Castle's Seamus Dever Talks Ryan's Moonlighting Crisis, Rick's Vanishing and the Outlook for Season 8

Castle Preview

This Monday on Castle (ABC, 10/9c), Detective Kevin Ryan’s latest bid to bolster daughter Sarah Grace’s college fund with a second job takes a tragic twist, when an assassination attempt on a congressman he is guarding claims a victim.

TVLine invited Seamus Dever to preview Ryan’s predicament as well as an upcoming episode that will (finally!) revisit Rick’s vanishing. Plus: How is that Season 8 renewal looking?

TVLINE | It sounds like things go pretty sideways with Ryan’s latest moonlighting gig.
Yeah, things go a bit pear-shaped. [Laughs] Shots ring out, and Ryan is left to piece together what really happened and who is behind it, who is the false culprit and who is the real culprit. As you know on Castle, we go through three or four different possibilities.

TVLINE | When you say that Ryan has to piece it together, do you mean almost in real-time, there on the scene?
Sorta, yeah. We did this crazy thing that we almost never do on Castle — it seems simple, but flashbacks. I think we’ve only done one episode that deals with flashbacks — “47 Seconds,” in Season 4? Regardless, it’s been a while, so it was a bit of a departure for us. People might be wondering what the hell show they’re watching. But hopefully they go, “Oh yeah, I kinda like this Kevin Ryan.” Bill Roe, who’s now our longtime director but was our original director of photography, shot a really cool episode. The flashbacks are handled in way that has some nice style to it.

TVLINE | Why on earth, as seen in promos, are cops pointing their guns at poor Kevin?
[Sigh] Because we like to mislead the audience into thinking that Ryan is going to be arrested. [Laughs] He is not a person of interest, he is merely caught in a circumstance where he is waving a gun around a crowded ballroom — which maybe he shouldn’t have done! So, yeah. It’s simply a case of mistaken identity. But hopefully it gets people to tune in, to find out, “What’s wrong with Kevin Ryan?!”

TVLINE | We’re meeting one of Ryan’s sisters, Gwen (played by Awkward‘s Heather Mazur), and her husband Frank (Ghost Whisperer‘s David Conrad) in this episode. How would you describe his relationship with each of them?
It’s his older sister, so that certainly spoke to me, having an older sister in my life. There’s a love there, but there’s a lot of arguing that has to happen to get to that love — and that certainly was the case for Ryan and his sister, when things start to point towards his family. It becomes one of those things where loyalties are questioned. Heather Mazur is a wonderful actress SEAMUS DEVER, DAVID CONRADwho I met at Carnegie Melon, so I’ve known her for, I dunno, 18 years now? And David Conrad I’ve known for eight years now, because I guested on Ghost Whisperer. I’ve always looked up to David as an actor, so it all just fit like a glove — he was in town for pilot season, he was available, and he’s someone that my character is supposed to look up to as well. We got to take a lot of the acting out of it, which was very cool.

TVLINE | So Kevin and Frank get on OK? There’s a bit of a bromance there?
Perhaps a little bit, yeah. The way we played it was Frank was a former cop and he shows Kevin that [private security] is a way out of having your wife nervous about your safety on a daily basis, yet still getting to use the skills you have — and probably for more money. So yeah, he looks up to Frank like, “This could be my future.” Frank even offers him a job, so Ryan’s left to decide, “Am I going to be a cop the rest of my life or not?”

TVLINE | Do we learn anything new about Kevin this episode?
We’re going to learn something about his personality, certainly in the relationship with the brother-in-law and what it’s like when Ryan feels betrayed. There’s certainly that element, and we’ve never had that with Ryan. And we’re going to learn about his family a bit. He’s talked about having two sisters for years — I think we mentioned it in the Season 2 Alyssa Milano episode? — and yet we’ve never met them, not even at his wedding!

TVLINE | We’re heading into the home stretch of Season 7. Any other upcoming episodes to tease?
There is, of course, the one that everyone has been hanging on, waiting for, since the beginning of this season — “What happened to Castle? Where did he go for those three months?” That’s going to be exciting to get back into [in Episode 20], because what’s cool about that is Espo has always been in the camp of “I don’t believe his story,” while Ryan always been [more open-minded]. It’s fun to play that balance of, “Oh my God, is he lying? Is it the truth? How could he do this to us?” Or believing him.

TVLINE | Does that episode revisit the mystery significantly, or merely brush up against it in the course of something else?
Oh no, it gets into it significantly. And as all Castle episodes do, it offers a little bit of finality and then leaves the door open for what’s next. We were just doing [DVD] commentary for Episode 1, and David [Amann] was in the middle of writing 20, so it was hilariousSEAMUS DEVER, JON HUERTAS, STANA KATIC because we were talking about where the mythology was going, knowing that the audience won’t hear this commentary until September. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Lastly, what’s the confidence level over there as far as Season 8?
Well, you know, our numbers are strong, though we’ve always had the older demo. We’ve never had the sexy 18-34 demo. I look at shows like Empire and I’m like, “Oh my God, is that even possible nowadays?!” It’s just amazing. So I’m very happy for all my friends that work over there, but we’ve never had that crazy, sexy demo. I think we’re hovering at like a 1.6, 1.7 [in the 18-49 demo]… 1.5 the other day… but we’ve always had strong overall numbers. So as far I’ve heard, there’s no indication that we’re going to go anywhere; it’s just a matter of getting everybody at the table and finding out. [Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic, as well as other original cast members, have yet to sign new contracts.] Nobody’s talked to me about [re-signing for] Season 8, so that’s where I’m standing. And I’d like some answers, because my mother-in-law is very concerned that I’m going to have to get a teaching job. [Laughs] It’d be nice to get some answers soon.

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  1. The fact that Castle hasn’t been told one way or another where it stands makes me sad. It’s Almost April, for gosh sake. If you’re doubting the show, ABC, at least renew it and move it to another time slot like FOX has with Bones. The fans will find the show. As long as it’s not Friday or Saturday. Because after all these years, Castle deserves a chance to have a conclusion that will please all that work there as well as the fans.

    • Castle Fan says:

      I don’t think ABC is the issue this year. I seems like it’s all up to who wants to come back and play in sandbox for a S8. Seamus seems all in, so others must be holding out or undecided.

      • Beckstle says:

        Exactly. For once, I don’t think it’s ABC either.

        • Patrick says:

          ABC doesn’t like to negotiate contracts until shooting for that season stops. If it was a huge hit a la BBT, or even Modern Family, it would be different. But it isn’t ABC will wait until it is down to the deadwire to try and force the best deal possible.
          But, yeah, this is all down to Nathan and Stana. Which may be hard sales. Nate has a ton of other opportunities in movies, if not in starring roles. Stana seems like one of those actresses that likes to do different things and different roles, so she may be ready to move on. Who knows?

          • Kate says:

            Do you know for sure that ABC doesn’t plan to negotiate until the season is done shooting? If that’s true, it would make me feel better for some reason. I have no idea how negotiations work, but I assumed they would start earlier than that. I REALLY want it to come back, but I also want there to be an opportunity for a true conclusion if it isn’t going to. I just want to know one way or the other at this point!!! I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling that way.

          • Patrick says:

            To Kate;
            Waiting to renegotiate (in earnest) is SOP for ABC. Like I said, if it were a monster hit for them a la Empire, BBT, or even MF, they would be aggressively trying to lock down the future. But Castle isn’t a monster, so they will engage in brinksmanship with the cast.

          • JJ RIO says:

            ABC does not wait to negotiate contracts. They sign actors in season as much as they do off season and anytime in between. Go Google Grey’s Anatomy contracts.

          • JJ RIO says:

            Castle also doesn’t have the chops to go for a longer deal. The network knows this as well. Mu gut says final season 10 episodes.

    • Boiler says:

      I really think the contracts need signed and they will definitely be back. ABC has pretty much said that.

    • leigh says:

      It is sad but hopefully soon we will hear something.

    • Mel says:

      They didn’t announce season 7 until last May, so I don’t expect any news from ABC until early may for season 8. I think no news is good news, in this case. Plus, the fact that they ordered the extra episode again this year is also a good sign.

      • NF and SK fan always says:

        yes they did that but they knew that the actors were coming back this year, they don’t know. as for endings they said they were thinking different ways, so that tells me they might be ready for what ever happens. i think they don’t know what is going to happen till they get official a yes or no from the actors that they want to or not. no news can go both ways, it tells me they are talking and that’s a good thing. I just hope that we will know soon and we get a send off that suits everyone. (which I doubt we will, says a lot of the people who wrote the show they don’t care).

    • Just one thing says:

      This is a strange holding pattern for the show to be in. Definitely a first.
      I think it’s odd for a network to wait so long before negotiating with gusto, but if that’s how they operate, odds are this season – unlike last year – will end with something that feels like closure.
      Or at least I hope it does.

      • lkh says:

        My biggest fear is that it will just be gone–like they did with Covert Affairs, Veronica Mars, Firefly–I could go on. Maybe they’re filming two different ending episodes for season 7–that would be so unsatisfactory–I’ve seen that done with movies though. This is a stretch, I know, I hope.

        • Just one thing says:

          I feel ya. Whenever Castle ends, it would he great to have it seem just like you’re reading the last page of a mystery novel series.
          You know, where each page you turn is bittersweet and almost painful, but you can’t wait to read that final, emotionally satisfying conclusion.
          I enjoy drama during the season, but I sincerely hope that the last Castle scene – whenever it airs – shows that all of them will go on to “live happily ever after…”
          It’s sappy, but it’s what I want to see as a longtime viewer.

    • NF and SK fan always says:

      it’s not ABC that is holding out can’t have a show with no actors!

  2. Teri says:

    Seamus Dever as well as Kevin Ryan are both Sweethearts! Love both of them so much. Seamus deserves props for his stellar role on Castle and ABC needs to get this contract stuff resolved so the best show on the air can remain for many more seasons.

  3. Jane says:

    Why do I suddenly want Seamus Dever as a surprise substitute professor? I bet he’d make lectures more entertaining

    • lkh says:

      He could do it–he’s brainiac smart.

      • Just one thing says:

        Seriously. Most of the cast seems to have above average IQs, but after hearing how well Seamus did on that trivia show a while back, I’m convinced he’s the one you’d want to have as a “phone a friend” option.

  4. If the stairs behind him on that first image are the ones I’m thinking of (i.e. The Untouchables), all one can say is that nothing good ever happens there. EVER, heh.

  5. Gloria says:

    BEST SHOW EVER! SEASON 8 is a must to explain all the little unknowns. Will Castle see his father again? Will Martha find a mate and happiness as she moves out of the loft? Is Alexis close to graduating from Columbia and move in with an appropriate significant other? Will Beckett put in for another job that will move her up the ranks and get her off the streets as she awaits the birth of their first child? OMG, ABC just pay them anything they want and let the fans know that season 8 will be the last….the faithful will follow and those that left will stagger back to see these two ride off into the sunset!

  6. kmw says:

    I Know that typically ABC makes most of its shows wait till April or May to find out it has been renewed. If Nathan and Stana re sign the show will come back. If one of them doesn’t want to come back I do not see them going on without one of them, but I guess stranger thing have happened. I do agree however that since it is almost April this situation should be dealt with one way or another

  7. Matthew Weber says:

    I still think this is the last season. From Beckett’s story arc to the contract situation, it just seems like it’s wrapping up. Which is sad, because I love the show.

    As for episode 20, I have a feeling i’m going to hate it. I dislike Esposito so much this season because of his distrust of Castle. It would seem that after six seasons there’d be some trust there but he gave up on him almost immediately and hasn’t regained any sense of the trust and friendship that was there before.

  8. Andrea says:

    I’ve always enjoyed Ryan-centric episodes, so I’m looking forward to this one. As for S8- if Nathan and Stana resign it will come back. They only have two episodes left to shoot at this point so I hope they handle the finale well in case it is the last season. I’ll be so sad if it ends, but I’ll be extremely unhappy if it ended on a cliffhanger and didn’t return for a final season.

    • NF and SK fan always says:

      sad but i think that’s what we are going to get……which in my eyes would be a dishonor to fans (who stuck 7 years with them) as well as the actors! we deserve better. I also think it would be a mistake not only for the support for the actors but for ABC. fool me once kinda thing. I wouldn’t be coming back to see more shows in that station, and maybe not even supporting the actors that I have grown to love.

  9. 'A' Has Spoken says:

    I think Castle should be renewed for an 8th and final season. Seems like ABC is just waiting for the season to get down to the wire to negotiate with the main cast. Some might be ready to do other things so I just think it best to renew it for a final season. Maybe even make it 10 to 13 episodes to close out all the unknowns. That would be very fitting.

    • JJ RIO says:

      They have talked but the leads or the network backed away from negotiations. It happens when there is am impasse.

      • NF and SK fan always says:

        from what i heard (rumors) that it was only one lead that was well on the fence, and after what they did in 623, I don’t blame them. my thing is just man (woman) up that they can’t or wont be put through that again and gracefully walk away, they have every right to. just don’t let it drag on and make fans (of the show or you-actors) madder which I don’t know it that’s even possible to do. cause more likely will backfire and not in a good way.

        yes they talked about it, I’m sure……and you’re right not everyone is on the same page kinda thing.

    • NF and SK fan always says:

      that would be just fine, that way if you look at it, we get 7 full seasons
      season one was only 10 esp so if s8 is say 13 it would even out.

  10. Tran says:

    Wonder if ABC is thinking about renewing Castle for a possible “final season” next year.

  11. Kim&Bey says:

    They should just cancel it!

  12. Castle Fan says:

    Why does it have to be 8th and final season? Can we all just wish for contracts to be signed and good storytelling. Don’t sell the show short. It’s still got a lot of life left in it. One thing at a time. Ask for a miracle and then put conditions on it? Gah.

  13. T says:

    Time to end the show. Nathan and Stana seem to be going through the motions. Stories are not as good as they used to be and the show is no longer must see Monday for me. Seamus Dever is good. He should not limit himself to depending on others to determine if he has a job next season and if no one is talking to him at this late stage then that shows a bit of disrespect regardless of what is or is not happening with the leads. I hope he is actively looking for a new role and if he finds it then go. Let Castle sink or swim on its own. I would like to see him do more.

  14. Regina says:

    Not having Nathan Fillion on weekly will be sad but if pursuing other opportunities is something he feels he needs to do now, I’m totally behind him. Everyone wants new challenges in their careers and actors are no exception. He has many options open to him & I’m glad he will get a chance to try some of them. Sometimes it’s not about money. I’ll continue to follow him to his next project as I have since Firefly. Thank you for Richard Castle & I look forward to the next character you bring to life!

    • Luli says:

      The show is still going on… No need to say goodbye, at least for a while, and I’m hopefull that it will get renewed.

    • Harry Wild says:

      This is the only TV series that Nathan Fillion has been success in. Firefly was cancel after first season and he has been a movies as only supporting roles. So if he walks that okay with me! He like that redhead guy who thought he was a big star and walk away from his series and after 6 years with no work final got another show to star in: CSI: Miami! I don’t recall the redhead guy name anymore! LOL!

      • lkh says:

        I’m guessing you mean David Caruso.

      • carbono says:

        Lol is right!!…. “This is the only TV series that Nathan Fillion has been successFUL in. Firefly was cancelED after THE first season and he has been IN movies IN only supporting roles. So if he walks that’S okay with me! He IS like that redheadED guy who thought he was a big star and walkED away from his series. After 6 years with no work, finalLY got another show to star in, CSI: Miami! I don’t recall the redheadED guy’S name anymore! LOL!

  15. mika says:

    Wonderful interview! Thank you for all the wonderful insights, Seamus. I’m looking forward to the next few episodes even more now. “Castle” is a wonderful show and it has an amazingly talented cast. I love watching the show every week and very much hope it will be back for at least one more season.

  16. Tina says:

    Season 8 is a definite! Feeling very positive about Castle!!!

  17. Simone says:

    A commentary for S7E1 ‘Driven’? Awesome! :D

  18. Cander says:

    As much as I love Castle, Fillion isn’t getting any younger and he has so much more to offer beyond a serial drama.

    • NF and SK fan always says:

      we are all getting older and yes i think that he has a lot that he wants to do…..don’t we all. oh by the way he turns another year older this week……(happy birthday Nate) I only ask that they give them a proper goodbye.

  19. Me. says:

    I love this show. It’s one of the few that I absolutely love and don’t miss. Hope they renew. It’s like Moonlighting only a zillion times better.

  20. Denzil Walters says:


  21. Harry Wild says:

    Here we go again with the personal crisis drama episodes.
    I had it with current personal crisis Castle series; Beckett, Castle and now Ryan! This is becoming a soap opera; not a crime solving series. I don’t know how the producers/writers think this is good for the ratings. From 2.8 when Castle was doing real crime solving to the latest couple of episodes at 1.5/1.6 rating. It rating have almost cut in half when they start in the middle season 6 with Beckett personal crisis(2.2 rating) and role into Castle missing personal crisis for beginning of season 7(1.8 rating).

    I going to skip this episode since I can wait 3 in a row on Mondays at TNT!

  22. lame says:

    I’m wondering if the fact that both NF & SK have yet to sign new contracts has anything to do with the fact that neither of them was at all happy with 6.23.

    • Castle Fan says:

      How do you know they weren’t happy?

      • lame says:

        From a interview SK gave last summer. She not at all happy with the direction the finale had taken. She said both she and Nathan did not care for the sudden direction the series had taken. Had I know this would come up now I might have kept the source, sorry.

        • Castle Fan says:

          I wish you had, because this website had Stana saying this back in November.

          TVLINE | What were your initial thoughts when you discovered that Kate and Rick’s original wedding day would literally driven off the road by a big twist?
          It was a surprise. I just kind of thought, “Oh my gosh, where are they going to go after this?” I didn’t know how they were going to pick up the next season. But I’ve worked with [these writers and producers] for long enough, I’m kind of glad that they’re willing to risk a bit, you know?

          • lame says:

            I thought it was a rotten way; to treat the fans that had been waiting for six years. And appearently I wasn’t alone, that episode cost them three million viewers in the short term and five million in the long term. It now averages 8.45 mil with a 1.6 demo per episode as opposed to 12.45 mil with a 2.4 demo average of season 6.Season 5 was slightly higher.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            If you’re going to argue such a point, at least use accurate data.

          • lkh says:

            Turns out they didn’t go anywhere…

  23. lame says:

    I guess you can say in retospect, it wasn’t a good idea.

  24. NF and SK fan always says:

    maybe this was to stir up to see if people will continue to watch the show, you know like to see how many “real” fans are out there or to say if there ‘s enough interest different then the numbers show. or say maybe they want to see how the rest of the season goes to make the decision cause of last years well you know……either way say something to the fans soon! or give us a he!! of a series finale!

  25. Bev says:

    Every year about this time, Castle fans start to panic about renewal. They actually start to panic in January, but it hits fever pitch about April. For the last 3 years at least, ABC hasn’t announced most of the renewals till May, usually the day before or the day after the season finale. There’s a lot of good in Castle, so ABC doesn’t really have to worry about its ratings. Stana is doing a movie as soon as shooting for Castle stops — she’s done this before — and when Nathan’s project with Alan Tudyk began, Alan said it was a “hiatus” project, so I’m thinking there’s a better than 50/50 chance that both Stana and Nathan will want to come back. The only thing that bothers me is the angst from fans online. Chill. It will come out okay, no matter what.

    • I agree that the Fandom angst is fever pitch now. I will wait until May for the decision. I hope that there is S8 and beyond. But that’s me being selfish as this show has been my favorite for years. However, if Stana wants to move on to do other projects, I will look forward to following her as I am a fan for life now. She has grown on me over the years. I love all the members of this ensemble cast as no one has grated my nerves unlike other shows. BTW, the earlier S7 episodes except for “Montreal” missed the mark for me as it seemed like the Showrunner and his writers were bouncing from one story line to another. Also, it seemed as if no one but Rick could solve the crimes which is absurd after watching the show for the past 6 yrs. There is no “I” in Team. However, four of the last five episodes have picked up the series for me. May is only a few weeks away. I can wait for the renewal decision.

  26. carbono says:

    I don’t understand how the writers are supposed to write the last episode this season without knowing if it’s coming back or not.

    • NF and SK fan always says:

      that’s why they are scrambling to get something good, which i don’t think that it will be, it will be cliffhanger that is wasted and we as fans will be disappointed!

      • amogh says:

        that’s why I think that show go for an another season and It will be better if it’s of 13 episodes and the season is the last.

        • NF and SK fan always says:

          that’s what I am hoping against all odds that they will do, both Stana and Nathan said they wanted to show to end on a “high note”, and right now I don’t see it.(but maybe I will be surprised in the last few esps, who knows) I hope that they will get for us some closure to their loving journey.

    • amogh says:

      well if they decide to drop the show now then the series will definitely not end on a high note as stana had suggested! !! :(

      • NF and SK fan always says:

        exactly what i think we will get! I don’t have much hope for the show but i will give my support to the remaining esp and see what happens. and hope for the best!

  27. doug b says:

    No stana katic (beckett) spells no castle. She is a major character in the show. It would not work. So if she is not on, abc needs to cancel the show. And what a shame because it is an excellent show too.