Once Upon a Time Recap: Woodn't You Know It, August Nose Something

Once Upon a Time Author Trapped

This week on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, “The Voice: Battle Rounds” took on new meaning as Hook labored to get back Ursula’s happy ending, while August’s return boded well for the heroes.

For starters, this was the best episode of Season 4B thus far. The flashback story was fresh, unpredictable and related directly to the present-day goings on. Meanwhile in Storybrooke, Hook’s deal with Ursula offered up a few twists, including the return of Ariel (in a manner that tracked decently enough, save for one quibble) and the welcome arrival of Ernie Hudson’s Poseidon in our world (though I was kinda hoping he had been living here as a bait shop owner or fishmonger).

Also, the torturing of August evoked one of Pinocchio’s most famous traits, as Gold dangled the puppet’s “lie detector” nose near the fireplace as it grew with every fib. The fact that August was able to claim he didn’t know where the door was, and not be found a liar, was smartly played — as well as served up the most interesting part of the Author storyline to date, the fact that the sought-after scribe is trapped in the storybook, behind the illustrated door.

As an added bonus, toward episode’s end, Hook raised a valid point that I for one hadn’t yet considered: that if villains don’t get happy endings, and if he is by definition a baddie, he is fated to lose his. Emma quickly notes, “That means you must have found it. What is it?” “You,” he responds, leading into a kiss whose sweetness was punctuated by a single tear from J-Mo. Terrific moment.

Elsewhere in the episode:

* The heroes now know that Gold is back in town — and that he posed as Hook when taking the dagger from Belle, who felt plenty dopey for botching that one. All that was missing was a forehead slap.

* I know Regina explained it to us, but I’m still unsure what to make of her Robin Hood/Evil Queen dream. But I’m curious what Emma comes up with in terms of contacting Robin. Think he’s on Facebook by now?

* Squid ink sure is a multi-purpose substance, eh?

* My aforementioned quibble: While I appreciated the “shrunken ship” twist dovetailing not only with Will’s Wonderland past but also the previously established Arendelle/Blackbeard storyline, what, Elsa has non-ice, shrinking powers…?

What did you think of the episode “Poor Unfortunate Soul”?

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  1. Paz says:

    For a second there, I thought Rumplestiltskin was going to break August’s nose. Like literally *snap*

  2. amy says:

    I’m gonna get in here before people start arguing and say that I loved this episode. The story with Ursula and her father was so touching. And I loved the return of august and ariel. I always loved August and if emma can forgive him so can I. This episode gave me hope for the season and reminded me why I love the show. And even though it was Hook and Ursula heavy I thought it balanced well with the other cast and that Hook and Emma scene at the end was so lovely. Great episode all-a-round

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Agree re: Ursula/her father, that reunion was unexpectedly moving. Merrin Dungey may not have done much during these few episodes, but she left on a high note.

      • Essie says:

        Indeed she did, wasn’t sure about her character but this episode made it all good! Really touching.

        And I loved seeing August, need more of him on the show. Very clever twist on the illustrated door!

      • CMarie says:

        My other “quibble” was that hook is concerned about not getting his happy ending because he is a villain, but what about this Ursula? She still got hers after being a villain all these years. If nothing else, the flashback showed Hook was good deep down, so I feel like that part of it – him not being able to be happy – is a stretch.

    • abz says:

      Yeah, I enjoyed it as well. Although, the hype over what Hook did to Ursula felt a little underwhelming. Nevertheless, I like the twist on the whole singing voice thing being Ursula instead of April.
      I’ll be disappointed though if this is the end for Ursula. Her ending felt a little to clean. We still need to find out how she was banished to our world. Plus I feel like there should be a bit more to how she knows Regina. Perhaps we will still he her in flashbacks as well during the times she was teamed up with Cruella and Maleficent.
      Also, I have a question. Is the Ursula that threatened Regina back in 3×06 the same Ursula that we are currently seeing. Young Ursula mentioned Poseidon naming her after the ancient sea goddess Ursula so I’m just curious if maybe I missed something.

      • hjm says:

        Two different Ursula’s. The one in S3 is an ancient goddess nobody had seen for years. Current Ursula was named after that sea goddess

        • kelz says:

          AHH! This makes more sense!

        • abz says:

          Okay, then if that’s the case, they really should bring current Ursula back to the show at some point to explore more of her past like why she was banished to our world as well as her past with Regina. Based on Regina’s reaction when Ursula and Cruella called her using Rumple’s phone, they clearly have a history or at least crossed paths at some point.

  3. Haliwell Manor says:

    It makes sense that Elsa would have other magic, since Ingrid could also performs other feats of magic beyond ice/snow making.

  4. Brooke says:

    Best episode of 4B for sure! Loved every second!

  5. Brenna says:

    Very clever there Matt with your title :)
    Loved this episode a lot, and that ending scene with Hook and Emma just melted my heart. I really like how the writers are taking them as a couple.

  6. Jake L. says:

    Does this mean Merrin Dungey is out this early into the season? I agree that this was a great episode, but it’s a super-tidy resolution for her and sort of reduces her villainy. A Queen of Darkness just wants a happy reunion with Dad? The story worked, but it’s yet another villain on OUAT who has been redeemed and is now a good guy, and we have seen that how many times on this show? I just hope there’s more for her to do.

    Plus, we still need to find out why Ursula and Cruella didn’t end up in Storybrooke in the first place. She made some comment about not touching the sea since she was “banished to this world,” but there was something in the way she said it that seemed to imply to me that it wasn’t related to Regina’s curse.

    Also, watching Dungey appear on two shows simultaneously has been kind of weird.

  7. Mel says:

    Great episode…loved the whole story they told.

  8. M says:

    The best episode? REALLY? Hook had more screentime than Ursula. They eliminated the only PoC (at this point Regina is played as white) on the show in a handful of episodes and it came off as though she was created only to make Hook look better/give him more man-pain! And a deus ex machina to have Ariel save Hook so that she’ll feel obligated to never tell Emma that he left Eric for dead? Convenient CS plot device if ever there was one! No, this was not a good episode. It was a “Hook is a hero now even though he has done nothing selfless to earn it”. I am getting sick of the Hook whitewashing… and the whitewashing in general of this show. And the Author in the Book thing is ripping off Myst.

    • Ginger Snap says:

      I’m just sick of Hook period. But glad that August is back.

    • Martina says:

      So the only reason for you to keep Ursula is because she is black? If you watched the previous episodes it was very clear that she was kind of useless before. Like she was only “there” and didn’t do much. She didn’t had a proper story, and no-one ever explained why she was considered to be “evil”. I mean, what exactly did she do to make her being marked as bad? She stole something from Belle. That’s it. Plus I think Storybrooke was way to crowded and it’s good that they now eliminated some of the people to develop the story of the others better. It’s not bc Ursula was black. It’s because her character was the most irrelevant one. And it could also be due to the fact that Merrin Dungey has another project simultaneously and didn’t had much time for filming Once.

      • Crystal says:

        M didn’t say that was the only reason to keep her, and all the reasons Ursula was “irrelevant” can be applied to Cruella as well. It really could be that Merrin Dungey was going to be unavailable for future episodes. The idea that they wrote her out because Ursula was just “there” doesn’t make sense because it was the writers’ decision to have her do nothing. For a fantasy show with a massive recurring cast, OUAT’s lack of diversity is depressingly pathetic. Jorge Garcia, Jamie Chung, and Giancarlo Esposito are all PoC who played established characters in the OUAT universe. Even if they can’t get those actors, they could diversify the cast by intertwining the characters’ stories with the main arc, like they did with Pan, Elsa, etc. They just choose not to do so.

        • missvci says:

          I’m black, and I really don’t give a crap about the race of the characters. I mean they are all based fairy tales which have fair skinned princesses. I think A+E do a great job with diversity considering the source material. They made rapunzel black and it caused a mini-uproar in all the message boards because “how dare they cast a black girl as rapunzel” They had Tamara for a whole arc (and she was in a interracial relationship, gasp). Race shouldn’t matter if it’s a good show, and we as a whole should focus less on what race they cast, and enjoy the story, there are far worse injustices in the world than “not enough black people/Poc on TV” And we should applaud a show that includes diversity the best it can without making race an issue.

          • Crystal says:

            I never claimed not having more PoC on TV was an injustice, and frankly I’ve never understood the logic behind “there are worse problems in the world, so let the small stuff slide.” This is a show where Peter Pan is Rumpelstiltskin’s much more evil father, and Snow White manipulated her rival into killing her own mother. I don’t think fidelity to the source material is something they hold paramount. FWIW I’m not talking about them being diverse just for the sake of being diverse. I actually think it would improve their product. I guess where we disagree is that I don’t think they’ve done their best to diversify the characters, and I think the show is weaker because of it. If they have more diverse characters, they may be more inspired to tell more varied stories. Over the past 3.5 seasons we’ve seen story after story about a villain who’s evil mostly because a dark, secret, family-related trauma has fueled an unbridled thirst for vengeance and at the end of their arc either dies, is written off, or joins the heroes. I’m not saying that’s the only story they tell, but we’ve been through this with Cora, Regina, Zelena, Ingrid, Ursula, Hook, and in the long run, probably Rumple. They’re basically telling the same story on repeat and keeping it interesting by tying different characters from different tales to the core group. I guess I don’t see why all the characters they choose to do this with have to be “fair skinned.”

          • missvci says:

            First off it sounds like you have more of an issue with diversity of plot versus diversity of characters. Secondly, if I came off aggressive I didn’t mean too, I just spend too much time on message boards with people crying foul about racial diversity, so guess I vented it out in my statements.
            And yes I think we just disagree, because I do they’ve done a good job with diversity and don’t see how a more diverse cast would improve the show because a more diverse cast wouldn’t change the plot of: Heroes always win.

  9. EM_10610 says:

    Well, cold makes things shrink, right? That’s how I explained it to myself…

  10. Viv says:

    I agree totally! That was easy the best episode of 4B. And Ursulas story was really sweet and heartwarming. And the ending was so good!
    As for the villains and happy endings thing: Maybe that´s a little bit weird, but I actually never considered Hook to be a villain oO For me, pirates are their own category between Evil Queens and Heroes… :D (maybe I played to much with my brother´s playmobil pirate ship or something…) But okay, in the show´s premise – I guess – Hook is considered a villain. So I´m courious how that´s gonna go….

    • Isobel says:

      I guess he’s on the journey to becoming an antihero, but hopefully this episode means exploring his redemption more like Regina got

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I never considered Hook a villain either, at least not the way he’s portrayed on OUAT. A selfish, back-stabbing scoundrel maybe, but not evil. I had considered the Hook-as-a-villain-won’t-get-a-happy-ending scenario before it was mention in tonight’s episode, but since he’s obviously been on the hero side for the past two seasons, I figured it was a moot point. Peter Pan is the Neverland villain in the OUAT universe, not Hook.

      • I guess repeated attempted murder doesn’t count as villainous? Just because he failed doesn’t make it any less villainous.

        • Lulu says:

          If Hook can’t get a happy ending then neither can murderous Regina.

        • aurat22 says:

          Look I am a Hook/Killian fan I admit that so I’m biased but I also genuinely like Regina, and even Rumple thanks to Robert and the writers’ talents. I also don’t dismiss or justify Hook’s bad acts.

          I think the whole point the writers are trying to make though is everyone of the characters has made morally bad choices at times even Snow White. Almost all of the regular group with the exception of Henry has done something that could be judged as either just “wrong” or in some cases downright “evil” They have all tried to justify their actions too. Regina blamed Snow and Cora for becoming bad, Rumple blames Mila and Hook, Hook blamed the King whom he and his brother served and Rumple, Mal blames Snow and Charming, King Stephan & Briar Rose, Zelena blames Cora&Regina, Snow blamed Cora and Regina, etc.

          The difference is IMHO only, Regina, Snow, Charming, and yes even Hook have all started to accept while they may have been wronged themselves it shouldn’t have been treated as an excuse to harm others and that they played a part in creating their own unhappiness and the unhappiness of their loved ones. Some are farther than others in that journey. I think Killian finally fully understood that last night and knows that he’s likely going to be tempted to screw up again unless he guards against temptation. Regina’s also very close, and so are Snow and Charming. They just have to come clean to Emma and right what they did to Mal.

          Then there’s Rumple who keeps up with the oh poor me, my father was mean to me, my wife left me for a pirate, the pirates’ trying to kill me, the sword keeps being used against me even by my true love. Yes all those sad things happened to him and he was wronged terribly, but he like the others used all that as a get out of jail free card to treat people as badly or worse as he had been treated. He was going to kill Henry, his own grandchild, in the play ground swing set scene and would have if the Charmings and Regina hadn’t interrupted. The difference between he and the rest of the gang is he is still scapegoating everyone else, & hurting other people including his true love instead of accepting his own role in his own misery and actions and seeking atonement. The same for Zelena. Until they do this they will stay miserable and have no one to blame but themselves.

          So I’m sorry I just don’t see Hook as irredeemable and Rumple as his poor helpless innocent victim.

          • Person says:

            Except the fact that Regina is still fixated on finding this Author and making him change her ending so she gets a happy one (even though the book ends with her getting it, but that’s a different can of worms) means she still hasn’t fully accepted that she’s the main cause of her own unhappiness.

  11. dhdd says:

    Funny enough, my daughter and I just discussed the scope of Elsa’s powers after watching Frozen. She asked how Elsa could “make a dress” when the rest of her powers were related to ice/snow. So, I’m going to chalk up shrinking a ship in with her “creating new clothes” abilities. ;) Great episode! Aside from the Hook/Emma moment, I also loved Emma’s reunion with August. So sweet!

  12. Alyse says:

    I haven’t watched the episode yet but someone please tell me that August was not turned back into a boy again.

  13. EM_10610 says:

    And I definitely agree on this being the best episode so far. I’m going to miss Ursula, but I’m glad she went out on a high note (haha). I would’ve liked to see more of Emma, but I guess there’s only so much you can do in 43 minutes!

  14. NMC says:

    By far, one of my favorite OUAT episodes! Loved the Ursula storyline and the Captain Swan happy ending moment was fantastic!!

  15. Rebecca says:

    I disagree actually…. I hated this episode. What, the writers are too lazy to come up with an original storyline for Ursula they had to rip off Ariel’s Little Mermaid story and give it to Ursula? That was so dumb.

    • Puck says:

      Agreed. Maybe the singing was supposed to be a homage to the Little Mermaid, but it felt like a ripeoff when I saw it onscreen. Plus, what a complete waste of Joanna Garcia’s appearance. Ariel and Ursula having no interactions at all is just wrong.

      Also, didn’t the dialogue imply Yvette Nicole Brown’s Ursula is a different character than Merrin’s Ursula?

      • Livia Wright says:

        OUAT has done a different twist in terms of the Little Mermaid mythology. Ariel never had interactions with Ursula. She only thought she did because Regina dressed up as her. So, the reason why Ariel and Ursula did not interact is because in OUAT universe, Ariel’s Ursula is in fact Regina masquerading as Ursula.

        And yes, the show did imply that Brown’s Ursula is different than Merrin’s. Brown’s Ursula is actually the sea goddess that Merrin’s is named after.

        I hope this helps to clear up any confusion or frustration.

    • cresie says:

      Well if it’s the same Ursula it makes sense that if her singing voice was stolen that’s why she stole ariel’s voice… but if the ursula she was named after was the ursula from little mermaid versus her then it actually makes less sense for them to use that story line

  16. Nitya says:

    I agree Matt, this was the best episode of 4B and possibly this whole season for me. I loved how they showed how to get a happy ending instead of chasing after an author and that Captain Swan moment in the end just stole my heart. I loved the moment between Hook-Ariel and like you said, the backstory was SO refreshing. Just a beautiful episode. Loved it.

  17. Cornelius says:

    How come Hook is the same age as present day when he first met young Ursula? I’m sure they explained it previously when they introduced him back in season 3 I believe but I can’t quite remember. Cause hook wasn’t in Regina’s first curse for 28 years.

    Other then that it was a a great episode, best yet for 4B and the promo for next weeks looks to be another great one.

  18. Leah says:

    I still don’t understand how the author will give them happy endings. It’s a storybook of their past so how did they come to the conclusion that whatever he writes happens?

    • Jeannette says:

      Yes, that’s the crux of what makes the author plot so stupid IMO. So far, it’s only been a record of what actually happened. We saw the book change when Emma and Hook messed up the past. If there’s an actual author, then nobody has any free will, and that’s really disturbing. If they find the author and he says, “Hey, I just record your choices and what happens,” that’s a long way to go for a super-obvious fact. I simply don’t like this plot at all.

      • Mer says:

        The plot is stupid. And considering that Ursula at the end got her happy ending, why would Rumple & Co still try to find the author? The whole thing is a mess.

        • Anthony says:

          I think we’re going to find out that the point of the Author storyline is: the characters are assuming the book has more power than it actually does, and the Author ultimately is going to say “I’m just a scribe; you write your own stories.”

          I think the key is in Ariel’s line that the villains *could* have happy endings, if they’d just go about finding those endings the same way the heroes do. Ursula got her happy ending because in the end Hook did the right thing (as did Poseidon), but also because she accepted the happy ending without reacting the way a villain would. And I think that’s where (in the context of the show) Ursula, Hook and Regina differ from Rumple (and so far, Maleficent and Cruela): they weren’t always heroes, but they’re trying. (Some have greater sins to atone for than others, obviously). I think this same “write your own endings” concept is why there’s the potential at least for a good character to start making villainous decisions (they’ve gone that way half-heartedly with Snow, but they could explore it even more).

          • Mer says:

            I totally agree. I think the Author plot is going to be meta message of “you write your own fate.”

    • jmerson says:

      On that same note, how do they know that the Author and/or the Sorcerer are good guys? August said that the Sorcerer trapped (or some other word that doesn’t really imply willingly being in the book) the Author in the story book. That to me sounds like there are issues with one or both of them. What if the Author is a villain of great power but can’t use most of it while trap so (s)he waited until someone to want to come to him/her to help find their happiness and then gives them motivation whenever they start to give up. Or maybe the Sorcerer felt threatened by the Author so (s)he put them there. Or both of them have fought each other for a long time before the Sorcerer was finally able to trap the Author (I’m leaning towards issues with them both at the moment).

  19. kendall says:

    This episode had everything I wanted and more!!
    Captian Swan, Ariel, August, Young Ursula, action, the jolly roger is back, did I said CAPTAIN SWAN. “Emma, IT’S YOU”

  20. Lysh says:

    I’m wondering how long they’ll keep August around. His faces were one of my favorite parts tonight. I missed that guy. Him plus seeing the Jolly Roger and Hook’s glorious coat, this was an excellent episode.

  21. Ashley says:

    it was okay, but I’m not gonna be surprised if this show is cancelled. If it’s on for a fifth season, it’ll be it’s FINAL season. They had already screwed a bit with Elsa’s powers during the first and second episodes of this season, after that she was practically useless. Then they allowed Ingrid to somehow remove memories (again, I don’t understand that). Now Elsa can magically shrink ships. Don’t buy it. Unless that was the Rock Trolls who pulled it off. They also completely ripped off little mermaid, and now suddenly there are TWO Ursula’s? COME ON!

    • abz says:

      How exactly did they rip off Little Mermaid? They did exactly what they always do…twisting the story around.

    • Lysh says:

      Once isn’t getting Scandal numbers, but it’s doing pretty well for ABC. I don’t think they’d cancel it tbh. I could see s5 being the last…I don’t know how long their contracts are for. You kind of have to suspend your disbelief for this show, just a little. It’s entertaining.

  22. Casey says:

    Now that is the Once that I used to love – best episode of the season for me. For once the flashback wasn’t just a rehashing of the Regina/Snow feud. I loved the entire Ursula story and the fact that the heroes actually made some progress on something, got some valuable information, and restored one person’s happy ending was very satisfying. And then the beautiful moment between Hook and Emma at the end just pushed it over the edge. Loved it!

    • DarkDefender says:

      Me too.. I loved it!
      And I hope there is a loophole on the happy ending / villains don’t get them, because Regina and Ursula and Malificent began good and became villians. Not sure about Hook, although that flashback tonight didn’t really portray him as a true villain. Cruella is the only baddie who seemed to always be evil.. Even Rumps was a good guy first (even if he was a big old coward).

  23. Raams says:

    Agree–this was the best episode of Season 4B, and maybe even Season 4. It felt like old time ONCE. There was a lot of character development and resolutions (August/Emma, Hook/Ariel. Hook/Ursula).

  24. Iris Cristiane says:

    After last week I was really afraid for Ouat, but today the writers showed me why I loved them in the first place. Consistent flashbacks, emotional scenes on point and character development everywhere. O’donoghue and Jmo were perfect today. And Rumple and his lies are putting him more far away for his happy ending.

  25. aurat22 says:

    Thought it was fantastic. Colin did a fantastic job playing the many emotional ups and downs of Hook/Killian. It’s promising that he didn’t tried to hide from Emma this time that he was tempted by his darker nature. I loved that he told her she is his happy ending. It was wrong what he did to Ursala in their past because his need for vengeance was so strong but I am glad he and Arial were able to find the way to return Ursalla’s voice and reunite her with her father in the present.

    I liked Ursula best of the QOD from the beginning, because she seemed to have some compassion for Rumple when he was down even though he betrayed her in the past. She deserved her happy ending. I still don’t like Cruella.

    I too was confused by Regina’s dream. Why would Evil Queen Regina be trying to protect Robin from good Regina? Unless one of the remaining Q of D are going to pose as good Regina to get close enough to Robin to hurt him because they know she’s betraying them?

    So sad to see Emma fighting with Snow in preview. Hope Charming family fracture won’t last long and that her parents, Killian, Henry, and Regina can rescue Emma like she’s done for them.

    Also loved the small ship jokes between Will and Killian.

    Thanks Matt. Great recap as always!

  26. karakk says:

    I have to say that the highlight for me was seeing August and Emma reunite. They were one of my favorite friendships from S1, and his death was one of my biggest disappointments from S2, It was nice to get at least one moment between the two of them before he goes – and it helps ease some of that bitterness I had regarding the treatment of his character.

    Outside of that, I enjoyed the episode. For as few flashbacks as he gets, I think Hook’s are often the strongest. There are still others that I would rather see more (his past with Pan or Tink, childhood, etc) – but it connected nicely to the present story.

  27. ritabug30 says:

    No I’m sure this could be naysayers but I think this was an awesome episode! It clearly illustrated who hook was, how he still struggles to fight the darker side of him, and how far he’s come. Bonus points for moving the story forward, seeing Ursala get a happy ending the right way, and the beautiful declaration of love from hook to Emma without really saying I love you.

  28. Layla says:

    Certainly a great episode

  29. Cindy says:

    That was an awesome episode. Tight story, fun lines, entertaining all around. More like this Once! Best of season 4 in my book.

  30. Katy says:

    I must love your reviews! There always on point and amazing. 👍👍👌👝❤️❤️❤️

  31. Lisa says:

    August needs to stick around. Love him!!!!

  32. taylor says:

    “For starters, this was the best episode of Season 4B thus far.” – No freaking joke! One of the best episodes in a while, also! Loved Ursula and her backstory (loved Tiffany Boone in the Following) and loved Joanna Swisher-Garcia’s quick return to spout some legit villain/hero wisdom to Hook. Also, Colin O’Donoghue pretty much always kills his moments with his acting, and Jennifer Morrison is amazing too, but she absolutely nailed the last Captain Swan scene!

  33. Tom says:

    Eion Bailey was sorely missed in my book (no pun intended) and, frankly, the show could use more rugged male energy since they got rid of every rugged male except Hook. First, they get rid of Graham, then bring on August, then get rid of August, and bring on Hook, and bring on Neal, then get rid of Neal. Leaving only Hook. Emma needs a male friend to pal around with and who better than her surrogate big brother? Eion Bailey for series regular!

  34. anonymous says:

    i have one question..
    how old is hook???

  35. Patrick Maloney says:

    Hook is definitely going to sacrifice himself and I guess absorb the evil Gold plans to fill Emma, and Hook will either die at the end of the season or become the antagonist of next season.

  36. Billy W says:

    I wish this recap went less on the assumption that every reader has seen the episode already. I can’t afford cable TV and sometimes work later than expected so I miss the episodes so I rely on these recaps to keep me up to date. I am completely lost on why squid ink is useful, the shrunken ship, how elsa plays into all of this, and any of the hook Ursula stuff. Now I’m not expecting a word by word transcript of the episode but more than “Pinocchio is back, rumpled tried to burn him, and he kissed Emma” would be better…

    • abz says:

      Squid Ink: Hook agreed to take Ursula where she wanted to go. Poseidon, her father, wouldn’t let that happen so he offered Hook a trade–he takes away Ursula’s singing voice and he’ll give him squid ink to take down the Dark One which we’ve seen way back in the first season as well as the third season in Neverland that it can be used to immobilize the most powerful magical people. Hook initially was going to go against Poseidon and honor his deal with Ursula and take her to the place she wanted to go if she went and stole the squid ink from Poseidon first. She stole it and they were about to go but then Poseidon showed up and refused to let it happen. He grabbed the squid ink from Hook and Hook, being super pissed, went back on his deal with Ursula and took her voice causing further tension between Ursula and Poseidon and he held on to Ursula’s voice all these years. Ursula then took Poseidon’s trident and turned her mermaid’s tail into tentacles and she became really powerful and left Poseidon. In present day, Hook offered Ursula her voice back in exchange for knowing Hook’s plan. She couldn’t get her singing voice back until Poseidon could disenchant the shell, so Ariel, after saving Hook from drowning went to get Poseidon and then Ursula is reunited with her father and got her singing voice back.That’s pretty much what happened. Sorry if I missed anything.

      Shrunken ship: Ariel saved Black beard in 4A after Hook made him walk the plank so that he’d lead her to where Eric was. Black Beard took control of the Jolly Roger once again and started causing problems in Arendelle (details weren’t specified), so Elsa shrunk the ship and Ariel got stuck inside the bottle with the ship.

  37. Jeannette says:

    I enjoyed that ep more than I have one in far too long. Lots of Hook makes me happy, as does Captain Swan. Glad to see some more Hook back story, and the ep showed how much he’s changed. Colin is really a good actor. I could’ve done without August and the torture, and I still hate the Author storyline. Ariel said it herself in the ep — maybe villains don’t get happy endings because they go about it the wrong way. Such as trying to force somebody to GIVE you one instead of working for it and making better choices. But, focusing on positives here, Hook and Captain Swan!

    • gloria 098 says:

      *agreed with everything you said jeannette. CAPTAIN SWAN, more hook, not happy with the author storyline AND MORE CAPTAIN SWAN! :D*

  38. Jared says:

    Great episode. I always love seeing the back stories of the characters and I loved seeing why Ursula(One of my favorite villains) is the way she is. I’ll admit I am a bit disappointed that we won’t be seeing more of her. I want to know things like her history with Regina or what her relationship is like with Ariel. All in all very nice episode

  39. ninergrl6 says:

    I agree, best episode of 4B by far. I’m sure Hook haters will have plenty of complaints, but I LOVED his backstory with Ursula, not to mention the fact that Greek mythology has now been introduced into the world of the show, which could provide more than ample material in the future. I love the “pirate code” idea from Hook’s more villainous days. See, he’s *never* been all bad. The highlight for me may have been young Ursula singing Fathoms Below. As an uber fan of The Little Mermaid soundtrack, that absolutely tickled me. I was so glad to see JoAnna Garcia as Ariel again, just wish she stuck around longer. She’s SO perfect in that role. I’m happy to see the Jolly Roger back again too, however all of a sudden it seems awfully easy for people (or at least mermaids) to travel between realms. Nice shout out to Elsa & Arendelle though, as well the references to Pan. For once OUAT actually tied things together! I’m glad that the “heroes” know about Gold & that Ursula told Hook his master plan. They’ve been kept in the dark enough this year, especially Belle. Not thrilled about yet another Snow/Charming flashback episode next week, but at least tonight’s ep was very entertaining & almost completely satisfying.

    Small gripes in an otherwise fantastic episode: Emma not knowing that she’s Hook’s happy ending. Duh! Super sweet kiss as a result though. And I guess Ursula is gone now? At least in her evil form? Does that mean she DID get her happy ending, hence shooting down all of the ridiculous villains-can’t-be-happy nonsense that’s driving the author storyline? I love what Ariel told Hook, that villains go about trying to achieve happiness in the wrong ways. That makes infinitely more sense than the idea of forcing the author to “write” happy endings for them. As Hook & Emma’s time travel should have proven, the book records what ALREADY happened. It doesn’t predict the future, which is the inherent flaw in the search-for-the-author premise.

    How great was Ginnifer Goodwin portraying Regina in Snow’s body? The facial expressions & gestures were dead on. Why hasn’t Regina ever pulled that possession trick before?

  40. Jking says:

    Come on ! ! Weeeeee didnt see a little bit of under the sea

  41. Lex says:

    I have to disagree. I thought this was a terrible episode. The plotholes and continuity issues were glaring. My biggest peeve: Why was the dark curse even necessary? Apparently there were any number of ways to get to this realm or any other.

    I’m very tired of the pirate. I enjoyed him quite a bit when he first arrived and now he just bores me.

    While I was touched by the reunion of Ursula & Poseidon, I thought that it was all too tidy. I really loved Ursula and I wanted her to stick around longer. And baby!Ursula was tremendous!

    I also enjoyed Emma and August. No matter how brief their reunion. And Snow White being possessed by Regina for a minute & also being wrapped in tentacles. There will be payback for smacking Cruella with that pan. HA!

    Have a good night, Matt.

    • Chrissa says:

      I always thought Rumple needed the Dark Curse to bring Magic to the land without magic. Rumple likes his powers!

  42. Jking says:

    Woulder before this season is over.woulder maybe someone gets killed of

  43. Jking says:

    Gooooone toooo soon ? I wanted to see more Ursula / more Ursula flashback so maybe we the fans can see under the sea pluse what powers dose she have !

  44. Other Matt says:

    Why did they bother having the knave/Will on the show when they don’t really use him?OUAT has done this before with other “main”characters: Graham (killed off in episode 6!), Jiminy (on contract for only a few episodes in season 1, downgraded to recur), Ruby (similar to Jimniny in season 2), Belle ignored in season 3A. Now Will has appeared for 30 seconds per episode/is only used to cause drama in Rumpbelle relationship?

  45. DarkDefender says:

    Seriously.. Who wouldn’t want to be told they were someone’s happy ending… #HugeFeels

  46. Msw says:

    Loved this episode. Big fan of Hook and always happy when he gets more screen time. The scene with Hook and Emma was so lovely and poignant.
    Here’s my question. Why is Hook deemed a Big Baddie? Ok, so he is a dashing pirate and a bit of a scoundrel. But what makes him an actual villain? This is no Regina who was truly Evil in the past (murdering innocent villagers etc ) so am I just forgetting some past details? Dammit. Just want him to get his Happy Ending! (And Emma)

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I’m sure the Hook haters will have plenty of responses, but I love him & I agree with you about him not being nearly as villainous as the other baddies. In 3A it was established that PAN was the villain of the Neverland/OUAT universe, not Hook, reversing the way they’re traditionally portrayed. In that sense, Hook was *never* a villain. Selfish? Yes, but not evil. Is Red a villain in the OUAT universe because she’s technically the Big Bad Wolf? I don’t see people making that claim.

      • Rita says:

        I agree, has done some morally bad things but not nearly as horrid as the pasts of Regina and Rumple and I love them both as characters AND Regina has made a lot of head way. LOVE LOVE LOVE Emma and Hook!!! He rocks and he stopped himself tonight

      • Nina says:

        I think some of ya’ll forget what pirates actually DO (the pillaging, the plundering.. these are not just cute euphemisms for kissing emma). Not that they would in the OUAT universe because everyone here is painfully stupid. Adorable. But stupid. Hook was a villian for a while until the show decided to retcon his story to make him more palpable as a love interest. Which.. fine.. whatever. I mean sure he “never” was a villain.. except the couple times he tried to murder Belle.. and Rumple.. (but rumple kind of had it coming) lied.. ripped out Aurora’s heart. Left Emma to die.Sure, he hurt a few other people. But no one we liked. (He is a hero now.. but like the rest of the main “hero” cast is in the process of getting a lobotomy ;p can’t be a charming if you have two brain cells to rub together)

        • Mer says:

          Wow, the constant whitewashing by fans of Hook is astonishing. I can’t blame the Hook fans since the writers had done all they can to whitewash his crimes to make him pallable love interest for Emma.

          Do people not remember how he was willing to beat up on defenseless men and women who were considerable weark than him? Do people not remember that he admitted to killing a lost boy? Team up with evil people to get what he wants? I don’t know why people feel a need to think he is not as bad as what he was originally portrayed as. I guess pretty face forgives much?

          • ninergrl6 says:

            Hook isn’t perfect but he has never been portrayed as evil and vicious as the other so-called villains on the show, and unlike many of those other villains, he’s trying to atone for his mistakes & make a better life for himself. Some call it whitewashing; some call it character development.

          • abz says:

            I don’t think its that most people don’t remember (of course maybe some don’t), but it’s rather that people understand the characters they used to be and the characters some of them are trying and struggling to be. Hook was a PIRATE. The fact that people expect him not to have done the things he’s done and constantly bring up all the things he’s done in his 200+ years is pretty ridiculous. Honestly what did you expect? That he was going to be a kind pirate that was charitable and a good citizen?
            Hope has been a big part of this show. There is an understanding that these characters like Regina and Hook were yes villainous (some more than others), but constantly staying in the past and bringing up a list of all the things the characters have done doesn’t accomplish much and doesn’t move the show forward. Lists of wrong-doings can be made about so many characters on the show, including some heroes.
            Unlike characters like Rumple and Pan and Zelena, etc., these two are struggling with who they used to be and who they are trying to be. In Hook’s case, why shouldn’t he be awarded the same courtesy of being redeemed as other characters? Of course his redemption path hasn’t been perfect, but at least he is still on it. Like Regina, he has a lot of things to atone for and has a lot more effort to put into being good as well as working on becoming more self-aware. He has definitely shown to be pretty self-aware of who he is trying to be now and who he was and the things he’s done and he struggles with it and is trying to reconcile the two. He wants to be and he’s trying to be the kind of person who is worthy of Emma.

  47. Jessica says:

    I agree with everything you wrote about Hook and his relationship with Emma. This episode was amazing. So much better than last week’s episode.

  48. Katie says:

    Excellent article! The episode was amazing. I love Colin O’Donoghue getting more of the episode because he is so talented and it is so enjoyable watching him on screen! So glad to see the pirate outfit again. And the moment between Killian and Emma was perfect. So powerful and moving. Love Jennifer Morrison’s lone tear. And on top of that Young Ursula was such a delight! Wonderful episode and I hope we get some more like it.

  49. murley says:

    Best episode of 4B? Yes. Best recap title of ever? Definitely.

  50. Maiqu20 says:

    Amazing review!! I loved this episode so much.. It shows how much Killian Jones has grown over time.. (and that while he was still pretty awful in taking away her voice the fact that he only did it after Poseidon took away his chance at revenge was more revenge-impulse rather than I just want to hurt someone)

    Everyone kicked it out of the park in this ep! It was nice to see August I wonder how long they’ll keep him? Sad we won’t be seeing any Cruella/Ursula moments but Ursula got her happy ending and that makes me happy.. That scene with her father was beautiful.. And of course the CS scene was the best part of this episode, eeit was such a breathtaking scene