'Glee' Finale Week

Glee Series Finale Recap: Rachel Berry's Glorious Future Is Revealed

Glee Series Finale Recap

Bending the rules of space and time as only Glee can, Friday’s series finale flashed back to each of the New Directioners’ origins before revealing what their futures have in store — and it was perfect.

To illustrate just how much things have changed during the past six seasons, “2009” began with a still-closeted Kurt getting slapped with an unthinkable ultimatum: join an extracurricular team… or sacrifice his precious sewing machine. A chance meeting with Rachel Berry — of whose MySpace videos he was a big fan — led Lady Hummel to the glee club, though Rachel was quick to clarify that she had no intentions of sharing the spotlight with him.

Speaking of sharing the spotlight, we also got to relive the birth of Rachel and Mercedes’ rivalry, which was never technically resolved (unless you count TVLine’s ranking of Glee‘s top 10 divas as gospel, which I do). Then again, perhaps Mercedes’ mom(?)’s wise words — “stars have a way of finding each other” — means the rivalry was never meant to end; competing makes them both better.

The tricky thing about flashing back to 2009, of course, is that Glee had to do so without the use of the late Cory Monteith, a challenge the show tackled flawlessly. Iconic Finn moments were alluded to — like when Will said he was headed to the locker room, where he first met Finn in the pilot — and he was mentioned by name during several subsequent conversations, including one in which Kurt revealed exactly how he felt about him. (And then there was the original footage of the cast performing “Don’t Stop Believin,” which was absolutely gut wrenching in every sense of the word.)

And in an even twist-ier twist, Mercedes had a brief run-in with Blaine(!), proving he did exist before Season 2. (A previous theory suggested he emerged from an oil spill during that summer hiatus before integrating himself into the lives of the New Directions. Theory disproven!)

The second hour, appropriately titled “Dreams Come True,” caught up with the present day — New Directions won, by the way! — before turning the clocks forward for a peek into everyone’s futures. Here’s a quick breakdown of what lies ahead for Rachel and the gang:

Glee Series Finale* Not only does Rachel snag a Tony Award (!), but she also marries Jesse St. James (!!) and becomes the surrogate mother for Kurt and Blaine’s child (!!!)

* McKinley High becomes a performing arts school, of which Will is named principal.

* Sam becomes the New Directions’ new leader. (Was anyone surprised that he made “country” his first weekly theme?)

* Beyoncé enlists Mercedes as the opening act in her world tour. Mer doesn’t, however, get back together with Sam — despite his incessant texts.

* Kurt and Blaine live an expectedly fabulous life in New York, where they serve as inspirations to the tiny gays of all five boroughs.

* One of Artie’s movies gets into a film festival, and he gets back together with Tina!

* Sue takes her insane brand of politics to the White House, serving as Vice President of the United States under President Jeb Bush. (And “you bet your sweet ass” she’ll be running for president.)

* The McKinley High School auditorium is renamed after Finn Hudson.

And now, it’s time to play the (last ever) Rating Game…
Rachel and Kurt: “Popular” — Rating: B+
Mercedes: “I’m His Child” — Rating: A-
Artie: “Pony” — Rating: B
Will: “Teach Your Children” — Rating: B
Mercedes: “Someday We’ll Be Together” — Rating: A-
Sue and Will: “The Winner Takes It All” — Rating: B
Kurt and Blaine: “Daydream Believer” — Rating: B+
Rachel: “This Time” — Rating: A
EVERYONE: “I Lived” — Rating: A+
Bonus Entry! New Directions: “Don’t Stop Believin'” — Rating: A+++

Gleeks, did the series finale live up to your expectations? What do you think of everyone’s futures? And which familiar face were you happy to see return? Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with your full review.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Sally says:

    I didn’t see Marley. I saw Madison, who I thought was Marley in pictures. What gives?

    • Diogo says:

      Marley and Rory were the only ones who did not comeback. They had scheduling issues…

      • Mike says:

        I can only imagine Melissa’s taping Supergirl right now. Though I can’t imagine what kept Damien away seeing as Glee(and by extension the Glee Project) was his springboard into the business.

        • Eric M says:

          He’s touring right now.

        • Wasn’t he a member of Celtic Thunder before Glee? If anything, the Glee springboard had NO spring for Damien.

          • Vidalia Anion says:

            Yeah, he was Celtic Thunder before Glee. He was probably big in Ireland beforehand, and I’m betting he got on Glee Project quite easily. Most reality show contestants have agents or managers that get their clients on shows. If you want to be on a reality show, get an agent.

          • I’ll pass. I prefer actual reality.

          • Rafael says:

            His character, not only was officially out of Glee for one season, was also deported back to Ireland at the same time. So anybody out of the America for one season officially will never return to Glee after all.

            Rory was the best example and I’m glad he was the only character in this show poorly created.

        • Rafael says:

          The taping of Supergirl should not be hurried at all. So, any tapings, like Supergirl, should have some breaktimes along the way.

          • Ann says:

            Maybe it’s not taping in the same city and she couldn’t just hop on a plane to tape a 2 second part on Glee.

          • Sean says:

            I am sure she could have got on a plane it takes a few hours and did like a one hour taping then flew back or they could have taken a small crew to her. Personally I think she just did not care and sadly super girl is going to be a flop. Not being mean but women superheros just dont cut it on the big screen and only Buffy made in on TV. I think there great, but even though comic book nerds love there women even in comic book sales they flop.

        • Rafael says:

          That taping of Supergirl was hurriedly produced and it was allowed to take a single break, which is during the week of this show’s series finale. That could have helped Melissa to take a single break from Supergirl and then return to this show’s series finale for relief. After this show’s series finale, Melissa can resume her Supergirl taping properly.

        • Rafael says:

          Every show taping should have a single break, even that Supergirl taping should have a single break also, but not more than one break is allowed, which is true. But without a single break can make it hurtful for both a show and on any either actor or actress, which is also true.

          As I mentioned on the previous paragraph, that Supergirl taping should also have a single break and that should be during the Glee series finale taping in order for Melissa to reappear in that Glee series finale as a reduced guest for that final time.

          Damien already had his own proper ending with Glee because his character officially permanently deported back to his own hometown, so I didn’t care for both Damien and his role only to comeback in Glee series finale.

      • Rafael says:

        The scheduling issue of Melissa isn’t that strong as Damien’s.

      • Christy says:

        Ooh thanks for mentioning that I was wondering where they were!

      • Rafael says:

        There should be a single break during Marley scheduled issues, not during Rory. So Marley should have come back as a reduced guest since her ending wasn’t proper yet. But Rory should be the only one never come back as a reduced guest since his end was officially proper way ahead of time.

    • Sally says:

      Also, we waited for the last 5 minutes to see Quinn, Santana and Brit? Not using them at all was a shame.

    • Kubrick says:

      Melissa Benoist aka Marley is busy filming the new supergirl show. Damian McGuinty aka Rory no so sure about.

      • Vidalia Anion says:

        You have your timeline wrong. Glee finished up last month, and they haven’t filmed any Supergirl yet.

        • tonnie says:

          Supergirl is currently filming and flee finished only 3 weeks okay. So your timeline is wrong

          • L says:

            Glee finished longer than 3 weeks ago.. it takes longer than that to get an episode through post production

          • Scott says:

            She was rounding. That’s what the castmembers who were at Paleyfest and/or on Ellen said. The exact dates are also on their and other castmember Twitter accounts WITH PICTURES

          • Vidalia Anion says:

            Three weeks ago was LAST MONTH, genius.

          • Ann says:

            Perhaps. But there is prep time for the show, such as costume fittings, promotions, etc. Or maybe she’s filming another movie. Who knows…

          • Rafael says:

            Even if Supergirl is currently filming, then there should be a single break in that filming, so Melissa can return to film in Glee’s series finale as a reduced guest quick without procrastination. Single breaks in filming of any project is allowed, even if you think single breaks don’t need to procrastinate, but single breaks don’t need to rush at the same time.

        • Rafael says:

          I have to agree with Vidalia. Supergirl doesn’t have to beat the bush, trying to finish its filming right away. They have breaktimes along the way.

        • Dude says:

          She’s been working on it since her casting. There’s more to do when you’re cast as the sole lead on a show that’s hyped like this besides just filming. She’s got fittings, training, fight choreography. She has to prepare for filming.

    • Jase says:

      Only on this site would anyone care/ask/start a thread about fricking Marley.

    • Rafael says:

      Marley has a 3-second appearance at the end, which is not as long as the others. Yeah, Marley and Madison looked like fraternal twin sisters in the end.

      • Dude says:

        Marley wasn’t in it

      • Sally says:

        You saw Marley? No one else did, and also, she wasnt in it.

      • Ann says:

        Marley wasn’t there, or else her name would have been in the opening credits like Blake Jenner (Ryder), Jacob Artist (Jake) and Alex Newell (Unique)’s were. There was a girl in New Directions who kind of looks like Marley though. That’s probably who you saw. Or maybe you’re getting her confused with the girl who played Sugar who appeared in the finale.

        • Rafael says:

          Marley should have been there. She wasn’t completely boring due to her acting, but her singing wasn’t boring at all, which is important.

  2. iHeart says:

    I just want to say after a string of Disappointing TV finales that we had to witness, this one……did not disappoint at all. I was very satisfied with this conclusion and well no words can describe how wonderful the last hour was. Thank you glee.

    • Meredith says:

      I’ve been trying to figure out how to express my feelings about this truly great series finale, and you nailed it. Thanks!

    • Sil says:

      Have to say that I haven’t watched Glee since The Quarterback, watched Rachel’s debut on Broadway. But, I had to watch this. And, it did not disappoint me either. It was a nice way to say goodbye. We saw them all in their futures. Happy and appreciated. Sue said it all. What Glee was about.

      • murley says:

        I couldn’t watch the quarterback. It aired during a personal time where it just hit to close to home and I haven’t watched the show since. I have wanted to catch up but haven’t had the guts to watch the quarterback. I had to watch the finale though. It was pretty perfect. It hit all the right notes, I cried a lot and the re airing of don’t stop believing was very moving. I loved the whole flashback episode and then flashing forward to see how far they have come. And ending with the dedication. Really a wonderful finale. And good encouragement to go back and watch.

    • You know, ?I almost can forgive Ryan for the whole mess he made with this final season… Just for the last three episodes. Suddenly I remember why I lvoed Glee, and how I could watch them just go back to school nd restart.
      By the way… Rachel in the future is too cute with Jesse and caring Kurt’s bby!!! Very cute!!!

  3. Laura says:

    Absolute perfection. I won’t stop crying for a while. The referenced to Finn were heartbreaking but beautifully done. A+++

    • Sil says:

      I am very grateful that Glee still referenced Finn at every turn. It was very moving.

    • abz says:

      The flashback episode absolutely wrecked me. So much nostalgia! And I just about broke down after they re-aired the original Don’t Stop Believin’ performance. Of course I could pick apart bits and pieces of the finale that I didn’t like, but overall I still loved it very much and think it was a satisfying ending.
      This show is and will always be so very special to me and I’m sure millions of other people. It was so beautiful and magical to watch and will always be a series that had an impact on many people. I stuck by through the good and the bad and even the very bad and just could never give up on it and I’m glad. I’m going to miss these characters so much. :'(

      • SL says:

        I completely agree with what you said. I cried a lot watching this! Stuck through it from episode 1 til the end, even went to the live concert. It was never the same after Cory died, but I thought they did a great job of honoring him in the end.

      • Shelley says:

        This finale gave me feels from the days of when I loved this show. That was a long time ago. I shed a lot of tears watching it. Finn was my favorite. And, I appreciate the show remembering him fondly.

  4. tonnie says:

    I wish we got to know what happened to other characters like Puck

    • Eric M says:

      They weren’t ever really the main plot line though. It was always the original members. We know from previous episodes that Santana and Brit and Puck and Quinn have their happy ending.

  5. MyExBFF says:

    disappointed that rachel ended up with Jessie. To me, it suggests she also wouldnt have ended up with Finn (although Sam was a sweet substitute). Going to miss the show. it really rebounded this year and went out on a high note.

    • briarswt says:

      It doesn’t mean she wouldn’t have ended with Finn. She literally COULDN’T end with Finn. And as much as she loved him, her life didn’t stop at 18/19 or so when Finn died. And he wouldn’t have wanted it to either.

      I was ok with her ending up with Sam OR Jess, because they knew him, they understood Rachel’s love for him. And I don’t think either one was threatened by that. So I was happy.

      • But remember, everyone all the way up to Ryan Murphy said that this was not plan A. Had Cory lived, Rachel would’ve ended up with Finn. Go back to the older articles; it’s clearly there. But for me as a Finchel fan, I’m glad she ended up with Jesse in the end (since she couldn’t have Finn)

        Amazing finale

      • Karen says:

        love that you also see it that way!! it kinda hadda be Jesse. i loved Finchel but yes the girl has got to live!!

    • ee says:

      Exactly. It was cheap. We get it…they are real life best friends but in no way was it satisfying, for me, to have her married to Jesse. Damn it, Finn! Corey, we miss you always….tonight was no exception. Rest in peace. The way you made us feel will never be forgotten.

      • SL says:

        Totally agree! Jesse made sense, but we all know it was supposed to be Finn. So hard to watch Will give the New Directions to Sam – that should have been Finn too.

    • Marla says:

      I always thought Jessie was a better fit for her tbh anyways so that was a happy surprise.

    • I look at it as what works for Rachel. Sam is a a Finn substitute and as such he was a home town boy and always would be. Now I think if Finn had not left us I think they story would have ended as Murphy planned. Rachel making it big and then coming home to Finn in the end. Sadly we have to move on. You gotta remember as well out of the people that Rachel was with during the series only two really understood her drive and how she was and accepted her for it and encouraged her. Finn and Jesse, that and he was in New York as well it seems that they would gravitate to one another and get married. I am not totally happy about it, but I think for what we have to deal with in the passing of Cory I think it makes the most sense.

  6. Lee says:

    I thought it was a very nice finale. . While there were some characters I wanted to know more about in the flash forward I think everything was tied together as well as they could. The final song had me teary eyed!!

  7. Tom says:

    So………nothing on what the Unholy Trinity is doing in 2020? Everyone else, sure. Those three? Not so much.

    I feel robbed.

    • Pedro says:

      We got their happy ending weeks ago.

    • guest says:

      Literally the most annoying thing.

    • Olivia says:

      I feel robbed too. Even a line about their careers would’ve sufficed, I’m not even greedy. But no, it would have taken precious time from other over represented characters whose ridiculous hair had more screentime than that.

      • I agree even if they were in Rachel’s house or the choir room someone could have been have u heard Quinn is doing this or has anyone heard how mike is doing etc. even though Tina and Artie were their we got a 2 second thing about them. I wanted a little more for them as well.

        • Flor says:

          Couldn’t agree more, I don’t feel “robbed” though, I still think they reivindicated the hole season 5 fiasco with this season and this finale. Amazing finale. But just a small talk about Santana, Brittany, Quinn, Puck and Mike’s future wouldn’t hurt anyone. It could have happened just by replacing the ridiculous “Sue is vice president” scene.

    • Dude says:

      I like to think that Brittany is a Mensa level scientist doing important work with her father, Stephen Hawking and Santana is the hottest telenovela star on the planet and feuding with her arch nemesis J.Lo

  8. Abby says:

    I cried a lot more than I thoight I would. Well done finale.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      Me too. I knew it would be emotional, but there were moments when I was literally sobbing. I can’t remember having that kind of a reaction to a tv show in a very long time.

      • SL says:

        Me too! Bawling through so many of those songs!! I felt like I had invested so much in these characters over the last 6 years. It was so draining to let them go, especially with the extra absence of Cory.

  9. emily says:

    Amazing finale… made me cry. The only disappointment was barely any Quinn, Puck, Santana, and Brittany. But at least we know Brittana are married. But what about Quick? … why couldn’t we have seen them get engaged or a scene or anything at all besides being in the background?

    • tonnie says:

      Pretty sure “Quick” didnt end up together. Not every h.s. relationship works out. I think that’s what they were trying to show.

    • I think they covered Quick in the later half of the last season. They found their way back to one another and i think they implied that Puck and Quinn were seeing one another, but I agree I would have liked a little blurb about Puck and Quinn to know what happened, but I think Murphy just wanted to focus on the founders of the club and what happened to them in the end.

  10. Joey says:

    As expected a complete and total failure, or in other words, completely pandered to the only fans that Glee had left, so I’m sure they wet themselves watching this.

    • If you aren’t a Glee fan and subjected yourself to something that you expected to be a “complete and total failure”, I think that you are the one with some serious issues.

      • Joey says:

        Provide an honest opinion, get told you have serious issues. Yup, sounds like a comment from a member of the Glee fandom.

        • No. Yours was the opinion of a troll who wanted to take a dump on a show that he hates. I honestly haven’t enjoyed the show since Finn/Corey died but I find people like you annoying.

          • Joey says:

            Hm, I wasn’t aware you were psychic. Oh wait, that’s right, you’re not. Try again later.

          • What a ridiculous reply. I don’t have to be a psychic to surmise that you hate the show considering the comment that started it all off. You might want to work on your comebacks and “try again later”.

          • Joey says:

            Just curious to know if you want to sit there telling me to leave all night, or have you finished having your tantum over a simple opinion?

          • You are free to be a douche and write douchey comments any time you’d like. And a response isn’t a tantrum but I supposed you consider any type of criticism to be a tantrum.

        • Brigid says:

          Sorry dude but that wasn’t an honest opinion, there was no constructive criticism what so ever. What were your expectations for a successfull ending? Yup, sounds like a troll comment to me.

      • lauren says:

        always sad how the pathetically sad people of the internet find time, go out of their way, to hate-comment. TVline would be better to mind these virile trolls.

    • abz says:

      This was the FINAL episode. Must you continue the bitterness. The show is OVER!! It’s DONE. FINISHED. THE END. You and every other person who has been pushing for the show to end for the past several years have finally gotten their wish. Move on with your life.

    • To give you the benefit of the doubt what was your problem with how it ended. All you have said it panders to the fans that are left but your not saying why.

    • Temperance says:

      Thanks for the illustration why humans are a pitiful, failing species.

      • Joey says:

        I think that the replies to my comment illustrate that point wonderfully.

        • murley says:

          Your original comment was pretty snide. It is not like you shared an innocuous opinion and everyone jumped on you. If you put that sort of attitude out there that is probably what you will get back.

  11. Rachel Scott says:

    I’m going to pretend that Mercedes and Sam eventually get it right and get back together. When she was singing “Someday We’ll be Together” they repeatedly panned to Sam more than the others. Also, he is going through girlfriends while texting Mercedes. In my imagination they figure out their love lives.

    Pertaining to the rest of the show, I loved it. I tuned out of Glee a while ago and peeked episodes when I felt like it. I’m going to assume that like many others, I watched tonight because it was the finale. I am very glad that I did, it was great. And while I will not miss the show, because it was time for it to end, I will miss what it represented and some of the characters that were shared with the world.

    • Lauren says:

      You summed up my thoughts perfectly! I stopped watching 2 seasons ago, but tuned in tonight. It was a fitting goodbye.

    • Ashley says:

      Me too, on the Sam and Mercedes front. It just happens off screen, sadly. But I’m still imagining it happens.

  12. Amanda says:

    I think the series finale was wonderful and was a great send-off for the show overall. It really reminded me of season 1. It certainly made me emotional, lol, especially all the Finn mentions. Even though for the show went downhill as the seasons went on, I still enjoyed it throughout and will miss it, especially the cast and the music. Thanks for the memories, Glee!

  13. StephonJS says:

    the final number was GREAT. I love seeing every single New Direction member. Great ending. It felt like Corey was in the whole episode.

  14. Lysh says:

    In true Glee fashion, Tina did not get a solo (except for flashback!Tina). But it was good and ridiculous and I was doing SO WELL until Rachel’s Tony speech and then I cried and was uplifted. It was amazing to see a show trainwreck so hard as promising as Glee started as, but it ended very nicely. Jesse St James was my 2nd guy for Rachel (after Finn, RIP) and I loved the theme of the importance of the arts.

  15. powerturtle90sdudemon says:

    What was jarring about “2009” was Azimio (black bully) was absent too. So PUCK was teamed with KAROFSKY. I mean WTF? Also, there was no mention of Kurt’s crush on Finn, remember that? The circumstances of Rachel’s pregnancy was a very nice swerve from the expectation. I’m glad Rachel ended up with Jesse. It shows how people can change in the 4.5 years or so since Jesse’s betrayal. All he needed to do was escape Vocal Adrenaline. Sam becoming head of New Directions cements him as the new Finn following Finn’s death. I liked the subtle reveal of Will and Emma’s daughter. I wish we learned how Quinn, Puck, Mike, Brittany, Santana and the season 4 & 6 noobs were doing. This was a great finale, and now I’m sad to see it go, but it was inevitable that season 6 would be the end the minute the double renewal happened. Season 6 was really strong, making me question my disappointment it didn’t get the full 22 eps. Goodbye Glee, and thank you.

  16. LilAngel says:

    the surrogate was too much (I’d have preferred St Berry to have their own children before lending Rachel’s uterus to Klaine). Except that, the end was perfect and very satisfying. That’s the first time a show ends so well.

    • kd86953 says:

      I liked it because it mirrored Rachel’s beginning and how her dads used a surrogate.

    • Marla says:

      Way too much. Let her make her own baby first at least. And it’s strange for her to do after the trauma the whole Shelby thing caused her. Hopefully that means she will remain involved in the kid’s life.

      • Sarah says:

        What a weird thing to say. Why on earth does it matter whether she surrogates for them first or has her own baby first? Maybe she wasn’t ready for kids yet (she’s clearly still busy with her career), but Kurt and Blaine were.

        And I think it was actually a perfect ending for Rachel, because

        a) She definitely will stay involved in that kid’s life, since Kurt and Blaine are basically her best friends. I think it’s actually a really nice idea for her to take on surrogacy herself, and do things differently than Shelby – it may provide some closure on the whole thing.

        b) We got to see Rachel doing something truly selfless, while still achieving her most self-focused dreams by winning a Tony. I think that’s a lovely balance of her long-held ambition and her growth throughout the series.

        • RUCookie says:

          Perfectly said! I don’t understand these comments about her needing a child first…

          • Megan Smith says:

            Guys you are also misinterpreting the terms here…. Shelby was Rachels BIOLOGICAL mother, where Rachel is their SURROGATE, meaning its an egg donor and klaines sperm. She’s just the oven!!

        • Well said and she just won the tony so her career is hit right now everyone will want her. It would be a bad time for her to have her own kid. Also in my opinion I don’t see her becoming a mom at least not now. Her career was always number one not saying that won’t change. I think if cory didn’t pass and it ended the way it was planned when she came home to him on Lima then I could see her having the baby.

    • DCL30 says:

      Not to mention that Rachel thought the show was always selfish to the bone. It’s so OOC that she would put her career on hold to do this selfless act and carry someone else baby. C’mon.

  17. Eric M says:

    Sam picking country isn’t weird if you saw the payley fest where Chord said the #1 thing he wanted to do on Glee that they never did was Country Music.

    • Rosie says:

      Also, when Sam spoke of poverty, I thought it was a nice throwback to his introduction to the show when his family was living in a motel.

    • CMG says:

      They did “Red Solo Cup,” which is country. (It’s “bro-country,” but that’s what passes for country these days.) They also did “Last Name” in The Rhodes Not Taken… again, pop-country, but still country these days.

  18. todd says:

    Some of the songs while on message sucked as songs tonight. Weird choices, the only thing that jived well to me was the winner takes it all

  19. kd86953 says:

    I loved every bit of those two hours. <3 Seeing the cast back in 2009 was super trippy but it was so amazing to see how they've all grown so much. (and the little Blaine cameo! <3) And the finale…wow. I was so happy with everyone's ending. It was perfect. Also, I missed most of the last song because I was crying SO HARD. GOD. What am I going to do without Glee?

  20. Penny says:

    Was that Coach Shannon’s pic next to Finn’s?

  21. Maya says:

    All the Finn related moments made me cry but I completely lost it when they showed the moment from the pilot as they sang Don’t Stop Believin.

    Just wish we had real moments with Puck, Brit, Santana and Quinn though – their absence was glaring.

    I actually liked Rachel ended up with Jesse.

    • Olivia says:

      IA with everything you said.
      I wasn’t expecting to see the whole performance so I teared up. I teared up a couple times after that, and it took everything I had left not to bawl when I Lived started. But I totally lost it the moment they all raised their arms DSB style… these lyrics, this enormous cast saying goodbye, and the plaques… yeah, I was a mess lol.

  22. jrex says:

    Did not disappoint. I found it very, very satisfying, but wish Sue’s political career had just been her fantasy while locked in a strait-jacket!

  23. KC says:

    Perfect ending for Glee and all the characters! I’m still crying!!!

  24. Columbus says:

    Terrific and perfect finale. I cried throughout – especially when we saw Finn singing. So nice to see almost all of the faces one last time.

  25. Ann says:

    I thought the finale was great, especially after the three terrible years viewers had to go through with this show. Though I wish we had found out what happened to the other characters, I thought it was a good idea to focus on the original glee club members who started it all. It was especially bitter sweet to see Finn again. It deeply saddens me that his character died so young….Finn would have been only 19. Corey was young too but he was in his thirties.

  26. Ok not gonna lie was kinda disappointed in the finale episode.
    – ok 2009 cute episode but they should have put this in place of one of the bad episodes we had this season, and made the finale episode 2 hours long.
    -ok way to much time spent on will, sue, Sam. They could have cut their scenes down a little specially the sue and Sam.
    -not enough time on Artie or Tina? Wtf they were originals and they get like a min on their future? And no solos? They could have eliminate the sue/will duet even though it sounded good.
    -klaine scenes were cute cute duet but the duet at the school kinda random for me yay klaine baby.
    – way to much time on Rachel. Yea I know she is the star of the show but we got enough of her this season. Sorry I knew how her story was gonna end not a huge surprise. So disappointed she did not thank Finn. Yes it’s the future she has moved on and is happy but Finns was a huge part of her life.
    – ok so we get no conclusions with brittany, Santana, Mike, puck, Quinn? Wow ok
    Sorry for my rant.

    • Kip says:

      There was nowhere near enough Rachel for her being the star of the show. Not only did they not even give her space to celebrate winning her Tony or being married, they knock her up with that ridiculous klaine baby before she has her own. And I thought my only disappointment with the finale was going to be wasting Lea Michele’s last solo on that awful generic crap no matter how hard she tried to sell it.

      • abz says:

        While overall I found myself somewhat satisfied with the finale and there some pretty great moments, I agree. Rachel was definitely underused in the finale. She barely even said a word till the end of the episode. Why they insisted on wasting what little time they have once again on Sue is beyond me. She’s already been allowed to hog up most of the final season. I would have preferred that all of the time allocated for Sue’s scenes to have been used on Rachel and to give an update on the Unholy Trinity at least. I thought Rachel’s last solo was pretty nice though.

        • I agree with u on the sue but not make that time more on Rachel I could see unholy trinity. We got enough of Rachel this season and we all knew how she was gonna end up. I would have liked a little more on Artie and Tina.

    • Rosie says:

      I’m glad to see someone talk about Sue. I adored Sue’s character the first season and think Jane Lynch is brilliant. However, Sue’s schizo characterization has been, in my view, one of Glee’s biggest flaws. Having Sue go from grateful to the Glee club for singing at her sister’s funeral to plotting and planning against the Glee club to singing with Will at the children’s ward in the hospital to Sue setting Will’s car on fire became SO old. And then when Becky because such a screechy little brat, I grew to cringe whenever either of them appeared on screen. I enjoyed the finale a great deal but could have done with a lot less Sue/Becky and more Puck/Unholy Trinity.

    • Mandy says:

      Totally agree with you on the not thanking Finn part. I think Ryan Murphy should explain to us why she didn’t. He probably won’t, but I’m just curious you know?

  27. What a beautiful sendoff. Thank you Glee for six seasons. RIP Cory Monteith. You may not have been there in the physica sense but there in spirit.

  28. Sara says:

    This was cheesy and completely unrealistic and yet somehow perfect. Well done, Glee! I really liked that they focused on the core, original 5 from the first episode, as well as Will and Sue. After all, at the beginning of the show, it was more about Will than any of the kids. I had a lot of tears over the 2 hours, but they were joyful ones, even when they were from Finn references.
    And I never knew I needed a Will/Sue duet to The Winner Takes It All in my life, but quite frankly, I don’t know how I’ve done without it for so long. That was perfection.
    Finally, that was a perfect use of Don’t Stop Believin’ as nothing but the glorious original would have had the right touch.

  29. DaisyPoo says:

    I am a 62 year old great grandmother and have watched Glee since day one and I loved the finale…it was awesome!!

  30. Nadia says:

    I thought it was okay. I know some people thought that there was too much Rachel, but I personally would have liked to see more of her. I’m really kinda upset though that Quinn didn’t get a storyline. She was my favorite character. Also I think Sam deserved a better ending, I feel like they kind of “recycled” their finale plans for Finn and gave them to Sam. I’m a little disappointed in the finale, but not to a HIMYM extent.

    • abz says:

      I thought there was nowhere near enough Rachel in the finale.

      • Kobe Busia says:

        Really? Cause I felt that Rachel was one of the ONLY characters who got a full-on resolution, and people like Quinn, Puck, Brittana, etc, were glossed over/ignored. Personally I think the 2009 episode was handled MUCH BETTER, and written in a much smarter way, I think it did an excellent job of filling the gaps that were left hanging in the pilot

  31. Matty Si. says:

    Ryan Murphy has said he knew how he originally wanted it all to end. I’m curious now yo find out what his plan was.

    • Lissy says:

      Ryan Murphy said in interviews that the scene Rachel talks about in The Quarterback – being successful on Broadway and Finn teaching and then her coming back to Lima and just saying “I’m home” was the original ending. I kind of suspected it when I first watched the quarterback but he confirmed it a few months ago.

      And I’m not going to lie, I was half hoping Sam and Mercedes would get that ending. They were one of my favorite couples!

      • Matty Si. says:

        I remember that now. I haven’t watched this finale yet bc I’m stuck at work but I will watch it as soon as I get home. Although I feel like I already saw it. I love spoiler though. I don’t care for too many surprises.

  32. RUCookie says:

    That finale was ridiculously satisfying. The first hour tribute to what is was, and the second hour showing where the ended (plus a much needed additional shout out to ARTs education.) That finale performance was beyond perfect – wonderful message to end the show with. I couldn’t be happier with it, and sad at the same time… I loved Glee for what it was, what it represented and for the social commentary it provided.

    I look forward to seeing many of these stars on my TV or on stage again….

  33. Dani says:

    I didn’t like how everyone was successful in life. Sure its a TV show but it is just so unrealistic. Sue as vice president? Its a total joke. The “flashback” episode is the better finale. At least no one was hit by car, so I guess it was okay.

    • Matty Si. says:

      Sue becoming VP is perfect for glee. Its crazy and its out there. And while it has always been about going through real life challenges it has also always been over the top. Sue would never become VP or anything in politics if this were real life but its not. Everyone got their happy ending. That’s a good thing.

  34. yes i am a 33 year old man & yes i might not have been the biggest glee fan but yes i am not ashamed to admit i teared up during that finale.

    i have said from day one the music on glee was awesome but it was the stuff in between the music that i was iffy on. I honestly didn’t know what was supposed be a joke or what supposed to be serious. & i didn’t know what was intentionally offensive or what was just unintentionally. because of that i have also said that it would’ve worked better as a full on drama. & that with the lessons & subject matter they brought up it could be talked about with the likes of mad men & the great critically acclaimed dramas.

    like sue said “the quarterback of the football team becoming best friends with the gay kid” is a story that will never get old & will never not need to be told. it was quirky & i never understood the comedy of it but that dedication scene at the end was the absolutely perfect way for glee to go out & yes it had me crying & i’m not afraid to admit it. it may have been a weird ride glee but it was a good one.

  35. Amy says:

    I liked the finale though it felt very bittersweet knowing it wasn’t what was originally meant to happen. Finn’s presence has been missed the last few seasons but these episodes showed just how much he & Corey are missed. Reshowing the original Don’t Stop Believing was gut wrenching and wonderful. I loved the ending song.

  36. dan says:

    Congratulations on finding the magic from the first two seasons and putting it into this finale! The first hour was a true throw back to the innocence and humor of season one. The second hour tied it all together for the core characters. Too bad we had to suffer through seasons four, five and part of six to find the original creativity that made Glee a success. It would’ve been nice to have a sentence or two about Quinn, Puck, Santana and Brittany during the five year jump, but I’m ok with the decision to focus on the originals. I’m glad the show is over (it was time), but I’m also glad it ended on a strong note!

  37. Meredith says:

    Beautifully done.

  38. TomTom says:

    Annoying they didn’t get Corey back for the finale

  39. Raúl says:

    Why is Patrick kissing Rachel.

  40. Bizzle says:

    I wish they would’ve switched the episodes. I enjoyed 2009. I found the finale on par with the worst episodes. The songs were boring (except Mercedes), too much Rachel and Sue in my mind. Didn’t need the tissues after all!

  41. Carmen L mercado says:

    I will definitely miss Glee. Outstanding show. Not any shows like this one.
    Wish it would come back.

  42. Pocket says:

    For as awful as the show had become… that was a beautiful bow.Goodbye Glee. We didn’t always get along but you did right by most of the characters in the end.

  43. Df says:

    You did not rate tina’s katy perry’s song

    • Bizzle says:

      Or Kurt’s Mr Cellophane.. But those were sung in the series premiere, so probably didn’t want to rehash. I wondered the same for a while

  44. Tvgeek says:

    I literally screamed YAH when it was revealed that Rachel and Jesse were together! The best possible way they could have ended it.

  45. Jill says:

    Who’s dog did Jenna Ushkowitz run over? Her “happy ending” is Artie the creep? I mean god forbid Glee leave a white guy single, but ugh Tina and Artie. Does she have some undiagnosed mental health problems that mean she ends up in such a dreadful relationship? Seriously I wish Jenna had never come back for season 6.

  46. Anon33Guest says:

    Some emotional moments. Some clunky storytelling. This episode clarified one thing – Sam is indeed Finn 2.0 right down to his future being the coach of New Directions.

  47. Fdo says:

    i can’t say that i didn’t cry on the last number but these are my thoughts: this last number should have been sung by at least the former new directions and how is it possible that we didn’t hear nothing from santana, britany, puck, quinn. I mean this finale should have been about closure. So dissapointed.

  48. Bartleby says:

    The last musical number was pretty great, but the rest of the 2 hours was mostly underwhelming. Not enough resolution for most of the original characters.

  49. Mason says:

    No ending for Kitty? I haven’t watched yet but did she get any lines, sort of plot?

    • omar says:

      No lines but they mentioned that she’s living in NYC. And you can spot her later with Rodrick (new boyfriend) in NYC and the others while they’re watching the Tonys.

  50. Chelsea says:

    I’ll happily say that I stayed with the show the whole time and though not every episode was perfect by any means, it was something I looked forward to; sometimes for the music, or for a laugh or just to escape for an hour. I think it was really something special and I will miss it but this felt like the perfect ending. I liked the flash back and then forward. I laughed, I cried (a lot) and I’m happy with it going out on this note.