Castle Recap: Good, Better, Beckett

This week on ABC’s Castle, the arrival of a hot-shot supercop from Hong Kong amped up Beckett’s insecurities about what she has accomplished and where she’s heading in her career. In the end, was Kate truly feeling less great?

I know the premise of this episode, on paper and as teased by David Amann, had some on edge, worried that it’d weaken Beckett. That it’d knock her down a peg in the name of building up this peer, Chief Inspector Zhang (played by Enterprise‘s Linda Park).

And yeah, the first couple acts of the episode could have been a bit more nuanced in establishing Beckett’s awe of a onetime classmate’s promotion to captain, or modulating her reverence for Zhang. But my the midway point, you had to know it was coming — the reveal that Zhang doesn’t “have it all,” that her marriage to an action-movie star was on the rocks, that the “balance” she boasted of managing was non-existent, making her question her qualities as a mother.

So in that respect, once the Beckett vs. Zhang pistoling contest was out of the way, the back half of the episode was considerably stronger. Especially since the murder mystery itself was a better one, throwing a red herring or two in the final minutes before revealing Henry’s (somewhat improbable) killer. (Would someone so meek have the wherewithal to plot and execute a cold-blooded murder?)

One thing I liked about the central conceit was how it did raise questions about Beckett’s trajectory — she even referenced the D.C. job she bailed on got booted from, and lord knows we here do wonder when she’ll start taking steps to that future senate seat. So I was a little disappointed that the “priorities” list she was working on at the end didn’t even tease what’s going on in her noggin. (And while her citing “a family” as a next step would have been “sweet,” yeesh it would have been rather pat/slightly pandering. Happy those words didn’t come out of her mouth.)

I also enjoyed how Beckett’s own issues surfaced Rick’s “Patterson Syndrome,” in which he compares himself to the king of micro-chapters.

A couple other random thoughts on the episode:
* Why did the Zhang character have to hail from another country*? I am of course not questioning the need for diversity in casting, but in retrospect it seemed almost a superfluous trait, other than to have her hail from another country — though no commentary on cultural/societal differences came of it (a la Michael Crichton’s Rising Sun). *This question has been rephrased since original publication for greater clarity.
* Zhang’s successive disarming of Ryan and then Espo is one for the rewind-play-repeat files.
* Meanwhile, her 95 lb. self’s (largely off-screen) leveling of not one but, what, a dozen gym rats? A bit much.
* Beckett declaring, “I’m insecure!”: Did that help or hinder your enjoyment of her arc here? (Did it make things at all better that she hadn’t felt this was since she had pimples?)
* Linda Park is pretty gorgeous, right? Especially in those final goodbye scenes. Wowzers.
* So, have we officially had one too many “Castle quit writing Derrick Storm” mentions this season? Set-up for the “spinoff” series that got reported on a while back, or possibly pegged to Rick’s vanishing storyline/mystery?

What did you think of “Hong Kong Hustle”?

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  1. Susan says:

    A great episode – we loved it!

  2. Sally Ramsey says:

    Beckett didn’t bail on the D.C. job, she got fired!

  3. ndixit says:

    Funny thing is that she didn’t bail on the DC gig. She got fired! She didn’t seem to be thinking about quitting that job in season 6.

  4. Tanya says:

    “Why did Zhang have to be Asian?” Um…maybe because Linda Park is amazing & also happens to be Asian? What kind of question is that?

    • Jen says:

      Agreed. That’s kind of a problematic question. Do characters need a REASON not to be white? She’s Asian because…some people happen to be Asian.

    • Just one thing says:

      In Matt’s defense, it’s a fair question – particularly if you take it a step further and ask: Why did she have to be from Hong Kong? Sure, she grew up in the States, but she could’ve just as easily been an Asian-American, hotshot cop from LA.
      I’m going to guess that the writers wanted to pick a city with a higher (and denser?) population than NYC, which I think would’ve only left Tokyo, Hong Kong, or Beijing in the running. Making her from outside the States allowed them to give her that international edge on Beckett’s experience.
      That said, even with Beckett’s very on-the-nose declaration of insecurity, it all seemed very trite. I still don’t get how she could have such a skewed short-term memory.
      Also, it seems to be setting Kate up for a promotion – and hopefully one to a special lieutenant level, so she doesn’t miraculously displace Gates. Not sure what they’d do with the incessant baby angle, but I guess that’s one way to give Caskett a kid, plus keep Beckett in the action without being on the streets.
      Assuming season eight is a go, of course. Maybe even if it’s not.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Thank you for interpreting my observation as intended. I should have been more mindful, especially when writing close to midnight, to phrase the first question more clearly (knowing the Internet is always at the ready to think the worst).

        • Just one thing says:

          No problem. And yes, some people were ready to pounce! :-)

        • Tanya says:

          It was interpreted as intended once you clarified. Obviously, the fuller question is more thoughtful than the blunt “why did Zhang have to be Asian” (per your original post). For you to comment on race without context was surprising and disappointing. But I appreciate the revised observation.

          • lkh says:

            But now you know not to be surprised or disappointed…right? I word things poorly all the time, Matt really doesn’t. The benefit of the doubt is always nice especially when something appears out of what you would normally expect. It’s good of you to respond to this.

  5. Tran says:


    • DarkDefender says:


    • maria says:

      Save it indeed…from its own writers. Most of the last two seasons has been plot-driven cr*p, as opposed to the first five seasons, which were generally character-driven and great to watch.

      • S. says:

        Disagree. Love the writers. The show’s as plot/character driven as it’s ever been. Also it’s a procedural which by necessity involves a certain level of weekly plot and always has.

      • Susan says:

        Totally agree about the plot driven garbage….and the plots aren’t even worth being driven (so to speak). No wait, it’s the fault of the new directors according to Marlowe…didn’t know the directors were responsible for the writing though.

  6. Matthew Weber says:

    Really enjoyed it, but I think that with all the mentions of her moving on and finding something new for her future all but cements that this is indeed the last season of Castle. She’s obviously not happy being a detective anymore, and if she isn’t that anymore there is no show.

    If that’s the case, I just hope that they wrap it all up tightly and do it in a way that is well written.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Right? Having established this train of thought for Beckett/sense of non-fulfillment, it’d be a tricky thing to have her stay a detective for a whole other season.

      • kath says:

        Especially since she’s been established as super-smart. Didn’t her old captain say that she was the youngest person who had been made detective in the precinct?

      • lame says:

        How can she really keep her badge much longer, this season and be true to herself, without become a danger to her team.

      • lkh says:

        Repeatedly over the years she has said that she became a cop because of her mother’s murder–that’s over now. She still can get moving when she hears the word ‘justice’ but that might not continue to be enough. Can’t see her moving up the ranks and sitting behind a desk–too late, too cynical for law school?

      • skrable2 says:

        On most other shows, I’d agree. But Castle has a history of establishing storylines — then either ignoring them for long stretches of times, or completely changing them to suit their purposes.

    • John NYC says:

      She’s mulling options, one of those options is easily seen as staying at the 12th and being a cop. This is a seed that doesn’t have to germinate until the show REALLY is going dark.

    • Mary says:

      I´ve been sure this will be the last season for sometime now; with contracts ending and ratings down, I don´t see ABC willing to spend more money renewing it.
      So, yes, I hope the writters have the chance to wrap everything in a satisfactory way (and I want to believe that by now they already know ABC´s decision)…

    • lkh says:

      Matthew-per previous post Check out video by NF and Alan T on Indiegogo.

  7. James D says:

    Really enjoyed it. for once I didn’t see the murder coming maybe because who would suspect she would be a killer I guess that’s the point though. Can we get more episodes with Linda Park please she is so awesome and beautiful she totally needs to get her own show. seriously ABC get those contract negotiations done and give me more Castle. don’t make me come down there and scold you:)

    • Olivia says:

      I totally agree with this. I didn’t know her but I would love to see more of her. I also loved the female cop dynamics between Zhang & Beckett. I’ll keep Linda Park’s name in mind if/when I see new prjects mentioning her, that’ll be an incentive to check it out for sure.
      On another note, I’d love to see a Hong Kong/Triads show on tv. Something like the video game Sleeping Dogs would be dope.

  8. kath says:

    That was such fun. I hope they don’t cancel the show.

    Didn’t Beckett go through an earlier arc where she decided she’d rather be a detective than an administrator? Or was that only in one of the Richard Castle books?

  9. ndixit says:

    The episode was a little on the nose for me in a lot of elements. I mean the whole job thing is something a lot of police procedurals run into. The cops can’t progress professionally on the show in a way that would hinder their presence. But tbh, Beckett has always come off as a person who would rather be a detective at this stage of her life while she’s still relatively young. She likes the hunt and being an active investigator. Also, the reveal of Zhang not having the perfect life as indicated was pretty obvious but it could have been handled better. It just felt like a random reveal in the middle of the scene. Also, Zhang’s reveal definitely happened way past midway. It was in the last act where we got past the insecurity aspect. The case itself was fine but I’m not too convinced on the motive. It was kind of half assed. Anyways, I think it was an ok ep. Next ep looks pretty good. I’m always down for Ryan eps.

  10. kandcsmomma says:

    I enjoyed the episode and, which I was worried about how it would portray Beckett, I iked it showed she has insecurities like everyone else without having to bring her down a level. I do wish we would have gotten a hint of her list at the end! I also agree with the comment they seem to be setting up the end of the series, with her seining to be ready to move on from being a detective.

  11. Luli says:

    I liked the episode. I just hope all this Beckett questioning her future doesn’t lead to this being the final season. I need at least one more, I know there is still room for new storylines, more Caskett.

  12. WylieCoyote says:

    Linda Park here almost made me forget Lucy Liu in, well, most anything. Almost.
    Before Beckett posits life outside of her career, the series needs to answer what happened to Castle when he disappeared. Answer that, then send them off satisfactorily.
    The show has made me look for the “killers” within those first two or three to appear, which takes some fun out of it. But the regulars keep me coming back with their team/family bonds.

    • lkh says:

      I know! Someone who appears for 1 minute without much reason is usually the killer–it was between her and the landlady at his apt.

  13. DarkDefender says:

    I am a huge fan of this show. I wanted it to run at least 10 seasons, but this was all pre-view build up to an othwise lackluster episode. The writing wasn’t that sharp (no offense to Chad). We have maybe 6-7 episodes left of season 7 and NOTHING on Ricks disappearance and ware heading into 7×18 on another Ryan centric episode? I hate to say the writing is on the e wall for no renewal… Super bummed. And more than anything, I hope I am wrong. Anything.

    • lkh says:

      Hi DD–I’ve always been a fan too, watched and rewatched but the way the writing, acting and just storytelling is going–it’s not a good direction–actually no direction at all that I can see. If one really loves the series, wouldn’t it be great to have a really excellent finale and not watch everything just slowly fall apart? I just note also that everyone just seems tired, lackluster(a good word)–maybe that’s me. I don’t think I can take another lame cliffhanger this season. Someone needs to get organized.

    • Just one thing says:

      There may totally be a 13-episode final season next year. Something that might have been a better fit this year…
      I don’t mind Ryan episodes, but I don’t get why they waited so long to address Castle’s disappearance. So weird.

      • lkh says:

        I like the idea of a short season or even, if necessary, a well done 2 hour ‘movie-like’ finale.

        • Just one thing says:

          That would be cool. If Kate gets a promotion to some elite position within the 12th where she gets to bring the guys with her, and if Castle’s mystery isn’t solved by this season’s end, that would leave plenty of fodder for a short final season.
          And if Castle started its final season mid-season (full circle!!), they could start production a bit later than usual.
          The thing is, ABC has so many holes and no successful crime procedural outside of Castle. The network’s successes, attempted and realized, seem to all be heavily serialized shows.

          • DarkDefender says:

            Anything beyond 7 (even a short mid season airing ala The Mentalist) would be great. Hell.. My choice would be 10 seasons. I’d help write the damn episodes if it would help.
            As a real fan of the show, I HATE that the “non-renewal” is going to be more likely because NF and/or SK do not want to re-sign versus ABC canceling the show because of “ratings issues”.. Mainly because we stuck by them and watched and supported the show giving them those 7 seasons and steady acting work and personally I’d like a little back from them. The more I read about the possible ending at this season, the more I’m just not feeling the Love for all my years of loyal viewing.
            But maybe that’s just me.

          • lkh says:

            Wow. It may mean you have to step up and do a little writin’

          • DarkDefender says:

            lkh: I might have been a tad bit overly dramatic .. But I think we all have had better ideas of how to write some of these episodes, no? :)

          • lkh says:

            DD-you’re miffed–I get it. I didn’t think you were overly dramatic. As I said somewhere else, if NF showed as much enthusiasm, energy, humor, personality in his role as Castle as he did in that ConMan video, we’d be doing a whole lot better. So most of us are feeling a little ‘cheated’.

  14. S smith says:

    “Why did the Zhang character have to be Asian?” Why are you such a racist asshole Matt Webb Mitovich?!?

  15. sigh says:

    Yikes, I hated it. Almost unwatchable for me. This is the first time I have ever disliked Beckett’s character. Oh my gosh… You took down a senator/solved your mom’s murder, helped take down 3XK, survived being shot, got married to Castle, are drop-dead gorgeous, etc. etc. etc. and you are insecure? I’m sorry, dumbest writing ever. Only thing that made me laugh is when Castle said “Guys, this is my third marriage…”

  16. Sam says:

    I think I’ve never seen a TV show with “physical” scenes that awkward. It’s obvious that Nathan and Stana don’t feel confortable with the other for it and the directing doesn’t help. What was this kiss ? (On his neck, his pillow ?) Why does Castle always has to look completely lost and not know what to do everytime Beckett is initiating something as if he’s a virgin ? Is Nathan obligated to let his hands hovering awkwardly in the air instead of – crazy thing – putting them on Stana’s back or waist or holding her face ? Anything would be better than the air’s hands.
    The end scene was cute but it was ruined by this attempt of a sexy scene. If they don’t know how to do it, don’t do it.

    • lkh says:

      you’re right. I did notice it was clumsy–but it frequently is. I don’t know if it’s acting or editing, but he just holds himself in position and waits. She will act like she’s going to kiss him and he’ll stop or like tonight, his hands are suspended above her back. I think the scenes have been better recently, but the timing there was off.

    • Just one thing says:

      *slow clap*
      I wasn’t gonna say anything, because I’ve said more than enough on this topic for more than a year (oy). I don’t need lots of kissing or sexy times or smut as a viewer. But sometimea when the two leads, whose chemistry is otherwise unmatched, make physical contact I cringe.
      Or flinch. Or avert my eyes.
      Because, like, the secondhand embarrassment struggle is as real as a Swifties tumblr post, and there’s nothing to be done about it.
      When Castle is in close proximity with Beckett, even when the moment calls for simple Sesame Street affection, he acts like he is about to either touch a fragile China doll or fondle his twin sister. It’s just not a good look. Especially when the China doll/twin sister is making regular attempts at physical contact.
      But it’s not gonna change. I’m a firm believer that unless physical contact is scripted or blocked, Castle will not initiate it. And that’s OK. Because there’s more to the show than physical affection.
      Thank baby jeebus.

    • AnnieC says:

      This! I don’t need a lot but Fillion does frequently seem a little awkward in these scenes. In this case I think the editing may be to blame but it would be nice to see Castle as the instigator once in awhile.

      • Just one thing says:

        The editor has no control over how an actor moves or how many takes the director chooses. And in TV, an editor’s decisions have to be approved by the director, episode writer and showrunner.

        • lkh says:

          But at times the editing has been a little off. For example, the famous kiss at the end of season 4, if you just watch her hands, they jump around from shoulder to face and to whatever-really in a jerky motion. I’ve always thought that was really poorly done and there’s lots of examples like that. Agree, the actors are part of this problem. I’ve heard that SK chews gum and in one moment she’s chewing in a scene, that next moment she’s not. They just shoot so much and then try to piece it together–maybe because they have to turn it around so quickly. I agree that given the best situation that all would agree.

          • Just one thing says:

            Yeah, but that’s why it’s the actor’s job to be consistent with each take, the script supervisor’s job to be watching, and the director-s job to enforce consistency. :-) i.e., no gum, no eating, one fabulous hairstyle per episode, etc.

          • lkh says:

            Agree–but clearly, someone is snoozing. :]

      • Just one thing says:

        Also want to say that I agree with you on the rest of what you said. :-)

    • lkh says:

      This may begin to answer the question re: the three marriages :]

  17. Julie Lamb says:

    I enjoyed the episode. Beckett should be questioning her future. She was wrapped up in her mother’s murder for years. It is time for looking at the future. Loved the last episode end when Martha said she was going to find her own place so they could have little ones…. freaked her out being pushed in that direction. I used to get furious at my mom for years at the hints for grand kids. I so understood that reaction.

  18. m3rcnate says:

    Okay I am usually the guy picking apart a show for plot holes and completely unrealistic things….but wow this one was just too huge for me not to comment on;
    The Hong Kong Cop takes two NYPD officers guns from them and points them at their heads…then proceeds to say “im a cop”… actually you are a Hong Kong cop so you have no jurisdiction in the US.

    But here’s the horrible horrible writing…they have her in interrogation, Gates barges in without knocking (wtf? what she had to say wasn’t THAT important and interrogations are usually delicately interrupted if need be) and says she has an alibi for the murder…so then the Hong Kong cop stands up, says “are you going to release me” and Gates says “We have nothing to hold her on”…………………………. WTF?!!?!?! lol! She broke into a American citizens house illegally, she attacked and stole two NYPD Detectives firearms and then pointed them at their heads…that’s assault of a police officer with a deadly weapon. Since when in flippin hell is that “nothing to hold her on”?!

    • Dan says:

      I fully agree on this.
      In later seasons Castle has really gone downhill when it comes to realism and the amount of plot holes.

      I hope both Stana and Nathan can find new interesting Projects soon.

      • lkh says:

        I hope so too. NF will, he’s attached to the hip of Josh Whedon who is very loyal to ‘his’ actors. SK, we’ll see.

  19. JImN says:

    Everyday problems of a superhero cop. Everyday Beckett. Everyday Castle. Well written. Well acted. Easy to see why fans confuse Beckett and Castle’s relationship with Fillion and Katic. Voodoo.

  20. N says:

    When are they EVER going to address Castle’s disappearance? I wish they hadn’t started the
    season like that. I’m so tired of waiting

  21. T says:

    So – so episode. Glad to see Beckett still exists. I didn’t care for her revisionist history regarding her being fired from the FBI (she didn’t leave) but probably reasonable for her to consider her career going forward. Of course, with her history of violating orders, being suspended then quitting then asking to go back then quitting for the FBI then getting fired from the FBI then getting her job back because of political connections…well hopefully she will think out of the box. The show continues its decline for me. There is no spark left between Castle and Beckett; their personal interactions are dull. Better to wrap it up sooner rather than later.

  22. Rae says:

    I think it would a shame if ABC lets this show go, there is more to the story. Make Kate a Caption there is a lot that could be done with that story line! I hate when good shows like this gets cute to early, ABC is really good at doing this……they get you hooked and then cant keep the show going…….its SO sad!!!!

  23. Kate says:

    I liked the episode! I also really like the Good, Better, Beckett title of the article. Very clever! :-)

  24. luli says:

    By reading the comments I think I’m in the minority here, but I have been enjoying a lot this season and I did like the season 6 finale ( I even rewatched it last week). I think this season has been great and I’m not ready to see the show go or for a shortened last season. I want a complete season 8.

    This episode was good, did not see the killer coming, I really thought it was Mimi.

    Can’t wait for next weeks episode, I love Ryan centric episodes (espo centric ones not so much, not at all), but finally another Ryan ep, it’s been a long time since we had one.

  25. TayTay says:

    Chad Creasey proved himself as a writer on the show in that no previous characterization need apply and that forgetting previous episodes is a perquisite. This episode gets an F for failure. And for any of you positive fans out there that like to throw stones…. i am fan of the show. I have been since the beginning. So back off and leave fans to their opinions.

    • S. says:

      Wow preemptive ‘don’t be hatin”? Nice. Chad and his wife Dara have proven themselves on previous episodes so it’s kinda hilarious that you’re under the impression that he doesn’t know what he’s doing there. Also, pretty sure his bosses gave the thumbs up on this episode so hardly his fault. As for forgetting previous episodes, no they didn’t. Obviously it’s just further proof that some of you were wrong in thinking Beckett was being insecure at other times. The writers obviously didn’t think she was. Your interpretation of the character was flawed. As for backing off, uh this isn’t your private message board. You don’t get decide which kinds of responses happen to your post. If you wanna be left to your opinion, say it on Twitter and block the naysayers. You chose the venue, you take the consequences.

  26. Luis says:

    It’s becoming increasingly clear that the writers are prepared to wind the series up with the end of S7. Wrapping up 3XK, Castle and Beckett talking of a baby, this exercise in navel-gazing, they all seem to add up to a show rapidly approaching the finish line. The Castle kidnapping was obviously an attempt to inject some new life into the show following the conclusion of the Beckett mythology arc, but given how long it took that story to be resolved, you can’t imagine Nathan or Stana sticking around to play out a similar process. Perhaps it’s for the best; the show has felt tired and repetitive this year – Alexis, Martha, Lanie and Gates have been reduced to bit players, while Ryan and Espo have offered little beyond comic relief. It may be time to admit the sad truth: “Castle” is dying a very natural death and we should all prepare to mourn its passing.

  27. Tvlover says:

    I’m disappointed this season, and this episode has been another in a long line of just okay episodes.

    I feel bad for Stana because to me it seems pretty clear that Nathan has pretty much given up caring at all about this show any more.
    The chemistry from seasons 1 – 5 is gone.
    The “intimate” moments are very awkward, especially the kisses, those constant pecks on the cheek are odd. The characters are supposed to be married and it’s like Castle doesn’t even want to be next to Beckett anymore.
    I’ve watched the show since the start and loved it immidately, but I’m finding it difficult to get excited to watch it every week now.
    Wrap up the Castle abduction plot line, and I hope they don’t end this season on a lame cliffhanger.
    If this is the last season, which I hope it is, then I hope that all involved with the show have success after it ends.
    Please ABC don’t drag it out for another season of sub par plots.

  28. Simone says:

    Actually for me, Beckett’s “A- ha” moment of being insecure really is what got me into this episode :D

  29. Rich Abey says:

    Linda Park is pretty gorgeous yes, but Stana Katic is dead gorgeous (her walking on those skyscraper heels gets me anytime). Stana over any other pretty face anyday!

  30. K says:

    I loved the episode. I loved how Beckett felt threatened and insecure because Zhang and what she had accomplished. Beckett feels like she is supposed to be doing more

  31. John NYC says:

    They’re setting up, if they need to, her leaving the precinct for that something new. I hope not, once she’s out of the One Two the show goes dark and I don’t want that for many moire years.

  32. Joy Bagg says:

    I have been a devoted Castle fan since the airing of the first episode (bought the books, own the DVDs, even framed a smaller version of the staircase print that is displayed in Rick’s office in my office). But even I admit that, for a good part of the last 2 seasons, the show just isn’t up to snuff. Not David Arman’s fault; even Nathan appears to be more and more tired in every episode, looking more like Beckett’s father than her husband. While some episodes still contain elements of fun (such as Terri Edda’s recent Mars tribute to Mr. Fillion), the rapid pacing and 1930’s banter, which Andrew Marlowe so lovingly scripted for the first several seasons, is long gone. That is what I want back! Yes, married couples do still flirt! The original Bromance of Espo/Ryan is often revisited, but more to the delightful efforts of the actors rather than what is on the paper. Is it time for that duo to become the headliners?
    I have always looked forward to the family scenes, especially those moments between Rick and Martha: If Martha moves out (doesn’t ABC want to pay her any longer?), that last remnant of the playfulness of Season I (i.e., Mother keeping her son ever so humble) that remained in the show will also vanish.
    On a recent Twitter, Stana seemed to hint at wanting to do a Season 8. I’d much rather watch 13 well thought out episodes than another full season of less than lustrous offerings. Common, guys, make us proud! I love Nathan and Stana, and adore Jon and Seamus: I’ve been a devotee of Andrew and Terri Edda since the pilot. Despite recent events, I’ll still be a fan until the wheels fall off.

    • lkh says:

      the lug nuts are very loose…

      • Joy Bagg says:

        As accurate as that might be, I still believe in Andrew Marlowe and Terri Edda to do another joint cameo, albeit this time in the role of AAA and bring back the Castle Writing Standards, not to mention tighten those lug nuts! I admit it: I was worried when I saw all of the new names in the credits at the start of Season 7. But I expressed a lot of support for AWM when Castle walked off into the sunset with Ex #2 in Season 2: We can rise again!

  33. Disappointed says:

    The episode was OK as far as S7 goes and I can accept that Beckett can suddenly change her career aspirations, despite telling Gates in Rise, after being reminded that she was the youngest woman to make detective in the NYPD, that she didn’t realise people kept score or telling Stack in the Human Factor that her heart wasn’t in getting promoted to Lt or Capt, but I can’t understand why the writers would now have Beckett give the impression that she left the DC job of her own accord. Really, really sloppy and perhaps symptomatic as to why the show has gone downhill since S&Q.

    • AnnieC says:

      I don’t think it’s inconsistent for Beckett to see her firing from the DC job as a logical result of her decision to give false info to the press to force events. She knew that she was taking a risk to save their informant and accepted the results which was a firing. While she was technically fired I can see anyone looking back and thinking that they acted knowing termination could be a result and casting that as a choice to leave more than a firing.

      • Disappointed says:

        If you watch the end of NTK Beckett is in no way expecting to get found out, let alone any other fallout, by her reaction to Castle saying things weren’t working, “I don’t know how to fix this”, and her greeting to MCord about returning to DC. Firing Beckett was a fudge by the showrunner, the bigger thing would have been for Beckett to admit the DC job wasn’t for her, it had been set up for that, the unpacked boxes, McCord telling her the job with the AG didn’t mix well with serious relationships, having to compromise in the murky world of DC politics, but I didn’t see anything in the way Beckett behaved at the end of NTK that suggested she expected anything but to continue in DC and I don’t see why we should be expected to invent interpretations that weren’t there. She was fired from DC and now she says she left of own accord, that is irreconcilable as far as as I’m concerned, it’s either one thing or the other.

  34. ndixit says:

    I have to say that I don’t really agree with some of the comments about season 7. This ep was kind of average, but overall, I feel season 7 is a step up from season 6. Yes, the fact that they refuse to address the Castle disappearance arc is strange and the first two eps of the season were rough. But I think there have been a lot of pretty good episodes. I think the PI arc was a triumph. The AU and honeymoon episodes were fun. The 3XK story was pretty awesome. And there were some pretty entertaining episodes otherwise as well. Much better than season 6 which had the incredibly pointless DC arc. By the way Kate, you didn’t quit, you got fired and you were pretty upset about it!!! Then there was the terribly annoying Pi and the almost equally annoying bratty Alexis. Then there were all the wedding teasing leading up to the massively plot hole driven 6×23. So, I think this season has been a rise in quality. The dip in viewers is more associated with the mediocre quality of season 6 than season 7.

  35. lame says:

    It would be captivating if this thread of Beckett’s search for life beyond the 12th precinct were to run through the end of the season. But this season there seems to be a lack of focus, and at this point the production of episode 20 is in its final stages. So most likely every episode but 23 is confirmed.

    • lame says:

      At this point does anyone remember or care the who or why of the abduction, it’s been effectively buried.

      • lkh says:

        I never knew the who or the why and now I don’t care. :[ (I am still interested in the dengue fever tho)

        • AnnieC says:

          I am interested in why Castle is so fascinated with death. The question was brought up in the Vampire weekend episode in season 2 (Castle made up a story about finding the body of their housekeeper’s son) and in the first 3xK episode in season 3 (“how close to death do you want to get?”). 6×23 and the abduction didn’t need to happen to explore that issue.

          • lkh says:

            But it did happen and now we just seem to be flailing around and losing time while we attend this very strange and bizarre dance. I agree that answering your question would have been interesting.

          • lame says:

            I agree, there are a myriad of unanswered questions, time seems to be running out and I don’t see an effort being made to answer any. I’m sure one or two of the big ones will be addressed but all the lesser interesting ones, probably not.

  36. lame says:

    If ABC extends season 7, in doing so they can have everyone for ten extra episodes next season under the existing contract. Then they could effectively tie up all the loose ends and give Castle a proper send off.

  37. lame says:

    Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk have exceeded their goal of seed money for their web series.What had been a desire to fund for three episodes they now have enough for twelve and the construction of a spaceship. lol

  38. GREGO366 says:

    I don’t know why I keep accessing Matts “scoops” articles when I know, at heart, he NEVER has any!! Just a lot of conjecture and “TMZ” type innuendo.

  39. fbk says:

    When this season started with a bang with Driven, I was not disappointed with the 623 episode.
    Driven was good and i thought they are of to a good start and good story telling. But thereafter it was all downhill. So I set my hopes on the two-parter and I was not disappointed. I thought that finally they were back on track. Then we got that Mars stupidity. I still wonder what that was about. A filler?
    while717 was not as good as episodes in seasons past, I did enjoy it. Asian or not, I really enjoyed her work. She and Stana played well off each other although Stana’s insecurity did not fit. Seemed to come out of nowhere but I was glad to get a decent episode so I didn’t care about about who was Asian or Beckett’s insecurities.
    I have thrown in the white towel on any romance from Caskett. I have said in the past that romance was just not Nathan’s strong point. Stana always make the moves first. I don’t know, but he does act like he is afraid to touch Stana. I do not know if I am imagining things but they really are very awkward with each other and the romance should maybe skipped.
    In the end, did Beckett kiss the pillow? .

  40. I thought it was a great show worth staying up for.

  41. JT Bullar says:

    Linda Park excellent performance.Chief Inspector Zhang’s out burst on marriage split, missing kids, not being good mom, etc. was Park’s best lines. She delivered the frustration/angst that working mom’s/wives must deal with daily.