Fosters Star Talks Historic Same-Sex Kiss, What's Next for Jude/Connor

The Fosters Season 2 Spoilers

If you want to see TV history being made, look no further than ABC Family’s The Fosters, which recently featured two 13-year-old boys locking lips.

The momentous kiss between Jude and his pal Connor, which was seasons in the making, kicks off the young Foster’s journey of self-discovery about his preferences.

“Jude’s going to continue exploring what he likes,” his portrayer Hayden Byerly previews. “What is his type of guy that he likes? He’s going to continue to become more comfortable with how he is and who he is. I don’t know if we’ll see a lot of Jude being in necessarily relationships, but he’ll definitely be looking for what he likes.”

And what —or more precisely, who — he likes could be in jeopardy after the sounds of a gunshot closed out last week’s hour, Byerly teases below.

TVLINE | After that very dramatic cliffhanger, where does the action pick up on Monday?
[The last episode] ended with the kids running out of the house and a gunshot and then Stef and Lena being called. So it picks back up with what actually happened, who got shot [and] who’s going to be affected by this.

TVLINE | The promo strongly hints that it’s Connor who got hurt. How serious is the situation?
I would say that it’s not life-threatening, but it is dangerous.

TVLINE | How is Jude dealing with the fallout?
Jude is very scared. He’s also scared of what Connor’s dad is going to do. As we’ve seen, Connor’s dad has been against their friendship and their growing relationship. He’s scared about what will happen and the repercussions of going out and doing something like this.

TVLINE | Jude’s been holding a lot in. He hasn’t really talked to anybody about his feelings for Connor. Does he get to unload a little bit?
Yeah, we get to see Jude talk about it a little bit with some of his family members. He loves his sister and trusts her. He’s grown a very close relationship with Lena and Stef and everyone in the Foster family. He does get to tell people a little bit more.

TVLINE | What’s the dynamic like between Jude and Callie like going forward? They’ve been through a lot recently between her wanting to live with Robert and Jude learning to stand up for himself.
It hasn’t been every scene the two of them together, so it’s interesting. It’s a little different to see. They’re always going to be very close and love each other very much. We will see more of them together towards the end of the season and as Callie’s storyline with who she’s going to live with resolves.

The Fosters Jude Connor KissTVLINE | They’ve been hinting at the storyline between Jude and Connor for a while. What kind of conversations did you have with the producers and with [co-star] Gavin Macintosh going into the episode where they kiss?
Since the beginning of Season 2, we always talked about if Gavin and I were comfortable going down this path with our characters, having them go down the path of being homosexual. It was kind of hard for us to handle at first because we’re both straight men and we’re also best friends. It was a little awkward to kiss someone who is also straight and also your best friend. So it took us a little bit of time to get a good grip on ourselves. The writers/producers wanted us to really understand ourselves and our own sexuality and own own sexual preference before they just threw us into finding out another character’s. So they were very concerned how we felt before they would just throw us into these roles.

TVLINE | I don’t think I’ve ever seen characters as young as these exploring their sexuality on TV before. Was there a sense on set that you were doing something historic and important?
Oh yeah, Peter [Paige], one of the creators of show, was constantly talking about that. It’s considered the youngest same-sex kiss on national television. He was so excited and proud of us for going down this path and letting them play with it and show different people around the world these characters. It was a really, really cool experience. I’m very glad that I got to be a part of this.

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  1. LOL says:

    I really love this storyline because it is so different from anything else on television and it’s been handled really well and feels natural. However, the one who plays Jude looks 12 and the one who plays Connor looks 16 so their scenes are awkward af.

    • Ian says:

      I agree. I like Hayden and I like him in the role a lot, but he looks very young next to Gavin. So thats what makes it uncomfortable for me. I hope he’ll start puberty sooner rather than later.

      • Jennifer says:

        The pair are the same height now. And Hayden’s voice has changed.
        Hayden is almost taller than Gavin if you look at their instagram! They are best friends in real life also and not every friendship has same height and weight! My bestie is a twig! : )

    • David4 says:

      I have never watched the show, but I had to look up their real life ages because it was very creepy that one looks 16-17 and the other looks 11-12, but in real life there is only a year difference.

      • Jennifer says:

        Not every friendship has two people of the same weight and height ; ) if you listen to an interview of Hayden he is super mature and outgoing, and Gavin is quiet and not as eloquent.
        and Hayden is almost taller than Gavin as of lately.

  2. John Davis says:

    Marcus was 11 when he kissed a girl in About a Boy (NBC). No one complained. I see no reason to criticize Jonnor.

    • Dude says:

      It’s because people see heterosexual love as sweet and innocent but many people can’t see homosexual love as anything but sexual.

    • I don’t watch “About a Boy” but personally I’m always concerned when child actors are put in scenes of physical affection. I always worry if a child is having an important first as part of the job. I don’t think anybody’s first kiss should be part of an acting job. For me it has nothing to do with orientation and everything to do with age.

      • TV Gord says:

        Fred Savage and Danica McKellar had their first real-life kiss as part of the pilot of The Wonder Years (he was 12 and she was 13), and they speak fondly of it. It was one of the most memorable and sweet moments of that series.

    • L says:

      Probably because no one actually watched About a Boy..

  3. John Davis says:

    It’s the best family drama on TV right now. I cannot wait for monday (and season 3).

  4. I love this pairing (it’s pretty groundbreaking), but I had to laugh at ‘we’re both straight men’… Hayden, you’re barely 14! ;)

  5. KC says:

    Way too young to have them doing this on TV!

  6. Bill19D says:

    This is a fantastic show with so many great storylines, there is just a lot to love about The Fosters. This storyline is great both because it is very well done and very well acted and also because it gives representation on TV for kids who are coming to grips with their own sexuality. Looking forward to this relationship continuing to develop and play out on this show.

  7. Araceli Galvan says:

    I don’t watch this show. In addition, What ever it promotes it is not my business. However, when it shows scenes of two same sex people or “kids” kissing it is my business. It goes against my moral standards and what I am trying to teach my children. This is a family channel my 9 year old boy was watching a movie when the The Fosters scene came out. This is going over the limit! Is this PG or Xrated?

    • Matt says:

      Who are you to judge Araceli?

    • David4 says:

      If a clothed kiss is X-Rated I’m really curious to how exactly you have children.

      If you don’t like same sex teens kissing than don’t watch ABC Family: A NEW KIND OF FAMILY!

      If you want an old kind of family where the wife is a slave to men and only used for breeding and making dinner than watch Leave It to Beaver.

    • Diva DIary says:

      If it didn’t freak your son out, then why are you freaking out? Your son probably doesn’t even remember. Once again a parent making a big deal out of nothing.

    • but it does happen out there (thats why the show put it out) i was not against it but was skeptical of the storyline at first but then i listened to the interviews with the actors and they came across very mature and since they are minors there parents even had to be involved in the storyline so the producers didnt just throw them into it. Everyone is going to have their own opinions of right/wrong but its definitely not Xrated and actually think it has a 14+ rating on it.

    • Brkhrt12 says:

      I saw frozen, I think there was kissing in frozen, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, et. al. I wonder if you are keep your son from these classics? Is it that you don’t mind kissing between different genders? So it begs to question these morals that you are alluding to? And, what exactly are you trying to teach your children? Is it that being homosexual is immoral? If this is the case then, you and your belief go against my moral standards. You know, the one that believes in judging people based on their character and their actions. But you should know this, there is hope for your child (son). He will grow up and go to school/college where he will meet people from different backgrounds (race, orientation, etc.) He will have to learn to deal with and value people for who they are as individuals and their values. So, try this, teach him that good people are good people. simplistic, I KNOW!

  8. cyclone says:

    I have no issues with this story line, I find it just as cute as if it were a young girl and boy. What I found funny was Hayden saying he and Gavin (the kid that plays Connor) were both “straight men”, sorry buddy but at 13/14 you’re still just a kid.

    • Jennifer says:

      The pair are the same height now. And Hayden’s voice has changed.
      Hayden is almost taller than Gavin if you look at their instagram! They are best friends in real life also and not every friendship has same height and weight! My bestie is a twig! : )

  9. Tammy says:

    I absolutely love ‘The Fosters’, and relate to them in such a way that I can’t explain. The fact that the producers have an insight into the lives of Foster kids, whether or not it’s really insight or just typical creativity and guessing is amazing. I relate to Callie and Jude on a deeper level because I went through many of the circumstances that they face on the show. And the way Callie feels and handles herself are identical to the way I feel and have felt in my personal experiences.

    But aside from that, the racial aspect of the show, the homosexual and heterosexual aspects, and similarities between typical school life and the life of the cast of The Fosters is incredibly accurate. I’m drawn in and impressed. It illicits emotions that most television cannot achieve or accomplish. It has drawn me in from the first announcements until the most recent previews and I hope the producers continue to explore the aspects of The Fosters as a family and each character as an individual dealing with his or her own life experiences. It’s a very enthralling show.

  10. David Hamilton says:

    I think the Jonnor story line is wonderful. It’s time this was portrayed on television. This type of relationship has been going on for generations. The relationship between these two characters isn’t really about kidding or holding hands. It’s about the beauty and the hurt of your first true love. Jude and Connor (especially) are coming to understand that they really, really deeply are falling in love.

    In my life I was the 14 year old Jude and my “Connor” was 13. But in those days it was never discussed and there were no progressive parents to turn to. It was all hushed up and unspoken. We were alone in the fight. Until his homophobic parents (in league with my own) packed him off to military school to “straighten him out”

    Better today that young people can see and sympathize and understand. Beautifully written and acted by Hayden & Gavin. I get the real sense that some on the writing staff have experienced this in their own lives. it cuts very close to reality.

  11. Dave says:

    What parent let’s a 13 yr old do a scene like that this isn’t a something young teens should be exploring or watching on TV I have 3 kids that watch abc family after this they will not be allowed to watch this station.

    • MatRaupach says:

      I am really sorry for your kids ;(
      But you are right about one thing, there seem to be some bad parents out there.

      • Dave says:

        No one against homosexuals but for it to be put out there so that young kids think it’s ok because its on TV and its the new thing now and day kids are influenced by what they see on TV or social media so this is not ok .

        • MatRaupach says:

          Actually that is the point and that IS the reason it is not only OK but also important:

          The reasons:
          -Suicide is the third leading cause of death for young people ages 15 to 24 in the U.S.
          -Suicide rates for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth and adults in the U.S. are three times higher than national averages.
          – The suicide rates for males are about fife times higher.

          This shows actually exactly THESE kids that they are not any kind of freak!
          If these kids don´t see themselves on TV they think something is wrong with them and this turns out into depression or like i mentioned above even worse.

          These kids on The Fosters reflect exactly the group of kids that most likely end killing themselves
          yea there are more factors, like European Americans are more likely to commit suicide
          or kids from the foster system have higher rates too
          and kids whose parents don´t show any kind of support
          and so on

          Showing this to young kids actually saves lives!

          Even if the kids aren’t LGBTQ, because it shows them that this is NOT bad, because the reason WHY the U.S. is the leading country in the world for teenage suicides is because bullying these kids is very common.

          So show them there is no reason for bullying and you may save the life of another kid.

          And who knows? Maybe the life which saves it is one of your kids?
          Or one of your kids friends?

          • Dave says:

            Do you have kids ?

          • MatRaupach says:

            No i don’t have kids of my own.

            But I work with kids, even though that’s not the same, but that gives me at least some insight what problems they face and yea there are parents out there who make me very angry when I see how unhappy their kids are…

            That’s actually part of the problem making a kid is really easy, most get this done if they try to, but being a good parent is the hard part
            Don´t get me wrong most parents i have contact with do actually a good job, but sometimes you meet some that let you think how in the world their kid deserves this.

    • David Hamilton says:

      This is for Dave:

      I wonder what your real reason is for being so negative about this story line? Is it religious? Are you personally repressed? Do you think it’s “dirty?” I can tell you that kids in these kinds of relationships do NOT make a choice and it has zero to do with what you call “experimentation.”

      The fictional Jude and Connor are in love. For the first time. Their relationship as the writers have developed it has a lot less to do with kissing and hand holding and a lot more to do with that first electrifying, sometimes painful knowledge that your heart has been touched by someone you don’t want to be without. That a little bit of you has been give away.

      Both of these characters have been emotionally damaged and are solitary in their own way. Certainly Jude more than Connor. But programs like this let young people see that their values, rough as they may be are valid and deeply worthy of respect. Kids today need to be able to see that they are not freaks, no matter what the Christian Taliban may say.

      I don’t want to repeat what I have posted here before, but I lived my own Jonnor relationship between 1959 and 1961. After two years of major drama we were split up and one of us was sent to boarding school. It was like suffering the death of a spouse. There not only was no one to talk to, you were FORBIDDEN to mention the subject.

      In those days people who were thought to be gay could be placed in a mental ward by their family with no say. We could have been subjected to electric shock therapy to “cure” us.

      We always stayed in touch but led separate lives. We married, raised kids, had grandchildren and divorced our wives. Fifty-five years later we live in the same major city, talk every few days, meet every two or three weeks to “hang out” as the kids would say. Our families know and approve. We are proof that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And yes (GASP!) sometimes when we are sitting just watching TV, like Jude and Connor, our fingers touch and we hold hands. (My 43 year old son refers to this as “Love Among The Ruins”.) Strangely at 67 and 68 we don’t feel any different about each other than we did at 13 and 14 all those years ago.

      So I am sorry Dave that you harbor these notions of prejudice and concern that your children may be tainted by seeing others who are different portrayed in the media. But I am glad that today’s young people won’t be left to totally internalize their grief and carry the stigma that you would gladly impose.

      • Jessica Graham says:

        I am very moved to read your story. Thank you for sharing it. I hope that as things have changed over the years, as the horrors of things like electric shock therapy have receded, laws have been altered, and the culture has changed, you have felt more and more free. By writing this down, you have reminded readers here of some of what is at stake on this topic. all the best!

  12. So u think Connor is dead or one of the girls ????

    • MatRaupach says:

      Just read this interview!
      Connor is most likely not dead, but he is the one who got shot.

      • Dave says:

        Well when you have to boys and their whole life you explain to them that boys don’t kiss boys and some stupid TV series shows other wise and your kids ask you why are those to boys kissing it’s not the conversation I want to have with my 7 and 4 yr old then my daughter asks if girls can kiss girls not a fun or cute thing to try to explain.

        • MatRaupach says:

          Ok then I tell you what the right thing is to do in that situation:

          “Let your kids explain it to you!”

          I bet they have be really good grasp of the situation.

          But why have you told them that same sex kisses are wrong?

          That is really not the right thing to do even IF you want to make sure they don’t try it out!

          If you forbid something it makes sure they get interested in it, better not mention it at all and make sure to show them you don´t care, this way your kids don´t pay attention at all.

          Well now the damage is done and you have just more parenting work… good luck!
          (because now have to helicopter them all the time to make sure they don´t try it)

          And don´t misunderstand me, it is OK to forbid your kids to do something, but you have to explain them why in a way they understand it and i don´t know any way to explain kids WHY kissing might be something wrong.

          • Dave says:

            I won’t post what I really want to on this site but this is part of the reason these kids are so messed up they think it ok to expierement and try certain things because of shows like this and then wonder why they get bullied. Then its a tragedy when in reality its the things that are being put out there by shows like this and these producers and networks are the ones to blame when my kid gets beat up because he thought it was OK to kiss another boy…

          • MatRaupach says:

            1. Kids WILL experiment, in one way or the other, some at 12 some at 15, but they will, I did it (and i am straight btw.) most of the kids do it.

            2. If they experiment they most likely wont get bullied because the kids don’t do it in public.

            3. But should the actually be LGBT and statistically one of twenty kids is, they most certainly get bullied and that’s where this show helps because (and i repeat myself):

            a) The kids see it is nothing freaky and don’t bully the strange kid

            b) The LGBT kid seems himself represented on TV and might become more hopeful towards the future

            And btw. I am now certain you never watched The Fosters because they handled this matter in the best way i could imagine

            They explained how to deal with being bullied
            (after Jude got bullied for wearing nail polish at school)

            They even gave an answer to the kids when they start questioning their sexuality

            This should be teaching material for good parenting in my opinion, its that good.

        • Emily says:

          But boys do kiss boys and girls can kiss girls. It’s pretty easy thing to explain to kids. “Love is love, and sometimes girls love girls and sometimes boys love boys”. Simple. It’s a hell of a lot easier than foisting your bigoted rubbish onto your kids.

        • Jessica Graham says:

          well, unfortunately (from your point of view), there are boys in the world who kiss boys. Similarly, there are foreign countries where boys hold hands as a pure sign of friendship, nothing else, and where women and men can’t touch in public, so no one sees men and women kiss. I can appreciate that explaining things to your kids is a little awkward now. Maybe you could try explaining that there are boys and girls in the world who prefer to hold hands and kiss and write doodles with hearts in the margins of their schoolbooks about someone who is the same sex as them, and in fact, in most of the USA, it is now legal for them to be boyfriend and boyfriend, or girlfriend and girlfriend, when they grow up, and in some states, it is even legal for them to get married and be husband and husband, or wife and wife. Then you can also explain that you do not agree with this, and you wish for a different situation because of what you believe, and give them the reasons for your belief. There are plenty of laws people disagree with, right? Like laws about inheritance taxes, or health insurance… Nothing wrong with disagreeing…You are their dad. You have the right to raise them the way you want to. But hiding facts from them (like the fact that it’s legal) is not going to help them in the long run, is it? (I am assuming in this post that you live in the USA. If you don’t, my apologies. Laws are very different in different countries, of course.)

  13. Dave says:

    You wanna put stuff like that on a show put it on a private network like HBO not a family network !

    • flutiefan says:

      why? you don’t think this is how a family can be?
      i’ve read your posts, and i feel sorry for your children. “boys shouldn’t kiss boys”. why not?
      you have proven to be closed-minded, homophobic, prejudiced, and you have thinly-veiled your disgust for something that occurs naturally (and in nature, not only humans).

    • River says:

      At some point, you will have to understand that your opinions are those of a bigot, and you will have to come to terms with what that really means. It’s an insidious, cowardly form of hate. I have five children, and I taught them to treat everyone with love and compassion. That’s it. I didn’t censor anything. They’re intelligent, compassionate, creative adults. none of them turned out to be homosexual, but I would not have cared one bit if they did. I am so proud that they don’t feel it is their right to judge people, as if they were superior to everyone, but that they know we are all in this life together and know how to love and support their friends and family.

  14. Scottr says:

    Dave, you come across as a frightened, insecure, confused dude. If one is not gay, one is not gay, regardless of the “influences” he or she might be exposed to. Most kids “experiment”, with all kinds of stuff–it’s part of growing into being your own person. Just because of exposure and experimentation, a person is not going to magically “turn gay.” You have to BE gay to feel like wanting to pursue a particular path in life. All you’re doing is making your kids just as frightened of folks who may be “different”, and possibly prone towards behaving in far more antisocial ways than being attracted to the same sex. I believe people like you could be dangerous to society, believe it or not. And I feel empathy, even pity, for your kids.

    • flutiefan says:

      perfectly said.

    • Dave says:

      You know when you have kids and you know that there’s pedifiles out there taking little boys you will understand why young kids need to understand that boys don’t kiss boy and that it is not OK ! Whatever they want to do in their adult hood weather its being straight or gay is fine but as young kids they need to understand that it is not ok. Any loser can take your kid and abuse them and because they seen it on TV and they tell them it ok that’s how these freaks get away with what they do this isn’t a adult program where two adults are making love this is a family network where kids shouldn’t be exposed to these type of action. The only real danger to society are the gay men who are out there abusing little boys.

      • MatRaupach says:

        First of all pedophiles and homosexuals are two VERY different kind of things!
        For example are most male pedophiles after little girls.
        The statistically NEXT largest group are pedophiles who don´t care if its a boy or a girl.
        and yes they exist but statistically they are the smallest group, that are the male pedophiles that go only after boys.
        And a a statistically small group of pedophiles are females btw. they exist too!

        So that means you shouldn’t tell your kids that same sex kisses are wrong, you should tell them to be aware of strangers in general!

        The stupid statement that all gay men are pedophiles is the thought-terminating cliché all homophobes use because they are afraid of common sense.
        It is scientifically proved nonsense.

      • Jessica Graham says:

        hey Dave,
        I was abused by a 40 year old man, a friend of my parents, starting when he put me on my lap and French kissed me. I was 9. I did not protest because I was taught as a kid that kids always do what adults tell them to. Once I grew up, those experiences messed up my ability to have a healthy romantic relationship with a man for a long, long time. If I follow your logic, then it’s OK for boys to kiss girls, right? So what was wrong with what happened to me?
        I have a few points here: 1) there are male and female pedophiles, and there are gay and straight pedophiles, as well as pedophiles who will abuse both boys AND girls (my abuser was one of those). 2) The danger from pedophiles is that an adult authority figure is taking sexual advantage of a child, which damages the child’s development significantly. It doesn’t have to be gay activity for it to be damaging! 3) My parents also had gay friends, and none of them ever abused me or my brother. Like MOST people, their gay friends were only interested in having a relationship with an adult!
        I hope this information helps you to better protect your children. If you are only wary of gay men, you are going to miss some potential threats, and feel threatened by some harmless people. I would suggest instead keeping a close eye on ANYONE who reeeally likes spending time with kids and teens, and finds ways to spend time with them without other adults around, and finds lots of reasons to touch, tickle, tease, and makes comments about their clothes / appearance making them look grown up, flirty comments…based on my personal experience, if all or most of that is happening, then it’s time to go on orange alert.

  15. quina says:

    Didnt brad pitt kiss hayden pantierre when she was like 11 in interview with a vampire When u are a young actor these are thing u might have to do

    • Dave says:

      Exactly but thats a movie which you have to purchase to watch or it comes with an adult rating when shown on TV network and most likely never aired on a family network where you get caught off guard when you think your kid are watching a kid program and you walking in to see them watching two boys kissing. You guy are ignorant and have no morals especially no religious morals.

      • MatRaupach says:

        That I have no religious morals is the one thing i take as a compliment.
        But as a humanist I am very offended by the claim that I have no morals at all.
        I may not believe in any kind spiritual being that claims to know everything, but I believe in ethic.
        And ethic is morals in perfection.

        How can a kiss shared by two loving people be called wrong?

        But I tell you I know the man made bible better than most of those, who call themselves religious!

        And as a hint you should read Matthew 8:5–13 and Luke 7:1–10

        There is mentioned how Jesus healed the male lover of a centurion.
        YES Jesus had NOTHING against homosexuals!

        The only mentions against same sex love in the bible are in the OLD testament and in the letters eg. Romans, but that were never the words of Jesus himself.

        It is like one o the greatest human beings in mankind said:

        “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” Mahatma Gandhi

        And I for myself totally agree with those words.

        I totally like Jesus and what he tried to accomplish, but the so called Christians have failed his idea of forgiveness and love.

        • Dave says:

          Figures the creators of this show are homosexuals even dolce and gabana see something wrong with same sex parents smh and their homosexuals themselves.

          • MatRaupach says:

            Well that just shows that, really everyone is the same ;)

            Homosexuals can be as stupid as straight people ;)

      • River says:

        I see nothing wrong with this program and would have let all five of my children watch it. This program espouses better morals than you do, in my opinion. I taught my children to show kindness and compassion to all living things, just as they do in this show. I did not censor what they wanted to read or watch or talk about when they were growing up, and they grew into fine, healthy, creative adults who love and support all of their friends and family no matter what religion or lack of religion or sexual persuasion they have, (and their friends are all along the spectrum of all of these), and they are loved and supported in turn. None of my children are homosexual, but I would not care even one tiny bit if they were. You are teaching bigotry; an insidious, cowardly form of hatred that will teach your children to bully or ostracize those who they have been taught to hate, and yes, you are teaching them to hate. Maybe you should do some reflecting about why you are so disturbed by this. Because you have been told it is wrong? Learn to think for yourself and to really believe what you live by, instead of falling back on what you have been told by others who do not live by love and compassion, but rely on polluted concepts of superiority and judgements. Even if you have trouble thinking very deeply, you should try. You will be so much happier if you stop trying to judge everyone else by a very limited, mean and twisted frame of reference.

      • Vodkasaurus says:

        I kind of wanted to point out the fact that well first of all this immediately became one of my favorite shows ever due to how loving it is and how real it is. The writing is superb. But for Dave: You’re talking about how this is on a public network and may catch you by surprise and stuff with your kids.

        Did you forget about the fact that on this very same show the on-screen moms admitted to personally putting condoms in the kids’ bathrooms? That’s because they know they’re kids are growing up and will experimenting even with sex but as good parents they know the kids will experiment but are showing open-mindedness by providing and encouraging safe sex. That’s great if you ask me. Did you also know that the show talks about alcohol and drinking and drugs? The show portrays many things, like teenagers already having sex with various partners, the drinking and getting drunk, the fact that Mike became so addicted to drinking that he was putting booze in his coffee, the fact that Callie ran away from home, the fact that a group of guys beat the crap out of Brandon to get back at him for doing the right thing and coming clean about what he was doing with the fake ID’s, the fact that Marianna was selling her brothers drugs to give money to her real mom. They curse on that show every now and then. Although it’s what I call vanilla cursing. You hear the words ass and dumbass and stuff and no f bombs but remember shows from over a decade ago? You rarely saw the adults swearing let alone teens.

        If you ask me, given how protective you are over your sons, perhaps they shouldn’t watch the show at all. But here’s a reminder for you Dave, the reason why you see those things on such a Family network is because they’re all stories that hit close to home for many people in the real world and the writers of the show are doing a damn amazing job at showing the shows viewers that they understand that this is the world we live in, but that at the end of the day we come home to family, family that tells you it’s ok. That the world is a harsh place but that family is what you can count on regardless of you’re going through. Even if they don’t see two boys kiss on TV chances are they’ll see it at school. You can’t cover their eyes forever and why would you want to? They ONLY MESSAGE YOURE SENDING YOUR BOYS is that in YOUR eyes you hate those things which in turn will only create fear in your sons should one of them be gay and believe it won’t be because he chose to be or because he saw it on TV and thought he may wanna try it. If one of them or both turn out gay it’s because they’ve gotten a chance to see inside themselves and see and know who they are. They see clearly because of what they feel, not because of what a show taught them. You underestimate the human mind. I’m gay and am 27 years old now. When did I know for sure I was gay? Second grade. I developed a huge crush on my teacher. He was cute and handsome and hella smart. Sometimes in class I’d fantasize about the two of us being on the swings together holding hands. Yeah I was a kid and in second grade, but I knew. I knew I was different. It didn’t come from watching others doing it. It came from me. Inside of me. From my heart. Where all our emotions come from. The place where love is love. Where love isn’t bound by race or gender or color of skin or by looks. Where love is governed only by how much we care about another living human being.

        Your sons may develop a crush on one of their male teachers. I’m just saying. Gay male teachers can be sexy. Just saying. Yes they’re young actors and that definitely caused a stigma but if you listen or read Haydens words you will see how mature he is. He said he was proud to be a part of a historic moment which shouldn’t be shunned or hidden by people, rather celebrated. I believe that those ages and times are hard because it’s when we get bullied the most. We get bullied, struggle in school and to top it all off feel like we’re freaks or hated because we feel differently about people. Here’s the thing everyone, especially DAVE, always remember THAT WE DO NOT FEEL DIFFERENTLY. WE ARE NOT DIFFERENT. IN THE END WE ACTUALLY ALL FEEL THE SAME THINGS AND WANT THE SAME THING: To love and to be loved. Doesn’t matter who it is, boy, girl, African American, Asian, Mexican, white, transgender. It doesn’t matter because that feeling inside we all feel when we have a crush on someone or fall in love with them, that’s Universal and it all comes from our own hearts not a show. That feeling, my friends, is boundless love.

  16. Stella Yong says:

    It’s really surprising to see one of the youngest lgbtq couple on television series. I appreciate the dynamic of this series and how they break the barrier on developing character relationships with one another. Honestly , it’s quite a shocker to see Jonnor on screen, having underage kids kissing is already an issue let alone lgbtq couples. But it’s amazing for directors to come up with these characters and how well Hayden and Gavin potraying them with giving good chemistry which is not so different from their actual friendship i guess. When i first saw them my eyes kinda popped and wow they can do that? This is very sweet and i’m looking foward to have more Jonnor moments to come 🎈

  17. Diva DIary says:

    @Dave It’s so funny how your getting so worked up about this when I bet you, your kids don’t even care. I have more of a problem with Pretty Little Liars and the whole teacher dating a student than this. I have more of a problem with Belle having Stockholm Syndrome and ends up with the Beast anyway. I have more of a problem with Ariel being 15 and ending up with an adult. I have more of a problem with Simba ending up with his cousin.

    I got money on the fact that you didn’t notice this stuff while watching it with your kids and they probably didn’t notice it either. If it was a boy and girl, you wouldn’t be so worked up about it, but since it’s 2 boys all you can think of is it being sexual when it’s just as innocent as a boy and girl. Besides you’re watching a show with two moms as parents.

    I can tell you when I was your kids’ age and I watched Buffy and Dawson’s Creek I didn’t notice there were gays on those shows until I was a teenager and they were already over. I didn’t even know what gay/homosexual was back then. A show cannot make a person gay just like a show can’t make someone straight. I have yet to hear a gay person say, “Yea, I turned gay because I watched something on TV.”

    You are funny Dave because you came to comment on a show that features gay people on a site that just so happens to be founded by a gay person. That’s pretty funny.

  18. Jonboy says:

    Bravo to ABC Family! I watch The Fosters every week and really enjoy the show. The actors, writers, and producers do an excellent job. I really wish there was a show like this around when I was Jude and Connor’s age. I was going through exactly what they were and having those same feelings, but had nobody to confide in and talk about it. I felt very isolated and alone. Now today, shows like The Fosters show that it’s okay to feel this way and you can always find someone to turn to. Keep up the good work guys.

  19. Paul says:

    The idea that kids seeing something on television will want to do it is such an interesting concept.. I agree in some ways. That’s why products have commercials and promote buying them so they will be cool. But drama is another thing. If a show presents bullying, will every child want to be a bully or to be bullied? If a youth tries to commit suicide will it make every child want to commit suicide? What if a kid of another race becomes a hero on the football field? Will every child want to become that race? And to be honest, when I see a homophobic parent disown his/her child on television, it makes me want to let my children know that I am not homophobic and that they will discover their true sexual nature as they grow up and I will not care. I just want them to know that love is one of the most important things in life between two people.

  20. J. Oldman says:

    60 years ago I was Jude. I find it refreshing that TV is finally catching up with real life.

    For those that are worried about the age of the individuals keep in mind that kids are or have hit puberty and sexuality is a important part of their life. I lived a lie till I was in my twenties and believe me it took a toll. I just hope some kids are watching this show and realize that yes they do not have to go through what I did.

    I congradulate both young actors for their part.

  21. Lydia says:

    I hope season 3 they well have Great Relationship with Each other I Really Love There Storyline alot got me watching the fosters 1st place.

  22. Keliam says:

    I thank connor should stay with his dad and jude and him go on with there relationship. It seems like sence jude became gay they cut him out of a lot of episodes. Why is that???

  23. Francisco Monteiro Ramos Lotif says:

    Dois garotos que se gostam.