'Glee' Finale Week

Glee's 45 Best & Worst Couples: 'Finchel' vs. 'Puckleberry' and Others

Glee Couples Best Worst

Throughout Glee‘s six-season run, the New Directions dated each other more liberally than Will Schuester applied hair gel, essentially throwing combinations at the walls of that Petri dish they called a choir room until something — anything! — finally stuck.

And it’s that date-now-ask-questions-later philosophy that TVLine is celebrating today — just four sleeps before the Fox comedy’s series finale — by ranking 45 of Glee‘s best and worst couples, and we promise you’ve forgotten more than you remember.

For example, we all recall Sam and Brittany’s ill-fated Season 4 romance, but it’s often overlooked that Santana dated him first back in Season 2. And who could forget that time Kurt’s dad walked in on him getting hot and heavy with Santana’s future bride in Season 1? I mean, besides everyone.

To quote That ’70s Show‘s Kitty Forman, “You kids change partners more than square dancers,” and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

A few things to keep in mind before proceeding:
1. In the interest of time and sanity, we excluded one-way crushes. (My apologies to the #Blam fandom.)
2. Second, and most importantly, this is just one person’s ranking. It’s meant to be fun, so save the drama for Michelle Obama.

Browse our gallery below to find out how your favorite couple ranked, then drop a comment with your thoughts: Any major couples we missed? Anyone ranked too high? Too low? Go on, defend your ‘ships!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. LilAngel says:

    1. Puckleberry
    2. St Berry
    3. Samchel
    4. Blainchel

    • Sally says:

      Did I miss something last week? Sam and Rachel are a thing of the past?

      • brandydanforth81 says:

        Yep.They quietly pretty much broke up disagreeing about Rachel’s futureNYADA or Broadway.Jesse came back,wanted Rschel to do the broadway show with him,offered Rachel a place to stay nd Jesse & Rschel kissed in 6.11 We Built at this Glee Club

  2. Missy Kelly says:

    When I watched Friday’s episode this weekend and the little teaser for next week came on, a tear came to my eye with the flash of Finn. Your summary is correct. He was the heart of the group. Only the good die young comes to mind.

  3. ANON R says:

    -As flawed Finchel was at times, I actually didn’t mind them taking the top spot over Brittana.
    -Love seeing Quinntana in the top 5 despite lasting the length of song. That speaks volumes about their chemistry.
    -I don’t think Rachel and Sam should have been that high.
    -Mike and Tina could have been a little higher. Looking back I think they were the most stable couple in the show ever.

    • guest says:

      Samchel being that high did not make sense. With Lea and Jon’s out of this world chemistry I expected them to be in the top 5.
      I see the chemistry between Naya and Dianna but Quinntana was just a hook up.
      Brittana should’ve been number one just for being one of the few positive portrayal of a healthy relationship.

      • Olivia says:

        I 100% agree re Brittana; that being said, Quinntana chemistry was out of this world and if for some reason things were taken seriously I’d totally have bought it (given a good plot, of course, but we’re talking about Glee and it would never have been worse than some canon pairings anyway). I would have LOVED to see Quinntana happening. But I’m super happy Brittana got married.

  4. tonnie says:

    Seriously what was Andy drinking when he wrote this list? In what world would mind control in order to date Sam/Rachel be so high?

    And Puckleberry were everything!

    • Andy Swift says:

      I was mostly drinking a bottle of my own distilled tears, honestly.

      And I believe Sam/Rachel went beyond mind control (I can’t believe I even wrote that sentence), though it’s apparent most commenters (so far) would have put them lower.

      • RUCookie says:

        Fear not Andy, some viewers rather enjoyed the sweet, caring ease of the Sam, Rachel pairing. He fights for his friends and their interests. He is a good guy to have in your corner. And let’s face it, Rachel needed someone to hold her hand and help her find herself again. I loved that you placed him so high… he helped Rachel be Rachel again (while not interjecting his values or needs on her).

      • Ash says:

        Hey Andy your good with me I don’t necessarily agree with Samchel being that high but you made it up to me by putting Samcedes high

  5. Tara says:

    Quinntana – they could have been comedy gold together

  6. Joey says:

    Sorry Andy, but naming Klaine in a positive light lost you any credibility.

  7. DCL30 says:

    Oh Andy thank you for making me laugh with your comments. They were all spot on.

  8. Riana says:

    The X-Factor was canceled before Dani disappeared. The two of them broke up because the Brittana shippers wouldn’t stop bugging the creators about it. It’s basically the same pandering that ruined season 5.

  9. KC says:

    I loved Sam and Quinn together – too bad it didn’t last.
    St. Berry

  10. Marco says:

    Mr. Swift, why is the ship that basically decreted the end of Kurt as his own character and is the biggest glorifier of unhealthy relationships this side of Twilight NUMBER 3 of the best?

    Seriously, I am disgusted that you seem to think it is OK and that Glee would’ve LOST, instead of GAINED, if these two went their separate ways.

    I mean, Kurt dating his onetime bully is a less twisted relationship than him dating the guy who thoroughly humiliated him for cheating when he was doing even worse with Sebastian, who has attempted to excuse his ‘mistakes’ *coughdrunkenattemptedrapecough* with ‘But I was drunk’ or ‘but you weren’t there’ (hey, nice of you to come to tell your boyfriend you got lonely after a few weeks of him not fawning over you 24/7 and decided to find someone to do, but don’t you think you could’ve skipped the Facebook hookup part and just WENT TO NY?), who was explicitly shown to be a controlling douche (Puppet Master. That is all).

    The character shilling and outright WARPING of other characters to sell him as a catch was even more disgusting, especially with the case of Burt; championing a guy that hurt your son so bad he answers a normal compliment with how his boyfriend does that better than him (… no he doesn’t)?

    And finally, ‘many people make mistakes in college’ and yes, Kurt did one, it’s called TAKING BLAINE BACK.

    TL: DR – Klaine is abuse apology and if Glee had any decency they would’ve split by now.

  11. JR says:

    Your comments and ranking of Finchel as #1 is spot on. Thank you for remembering that Glee was built on their shoulders. As Glee limps to its series finale, it’s ever more obvious that Cory’s Finn was the heart and soul of the show and he was simply irreplaceable.

    • Olivia says:

      Never been a Finchel fan, never liked Finn much (although always loved Cory) and I can’t say it better than you just did. His absence is heavier than ever now that the show’s ending is here.

    • sorude says:

      No it was built on Lea’s and Cory’s shoulders. He did not do it alone. I am tired of people down playing everything Lea did for the show. Including dragging it over the finish line. She gets only resentment and no appreciation.

  12. Seriously, laughing that you actually would rank a “friend zoned” pair like Rachel and Sam so high on this list. I won’t even refer to them as a couple because it wasn’t of Sam’s free will that he even pursued Rachel. I think you were drinking more than your own distilled tears when you wrote this. I think Sue most have stowed away in the closet in your writing area and jumped out and hypnotized you too, because that debacle was ALL about Rachel. Sam’s free will was completely taken away from him. But to each his own but NO WAY in my opinion should that joke of the last standing, available, white, straight, same aged male, gotta get Rachel someone to ease her back into dating pair even be on this list.

    So yeah IMO #45 would have worked just perfectly for the NO SO COUPLEY Sam and Rachel!

  13. Letti says:

    I would have moved down Samchel. They make no sense. And also I’d move up Tina and Mike, I loved them. I’m so afraid they’ll end Glee with Tartie. That would be a shame.

  14. Kate says:

    High praise to Andy for the Marley/Jake Crazy mashup. One of the best mashups the show ever did (though my heart will always belong to Confessions/Its My Life).

    • Kate says:

      Well, damn. I just went back to watch that mashup for the first time in forever. Watching Cory belting out “I’m not going to live forever, I just want to live while I’m alive” with a big grin on his face is incredibly sad.

    • Jennifer says:

      Thank you for mentioning Confessions/It’s My Life. Such an awesome mash-up!

  15. Kate says:

    I loved Puck with Lauren Zizes. I would have put them in my top 5.

  16. DD says:

    What about Emma and Ken? And Emma and Carl?

  17. Jones says:

    I’m sorry but The love, support, devotion and loyalty between Brittany and Santana isn’t their for the other couple. Some have love but not loyalty or the support but not the love. Brittany and Santana has all of their. Plus their strong friendship.

  18. Ames says:

    I watched this show for the first two seasons and literally do not remember half the couples they mentioned in here. Really shows what an impact this show has had on me.

  19. Pat says:

    Anyone who believes Finchel/Brittana/Klaine are anything but toxic, idiotic relationships immediately loses credibility. Rachel was at her worst with Finn and at her best with Puck and, oddly enough, with Sam. Finn made her a shell of who she used to be – even someone who was willing to give up everything for a man who didn’t deserve her for a second.
    Santana deserves better than a character who became a joke throughout the seasons.
    I hate both Blaine and Kurt – together and separately – but that is the most toxic relationship of the three.
    At least you put Jarley above Ryley. There’s that.

    • Tai says:

      You, my friend, make so much sense. I don’t really have an opinion one way or another about Brittana. It’s there. It’s whatever. But Klaine and Finnchel were the worst! They bring out the worst in each other. I really only started actually caring about Blaine as a character when he and Kurt weren’t together. Same with Rachel. I’ve never liked her more than when she and Finn weren’t together. They were just terrible for each other. I will always believe that she and Puck were better for one another.

      The whole Klaine/Finnchel push is one of the many reasons I stopped watching regularly. The show was content to tell me that these couples were so great together when I saw nothing that proved they were. I don’t get the appeal of either of these pairings at all. The characters are always at their worst when they’re together. But that’s just my opinion.

  20. Finchel= ONE TRUE PAIRING

    Not all love is true love but Finchel used to share something better than just a true love! They were soulmates and that kind of love never dies!No matter what happened, they are still endgame!

  21. Erin says:

    Agreed, definitely think Marly and Jake were under appreciated as a couple

  22. KC says:


    18. Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Adam (Oliver Kieran-Jones)
    Everybody makes mistakes in college.

  23. Kristina says:

    Fun article! I don’t have any particular ranking preferences myself, since I’ve barely watched since Cory died, so I have no argument with your order, and it was definitely entertaining to read.

  24. Sara says:

    I probably would have put Quinn and her Yale boyfriend in last place, since he seemed to be verbally abusive to her once he found out some truths about her past. The fact that she had to hide some major life events from him rubbed me the wrong way. At least Blaine and Dave seemed to be in a fairly healthy and mutually respectful relationship (you know, until Blaine once again cheated on his boyfriend…)

  25. kjmorse says:

    Puckleberry should have been much higher…

  26. Brenna says:

    While Finn and Rachel are my favorite, I’ll always be sad that Sam and Quinn didn’t make it. I really enjoyed them

  27. Jose says:

    Where is Puck and Rachel’s Mom? Sue and Herself? Becky and Her New Boyfriend? Will ans Rachel’s mom……. Thats at least 4 missing

  28. Tiera says:

    Talk about a trip down memory lane, I forgot (or blocked) a lot of couples on this list.

  29. broncfanwa says:

    heart. broken.

  30. Tom says:

    Am I the only one that liked Tina and Artie together?

    Also *I* remember Rory. I liked him and the Harmony chick a lot better than caveman Joe and Unique.

  31. ashley says:

    Puckleberry will always be my OTP

  32. guest says:

    What about Puck and Shelby? That was gross.
    I liked Kurt and Adam for what they were. Adam was refreshing. And I can’t believe Santana has had the most on this list. Followed by Puck (not that surprised) & Quinn.

  33. DCR says:

    Ummmm…Were Carole and Burt Hummel on a different show I’ve been watching?

  34. Jennifer says:

    I may be alone in thinking this but I thought Brittany and Artie were hilariously magical. I loved them as a couple, especially since they weren’t the main focus of the show so when we did see them together it was usually riddled with ridiculousness.

    • Ashlyn says:

      I LOVED Brittany and Artie! That was one of my favorite pairings, but I too feel I’m in the minority with that one.

  35. Olivia says:

    My favourite 5:

    1 – Brittana
    2 – Quinntana
    3 – Quick
    4 – In hindsight, dare I say it… Finchel
    5 – St Berry

    Missed opportunities: Faberry, Kurt/Adam.

    • Olivia says:

      Argh, I meant Kurt/Elliot.

    • sorude says:

      Quinn hardly tolerated Rachel and Rachel never listened to anything Quinn said. By the end of season2 their little bathroom chat were so forces fand only happened due to the fandoms whining. Faberry would have ended up worse than Klaine.

  36. schmooimax says:

    Ok. Bless your heart and all, TVLine, but I don’t have the time or patience to click 45 times to read a list. :)

  37. Youwillsee says:

    Sam and Mercedes are endgame you will see it this Friday😍

  38. Lou says:

    I have to admit, I did enjoy Lauren and Puck back when I watched and will probably tune in for the finale

  39. MK says:

    Awww this was such a lovely look at the good times of Glee. Tears for Finn and Rachel :(
    Also, thanks for reminding me of the incredibleness (is that a word?) that was the Marley/Jake Britney Spears mashup.

  40. Anna says:

    I liked Tartie and Quam, both ships Ryan Murphy killed because he was bored. Also Tina’s stutter was something she faked because she was shy it was not to get closer to Artie. In fact Artie’s influence made her want to stop stuttering. She told Artie about the fake stutter because she was trying to relate with him and open up to him like he had with her. There is nothing creepy/crazy about that, that is actual a quite normal thing for friends to do.

  41. karenb says:

    So many lolz on the captions! And Finn’s O face is freaking hilarious!

  42. IP says:

    You’re right, Finchel WAS the worst couple on the entire show. I’m assuming that’s what you meant anyway, because no one in their RIGHT F$&KING MIND would put that horrific, emotionally unhealthy relationship at #1. Seriously whoever wrote this list is insane, some of the best couples the show ever had are at the bottom of the list. And why are any of the current new directions on there? None of them have been ‘couples’ for longer than about 10 minutes.

  43. a says:

    Finchel at the top! Right where they belong! Never has a couple stolen my heart as much as them. They were truly magical and always brought out the best in each other! They pushed each other to be better and saw the best in each other. They loved deeply. Finchel is/was one of the most epic couples of TV history

  44. Nancy says:

    Best couple is without a doubt santana and brittany!!. The Worst couple being blaine and karofsky!!!

  45. cyclone says:

    Sometimes I don’t get people’s rankings. How can you put like Kurt and Adam who barely lasted 2 episodes (barely even a couple) over real couples like Mercedes and Shane (he looked out for her and wanted her to be the star he knew she was…Awwww!) Or Brittany and Kurt who just had a makeout over Brittany and Artie who were in a relationship.

    Whatever as long as Britttana topped Klaine I’m good. And we all know Brittana was always the best couple on the show, you did get that right.

  46. Jane says:

    I always loved Will and Emma. I always identified the most with Emma as a character and I thought the way he loved her and their whole relationship was just beautiful. I was sad that her screen time lessened as the years went on.

  47. I think all the couples on Glee were happy with there feelings with men with girls there was no problems with fighting, and Bullying but it needs to Stop. I would love to be on the show because i can sing and dance all the time