Recap: How Scandal — and Olivia — Got Their Sexy Groove Back

Scandal Recap Lena Dunham

Is Scandal back to its classic self?

Whereas the previous episode took a significant step in that direction, this week’s hour seemed to complete the long-awaited round-trip, putting Olivia in full, nearly unfettered fixer mode. We had a provocative Case of the Week (an X-rated tell-all by “Kinky Sue,” played by Girls‘ Lena Dunham), and Quinn and Huck (mostly) acting like old-school, not-overly-angsty Gladiators.

Also, Olivia washed those men right out of her hair and got her groove back, and there was just the right dash of political machinations. (Reservations about Mellie’s POTUS-via-Senate run, I do have. But if anyone can pull it off, Lizzy gets my vote.)

It also did what Scandal almost invented, generating nicknames and phrases ripe for feeding the social media frenzy. (As I quickly warned people on twitter, albeit too late for myself: Do not Google “dustbuster +sex.”)

There was also a pair of Shondalogues that felt fresh, and kinda sneaked up on you. First, Sue flipped the script on Liv by condemning her for shaming her sexual proclivities. “When did you become so weak?” the Olivia Pope fan marveled. “You and Ruth Bader Gisnburg were all we got…. you gave other women a contact high….. I thought you’d be brave, fearless and sexy, but you’re a dried-up prude.” Delicious, on-point stuff, reminding us, as well, of who Olivia used to be.

The other orating came from Abby, who spelled out for Leo why this sex scandal would ding her a lot worse than him. She illustrated her point by telling of how every story that has been written about her, and despite all her accomplishments, mentions him. Because heaven forbid she isn’t seen as wanted by a man, the “property of Leo Bergen.” How the holder of the world’s most powerful podium can be slammed in one breath for being too skinny, then chided in another for “letting herself go.” A terrific companion piece to the awards season’s recent #AskHerMore campaign.Scandal Olivia Sex Russell

Olivia’s journey with this Russell character (played by Brian White of Hostages, Men of a Certain Age, Moonlight) may have seemed a bit brazen for her usual level-headed self, but let’s face it, it was needed. As she told Cy, she needs to put those two other guys in her rear view mirror and move forward. And at first blush at least, Russell is a step up from Edison.

In fact, the only issue I had with this episode was… what Huck did, there in Sue’s kitchen. Shocking and random and brutal, a la one of Scandal‘s calling cards? Sure. But it was egregious. And it showed me a Huck that, regardless of his motive — to go “home,” which he can only do if David isn’t threatened by the tell-all’s existence — really should be “handled” in some way, by now. This is not a well person, and not someone I want other characters that I like to be in the proximity of. And the more no one (namely Quinn) does anything about it, in the face of the coldest cold-blood murder, the more detached I get from those enablers/abettors.

What did you think of “It’s Good to Be Kink”?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Tran says:

    Wonder if fans of Scandal is going to have mixed reviews about Lena Dunham’s guest starring role.

    • Tran says:

      BTW, remember when Lena Dunham was hosting SNL last season? They were poking fun of Scandal.

    • abz says:

      I’ve heard of her, but this is the first thing I’ve seen her in. Why do many people hate her exactly?

      • Cheyenne says:

        Supposedly she wrote a bio in which she said she sexually molested her little sister.

        • Lucifer says:


          She outright confessed to what she did to her sister for 10 years, even describing it as being a “sexual predator.” But as Aeol below has pointed out, many have disliked Dunham from the start due her lack of talent and her conceited ways. However, the disgusting confession in her memoir is what pushed the dislike many had for her over the edge. It didn’t matter, though, she still gets treated like a saint and was defended by most mainstream outlets and even some celebrities.

          • Cheyenne says:

            I said “supposedly” because I haven’t read it. I’ve seen too many sensational and totally erroneous claims about books that it turns out the critics never even opened, let alone read. They were just parroting what other people said.

          • Lucifer says:

            @Cheyenne, that’s understandable because it does seem to be what happens lately with many different issues. However, as someone who has read it, it really is disturbing, especially since she thinks they’re all just a collection of cute stories about being a weird kid.

      • Aeol says:

        Um, BEFORE her bio, she became famous for writing and starring in Girls on HBO, and being declared the voice of a generation despite speaking only to a very small subset of that generation. Also, nepotism. Lots of people don’t think her show is that good and her break came from her parents being connected.

        • Runner says:

          Thank you Aeol for a less inflammatory response.

        • Beckett says:

          I usually don’t comment but I just had to address this first of all I’m taking none of you actually read the book because that is a huge misrepresentation of a story she tells which all if you have taken out of context. Dunham recounts the perfectly innocent curiosity she had as a child which is a perfectly natural process to go through in childhood….she was 7! and even if that was not your experience don’t count that as the norm there have been plenty of studies on child development over the last 40 years that chart the topic of childhood sexual curiosity because you know children are curious about the world it doesn’t mean they become sexually active they just learn about the world and learn and understand sexuality.. a completely normal part of human development! Secondly she wasn’t declared a voice of a generation her character Hannah said that in an episode of Girls! (while she was high on cocaine having a tirade to her parents!) that scene is clearly a send up and Dunham does not think she is a voice of a generation I mean in the intro to the book she comes off as quite modest about her intellect. Thirdly her parents are obscure artists! who has ever gotten a show because their parent was an obscure visual artist?! No one had heard of them so it is extremely unlikely that Judd apatow offered to produce her show because he was a big fan of her parents art…get real! On the other point whether people think her show is good or not that’s a personal choice I like it although the third season wasn’t great. Can we please discuss her performance in Scandal instead! (which I thought was cleverly written and well performed but agree with others on the crazy ending…huck needs to move on his character is ridiculous now!) instead of talking about these made up accusations and frankly ridiculous personal attacks! No other figure in TV gets the kind of abuse and criticism she does and I am starting to think that there is a sexist undertone to all of this…… I just have seen so many comments about her recently I had to address it!

          • Lucifer says:

            You clearly did not read the book because the event which occurred at age 7 was just the beginning. Sure, you can explain away that children are just curious despite that ugly fact that her sister was 1 and children as young as 4 are capable of sexual abusing another child. However, she carried out her sexual and psychological abuse on her sister for 10 years. It stopped being “innocent curiosity” well before she claimed to have stopped. Oh and she falsely accused a man of raping her.

            She declared herself a voice of her generation. She writes the show and dictates what goes and doesn’t go. I really don’t see how anyone is ignorant enough to think she’s being misrepresented when people quote her on that.

            “No other figure in TV gets the kind of abuse and criticism she does and I am starting to think that there is a sexist undertone to all of this…”

            Of course. Bring out the “sexism” card when in doubt. Lena only faces criticism from average-joe/jane people like myself because she is protected by the majority of people in the media and celebrity friends. She faces zero criticism from actual critics who all love her and pretend she’s a genius and only did that one little thing in her book at age 7.

            She’s a horrible person and deserves to be criticised for her horrible behavior.

    • David4 says:

      Nah, I have no complained, her storyline ended perfectly.

  2. kn1231 says:

    Huck needs to go.

    • Yes. He does. Immediately. Besides finding him deplorable(despite the attempts of the writers to make us feel something for him), I think that the actor is doing a terrible job portraying him. I just don’t buy into his brand of crazy.

  3. Alex says:

    Loved this!
    @matt- do you know if Sally will be back in the present or flashback

  4. LaShawna says:

    I agree completely about Huck. I realize he suffered a lot from torture, but after tonight, I think he is an irredeemable character. At least for me he is. Yeah, he has killed a lot of people, but Sue’s murder seemed especially egregious to me. Are we really supposed to view him as one the white hats after all he has done, and all he is still willing to do? I can’t.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Not so much egregious as gratuitous. It was not only over the top, it was totally unnecessary. Huck will never get over his blood lust. He simply likes killing people.

      • says:

        I totally agree! At first you get his character but after this episode I realized that Huck is just a serial killer! Killing her was as you said gratuitous……Jake and Charlie had to do the same things as Huck and experienced much the same things but they have boundaries…..he’s a loose cannon.

    • Luke Charles says:

      I don’t know what program some of you have been watching but the white hats are all bad. Olivia has said point blank that Huck and her are different from the other gladiators. Huck is sick and has been portrayed as such for a long time he TORTURED Quinn he is a sadist .What happens when a sadistic assassin has a problem with somebody? He KILLS them. Olivia is more civilized she will ruin your career your reputation your family life so that you kill yourself. Should I go into the horrible things that Abby and Quinn have done? Nah you get the point.

  5. C. says:

    Huck went from vigilante to straight up ruthless serial killer. And I can’t say it’s not organic, but it’s no less disturbing. On one hand, it made sense that Sue had to die because there really seemed like nothing could keep her from spilling in the future. Olivia’s fixing also felt super tidy. A part of me likes that she died because it leaves some mess, but I just wish it wasn’t in such a gratuitous way.

  6. Jog says:

    Huck has to go. First the cartel massacre, now this. He’s insane. They need to stop him.

    I liked this episode, but what huck did really ruined it. How long are they going to drag his story out and what is the end result to it? Will they have enough guts to finally off him?

    • abz says:

      Yeah, I have to agree. I’m really over Huck. Last season, Quinn was quite annoying but I’ve sort of started liking or at least tolerating her more this season. Huck on the other has just been getting worse as time goes on.
      Also, I’m really not a fan of Guillermo Diaz’s acting. I get that Huck is supposed to have severe PTSD, but I just hate the intensity of his delivery of every single line. It’s annoying.

      • Tee says:

        Much rather prefer him in a comedic role, like he had on Weeds–still intense, but way more likeable. That was my introduction to him as a character, and what my mind goes back to whenever I see his WTF moments on Scandal.

  7. cyrano says:

    Def a better episode. Olivia needs to move on for now.
    I agrEe Huck is way to disturbed. Something bad will happen soon.
    Shondalouges are good. Lena wasn’t too bad or painful. Now I just wish B613 can die away. Its beating a dead and decaying horse. Maybe David will be the next to die?

  8. madhatter360 says:

    I couldn’t help but notice that the photos of the men in the book with their nicknames were still up on the wall when the women (Irene?) was there questioning Sue about her getting fired. That seems like something they’d have wanted to take down before having guests over.

  9. Chad Smith says:

    See Huck slice Lena Dunham’s throat just made my short list for the greatest moments in television history.

    • suz says:

      And we have our first troll on this thread. I’m guessing we will see more vile comments gleefully promoting violence against a woman. Shame on you TVLine for allowing this comment to be posted.

      • Tai says:

        I didn’t take that comment as promoting violence against women so much as expressing happiness that a fictional representation of someone the original commenter doesn’t like is dead. Let’s not make this into a bigger issue than it real is.

        • suz says:

          If the commenter would have referred to the character, I would agree with you. However, he talking about Lena Dunham herself. That I find objectionable.

          • Lucifer says:

            I don’t see any issues with disliking a self-confessed child molester. Also, your whole claim about promoting “violence against women” because people are saying they enjoyed watching a horrible celeb fake-die is ridiculous. Everyone cheered Justin Bieber’s violent demise on CSI where he was shot full of bullets. The clip went viral and it was even a meme for a while.

      • Kim&Bey says:

        Promoting violence against women, Please! Spare us!
        I dislike Lena Dunham, I was dreading this episode of Scandal because of her; the character she played was ridiculous and over exaggerated, the only enjoyment I got from all her scenes was when Huck slit her throat!
        And BTW, TVline has no hand in Scandal plots, all they do is recap.

      • Runner says:

        Oh, the violence against women thing completely went over my head. I thought he was talking about the editing, choreographing and intensity of the scene. I thought that was well-done as well, if not completely gratuitous. Hm…

      • Lucifer says:

        Plot Twist: Suz is the troll.

    • Babygate says:

      Wow. This is the very first episode of Scandal that I ever miss because I refuse to support anything that Lena D’s work. But that scene I would have liked to see. If her character is dead, that means she won’t be back. Yes!

  10. Dartis says:

    Scandal is so awful now. All of season 4 sucks. Olitz is Scandal. It’s what brought the fans back week after week. Olivia told Fitz “if you want me, earn me”. This man has emotionally left his wife, willing to give up the Presidency, and took the country to war. What the hell else does she want???. Now Oliva is a picking up strange men at bars and having one night stands. I just don’t get the show anymore, and I know a lot of folks that feel the same way. I wish I tweeted, so I could sent this to Shonda Rhimes.

    • Cheyenne says:

      No, Olitz is not Scandal and Scandal is not Olitz. That’s a very juvenile way of looking at it, and if that’s all you’ve gotten out of the show, you’re missing the entire point. The real scandal is there’s a guy in the Oval Office who has no business being there.
      What the hell else does she want? She never wanted him to degrade his presidency by throwing thousands of soldiers in harm’s way for the sake of his mistress. She sacrificed her honor and her integrity to get him elected and now she finds out he wasn’t worth it. What the hell else she wants is for him to prove he is worthy of the office she helped him get through fraud and deception. How do you think she feels having 40 unnecessary deaths on her conscience?
      As to picking up a guy from a bar, Olivia is a grown woman and she can do what she wants. Unlike you, she’s mature enough to realize that Vermont isn’t happening as long as Fitz is president.

      • Babygate says:

        There’s something very contradictory about this comment. Olivia wants Fitz to act like an honorable president after all the work she put into getting him elected “through fraud and deception?” How does that work? What right does Olivia have to demand a standard from Fitz that she herself does not exactly live up to?

        • Cheyenne says:

          Therein lies the conflict. You remember that Olivia was the only one of the five who went along with the election rigging for disinterested motives? Cyrus wanted to be COS, Mellie wanted to be first lady, Hollis wanted his pipeline and Verna wanted a Supreme Court appointment. Olivia was the only one who truly believed in him and thought he would make a great president. She sacrificed her principles for that reason. Good or bad? I don’t know. But the fact is that Fitz would never have been elected if they hadn’t rigged it for him. No matter how they sliced it, the numbers weren’t there.

          • Ram510 says:

            I’m so glad you come on this board. Your one of the, at times, few that actually make sense and remember plot lines and overrall understand the show. I see why procedurals are so popular, people don’t have to think and are for the most part morally black and white, eventhough life is never ever that way

        • Darcel says:

          Olivia is an extremely ungrateful person. I wish Fitz would divorce Mellie and forget about Olivia.

      • Adelele says:

        How do you think she felt when her dad killed those 20 agents in the plot that she was a part of to arrest him? Seems to me that she didn’t lose any sleep over those killings.

        How do you think she felt when all those B613 agents murdered each other when her father disbanded the agency because of her crusade of shutting down B613?

        How do you think she felt when she discovered Jake killed 3 innocent people, one of whom was her very own friend?

        I won’t even talk about the actions of her mother.

        From where I am typing, she has very selective feelings.

        • daynamoet says:

          First of all, for Papa Pope and Jake, it’s their job to kill people. There were both heads of B613. They’re not really expected to be honorable. Whereas the President of the United States is. That’s why I think it bother Olivia so much because Fitz was supposed to still be the “good guy” despite how he got elected into office especially considering he didn’t initially know about the election rigging. Don’t compare Papa Pope to Fitz when it comes to who they may have killed because Papa Pope has no conscience.

          • Adelele says:

            First of all, it is the president’s job to make decisions as best he sees it. He runs a country and sometimes the decisions he makes gets people killed because that is the decision he makes whether they are ill conceived or not – do I have to point out George Bush and the Iraq war because someone insulted his dad?

            Nowhere did I mention the election rigging, what I did mention was Olivia’s selective feelings. Would she have been so ticked off if no one had died in West Angola? According to the poster, innocent people dying is on her conscience. Well innocent men died when she was part of the plot to bring her father down. The man who she was having sex with killed 3 innocent people and this did not stop her having sex with him.

            Fitz has already told her that she is the very breath he breathes. Had she kept her loose lips shut, he would have rescued her and would not have gone to war to save her. Her having made a mess of things left him with no alternative but an illogical solution. And someone needs to put her right. She did not save herself, she made a bloody mess of things.

            As I said, she is being shown as having very selective memory.

        • Sweetweeny says:

          @Adelele: You are so right. I think people’s blind hatred of Fitz lets them give other characters, especially Mellie and to an extent Olivia, a pass.

    • abz says:

      Olitz most definitely is NOT Scandal. It did not keep me coming back week after week. In fact, it has made the show that much worse over the past few seasons IMO.
      Olivia can do as she pleases. She shouldn’t have to sit down and wait for a man who has no business being POTUS and who is a disgrace to how hard she worked to get him to that position. She shouldn’t have to wait to be with a man who is still married and still POTUS and who she’ll always be considered as his mistress. I highly doubt he’ll divorce Mellie once he’s done his presidency.
      And she can have as many one night stands as she pleases. It is time for her to move on and stop wasting her time moping away waiting for him and their toxic relationship

    • Coal says:

      If Scandal is Olitz as you put it then if Olivia and Fitz do finally get their s**t together and become a couple then the is no longer a reason for the show to go on. Fitz and Olivia’s happily ever after is the end game and that’s not going to happen until the series finale.

      • Cheyenne says:

        Exactly. Who wants to watch a happily married couple week after week? That’s not political drama, that’s Ozzie and Harriet.

        • Imzadi says:

          I guess you are probably too young to remember The Thin Man and Mr. & Mrs. North (happily married detectives), but surely you remember Robert Wagner & Stefanie Powers in Hart to Hart. They were NOT Ozzie & Harriet.

          • Cheyenne says:

            I remember all three shows from back in the day. Any show from back then had to be totally asexual. They couldn’t even show a married couple sleeping in one bed — what would the kids think? — let alone an unmarried couple humping on the president’s desk.

    • Darcel says:

      I totally agree with you. I miss Olitz. However, I am beginning to not like Olivia. I hate the way she treats people who care for her.

    • Kim&Bey says:

      Olitz is the dysfunctional part of Scandal, it’s like a cancer that needs to be cut out or else it will ruin the whole show.
      I knew Olitz fans would have a problem with Olivia hooking up with someone else. Fitz does not own Olivia and most importantly Olivia does not OWE Fitz anything.
      Fitz has made terrible decisions time and time again at the expense of his family and the country all for Olivia.
      You mention that Fitz took the country to war for Olivia,as if its a good thing, Olivia never wanted that, no sane person would want that.
      This is a fresh start she needs, a fresh start the show needs.

  11. Michele says:

    I somehow think this Russell guy is going to cause problems for Liv, just as Michael did for Cyrus.Oh well…it adds a new storyline and Liv is getting her groove back.

    • Darcel says:

      No Liv is being a fool.

    • Adelele says:

      He will not cause problems for Liv, given that he will simply be the first of many faceless men who will walk in and out of her body. Let’s wait to see if she is having sex with someone new in next week’s episode. I hope this isn’t the case, but I suspect that it will be.

      • Sweetweeny says:

        @Adelele: That is my biggest fear! And I can’t lie, I’m not a Prude, but if Shonda takes Olivia’s character down this route, she is going to lose me as a fan. I will still watch the show,because I am a self admitted Kerry Washington fan girl, but I will no longer be a fan of Olivia Pope.

        • Adelele says:

          I hope Olivia does not go down this route either. If she does, I am out. It is one thing to talk about claiming your life, It is quite another to have sex with random men. In this day and age, such behavior is irresponsible and unacceptable and I would not be putting up with it. Shonda’s shows can sometimes be rather sexualized true, but that is a line of crossing that I will not accept. The president’s daughter engaging in such sexual practices at such a young age I found terribly disturbing – I gave Shonda that one free pass – but there will be no more.

          • Mykaayah says:

            I was repulsed also. I did not like seeing a black woman being put out there as a woman at a bar who just picked up a man she doesn’t even know. I can deal with her falling in love with the President, but not this. I was really turned off by this episode and I hope Shonda reads this.

      • Cheyenne says:

        She brings one guy home for a one-night stand so it’s “given” that there will be a whole parade of one-night stands? That’s quite a stretch.

  12. Brian says:

    Wow, hardly any action on social media in regards to tonight’s show. Was it that bad?

  13. Bam says:

    I actually didn’t like the episode. Huck is a dog that needs to be put down and since Quinn wants to enable and “protect” him she needs to be the one to put him out. Lena acted no differently here than she did on the SNL skit (especially at the beginning). She was horrible and took me out of the episode. I like what the show was trying to say about women and how society judges them differently from men but Abby’s monologue was a bit overkill. The show is losing itself this season and I am not sure why but I need them to get it together.

    Also, I get why she isn’t talking to Fitz but why is Olivia ignoring Jake and why the hell is Jake spying on Olivia for Fitz, again?

  14. abz says:

    Really happy to see Liv get a bit of her groove back. I hope it lasts. I’m all for her never being with Jake and especially Fitz ever again. I hope she moves on and I hope that when the show ends that the show will have taken a different direction by then and that they don’t go the lame predictable route of pairing her with Fitz.
    Loved when Sue told Liv “When did you become so weak?”. She needed to hear it LONG before her kidnapping.

  15. Anna says:

    Does Kim know Javi saw Huck kill a man in front of him? How did the kid get over this so quickly? How is Kim cool with that? I mean her husband is obviously still a cold-blooded murderer. Does Huck really think he still has a shot at a normal life? They’re all delusional in that show, except Charlie and Olivia’s parents. None of them can have Vermont, even the diet version of it. I predict a Jake vs Huck showdown. I like Jake but my money’s on Huck.

  16. Katrina Scott says:

    I have mixed feelings about this episode. I like having a case of the week. I miss the formula of the early seasons. I liked Abby and how she laid it out for Leo about how women are treated and I was not repulsed by Huck’s actions. We all know Huck has issues. I found his drive to go home and get his life back very interesting.

    But what is going on with Olivia? First, how does anyone in DC not recognize her in a bar? Is this about Liv going out of control? Is she too afraid to get too close to anyone now? I like her and Jake, but if you’re going to break them up then can we have a scene showing what happened. What’s going on with Jake and Fitz? I’m glad to see they’re friends again but when did this happen. It felt strange like a scene from the past. And Jake is again lying to Fitz about who Liv is sleeping with.

    Lena Dunham was fine. She’s just another actress to me. I know nothing about her show.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Did you see how she was ordering that new guy around like he was her servant? This is not about her losing control, this is about her taking back control.

      • Sweetweeny says:

        Please. Any man who is about he have sex with a “very beautiful” woman tends to do everything that woman asked him to do. If Olivia would have asked him to drop down and twerk he would have done it. It is not control – the man was getting exactly what he wanted, and he didn’t even have to buy dinner or drinks – or pay for a hotel room.

        • Katrina Scott says:

          Speaking of not paying for a hotel room, why did she take him to her home? He should quickly find out that her name is not Alexis or Alex or whatever she said. It’s difficult for me to find a woman with PTSD picking up strange men in a bar and having sex with them – sexy. She was happy before she was kidnapped. She was dancing. I’ve complained about that Olivia. Now, I want that Olivia back. This Olivia, I don’t what to think about her. Is she upset about all the lives lost because of her? I would like to hear her articulate or at least try to articulate what has her in this state. Is she afraid of being kidnapped again? Don’t blame her. But instead of sleeping with strange men, how about more trips to the shooting range. Krav Maga classes, anyone. She knows two B613 agents. I would have both of them train me.

          • Sweetweeny says:

            @Katrina. Speaking of Alexis, if “Russell” had watched 5 minutes of news, he would automatically know that Alexis is not her real name and she is Olivia Pope. She is a very popular D.C. fixer and well known in the area, so I found it hard to believe that they would try to give her an alias”. The woman was Director of Communication for the White House for Christ Sake which means she appeared on TV quite a bit. When Fitz was shot (Presidential assassination), she was the one giving all the press briefs. Even Sue knew who Olivia Pope was so I found it quite unbelievable that “Russell” didn’t know that he was going to sleep with Olivia Pope.

  17. Juju says:

    Yeah, no. Lena Dunham was better than I expected, but the Huck slash at the end was just… Yeah, no.

  18. madhatter360 says:

    Can we get more Charlie please? I loved seeing him again tonight.

  19. sladewilson says:

    Huck needs to be taken out but I feel for him. The man is clearly broken. Literally. Broken. Destroyed. And he ain’t coming back to any sense of normalcy. Anyone here think that immunity clause isn’t major? Come on now.

    Still, in any kind of realness, Daddy Pope would’ve killed them all by now. And then had a nice glass of merlot….

    • kiwirevengefan says:

      Agreed. Maybe Quinn will get Charlie to take Huck out. He is way out of control. It seemed as if now he has the immunity he wants he will kill without fear.

  20. Katrina Scott says:

    I’ve been thinking about the Scandal series finale. I don’t think this show can last as long as Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve always thought it would be Olitz running off to Vermont. After being a fan of their romance, I now hate their relationship.

    Anyway, I’m wondering how other fans of the show would like to see it end.
    With Olitz together or with Mellie running for President with Fitz by her side ready to be First Gentleman? Or any other ideas?

    • abz says:

      I think Shonda has said she only sees the show going 7 or 8 seasons max. I don’t think it will reach that far personally. Probably 6 seasons like Private Practice.
      I’m all for Olitz NOT happening come series finale time.

    • Cheyenne says:

      That marriage is dead. Vermont can’t happen as long as Fitz is in the white house. The big question is if it can happen after he leaves. Maybe/maybe not.

    • Adelele says:

      I want to see it end with Fitz and Liv together.
      I have no interest in seeing Mellie running for president with Fitz by her side. That is not what I signed on for.
      I would like to see Fitz and Oliva married with Fitz returning to running his family’s business while Liv continues her consultancy firm. They become a power couple with kids.
      The last shot should be of both of them welcoming their grand kids while they lovingly hold each others hands, gaze into each others eyes and say Hi to each other with smiles…

      • Cheyenne says:

        You left out shots of Olivia’s pantry in Vermont with jar after jar of homemade jam.
        I laughed out loud reading your comment. Do you really think anybody wants to watch that week after week? That scenario isn’t a political drama, it’s a sitcom.

        • Adelele says:

          I did not leave it out because it is not necessary for me.
          I want to watch that week after week. Last time I checked I was somebody.
          I prefer to watch that sitcom than seeing Olivia whoring herself out by picking up strange men in bars every night.

    • Mary says:

      I´d like to see Mellie running for President without Fitz.
      I know Olivia/Fitz will end together, but that´s NOT what I want; I´d like Fitz to end alone and Olivia alone or with some other guy.

  21. Adelele says:

    Very mixed feelings about tonight’s episode.
    I liked that it returned to OPA fixing something again
    I like Leo.

    Olivia attempting to fixing the problem came over as being rather stale. Her speech has been done once too many times. There was nothing innovative about what she said. It was totally ineffectually and left me unmoved. No wonder the young lady read her.

    Slitting of the throat was over the top.

    I am still waiting on the repercussion of the dark web finding out that Liv is the president’s woman
    I’m still waiting on the repercussion of Huck’s son seeing him kill a guy.

    So Liv is now picking up men in bars? You don’t say… Go on Liv, pick up a different guy every night or one every week end. SMH

  22. Ram510 says:

    Am I the only one who thought Edison would’ve been good for Olivia?
    I don’t too much care who she’s with, I don’t watch the show for love intrest.
    The Huck thing was surprising but after all Huck has been through I’m not surprised to see him willing to go to extreme measures, let’s not forget that at one point he was a normal guy with a wife and newborn, that was all taken away from him and he has been trained to be a monster out of survival. Anyhow thought this was a solid episode

    • Cheyenne says:

      Oh please, Olivia and Edison were like oil and water. Zero chemistry. And he acted like he owned her. He was a jerk.
      I’m not so sure Huck is a monster out of survival any more. For all his protestations to the contrary, I think he loves killing people.

    • Sweetweeny says:

      @Ram510: No you are not. In previous threads, I harped, screamed, wrote and preached that Edison was the best thing that happened to Olivia – that they were made for each other.

      • Cheyenne says:

        Made for each other how? Sure he’s smart, dedicated, ambitious, stable, and did I mention black? But it was obvious that she had no feelings left for him at all.

        • Sweetweeny says:

          So when did women stop warning a smart, dedicated, ambitious, stable guy? And I disagree about her having no feelings for him. Remember, she was the one who rekindled the relationship with Edison and at one point they were engaged to be married. Papa Pope was behind the breakup of their relationship the first time. Also, she was really ready to make a go of it with Edison. When Fitz threw his support behind Edison, Cyrus let Olivia now that Fitz had finally gotten over her. and by Olivia’s facial expression, she realized it also. Olivia, in turn, told Edison that there was someone else (Fitz), but that relationship was over and she was all in with him, hence they got engaged. Then Fitz got shot and the vicious cycle of Olivia and Fitz began again.

          • Cheyenne says:

            Oh please, she rekindled the relationship with Edison only after she broke up with Fitz. You need to watch that episode again. Fitz threw his support behind Edison for exactly that reason: because he knew Cyrus would interpret it as him being over Olivia. Olivia never told Edison the other person was Fitz, she kept him guessing right up to the end. In fact she threw him out of her apartment after he accused her of knocking boots with Fitz and told him it was none of his damn business. Does that sound to you like she had real feelings for Edison? She was OVER Edison. She took him back because she needed a man in her life but she realized he couldn’t take Fitz’s place.
            For many viewers, the “vicious cycle” you are referring to is what is (or was) driving the show.

  23. Darcel says:

    What has happened to my use to be favorite show. I don’t know these characters anymore. Scandal has too many characters that there storylines are useless now. What purpose does Jake have now or ever had. Now he goes back to being the backstabbing friend to Fitz? The writers have weakened Olivia Pope’s character so much that I can hardly watch her anymore. Abby is so out of place at the White House. This season Quinn seems to be a totally different character. It is like she finally has some sense. Huck needs to go now. He has completely lost what mind he has left. Cyrus is always mad, he use to have some moments of happiness.
    I don’t know how much longer I can watch this show, it has been so disappointing this season.

    Please find a way to bring back Hollis Doyle and Sally Langston. Also, give Jake/Scott Foley his walking papers. Scandal has declined ever since his character was added.

  24. azu says:

    Can they just cancel this show?

    • Cheyenne says:

      You can cancel the show all by yourself if you want to. All you have to do is pick up your remote, point it at your TV, click on Settings and block the show. (Of course the show will still be running, whether you watch it or not, but so long as you don’t have to see it, what so you care?)

    • kiwirevengefan says:

      I think it is funny when a person decides that they don’t like how a TV show is going, they don’t like that the plot is not how they would write it, they don’t like how the characters behave then they think the show should be cancelled. Because then that would validate their opinion. As Cheyenne says below you could just not watch it. But no, you want it to be cancelled so no one can watch it. Because you don’t like it. Do you see the selfishness of that?

  25. Kim&Bey says:

    It was a solid episode, but I did not enjoy Lena Dunham. Her character was over the top and unrealistic. Shonda needs to stop dishing out Shondalogues to everyone. They are getting exhausting.
    Happy that Liv is trying to move on from those two men especially Fitz. I love Jake but I hope he gets another plot that does not involve Liv.

  26. David4 says:

    Is Scandal back to its classic self?


    Next question.

  27. MiaB says:

    Huck killing Sue was disturbing, and not just because he killed somebody. It was everything I hated about Season 3 combined in one scene, which was disappointing because the rest of the episode was soooo on point.

  28. Know the show says:

    Huck killed Sue to protect the secrets. Unexpected but not really. Did we all forget Jake killed James and the reporter suddenly in the middle of the street. He stood beside James until he died and apologized. They are killers. It happens

  29. Nate says:

    Huck is just gone

  30. Adelele says:

    Can I refer you to or Mr. Webster for a definition of the term.

    In short NO.

  31. daynamoet says:

    I don’t think Huck should be gone just because he slit that woman’s throat. We all know Huck has never been in his right mind and he is a trained killer as is Rowan, Jake, Charlie, and arguably Quinn.. And everyone on the show has had a hand in directly or indirectly killing someone. I think, if I remember correctly, this is the first time Huck actually killed someone on his own accord and not because he was ordered or instructed to do so. It’s major talking point of the episode and it got everyone talking whether they liked it or not. I enjoyed this episode and I’ve always accepted Scandal for what it is and not trying to wish it was more this or less that. I personally enjoyed Olivia getting her groove back. For goodness sakes you guys she was kidnapped not too long ago for about a month or 3 weeks or something like that, so I think she defintely earner her right to have her sexcapades if she wants. She doens’t want a relationship right now, she just wants some good sex period. Olivia is a little messed up and paranoid as anyone would be had they been kidnapped. If you wish the show could go back to how it was in seasons 1&2 then go binge watch those 2 seasons on netflix, meanwhile i’ll continue to watch every week because I’m still thoroughly entertained, it’s taken a dip for me, but Scandal is still one of my favorite shows that I look forward every week and at least 8.5 M people on avg. agree with me.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Do you remember while Olivia was kidnapped that Huck wiped out that whole cartel? I don’t think he was ordered to do that, I think he was just supposed to get information and he turned it into a bloodbath. He’s totally lost it.

  32. Jake L. says:

    How to Get Away with Murder while Viola Davis is on hiatus: just have Quinn around to look the other way.

  33. Gwen says:

    We all started out with these idealized concepts about Olivia. The fact is, she is the product of two heartless, ruthless, morally corrupt parents. The apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree. She likes to talk the talk about White Hat, but when, really, has she ever WALKED the walk? Look at her career. It’s about helping morally corrupt people get out of p.r. jams. They have never shown a nano-second to explain why everyone was willing to break the law, jumping through hoops, to get Fitz elected. NOTHING. He’s never had a presidential moment that I can recall in the series. She has not only condoned, but ENCOURAGED, murder, with a ‘just don’t tell me the details’ caveat. Guilty as hell. She is every bit as morally corrupt as her parents. But, in a way, that makes her worse. At least they OWN their evil. She doesn’t. She still thinks she’s better…than almost everyone. She justifies every morally ambiguous (at best) thing she does, or that those do for her, and just drinks herself to sleep or whoredom every night to ‘deal’ with it.

    Olivia is not a white hat. She never ever has been. Frank Underwood is a far better character because he’s delicious in his owning of his evil. Olivia is a joke.

    Yes, still watching the show. Not sure why. Habit, I guess. LOL

    p.s. Huck needs to be on lock up for the criminally insane. No sympathy for him any more.

    I love Abby. And David. and that’s about it.

    • azu says:

      very well said about selfish and delusional Olivia

    • Anna says:

      Bravo. If only she could own it, instead of kidding herself that she’s (still?) a good person.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Very good comment, but actually they did state why everybody was willing to break the law to get Fitz elected. Pure self-serving greed and ambition. Cyrus wanted to be Chief of Staff, Mellie wanted to be First Lady, Verna wanted a. Supreme Court appointment, and Hollis wanted his pipeline. Olivia was the only one who went along with it for disinterested motives. But as you said, she has her own dark side. I still can’t understand how she could remain good friends with Cyrus after he had Amanda Tanner killed.

      • Sweetweeny says:

        Why can’t you believe she is still good friends with Cyrus? Look at her relationship with Jake. At first she was indignant because he killed James, then she sleeps with him, the man who killed the father of her Goddaughter and even ran off to an island with him for two months. The difference between Amanda Tanner and James is that Olivia actually knew James – and he thought highly enough of her to make her his daughter’s God mother. Olivia is just as dark and conniving as everyone else. She does horrible things when it benefits her or her agenda. Look how she destroyed David Rosen during the Quinn Perkins trial.

        • Cheyenne says:

          OPA was representing Quinn. Defense attorneys have a duty to their client to give them the best representation even if their crimes are reprehensible. And Quinn, if you remember, was innocent, but they were ready to hang her anyway.
          Lawyers always try to tear each other down during a trial but Olivia was quite considerate of David. She tried to sneak him out through the back door after Quinns trial was over so he wouldn’t have to face the reporters. I remember during the OJ trial how Johnnie Cochran destroyed Christopher Darden. Darden was bawling on camera after the verdict was announced, but he asked for it after he bungled the prosecution’s case like an idiot. He overreached out of pure jealousy of Cochran. Before the trial he was telling everyone who would listen, “Johnnie Cochran thinks he’s the man, but when this trial is over, I’m going to be the man.” Cochran made him look like a bitch.

  34. Cookie Lane says:

    I find it very funny how involved we all are with this show even when we say we are not LOL, OK, my views about tonights show was very positive. First, I thought that what the Lena D character said about women and how they/we choose to use our bodies was a great speech and yes Shondra goes a little too far with the dialogue, BUT in this case a speech was neccessary because they were all beating her up telling her she is going to be considered a whore ect ect. As far as Huck, no shock no surprise, he is a killer, he is a complete psycho, so while we know something IS going to happen with Huck, it came as sort of a shock the way it happened but if you look at how Huck thinks its typical Huck. It was good to see Charlie, I like him. As far as Olivia, I frankly think she is suffering from PSTD, and this is why she is drinking and being promoscious, thats my opinion and until she gets therapy expect to see this happen a lot more. I do believe she will end up back with Fitz but its a very long time off, mainly because that is still the man she loves and he loves her. However, I would like to see her with Jake. I liked tonights episode, I liked how Abby told Leo that his behavior would rub off on her and that is true. I also like how the show is showing the impact of the kidnapping on Olivia, I think one of these random men are going to create a problem for her, but I am not sure how. I can say one last thing, the man she met in last nights episide was HOT.

  35. herman1959 says:

    I’m really late to the party because I just saw the episode, and it was totally awful on so many levels – the storyline, the acting, the multiple L-O-N-G monologues, etc. It was a disappointment after last week’s episode…one step forward, two steps back, Shonda.

  36. Sarah says:

    I think Shonda is setting Huck up to commit suicide. Killing Sue was indefensible. She wasn’t a rogue mercenary or even a petty criminal. She was an innocent young woman. Huck can’t use his own happiness as justification for killing an innocent woman. Shonda is dead to me if she allows this murder to go unchecked. If the result is anything less than the death or imprisonment of Huck, then Sue’s killing is nothing more than gratuitous violence against women.

    I’d be happy to see Huck go. He’s gross and creepy (and not in that cool suspenseful-creepy way…just yucky) and the actor’s portrayal of Huck does the character no favors. So very unappealing. Get rid of him!

    • Rachel says:

      I like this idea, actually. It’s the only redemption I can see this character ever getting. Tonight’s murder really crossed a line for me. Too much, too violent, too thoughtless and quick…Huck as we knew him is gone. And I can’t believe Quinn didn’t tell Liv.

  37. Mykaayah says:

    I did not like Olivia picking up a stranger in a bar, that’s not what I wanted to see of her. I wanted an episode of Fitz explaining to her why he sent soldiers to West Africa, Shonda never allowed that confrontation. She still loves him, so why make her look like a W. I was so turned off.

  38. Jay says:

    Season 4 is a pile of ***** I lost interest, I mean really kidnapping and bidding? Idk just lost me, and I’m sure many viewers feel the same

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