      But…I must admit that Meghan and Koryn sang those retreads like their lives depended upon it…

      And Sawyer continued to display the most unique tone and heartfelt delivery of them all.

      • Kaba says:

        That’s like…the second time Try was on the show.
        Don’t recall ever hearing Heartbreaker on the show.
        Natural woman is the only one overdone.

        • JT says:

          According to Slezak, Heartbreaker has been done 3 times on American Idol. It was done two yrs ago on the Voice by Amy. Tessane did Try twice on the Voice, Angie did it on Idol both were two years ago…

          • Kaba says:

            I speak for the amount of times it’s done on The Voice. Not that much.

          • Tyler says:

            As far as I recall, Adam used Try in the battle round. Then Tessanne sang it. So this makes it the third time it has been used on the Voice. (4 times including Angie on Idol.) I still think Tessanne sang it the best in her blinds.

      • JVee says:

        Is there anyone else (of a certain age – ha!) who thinks Sawyer reminds them of the very wonderful John Denver???

    • david7118 says:

      Google translates this to: But think also of the little accessories and decorative elements
      the living room can only be really cozy!

  2. missvci says:

    I was not a fan of Meghan before, but she won me over with “Natural Woman” and For sure Korn and Kimberly gave the best knockout round battle of all time. SO those three ladies are my top three.

    • HTGR says:

      Yeah Meghan really surprised me (in a good way). I’d replace Kimberly with Mia to alter your top three into mine.

      • Jon says:

        I don’t know how you all are choosing a top 3 from this talented group. I really wish Michael would expand the poll this season to a top 5 to make our selection easier. I honestly thought Sawyer, Mia, Meghan, Koryn and Sarah were terrific tonight, Sonic was very good, and Kimberly was great but chose the wrong song for a competition. As Michael said, deepest bench EVER.

        I also thought that while Nathan did a great job for a teenager, Clinton was hands down the winner in their round. I’m still listening to Clinton & India’s “Stay,” and I thought he really listened to Adam’s advice and was getting even better. I don’t know why Xtina didn’t steal him back!

        • Hayder B. Hayden says:

          You nailed my favorites. I had never seen Mia before–her performance was a revelation. I liked Meghan coming in to tonight’s show, and her performance of Natural Woman blew me away. I expected her to do well, but not that well. I liked what Blake said about her–she brought an unexpected authenticity to the song. For me, the leader at this stage is still Kimberly., She is slaying the material effortlessly. Watching her perform is like seeing someone sing with one vocal chord tied behind her back. I can’t wait to see her when she finally pushes herself to the limit. She’s a force of nature.

        • The Beach says:

          I agree about Clinton winning his round. I think his reason for losing was song choice… trying to switch things up by doing a country song that didn’t give him a chance to show just how good he is.

    • The Beach says:

      I thought Meghan was terrific but I agree with Slezak in the immediate need for a good stylist.

      • JM1 says:

        THIS. I absolutely love Meghan’s voice. Hands down my favorite singer this season. But . . . the “look” is so harsh as to be quite distracting. And I am not a looks person, I swear!

    • Jaszy says:

      Meghan is in a class all by herself! Words can’t describe how much her voice gives me the feels…each and every performance of hers gives me shivers…goosies….the shakes…
      Meghan could definitely win.
      ….but….I could also say the same thing about Sawyer…about Mia Z…about Sonic…about India Carney….about Sarah…
      Again, these are truly amazing singers

  3. To me Kimberly, Meghan, Koryn, Mia, and Sarah dominated tonight!!! :) So glad they all made it through!!! :)

  4. Carola says:

    Kimberly slayed!

  5. Angie_Overrated says:

    Said the same thing tonight to my husband while we were watching: this is undoubtedly The Voice’s most talented season yet. Even some of the ones getting eliminated were final-3 worthy in last year’s dud of a season. The singing tonight was off the charts. The three who rocked my world were Koryn, Meghan and Sonic, in that order. Koryn seriously has one of the best voices I’ve ever heard… in my life. Her talent is almost unparalleled. She’s uncomfortable on the stage, but this is new to her. That girl has a very bright future ahead of her.

    • Kaba says:

      I’m actually emotionally overwhelmed by Koryn.
      That was so good..she was so good. That was so good.
      Wow…. Wow

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Yeah, that’s the second time this season that I “felt” something. You know that tingly feeling where the emotion just rushes over you? I got that in India vs. Clinton’s Stay and I got it again tonight on Koryn’s Try. It was amazing. I couldn’t stop smiling after that performance.

        • Kaba says:

          Officially excited for this season. There’s magic in the air!

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Yup, I found my new version of Kat Perkins in the form of Koryn. I’m quasi-obsessed now. And India Carney ain’t too far behind. Amazing season and we’re not even to the finalists yet!

          • Kaba says:

            I think the best part about her is how musically diverse her voice sounds.
            I hear gospel, R&B, rock, pop.
            If Pharrell plays his cards right this girl will be one of the best contestants in history of the show.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Perhaps she can be the breakout star this show has been looking for? [I say that now knowing full well there’s a decent chance she won’t be one of his final 3.] I’m kind of shocked the show hasn’t had one yet. The law of large numbers almost dictates that they should have one, no?

          • Kaba says:

            Well I know Jacquie Lee has been doing well and been getting reasonable radio play with her new single while also being named one of MTV’s artists to watch
            Judith Hill is collaborating with Prince and he publicly claimed she’s a superstar after introducing her at a venue he played.
            Danielle B is going on tour with Miranda Lambert last I heard
            Grimmie came out with the worlds worst single (‘Cliche’, look it up for a laugh)
            They’re doing their best to pimp Matt McAndrew even though he didn’t win, he got signed.
            Chris J got signed with Republic for a single deal.
            I figured Melanie Martinez would’ve had more success since her song was featured in American Horror Story.
            I think it’s just the fact that the industry has gotten harder for people off singing shows.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Oh boy. I just listened to Grimmie’s Cliché. That was something. It was something alright. She’s got a great voice, but what was that? It was like listening to Beyoncé singing Rebecca Black’s Friday.

          • Kaba says:

            It’s honestly the worst single I’ve ever heard. What a waste of her good voice, this song doesn’t showcase any of that. In the slightest.

          • Mytake says:

            Oh dear. What was Christina Grimme thinking with that Cliche? Love her voice but that song was beyond bad.

          • bobsaccamanna says:

            I often go back and listen to Christine’s duet with Ed Sheeran, it was one of the beautiful moments in Voice history. Why that voice can’t translate into something commercially viable is a real mystery, For some reason it seems like they want to make her a power singer, and she often comes off as shrill in those moments, that’s not where the strength of her voice is, she’s so much better in quieter tones. I loved Koryn also and thought back to Sasha Allen’s duet with Amber on Try. The fact that Sasha, as good as she was, could only muster up a 5th or 6th place finish doesn’t bode well for Koryn I’m afraid.

          • Hayder B. Hayden says:

            Melanie Martinez is signed to Atlantic Records. Her first two songs are quite good, although neither received any airplay. She’s young, I wouldn’t be surprised if she breaks out this year. Judith Hill’s LP (produced by Prince) dropped yesterday. It’s excellent, and available for free until March 25. Very diverse sound, but with a strong Prince influence. Check it out while you can.

          • The Beach says:

            Where is Judith Hill’s CD available for free?

          • Hayder B. Hayden says:

            I tried posting a link, but it didn’t post. It’s at Live Nation.

      • Sharon says:

        I actually cried a little. That performance was unfiltered greatness and it grabbed me by the throat. Wow is right.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          lol I’m glad I’m not the only one. I cried a little during last week’s Stay battle. And again tonight. I’m turning into quite the softy these days.

          • bobsaccamanna says:

            I missed the battle between Mia and Sawyer last night, just watched the replay of it. So I get what people are saying about the diction issues with Mia, but holy cow, that voice, are you kidding me. That effortless range reminds me of just one remarkable singer, the late great Minnie Ripperton, I am actually surprised no one has mentioned the similarity yet, just the effortless transition into her incredible upper register brought me right back to Minnie singing “Reasons”. This has potential to be the best season in the show’s history, hopefully it doesn’t take a big slide once the live shows start. But if she makes it to the lives, Mia needs to sing a Minnie Ripperton song. IMO.

      • ash says:

        Yes!!!!! Me too. So good

      • I had goose bumps from Koryn’s Try and I love Meghan’s voice. Though Adam’s team is weaker, Michael is underestimating the Filipino vote for Nathan. Let’s see….

    • HTGR says:

      Almost agree, but Mia wayyyy over Sonic for me.
      Yeah what was Xtina thinking not going with Koryn??? Koryn 100% pulled off a Pink song IN FULL ON PINK STYLE not in some sem-indie version or something. Basically nobody does that. Pink makes it sound like everybody should be able to do it, but as I said, that occurrence is literally rarer than hen’s teeth, but Koryn did it.
      And then Mia, wow!!!!
      And Meghan? Who Knew? (maybe Pink hah)

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Oh, don’t get me wrong. I loved Mia too. I thought she won her three-way battle pretty easily. It was a tough night to shine with everyone bringing their A games. Even a few of the eliminated contestants were amazing.

        • HTGR says:

          yes a very good night of performances!

        • tank says:

          I think Mia has an amazing voice but I couldn’t understand most of the words.

          • HTGR says:

            The diction was a little weak, but hey there have been singers of fame before who literally didn’t make a single word understandable.
            I’ve always been more of a notes, tone, emotion and so on and so forth and then way, way, way down the line lyrics person. If the tune is awesome or I like how someone sings, they can be singing ABC, 123 non-stop the whole song or the random typings of a monkey for all I care. I don’t necessarily go to music for great literature myself.

          • tank says:

            I’m a terrible singer who loves to sing along. It’s not the most important thing to me, but I do like to be able to figure out the words without having to look them up. As I said, she’s got a great voice. They all do. I think after all these years I’m going to have to give up American Idol because the singers on the Voice are just so much better that AI is disappointing.

    • Michael H. says:

      I agree with you so much right now. Needed a little more oomph from Sonic, and I might’ve replaced Sonic with Sawyer/Mia on your list, but everyone who won tonight was fantastic.

    • A.R. Vega says:

      Its pretty good for sure, you should check out my blog!


    • A.R. Vega says:

      I truly felt the best three from last night were Mia, Nathan and Meghan. But hey, that is just my opinion. I blog on The Voice so check it out!


    • Jaszy says:

      Oh my goodness! Each and every one of these performances were to die for! Seriously! ALL of them sounded GREAT! Sonic KILLED IT; the fact that she’s deaf in one ear and can still BLOW like that…!
      Sawyer’s voice is INSANE! MIA Z just oozed in sultry goodness!, Sarah singing Wasted Love…that was breathtaking….I really think this is going to be the best season….cause whoever wins, they’re going to have to take out some pretty tough competition. I love American Idol to death, but man, the contestants on Idol don’t hold a candle to the contestants on the Voice!
      Even the ones who didn’t make it SLAYED IT: Clinton is a beast on those runs, Ashley’s perfect pitch is very impressive….gosh, these singers truly are top notch.
      The contestant whose performance made me rewind over and over again was Sawyer! He has the most gorgeous face and I’m in love with his hair. His voice alone, though, is Voice winner material! “Collide” by Howie Day has been one of my favorite songs since I first heard it years ago and Sawyer truly did the song justice.
      Despite all of Sawyer’s greatness, I am rooting first and foremost for Sonic! That girl has sultry swag for days!

  6. Kaba says:

    Oh my GOD Koryn absolutely beat Kimberly in that knockout.
    That’s an un-debatable fact.
    Like…’beat’ isn’t even the best word for that complete and utter slaughter Koryn served her on a plate.
    Xtina just gave away the winner.
    Koryn…oh my God, girl skip live rounds and just take the crown.
    The was 100% pure emotion served into one performance.
    Anyone who thinks Kimberly won that…HOW? Koryn decimated everyone that came before. Best Knockout performance in a LONG time.

    • To me, it was very close. Both were on fire and I’m glad they survived!!! :)

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Koryn absolutely beat Kimberly, but I’m happy both are still there. They both deserve to keep going in the competition, and Christina’s problem is that she has too many potential winners. We knew this day would come and we knew they’d get saved too.

      • Kaba says:

        Idk if I’m wrong for freaking out. I’ve never felt so moved by a performance on this show in so long.
        I’m slightly shaking.
        Kimberly was great though! I just wish Xtina hadn’t paired them together

      • JM1 says:

        What is wrong with me – I thought she was good but I didn’t feel the earth shake or anything, like a lot of you. Is my heart shriveled up and dead inside??!!

        That said, I did enjoy it. I also thought Kimberly’s performance, with the dancing, was all a little too much for me, so I get why you’re all saying Koryn was better. I think they both had to stay on the show, no?

    • MC says:

      I thought it was a bad song choice for Kimberley; it’s hard to do much with it. I thought Koryn definitely won that knockout. I have also liked Meghan and Mia Z from the beginning. This is easily my favorite season of the Voice. The depth of talent is very impressive.

    • Jaszy says:

      Just when I think this episode can’t get any better…Kimberly and Koryn come out to play! This season’s competitors are out for blood! Kimberly just “lived” that song. So much grit, so much power and strength, so much presence behind her vocals…
      and Koryn….mmm…with her tender, smoky, full sound that just invigorated my senses…
      This season is definitely going to have the best winner yet!

  7. RawwkOn says:

    Okay, so Mia’s knockout was my favorite performance of the season so far. Amazing!

  8. Kim Moores says:

    Oh my Koryn…shoes thrown.
    This little girl is the Michelle Chamuel rebirth I’ve been waiting for.

    • missvci says:

      Koryn is ten times better the Michelle Chamuel ( And this is coming from a huge Michelle Chamuel Fan, and honestly I think Kimberly’s spirit reminds me more of Michelle and Koryn does)

      • Kim Moores says:

        I’ll never be able to say Koryn is 10x better.
        There was always something about Michelle where she was just amazing even if she wasn’t the most vocally deep contestant.
        Koryn and Michelle are equallly awesome and if they’d been on the same season I’d be full of problems.
        I don’t get the Michelle vibe from Kimberly..maybe dance-wise. But the raw emotion that Michelle was known for…I see it all in Koryn.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        It’s hard to compare the two as they’re two very different types of singers. With Michelle Chamuel, you almost burn calories just watching her work a stage, whereas Koryn is a technical singer who knocks your socks off with that voice (THAT VOICE!!!). I wouldn’t even know how to compare them given how disparately they perform.

        • Kim Moores says:

          That voice is…
          I’d pay to get that girl’s voice.
          It’s deep enough to hit those low notes with laser precision, then she’s got this freak of nature range and her grit? Oh my God she’s just not fair.

        • Michelle’s technical vocals were always very underrated. She never showed off her voice. But the songs she sang were incredibly difficult, and you can see how difficult they are whenever anyone else tries to cover them.

          Koryn…there’s something about her I really like, but I don’t love the vibrato in her voice.

  9. analythinker says:

    The women (and girls?) definitely performed better, IMO. Gotta say that I’m not on Sawyer’s bandwagon though. I feel uncomfortable watching him because he looks so uncomfortable on stage without his guitar.

    I missed Ashley vs Sonic but Ashley sounded pretty fierce on the clip, what happened? Did Sonic kill her performance?

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I’ve been one of the very few naysayers on Sawyer, but I couldn’t put my finger on what it was I didn’t like. I finally figured it out tonight. It’s his phrasing (or lack thereof). It’s note followed by note followed by note with no connecting line between the notes. It’s so very detached in a way that I find offputting. He has a very nice voice and he’s likeable, so I’m hoping Pharrell can help him with that. It’s anti-musical in a way I cannot support.
      Ashley was good, but a tad forgettable. Sonic just overwhelmed her unfortunately.

      • analythinker says:

        Hmm… I think I got what you mean by lack of phrasing. I don’t know, I was just so uncomfortable watching him I had to look away so I mostly just listened. I just find it unfair for Pharrell & Nate to ask for personality on stage from Paul but not ask the same from Sawyer, even though some people would argue that Sawyer already has a personality (I just didn’t see it).

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          I with you 100%. The judges are drooling over him, he seems almost unanimously loved on this board, but I don’t really get it.

          • kevstar says:

            Add me to the list that doesn’t “get” Sawyer. It’s all very pleasing and pleasant, and kinda boring. Maybe its the songs he’s singing. Its all very camomile tea for me.

          • HTGR says:

            “Its all very camomile tea for me.”

            Don’t say it! Talk like that about a contestant = guaranteed winner on a reality tv singing show.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Yup. I’ve already accepted that he will win despite the insane level of technical prowess within the field. Camomile tea is the public’s drink of choice apparently. :)

          • analythinker says:

            LOL, HTGR, ain’t that the truth.

        • Ginger Snap says:

          I look at Sawyer I think: The Voice got Sawyer and American Idol found Daniel Seavey.
          How did that happen?

          • JM says:

            No way you just compared Sawyer to Daniel Seavey. Sawyer is 10x the singer that Daniel is. Bite your tongue!

          • Ginger Snap says:

            JM, I am saying that Sawyer a thousand times better than Daniel. If The Voice can find Sawyer, why did Idol settle for Daniel Seavey.

          • Tyler says:

            Well, AI found Clark Beckham. That’s not too shabby.

      • Sawyer’s phrasing is the best in the competition – far more art than the boilerplate phrasing many of the others use. Perhaps you are getting terms mixed.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Nope. No confusion. The kid doesn’t know how to sing legato or how to shape a phrase. The good news for him is that that’s teachable.

      • MC says:

        This was not a good night for Ashley and Sonic was really on her game. There was no doubt about that decision.

    • tvtjw says:

      The girls killed it tonight, to my surprise. I usually do love my boys. With that said – Sawyer, Paul, and Travis were wonderful. Sad to see those last two go. I don’t see Sawyer’s fan base as a bandwagon. He’s just very likable and drew me in. The grit in his voice makes my heart smile. As far as Ashley and Sonic, Ashley just had a hard time working in the emotion that Heartbreaker requires, whereas Sonic was fantastically in touch with a personality. Good knockout round, overall.

      • Meg says:

        Paul and Travis were at a music festival I attended about 2 weeks ago. Really nice guys. It’s too bad they both left so early.

      • Jon says:

        So true about Paul. He was very good, but Xtina was 100% right — he was too focused on the guitar, and Sawyer was vocally flawless (and seemed remarkably relaxed, given that he didn’t have his guitar this week). I thought Travis was off-pitch throughout, though.

        Also agree about Ashley — she is clearly talented, but just wasn’t convincing in hard rock mode. Sonic was just so fluid and melodic, and choose the perfect song for her voice. Great show tonight!

        • JM says:

          Travis picked the absolute worst song to sing. It’s been tried several times before on reality singing shows, but I have yet to hear it sung well.

    • Lori Ann says:

      I didn’t think Sonic blew Ashley away. IMO she was pitchy. But Xtina liked her better for some reason.

  10. Kaba says:

    Sonic was great
    Sarah was great
    Nathan was great
    Sawyer was great
    Mia was great
    Kimberly was great
    KORYN? Girl won all the poker chips tonight.

  11. tvtjw says:

    The Koryn vs. Kimberly battle was an absolutely slaughter on Koryn’s part. No doubt about it, that little girl just took it to town. Keep in mind I am not a musical person and know nothing technical so I have to base my opinions off of raw feeling and sound, but she sounded better and far more emotionally invested than Kimberly. Thank God she got stolen.

  12. Scott says:

    It’s hard to say if Koryn actually beat Kimberly, same thing about saying if Kimberly really did beat Koryn. To me, Koryn really surprised me and blew me away, whereas Kimberly killed it, but I was expecting it. Oh well, doesn’t matter who really “won” the battle, they are both through and I’m oh so glad!

  13. Andres says:

    A very strong episode of the voice. I think all the artists could make top 12 of given the right songs.
    Koryn came out of no where for me.
    Mia and Sawyer were marvelous
    Meghan and Sarah could give Blake the win this season.

  14. Scott says:

    Predicting a very strong girls season. Would love it to end up like American Idol season 12. But then also add some Sawyer in the mix.

  15. Tori says:

    We’ve got a season of demon performers [in a good way] on our hands.
    Koryn, Kimberly, Meghan, Sonic, Mia, Sawyer, Nathan were all great to listen to.

  16. Ron says:

    I will definitely take some criticism for this one, but I’m just not getting all they hype behind Sawyer. Don’t get me wrong, the kid is really talented and deserves to still be in the competition. But he’s already doing well on iTunes, all the coaches practically turn into crazed fans when they try to talk about him, and everyone on the internets talk about him like he can do no wrong. Like I said, talented kid, but I’m just not hearing what everyone else is hearing. I think there are a number of much better people in the competition. For example, Mia killed him in the battle, and I though he and Paul were kinda close. But it is what it is. Oh, and Kimberly and Koryn?!?! Those heifahs better sang! As Melinda would say, all the shoes thrown!!! Kimberly can do no wrong in my book, but Koryn came to play. Final remarks: gospel hands waved for Meghan and Sarah. Don’t understand the Brian steal. Nice, talented guy, but a seemingly wasted steal. Kinda sad to see Ashley and Clinton go (was kinda hoping Christina would steal him back).

    • HTGR says:

      yeah I don’t get the Brian steal by Adam. Why not have used it on Ashley or even Clinton?
      yeah Mia was just….
      And Koryn! (another weird decision)

    • Sharon says:

      People will now beat me with the approving shoes being thrown around. I didn’t actually love any of the performances in the trio battle round. I think Christina was right that Paul’s vocals never really went anywhere. I have commented elsewhere that Mia’s voice is spectacular, but she needs to stop with the vocal gymnastics and work on her diction. And while Sawyer’s voice has a unique and interesting tone and soars with lovely clarity at times, there is something missing for me in his performances. I think he was hoping to make last night’s more dynamic by removing the guitar, but it was probably his weakest outing. I don’t know if it was the guitar or something else, but he needs to do…something.

      Don’t get me wrong…I agree that this is a season rich in talent, and Mia, Sawyer and Paul (even though he left last night) all deserved to be there. I just think there is too much strength in the field this year that performances like last night’s should not keep them standing long in the lives. On the other hand, we’ve seen fan favourites getting picked over stronger performers in other years, and Sawyer and Mia are developing big followings.

  17. Marta says:

    Anyone else shocked and royally bummed that Clinton didn’t get through?? I think he has something rally special, and beat Nathan in that battl big time. I was crushed that Christina didn’t take him back.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I was bummed too. His battle with India was one of the greatest 2 or 3 in the show’s history IMO. That being said, he kind of choked tonight. The song was too high for him, he was missing notes, and he was singing a country pop song that was so far out of his wheelhouse, which turned out to be a calculated risk that did not pay off.

      • Andres says:

        I agree he wasn’t as strong as he was in the battles. I thinks it’s cause of the song choice. The knockouts are suppose to let the artist showcase themselves in the direction they want to go.

      • Joana says:

        I agree so much. I was very excited to see Clint in the knockouts because I’ve replayed his battle with India like a hundred times and I just adore how spot on his voice was on every single note but I understand why Adam chose Nathan. There was something missing last night, he was all over the place and his song choice definitely didn’t help. So I’m sad, but I get it.

    • JM says:

      Yes, I’m really upset about Clinton going home. That being said, this is a BRUTAL season, and I’m not sure he would have lasted much longer anyway.

  18. KickAss says:

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    mechanical, even molecular, certainly not emotional at all.
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  19. HTGR says:

    1. Mia and Koryn for me. Mia is just wow. Koryn actually truly 100% full on delivered a Pink song in a full on way, something you feel should be common place, but is literally rare than hen’s teeth. (Meghan Lindsey was surprisingly good. I wasn’t really sold on her before, but tonight she showed she really can sing. Man, I think she needs to stay pop or ballad pop and not go country for sure.)

  20. HTGR says:

    2. I know Ashley didn’t quite have the rough rock edge tonight for that song, but it was still good and she was so great the other rounds. The Voice always seems to dump someone who been a crowd favorite before things go live and they even have a clue (the last few weeks everyone was going on about how she as the best in the competition)…. I’d have way had the save used on her than on Brian. Blast.

    • MC says:

      This season you really have to bring it whenever you sing because there are very few weak performers. Ashley was bland tonight imo because she lacked dynamism. Adam had previously pointed out that Ashley sings with very little vibrato. He wanted to imply that would eventually be a problem in this completion. Sometimes you have to read between the lines because the coaches don’t want people to say that they are “mean.” Adam wanted to warn her of stiff and flat performances and I think that’s how she sang “Heartbreaker.” You can’t be half-hearted or flat while singing Joan Jett. That is a big no-no. Remember that Ashley is a professional studio singer who is very technical, but The Voice really rewards dynamic range more than competent technical vocals.

      • MC says:

        Oops. I meant to say Joan Jett or Pat Benatar.

      • HTGR says:

        True (although I don’t think it was vibrato that was the issue tonight) but I didn’t think Brian really moved me that much so it’s not like you had someone who really hit it instead. He seemed flatter to me in how it all went down and Ashley seems to have way the heck more upside so I don’t get his Brian steal over her (I’m betting she had a lot more attention and following than he did).
        But I’m not entirely surprised since he tends to love his dudes and be very particular about his girls, he’ll care like mad for a few, but only a few, otherwise he is all about getting to hang and work with his bros.
        Anyway, whatever, these shows are what they are, which is often crazy, can’t take ’em seriously for various reasons even just for the fact of the whole nature of the show and how someone can be judged entirely on a single song choice and performance which is nothing to do with reality never mind the production/judging nonsense on an AI or weird voter demo and so on, enjoy what you like while you can.
        Lots of great stuff tonight is what to focus on.

        • MC says:

          I did not agree with the steal of Brian. Adam definitely prefers to coach dudes. It was much more likely that Adam was going to steal a guy rather than a gal, but I think both Paul and Clinton have more to offer than Brian. I realize that Ashley only gave one bad performance, but I think the coaches were worried that a lack of dynamism could be a recurrent theme with her.

          • MC says:

            Technically, I should say vocal dynamics rather than the more ambiguous dynamism.

          • MC says:

            I apologize if this is not interesting, but I wasn’t surprised by the quality of the performances tonight (except for maybe Koryn). I expected them. I was more interested in this vibrato issue because it affects many singers, not just Ashley. It turns out that Ashley would be classified as a “straight tone” singer. Fortunately, the internet can educate all of us. I found a website that deals specifically with vocal training. It states the following, “(3) The Straight Tone: So often I have singers who come into my studio with a straight tone (no vibrato). Some of these singers are not aware of vibrato or how it is developed in the voice. Many come into my studio with the express desire to develop vibrato in their sound realizing that their voice is lacking in that particular area. In over 25 years of teaching, I have never had a singer in my studio that could not develop healthy vibrato.” I don’t want to specify the website, but Adam was hinting at this situation with Ashley. It is something that she can develop, but the coaches and producers would rather proceed with singers who are more advanced (or gifted) in that area.

    • Sharon says:

      She took on a fast Pat Benetar song, which is a big challenge. I heard some strain in her voice when she was reaching for some of the big notes and I think you’re absolutely right that the rock edge the song needed wasn’t quite there. It’s too bad, because I think another song would have served her better.

    • Jill Moy says:


      I felt Ashley won that battle! Why didn’t Christina beg the others to steal Ashley like she did the girl who sang against Kimberly? I can’t believe someone didn’t save Ashley.q

      • Kaba says:

        I think it has to do more with where Ashley was good, really good, Koryn was phenomenal.
        Ashley and Sonics performance came more down to the presence in the performance and honestly Sonic felt more present in her performance than Ashley.

  21. HTGR says:

    3. And speaking of saves, I think Koryn would’ve been best on Xtina, since Pharrell’s teams might be crowded for top three with Koryn and Mia and since guys win so easily on these shows I hope that doesn’t get one left out of the top 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus Xtina already has so many of the more R&B pop types, enough, go for a pure pop! Oh well.

  22. 2Blessed says:

    The slayage that was released tonight by Miss Kimberly Nichole, Koryn, Meghan, Sonic, and Mia Z’s vocals gave me everlasting life AND then some. This is clearly the best crop of women the show has seen, and definitely one of the best seasons of overall talent (Right alongside season 4 and 5)

  23. Some really amazing people this year. Mia and Sawyer absolutely blow me away given their ages though. Hopefully Pharrell can nurture them and they can have more of Jacquie/Danielle live show performances, rather than Bria Kelly/Reagan James. (Bria and Reagan’s live show reactions were totally normal and understandable, I just want to see Mia and Sawyer grow and develop instead of having an early exit.)

  24. Michael H. says:

    Holy cow, I think this was my favorite episode of the Voice ever. The talent this season is unbelievable.

    • Jaszy says:

      I agree with you wholeheartedly! I’ve never been so full of emotions after watching this show until now. They were ALL seriously FANTASTIC! The girls definitely have got this season, but Sawyer is a quiet force!

  25. HTGR says:

    I’d say Mia and Koryn did the most shocking things that the fewest singers could pull off and they did it in proper ways that sounded great and made musical sense and they connected.

  26. skrable2 says:

    Any chance we’ll ever discover the actual reason Anthony Riley left?

    • Jon says:

      I want to know, too! I thought Anthony was hugely talented and was looking forward to his Knockout round (supposedly versus Mia). Twitter is full of speculation that he didn’t want to battle Mia and quit instead (which seems doubtful). Also he has a political message at the top of his Twitter homepage (“I dedicate my Battle Round Victory to Mumia Abu Jamal and political prisoners everywhere”) so some are speculating that the Voice producers don’t want to infuse Controversy into this fun singing show.

      We need Michael to use his investigative skills and get the true story!

  27. analythinker says:

    To all who’s surprised by Meghan: told ya! :D

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      You were right. I stand correct. lol

    • danin says:

      I knew it.She gave me the chills tonight.I watched her and her ex during their run on Duets.Her boyfriend brought the sex for sure.They had chemistry plus! Koryn sang w/every fiber of her being.Kim is consistently good.Sarah, Mia,Sonic all good!! And yes,I do love Sawyer. Love all kinds of music.

    • Wild child says:

      Meghan has no chance of winning. She will suffer the same fate as singers like Sisaundra, Amanda Brown, Sasha Allen, etc…she started off too good. She has no place to go and not much room for growth and that belting thing will get real old real fast. It happens every season. You can throw Sarah in the same boat. Tessanne would be the one exception to that rule. But Meghan isn’t as likeable and she has a strike against her for the Blake, semi established indie band connection.

      • analythinker says:

        I don’t think she’ll win as well, but I hope this will re-launch her career in the country world. Country music needs more female artists, no?

        Side note: please, I hope for God, someone other than Blake wins this time around. But if it HAS to be Blake again, I’d vote for Meghan, obviously.

        • HTGR says:

          I guess country is where she’d have to go for success, but I don’t know, she sounds way better to me when she stays far away from country, like she did last night.

          • analythinker says:

            She’s more like rock-country, I guess. If you have time, check out Steel Magnolia’s I Need You (Faith Hill & Tim McGraw’s) on YT. Or their original song Not Tonight.

            Side twist: Can You Duet was Scott Borchetta’s project :D

  28. NotVirgin Mary says:

    The talent this season is ridiculous… Koryn, Kimberly, Meghan… god. I can’t get enough of Kimberly whole persona along with the killer vocals, but Koryn’s voice is gorgeous.

  29. Marti says:

    I know I’m the odd one out, but Lordy, I find the high notes that Mia Z hits truly unpleasant. It actually makes me wince. But then again, I don’t like Mariah Carey so it’s probably not surprising that I don’t like her much younger clone either.

    • Ginger Snap says:


    • WorkingITfor Dollars says:

      That, and I can’t understand a blasted word that’s she’s singing–She’s got a bad case of mumble mouth. When she’s in the lower voice, she’s OK but I hate that shrieky high note run when she (or anyone else) it’s just really unpleasant to my ears. At least she doesn’t feel the need to add 35 extra notes as well.

      • HTGR says:

        Hmm the notes are high and maybe you don’t like that, but there is NOTHING shrieky about them at all! They are not thin, strident, shrieky or squeaky, but rich, smooth bell tone. Try listening with different speakers/headphones and maybe it will sound better to you? Some speakers/headphones are really bad and sometimes get shrill and distorted up there.

  30. JM says:

    Not a popular opinion, but I thought Mia oversang tonight. No doubt she is talented, but she needs to reign it in a bit for me on the runs and adlibs. Koryn came outta left field for me. She was absolutely amazing on Pink’s song. So happy that Sarah sang Matt’s ‘Wasted Love’. I really love that song and am happy to see it climbing the charts again. Really great show. This contest is going to be a bloodbath with this level of talent.

    • analythinker says:

      I’m with you on Mia. And yikes, even now it’s already kind of a bloodbath.

    • Sharon says:

      Well, my husband and I agree with you. Mia has some amazing vocal abilities, but we find she is way too busy on her songs. And I agree with the people above who said they couldn’t understand what she was saying.

  31. Gabriel Oak says:

    I’m not denying Meghan was very good tonight but I would never vote for her. And I didn’t like Mia’s voice even if she hits crazy notes. You have to like the singer’s personalities as well as their voices to vote for them.

    I wonder if Adam has been told he has to lose this season because he just seems out of it.

  32. Moria says:

    Huh. I shouldn’t have read the comments here before watching the show. Koryn was good but was expecting tons better after all the praise I read. Don’t get it. Also, I’m a little dyslexic so Koryn looks like Korn to me and the idea of Korn being on the voice is hilarious. Don’t get the steal of Brian. He’s very meh and will never win. In general, I’m bored of the seemingly dime a dozen belting (usually female) singers this show champions. I think people need to sound original and write their own music (in most cases) to be successful. As usual, can’t see myself actually wanting to buy most of these people’s music. Which is why I have to defend Sawyer from the haters. Give him 10 years to grow, put him with a good band, and I want to buy everything they do. The tone of his voice is amazing. He’s no upscale kareoke singer like most of the others on tonight.

    • kevstar says:

      The word hater is so overused. Sawyer is really likeable and a sweet kid, but I don’t see why he’s so great. No haterade at all.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        What I found most amusing was that the people who don’t love Sawyer are haters, but he/she is not a hater for not loving the “seemingly dime a dozen belting (usually female) singers that this show champions.”
        And yeah, agreed with the word “hater.” Over it myself. It’s a lazy way of disagreeing.

        • Jill Moy says:

          Not everyone has to LOVE Sawyer! People prefer different singers! It doesn’t mean they’re haters! I though Ashley clearly won the battle with Sonic! I loved the fact that Ashley put the pedal to the metal throughout the song…..that’s the kind of song it is! I’m not a big Sonic fan……DOES THAT MEAN I HATE HER? HECK NO!

    • Cody wickline has written a lot of songs. Hate how Blake is ripping his originality out of him

  33. Robert Freeman says:

    After reading a few of the comments made,i would have to agree with Jon. I am an older viewer and over the years have been quite successful in declaring that certain singers would be mega stars when they first came on the scene. Maybe I was just lucky at the time, but i still know what moves me emotionaly. Mia will be a mega star!!! Sawyer will soar!!! Koryn and Megan will be in the limelight for many years to come!!!

  34. Jill Moy says:

    I predict a Caitlin vs. India final!

  35. Eman says:

    Wow what a great night with some really strong voices. I have been out of town for a few days so I had not watched Idol yet and I watched it right before I watched the Voice tonight and oh my goodness the singers on the Voice sounded way, way , way better. I was really shocked at the difference. I was already feeling stronger about the Voice singers anyway but to see them back to back like that brought it home in a much a bigger way.

    There were so many strong performances tonight I don’t even know where to start, but Mia really blew me away with her range and power. Being a singer though I am not a fan of someone who does not close out their consonants, which leads to the viewer not being able to understand the words the singer is singing so Mia needs to work on that, but she was so into the song and did such a captivating arrangement and her blend of range and power were remarkable.

    I am surprised Sarah is not getting more praise she had a great mix of tenderness, which we have not really heard from here before and then of course the power and grit we have heard. She really was great and this is the first time I have really enjoyed her performance.

    Koryn really surprised me as she sang with such emotion and great power. She needs to watch her vibrato when she sings that low as it sounded a bit unpleasant at times, but I thought she wiped the floor with Kimberly. That song choice was all wrong for Kimberly and while I enjoy her stage presence I don’t see her winning this show.

    When I saw that Meghan was going to sing Natural Woman I groaned as I have heard it done to death on these shows and I always feel it suffers in comparison to the original but Meghan poured her heart out on the stage and sung the heck out of it, power, phrasing, articulation, pitch, connection it was all wonderful.

    Warning to all singers don’t try to cover Pat Benetar it is a recipe for failure it was obvious that Ashely had bitten off more than she could chew. It was out of her range, she did bring any edge to it and it just did not work.

    I thought Nathan took a really difficult song and did it justice. He might have been a little pitchy but he handled the transition from his falsetto to his chest voice really well and I was touched by the song. I find it really interesting that when it comes to looks it seems that it helps guys way more, in singing, then it does the women. As a guy when I listen to a guy sing it is all about the voice and I don’t care what they look like, but since Nathan is not the “cute guy” he is going to have a hard time getting far in this competition. Which is a shame since his voice is really good, But female voters will vote for a cute boy with an average voice ahead of a not so cute boy with a really good voice.

    Finally I will address the issue of Taylor. He is really talented and has a unique tone and strong voice, but I don’t have the love for him that many do. I do like his tone, I do like his articulation, but I don’t think he really connects to his songs. He is very pretty for a young man and has sweet eyes that might fool some into thinking he is connected the to the song, but it feels like to me that he is just a really good singer who is singing. The fact that he has led an incredibly sheltered life and is so young means that he has no real life experience upon which to draw to really connect to these songs he is singing and it shows. He is very talented but for me a singer has to connect and he does not do that.

    • Choir Girl says:

      I feel like we are kindred spirits.

    • gaileileen says:

      Taylor?? I can only guess you were speaking about Sawyer. ?? SOMETIMES young sensitive kids actually DO feel true heartbreak or have has some kind of sadness. Even if they HAVEN’T experienced it personally, they may have seen someone they care about go through something emotional and that affected them. It’s called EMPATHY….have you never physically felt pain or sadness just by watching another’s pain and sadness? And once in awhile, a young child actually does feel what they believe to be love and can hurt from it. 15 is NOT too young to have experienced a broken heart. I’m not really even talking about Sawyer …just disagreeing with the cliché that a young person couldn’t possibly have any real pain or sadness unless they have had a hard life.
      Example : my son married (& has 2 kids with) the girl he fell for in 6TH GRADE. (11 or 12 years old).

  36. Tim F says:

    I don’t get the Kimberly love. She has a good time, but her range is weak. Koryn won that easily. Pharell’s team is loaded. Sawyer blew me away again. Kid has so much soul. Mia is quite talented. Right now my top three are Sawyer, India, and Koryn.

  37. Choir Girl says:

    Really, really impressed by The Voice tonight.

    Koryn, yes!!! I called it when she sang the Emelie Sandé song. You can’t teach someone how to tell a story through song. She has both the voice and the expressive ability to make us feel what she’s singing. That’s innate instinct. As Kimberly so graciously said, “Saang, girl!” Please, please Pharrell coach these youngsters well.

    (ps – this girl’s expressive abilities remind me of Sarina Joi’s from Idol…I’m still not over how Sarina’s elimination went down yet…thankfully this show seems more willing to support vocal artistry while lately Idol seems more about propping up ok singers who have gimmicks)

    One nitpicky thing – please coaches, show your contestants how to marinate in the music until the end of the performance. Some of them, especially the young ones, are bowing and have scurried off before the song is even over! I know you’re being rushed along, but still, milk it people! When the performers abruptly pop out of the mood they’ve its jarring and breaks the spell too early. (See most any of Amanda Brown’s performances from her season for pointers)

    Kimberly – what else can be said, she’s a professional. In complete control of what she’s doing up there. More like a concert than a reality performance. Eager to see what she does next.

    Sawyer – Could listen to that tone all day long. A little worried about how such a pristine talent will fare in this reality show environment. Is he versatile enough? Will they know what to do with him after a few episodes? Whatever, just get him through this process…then someone nurture him, let him experience life a little and help him evolve as an artist over time, hopefully he’ll have some writing ability and something to say. With that other era voice miraculously landing in 2015, he’s meant for the stars.

    Sonic – Impressed me. Didn’t remember the quality of her tone being so appealing. Really good version of this sultry, womanish Alicia Keys song. Middle of the pack, but liked it.

    (Agreed with Christina that Ashley had the horsepower voice but her lack of killer performance quality, especially on a hardcore head banger Pat Benatar song, made Sonic the winner.)

    Mia – Crazy skills. But so young, most of the time don’t get that she knows what she’s really singing about. Want to see more and will hopefully feel more eventually too.

    Meghan – Another pro. She deserved one of those “Sang, girl” proclamations. And how many women listened to her kill that song and thought, “I feel you, girl.” Whoever did make or is making this woman feel this “naturally” is clearly doing something right. Again, wonder how versatile she is for the purposes of this show, even though she’s my kind of artist. Curious to see in what direction Blake decides to coach her.

    Sarah – We already know she’s a powerhouse. Again, question re long-term versatility. But her tender, closing a capella bit in this performance, showing she can do more than scream well, was everything.

    Nathan – Liked him a lot. Another one who actually used the lyrics to tell a story. Didn’t know song before, but this rendition made me want to look it up, which says something about the way it was performed. Don’t know how far he’ll go with this stiff competition, but agreed with Adam’s choice, Nathan deserved the win tonight.

    Wow lots of crazy good girls! Wondering if more killer guys will emerge in next episode?

    ps – Had to rewatch Christina going crazy jumping out of her seat, demanding a steal, then erupting into pure joy followed by Pharrell/Christina/contestant group hug…what a GREAT feel good, tv moment.

    And love that even the contestants who didn’t win seem to be treated kindly and with respect. This show is so well-produced. Mark Burnett and team, kudos. Can’t wait for next episode.

    • Wild child says:

      Just to let you know Sawyer has a fantastic writing ability, particularly for someone so young. He really can encapsulate the human emotion with his words and what’s really impressive is that he had lead a shelter life so I have no idea what he is drawing from. Just really connected I suppose. Look up Any Of My trouble on YouTube, can’t believe he was only 14 when he wrote that. I can easily hear that on the radio. That kid is a true artist.

  38. eidi says:

    I am feeling that all of the strong male contestants were in the last season, while all of the strong female contestants (specially that black ones like India, Koryn and Kimberly) are in this season. But I wonder if there is any contestant, regardless the gender, would beat my two favorite ones, the M duet Michelle Chamuel and Matt MacAndrew (both 4 glasses, indie singers who sang a Perry’s song in the blinds and got the second place)

  39. jw says:

    I keep thinking that the person who just sang is going to walk away with this thing. Then another person comes up and sings and I say the same thing. Waiting to see Cody Wickline perform again. He seems to have enough charisma that will be bolstered by Blake’s country following to win in the end. And as good as they all are, I still wonder if I’ll ever follow any of them after this parade is over.

  40. david7118 says:

    I don’t get the love for Kimberly or how she won this battle. Koryn sang circles around her as did Lowell previously.

    • Florence+TheMachineRules!!! says:

      I think its song choice and the way that its arranged. If you give Kimberly a Mary J Blige(No More Drama) or a michael jackson(Dirty Diana) song, you will probably see the difference

      • Jules says:

        But that’s not what she wants. She wants to be more pop/rock. Christina will have to be really smart in helping her choose her songs or she could be gone quick. Personally, she reminds me of a cross between Tina Turner and Fantasia. I really like her but this season is going to be TOUGH!

  41. Timmah says:

    That young mentor really surprised me when he said “I’d rather be moved by a performance than impressed”. That’s the wisest thing I’ve heard anybody say on these shows, ever.

  42. Meme says:

    Absolutely adore Sawyer Fredericks! He has something very special going on.

  43. Rose H says:

    Does anyone else think Sawyer sounds a lot like John Denver? Even his personality reminds me of him.

  44. Adam says:

    Every year, no matter what, my favorites always seem to come from Team Adam. This year, however, Adam’s team is horrible, and I would not be shocked to see his contestants disappear first in the live shows. I suspect the show wants a Team Xtina win, but at this rate, both Pharrell and Xtina seem to be in the best positions to pull it off. Blake has a shot if the viewers connect with Megan.

    • Adam says:

      Also, I thought Koryn was kind of unpleasant last night, and Sawyer doesn’t excite me as much as he does for others.

  45. Jill Moy says:

    I for one, am not crazy about Mia. Everything out of her mouth is high pitched and I can’t understand half of what she’s saying! I think Caitlin and India are superior! This year will be hard to pick a winner from early on! I think the panel has let good talent go and kept lessor talent. They know in advance who will win. Christina knew she’d pick Sonic in that battle. Just like we all knew the guy in the 3 singer battle was leaving. They get set up to lose!

  46. Wow Sawyer was great again!

  47. Shara says:

    I have been a fan of Sawyer’s since the first note he sang in the blinds. I think he’s an a AMAZING kid with loads of talent, waaaaaay beyond his years. He’s an old soul, something special for sure. I hope he has much success in life and keeps his head on straight.

  48. Jacob says:

    Point of correction: Mia’s cover of “Hold On I’m Coming,” while awesome, was not her original arrangement. That was the Eric Clapton/B.B. King version of the song.

  49. Viajero says:

    It’s not every episode that you get 5 outstanding performances and another couple of really great ones. Trying to rank those top 7 them is next to impossible, but I guess i would go with the following for outstanding performances:

    1. Koryn
    2. Sawyer
    3. Sarah
    4. Mia Z
    5. Meghan

    The very good ones were:

    6. Kimberly
    7. Sonic

    It’s also not often that any given season on one of these shows has one “natural”, let alone 3 of them in Koryn, Sawyer and Mia Z (all unfortunately on Team Pharrell). Considering the people who still haven’t sung on his team (Caitlin, Hannah, etc), I fear that the next round is going to be a bloodbath in which we are going to lose people who could have aspired to be in the finals on any other season.

    Christina’s team might actually use the help. I´ve been a big fan of Kimberly’s, but did not like her song choice this week at all. And while Sonic keeps improving, I don’t think she’s quite up to the level of the favorites.

    I’m so glad Blake kept both Sarah and Meghan.

    Adam, on the other hand, pretty much sunk any chances he had of getting a contender when he stole Brian.

    • HTGR says:

      Yeah I fear a bloodbath, especially on Team Usher, where I think at least one will go home before freaking top 12, who on a non-team system or even with the team system but any other season, any other, could’ve possibly won it all.

  50. Mat zendeh says:

    You people are crazy….
    There is this kid SAWYER

    and then the rest, which are all truly excellent.

    But that kid… a different league.