Bones' Emily Deschanel on a Lying Booth, an 'Emotional' Pregnancy, a Possible Season 11 (and Beyond!)

Bones Season 10 Spoilers

Since Bones‘ Booth has had trouble with a gambling addiction in the past, he should know better than to bet against Brennan, his Queen of Hearts.

But when the G-man falls back into his old habit during the show’s spring run (kicking off this Thursday at 8/7c on Fox) — and lies about it! — not even the impending arrival of the couple’s second child will be able to keep their marriage on safe ground.

“They don’t know what their future is, if it’s together or apart,” star Emily Deschanel reveals. “It’s a big issue.”

Meanwhile, Brennan’s more “emotional” second pregnancy will find her questioning her job and whether bringing another baby into their crazy, murder-filled world is the right thing to do.

Sounds like a great time for one of the Jeffersonian’s most infamous foes to resurface, yes?

“Pelant, in some way, comes back from beyond the grave,” the actress teases. “Pelant plays a part, I should say, in the season finale.”

Below, Deschanel also looks ahead at Season 11 (and beyond) and reveals why we haven’t seen much of Booth’s son, Parker.

TVLINE | Is the second pregnancy planned or a happy accident for Brennan and Booth?
That’s not really addressed, but they’re happy about it. They don’t talk about it beforehand like they’re trying to get pregnant and then it happens. I feel like it’s maybe half-and-half. They kind of talked about it, but they weren’t planning planning.

TVLINE | It is a natural thing for them to want to expand their family.
I think so. But it comes with a price. Once the reality of being pregnant sets in, which she fights with for a while, it’s an emotional thing. The first pregnancy, she’s oblivious to bringing another human being into the world and what that means. [Laughs] This time around, she knows what she’s doing and what — I don’t want to say repercussions — but what the meaning of that is, bringing someone into the world and their world, specifically, because they do dangerous jobs. They put their child in danger. Their house was blown up last season. It’s not a safe world that they’re bringing this child into, and she’s very much aware of that this time, whereas last time she was a little naive about it. It brings up a lot of issues and all the concerns she has with her own childhood and what that was like. It’s definitely an emotional journey. Then there’s also issues with Booth where he starts gambling again. That’s a big problem, too.

TVLINE | What’s the reason for Booth and Brennan keeping the pregnancy, initially, a secret from the team?
I think that’s just like what you do when you’re pregnant early on. I certainly kept my pregnancy a secret until it’s time to tell people. ‘Cause you have a greater risk for miscarriage and things like that until a certain point. I think they wanted to keep that just to themselves for that reason. Like most people, you wait until a certain time until you tell people.

TVLINE | Might they be reconsidering their careers? Like you said, it is such a dangerous job.
Yeah. You don’t see them like applying for other jobs. [Laughs] It’s clearly on Brennan’s mind, for sure, and Booth’s probably, as well, but I just want to speak for Brennan. Other characters are also reconsidering their jobs. It’s only natural when you’re expanding your family and your job has put all your lives in danger. Is it all worth it? You start questioning all that. She’s a physical anthropologist. She’s also a cultural anthropologist. She’s had experiences on archaeological digs, as well as studying different cultures. These are all… jobs that would put her and her family less in danger that she certainly would be considering at this time.

TVLINE | Does Brennan pick up on the fact that Booth’s gambling problem has resurfaced right away?
Eventually, yeah. And then there’s a big blowout about it.

TVLINE | What drives his relapse?
Somebody’s found dead, and they were a big poker player, so he goes undercover doing that. Both Brennan and Aubrey are nervous about him doing that, and Booth assures them that he’s going to be OK, but he’s human and he’s a recovered addict. He shouldn’t have put himself in that position. But the real problem for Brennan is, she talks to him point-blank about these things, and he lies to her. That’s a big issue.

TVLINE | So he doesn’t turn to her for help and tries to manage the situation himself instead?
Yeah. She confronts him before he can talk to her about it, and he’s denying it. That’s a problem. Then he works on himself and tries to get help. We’ll see how they do towards the end of the season! I haven’t read the season finale yet. [Laughs]

TVLINE | There’s a new serial killer coming up. How does that affect the team?
We think we get the person, and then we start doubting ourselves whether we have the right person. We have to discover that while someone’s on Death Row for the murders. But it’s not a serial killer like Pelant where we are necessarily in danger in that way.

Bones Season 10 SpoilersTVLINE | Fans are always missing and asking if we’ll see Parker again.
Oh, yeah. I know. Parker is studying in England or whatever. [Laughs]

TVLINE | He’s going to be one very well-educated child.
Yes, very well-educated. [Laughs] I can’t speak on that really. We have one child who’s getting older and I think it’s hard enough working with one child. [Laughs] Having two kids on set and writing for that and planning the hours and all that, I think they’ve simplified things in that way. But I’m sure Parker will come back at some point.

TVLINE | As you approach the end of the season, how do you feel about what the prospects are for Season 11? Are you energized by where the show could go?
Yeah. I feel like we still have stories to tell. We’re still going strong. I would like to see where we take it. I think there’s a strong possibility of a Season 11. We have not been picked up officially. There’s a lot of factors that they’re trying to figure out. But I think everyone’s interested in continuing to tell the story. I don’t know how much longer after Season 11 it would go, but it’d be nice to explore it for at least one more year.

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  1. Tran says:

    Hope Bones gets renewed and a possible “final season” even though Empire brought the house on fire thanks to those crazy numbers and FOX.

  2. anon says:

    way to go Emily and talk about Booths gambling addiction in the worst light possible….talk about kicking Booth to the curb in this interview and making her character a patron saint….we get it Brennan is good and Booth is bad….dont bother and try and explain Emily that Booth has PTSD or was wrongfully ìmprisoned or that that the guy who he thought like a brother to him SWEETS was brutally murdered and that would send any addict of the wagon…its all about St.Brennan.

    • kn1231 says:

      I didn’t get that at all, but ok….

      • Ignore this person. They despise Brennan and take every opportunity to bash her. They’re a troll of the highest order. Trust me on that.

        • dave says:

          Like you people at Bonesology don’t obsess over the show.You dissect every spoiler,photo and episode to death.To you Bones is your life and I find that sad.

          • GET A LIFE DAVE says:

            and yet you dont find yourself sad Dave, right? your hate of Bones and basically harrassing people here is not sad or pathetic, right? MOVE ON DAVE…your mental health will thank you.

    • Sally O'Malley says:

      What in the world?

    • You are making more out it than there was. You haven’t seen it acted on screen yet.

    • Must be a full moon, somewhere..... says:

      Wow, well I’d ask for some meds to help you through all your issues, but more importantly–take a freaking chill pill–you are totally obsessing about FICTIONAL characters! (You know, NOT REAL!) You need serious help………

    • AgathaC says:

      Jen imagines herself to be the Bones police. If you say things about Bones that she disagrees with, she calls you a troll. Ignore her.

      • dave says:

        You got that right.Those people at Bonesology are so obsessed it’s disturbing.They bash on you if you don’t agree that Bones isn’t the greatest show in the history of television.

    • Network says:

      Booth, Brennan, Sweets….none of them are real you know?

    • Jo says:

      You have some good points on why Booth would revert back to gambling. He certainly has reason to be depressed the wrongful imprisonment and especially Sweets death plus the ugliness he sees on the job daily. But your wrong about St. Brennan. I have never considered Brennan as a saint. She has many flaws in fact I’ve read many comments about Booths Saint Hood. They are both flawed character’s trying to love each other and raise a family. Be truthful there are bumps in the road in a marriage.

    • It's just a Show! says:

      Uhhh, sure.

    • tomus225 says:

      The show IS called BONES not BOOTH! Brennan is the title character. Js

  3. abz says:

    If it does get renewed, I think it should come with an announcement of it being the final season. Empire has shown that FOX can have some good shows like they did in the past with shows like House, etc. I know many still like the show, but I personally think Bones has been lackluster for a long time now. I’ve kept up with it from time to time just to see where things go, but creatively they haven’t done anything interesting in quite some time. All the cases feels the same. Episode formats are the same and predictable. There is nothing groundbreaking or fresh about the show. Fox should tell them it’s the final season and give them time to wrap it up in advance. Although they could probably just wrap it up this season. They have a lot of episodes left.

    • John NYC says:

      The challenge for the network is deciding that far ahead that something they’d replace the show with would be as or more marketable and the odds are higher for a “Fly Me” than an “Empire”….

      If you don’t have a prospect lined up you don’t send off solid regular until you absolutely have to.

      • dave says:

        The only reason Bones is still on is FOX acceptspoor ratings.

      • A says:

        @johnnyc Bones is a workhorse, for FOX both studios and network, its a 10yr show that still brings 5-6million viewers to the network weekly, no other Fox show does that with the obvious exception of Empire & Gotham, both freshman shows who Fox really need to prove to them that they can maintain their rating in the upcoming seasons….so I can see why Dana Walden says that Bones is still so important to them both studio & network :)

  4. anon says:

    no they cant wrap this season…they are shooting the 21st ep and the finale ep is already written…..EMPIRE is one hit show for FOX and unless they are planning to air it 6 times a week, they need other shows on the network that brings in viewers above 3m whiich is basically all their scripted shows bar Gotham & Empire.

  5. A says:

    I was looking forward to Booths gambling storyline until I read Emilys ond sided take on it…Brennan doesnt seem to care about WHY Booth is gambling again, all she cares about it a lie…wow, wife of the year or what….no wonder he cant talk to her and seeks help & guidance elsewhere

    • Stacey says:

      We haven’t seen it on screen yet. I would think if Booth is slipping and lying about it. It would mean dark times and angst for them as a couple. Of course Emily is going to have Viewpoint. Doesn’t mean it won’t be better on screen as it plays out. As Brennan showed in the wake of Sweet’s death and how dark Booth and brooding he became. She hated it and had a shouting match with him so if he is slipping and she finds out he lied to her. Of course Brennan isn’t going to be happy or take it lying down!

    • 1mars says:

      That spoiler just sucked all the air out of that storyline, I’d gamble too if I had to live with perfect “in her eyes” Brennan and mini Brennan and Parker who, apparently the red headed step child shipped off the UK. ugh I say wrap it up too, these storylines are getting ridiculous. Sure, a lie isnt good in a marriage but he didnt run off for three months with her child cuz she didnt think he could protect them.

      • Stacey says:

        He couldn’t. If she had stayed she would have been in jail or killed in prison (taken some place no one could find her), and they needed Booth to be working it from his angle. Not saying what she did was right. But I can see why she did it. I can see why Booth would slip. It been a tough year. With jail and Sweets. And a new baby they don’t know about yet.

    • WorkingITfor Dollars says:

      Well, it is true that Brennan is written to have the emotional range of a hamster, supportive and understanding are not exactly her descriptors. She’s mostly intolerant of human failing and it’s not like she’s capable of having a conversation that doesn’t end up with her believing herself to be right. Why would anyone confide in someone who is written like that?

      • John NYC says:

        I’m always delighted by her when I catch a rerun of the pilot, her droll humor in the airport is terrific. . The character DID drift IMHO.

  6. kmw says:

    I beg to differ on your assessment. Emily Deschanel was not throwing Booth under the bus. She was describing a situation that Booth gets into that leads to a lie. She was not trying to make herself look better. As a reminder Emily Deschanel DOES NOT write the stories. Any time your husband or wife lies its a big deal. Her confronting Booth is the way her character is. Also she was only just describing part of story not all of it. If you want to talk about throwing Booth and or Brennan under the bus take a look at Stephen Nathan first.. At the end of last season he said this story was not about their marriage and now clearly it is. I understand why they want to go to this story because they haven’t really gone into his gambling. When you are an addict you don’t always behave right, it doesn’t mean they aren’t a good person. However I believe Mr Nathan is trying really hard to break the promise that Hart Hanson made about not breaking them up. Bones did not have good first half no matter what they say. Booth and Brennan practically had no scenes together for 4 or 5 episodes. I hope the pregnancy will have some good moments and despite this season not beings its best I hope they get one more year to correct the gloominess they are writing right now. I also should have known they would never get rid of Pelant, they seem to love him I don’t.

    • A says:

      Sorry, Emily just rubbed me up the wrong way in this interview…from the way she shades Booth’s gambling addiction to being boiled dòwn to a lie, if you really love someone you should be more upset about WHY they have relapsed…theres no joy in any of these spoilers, its all doom and gloom…shes suppose to encourage people to watch, not hint that B&B may breakup and blame it on Booths gambling, when infact they have been through way much worse than this as a couple….HELLO Brennan lied to Booth & stole their kid at the end of S7 and he forgive her…and dont get me started on her Parker jibe, they cant have two kids on Bones when its Parker & Christine but they will have NO problem when writing in two kids when its the new baby & Christine….I agree with your take on SN, he seems hell bent on making B&B as miserable as possible or separating them for most of the time each ep…hes been with Bones since S1 too, so I don know what his problem is.

  7. kmw says:

    Stephen Nathan also said “you will not be disappointed” with what they have in store. Really Mr. Nathan your loyal fans WANT to see Booth and Brennan break up? I think not. Its one thing to have Booth relapse into gambling its another to say we are going to love Booth and Brennan not getting along, especially with Brennan being pregnant. “little surprises” along the way. Gee I wonder what that means. If it wasn’t for David and Emily being so good together on screen it would be really hard to watch. I have really missed the show, but the way they are all talking this is going to be a depressing end to this season. I will wait and see what comes. I have loved Booth and Brennan together as partners and as a couple I really hope they don’t go the break up route, even if its only for a summer.

  8. John NYC says:

    Well, I’ve often thought she could do better.

    No one said, ever.

  9. kmw says:

    Like I said everything about what she was talking about is story dictated. Back at the end of season 7 she left for a reason. Booth is a law abiding man and she would have been asking him to break the law and ruin his career. Parker being on the show HAS nothing to do with the actress personally but with this show, which is still supposed to be about solving crimes. I t is not Emily’s fault that Parker is not on show. I am sorry I didn’t take her comment s at all to be insulting but to be what they intended, spoilers. My venting on Nathan not withstanding David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel ARE producers, however that is almost in all likelihood more in name only than in any real power to dictate stories. I wrote that Nathan said we will not be disappointed, and maybe he’s right but I hope that someone there might realize they aren’t bad together being happy. I know its probably boring for the actors but it would be nice if they could have fun together as well

  10. Seriously people shut up. We haven’t even seen the storyline aired yet and you’re already complaining?

  11. kmw says:

    TV LINE put it in the headlines about a possible break up. However you are right we shouldn’t be complaining about it because it hasn’t aired yet, but ripping an actress for telling her version of what’s coming up is just silly. (One more thing about judging Brennan, remember two seasons ago Booth didn’t trust his partner enough to tell her about Pelant and his threat so it goes both ways with things they shouldn’t have done)

  12. Lily21 says:

    Seems like the writers either want to scare up buzz (will they break up?!!?) or just want to stick it to B&B. Instead of joy over the new baby, threatening to break them up. And why is Brennan still such a sanctimonious prig? She’s lied and separated them, kidnapped their kid, and she is written like that’s all A-OK. Makes it hard to watch; I’d like the writers to be more even-handed in how they treat them.

    Dear lord I hope the woman who wrote the books is a nicer person than Brennan comes off as in this tv show.

    I have always wondered what Booth sees in her (I love that they are together, don’t get me wrong, I love happy endings and the B&B banter…but she’s rarely nice to Booth, except condescendingly.)

    • abbey says:

      IKR?! LMAO….Emily only has a problem when Booth lies seemingly, lets just forget about how her Brennan lied, plotted and stole their baby in the season 7 finale….but somehow Booth’s lie to Brennan is just the worst thing, enough to maybe break up their marriage…..

      Shouldn’t Brennan actually give a crap to WHY Booth has relapsed and why he couldn’t bring himself to talk to her or talk to anyone…I feel so bad for Booth, he literally is an island on Bones, nobody gives a crap, the writers have forgotten that Cam and Booth use to be good friends that she knew him when he gambled before…..he has nobody to turn too now, yet they all turn to him when they have a problem and need help, bunch of users.

  13. Ruth Ann Walker says:

    What would you do if you were pregnant and your husband started gambling? Would yo say, oh honey don’t gamble? I think not, you would be upset, like any normal wife. I love B & B, they haft to build a story line for Booth, his job just interviewing suspects would be so boring. Brennan loves Booth and he loves her, it can’t be all rosy and lovey dovey. In a real marriage there are problems and you sometimes rant and rage, but in the end your love for each other wins out and the problem is solved. Ms Deschanel is not raging on Booth, just giving a little detail of the story. Sounds like second part of season is going to be fantastic. Both the writers and Mr Nathan know, no B & B, no Bones, just remember they are the center and the cast does a great job backing them up. Thanks Ms Deschanel for your input, You do a fabulous job playing BRENNAN.

  14. frustratedwithbadtvshows says:

    Long time Bones viewer here,

    Just a note to the powers that be at Fox and at Bones, when you make viewers wait an extended period of time for their shows to return, they tend to lose interest in the show.

    • John NYC says:

      I wonder if that’s reflected in the numbers? Because if so that would cost them advertising dollars which I expect they’d try and avoid.

  15. kmw says:

    Of course that is reflected in their numbers, that and them jumping days every single year they have been on the air, or almost every year. This article and interview were exactly to give buzz to the show that’s been off the air for 4 months. As far as Brennan goes there is a time and a place for her to have compassion and sympathy and she very well might have some seeing as how we haven’t seen the episode yet, but in this case Booth is going to need something different from Brennan( by the way she has been very good to Booth. She was there for him when his dad died, did the proposing when she was ready, was willing to get married in a church, blackmailed a D.A. to get him out of jail, and talked him down from his erratic behavior earlier just to name a few things) Brennan has always had a hard time with dealing with her emotions because of her past, but Booth has opened that side of her a little bit and obviously from what she said this pregnancy and Booth’s gambling will make her open up a bit more as well. Yes they may be stretching a separation based on his gambling but a flat out lie to your spouse is never a good thing. Even if they do separate it will not last long. I do question why anybody at FOX or Bones thinks a story implying the split of your two main characters will make people tune back in. However if this story gets Booth and Brennan in more scenes that will be good. Not all marriages are rosy all the time, but if they do get another season it would be nice if they lightened their show up a bit. Oh well I will be watching on Thursday and hope that Nathan is right and be pleasantly surprised by what’s in store

  16. Jo says:

    As much as I want to see Parker come back If he can’t be written in at least one episode he should be mentioned now and then. He is Booths first born and Booth is a awesome Dad it is very odd that he is never mentioned. Is Christine on set even if she isn’t in the episode? If not why can’t Parker be in one without her. I don’t understand, without Parker in some way leaves a big hole in the series.

  17. Pat says:

    I have been a long time fan of this show, from the very beginning and I hope that another season will be on the horizon. When they finally decide to end this show, I want to see all the characters storylines wrapped up nice and neat and happy endings for all of them. After seeing what happened to the Sweets character, I definitely do not want another repeat of this done to any of the main characters, ever again. I am looking forward to the return of Bones on Thursday night.

    • Lois says:

      B&B are my favorite couple. I don’t care about the others so I welcome a story about them.
      It’s a story about addiction. Addicts lie that’s called denial. That is believable.
      I’m looking forward to watching ED and DB knock this out of the park. I just hope it’s written well. We’ve seen Booth in denial before. I refer to s6. He’s had some big issues recently that he needs to deal with….I am looking forward to a B&B story!!! Because I believe they will make it through together!

  18. abbey says:

    Did you have to include the part about Emily flippantly telling the fandom that B&B may break up at the end of the season REALLY, the end of the season is in June, this is March, way to go and cast a dark cloud over the upcoming 12 eps.

    Yeah, and Emily really did just want to talk about Brennan… cos she certainly give no insight into Booth’s POV or B&B’s as a married couple POV on this….I mean were is the talk about how B&B love each other , or how they have been through worse than lying/gambling, or that Booth is a good man/husband/father/partner and something must be seriously wrong with him to relapse….lawd

    • Lois says:

      Well when have they ever told fans how the season will end?

      I love Brennan they will work it out. If she said that no one would be yelling and screaming and carrying on a tantrum.
      They want tongues wagging! And this site loves to wag!!😄

      • abbey says:

        ummm…..pretty much every season finale of Bones is touted as a game changer how B&B will never be the same again,,.their lives are altered…BUT never to my mind has any of them came flat out and been such a downer as Emily has been here saying that B&B may breakup… I mean what kind of way is that to promote a show just coming of hiatus, what a nice way to treat the fans…..couldn’t she have kept that quiet until May at least, there are 12 remaining eps this season to watch and Emily has pretty much ruined any development of B&B in these eps for me cos they are all leading to B&B blow out now…UGH what fun.

        • Lois says:

          I didn’t read into what Emily said that B&B break up! She said its a possibility so is being hit by lightning!

          I just say wait and see. They have never been up front about big plots. No one spoke a word about Sweets dying! They are dangling a carrot!

  19. kmw says:

    Emily didn’t ‘flippantly’ tell fans they were breaking up. This story is spoilers that’s all. Like I said if this story gets more scenes for them together that’s great, and Emily and David will definitely knock it out of the park. While I believe the actual story going in is very flimsy(why cant someone else, like Aubry, go undercover instead of a recovering gambling addict?) it should still be interesting how they deal with it. Anyone who questions how Brennan handles this, remember she not only has a daughter to take care of , but she is going to have another baby. She is not being self centered she is thinking about her daughters welfare. Also IF they were to separate it is hard for me to believe that this development is what Nathan said is “you wont be disappointed”. The last couple of season finales they have been basically apart, maybe this time they will get back together at least as a couple. If for some reason Bones doesn’t come back that scenario can work for finale. But no one was looking at one of the last things she said and that its a strong possibility that they are coming back. They come back, have their baby and eventually come back as partners again. Also people really seem to be reading into what she is saying more than is needed. Emily and David do not write the stories, Emily is talking about this story from her perspective and I am sure David at some point will talk about it from his point of view. We will see how this plays out and hopefully it comes across better than it sounds. If Bones gets another(and possibly last season) I do hope Nathan and Hanson puts more humor in their show, this is one thing that has definitely bothered me over last 3 seasons. I know that they are a drama but Hanson has always described his show as comedy and drama. it would be nice to see Booth and Brennan having fun times as well.

    • Lois says:

      I agree kmw. They are stirring the pot with these spoilers. Fans are getting riled up! That’s what Fox wants so people watch! DB likes to tweet things that rule up the fans. So ED says some possibilities and fans hang her out to dry like she’s writing it herself!
      I believe SN is not going to destroy all that he built over the years in this couple. It will work out somehow this year or next! We have to watch and see.

    • anon2 says:

      “They don’t know what their future is, if it’s together or apart,” star Emily Deschanel reveals. “It’s a big issue.”

      seriously where is the context to this? she just threw this out in the opening parargraphs…..there is a big difference on teasing and straight out saying this, Emily can’t expect to say this and fans not to have a reaction to it.

  20. dave says:

    To Jen and the rest of the freaks at Bonesology…it’s just a tv show that is past its prime.The storyline sounds bad and ratings will continue to decline.Bones is not the best show on television.I hope it gets cancelled.Nathan is going down a dangerous path,I hope Booth and Brennan break up.Beckett and Castle make a more believeable married couple.

    • Anon says:

      That is completely uncalled for….how about i & every one here wish that you lose your job, because that is what you are saying here….srly WTH has Castle got to do with anything? go and enjoy your own show and leave Bones fans be….fyi Castle is declined in ratings too, down to a 1.4 even with a pretty decent lead in of DWTS, in one of the softest slots….yeah, I can be petty too, just like you.

  21. dave says:

    Anon…oh boo hoo…David and Emily have been well compensated over the years.What do they talk about in the writers room,how to keep screwing over Booth and Brennan.They have no imagination.I’d like to see Brennan meet someone.

  22. Mavis says:


  23. kmw says:

    Exactly she said these words to GET A REACTION. That is what spoilers are for. TV LINE also had the words breaking up in its headlines, this not only on Emily.. I still do not get people who don’t watch shows anymore to go to said shows spoiler and rip those of us who still watch. Yes it is just a show, but like other couples on other shows and as viewers you get invested in them and want to see good stories for them. Even though I am a big fan of Bones I have not always agreed with what they have done and I am certainly not a fan of how Nathan has run Bones at times but to me it still very watchable. I know some fans over the years have complained about Booth not having anything to do, well now he has a story. As much as I distrust Nathan right now, from you will not be disappointed to a possible break up sounds like the season will end on a different note than we are expecting.

  24. dave says:

    I’m putting my money on Brennan asking for a divorce in the finale.Anyone watching the show over the years knows that lying is the one thing Brennan won’t forgive.To her trust is everything.

    • A says:

      Anyone that watches Bones knows that Brennan lied her ass off to Booth in the S7 finale…so shes ok with lying when its about her and he forgive her….but yeah, maybe she will divorce Booth JUST FOR YOU Dave, you seem to want that real bad

      • dave says:

        not really.but it is a possibility.get upset much.

        • A says:

          “get upset much?” oh DAVE I find this so so funny coming from you, maybe you should apply that to yourself, you sure are so so so SO UPSET over Bones…I got that from your 1st or maybe 10th anti Bones post.

          • dave says:

            Really,you’re the one trolling this site in the middle of the night.I like Bones,just not some of the storylines.But,if it got cancelled tomorrow I wouldn’t care.If you read my posts,I only bash people that don’t respect the opinions of others.So you can go back to whatever mindless thing you were doing.Your rants mean nothing to me.

  25. kmw says:

    So asking for a divorce is something not to miss. No way. Even I don’t think Nathan will go that route. Despite this lie, I don’t believe she will really leave him over it. She is pregnant after all and she will realize that addictions sometimes make people, including Booth, make bad decisions and that he will indeed need her support. I also believe she will understand that this mistake doesn’t change who Booth is to her. Mr. Nathan also said there were going to be “little surprises” along the way, and I think one of those surprises will have something to do with her pregnancy and that will also make her rethink everything that is going on.

  26. KC says:

    This show used to be good – it has fallen to really bad TV

  27. kmw says:

    Bones is still great. Still as great as early years? Probably not but most long running shows aren’t as good as when they started. Brennan and Booth have both hurt each other over the years, admittedly more from Brennan, but being married doesn’t mean bad or self destructive behavior will stop. Booth HAS been thru an awful lot between getting shot, losing his house, being thrown in jail and losing Sweets. Just because Booth is going thru this doesn’t mean he is a bad man or anything else and it doesn’t mean Brennan wont be there for him. Even though I definitely do not want them to split, this is at least more realistic than a crazed serial killer(Pelant) coming between them.

  28. kmw says:

    There is a difference between lying to protect your child and being an addict who cant see he’s in trouble and lies straight to your face. This story isn’t about making Booth be a terrible person and Brennan a saint. It’s about Booth and Brennan getting thru tough times which most married couples eventually have to. You don’t like Bones, don’t watch it and don’t come to sites that talk about it

    • dave says:

      wow,hostile much? get over yourself.there are fans and there are fanatics.Bones is past its prime and on the downward spiral.

      • TMID says:

        Hmmm, really? Then why are you haunting every reply with a snarky reply? You must still like it, cause here you are sniping away at everybody. You must be one of those “fanatics” who pull the snark card. For someone who hates the show, you sure spend a great deal of time commenting on it……..SMDH

        • Anon says:

          IKR!? ….We hate to break it to you DAVE but you are one of those fanatics too….you are fanatical about hating on Bones & demeaning people, you state people are being sad, obessive, hostile & over invested, which, oh the irony, is pretty much describing yourself Dave…give it a rest, move on.

          • dave says:

            To you and TMID…I like Bones,it’s just not what it used to be.If it gets renewed good and if it doesn’t it had a good run.I bash on people who don’t respect the opinions of others.People can like it and hate the storyline.You should take a look at Bonesology and see how they treat people who don’t think that Bones is the best show on tv,which it definately isn’t.I’ll continue with my opinions and if you don’t like it,you can KMA.

  29. jerri says:

    love the show have watched since 1st episode. The characters have grown so much and love them all. bring angela’s dad back once in awhile. always fun time! please keep the show going!

  30. Charlotte says:

    i think they should re explore the Zac Addy story line from the first/second season – the king of the lamp. They brought him back once to help with a case but I think it’s time he came back in for a decent story line

  31. Betty Dingess says:

    I don’t like the idea of Booth gambling and lying to Brennan. Break them up and the show will suffer. It should be the Team against the world. I didn’t like the whole Pelant story line either.

  32. Rebecca Monroe says:

    BONES IS my favorite TV show.
    I wish it would continue for years but relize that’s not a reality ,but we can all dream . Love the show love the guys and their roles .

  33. nancy says:

    i really enjoy this show, it takes me away from the real world 1 hour per week:}

  34. brittany says:

    now that sweets is dead nobody knows Dr Zack addy didn’t really kill anyone they need to finish his story line I’ve been waiting Seasons

  35. Kai kai says:

    I do find it interesting that she’s being harsh on Booth in this interview. Not really Emily herself, but just the way it sounds. You kinda have to realize that Booth has gone through a lot, not only that, but also the fact that he is a HUMAN! I really think that Bones should be a little more logical on this issue. But, like somebody said, we haven’t seen it played out yet. So really, we have no clue. But Bones should realize the pain that Booth has been through. She should also understand that lying is human nature and be all anthropological about this issue…

  36. Terry says:

    absolutely love this show. Looking forward to Season 11 💚💜💚💜💚

  37. kmw says:

    Yes I guess I am hostile, only about people who hate a tv show and go to sites to bash said show. We do not how this story is going to play out, but for everyone who thinks Brennan is coming off as the bad person in this, remember addicts, when they are spiraling out of control do not behave the way they normally do. There is a time and a place for to be compassionate to Booth but this isn’t it. However she reacts doesn’t mean she doesn’t love him any less, she just wants him to get help. Brennan is also pregnant, so she herself will probably not react the way she normally does. I just hope the show handles it well. Even with this interview I don’t see how a split between Booth and Brennan would be a good season finale, and if would happen before finale then it will not last long. Nathan did say there were a few surprises along the way so we will see.

    • dave says:

      I like Bones,I just don’t think it’s as good as it was.If they get another season than a finale where Booth and Brennan break up isn’t that much of a stretch. 4 out of the last 5 season finales they’ve been separated either physically or emotionally.The gambling story is stupid because who would send a recovering addict undercover to play poker,that’s like sending an alcoholic to a wine tasting.As for you kmw,you are one of those freaks who will bash on anyone that doesn’t agree with you about Bones.My opinions are my own and if you don’t like it,too freaking bad.

      • Susan says:

        I have been a huge fan of Bones right from the beginning. But honestly I think the magic has gone between Booth and Bones.. This season you hardly see them together.. Too much Aubrey. I loved the show for the partnership of Booth and Bones.. I’ve just finished rewatching up to the end of season 6…. It was fun, flirty, just enjoyable. I’m not liking the way it’s heading at all.

  38. sammybb7 says:

    I guess the writers don’t know all that much about addiction. No one is ever “recovered” from addiction-the word is “recovering”. And when I get caught up in a wad about this or any other show, I always remember “Its TV, not reality”

  39. Rita Silver says:

    Just want to say I love Bones and Booth I think they are great together love all the characters on the show miss Sweet. Hope they stay on a lot longer love them .

  40. Gartia Bansah says:

    The character Gordon Gordon should be bought back for Booth as he will need “help” in the gambling demon. Booth seemed to ‘listen’ to the therapeutic Gordon and he respected him. Although the role of Sweets was good, I think they should let the character stay dead and beef up Aubrey’s role in his relationship with Booth. Maybe let Aubrey help raise Sweets’ son but do let the Sweets character rest in TV heaven.
    As for the Bones and Booth’s marriage, it is normal to have ups and downs and couples generally ‘work’ through them.Do the separation, therapy and remorse gambit. Mindful there are kids involve who will hurt the most.
    Please don’t bring the psychotic character Pelant back in any way, the man was too nuts to watch. If they want to bring someone bad back, how about a Brodsky (misspelled) trainee that no one knew about.

  41. Logiikal1 says:

    I really hope the show goes on for another season. It’s back to the excellent writing & plots of the first years. Just wondering if there’s any chance a plot like this might arise: Hodgins’ thief realizes his attempt to hurt the bug ‘n slime doc by hijacking the billions of the family Foundation has not just failed, but backfired. Hodgins [& Angela] are actually doing better with them both equally broke. The canny thief restores a hefty portion (not all) of the doc’s money.At first everything is great, everyone’s happy but it doesn’t last. Gradually increasing friction over money leads to increasing problems between the two – and the team – and threats of separation/divorce, etc. start to loom.

  42. kmw says:

    Yes Dave you have the right to your opinion and I am sorry if I am a freak for whatever I have been saying in defense of Bones. Your statements aren’t signs of liking a show. Emily Deschanel is not a writer and is definitely not in charge of this story, she was stating, from her point of view, what the story is coming from. And despite my “freakish” defense of Bones doesn’t mean that I don’t think that this has been a terrible season from them, which it certainly is, and it doesn’t sound like its getting any better. Anyone who continues to berate an actress for giving spoilers on story because you think its insulting to another character is silly( over the years a lot of people have complained about Booth not getting any story, so now he has a story, we will find out if we like it or not) As a “freakish” fan it has been getting harder to watch because of the lack of Booth and Brennan together. Stephen Nathan is running the show into the ground.( The only reason Booth and Brennan probably wont be splitting is because the show hasn’t been renewed) I want one more year so they can fix this years mess

  43. qasim says:

    Booth has always been portrayed as the dumbest and most emotionally damaged person on the team so I am not surprised with this new storyline.

  44. d1pat says:

    I enjoy this show. I have come to love these chatacters. Gambling is an issue for Booth. And for Brennan. Lying about it is an issue for Brennan and Booth must suffer the consequences of that lie. Which is obviously cause Brennans faith in Booth. He lies to her. They will come through it. And, just in case someone didn’t notice, the show is called, “Bones,” NOT Booth .

  45. maryjoy says:

    I love the Bones series. Basically, I’m a romantic and I’d love to see a happy ending and a second baby. Please don’t make the series end in a catastrophe, Give us some fun and happy situations. There’s no way I (and I’m sure others) could watch the series if Bones and Booth broke up or if they lose their baby. Dramatic situations are exciting and I love them, but the ending also counts. Call me a dreamer, but I LOVE HAPPY ENDINGS!

    • Phillip jordan says:

      I have not seen episode 10 I saw a couple of episode but Brennan throwing booth out for lying seems like an awesome response to lying about a problem I am glad there are realities in the show it amazing how much Brennan have changed over 10 years her relationship with booth have a great impact on that to me to further the story they should break up the season finale so season eleven can show A different brenna still doing her job but not being so logical though just as smart and tenacious and booth working on his demons working things out with his wife though they want get back togather till the series finale

  46. Felica Moore says:

    I love this show its one of a few on tv. There isn’t many shows left to watch!

  47. Tisha says:

    I hope that Booth and Bones does not break up. Bones if finally happy and she needs to keep on being happy with their new baby coming along. Bones needs to get help with his gambling and get back on track with his life. I would stop watching the show if they do break up. I enjoy seeing the together as a couple.

  48. ann says:

    If 11 is going to be the final season it would be amazing if there could be a resolution to The Finder in one of the episodes. I know it would take some creativity because Michael Clarke Duncan could not be in the episode :( but maybe Hart Hanson could pay a tribute to him while also giving fans a conclusion.

  49. Ray says:

    Terrible plotline with Booth and Bones possibly splitting up due to his gambling problem. What made the show special was their relationship.

    • maryjoy says:

      I think you’re right,their relationship has Always been special. A bit of suspense is great, but when it gets too heavy and gloomy it’s not nice to watch. I think a lot of viewers won’t watch the series any more if they break-up. I’d like to see more humour and fun episodes, now that Bones is pregnant, they should lighten it up, there have been too many disasters. Give us all a break and a happy ending, Please!!!!!!

  50. Gayle Osborn says:

    I wish Brennan could become a little more real. Why can’t she work and be a mom to both Parker, christine and baby #2?? Just because she is a genius doesnt mean she shouldn’t be challenged like the rest of us!
    I’m so glad the two main squids aee back in the money!! Hated that storyline!!
    hope they’re picked up for another season. Hope they take us somewhere special location wise, exoctic and unusual. Hope the storyline involves everyone including the kids!!