American Idol Top 10 Recap: Highway to the Danger Zone

“Yo, Shonda Rhimes, I love ABC’s #TGIT programming block. And I’ma let you finish. But American Idol just had one of the craziest Thursdays of all time!”

OK, I’m sorry. You probably didn’t come here expecting a Kanye West reference@KimKierkegaardashian’s genius Twitter feed is more my style — in an Idol recap. But my brain just went from the frying pan into the active volcano after Season 14’s Top 10 performance telecast (a confusing label, given that there were 11 singers on stage all night, with one awaiting the bad news that he or she was the lowest vote-getter and at risk of elimination).

With 20 minutes to go, Qaasim Middleton and the uni-monkiered Jax found themselves playing the role of the mouse and the cheese in “Farmer in the Dell” — or, to put it in non-nursery rhyme terms, they stood alone as the final two hopefuls who hadn’t been sent to safety by host Ryan Seacrest. (Side note: After 14 seasons on the show, doesn’t this man know you don’t unleash a trio of dripping ice-cream cones into a live telecast situation?)

madonna-fallYeah, early front-runners Quaasim and Jax stumbled harder last week than Madonna Under the Weight of That Evil Cape at the Brit Awards last month (handy image embedded for the uninitiated), but still, how could it be that one of the season’s two most buzzed-about and risk-taking performers was about to be sent to the guillotine in 11th place? (And after the fabulous Sarina-Joi placed twelfth? Illegal!)

We’d already experienced the Juju Eyeball of Harry giving a labored definition of the word “arrangement” (dude, America’s not that dumb!), J.Lo delivering one of the episode’s most pleasing vocals (maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Auto-Tune?), and guest mentor Nile Rogers not once making a reference to his masterwork “Upside Down.” But Daniel Seavey outlasting Qaasim or Jax? Call 9-1-1, ’cause something illegal is going down, America!

Thankfully, (in)saner heads prevailed. Despite getting the lowest number of votes, Qassim earned himself a save with an imperfect but perfectly maniacal rendition of “Come Together.” Sure, if you isolated the vocals, you’d have detected some hinky notes and a struggle to stay in the pocket. But those are the kinds of issues that should result in an eighth- or seventh-place finish (should he not iron ’em out).

MLB_8214_hires1And since I am generally not a fan of the Judges’ Save — the public should do what it does, methinks — I’m glad it’s off the table right quick. And I’m glad it got used on someone who’s at least shown us flashes of brilliance — spikes and flatlines on the heart monitor rather than just a snooze-inducing blip-blip-blip… (Yeeesh, remember last year when they used it on Sam Woolf?)

With that said, let me get down to business and offer my letter grades and reviews for tonight’s performances:

Adanna Duru – Jennifer Hudson’s “Love You I Do” (Dreamgirls) — Grade: B | Yeah, the opening verse got trapped under the weight of the band, but Adanna stayed the course and delivered some killer glory notes while working the stage like a pro. I’d still like to see veer toward the gritty pop spectrum rather than pretty R&B, but she’s slowly becoming one of my faves this season.

Daniel Seavey – Adam Levine’s “Lost Stars” (Begin Again) — Grade: D | From the wince-inducing opening falsetto section to the “please tell me I didn’t hear that” recitation of a lyric about one-night stands, Daniel’s performance was never more than four steps away from the intersection of Excruciating Ave and “Mommy, Make It Stop” Blvd. Props to the 15-year-old for maintaining high spirits in the face of the judges’ dubious comments, but alas, he’d be a better fit at this point for the SwayBot pit than the actual Idol stage.

Rayvon Owen – The Bee Gees’ “Stayin’ Alive” (Saturday Night Fever) — Grade: B- | I appreciated Rayvon’s attempt at reinventing a ditty everyone knows with some intricate rhythms and a little added funk on the bridge. (And yes, the howl toward the end was hotter than a four-year-old MacBook Pro that’s been running for 16 hours.) But there was a tentativeness to the delivery and some issues with pitch that left the talented hunk in the middle of the pack rather than atop it. Harry’s advice — find a song with lyrics that actually mean something to him — might complete the not-yet-finished puzzle of Rayvon’s Idol journey.

Nick Fradiani – Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone” (Top Gun) — Grade: B- | Harry gave almost the same advice to Nick as he gave to Rayvon — pick a song with lyrics that are meaningful, dammit! — and I had to agree. Without a true sense of emotional connectedness, Nick came off like a very competent frontman for a Daughtry cover band — and that’s a low-down shame, considering the competition’s oldest competitor has given us glimpses that he’s far, far more interesting than that.

MLB_7108_hires1Joey Cook – Michael Andrews and Gary Jules cover of “Mad World” (Donnie Darko) — Grade: B+ | Will y’all forgive me for robbing Joey of an A- just because, as an Idoloonie of the Most Ridiculous Order, I feel she should’ve left the Adam Lambert “Mad World” jersey hanging from the stadium rafters? (I know: I’m the WORST. But still, these kids need to know their history!) Taking aside the Season 8 wonderboy’s rendition (aka only cover of the song anyone needs to hear), Joey really did sound lovely — the nooks and crannies of her tone soaking up the sadness and insecurity of the lyric. Girlfriend has had three straight terrific performances — and the look in her eye during critiques told me she might be realizing she’s higher in the Season 14 pecking order than she’d ever imagined she’d be.

Tyanna Jones – Elton John’s “Circle of Life” (The Lion King) — Grade: C+ | Like Joey, Tyanna should’ve recognized that Jennifer Hudson owns the Lion King classic when it comes to the Idol universe — especially since she did nothing to distinguish her rendition from the Season 3 standout’s aside from going flat on at least half the notes. There was one Gospel growl at the end that made me want to lift the lion cub in the air, but mostly I was not feeling the love tonight.

MLB_7411_hires1Quentin Alexander – John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John’s “You’re the One That I Want” (Grease) — Grade: A- | I think Harry went a little overboard calling this performance “horribly out of tune” — when really, there were just a handful (OK, maybe two) of iffy notes. But what Quentin lacked in precision he made up for by turning Grease’s boppy ditty into a full-length tale of unrequited desire. Those final refrains — which started plaintive and hushed, and then got increasingly more forceful — were so specifically crafted (for the one Quentin wants) that even a German watchmaker would be all, “Mmm-hmm, that’s right.” I won’t lie, either: The final eyebrow raise (+ shaggy maroon coat) took this one from B+ right into A- territory.

Maddie Walker – Deniece Williams’ “Let’s Hear It for the Boy” (Footloose) — Grade: C | I felt for Maddie that her rumored burst appendix prevented her from mentoring and extended rehearsal time this week — because somewhere under the J.Lo length short-shorts and slightly frightened eyes lies a big ole’ country voice with all the potential for a genuine breakthrough moment. Trying to arrive at that point with a dated/peppy ’80s anthem, however, proved as futile as trying to get from L.A. to the Great Lakes on a three-legged mule. And in a season deep, I seriously doubt she’s going to get herself another opportunity.

Clark Beckham – Maroon 5’s “Sunday Morning” (Cheaper by the Dozen 2) — Grade: A- | Whoa! Does Clark have an evil twin brother? Because the sensitive sex-bomb whose acoustically jazzy “Sunday Morning” gave the Idol audience you-could-hear-a-pin-drop fever cannot be the same dude who slipped musical Lunesta into everyone’s cups last week on “Takin’ It to the Streets,” can it? This time around, Clark seemed to tenderly place every word and note exactly where it belonged — and while Keith’s note that it could’ve used a little more “smile” (or as I call it, liveliness in the face) wasn’t off the mark, I’m guessing that come Friday afternoon, Mr. Beckham will be atop the vote-getter board they almost certainly have in a high-security office somewhere inside 19 Entertainment/Fremantle Media HQ/Fox.

MLB_8091_hires1Jax – Adam Sandler’s “Grow Old With You” (The Wedding Singer) — Grade: A | No lie: I actually was moved to tears by Jax’s whispered declaration of care and undying devotion this week — something I thought I would/could never say about a piece of art originally brought to us by Adam Sandler. Sitting on a stool and offering just the slightest hint of humor to the intimate lyrics, Jax delivered on Nile Rodgers’ “less is more” advice — and proved there can be tremendous payoff in what Harry called her “high risk, high reward” formula. (As with almost everyone this week and going forward, Jax’s success or failure in this deep field is gonna come down to song choice.)

Qaasim Middleton – The Beatles’ “Come Together” (Across the Universe) — Grade: B+ | I know in last week’s Reality Check (embedded below) I wondered aloud if Qaasim was the (vocally) naked emperor — and I’m not 100 percent sure he answered the question during his physically fearless, grittily funky twist on “Come Together” (a song that has now made its way onto my “covered too many times on Idol” list). But do we really want a Season 14 without four or five more weeks of his wicked showmanship and almost frenzied commitment to throwing every cell of his being into his stage show? I sure don’t. I’ll admit pulling an actual joker card out of his pocket as he sang “got to be a joker” was too literal by half — but the opening half of the number was pretty solid pitch-wise… enough to keep him in the Season 14 deck, in my opinion.

Should Be Next Week’s Bottom Three: Daniel, Maddie, Nick (Daniel and Maddie going home)
Will Be Next Week’s Bottom Three: Maddie, Rayvon, Adanna (Rayvon and Maddie going home)

On that note, I turn it over to you! What did you think of Top 10 11 performance night? Who were your faves? Who’s at risk? And should the judges have used their only Save of the season? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jobless says:

    That was the worst use of the Judges Save in Idol history.

    • Gailer says:

      VFTW is running the show!

      • Smokey says:

        At least the save is over, so no more singing for a save. There are still some people in this group of 11 who either don’t sing very well or don’t perform/connect very well — and it’s going to take a while for popular vote to clear-out what TPTB gave us to vote on.

      • Mytake says:

        VFTW is no longer active and hasn’t been for years as far as I know. The people running the show are the producer and the lousy judges and they might as well be card carrying members of VFTW since they keep praising the worst singers they have.

    • Hayder B. Hayden says:

      Maybe not the worst, but close to it. It should only be used on.someone who has demonstrated the ability to win the entire competition. Not someone who is likely to be voted off again in the very near future.

    • Agreed, I couldn’t believe they used the save this early, let alone on him.

      • Patricia says:

        I was so upset with the judges that they used the save on him!!! He should of been gone awhile ago I thought this was a singing competition!!! They should have saved it for someone who really deserves it!!! No wonder I like the voice better I don’t know what happend to American idol!!!

    • Brandy says:

      Totally agree. Do. not. want. the cocky, stompy, screamy, pitchy crazypants anymore.

      • The Save has been used well only a couple times, where it made a huge difference in rankings. Jessica Sanchez(Season 11) got it and was 2nd place rather than 7th. Michael Lynch(Season 9) made Top 4 over being 9th. Casey Abrams(Season 10) got to 6th place instead of 11th, which is OK but still 6th place. The rest have gone quickly after they received the save. Matt Giurad(Season 8) made it only another week, Sam Woolf (Season 13) made it only a couple more weeks. No one has ever been the recipient of the Save and won, and I don’t see that changing this season.

        • Tyler says:

          Jessica Sanchez should’ve won but she was given a ridiculous finale song.

          • Jared says:

            Agreed, although she sings the heck out of it on the studio recording (not saying much, I know). I love Phillip Phillips (seen him in concert twice), but a win for Jessica would have given Idol another female powerhouse. P2 would have become a star regardless. He’s also great.

          • chuck says:

            Please! Philip Philips was spectacular. I’d have never voted to save her in the first place. Philip was the one. He won! He should have won!

          • MAB says:

            I don’t dislike Jessica Sanchez but if she was meant to win why didn’t her album out sell Phillips. Not even close. There have been 2nd place winners who out sold the winner. Adam for one outsold Kris by far. I love Kris but Adam was the clear winner of that season. Jessica, no, she finished where she should have and after 3 years I am so tired of hearing this when there is nothing to back up that statement.

          • karenb says:

            Not only did Phillip deserve to win, but his sales should put all the Phillip-Deniers to rest. He’s been and will continue to be one of the most successful Idols yet. Have seen him twice in concert-what a show! Anyway-I could listen to his voice all day, every day. So unique!

          • James T1SK says:

            Actually most runner ups fade in the backgroud (Alaina, Lambert and Aiken being the rare exceptions)
            Some runner up names for you: Justin Guaraini, Diana DeGarmo, Bo Bice, Blake Lewis, David Archuleta, Crystal Bowersox, Jessica Sanchez, Kree Harrison, Jena Irene… where dey at tho.
            I wanted Jessica to win that season but happy P2 got success. S11 was the best season of AI

          • karyn says:

            I was routing for P2 but Jessica was obviously good. This just shows how important new songs are to unestablished singers. I don’t think this show gives the contestants enough opportunity to showcase any songwriting ability they have (or maybe they just have none) but that really makes or breaks a young artist. If you can’t write your own material, you’re at the mercy of your producers who have to find it for you.

    • Ben says:

      Couldn’t disagree with you more. It’s by no means the best, but really, you gonna argue that using the save on Sam Woolf last year was a better use of it? Especially when we had to hear so. many. save. songs…. This year, we get a more worthy recipient (who certainly won’t have a chance to win, but definitely deserves to outlast a few others) and less save songs. That’s what I call a win.

      By the way, I’ve always said ‘fix the voting system’… because it seemed to deeply favour certain people week after week. I guess, careful what you wish for? This season is nuts, it really does depend how you sing on the night.

      • Kelly says:

        Yes I agree! I am so sick of the save being SAVED! I am so glad that they used it on Qaasim! He absolutely deserved it! He is a great performer, one of the best this show has ever seen. He reminds me of a young James Brown and Michael Jackson all rolled into one. Nope, his voice is not perfect. So what. I still enjoy watching his performance. He has so much personality.

        I also love how they are not giving the bottom three anymore. This is a big improvement and hopefully it will change the outcome of the voting. Now we won’t know who is getting the most or least votes.

        On a final note, I really enjoyed Quentin’s song. I thought Harry was way off the mark. I’m not sure what he is hearing out there that nobody else is. Best voice of the night though was Clark. He is so great! But will he have enough heart and personality to win it? …..million dollar question

        • MC says:

          I think there’s an assumption that anyone who works the stage that much can’t possibly be singing in tune. There haven’t been that many singers in AI history who do what Qaasim does on stage. I like him, but he might have to do a stripped down vocal at some point because that’s what AI voters want from their vocalists. Who cares what I think? Fair point, so let’s check Sarina Joi-Crowe’s twitter reaction to Qaasim. She said, “Gahhh! Qaasim truly can sing! His voice is so so good. It’s sucks that people aren’t seeing that.” Sarina also tweeted, “Trust me on this one. Lol. His voice is magnificent. I literally use to force him to sit and sing for me. ❤️ Total package.” Draw your own conclusions, but that is what Sarina tweeted about Qaasim immediately following “Come Together.”

          • bobsaccamanna says:

            I don’t know about that MC. I think the assumption that he struggles with vocals comes from the fact that when he stripped down Jet last week and just stood there and sang, it was pretty bad, and last night, despite the histrionics, the vocal wasn’t great either. Despite that, on entertainment value and heart alone, he deserves to last longer than Daniel or Maddie, he is really putting everything into his performances, plus he seems like a genuinely nice guy who is always supportive of the other contestants. On that basis I’m fine with the save, especially if it’s Maddie and Daniel that get thrown off the bus next week.

          • Hayder B. Hayden says:

            Sarina who? Didn’t she come in 12th place in the least watched season of AI? She’s your authority?

          • MC says:

            She’s my authority. I think Sarina has delivered the best pure vocals of this season. She also has heard Qaasim sing more frequently (behind the scenes) than anyone else, except for other contestants. Yes, Sarina’s opinion carries more weight than anonymous comments on the internet. I will explain that I’ve never judged someone based on where they finish in the voting and the judges also don’t speak for me. I love what Phillip Phillips is doing now, but I’m also enjoying the music of Angie Miller and Didi Benami. The important thing (for me) is what performers do after the show. It’s great exposure to be on a talent show, but one can continue to grow after that experience is over. I would expect Sarina to have a good career in music. Qaasim is very much a work in progress, but I think he did well last night (not in a Clay Aiken way, but in a James Brown vein).

          • MC says:

            @bobsaccamanna – I’m not saying that every single person is proceeding from that assumption. I do believe that mentality is out there and some people are not open-minded while listening to certain performers. There are some singers who can hit every note in the book and display great range, but they don’t move me at all. Phillip Phillips did not have an impressive vocal range (compared to someone like Jessica), but I would much rather listen to Phillip and it’s not even close for me. I’m probably much different in that regard than your typical AI viewer.

          • MAB says:

            I totally agree with you. I saw PP in concert and he was amazing. He has grown so much since the season 11 shows. He turned out to be a terrific entertainer. He puts his whole heart and soul into his performance. I love his albums but he is even better live.

          • bobsaccamanna says:

            @ MC- No I actually agree with you I am not impressed by perfect singers that can hit every note, nor am I ever swayed by the judges inane and usually totally off base comments. I tend to gravitate towards the quirkier contestants(Joey) but just for my own personal preference I am not a fan of performance over vocals. But as I said in my previous post, Qaasim seems like a nice guy, he tries hard, and is supportive of all the other contestants, even last night when he was still at risk. I hate the save anyhow, so as long as Maddie and Daniel are still on the show then Qaasim should be too.

        • That was the worst performance of the night…..Daniel and Rayvon were almost as bad (Daniel is only there because 13 year old girls have 15 different accounts they can use to vote for him) but Qaasim was horrible. You can’t deny that he is exciting to watch, but he can’t sing.

          • JayNC says:

            I’m with you on that. I was hoping HOPING that Qaasim would come in last, and then he did, and then he sang and was terrible, and then they went and saved him anyway, so now I have to listen to him AGAIN next week. Blech.

        • Jill Moy says:


          Don’t compare vocal ability Jessica vs. Phillips; Jessica is great where Phillips is ordinary at best. How he won is beyond belief. What a farce! He stinks if he sells abillion records, the same way overrated Fantasia is with her squeaky 8 yr. old kids voice…..absolutelypitiful! A babbling Baby is a better description of Fantasia’s horrible voice!

          • James T1SK says:

            Dont you dare talk about FANTASIA!!!!!! My God “Summertime”? “I Believe”? “Lose to Win”? “Without Me”? #FOH

        • waterbug says:

          totally agree!

          • Jill Moy says:


            It’s ok if you prefer a baby sounding ridiculous sounding singer, which is what Fantasia is!

        • dax says:

          for me….. a great comment

      • Timmah says:

        They only used it on Sam because it was the last week that they had it iirc.

        • Luiz says:

          No it wasn’t. Sam was saved on Top 8 results show. The save would have lasted until Top 5 results night.

          • MAB says:

            You are absolutely right, I just looked it up. I also thought it was the last week of the save. He was eliminated top 5 week.

    • Pamela says:

      It was the Best save for a very Passionate & Talented Performer! The show wouldn’t be the same without Qaasim! :)

      • Jill Moy says:

        RI’ve always liked Q but come on now, he made crazy faces, ran round like a maniac and his voice was horrible. He showed no showmanship tonight and his B+ ranking tonight is absurd! He’s been better in the past but tonight he was terrible! A friend reminded me that last week I said he’d get the lowest votes! My reason was the fact he talked back and was a smarta$$ with Harry! It’s happened before!

        • MAB says:

          Jill, I actually totally agree with you. I don’t think a lot of people caught his exchange with Harry when he said “What are you talking about” and Harry said “if you be quiet I will explain it.” Also I felt that Quaissm’s performance was painful to watch. I was totally shocked when Harry said it was the best of the night. I nearly threw something at the TV. I was on another site where they blog during the performances and not one person liked it. Everyone was in total shock.

          • Runner says:

            Oh, I missed that exchange. Interesting.

          • Jill Moy says:


            Well, you and I caught.
            the exchange! It’s happened before,talking back to the judges or making remarks to Miner (not sure of spelling), which happened this year saying “he has the being short thing!”. He was doomed!

          • MAB says:

            Yes, I remember that. I couldn’t believe that kid said what he did and he thought he was all that too. LOL. It has happened past years too. It’s just something you don’t do.

        • karyn says:

          I agree with Jill that Q’s performance was not amazing and certainly not the best of the night. He did do a better job on vocals than he has in a really long time. But he also was really over-the-top, especially at the end when he was so pumped up, it looked like he couldn’t get a grip on himself – he almost looked violent.

          • karyn says:

            I also think they had pre-decided to use the save b/c Harry’s comment that this was the best of the night cannot have been based on the live performance.

      • Holly says:

        You see Passionate & Talented, I see Out of Control and Over the Top. Honestly Quassim is downright unpleasant to watch.

      • RD says:

        Really average vocals,terrible sense of timing(does this boy actually know what a pocket is?)…what’s not to love? At least they can’t save Daniel Seavey now!

      • Passionate yes….talented? Not vocally. It was a useless save because he won’t win. The only thing going for him to not get eliminated next week is that Daniel and Rayvon were almost as bad as him and Maddie was mediocre and I think she is starting to get on people’s nerves with her beauty pageant persona.

      • 'lottasports says:

        America voted the guy off…. period … end of story… He does those idiot gyrations because he can’t sing and it’s to keep our attention something else.!!

    • sotoli says:

      I agree, what is with that guy. has he got hits out on the judges if they don’t keep him on? did you see that god awful mean look he was giving them? as if he was daring them to make him go away.
      I just don’t get it. they must have some kind of protection.

        • Jill Moy says:


          I agree with everything you said in answering my long comments further down! Caleb is great and I also Like Quentin a lot!

          • Jill Moy says:


            As far as this years talent, what can we expect! Don’t forget, these same three judges LOVED BRISTON MARONEY….REMEMBER????????

          • Jill Moy says:

            I had a friend over and I put Briston Maroney on You Tube on the tv! It was his Rolling Stones song, last year.She wasn’t watching, but she yelled out, “What is that noise? It scares me!” Well, I laughed so hard my lungs hurt….TRUE STORY!

          • Jill Hey Im mad that Adanna is gone! I think they are adding that stupid ‘twitter save” like on the voice because at the end of the show Ryan said next week they have a new “twitter twist” coming. If its anything like The Voice, that would be the twitter save at the last minute and I hate that! I hope that is not what it is, but what else could it be?

      • Tom22 says:

        I think he was showing that he could be more real than merely a polite reality show just in case he did get voted off. Its for that same reason that they kept him on because while this year’s singers are far better than last years at it, they still have a ways to go with showing emotions connected to a song in unreserved ways.
        I’ve got more thoughts on how to express/explain more about it that i’ll put somewhere in the comments section today or tomorrow. (not implying that anyone really wants to see it, call it a “note to self”)

      • Runner says:

        I do think Qaasim’s facial expressions get misinterpreted. He gets caught up in the moment and the adrenaline. I personally prefer the realness of his presentation over the pasted on smiles and false humility. He could tone it down, but why?

      • Delia says:

        I get so tired of Black people being accused of “looking, acting, being” violent based on their facial expressions. I grew up near Selma, AL where racism was (and to some extent, still is) rampant. Black people were forbidden to look white peoplein their eyes. When I left there I learned that not looking people in their eyes were considered a sign of deception. It was a difficult habit to break but I learned. Perhaps you need to learn that Black people have numerous facial expressions that you are interpreting incorrectly. Your comments are rude and shows your lack of diversity and racial sensitivity. What if people thought “every” white guy over 35 was a serial killer?? (that’s the profile isn’t it)?

    • Holly says:

      Agreed! Next week when Tyanna gets sent home they will regret it.

    • Mary says:

      I was surprise they used it but I am not that upset about it. He is entertaining and I believe that he is better than a couple who are still there. I am glad it is off the table so let the real competition begin. I have a feeling they used it early because there won’t be a tour and it doesn’t matter who the top ten. Unfortunately two will go next week and one of them won’t be the one who shall be nameless because he has peeps voting for him.

      • Timmah says:

        “Better than a couple who are still there” is not a reason to use the Save.

      • karyn says:

        This is the first I’ve heard that there is no tour. Is that official? I was assuming having him make the tour was part of their thinking in using the save.

    • Linda says:

      I agree. I am fairly unimpressed with who the judges sent through to begin with. There is only one voice that I would say should win and that is if she stays consistent. The save last night was ridiculous.

    • pl says:

      This was a very hard show to sit through. Even the best performances, were nothing special. I at least thought the show was going to be saved by eliminating Qaasim, the right choice ( and voted by public correctly ) the contestant who should go home. But the judges waisted it. What if Joey, Clark, or one of the decent contestants gets in that position, and Seavey has some still survived?

    • Hayder B. Hayden says:

      I’m a little confused. Do the voters still get to vote on Qaasim, or is he safe next week too. In other words, is it possible that even though he was saved this week he could still be one of the two contestants who are eliminated next week?

    • GH says:

      There had to be an agenda by TPTB. It could be that there has been outside interest expressed about Qassim. He’s not the best singer, but he does have personality and passion and he is good with interviews – which can help get him noticed.

    • JayHG says:

      I agree. That guys Q. Middleton is terrible. All that flaiing about the stage is just too much. STOP!!

    • CMB says:

      I agree that Qaasim is not a good singer. however, the save does make sense in one aspect. Only the top 10 go on tour (if they have one this tear). Qaasim would be an entertaining addition to a live show. Surely, if given the same song to do day in and
      day out, his vocal would improve and his dancing would pump up the crowd.

      • George R says:

        So glad you said this was exactly what I was thinking! He is a great performer and would be great on tour just needs to improve on the vocals and I believe he can.

    • 'lottasports says:

      Totally agree!!! I am SHOCKED Harry allowed it…

    • Considering how bad voters are doing, letting the best of the group always in the danger zone…I would’ve not used the save, cause I have a big feeling that we aregoing to need it on the nxt shows… Which is bad, really bad.
      That said… WHO THE HELL WAS THAT GUY??? Cause I’ll tell you, that was not cute virgin Qaasim. I barely recognized him.Yeah, his voice sin’t great, really isn’t. But I think that he trowed himself in that song daring the judges to send him home in the best performance he ever delivered, and that excites me! The pure anger and daring might not have made for perfect vocals, but made him mature in just 45 seconds, and I have an inkling that he’ll be taking this competition really serious from now on. I’m curious… He finally showed the potential he has…
      In another note… PLEASE someone stop that guy from trying to turn Jax into Taylor Swift!!!Hell, she’s edge, and risky, and the costume department went out of their way to make her adorkable cute. That’s not her. I liked the song and the way she did it, but… She felt so uncomfortable in her skin.. Just let her go back to be a bad ass chick. PLEASE!!! You’re suffocating her!

    • Laurie says:

      I agree! Week after week he’s drowned out…mercifully so…by background singers (to hide that he can’t sing). He is adorable and he’s a great performer…but they should never save someone who can’t sing and has no chance to win. Simon…come back!!

  2. Hayder B. Hayden says:

    Generous grades. Rayvon, Daniel, Maddie were all fails. Qaasim was desperate and fought valiantly, but fell apart in the last half. Clark was techny good but utterly boring.

    • Gailer says:

      I could only “stand” Joey, clark and Quentin…many other singers through the years on Idol blew them away! I am very worried for the show

      • They asked Nick if he thought he was a hot guy and he smiled! Ughhh! I liked him until that.

        • JustyB says:

          Rubbish. You haven’t had a good word to say about Nick all season! He smiled, he didn’t nod… Big difference.

          • Amy says:

            Yes, “rubbish”…don’t pounce on Nick for that. It was an awkward, somewhat uncomfortable knee-jerk smile, to a dopey question. And in a live tv moment, after being voted through, singing and having an adrenalin rush with the camera just catching your immediate smile to a dopey question..c’mon…not sure how anyone could react otherwise. I did not read cocky at all.

        • bobsaccamanna says:

          you must be kidding me, what is supposed to do when the judges put him in a ridiculous no win situation. I have been staying kind of neutral on Nick because I am from his home town, work with a member of his family, and went to high school with his father. Trust me, Nick is a serious musician, the last thing he wants to hear as a critique is “you are cute”. He’s not Daniel.

          • Amy says:

            testing: just had a response to Bob, (totally agree) but it didn’t post, yet my one above did…what is wrong with this site and the commenting posting??? Will wait to see if it shows later or do it again..

          • bobsaccamanna says:

            I’m having trouble with the posting as well Amy. I don’t know what’s happening with this site.

          • Amy says:

            trying to post again..
            I totally agree.
            I’ve YouTubed many of his performances with his band and some duets with his dad, and he seems to “live music.” There was one duet with his dad of Cat Stevens’ “Father & Son”, where Nick shows he can, as Harry says, “dig into the lyrics.” I suggest anyone lukewarm about Nick listen to a few of those. He needs a great song that he loves and feels to make America feel something from song interpretation soon, to keep growing and moving forward.
            He’s from my hometown too, but I’m voting for him because I think he’s good and I like his style of music! A few years back I was not interested at all in that Katy girl from CT.
            Glad he made Top 10 & tour, which he deserved to do!
            (ps. if Nick had shaken his head “no, I don’t know I’m hot”, people would criticize he was disingenuous…please #NoWin.)

          • bobsaccmanna What difference does it make that you are from the same home town? I am from Daniels home town but I dont vote for him. I vote for Quentin.

          • Amy says:

            And I’ve voted for about 25 other Idols in 14 years, who weren’t from my town too, while ignoring many from my state who I didn’t like. Can’t people be excited that they have someone “representing” their town on Idol, who they actually like, (heck, Keith & Harry get excited by people from their towns too), and say it here without someone pouncing on them for it. Chill, killjoy.

          • bobsaccamanna says:

            @ Caleb..I wasn’t talking about voting for him, I was responding to your crazy idea that he had some other choice but to smile when Harry put him into the very uncomfortable “cute guy” situation. I know enough about him to know he detested that comment and responded in the best way possible. As far as who I vote for, I vote based on who performs well each night, so I voted for Joey.

        • bobsaccamanna, Im going to have to agree with you on that. Joey was amazing tonight and also looked great! I loved it! It seems like the front runners from 4 weeks ago are not the same front runners anymore! Its all changing and very interesting!Joey, Quentin, and Adanna have all “UPPED” their game! I loved Joeys dress tonight too!

          • bobsaccamanna says:

            I agree Caleb, she is the one artist at this point that I really look forward to seeing each night, I hope she continues to improve, it seems the more comfortable she gets the better she is. You’re right it’s a crazy season, the front runners seem to change weekly, I will be ok with any eliminations from here on out as long as Maddie and Daniel go first. After that I think it should be based on who performs the best each week because they are all pretty equal here, IMO.

          • At first I didn’t like Joey…recognized that she has talent but she was trying to hard to be weird, such as her playing the accordion. I was afraid she would turn into Cyndi Lauper: amazing voice but just a little too odd to be able to listen to on a consistent basis. However, she has turned that “quirkiness” into an ability to give unique interpretations of songs that are quite good. Kind of the anti-Qaasim who has gone from someone I liked quite a bit to just being over the top and bad. He seems to have stopped caring about the songs and is more concerned about being memorable rather than good.

          • bobsaccamanna says:

            @ Reagan- I think the reason you are starting to like Joey is because she wasn’t “trying” to be weird and quirky, it’s just who she is. I think last night she made an attempt, and a good one, to tamp down some of that quirkiness and show she can also be more mainstream, and it worked. Manufactured quirkiness is easy to spot(Jax) Joey is starting to resonate because she is being true to who she is while, as Harry said, “widening her lane”. I thought that was one of the very few astute judges comments last night.

          • cindy says:

            I would like to know what everyone thinks is so great about Joey? She bores me to tears…Don’t like her song choices or the way she pronounces the words..She is like watching paint dry…

          • Cindy, Well I used to feel that way all along until last night. but I also love that song!

        • bobsaccamanna, also its weird but at top 24 I thought this was going to be an excellent season and that everyone was great! So much that I wasnt sure who I would vote for. But now, the season just isnt looking as good! Is it song choice, or what? The contestants were doing better at Hollywood week.

          • bobsaccamanna says:

            I’m not sure, song choice I think has a lot to do with it, I mean I think both Nick and Rayvon are great singers but they are just doing the same thing over and over and it gets tedious, kind of the same with Clark. I loved Jax at the beginning, now it seems like she’s trying to hard to be different. It’s hard to say, I saw a post on another site where someone thinks it’s the mentor pushing the contestants to do songs they might not be comfortable with. Who knows but you are right, during Hollywood week it seemed like there were a bunch of great singers to choose from, now not so much. But, the great thing about Idol as opposed to The Voice is that they don’t rush through the process, so there is time for the ones who stick around to get better and have great performances, and thus, I remain addicted lol.

          • bobsaccamanna, Yah Its almost frustrating. It seemed like a smorgasbord of talent 4 or 5 weeks ago! SOMETHING is making them not so great now! The one reason Im glad they saved Qaasim, he is different and always entertaining! But its almost like a CURSE came over some of the contestants that were fantastic 4 weeks ago. Maybe you are right and it is the mentors! They were raw and hungry at Hollywood week and used their OWN judgement without a mentor and it seemed so much better that way! Im not quite as excited to watch now! Its like the mentors are taking away their raw talent and originality to the point that they are unsure of themselves. Thats what I think is happening. Not to mention, being picked apart by Harry every week! LOL

          • I just saw the funniest thing. They are trying to fix Daniels chair. He broke it thurs night. He cant even weigh 80 pounds! There is a clip of this on his twitter page! They must be very cheap chairs if the weight of Daniel broke one and you can see the green part of the chair as stagehands are trying to fix it! LOL

          • karyn says:

            Being forced into themes is a big part of this, I think. I don’t know if they have lists they have to choose from for Hollywood or earlier (I don’t think so except maybe in the full band performances). But my guess is the choices they had this week were really limited. How else do you explain Nick’s or Maddie’s choices of god-awful 80’s pop songs?(And I say that as someone who loves 80’s music.) Maybe I’m just repressing but I can’t recall any remotely modern songs that were done.

          • karyn says:

            Re the songs on this episode, I just went back and checked the list. Begin Again is the only recent film on the list and even that is 2013. Then there were 2 that were 9-10 year old movies/songs. After that, every single movie/song on the list is at least 20 years old. GET SOME NEW MUSIC CLEARED PEOPLE!

          • I agree Karyn! Some of these song choices are burying the contestants! Why do they even have to have theme weeks?

    • Angela says:

      That’s what I was thinking. Even if I appreciated the concept of what some of the singers were trying to do tonight, the executions were just…ergh. It was a very rough night in general-I think Jax and Joey were probably the best overall.
      I agree with others about the judges’ save, though-it’s out of the way, we can move on without that drama hanging over our heads each week (though it won’t surprise me one bit if they pull some similar sort of thing to keep a contestant down the line for whatever reason).

    • I think Maddie and Rayvon might be in trouble!

      • Jill Moy says:



        • I agree Jill, Morons! That horrible outfit they had on Jax too?

          • Jill Moy says:



            You may not agree with all of this but here goes : We had a promising pool of talent at top 24. What have we got now? Let’s look at some: a blue haired weirdo who sings like she’s from another planet, a singer with a terrible falsetto, a girl who whispers with a 000000 voice, a performer who runs around the stage with a below average voice and a little boy who can’t sing! I like Q when he entertains and has somewhat of a voice; he can be entertaining!

            Also, America and the judges get things wrong most of the time: Glover and Kree in finals that year when Holcumb and Miller were superior. Ordinary Phillips pimped by Jackson all year, wins over a superior Jessica Sanchez, Baby, squeaky voiced Fantasia wins Idol as a brilliant Hudson finishes 7th! Fantasia is terrible! Scotty wins, a contestant who should have not made top 10! Second place finisher that year wasn’t worthy of that finish either! Melinda Doolittle, perhaps the finest Idol singer ever, comes in 3rd behind Blake who was terrible and J Sparks, a singer who had the lowest votes one week and Idol decided for THE FIRST TIME to combine those votes with the following week, allowing her to prevail which was bull$hit! She is so average! Doolittle was robbed!

            Last year, the right person won but a weak voiced Jena (GINA) Irene places second! A travesty….a brinks job!

            Oh, I forgot, Carrie Underwood stood still like a statue and hardly had a falsetto, wins! The public spends their money because these singers are on Idol! It is mind blowing to me, Fantasia on Broadway, Phillips selling like he does, Underwood selling millions of records! The public is duped!

          • Jill I agree with almost everything you said! What about Durbin? I thought he was just amazing! Then Mcreery wins! Lee Dwyze over bowersox. That was the worst season! Dolittle was robbed, Jennifer Hudson robbed, Daughtry, Lambert, Durbin, Holcomb ALL robbed! That year with Angie Miller and Amber I also thought Burnell was great! Yes at top 24 I was thinking it was a very talented group. What Happened? The talent just went bonkers. Caleb Johnsons music video comes out the end of this month called “Fighting Gravity”. Listen to it and compare his voice to the talent on the show now. He really can sing and hit those notes! Sell records? Maybe not, but no one compares to his voice! Caleb has the video on his facebook page. Gaaawwd his voice is AMAZING!

          • Yes I remember they tried to dress Majesty like a Disney Nickelodian Character! I think Quentin must just tell them “No Way” because he sticks to his style! Which I love about him!

          • Jill Moy says:


            Oh I forgot, one cintestant this year; We also have a contestant with girl’s boobs, as you put it! Are these top ten really THE BEST OUT OF TENS OF THOUSANDS OF SINGERS??? Think about it! IMPOSSIBLE!

          • And now we have to listen to 80’s week? After movie week? Now we might get stuck with Against All Odds!

          • Jill Moy says:

            Oh, lets not forget below talented Lee winning Idol over talented BOWERSOX! ANOTHER BRINKS JOB!

          • karyn says:

            @Jill. Thanks for the tirade above b/c now I officially know we have polar opposite taste. I can’t speak to anything that happened before Season 8 or 9 (David Cook season) when I started watching (BTW, why aren’t old seasons available on Netflix?). But as to the rest, I disagree with everything you said.

          • karyn says:

            Okay – something we can agree on is that Lee over Bowersox was a travesty.

    • MC says:

      I have to agree…these grades are mostly nonsense and wishful thinking. I enjoyed Clark the most and I can see where some would love Quentin’s
      “re-imagined” and super-slow version of the ONJ/JT Grease track. I hated it, though. I thought it was pretentious and it completely killed the melody. It’s revealing that Quentin has never seen Grease. Quentin was technically impressive in a vacuum, but his interpretation of the song was all wrong. Qaasim, however, did a great job interpreting “Come Together.” I like Qaasim more than most of the folks here because some guys and gals are entertaining without being technically perfect. I’m willing to accept that simple fact. He sure could upgrade his vocals, but his stage presence is amazing. This season, however, is already a failure for me because Tyanna should have faced off against Sarina for the title. It’s really lame that Sarina is not on the show anymore.

      • Tyler says:

        Agree. I thought Clark gave the best performance of the night.

      • Ben says:

        @MC – I agree on Qaasim. I don’t care that he won’t win, and doesn’t seem primed for a recording career, but I do think he ought to get to about 6th. He keeps the show interesting, for me.

      • Jared says:

        Oh yes. When Quentin admitted he hadn’t seen Grease I died. Seriously, he should have lied!!

      • C says:

        Glad to know someone else didn’t like that version of “You’re the One that I Want”. Also, I know this is nit-picking, but he really could have made it more genuine by changing the gender around to “I better shape up, ’cause you need a man”, or “You better shape up ’cause I need a woman” (and he could have made a nice run on the extra syllable). A song from “Grease” is not meant to be taken so seriously. But then, he never saw the movie!? These contestants have GOT to make more of an effort to know what they’re singing about.

      • karyn says:

        I didn’t hate the idea of a slowed down version of You’re the One that I Want but he should have changed the line “you better shape up.” I can’t say exactly what it is but that phrase has a casual connotation that works with the lively version of the song but really didn’t work in a ballad version – especially as he ended the song with it. I think Keith said this is actually someone else’s arrangement but that should have been fixed.

      • Jill Moy says:


        Thanks for your opinions; we’re all entitled to them! You actually think Sparks is a finer singer than Melinda? That’s apples and oranges! Jessica is superior to Phillips, who is ordinary; there are 10,000 singers like phillips…..BORING! Jessica is polished with a great vibratto! My comments have a lot of merit…..Jax is a big 00000000, so much pimping, no voice! Put on a Fantasia song and relax and close your eyes. She sounds like a high pitched squeaky child….TRY IT!

        But again, thanks and not judging me too critically! Like I said, I actually laughed at Phillip’s hilarious facial expressions and he always looked like he needed a toilet, ala Alex last year! His singing is just average! WHAT IS THIS AVERAGE JOE’S APPEAL! The biggest travesty was Jessica losing out to him (bad song choice didn’t help her)!

        • Jill Moy says:



    • S. says:

      Insanely generous grade for Jax. Any tearing up as a result of her song was purely due to so many others lowering the bar tonight. Best case scenario I’d call it pleasant.That was pretty middle of the pack. In fact, I’d put her below Nick on the vocal. That was insanely breathy and affected. Singers of her ilk are all over Youtube with their faux-quirk. Clark I agree was utterly boring. He has no personality. How does that get him above a B+ ever? Joey was definitely at least an A-. One of the best of the night and certainly far superior to Jax. She also had more personality than Clark. Sure it’s not as good as Adam Lambert’s version, but does anybody really do better than Adam’s version of anything?

      • MC says:

        The grade for Jax is absurd.

        • Lunakit says:

          Right?!? Whereas Joey’s “quirks” feel authentic to her (and you can tell that is exactly who she would be whether there was a camera on her or not), poor Jax is throwing a little bit of everything into the air to see what flies. Her clothes, her style, her song choices… hopefully she will settle down….

          • bobsaccamanna says:

            ITA Luna, Jax has a manufactured quirkiness about her that seems transparent, and that performance last night was no where close to A worthy, come on Michael. Joey, if anything seems to be attempting to tamp down her natural quirkiness in an effort to be a little more mainstream, in the meantime she keeps giving one solid performance after another. As long as she remains on the show, I’m interested.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            I’m going to agree with that post, bobsaccamanna.

          • bobsaccamanna says:

            LOL we senior citizens need to stick together Darcy.

        • Jill Moy says:

          ++ 1

      • Kayk says:

        Nope, you cannot improve on Adam, I totally agree with you!

      • jen mac says:

        I totally agree Jax was about a c+/b- her song was plain and boring, at this point in the competition you should be blowing everyone away not sing a quirky little song. It sounded like a high school talent show. I heard better covers on youtube. Maddie’s performance, the same I just didn’t like when Harry said Who are you? Really, what about Jax coming out looking like Tayler Swift with Hair extensions. I think Joey has come along way getting better and better. I enjoyed Clark and Quentin. Nick needs to step it up, he can sing but needs more stage appeal. As for Qaasim personally I am not a fan. I am not a James Brown fan either but that dosent mean he isnt a good entertainer. Overall not good night for Idol.

    • safado says:

      Boring? Boring? Gimme a break.

    • Hayder B. Hayden says:

      Overall, not a great show. Joey and Quentin were my favorites, but neither really excited me. Maddie made a rookie mistake of stepping out of her lane. She could go far if she sticks to country, but she’ll be eaten alive if she tries to do any more pop. Nick–what can I say? That was a misfire. I didn’t hate what Jax did like last week, but I think I’m just over her. Maybe next week will be more interesting. Tyanna could be in trouble. She fell victim to the same Disney princess curse that felled Majesty Rose last year. The movie characters are teens, but the singers are seasoned Divas. REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE.

  3. Michael H. says:

    Weird, I would’ve ranked Joey as my second-best of the night. I adored that performance of Mad World, even thought Adam Lambert slayed it. I will agree that Rayvon really dropped the ball again, as did Maddie, for some obscure reason. Jax pulled through, as did Quentin and Qaasim. I also thought that Adanna was pretty good as well. Normally, I don’t care for people covering a Jennifer Hudson song on Idol. But she pulled it off.

    • Runner says:

      I agree with all of this, except for me, this was Rayvon’s best. At least, there was some spark of a personality, instead of his typical milquetoast offering.

      • JM says:

        Runner, I’m with you on Rayvon. At least he’s trying to improve with his personality and taking chances with his vocals, and I appreciate that.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        I agree on Rayvon. Although I wasn’t wild about the arrangement I give him credit for the jazzy, unusual arrangement of “Staying Alive” and he showed more personality and spark tonight.

      • Hayder B. Hayden says:

        I thought Rayvon chose a song I’ve heard a million times too many, sucked the last spark of life from it, and presented the desiccated husk as his performance.

        • Runner says:

          I love your username. It’s totally appropriate :) [no sarcasm intended]

        • Puchinsmom says:

          I kind of agree. It was weird to me.I know people will disagree with me,but I just don’t understand this overuse of the falsetto. A little in key places is lovely. But the better part of a song is not pleasant. IMHO. What do you guys think?

          • zia says:

            I’m wondering why they haven’t called Rayvon out on this. His falsetto isn’t his strongest asset. I personally think he shouldn’t use it. His voice is strong and great enough. I’m afraid he’s overthinking in that he assumes he has to be the ‘falsetto guy’ to be identified among this group.

          • MC says:

            I agree that a falsetto should be used sparingly, although I love the falsettos of Barry Gibb, Phillip Bailey (from Earth, Wind & Fire) and Leo Sayer.

          • marie says:

            If I remember correctly, the original Bee Gees recording of “Stayin’ Alive” was sung just about totally in falsetto.

        • Angela says:

          This comment made me laugh. I love your way with description :D.
          I hadn’t planned on describing it that way, but yeah, I wasn’t all that wowed by his take on that song, either, no.

      • Brandy says:

        Totally agree! I could really see him trying. The judges’ comments surprised me.

      • Maybe it is just that the Bee Gee’s make me want to jab sharp objects in my ears so the pain of listening to them will go away, but I could not stand Rayvon’s performance last night. But, then again, I don’t like “Your the One that I want” yet I really liked Quintens performance.

    • Ben says:

      Yeah. Honestly, Joey was a clear A for me. Adam dealt a rendition of that song that I thought no-one could ever match, to the extent I did not think anyone could try. But Joey was… different to Adam, but in some ways she actually moved me more. I came away with the distinct feeling that these two singers didn’t need to be compared on this song – they both had their own moments with it. Yes, this song was for me a moment.

    • Mary says:

      I agree Joey for me was in the top two for me. I think she made it different that sorry it shouldn’t even be compared to Adam. Jax sang well but she sounds the same on every single song. I am glad that the save is gone and hopefully they will have everyone sing and then announce who is going home. I am not liking this format very much.

      • C says:

        Totally agreed about this format. It’s not fair to the contestants and I think it really keeps them from doing their best. They’ve got to be nervous enough about just performing; no need to add the nerves about being in one of those last two chairs OR the weakness in the knees that comes from extreme relief. Let them all sing and then announce the eliminated one at the end. Also agreed about Jax. Mr. Slezak has had a blind spot about her since the first week.

        • Timmah says:

          I’m not sure how announcing the one eliminated at the end is different from what they do now. What they should do is announce the eliminated one at the top of the show, then they can relax and give good performances.

          • C says:

            That would work well, too. Probably better than what I suggested. But then they’d have busted their butts all week (and used up the band’s and the mentor’s time) for nothing.

          • Timmah says:

            That’s true, but then the other way someone might give a knockout performance that no one would be able to vote on. What they really need to do is bring back the results show. I’m sure they could find a half hour time block on Thursdays or Fridays if they really wanted.

          • karyn says:

            I don’t think they will switch to announcing the elimination at the beginning. They’ve always overplayed the drama in the results and I think they like the suspense of having people wonder what will happen till the last bitter moment. It’s just cruel as far as I’m concerned but that’s perhaps why I’m not a television producer.

  4. Christian says:

    I’m actually a little scared the judges used the save this early. Since America seems to be voting off people who are front-runners or people who are seriously growing, the judges now won’t be able to save them. I actually didn’t thing Quasimm gave a very good preformance.

    • Sandi says:

      The save should not have been used on Quaasim…I had to shut the tv off because he was so annoying to watch. I was cringing watching him perform! Too much!!!!
      Nick Fradiani is my boy…He is talented on all levels and is just showing his true personality. You can tell he is getting more comfortable performing his songs even though he is a seasoned veteran. i guess I’m just trying to say he is enjoying himself more! Girls are loving it and so are we!!!!! NICK! NICK! NICK!

      • dax says:

        There are many other planets in the solar system other than earth. Please choose one and go there.

      • karyn says:

        Normally, I’m okay with Nick though he seems a bit boring. That said, his Highway to the Danger Zone was really painful to watch. He needs his guitar back b/c he’s never looked so stiff and uncomfortable on stage as he looked during that performance. His vocal was also worse than I’ve ever heard from him. I hope he sticks around but if so, it will be in spite of that performance rather than because of it.

  5. My absolute favorites were Adanna, Joey, Clark, Quentin, and Tyanna!!! Please vote for all 3!!! :)

    • Runner says:

      I voted for most of those people. Does that count?

        • Runner says:

          LOL. So not telling you. 4 of the 5 :)

        • Runner says:

          @Florence+… my bottom 3 are Daniel, Maddie, and Nick (even though.. he so pretty.)

        • AlyB says:

          I voted for Clark, Joey, Quentin, Jax & Tyanna. I find them all incredibly talented and interesting. Nick, Rayvon & Adanna are middle of the pack for me. I don’t think they should go home yet. I do think they are each capable of a great performance but i don’t find them particularly inspiring or interesting while the others have me excited to see what they will do next. Daniel, Quaasim and Maddie are my bottom 3. Quaasim has great stage presence but it can’t hide the fact that he’s just not a great or even very good singer. Maddie is sweet and cute and has a decent voice but she’s outclassed at this point. Daniel is simply horrible. His mere presence there annoys me. I want him gone next and don’t think the judges should ever have put him on the show.

          • cjinsd says:

            You should vote for everyone except Daniel until he’s gone. That’s what I’m doing. He has no business being on this show. I don’t know what the judges where thinking putting him through. They should have given him a couple years for his voice to change and to get life experience.

          • marie says:

            cjlnsd, I’m actually rather relieved that it’s not just my wife and me who who have decided that the best way to vote now is to vote for everyone else until Daniel leaves.

    • Ginger Snap says:

      Not ever voting Adanna. But Joey has won me over.

  6. Slezak. There is NO WAY that Jax got a higher grade than Clark. Period.
    Also, it’s no surprise that Qaasim was saved after the performance he gave which followed the flops of Daniel, nick, maddie, and (let’s just throw it out there) Jax. It would’ve actually been unfair. Qaasim has the artistry that the judges are looking for and there is certainly no doubt about “who he is” so to speak. I think he CAN give a good vocal performance, it’s just a matter of “will he?”

    • SherryL. says:

      American idol need some new judges they saved one of the most worst singers I hope next week the right people go home I was kind of enjoying the show until tonight everything was off judges, mentors, and some of the contestant’s!

      You must be some kin to him or deaf he can’t sing He can perform that’s all sorry!

      • Nope, the ‘ole dumbos are in good working order (though I appreciate your concern over me senses). I might suggest a stronger use of punctuation next time. And, he certainly CAN sing. If he’d put a little more focus on the vocals, there would be no question.

    • Runner says:

      Smart words. All of them.

    • Mytake says:

      He CAN give a good vocal performance??!! This is a singing competition (ok ok other factors do affect it such as age, looks etc) but man when you consider there were probably 100,000 peoe trying out for Idol, and they’ve been whittled down to TEN (10!!!) I’d think giving a GOOD VOCAL PERFORMANCE should have happened weeeeeks ago!! And we are STILL waiting for one? Worst save in the history of Idol, bar none.

    • I noticed last week that Scott Borchetta sits with Qassims family. They are very good friends. Did you all notice that? AND again tonight and if you watched the show until the very very end, while the credits are rolling, they showed Scott giving Qassims mom a peck on the cheek. Now common sense tells me you dont kiss someones wifey, (Yes hubby was there too) unless you are very, very good friends with the family! Could that have pulled strings with judges? I thought his performance was great along with Joey, Clark and Quentin, oh and Adanna. I think Maddie and Rayvon may be in trouble. I just dont even say Daniel is in trouble cause he never is LOL

      • Jill Moy says:


        You have a devious mind…..LOL!

        • Oh well didnt you notice Scott sits with the family of Qassim? His little brother Kahlil, the mom, the dad, and Scott Bocrchetta. I may have a devious mind , but it doesnt take a rocket scientist…..

          • Jill Moy says:

            You are right BECCA! Well, I didn’t agree with such an early save but he’ll be good for the tour….HIGHLY ENTERTAINING!

          • If you watch the u tube video Meet Scott Borchetta (on American Idol) he states, “Im not looking for a singer, Im looking for an artist! Ok then whoever is singing perfect, but is kind of boring and sits there is not what Scott is looking for! So someone could be “not that great at singing” but has something else great may be his choice

  7. Marta says:

    1. I’m glad the judge’s save is off the table.
    2. The judges comments after Quentin’s spectacular performance were infuriating
    3. If Simon Cowell were around, he would have rightfully called Maddie’s performance “pedestrian”

    • Runner says:

      Maddy was incredibly awful. And I was moved by Quentin’s interpretation of that formerly-lame song. He gave the entire song a new meaning. The judges were clearly too dumb to understand, which of course, is not shocking.

    • JM says:

      I was outraged by their comments to Quentin as well.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Agreed with all your points. The only thing I’d add is I’m not sure why they used the save this week since they’d already seen Tyanna’s performance, knew how bad it was despite what she’s capable of, and chose to squander the save anyways despite her real jeopardy next week.

      • safado says:

        Tyanna was god-awful this week–she was truly painful to hear. But that arrangement had her fighting to be heard over the band, which sounded off to begin with. I suspect sabotage.

      • Mary says:

        Maybe they know that she is up there in votes and at this point she doesn’t have to worry. Maybe they know she shouldn’t slow a song down like Q because they don’t have the best voice but are entertaining. Maybe they are trying to get rid of other contestants first and hopefully that will happen sooner rather than later. But if I had to put money down, I think Producers just wanted to make good TV.

    • Sid Neeto says:

      I agree. Quentin is the most compelling performer of the lot. Deep. Soulful. Genuine. Harry’s comments were unwarranted.

      • karyn says:

        I like Quentin too but you all have blinders on if you think Harry’s comments were spot on.

      • karyn says:

        I like Quentin too (I’d put him around 4-5) but a lot of people here have blinders (or ear muffs) on b/c he moves them so much. Harry’s comments were constructive and spot on.

    • C says:

      Have we all forgotten that Maddie was in the hospital and missed a lot of rehearsal time, plus the mentoring session(s)? Let’s give her beautiful voice another week or two. We already made the error of letting Katherine go. As much as I enjoy Tyanna and Adanna, they do sound a lot alike. (And I don’t even want to think about the fakers Joey and Jax lasting past Maddie!)

      • As well,just wanted to throw in there that Daniel was sick with the flu all week. Saw it on facebook. Bed rest and fresh squeezed orange juice! Have to give the kid credit for not using that for sympathy or an excuse for bad vocals! He missed some rehearsals too. By the way Maddie did not have a ruptured appendix. There is an article about it on American Idol site.

  8. MAB says:

    I am so confused after tonight’s show. How could they waste the save like that. It reminds me on season 10 when they used the save on Casey and then Pia got eliminated because there was no save.
    Does anyone know if there is a double elimination next week. That’s what a lot of people are saying but I thought they built it into the schedule the last few years.

    • del says:

      Ryan said two people will go home next week.

    • Runner says:

      I thought the producers used their save in an incredibly smart way. Everything about the singing line up to using the save was perfectly orchestrated to make that “drop the mike” moment incredibly effective. That save was used the way it should be… This show just got interesting.

      • The “drop the mic” moment was ridiculous….. I was waiting for Hulk Hogan and The Rock to make an appearance.

        • Funny you say that about Hulk Hogan! He has already been on the show! Wasnt that James Durbins idol or something and they surprised Durbin? That was great! Durbin, I loved him so much! Im going to look on u tube to make sure it was Hulk Hogan. LOL

  9. Gailer says:

    Sorry, but I’m tempted to start voting for Daniel

  10. darcy's evil twin says:

    Well, well, well – tonight was full of surprises!
    1. I haven’t enjoyed Jennifer Lopez’s singing that much since the movie “Selena”.
    2. When Tyanna sang “Circle of Life” I had flashbacks to last year and Majesty Rose singing “Let it Go”.
    3. Kenny Loggins!
    4. Adanna Duru did much better on “Love You I Do” than the poll reflects.
    5. Harry declared Qaasim’s performance “the best of the season” (did I hear that?) and they saved him???????????????

    • I agree, Adanna was one of the best in my opinion!!! :)

    • Laura says:

      YES! Tyanna’s performance of Circle Of Life was so Majesty Rose covering Let It Go. Wayyyy too big for them, unfortunately..

    • Temperance says:

      No, he said it was his best of the season… which to me isn’t saying anything at all. He’s much more entertaining than Seavey, but then again, so is drying paint. Awful song, bad vocal, manic performance – wasted save.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Thanks for clarifying, Temperance. I was just shocked because I was all prepared for them not to save him and then BOOM!

    • JM says:

      Hmm, I just automatically FF thru JLo. I guess I missed her one good performance. LOL at #2, and I hope you’re wrong about Tyanna going the MR route. #3 – YES!!!! Eat those words, Harry! #4 – Amen, amen and amen. #5 – Harry said the best of the night not the season, but it still got a WTF? reaction from me.

    • Runner says:

      Look, the judges are dumb. 90% of what they said tonight was completely stupid or outright lies (as dictated by the producers). Me and my mute button are trying to accept that… That said, I thought Adanna gave one of her most controlled performances tonight. She was also stunning and radiant, not that that matters. I hope Tyanna pulls through next week. She could probably nix the 7 inch stilletos too. I was fine with the sneakers. She’s a kid. It’s okay if she’s dresses like one.

      • JM says:

        Good point about the sneakers. As a woman, I’ve never understood the fascination for high-rise, gives me nosebleeds, stilletos.

        • Angela says:

          I don’t get the appeal, either. Give me a comfortable pair of sneakers or slip-ons any day.

          • Woodmeister says:

            The man who invented 7″ high heels probably hated women. Can’t understand why anyone would subject themselves to that.

    • karenb says:

      Kenny looked like he was having a blast!

    • Puchinsmom says:

      When Tyanna sang “Cilcle of Life” I had flashbacks to Jennifer Hudson singing that song ten billion times better in season 3. And I like Tyanna very much. Usually.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Oh yes. And then there’s that.

      • Mary says:

        I remember Zondette singing it and yes it was better than Tyanna. Song choice is key this year and with the save gone contestants have to choice wisely except one because he has peeps and no performance is going to make him shine.

        • Puchinsmom says:

          So, why aren’t these very experienced and highly regarded mentors counseling the contestants about poor song choices??? I wanted to ask that question in all CAPS because it makes me crazy! Why didn’t SOMEONE tell Tyanna that her song choice wasn’t good for her voice? It’s not rocket science.

          • Mary says:

            Cannot answer that. Maybe she drew the short straw and that was all that was left. Maybe the mentor come in later in the week and wasn’t time to change it. The contestants have to take some responsibility on knowing their own voice I don’t care how old they are. If they have no clue then maybe they should of not tried out, just my opinion.

    • Amy says:

      Darcy, your #5 ????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAM
      I’ve lost track now of how many things the judges have said this year to lose complete credibilty for me, forever. Every now and then they each will say something credible and intelligent…the rest is complete BS out of the mouths of these musicians who know better than that, and must be scripted for the show. The day they pay me what these guys are getting to sit there, I’d be a $ell-out too. Nature of that beast, unfortunately.
      So many bad vocals are getting positive reactions from both judges & audience alike, makes me wonder about the state of music, and actual “singing” in the current world of “party performances are everything & live party shows vs. recordings are today’s moneymakers.”
      I also hate the format this year.
      Speaking of “how Idol really works”…I was on Twitter…and American Idol tweeted a “Goodby Quaasim, we’ll miss you!!” before he sang for the save…for which they immediately received negatives responses and just as quickly pulled the Tweet. Then he was saved. I would NOT put it past TPTB to order a Save just to seem like it’s not all pre-determined.
      At the end of the day…this show is now lightweight entertainment, more than finding the next, great superstar recording artist. :(

    • C says:

      I thought it was “best of the evening”. But it was fantastic and I think the save was well deserved, although it shocked me that they used it so early.

    • marie says:

      Yes! JLo really surprised me (although that song seemed to last 20 minutes, which could have been due simply to the contrast with the shortened songs the contestants get to sing). She sounded pretty darn good – who’d a thunk it!
      And Kenny Loggins can still sing – always my concern with singers of my generation. Some lose their voices by the time they get up there in their 60s (he’s 67; I Googled it). Loggins has not. I enjoyed both of them!

    • marie says:

      This nutty board ate my comment, so if it spits it out and this one ends up being a duplicate, please forgive me.
      JLo surprised me: who knew she actually CAN sing! And Kenny Loggins can STILL sing, which I always worry about with singers around my age; some lose their voices by the time they’re in their 60s (Loggins is 67), but he still sounds darn good. I enjoyed both of them!

    • karyn says:

      Disagree with #4 and on 5, I thought he said “best of the night” not “best of the season.” Agree with all the rest. I normally watch 10 seconds of Jennifer Lopez then FF through the rest. I suspect this was pre-taped so they could auto-tune it (and add those cool effects – she may have been wearing a dress made from that blue screen stuff so they could project other images onto it). I’ve never heard her sound even half that good.

  11. kevstar says:

    I agree about getting the save out of the picture, although I would have used it last week so that we would gotten rid of Quaasim THIS WEEK and kept Sarina-Jo. Once again, Daniel is the WORST.

    • kevstar says:

      I amend my original statement. I just saw Maddie sing a hillbilly rendition of Boy, and girl was WORSE than Daniel Skeevey. Didn’t think it was possible.

  12. Have A Nice Day says:

    Somehow, they found a way to make Sarina’s elimination sting even more. Brilliant judges, just brilliant.

    • Choir Girl says:

      Agree. LOVED Qaasim’s performance of Allen Stone’s “Satisfaction.” Was humming it all week afterward. BUT using the SAVE on him one week after ELIMINATING Sarina??!! Unbelievable. Since I’ve given up on the idea that there is any logic or consistent judging on this show, it didn’t even make me angry, I just had to chuckle.

      And thanks for the great recaps Slezak, I’m no longer watching the show…so I’m relying on your hilarious descriptions!

  13. karenb says:

    I think the judges saved Quassim because-in what world would there be an idol tour without him? He’s entertaining and seems very supportive of his fellow contestants.

  14. Betsy says:

    Slezak, I’ve followed you for years but seriously – tyanna, Maddie and nick were horrible. Daniel was okay but better than those three. You’re being ridiculously harsh on him.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      I don’t know, Betsy – I have to side with Mr. Slezak on this one. Daniel was WAY over his head with that song.
      Nick wasn’t great but he was better than Daniel – normally I feel like they rush the songs on Idol but the tempo on “Danger Zone” seemed too slow.
      Maddie took on one of the most uplifting, happy, familiar tunes of the 80s and turned in a rather uneventful performance, unlike Adanna, who isn’t getting enough credit for her performance of a difficult song.
      Tyanna picked the wrong song, period.

    • Angela says:

      I couldn’t stand Daniel’s performance-the attempted falsetto was cringeworthy to me. I don’t have any issue with Daniel as a person or anything like that, but I haven’t been all that impressed with him musically on the show thus far. I think he’s way too premature for this show.
      That said, however, if you found something to like about his performance, cool. To each their own :).

      • Hayder B. Hayden says:

        I’m sure he’s a sweet kid. I would be proud of him if he were my son. But I still wouldn’t listen to his record.

        • marie says:

          Hayder, that’s exactly how I feel about Daniel too.

        • Angela says:

          LOL, aw.
          Actually, if I were his mom, I’d encourage him to wait a couple more years and support any opportunities for him to continue to hone his talents and craft.

      • mahomie74 says:

        Finally someone who’s nice to Daniel. I still love his voice, but you can have your oppinion. I hate when people bring personality into it, there’s nothing wrong with his personality

        • Angela says:

          I agree with you on the personal attacks. These contestants seem pretty nice in general-unless somebody acts like a total jerk, I don’t really get the point of saying hateful/nasty things about them as people. The only thing that should be critiqued are their performances.
          Besides that, Daniel’s in his mid-teens. I’m 30. I’m a little too old to sit here spouting nasty personal attacks about someone who’s 15 years younger than me. That’d look pretty freaking pathetic on my end :p.
          I’ll also say this about Daniel-whatever one thinks about whether or not he’s truly ready for this competition, I do applaud the kid for getting up on stage in front of that many people week in and week out. I know I wouldn’t have had that kind of courage when I was 15 years old! I don’t think I’d have that kind of courage now.

        • karyn says:

          I agree with you that people are too harsh on Daniel’s personality. I’ve known enough 15 year olds to know they can be hateful and he seems like a genuinely nice kid. I suspect anyone saying otherwise is projecting. I’d say he’s out of his depth at this point and staying in b/c he’s so likeable.

    • Runner says:

      I don’t know, Betsy. I don’t have any ill will for the kid, but most of the falsetto missed the mark and he kind of stops singing at the end of his phrases. It’s a weird thing he does that the judges could point out – if they could get over their boy/girl crushes for just a second to give him constructive advice.

    • Jill Moy says:

      Danny Boy makes Idol interesting! How boring it would be if eveerything went down as it should? The show needs adversity

    • Timmah says:

      Indeed, I thought Rayvon was way worse tonight than Daniel. And Nick’s performances are like watching paint dry.

    • safado says:

      This was the very first of Daniel’s performances that I actually enjoyed. Disliking him has become a knee-jerk reaction.
      AI keeps trying to discover the next Bieber. No wonder–you can make a lot of money with the right teen idol.

  15. Laura says:

    This was such a trainwreck but the attempts to cover certain songs left me entertained.

    I mean seriously Maddie?? If you are a contestant and not named Vonzell Solomon, don’t sing Deniece Williams. And I was not sold on Quentin’s version of the classic Grease hit. Nevertheless, it wasn’t as bad as Season 14’s version of Chicken Little.

  16. Runner says:

    Michael, I think you have a typo. You gave Joey Cook a B+. Did you mean A? ;)

    • guest says:

      Thank you, I agree it was a beautiful performance

    • JM says:

      Here we disagree since I thought Joey’s version paled in comparison to Adam Lambert’s.

      • Runner says:

        Aw, c’mon, JM. Most of these kids can’t be compared to Adam? He is on a different level. I try to enjoy each performance for its merits – without comparing them to 13 other seasons ;) It does seem a bit unfair. Kelly would vocally topple all of them without breaking a sweat. I thought Joey was the best Joey tonight. That’s all she really can be.

        • JM says:

          Runner and the two below, I stand by my comments. First, I don’t compare voices in general so I would never say she’s no Kelly Clarkson. But when these ‘kids’ pick songs that represent an ICONIC performance from a formal idol then they are asking for the comparison, IMO. These kids need to do their homework. Pick ‘Black and White’ one of his less successful performances or one of a million songs not immediately associated with a former idol. But to pick that one? Again, she’s asking for it.

          • fyi says:

            It’s. Not. His. Song. Get. Over. It.

          • bobsaccamanna says:

            The notion that a song should be retired from Idol just because one contestant had a great performance with it is ridiculous, Joey’s version was just fine, perfect for her to advance along in the competition which should be her main concern. Whether it was better that Adam’s is a moot point, it doesn’t mean anything. She sang it in her style and it was a change from the kind of songs she has been performing up until now. Like FYI said, it’s not Adam’s song to begin with. I guess Me and Bobby McGee should be retired too, or Eleanor Rigby, because Crystal and David Cook did them so well.

      • lola says:

        She’s a completely different type of artist to him, why should she be compared to him? Do you see people comparing Bjork to Freddie Mercury?

      • I have troubles with the thought process of comparing two completely different singer’s versions, and the fact that one person did the song 6 years ago….hell Daniel Seavy was still in elementary school, Jax was in middle school, and Grandpa Nick had his whole life in front of him. It’s like comparing apples to kung pao chicken.

    • Sid Neeto says:

      I thought Jax did a rather poor Joey imitation tonight. I wasn’t impressed.

      • Hey Sid, I wasnt going to say that but I felt Jax was trying to be Joey. Joey is just so much better1

      • Timmah says:

        It almost struck me like Jax was saying “Mommy, Joey’s getting all the attention! Make me up like Joey!”

        • Runner says:

          I agree. I feel instead of clearly stating her voice as an artist, she is just glomming onto whatever is most popular that week. First, it’s a dress, then Taylor Swift, then it’s a wannabe Joey. I comes off as insecure and directionless. It’s sad and weird.

  17. Larc says:

    Idol should have let Qaasim go when they had the chance. I’m predicting they will regret squandering the save on him.

  18. mahomie74 says:

    So here’s my review of tonight…
    Adanna: 10/10 she sounded great tonight! Her performance was great
    Daniel: 6.5/10 I love love love Daniel but tonight was just ok. His performance and emotions were really good though, and it’s sometimes harder than it looks to preform like that
    Rayvon: 5.5/10 I’ve never really been a fan of rayvon… His vocals were nice at some points but overall I was bored during the performance.
    Nick: 6/10 I was getting food while he was singing haha but he sounded pretty good
    Joey: 6.5/10 I don’t remember much of Her performance for some reason but I remember it being good (I must have been focusing on the food I got while nick was singing haha)
    Tyanna: 7/10 first of all I love the song choice, but she skipped the best part where they raise Simba in the air and make random loud noises. Other than that even though it wasn’t her best tonight was pretty good
    Quentin: 6/10 I honestly don’t remember Quentin wow I need to pay attention lol but I’m guessing he did well
    Maddie: 7/10 maddie sounded really good for missing a lot of rehearsal time, it was really fun
    Clark: 10/10 his performance just made me happy… He’s becoming one of my favorites and I think he could go far.
    Jax: 7/10 Jax sounded pretty good, way better than last week
    Quaasim: 8/10 quaasim was so much fun, perfect way to end the show. I may have even liked it better than when Sam Woolf sang it last year, and that’s saying something cause he was one of my favorites.

    • Jill Moy says:

      Not perfect ratings but better than Michael’s ratings, in my opinion!

    • Mary says:

      I guess we have different taste because you over score quite a few of the contestants. Michael was off this week to, but I think he bases it on previous performances at least I hope so.

  19. SherryL. says:

    American idol need some new judges they saved one of the most worst singers I hope next week the right people go home I was kind of enjoying the show until tonight everything was off judges, mentors, and some of the contestant’s!

  20. Jill Moy says:

    Haven’t watched show yet but Danny Boy did it again, I see….LOL! Happy my 3 from first auditions are still in it….Tyanna, Adanna and Maddie! I never liked Jax but I see she got an A….OH BROTHER, the overrated lady goes on! Myself, I was hoping she’d go today! They will regret later on the save they exercised as the’ll wish they could save Jax, their princess who they feel is a superstar (yeah right!), when need be!

  21. Do they ever show us the bottom 2 or 3 now, or will we never know? Like was Jax in the bottom two? Or was it just in random order until the final person.

  22. Beachy says:

    Tonight’s save is going to come back and haunt us as Daniel continues to advance. I hate to think of two people going home next week. I feel sorry for Tyanna. She seemed to have the same problem as Sarina. How can two talented singers have such problems staying in tune with the band? Something is not right.

    • Mary says:

      It is not tonight that is going to haunt us, it is when Daniel wins that will haunt the Judges and Scott. Considering viewers are down and he has his home town and neighboring state routing for him he might just be AI 2015.

  23. Gabriel Oak says:

    Though I agree with a lot of your grades tonight, I left the room when Jax sang I was so bored. And it looks like another year where Daniel and Maddie will outlive more talented singers.

  24. Gabriel Oak says:

    Well you may hate the save but Jessica Sanchez would not have made it to the finale without it.

  25. Kayk says:

    Aren’t they selling on iTunes this year? I have been looking each week to no avail.

  26. Kaba says:

    Quentin was, I believe, criticized much to harsh in comparison to the lighter critiques others got on worse performances of the night.
    Joey is great.
    Jax has got an annoying personality
    Qaasim, I’m glad he’s still here.
    Quentin, Clark, Joey. Honorable mention to Adanna

  27. JMay says:

    To me Quentin’s version sounded a little bit like Queen’s Who Wants to Live Forever. A B+ for Joey, Michael, really? C’mon. Jax sounded really sweet and very un-Adam Sanderlish; a good thing. Finally, whoever let Daniel sing Lost Stars should be fired. In the hands of Adam Levine (or even Kiera Knightly) that song is sublime, but with Daniel, eh, not so much.

  28. Sarah says:

    I think that based on pure vocal ability, Qaasim is the weakest of the group (besides Daniel of course, but who knows how long we’ll be stuck with him). Qaasim is just such an entertaining performer that it’s easy to like him. I’m sad that Sarina was denied the save, I think she deserves another chance more than Qassim. It is nice, though, to have the save off the table so early in the season.
    I thought Adana was really good (better than Slezack’s “B” grade), as well as Clark, Joey, and Quentin.
    I loved one of Rayvon’s performances in Hollywood week and I’m waiting for him get back to that level of quality.
    I love Tyanna, though Jennifer Hudson is definitely still the queen of that song!

  29. BobL says:

    A lot of other people have said this already, but, wow, what a ridiculous use of the save tonight. They had a fine opportunity to get rid of the worst singer on the show–yes, he is FAR worse than Daniel–and they shockingly and mysteriously passed. To me it’s just mind-blowing. I’m almost ready to give up on the show. Qaasim seems like a decent guy, very supportive of his competitors and all, but based on singing alone, he should never even have been sent to Hollywood. I probably won’t really give up until Joey is sent packing. She, by herself, is worth tuning in for.

  30. danin says:

    Clark-A-, Jax&Quentin&Joey-B,Adana&Rayvon-C, Tyana-C-, Maddie&Nick-C+, Daniel-D,QuassimD+.

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  32. lbc says:

    Quentin must like Chanel No. 5

  33. kevstar says:

    A for Joey. She’s giving us Gaga at the Oscars, making naysayers eat their words. She gave up the quirk and gave us VOCALS. She’s on a roll, two weeks in a row.

    • Runner says:

      She is beautiful. However, I don’t think she’s given up quirk. I think she just elevated it to the next level. It’s pretty amazing to watch so much growth in such a short time.

      • bobsaccamanna says:

        This notion that an artist can’t perform a certain song on Idol because of someone’s past iconic performance is ridiculous. Adam’s version was fantastic and Joey’s completely different take on it was very good, and a smart choice for her because it showed a different side of her vocals. As long as she remains on the show I will remain interested, as far as everyone else, depressingly mediocre to downright terrible(Maddie, Daniel Qaasim). As a life long since season one fan, I have to say, that may have been the single worse episode of Idol I can remember, played out tired theme, awful song choices, and some very bad performances from even some of the favorites, shocked that Tyanna was so bad. I mean if you look at the big picture right now Joey is probably the front runner.

        • as says:

          I tried to watch again last night, but honestly after a few bars of each song I knew the performances (as even the judges said were MEDIOCRE) Clark’s was a standout vocal. Joey delivered a sincere vocal….the rest were somewhere between ‘so what’ and awful . Shocked by Michael Slezak’s inflated grades. Jax brought tears to his eyes…the greatest emotion she showed was fear that she would be sent home…..I just don’t get her…she’s too affected and it all seems calculated….beyond that, her voice is just breathy. The save was the worst….that was just scarey screamy shouty…turned it off. The band overpowers them all and the stage swallows them all up….Joey and Clark had minimalist arrangements….they were the best.

      • Jill Moy says:

        Joey beautiful???? Are you a member of The Institute Of The Blind?

  34. karenb says:

    Was it just me or did Daniel look freaked out early in the song? Like he knew he was screwing up and that it sounded terrible?? I’ll have to rewatch it. The wine may have been kicking in by then. Yes, I know he was only the 2nd contestant to perform lol

    • Hayder B. Hayden says:

      Daniel almost made my ears bleed. And not in a good way.

      • bobsaccamanna says:

        LOL Hayden, is there a good way for ears to bleed. You’re absolutely right though, from the opening note I was cringing, and it only got worse from there. This is all on the three judges IMO, they had to know he was not ready for this kind of competition, but they also had to know that once he made it to the voting rounds, he was going to get saved each week by the same Children of the Corn voters who saved Sam last year week after week. I mean compared to Daniel, Sam seems like Damien Rice.

    • car724 says:

      I thought that too! He was kinda like “oh crap” lol.

  35. irish1139 says:

    Thank the universe that Qaasim was saved. When Daniel made it, I knew someone who should be there would be going home. Harry came through, however, and announced that the only contestant who has brought rock, fun and life to the stage on AI was saved. Not that Qaasim’s voice is the greatest, but so far he has been the only real entertainer in the bunch. Even the few with fairly decent voices are boring. Why? I thought they were going to look for more seasoned contestants to be part of Idol this year. This may be my last year of watching this show.

  36. JM says:

    Tonight just didn’t work for me on many levels. The song choices – ‘Come Together’ again??? The vocals – almost everyone hit some bad notes, and I wouldn’t have given anyone an ‘A’ grade tonight. The critique – ‘Were we listening to the same performances, judges? Did you really just throw Quentin under the bus while calling Daniel ‘cute’? The save for THAT performance??? Still, as someone pointed out, it’s good for the tour, because if nothing else, Qaasim IS a good performer. Ah well, maybe next week will be better…

  37. Summer says:

    I’m saddened by this years contestants. It is the worst! I like all the Judges, but they did not do a very good job choosing contestants this year!

    • Meme says:

      I agree with your comment. I look for talent all the time in my job and there is so much out there that needs to be heard. Why are there not Kelly’s and Carrie’s coming forth?!

    • Gailer says:

      Exactly! What is going on with the people they are choosing? I love the judges, but they have to go!

  38. Sburg says:

    The judges save should not have been used tonight. I did not enjoy Quassim’s performance. It was all over the place…so I guess you have to be radical and knock over a couple of mics and go gangster on the judges to get a Save,, huh? If Daniel does not leave next week i am not watching this show. Yes, he is a cutie and there is a voice somewhere in that little body of his but it’s not fully developed yet. Shame, on TPTB on Idol who’s using this kid for ratings! Not good at all! Really did not enjoy too many of the songs tonight. Nor did I enjoy the criticisms of the judges on Rayvon’s and Quentin’s performances (cough)….talking to you Mr. Connick). I thought they both did better than last week and put a different spin on the songs they were given.

  39. Meme says:

    Clark was the only one who brought a sincere performance tonight. He stepped up to the number 1 spot for me.

    • margi209 says:

      I loved Clark’s performance tonight. At the end, a Simon Cowell comment came to me–it’s like we just stepped out of karaoke hell. I thought it was the best performance of the night.

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  41. Tye says:

    As imperfect as Maddie’s performance was, I felt that her pitch was more consistent than it was last week. She is growing, unlike several other contestants who started out strong, but are plummeting. American Idol is supposed to help aspiring singers progress into stars. Maddie is one of the few contestants who is truly benefitting from being in this competition, and you think she deserves to go home? I felt that she gave a stronger performance tonight than Daniel (obviously), but also Rayvon and Tyanna. I’m not even a real Maddie fan, but it just seems like she’s being criticized very harshly when she’s one of the few who is showing improvement.

  42. lbc says:

    Didn’t American Idol use to take the hopefuls and set them up in a mansion to make them feel like stars? Now they treat them like contestants on The Price Is Right.

    It just makes me angry watching them on display for the entire show until they are called up to perform on a stage that was remodeled to make the judges’ table its focal point. It is worse than last year when the producers had Ryan shove a microphone in their face and interview them as they were taking the stage. I feel this is sabotaging many of the performances. I don’t think Idol can produce a star under these conditions.

  43. tealeaves says:

    I thought it was a great use of the save. It’s a save performance I will remember for a long time. It was a lot of fun. He really fought for it. That is good enough for me. I don’t think it was time for him to go. If they had not used it, it would be hard to justify using it in another few weeks for a lack luster performance from a favored contestant.

    My favorites of the night were Clark, Jax, and Quentin. Joey was really good but I wish she had picked a different song or done something different with it. So it did not have as much impact as it might have.

    • Jill Moy says:


      He fought for the save??????? How is that? He ran around the place, made crazy faces and sang horribly! With that performance, no save should have been exercised! And Idiot Harry calls that THE PERFORMANCE OF THE NIGHT? HE NEEDS SOME HEAVY DUTY THERAPY!

  44. Kim Moores says:

    We can all safely agree that Harry was thoroughly out of line with the way he came down on Quentin for one of the best performances of the night…right?
    I do not like Jax anymore, her pre-performance video killed me with annoyance and the pressing amount of quirk in her voice while singing was irritable. She want’s to be Joey so bad.
    Joey was great.
    Tyanna just got shafted cause the judges saved Qaasim on her worst night. This is just great, if she goes home I’ll be livid.
    Daniel is an abomination.

    • Sid Neeto says:

      Agee with much of your comment. Jax did a poor Joey performance tonight,. I fell like she’s an opportunist who has no real sense of who she is. Quentin was amazing. I don’t know what Harry is hearing when he talks about “intonation.” Quentin Clark and Joey are the three real artists, in my book.

  45. Allie says:

    Quentin, Clark and Joey should ALL be rated several points above Jax. Sorry but it needs to be said. Lol

    • Timmah says:

      Those were my top 3 as well. I want to like Jax, but that “aren’t I great” look on her face while she’s singing really annoys me. And her performance really wasn’t all that great when it comes down to it.

  46. Jill Moy says:

    Darn it…Why couldn’t JLO hit her head like she did on “I LUH YA PAPI?” PLEASING VOCAL IT WASN’T!

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  48. I get you guys thinking it was right to use the save since we still have undercooked contestants like Daniel and Maddie on the competition..But two things: Double elimination next week/ this two already made over best talent because they don´t split votes. So, I wouldnt be as sure as you and the judges on call Tyanna 100% safe despiste her worst performance(her first misstep) for example. We saw the save being used this earlie in the competition on season 10 and look a what happened after. This season with limited votes/not very invested fans voting? Anything can happen (apart from Clark not taking the crown at the end).

    • tealeaves says:

      I am worried about Tyana. She has been so good every other time we have heard here. It makes me wonder if she was pushed into a diva song when she usually has more nuance in her vocals.

      • Smokey says:

        Tyanna may have lost a little ground tonight from last week, where most surveys had her in the top 2. ………..

        Thing is, for the more lively, happy, upbeat or attention-getting quirky performances — they have Tyanna, Qaasim, Joey. ………………….
        When Tyanna moves toward the big sweeping Ballads, she is also taking-on Adanna. And there are not enough votes when split-around between those happy/upbeat and big ballad catagories to put everybody through into the top 4…………… I see Maddie as on more her own, her fans mostly vote for her and may favor Country, even though she gets off into Pop sometimes, and don’t split votes much. ……… Jax the same, her fans mostly don’t split much for anyone else…..I do think Maddie will likely go before Tyanna will though…….. Quentin seems to be developing his own type of niche as well.

        • Ginger Snap says:

          You know, there’s no vote splitting at this point. You vote 20 times for as many singers as you want. You don’t have t choose between Joey and Jax or Adanna and Tyanna.

          I simply vote for one the ones I want to see next week. Last year, I voted for same 5 people every week. This year, there’s a big drop off between the top 3 and the rest. I have 5 people in mind. As as they make it through, I am happy

  49. MB says:

    Quentin, nice touch bringin a little Lo Fang to the table tonight.

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