Cancellation Anxiety: 9 Shows You Should Probably Start Worrying About

Cancelled Shows

We don’t mean to alarm you, but your favorite show is about to be cancelled.


In the coming weeks, execs at the five broadcast networks will decide the fate of more than two dozen series — and we’ve singled out the nine bubble shows whose demise likely would cause the biggest stir.

Scroll through the below gallery, which includes pro/con cancellation speculation for all nine titles, and then hit the comments with an answer to this question: Your house is on fire and you can only save a single show — which one will it be?!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. luizaguerim says:

    I am so not ready to say goodbye to Castle. I’m already almost crying with only the possibility of this season being the show’s last one.

    • Kim&Bey says:

      I’m ok with Castle, Revenge and The Mindy Project getting axed or getting a final short season.

    • Just one thing says:

      A 13 – episode final season could be interesting. Shonda Rhimes completely shook up the formula for Private Practice during their shortened last season, which was kind of cool.
      Not sure what the Castle writers could or would do in that case, but there are some fun possibilities out there.
      And I still think they should do standalone movies or “miniseries events” in the summer.

      • Cap says:

        The Mentalist did an excellent job with that as well. That was one hell of a goodbye to the fans and the show. If they know they have only 13 episodes to wrap it all up, they can bring their A game and Castle sure is lacking that for season(s). Yes season 6 I’m looking at you !

    • maria says:

      I really think it’s time to wrap up Castle. I would love to see the actors move on to shows/movies with better writing. (And, incidentally, better lighting.)

    • S. says:

      I should know better than to bite on clickbait by now but I didn’t and here we are. Re: Castle. No, it’s not gonna be cancelled and no it won’t get a shortened final season. This isn’t Glee for God’s sake. ABC never really says it til upfronts and the actors are negotiating. If they weren’t gonna come back for sure they’d know by now. It’s about giving them more money, producer credits, and onward we move. I wouldn’t be shocked if they went a 9th season. It would depend on how much Nathan wants to put into it, I’m thinking. It’s no less deserving of it than Bones. Why Castle would get shortened and Bones keep on trucking I don’t know. Re: The Mindy Project, TMP isn’t gonna get axed. When a show gets a 3rd season and there’s enough 3rd season episodes (which there will be after Mindy’s season finishes), it’s almost certain to get a 4th for syndication purposes. It’s also a companion for the not well-rated New Girl. They do well in young women in the demo so Fox’ll keep ’em a little longer. Not to say it wouldn’t be in trouble next year.

      • Allee says:

        Exactly. But this article became ridiculous to me as soon as I saw the photo of The Middle. It’s a show that gets good ratings, and their argument is that because an actor who plays the son who went away to college anyway is leaving, they’d cancel it. The Office Survived two years without Steve Carrell, the beating heart of the show.

      • Grey says:

        “Why Castle would get shortened and Bones keep on trucking I don’t know.”

        Because they’re on different networks with two completely different set of PTB and budgets and stars wants and diswants, etc. It’s a trap many fans fall into; “How can ‘such and such’ get cancelled but ‘fill in the blank’ got renewed?” Because they’re not both part of the same house. The competetion for renewal comes from “in-house” not across networks.

        Also, mid-April is usually the real cut-off point. By that time the show has wrapped for the season and the production has closed down for the “year.” Up to that point TPTB pretty much leaves the actors and their management alone becaise they still have numbers to crunch. And thats what it comes down to; $. If the bean counters at ABC/Disney figures there’s still money, *good, large* money, to be made off of “Castle” ***in comparrison to the rest of their stable of shows*** (and upcoming new shows) they will figure out a way to give the leads what they want financially as well as any perks they’re looking for (extra days off, time for other projects, a producer credit, whatever). ABC is always last to make announcements about renewals/cancellations so it wouldn’t surprise me if we don’t get official word until very late May or into June! We’ll probably find out unofficially via social media first. If it’s renewed production/filming usually starts in July.

        • Nero tTVf says:

          Nicely said – true. The competition for renewal of a TV series is ‘in-house’, not across to another show on another network. Castle competes for survival now with the likes of Revenge and Nashville. Will ABC renew all three? We’ll know soon, even before ABC makes it official during Upfront in May. Watch what pilots ABC exes greenlight for April viewing, and how many are from Shonda and co. That team is on a roll right now – if they have one or two pilots in consideration, how could ABC say ‘no’. If they anything like Greys, Scandal and Murder, they need a slot on the ABC fall schedule. And that will require room – perhaps a 10pm slot on a Sunday, Monday or Wednesday night?

          My guess is Nashville will get another season, and Castle or Revenge will get a short season order for the fall and wrap up by winter. Perhaps both will get a short order for next season… ABC is production studio for both, so they’ll have to foot the bill alone.

        • I agree. We never hear anything until after the May sweeps, so it’s hard to know for sure. I love Castle and hope it gets at least one more season if not a few more. They’ve all said that they want to break the “Moonlighting Curse”. In the number of episodes, Castle has exceeded that. In “Moonlighting”, the show tanked once they got Dave and Maddie together. In Castle, the leads have only been married a few months, so in this case, have they really broken the curse? Castle is a way better show and I don’t like to compare. But, that being said, I’m not going to jump to any conclusions until we know something more definite.

          • NF and SK fan always says:

            hope that we will know something anything real soon! I need closure, one way or the other!

          • Hopefully we will know something soon. From what I’ve read just this morning is that the rest of the cast is kind of in limbo too. Right now they are concentrating on filming the rest of the season, but David Amann and Seamus Dever are really hoping for a renewal too. Its just a matter of having the time to get everyone around the table to sign contracts. So we’ll see and hopefully know soon.

        • carbono says:

          While everything you said makes sense to me the only thing I don’t get is exactly how are the writers of a show supposed to write the final episode when they don’t know whether or not they’re coming back? That certainly doesn’t seem fair to the fans that have followed a show for 7 years.

          • NF and SK fan always says:

            their heads exploded,( trying to figure it out) they run around with their heads cut off, running into each other and what ever brain matter,gore and stuff (fill in word) that stick to the floor and walls it what they use! (IMO) it will be just as bad. someone say something, so they (all-including fans) can move forward, which ever way that is!

    • Sandra Twigg says:

      Castle is the best show I have seen in years. Many, many more years, please!

      • Stacey Baus says:

        I have watched castle from day one and read all the books that Richard castle as wrote so please don’t take it off

        • Candy says:

          Agree with all the above, chemistry is great! Story lines are great, so much more of the story can be continued and more stories created. It’s fun & interesting! Please DONT cancel CASTLE or BONES!

          • NF and SK fan always says:

            it’s up to all the leads (in both Castle and Bones), well that’s what I’m hearing and both shows could go either way, I love them both and if they do end. end on high notes!

    • worthymagic says:

      Getting rid of CASTLE is a huge mistake. Obviously ABC is tired of NBC stealing their MICKEY MOUSE OPERATION designation, and they want to take it back in a hurry. Sleepy Hollow was renewed. Based on what I’ve seen from CSI: CYPHER, getting rid of CSI would be ridiculous. Does Revenge really need to be cancelled? Interesting that The Mysteries of Laura and State of Affairs weren’t mentioned. NBC may have to renew BOTH! Except for Chicago MED, they have NOTHING to offer next year. This is why EVERYONE on LAW & ORDER: SVU should be signed to multi year deals IMMEDIATELY and the regular LAW & ORDER needs to be put on the fasttrack NOW!

      • John NYC says:

        The network says they want Castle back. It’s a cast contract renewal issue. Way early days. Just not a lock until the two sign.

  2. Olivia says:

    The only show I care about in this list is Castle. I’ve stopped watching H50 a long time ago and I don’t watch the others.

    • kath says:

      Castle only has 9+ million viewers? Horrors!

      i can understand if Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic don’t want to carry on because it’s a huge commitment for them, especially Stana because the industry is not kind to women as they age. But to cancel it because of the demo seems like shooting themselves in the… foot. All the data say that people 18 – 49 are no more likely to switch brands because of advertising than other age groups, and they have less money.

    • Stacey Baus says:

      I watch all the show s but one in this this so please all them but one back

  3. Pia says:

    I watch a few of these but I wouldn’t mind letting them go. Anything that forces me to trim the DVR list…

    • Katie_Mead says:

      IKWYM. I’m watching far too many shows, especially holdovers which used to feel good, but which have become legacy habits, eg Castle, Revenge & even H5-0; although Sleepy Hollow (fantasy fun) & Nashville (soap) still feel continuation-worthy, while Hart of Dixie feels done, and the rest are irrelevant to my taste.

      • Pia says:

        Ha, I watch everything you mentioned except Castle. But I let most of them pile up and then binge on slow weekends.

  4. Sam says:

    How many shows can ABC really cancel … Castle, Nashville, Revenge, and The Middle are all ABC shows. #SaveCastle

    • Patrick says:

      This. I’m not sure how many of this year’s new shows outside of Blackish will be back next year. ABC can’t cancel everything, and Castle is the best performer in syndication. It’ll be back unless Stana AND Nate want out or demand too much money.

      • Mark says:

        Money is going to be the deciding factor — does anybody know the status of the other cast members contracts are they up as well. If they are thats where the savings will come the likes of Alexis will get shipped off to Europe or somewhere and the mother is already talking of moving out so she will be written out. That just leaves some of the other cast like Tory,Lanie and Gates. This hacking and slashing would in my opinion cut the show to pieces as the show is bigger than just the two leads. And some of its best episodes have been when everyone is involved — not just centred on the main two. If they are going to write go down this route at least finish the characters stories off thats all I ask…

        • Grey says:

          “If they are going to write go down this route at least finish the characters stories off thats all I ask…”

          If you notice they’ve been doing that already. The only thing really left is Castle’s dissappearance and that can easily be wrapped up in the remaining five episodes.

    • brandydanforth81 says:

      Middle will be back so will Nashville for syndication.Forever,Revnge,Secrets & Lies and a couple others will be cancelled

    • H says:

      Of the shows you listed the only one at risk is Revenge.

    • Nashville is a lock for renewal. The syndication Gods demand it. The same is the case for TMP.

    • Stacey Baus says:

      Save castle please

  5. BrittBrat says:

    I watch 5 of these shows. I hope they don’t cancel my shows!!!!

  6. H50 will be on the air longer than the original.

  7. Michelle says:

    I have “Cancellation Anxiety” for 6 out of those 9 shows but I have got to a place where I could accept losing 2 of them but I’m so not ready for the end of the rest of them….. The 2 I really hate the thought of losing are “Nashville” & “Hawaii Five-O”. Keeping my fingers crossed for their renewal x

    • H says:

      Nashville’s renewal is a sure thing.

      • Elsa says:

        I sure hope so, I’m so not ready to lose Nashville. Big anxiety here.
        I would also be sad to lose Castle and Mindy (even though I don’t like that last show as much as I did before)..

        • Lisa DellaRatta says:

          I would HATE to see Nashville go! I can’t imagine they’d cancel it with the story line really starting to rev up with Deacon & Rayna! Please, DO NOT CANCEL!

          • Lisa DellaRatta says:

            I would HATE to see Nashville go! I can’t imagine they’d cancel it with the story line really starting to rev up with Deacon & Rayna! Please, DO NOT CANCEL!

          • Ally Oop says:

            Nashville is such a great show, my favourite on network tv and it’s cancellation would be really upsetting.

  8. Shoeszy says:

    I thought Hart of Dixie was already canceled.

    • tyranthraxus says:

      It has been. its possibly this article was written before that news was made.

      • Sam says:

        The cancellation is not considered final until the network confirms it. And the article did acknowledge the tweets/cast posts Everyone connected to the show seems to be convinced that this is the final season.

        • Here’s the thing… CW pretty much renewed every single drama they have… Which for me is saying… All the new pilots suck!!! So, I imagine CW wanting to keep Hart, because of it’s fan base, and being able to deliver some modest but acceptable ratings anywhere. And, I could see Hart going on Summer 2016 (which for me makes so much more sense then BatB) being a very cheap show to maintain.
          That said… I think the producers and actors are very much done with it. And if they have a say on it, it will be the last one!

          • Jared says:

            The CW hasn’t ordered as many pilots this season compared to others because they have already renewed a bulk of there series. I’m guessing the network will wait to make an official announce about HoD until they see the pilots they have ordered.

    • Carla Krae says:

      The CW has never said so.

  9. aaj says:

    I would not be upset if any of those shows were cancelled. Castle has bombed this season, and it’s not because of the stars – the writing is terrible. Nathan and Stana deserve better. And CSI is the only other show I watch with some enthusiasm, and lately even that’s gotten really tired. Four or five other shows on that list are shows I tried once but didn’t inhale.

  10. JC1 says:

    The only two I watch on this list are Castle and H50. I’d love for both of them to get another season, but on the other hand I’d be ok with both of them ending this year as long as they got good endings (in other words NO CLIFFHANGERS).

  11. jonathan27lew says:

    My main reaction to this article is “CSI is still on?!”

  12. Angela says:

    Well, the only show I watch out of this list is “Sleepy Hollow”, so that makes an answer to your question pretty easy for me :p! And I would like the show to be renewed-I liked season 2 more than other fans did, but it would be great for the show to get a third season to fix all the issues that season 2 DID have and regain some of its excitement and fun. Plus, I like the characters, and I want to see more of them. So I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a surprise renewal for that show.

  13. Kerry says:

    ABC should save Castle and cancel Greys Anatomy it’s time

    • max says:

      yeah why not cancel the sure shot cash cow of the channel that has pushed it self up to top 5 dramas last year along with being most watched drama across its prime target demo? and ABC dare not cancel it? *insert sarcastic gasp and a major eyeroll*

    • H says:

      It is know that Disney hates money.

  14. James D says:

    Um ABC please don’t do me like this I have a need and that need is at least three more seasons of Castle. get it to the 10 season mark and we can remain friends don’t and you will force me to become your arch-nemesis. and no one involved wants to be dealing with arch-nemeses. please and thank you.

  15. Boiler says:

    I think Castle has a lot left. I would like to see them focus on the other characters some. If Stana and Nathan want breaks this would do it. Please don’t make Beckett pregnant!! Huge Hart of Dixie fan but writing seems to be on the wall although makes no sense with other CW renewals

  16. Daya says:

    I’m surprised “Resurrection” isn’t on your list. Everyone is always trying to tell me it’s going to be canceled.

  17. Alienate says:

    I watch Zero of those Nine. Buh-Bye! Tho I did watch a couple of those for a short while.

  18. Holly says:

    Please don’t cancel Nashville or The Mindy Project. I am not ready for those 2 shows to be done and dusted. Nashville just keeps getting better and The Mindy Project is solidly hilarious. both shows deserve better ratings than they get.

  19. Tran says:

    Hawaii Five-O is the one show I’m really worried about. Why not have several of its favorite shows to get proper “final seasons” next year? Here are my bold predictions: The Good Wife, Blue Bloods, Revenge, Bones, Grey’s Anatomy, The Vampire Diaries, Person of Interest and Castle. CSI remains in question now that George Eads is out.

  20. whisperintherain says:

    Revenge is clearly past its sell-by date, but if it’s a goner, I hope ABC at least has the decency to let the writers know soon enough to tie up all loose ends. Nothing on TV is more frustrating than heavily-serialized dramas ending without a proper conclusion.

    As for the show I’d save, I cannot pick just one. I want both Nashville & The Mindy Project to stick around for at least one more season. The ownership thing makes it a harder sell for Mindy, but here’s hoping the prospect of meeting minimal syndication requirements somehow weighs in the balance for both.

  21. Bella says:

    The only one that I watch is The Mindy Project. Would miss this funny little gem if it were to go away! It barely gets any promotion which is part of the reason why it is probably not doing so well. I watch a lot of FOX shows and really just see B99, Last Man, Empire (bc that show doesn’t do well at all!) and Weird Loners ads. It’s almost like FOX wants Mindy and New Girl to die because they were Kevin Reilly backed shows!

    • Liz says:

      Mindy and new girl are just on hard nights with competing demo. But dear lord don’t cancel the Mindy project what would I do without my Doctor L or Doctor C or Morgan. I need Morgan

  22. Anon says:

    CSI has had an impressive run.
    With as long as it held a top spot for the network, I hope they are able to give it the send off it deserves.

  23. Of all the shows listed there are only two worth saving castle and sleepy hallow

  24. Heather says:

    I watch 5 of the 9… Not good odds. Plus 2 of them are my FAVOURITE shows… Castle and Nashville! My fingers are crossed 😟

  25. Erica says:

    I am probably in the minority here, but I think Castle has completely peaked. The show feels very stale to me this season and I can usually figure out the murderer within the first 10 minutes. I’d be much more bummed to lose the Heck family (The Middle) or Nashville.

    I love Mindy Project, but sadly its been a bubble show since the day it premiered

    • Laura says:

      Castle has been terrible this season :/ 6.23 has destroyed the show in my opinion.

      • Erica says:

        Agree 100%. I think I actually threw something at my TV when I saw the fiery wreck in 6.23. The PI arc this season felt silly and forced. I was extremely glad when that came to a quick resolution

        • carbono says:

          I actually have thought that this has been a pretty darn good year for Castle. I loved the PI arc & actually think that Nathan would be perfect for a Rockford Files reboot. Having said that; I really don’t think that Nathan will sign on for another full season & actually think that he’d rather not do another tv series if he didn’t have to. He just sometimes looks kind of bored.

      • Betisa says:

        if NF and SK don’t renew their contracts I will understand why!! we shouldn’t blame them for not doing it.

    • John NYC says:

      I’ve enjoyed it, AND I thought the 6:23 obvious cliffhanger puzzle of what was with the torched car, since it obviously wasn’t to going to a dead Rick, a better season ender than some of them. They needed to get back to that in a more focused way than they have, his disappearance is a bigger mystery than they’ve appeared to view it on so far but it’s got a ways to go before the end of the season.

  26. Jo jo says:

    Really. Mindy is on the list and not New Girl. That’s wrong. Save Mindy

  27. A says:

    Castle’s biggest hurdle right now, IMO, is the expiring contracts. Whether or not they can get Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic (and it has to be both) to resign is going to be the deciding factor.

    That said, I’m not ready to say goodbye, either. I’m really, really hoping they can make a deal.

    @Ausiello: is a shortened final season something that’s been talked about? This is the first I’ve heard of that kind of rumor.

    • Katie_Mead says:

      I think most Castle fans would prefer their stars to re-sign then to resign. I’m in the “whatever” camp.

    • c-mo says:

      I have a feeling that neither will re-sign and that makes me sad. Nathan now has his Con Man show funded for a full “season” and Stana has already said in interviews that it’s more about the art than the money. I will be terribly sad if my TV obsession ends at the end of this season but I’ve kinda been preparing myself since last summer. I’ve enjoyed the show for 6+ seasons, I wish all the actors well and I thank them for being the best BFFs that I’ve never met!

      • NF and SK fan always says:

        me too, I will be sad in all but they have to do what is best for them. Monday’s will never be the same with out my “friends” either.

      • carbono says:

        Nathan’s Con-Man has only 10 minute episodes & they are only doing something like 12 ep’s. But you’re right I just think he’s really bored of Castle & is also sick of working with someone it really looks like he doesn’t get along with.

  28. Anna says:

    I’d be REALLY sad about Nashville. I’m not sure about H50, I mean I used to love it but I don’t know if I do anymore… Also, The Mindy Project is the best comedy out there atm, so that’d be really sad as well.

  29. katrina says:

    I watch revenge and Nashville. I would be alright if revenge ended only if they got to give a proper series final. But I’d be super sad if Nashville got canceled. It’s such a good show easy to watch just enjoyable. Please please a bc don’t cancle. Trim the cast if u need more money!

  30. kmw says:

    The fact that Castle made this list, even with lower ratings, I just didn’t think that would happen. But remember that nothing has been decided yet. ABC said it wanted the show back. Even with earlier rumors of Nathan not wanting to do more, I still think both will be back for probable last season. Everything else on this list not a surprise

  31. arial2 says:

    Re Castle: how many ABC shows ever get 10 million viewers? Perhaps you’re confusing them with CBS. The idea that the story’s been told is a better argument, though I wouldn’t mind another season or two.

  32. Chad says:

    HAWAII 5-0 without a doubt. Makes Friday night winters almost bearable!

  33. Letti says:

    The only one I watch here is Revenge, and I’m actually worried about it. I know many people hate it right now, but I still enjoy every episode. I’d love to see a shortened final season with some bang storyline. Though I’ll be ok if it ends properly this year. Just give it a normal ending and don’t make four seasons pointless.

  34. Betisa says:

    so if Castle is in danger you should change the “safe bet” for “Could go either way” or “Essentially cancelled”? And I think if NF and SK haven’t already signed it is because they won’t. :/

    • John NYC says:

      Mind reading the cast is a tougher gig than looking at ratings and demos: probably not willing to go out on that limb and I don’t blame them.

  35. Tiera says:

    I only watch The Mindy Project and CSI of these 9 shows. I could live without CSI, but not Mindy. That show is consistently funny and it sucks it doesn’t get the love it deserves.

  36. maureen says:

    I think revenge is the most brillant piece of work u have seen in a long time the writers are brilliant and keep you on the edge of your seat. You can see the actors are into the project I cant wait to see what they have in store for next year it could go so many ways. ABC execs only hire the best, I LOVE revenge please keep it

  37. John NYC says:


    Let me be on record I HATE shortened seasons.

    And I want that show to run a couple of more years at least.

  38. kmw says:

    I said that everything else wouldn’t be a surprise, but The Middle would be. I know just like Castle they have contracts to work out, but this show has been very steady for ABC I don’t think the loss of that one actor would hurt it too badly, especially since the character can get sent off to school. One more thing, if Castle got put on this list, why is still a “safe bet” on your renewal scorecard?

    • NF and SK fan always says:

      it’s the two leads that have the contracts up not someone you can really afford to lose, then the show would suffer and end. It’s an all (both) or nothing (neither) for the show, and yes I would love for them to change the status, it’s giving people false hope.

  39. Revenge não vai ser cancelado??Obaah

  40. GeoDiva says:

    The only show on this list that would make me totally sad is The Middle. With all the others, I feel that it is time. I also have no faith in the new leadership at Sleepy Hollow. The initial comments they have made about the new showrunner leads me to believe, they don’t have a clue that made Season 1 so great. I’d rather see it go out like it did with Henry & Katrina dead, then have to get worse.

  41. Jog says:

    Both Nashville and mindy project will be renewed for another full season because they’re just one season away from producing E ought episodes to go into successful syndication.

  42. Elissa says:

    This is HORRIBLE. Nashville and The Mindy Project are my favorite shows right now!!!! And Hart of Dixie..:( Please don’t cancel these shows!!!!

  43. Anandasky says:

    I love Castle and the music of Nashville – would love to see both continue. The others, not so much for me.

  44. jlopie1 says:

    The only one I would truly miss is H50. I haven’t missed an episode in 5 seasons. I’m not ready to say Aloha to the islands or the 5-0 team yet! I really liked Sleepy Hollow last year, had a hard time with it this season, but I’d hate to say good-bye to Ichabod just yet! Castle? Meh…over it.

  45. Wendy Lee says:

    Oh no. I love Castle, CSI, , Sleepy Hollow, and Hawaii 5 . They can’t take Castle away

  46. ronnie says:

    Sleepy Hollow will come back, but it won’t last long if they don’t find a creative and exciting way to keep the antics of the Headless Horseman interesting. Working side by side with another horseman to create fear and havoc would be a good start. That was the initial draw for most as well as the fish out of water behavior of Crane. They need to find a way to capture the excitement of the original concept and bring in other threats that cause lots of mayhem to keep people interested.

  47. Kim&Bey says:

    I’m not surprised at most of these shows, I’ll not be upset if these shows get a proper send off. Castle, Revenge, Nashville and TMP have been terrible of late and I’m not surprised. I hope The Middle is not cancelled though

  48. Tricia says:



  49. LE says:

    I think Revenge will get a short final season maybe something around 12-13 episodes to push the show to the 100 episode mark.

    Isn’t Nashville supposed to be safe considering the fact that it’s only a season away of sindication?? and let’s face it with Castle fading, Forever being a goner and AOS hitting lows.. Nashville is as steady as a rock but maybe ABC should consider moving the show to Sundays.

    • Betisa says:

      other shows have collapsed this season much more than Castle, Revenge for example.

    • ProfessorPreis says:

      Yes, Nashville is safe because of syndication.

      • Since all that confusing argument with Nashville (the state) on production costs… I don’t think it’s a sure thing…That said, maybe seing Empire rise, ABC might want to breath a new gas in the show, maybe upping up the stakes with the Label’s part of the show…going more into the music industry, adding a faster pace. It could be a huge opportunity of getting into the “Empire” wave without the need of a new show… And a Nashville tour might help soften the costs blow.
        I mean… Everyone knows that once Empire was successful, every other network will want Black cast show or a Musical show… Well… ABC has both already on the grade (Nashville and Black-ish) why let them go?

      • Isobel says:

        agree it needs 1 more season for syndication its safe

    • littlejohn says:

      Revenge is the only one I watch besides once upon a time love that show! Please don’t cancel either one!

  50. brandydanforth81 says:

    HoDs sadly canceled.ill miss it.Id miss Nasjphville too but it’ll be renewed for syndication.