Preview: Arrow's Answer to the Offer Is Near — and Yes, Felicity's a Factor

Arrow Season 3 Spoilers

When Arrow returns this Wednesday (The CW, 8/7c), Oliver’s response to Ra’s al Ghul’s offer that the archer replace him as the leader of the League of Assassins will be not unlike that of viewers: “Confusion. Interest. And pondering,” star Stephen Amell previews.

After that, he’ll soon make his choice, which will be impacted by a certain blonde’s recent change in romantic status.

But first, Oliver’s friends and family will weigh in with their own highly emotional opinions after they learn of the baddie’s proposal.

“The entire team is shocked and can’t believe it,” co-star Colton Haynes says. Their outraged reaction is not unjustified, given that “Oliver keeps going and leaving us and saying he’s going to come back and we don’t really know if he is going to come back.”

One member of Team Arrow has a particularly hard time dealing with the news. “It’s really worrisome for Felicity because she loves him,” Haynes shares. “She’s torn between him and Ray.”

But what seems like a no-brainer, must-decline offer is actually not so straightforward for Starling City’s hero.

“Diggle and Felicity probably have the most uniform reaction, which is, ‘Well, of course you’re going to say no,’ and Oliver’s got some reasons to say, ‘Yes,'” executive producer Marc Guggenheim adds. “What seemed to be a crazy, out-of-the-blue offer, by the end of the first act of [Episode] 16, actually starts to feel like it might not be a bad idea. So Oliver’s going to really wrestle with that.”

We’ll know by the end of this week’s hour whether Oliver accepts or rejects Ra’s al Ghul’s proposition, the EP promises. “It might surprise you,” Guggenheim teases. “Certainly, his decision-making process might surprise you. And I’d be lying if I said Felicity and Ray sleeping together in [Episode] 15 doesn’t factor into that decision.”

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  1. Lysh says:

    I keep thinking (the highly anticipated) Diggle’s wedding is this week, but they still have this offer to deal with. Which I’m not 100% into yet, so hopefully it gets interesting.

    • Sarah T says:

      I agree. I keep thinking it’s Digg’s wedding too and then I realize we have “the decision” to contend with. Could be good. I’ve found this season a bit lack luster but not awful. I think this season is indicative of where Oliver is in his life, confused on who to be, the Arrow or Oliver? He doesn’t see a way to balance both so that’s why there’s always such a big swing there. Looking forward to the last few episodes!

  2. xomareen says:

    I still love Arrow very much, but I just don’t give a damn about Olicity. I really liked them most of season 2 but it’s just too much of a focus now.
    Wondering where they are gonna go with this.

    • kath says:

      The problem with Olicity this season is that it’s been all angst and sadness, none of the fun of previous seasons.
      People who don’t like Olicity don’t like it; people who do like Olicity don’t like it.
      I think the only one who does like Olicity this season is Mark Guggenheim.

      • Dmac says:

        I think Mark Guggenheim likes Felicity. They way he talks about her character I wouldn’t be surprised if she walks on water this season.

      • Kay says:

        That’s how I would describe it. I love Olicity but I hate the angst. It’s not right for those two. They were never angsty. Angsty was Lauriver’s thing. Olicity was light and refreshing. That’s why I’m not enjoying what they’ve done to them. The sooner they get back to what they were before, the better.

        • VanLicity says:

          Exactly. Good comments. The whole season is off in a number of ways. Not only is the relationship not working, their friendship is even strained, if not also done. I don’t know what they are doing with Felicity, quite honestly. Either they are writing her as starting a relationship with Ray because she is “rebounding” or hurt & angry at Oliver…or both. Or they are writing her as really caring for Ray Palmer. Either of those has it’s problems in my opinion. It hasn’t been all that long ago that she was in love with Oliver and worried to death about him. Yet she is written as apparently developing “feelings” for Ray at that exact same time. Something doesn’t jive with that.

          If it turns out that she is just upset with Oliver and is actually rebounding, and thereby getting with Ray because of it, then that also seems to be unlike something that the Felicity we’ve come to know, would do. As if she doesn’t know what she really wants. I have trouble with them writing her character in that way. That is just me. I just don’t see her acting in that way..for those reasons. I would rather think that she does have some feelings for Ray. That is how I justify her actions with Ray. :) As I said either way they take it has it’s problems.

          • dogdaysooner says:

            I can’t stand what they are doing to her character or all the negativity and unhappiness that the series seems to be embracing with the Oliver character they couldn’t even have a decent reunion episode after Oliver came back from the dead because if Oliver and Felicity had a heartfelt reunion how could they justify her having sex with stalker boy a couple of episodes later. Mark Guggenheim is the only one loving this pretend triangle he’s created most of the Arrow fans hate it and hate the stupid angst they have going on. Now during the Diggle wedding episode they are going to have ray officiating what the heck is that about he’s a billionaire/superhero/wedding coordinator. the ray character has had no scenes with any of the other Arrow characters except the first show when he stole Oliver’s company and yet he’s going to be in the wedding episode which is going to be to stupid to watch.

      • Fiona says:

        Couldn’t have said it better!

  3. BeckyBoo says:

    They’ve done a pretty great job of isolating Oliver from his friends and team this season – it’s no wonder he’s tempted by the offer, considering how harsh and snarky his ‘team mates’ have been since he came back from, you know, being horrifically wounded.

    I’m cautiously excited for the upcoming epsiodes, but this season has been a bit of a slog since the Winter finale. Fingers crossed it picks up significantly in this last run of episodes of the season.

    I’m looking forward to Oliver and Felicity actually communicating without snark again, and seeing a return of the sizzling chemistry that hasn’t been displayed enough this season.

    • Dmac says:

      Exactly, if I hear anyone from his team start lecturing him again I am going to start throwing things at my TV. They act like Oliver was out sipping Mai Tai’s at the beach with Ra’s, instead of I don’t dying…Not that any of them but Diggle would know because not one of them bothered to ask him what happened the month he was gone.

      All of them act like they have became a fighting machine in his absense and don’t need him anymore.

      • VanLicity says:

        Dmac, this is exactly right. The whole team has been off this season…and especially during that moment. I just don’t see those guys acting that way to Oliver after being on their own for a few weeks. It’s not believable to me…and many others as well. Felicity told him he couldn’t judge their decisions, yet her and the team did just that about HIS decision to work with Meryln. It just seems off and unlike what the team would do.

        The man had about 8 years of experience making decisions. Nearly three of them in Starling City as the Arrow. I didn’t like the Mutiny on the Bounty imitation during that episode. I hope the show runners find their way back to what was working. Otherwise we’re in for a whole lot of misery. It’s gets tough watching a show under these circumstances. It is depressing and not at all fun.

        • TA says:

          I have decided to stop watching…the writing is crap, the characters are all unlikeable except for Diggle and Lila. Sticking to canon instead of embracing city as blk canary was a huge mistake as Laurel makes me fast forward and feel disgust and boredom equally. Felicity now being dumb….any billionaire will do apparently…just killed it dead for me. I don’t know how they could make me give a da,n about Oliver, Felicity or Thea ( what happened to her darkness arc with Merlin?) against I am done. It takes a lot to turn me off a show too.

          • Marilyn says:

            I am with you. The whole focus on Felicity and Oliver is so forced, and boring. She was an interesting character but now she is just annoying. My finger is in on the fast fwd for most of the show. Done. Thank goodness there is the Flash

    • Fiona says:

      Here, Here! Talk please!!!!

  4. wonderwall says:

    I’m just waiting for this stupid storyline to end. Sorry, but this season has been a mess in terms of structure and believability. I hope next season, the writers write for character more than for plot which is where a lot of the shows issues at the moment stem from. But that’s just my opinion.

  5. Chay says:

    As interesting as it would be for Oliver to accept this offer I’m hoping he says no because he’s a true hero and I’m counting on him to not make a deal with the Devil, so to speak. I’m a huge Olicity fan so I’m also rooting for some precious Olicity moments sprinkled throughout the episode. I’m happy Colton confirms what we all know which is that Felicity loves Oliver and so I hope to see that vocalized at some point this season and I’m longing for the time she’s clear in her expressions of her love for him and I need to see her have that realization that she’s crazy for him not just caring deeply for a good friend.

    • Ab1973 says:

      She loves him so much she slept with some other guy?

      • Sara says:

        Because he chose the arrow over her when she told him I don’t want to be a woman that you love. Ray is a temporary distraction for her emotions.

        • Ab1973 says:

          I don’t see how that makes her look particularly good. Having a hissy fit at one guy because she doesn’t think he listens to her enough, so she’s going to use another guy for sex or revenge or whatever. Blecch. Between that and all the glaring and bitching and building a voice modulator to fool Quentin into thinking his daughter was still alive (entirely needlessly) and crapping on Sara, I’m not at all surprised that a lot of people don’t care for her anymore. Terrible writing.

          • Rashell says:

            Right, because women should only have sex when they’re madly in love. To use sex as an outlet for other needs or wants is something only men should do. I despise attitudes like this. It’s completely ridiculous. Women are just as entitled to have sex with a willing partner for any reason they want. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with it. Felicity is not in a committed relationship with anyone. She is not cheating or lying to anyone. She looks GREAT!

            As for fooling Lance, lets lay that blame where it really belongs. At the feet of his other daughter. Laurel made that choice, and the team merely tried to support her poor decision.

            As for “a lot” of people not caring for her anymore, if it makes you feel better to think so go with it. I’m pretty sure that Felicity’s popularity isn’t suffering.

          • s7w6 says:

            Ok Rashell – let’s just have think on that statement shall we? Let’s switch things around. Let’s say that it was Felicity who told Oliver that she loved him and it was Oliver that went running off to sleep with the next thing available to him – what would you be saying then? I’m pretty sure that EVERYONE in the Olicity camp would be yelling blue blooming murder and hating on Oliver – how am I so sure? Well, cause that’s what happened last year when he slept with Sara and that was without Felicity even telling him that she loved him, just her giving the impression that she had feelings for him. You want true feminism? Then you can’t have double standards – if it’s not ok for the guy to do it, it’s not ok for the lady and vice versa. It isn’t about whether or not a woman can have sex with whom ever she wants for whatever reason -she can, doesn’t make it a good decision, and if when men do it we judge them and call them all sorts of things (men might not, but women do), if women are then ok with a woman doing the same thing, that’s double standards. And that gives us all a bad rap cause it lends fuel to misogynists out there who say that we are all just hypocrites. And, I’m sorry, but how is it healthy for her to do this? How is it going to be nourishing for her as Reckards put it? How can ANY relationship that you start with one person while you still have unresolved feelings for another person be healthy and honest and open and lead to ANYTHING else other than pain for you and the poor person you get into said relationship with? The healthy, strong, honest thing to do in that situation is resolve those feelings one way or another before you drag some poor other soul into your emotional mess, and there is no way you can argue that Felicity has – all she did was say something that she must have known would be beyond hurtful (to be frank, it was a hateful thing to say she didn’t want to be loved by him) to Oliver, she hasn’t said what she feels to anyone let alone Oliver, other than she doesn’t want maybes dangled – that’s not a confirmation of anything other than you give me your all first and then I’ll decide if I’m going to give you anything: that’s called fear. I can’t stand the Ray Palmer character, but how can Felicity starting something with him while she is supposedly (I say supposedly cause as of yet she hasn’t said it unlike Oliver who has at least had the guts to do that, other people have which I also don’t like because that is disenfranchising Felicity and her right to decide what she feels or doesn’t feel) in love with Oliver? Let alone if it is fair to herself or Oliver. It is a dumb, bad decision which characters are allowed to make, but for pity’s sake let’s not justify it with ‘a woman can sleep with whoever she likes if she is single’ and let’s show it being a bad decision and write/build it up better unlike what they have been doing all this season. This season Felicity Smoak has been used to drive the plot – they have written her character to fit the plot points they have wanted to bring in and that is a HUGE disrespect to the character and is typical of tv shows – though it does happen to male characters it is without doubt more often done to female characters just showing the lack of respect overall. And the tumblr section of the fandom are almost as guilty as TPTB in this respect (they have totally mary sued her) because instead of breaking down Guggenheim’s tumblr page with rage, they keep telling him what he wants to hear – that they are behind Felicity and love her etc instead of saying how much they hate the fact that yet again another strong female character has been dis-empowered and disenfranchised just to prop up a spin off MALE character and to bring in a teen-angst, forced love triangle because you can’t have two people be in love and still have troubles without there being a third wheel can you?! But make no mistake, if you think that Felicity Smoak is as popular as she was last season, think again. Her character is becoming more and more divisive with every episode which a year ago would have seemed impossible – she was as close to universally loved as a tv character can be last year this time. She isn’t now – heck, even on tumblr she is starting to get flack. And she is just ONE of the problems of season 3 and if TPTB don’t realise the problems and the concerns of a growing percentage of the fans, if they don’t realise that though they may not have lost viewer numbers on the whole, they basically have just stagnated which is just as bad for a show, if the only part of the fandom they pay attention to is the majority of the tumblr crowd they will be in for a nasty shock. If the spoilers are anywhere near accurate they will not have enough episodes left to fix all the problems they have made, at least not in any believable manner. I mean, even a very large portion of the comic fans are fed up with it at the moment and that is saying something. If they carry on like that, they won’t get a season 5.

      • kath says:

        Only after he told her three times he could never be with her, shut her out of any conversations about what’s going on with them, and went off to die for the second time.

        There comes a point at which you’ve been rejected so many times, you just can’t keep going back for more.

        • Dmac says:

          Umm, I think she was the one who did that, he tried several times to talk to her and she blew him off.

          I for one am getting tired of the Felicity’s constant nagging and lecturing of Oliver and her snarky attitude towards him. She is suppose to be in love with him and yet she never asked him what happened while he was gone for a month. She actually was mad because he never called her even after he explained why he couldn’t call. I use to adore her character and now she is acting so out of character that is getting annoying. If she wants to sleep with Ray, great go for it, but quite lecturing Oliver it is getting annoying.

          She use to be such a popular character and now when you go one comment sections like this one it seems like her character seems to be grating on a lot of peoples nerves which is sad.

          • Sara says:

            You might thing of it as lecturing but it is her reminding him of who he is and not compromising his ethics. Look what teaming up with Merlyn has caused thus far. Felicity is his light in times of darkness but he still needs to let himself accept it.

          • kath says:

            They have been writing Felicity as nagging for the drahmah. I’m tired of it.
            She didn’t ask what happened to him that month because as soon as he got back, he shut her out again. He told her he was going to work with Malcolm Merlyn and then accused her of being angry because he again refused to be with her. Well, duh. Who wouldn’t be angry?
            She wasn’t made because he didn’t call her, she was mad because he was throwing away all his principles to team up with Malcolm Merlyn. And because she had dreams of them being together which he shot down yet again.

          • Kim&Bey says:

            I have liked Felicity and Oliver as separate characters but I’m not fan of Olicity. Before this whole ‘the woman I love’ drama they were a great team who worked well together and best of all Felicity knew her boundaries and even though she might not have agreed with some of Oliver’s decisions, she respected them and went along anyway; she did not throw hissy fits or unnecessary emotional tantrums at Oliver like she does now.
            If anything the pairing of Olicity has ruined the great functional r/ship Felicity & Oliver had. Now Felicity thinks she has the right to undermine Oliver at every turn and how dare she allows Roy to stand up to Oliver about Thea. That infuriated me.

          • s7w6 says:

            I’m with you on how tiring her character has become – she is season’s 3 equivalent to Laurel of season 2 and it is just depressing and really bad writing and just ridiculous that everyone keeps saying that Oliver has pushed her away – um, he has told her 3 times he loves her, has she said anything even remotely similar? No, she just sulks and stomps off without talking/arguing or anything just cause she doesn’t get things her way cause she is of course ALWAYS right – please, pull the other one. Just such rubbish.

          • kath says:

            @s7w6 Felicity did tell Oliver how she feels — she told him that while he was gone she had dreams about them being together. And then he told her for the FOURTH time that he can’t be with her.
            She’s been sitting around waiting for him since the season premier. The only reason they’re not together is because Oliver refuses to.

  6. Nicky says:

    I thought that Oliver would take more time to decide, considering how ep. 17 is Diggle and Lyla’s wedding and Oliver is their best man. But Guggenheim’s words about Felicity sleeping with Ray affecting his decision sounds like he might take it? Or the opposite? I don’t know. It’s funny though how some say that Olicity is “ruining the show” while they’ve barely had any scenes together where they were under the same terms, or any scenes /at all/ compared to seasons 1-2. Basically what’s “ruining” it is them NOT being together. So I hope they make up soon. In the end of the day, they were friends and loved each other before they fell in love with each other. By the time Oliver’s emotions start coming out regarding everything, I believe they’ll find their common thread again.

    • Drew says:

      What’s ruining them is the fact that the romance element now dominates their screen time. Before that was an issue, they could have nice interaction with each other. Now if they’re on screen together, it’s like there is a hundred pounds of extra weight holding them down.

      • Sara says:

        It’s not the romance element it’s the lack of it…go back to 3×01 when they were in good terms. That episode is still highly rated. I’m just waiting for 3×20 because thats Amells fav episode coming up

      • wonderwall says:

        Sometimes I feel like there’s no time on this show to explore their changing dynamic… In fact, there isn’t much time for anything because they’re tackling like 5000000 things at the same time. In turn every storyline suffers.

        • Joanna says:

          I completely agree! They haven’t been able to tackle Oliver’s PTSD or the team’s dynamic at all this season

          • Fiona says:

            Exactly! Too much going on this season and as result every aspect is suffering. This is also affecting the show’s pacing which was too slow in some episodes and way too glossed over/fast in others. Timing is everything!

  7. GildedRose says:

    Well about darn time. Come on, Arrow, let’s get this Oliver/Felicity romance moving in the right direction and push these two back together.

    • GildedRose says:

      Oops, I forgot to add: I want to start hearing Felicity voice her feelings for Oliver and I definitely am ready for Oliver to start fighting for her instead of walking away or pushing her away. Love these two.

  8. GirlvsTV says:

    Ugh. I hate this R’as storyline with the fire of a thousand suns. I’m sorry, but no way have they built up a situation where Oliver should be tempted by this. Just a few episodes ago he was promising Starling City he wouldn’t leave them again? It makes me sad to see one of my favorite tv characters become a victim of plot-first writing. Do these writers even care about story continuity at all?

    And double-bleh to throwing the Ray/Felicity stuff in. One of the things I always really enjoyed about Olicity was how adult the relationship was, if those two had issues they discussed them like grown ups. It was refreshing. Hate this juvenile love triangle BS they are piling on now. Oliver and Felicity had enough internal obstacles without throwing Ray into the mix.

    • Fiona says:

      Yup. I think everyone can agree that this season’s woes are too many convoluted ill-planned plot lines that have warped our beloved characters into something almost un-recognizable and that’s what everyone is missing. Please Arrow writers, remember this seasons mistakes and that we’re tuned in for the characters not just shock & awe plots.

  9. Kate says:

    I hope we finally get to see Oliver and Felicity really talk. No dropping truth bombs and walking away, but actual conversations like they used to have. I need to see Oliver fight to be with Felicity, instead of pushing her farther away. I also hope we get to hear what Felicity thinks and feels about Oliver. I’m looking at the number of episodes left and really hoping they start making their way back toward each other soon.

  10. cholitau says:

    Oh, Oliver! Can i hug you and tell you everything will be OK? Oliver needs to realize that he’s got the full love and support of his team, that he can rely on them, and stop pushing Felicity away and start fighting for her, work with her and the team. Things don’t go well when he does the opposite. Olicity and Team Arrow can face it all!

    • fedupfeminst says:

      Why shouldn’t Felicity start fighting for him? Because she isn’t, she’s just giving up on him. Who has been the one walking away in the hospital and the alley? Not Oliver, Felicity. Why can’t women fight for the men they love even if that means fighting those men themselves? It is such a Snow White Syndrome to expect the man to do all the work. And here is the thing, Oliver has PTSD, the fact that he said he loves her, that may not be him running towards her, but that is for a PTSD sufferer and one with Survivors Guilt on top of that, that is fighting for her, maybe not in the way a healthy individual would, but that is fighting for her the only way he is capable of doing so – he may not be running towards her, but he equally isn’t running away – I can’t be with you, but I can’t not say I love you – what he needs, what Felicity should be doing IF she REALLY loved him, is to help him, go stand next to him and help him fight the demons in his head and help coax him forward with baby steps if need be and to fight him to do so if need be, but to turn around and walk away cause he ‘isn’t giving her everything SHE needs’? When did love become SO selfish? Oliver is trying the best he can with what he has going on that head of his, she isn’t. She’s just running away or worse, FAR worse like she did in that alley way telling him that all those demons in his head are right. He is a monster who doesn’t deserve to be loved, who can’t be loved, who is irredeemable. How is that loving someone, to do that to them? How does that make her strong? It makes her weak cause she keeps choosing the easy way. The hard way would be to fight Oliver on it, but she doesn’t. She just stomps off. And I’m sorry, but if you love someone, unless they are truly unhealthy for you or abusive, you fight for them, you don’t think about yourself and your needs, you think about them and yours. People may think Oliver is being selfish, but he is fighting for her (by not running away), and equally he is thinking about her first and what is best for her and since he sees himself as this monster (he blames himself for BOTH of his parent’s deaths which is absurd cause neither was his fault and I did not like it that Thea just stood there and let him say that and didn’t contradict him on it) he thinks what is best for her is to not be with him. But all Felicity is doing is thinking about herself and it’s cowardly of her and selfish and it definitely is not her being strong or something that people should be celebrating. Of course, if you think that Oliver is abusive towards her or unhealthy for her which I don’t doubt some people will, then sure, have her walk away. But if that is the case, then why ship her with Oliver in the first case?

  11. Trish says:

    I’m glad Original Team Arrow continues to be the driving force fighting for Oliver’s humanity and trying to help him while reminding him of who he has become since his return to Starling City. I need Oliver and Felicity to work things out. I’m rooting for these two.They’ve always had one another’s back and let’s not forget that they’re friends first. I’m hoping we’ll get to enjoy a glimpse at Diggle’s wedding of the Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity dynamic that’s been sorely missed in season 3. The light moments, the smiles, the laughter, and the sense of family. I plan to tune into that episode anticipating it.

  12. suzyque says:

    I’m glad he mentioned that Oliver keeps leaving and coming back and then leaving again. Someone needs to call him on this, especially after his big speech in the Glades about how he’ll never abandon them again.

    I hope they let Oliver lead the League, at least for a few episodes. It’s like on Angel when the good guys took over Wolfram & Hart. I don’t think he’ll stick with it though, since his journey this season is about holding onto his humanity/the Oliver Queen side of himself, instead of continuing to hide behind a mask (or a new title).

  13. Tiffany says:

    I just really hope they return Felicity to that quirky character we all knew and love from the previous seasons.. I understand her character has matured since being apart of Team Arrow, and she’ll never be that naive It girl, but to be honest that made up a large part of her charm for me.. I detest this knew hypocritical, preachy, flaky Felicity.. It’s like they’re making her the new Laurel , where as the actual Laurel has grown in maturity, and even been empowered by all the tragedy she’s had to face.. Felicity hooking up with Ray was really the last i could take.. How in the world is she going to give Oliver crap over his lifestyle, and the danger he puts himself in, only to start romantically seeing a man who willingly engages in the same lifestyle.?.
    I just feel after all her talk of integrity etc Why does she feel the need to find another man to replace the one she can’t be with.. It’s not the felicity i recognize..

    • Joanna says:

      C’mon now, I understand why you might feel this way, but in this season, Oliver gave her hope of finally being open to her then took it away. Then he kept dangling maybes even though she asked him to stop. But she never actually gave up until he came back from the DEAD, and didn’t even gave them one night off before going straight into Arrow business. That’s why she finally said she didn’t want to be someone he loved.
      Not only that, but she also lost Sara and her first love came back and used something SHE created to hurt people.

    • fedupfeminst says:

      Here here Tiffany – Felicity 3.0 is just not the character that she was in S1&2 and it is depressing that so many people are defending her, the choices she is making and the way the show is writing her since they’ll never fix it if all they hear is yay. And the show is suffering because of it. I’m at the point where I actually can not stand this Felicity and I actually find myself liking Laurel occasionally which is just ridiculous!! If I was a bit more cynical I would say that the show has done it on purpose to be able to bring back Laureliver in season 4 and to start killing of the cult of Felicity Smoak that has developed.

  14. kath says:

    This season they broke apart what I watched the show for, the Oliver/Diggle/Felicity team, which was the heart of the show, to focus on other characters like Ray and Laurel and it’s been a huge disappointment for me.
    I hung in, hoping the show would get back to that again, as Oliver said at the end of last season.
    This “teaser” sounds like Felicity sleeping with Ray after Oliver has pushed her away again and again last season, is going to be what causes him to accept Ra’s offer.

    No thanks. Keep your idiot Oliver and your Black Canary and Atom and ridiculous Ra’s. I have no interest in any of this.

    • Joanna says:

      Why can’t they realize the best thing about this show is the original Team Arrow and actually focus on it?

  15. Sarah says:

    If Oliver accepts Ra’s offer because Felicity is with Ray it really will be the final nail in the “jesus this ship is the worst” coffin for me. Ugh. I’m ready for Olicity to happen already so it can end for real. Shipping nonsense aside, I’m pretty excited for everything else, especially some Diggle. He’s been slowly losing focus since season 2 and this season has been particularly bad for fans of his.

    • wonderwall says:

      Speaking as someone who isn’t an advocate of the direction O/F have been taken this season, I think MG just worded the “O accepts R’s offer because Felicity is with Ray” poorly. I think it will have to do with a myriad of things and not just Felicity.

      His decision is based solely on the fact that he’s been so isolated after coming back from the ‘dead’. Felicity has someone else. Thea has Roy. Digg has his family. Laurel is off in her own world. The team doesn’t need him to lead anymore. He doesn’t seem to be needed as the Arrow because of the new masks. Not to mention Quentin and the whole police force will be against him… Oliver feels like he’s become obsolete. And it isn’t just because of his relationship with Felicity.

      Honestly, MG gives poor interviews sometimes.

  16. Dave says:

    Please dont turn it into Angel season 5 where he joined hoping to destroy the league from within

  17. Maxine says:

    I know that Felicity hasn’t been as much fun this season, but I don’t get all the people hating on her in the comments section of every article. NO ONE has been fun this season. The entire mess has been an angst-ridden drag, for every character involved, not just Felicity. I want to see Laurel start to have some fun being the Black Canary, I want the witty banter Team Arrow used to have; I just want the show to lose its “funeral march” atmosphere for one second so we can sit back and enjoy the way we did in season 2.

    The love triangle business with Oliver / Felicity / Ray is contrived nonsense, but then again I’m not surprised they went this route because at the end of the day, it’s a CW show. I like Ray as a character, but I don’t like that he’s being used as a prod for Oliver’s omnipresent man-pain. Let Ray do his own thing without having to deal with a sub-par romance plotline! And for all the Olicity shippers out there, relax about Felicity and Ray. He’s gonna be leaving to join a new show, so he won’t be in the picture for long. Oliver slept with everything that had a pulse in season 2 and no one blinked an eye; let Felicity get some while she can.

    • Ab1973 says:

      Felicity is definitely not the only one who’s awful now. IMO everyone is awful this season, except Roy, Thea now that she’s ditching her psycho biodad, and probably Laurel, who at least has a point to her existence. Even Diggle is weirdly letting newbies in the field while he hangs out as second on comms. Oliver’s just unbearably stupid and pathetic now, and the show is zero fun. But, ratings are good, so this is probably the new normal for the show.

      • wonderwall says:

        I think this is what happens when the show writes for plot and not character. MG said they get a lot of mileage from making Oliver act stupid and it just makes me want to shake my head so much.

        • Fiona says:

          Right – even at PaleyFest, SA said “there’s only so long he can stare out the window broodingly” , “don’t talk to me”!!! I think he’s a little fed up with it too. Unfortunately, the EPs seem to think “he still has a little more in him”! It’s unfortunate, but because we keep waiting for the show to improve this season, even tho we’re all frustrated and pissed off, we’re making the ratings look good… so this will continue so long as we all tune in…

      • fedupfeminst says:

        Ratings aren’t that good – there has only been a marginal improvement on last season – about 250 000 people at most. The Flash is kicking Arrow’s butt ratings wise and I’m not surprised. Arrow may not have lost viewers YET, but it will if it continues as it has been – just staying about the same ratings wise is almost as bad as losing ratings.

  18. Kay says:

    I hate how much of this could be solved just by giving Oliver and Felicity the chance to talk properly. They’ve purposefully been kept apart the whole season when before they would talk things through. It’s so out of character and that’s why this is jarring because it’s not the Olicity I love. Felicity sleeping with Ray shouldn’t factor into Oliver’s decision. He said he could never be with her. I think if anyone has been hoping that Oliver was wrong – it’s Oliver. This Ra’s storyline is so lame I’m so bored of it all. I just want the show I love back.

  19. Luis says:

    What’s nice about the choice presented in the next episode is that wither response by Oliver opens the story up to any number of interesting possibilities, affecting all the characters. The potential conflict with Ray is an interesting one, given their similar goals but wildly different perspectives on the world, never mind the Felicity factor. The possibility of either trying to lead the LOA or engaging in open warfare with Ra’s would be a fascinating development. I like the idea of Oliver being forced to assess what he’s actually accomplished in the two-plus years since he returned to Starling City, and consider whether there might be a different way of accomplishing his goals. I have been annoyed by the lack of focus and momentum this season; i am hopeful that this turn will be the spark that drives an inspired home stretch for the season.

  20. Amber says:

    Not so patiently waiting for Olicity to get together. Also, more Oliver/Diggle/Felicity please. And Diggle/Felicity.

    • Torella says:

      I do not want Olicity to happen either at this moment. Eventually they will get hooked up but why and why is the urgency of getting those 2 together?? I like to see Oliver dealing with his own stuff first before jumping into a love relationship. I mean at this moment Oliver has many things to deal with, he does not ahve time for love and Felicity should understand that cause she knows him like the palm of her hand but it seems that for Felicity it is all about her.

      I read that the Lazarus Pit will finally be mentioned plus another supernatural stuff in Nanda Parbat starting in tomorrow episode

      • Joanna says:

        I think the thing about the romance between Oliver and Felicity, and him figuring out how to connect Arrow and Oliver, are very much connected.
        The romances in Oliver’s life are generally a mirror to what he is going through.
        He was trying to get together with Laurel on s1 because he wanted to go back to his past. He was with Sara on s2 because she was just as damaged as he was. The on the beginning of s3, he was putting Arrow and Oliver together, and went on a date with Felicity (who has been talked about as his light many times). And now he thinks he can’t be Oliver, so he’s pushing her away.

      • kath says:

        I want them to hook up now so the writers can stop writing to plot and start writing to character.
        Both Oliver and Felicity have been very stupid this season just to keep them apart, and it’s entertaining.

        • Fiona says:

          No. No – it’s not really entertaining to see characters that you are invested in – act stupidly and become almost un-recognizable.

          • kath says:

            Thanks for catching that. I typed too fast and missed a word.

            What I meant to say is that it’s NOT ENTERTAINING, all the stupidity that Oliver and Felicity are going through this season. If you’re going to have a show about adults, have them behave like adults.

  21. Sandy says:

    I really hope he doesn’t do something so out of character that it makes him forget his promise to Tommy to be something better. If Oliver accepts the offer then all of the things they have done since season 2 started will be for not. All this speculation about Oliver and Felicity is secondary to me as a viewer, I want the old honorable Oliver back, the one who truly wants to save his city by doing whats right for it not whats easy. If he takes the offer then what he goes back to killing everyone who is bad after all its not called league of assassins for nothing. I think he needs get back to his roots and remember the list, it was supposed to be the reason for all of this happening in the first place and yet he never even looks at it anymore. I just rewatched seasons 1 & 2 over and it has been virtually missing since Birds of Prey. I think its time to get back to basics and remember what the Arrow is supposed to be about, I don’t mind the exploration of the characters but keep true to the mission or he will Fail his City.

  22. Joanna says:

    I’m glad this is getting closer – that means the angst will be over soon.
    I can’t wait for Oliver to realize he can be both the Arrow and Oliver, and start fighting for Felicity. Their scenes on the pilot and the Flarrow episodes were amazing, and I can’t wait for them to get back to that.
    This show is really hurting from the lack of scenes between the team; and the scenes we do have, are super short and filled with angst.
    And god, I can’t wait to watch 3×17 with Diggle’s wedding and his HIVE storyline.

    • Fiona says:

      This season has been WAY too dark and depressing. I get that it’s not the same tone as The Flash – but come on… episode after episode of not just angst, but arguments or death. We need a little winning action, fun, humor AND ROMANCE every now and then. Balance please Arrow writers!

  23. Augustine says:

    Guys ur comments are really great but all i want from this movie is for Oliver to get a relationship with Felichy. I think Oliver will agree to the offer and in that course he will find it easy to destroy the league of assasins.

  24. fedupfeminst says:

    Oh great. SO now Felicity Smoak turns around and says to Oliver – hey if you say the word I’ll drop the guy I’m currently with like a hot potato and hot foot it over to your side of the bed. In other words I don’t give a damn about the fella I’m with, I’m just with him to make you jealous/to hurt you/to keep myself entertained while I wait for you to do the whole knight in white armour thing because heaven forbid I as a woman would fight for the love I want, no, the man has to do all the heavy lifting since I’m just a pathetic weak female/to make sure I’m not alone. Really?!? And everyone jumps up and down and down in happiness! Why? Because all I see is Felicity Smoak being a mean lying b***h and proving that women can’t/won’t be alone even if that means hooking up with some eedjit and that women are all sitting there waiting for the man to do all the fighting and all it really does is make her look like some mean girl. Jeesh. That is NOT something to be happy about!!! And how in all that is merciful can she really truly love Oliver and still be with someone else?!? I don’t care if Oliver is being stupid, if she really loves him THAT much – is IN LOVE with him – she wouldn’t be able to even look at another man let alone be in a relationship with one!!! How does Oliver trust her if they ever get together? There she is saying hey I’m with Ray, but you say the word I’ll come be with you – so how will he know that she won’t do the exact same thing if she is with him instead? It is just SO typical of how tv treats women. And the fact that it is mainly women who are happy about this is just so depressing I need a vodka. Internalised misogyny – however bad men can be, so much of the time the real problem with how women are seen/treated is other women!!!!!

    • CM says:

      It TV tropes 101. Now that Felicity is sleeping with Ray, all of a sudden Oliver is appealing again. It’s “epic” Hollywood relationship writing. Apparently in Hollywood you have to sleep with someone else in order to see what is right in front of your face.

      The only thing this Felicity relationship football is doing is causing fans to hate her.

  25. Jenn Gard says:


  26. Justin Beck says:

    Is it just me or is arrow painstakingly predictable and recycled so far this season. Olivier thinks about doing something, Felicity and Diggle try to talk him out of it. It works for a while and than he does what he wants anyways. So ofcourse he rejected offer. I just hope he accepts and becomes that BA anti-hero we saw in season 1

  27. koda says:

    How long do we have to wait to see Oliver and Felicity make it work? He has slept with so many other women! Time for some true love to happen.