Revenge Recap: Triple Threat

Revenge Recap

The Fourth of July came early on Sunday’s Revenge, bringing fireworks, arrests and — wait for it — death! Dun, dun, dun.

Proving she’s still so terrible at this whole “plotting” thing, Margaux set her sights on Ben’s ex-wife April (Sarah Lancaster!), a waitress who’s currently hiding from an angry ex lover in Upstate New York. Ben and Emily, of course, intervened — Em even slipped into what appeared to be a Sookie Stackhouse costume — and effortlessly thwarted Margaux’s latest middle-school attempt to get even.

Nolan was her next target, but you can read more about that epic failure a little further down in the recap. (Hint: It involved Louise, a flash drive and a really long fall.)

But because even Ms. Lame-archal was bound to achieve a small amount of success eventually, she managed to have Jack arrested for drunk driving — even though the dutiful bartender hadn’t touched a drop all night. Watching the cops take away little Carl was heartbreaking, but at least Emily and her new man arrived just in time to pour salt in Jack’s gaping wound.

Seriously, can we talk about that lingering Emily-Jack-Ben situation for a minute? I’m still not OK with the results of last week’s big confession, and I’m not the only one. “When Emily moved on, I thought she’d be moving towards Jack,” Nolan said this week. “I think he did, too.” Yeah, well, we all did. When is that girl going to get it together? (And what was up with that line, “Jack, it’s good to see you on a boat again”? Emily, you don’t get to do that.)

FREE FALLIN’ | After striking out as Victoria’s attorney, Lyman tucked his tail between his legs and made amends with Louise — or, at least, he pretended to reconcile with her in order to steal all of Nolan’s secrets. His deception wasn’t the least bit surprising, nor was his new partnership with Margaux, but there was a fun little twist to this week’s tale: While wrestling an incriminating flash drive from her brother’s grip, Louise kinda sorta pushed him off a cliff to his death. You know, I still want to believe that Lyman will eventually hook up with Nolan, but this whole “death” thing is starting to make me doubt my prediction. Oh well, at least Nolan and Louise’s sham marriage is stronger than ever!

PARTY’S OVER | Natalie really should have known better: You can steal Victoria’s inheritance, and you can get in bed with her ex — but when you take the reins of one of her annual soirees, you’ve gone too damn far. The Independence Day party set the stage for Nat’s inevitable takedown, as we learned she was actually one of Conrad‘s mistresses who literally starved his father to death until he agreed to change his will. So it looks like Natalie’s officially a thing of the past, which is good, because I didn’t like the person Victoria was becoming. (Seriously, spying on David during his date with Natalie like a jealous lunatic? Victoria, girl, you’re better than that.)

Revenge-rs, your thoughts on Lyman’s death? Natalie’s takedown? This Ben-Emily nonsense? Drop ’em all in the comments section below.

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  1. Kelly Deeny says:

    I liked seeing Emily uncomfortable and awkward around Jack and him not being a wounded puppy. There were lots of comparisons to Ben/April and Emily/Jack’s relationships. Starting out as friends. Disappearing from one another’s lives for 10 years then showing up and uprooting it. Now, if only Ms. Ems would recognize the same.

    • Sarah says:

      Don’t forget the comparison that Ben bored April…and that they wanted different things out of life. This most certainly applies to Jack and Emily too, and Jack is a father, Carl should be his one certainty. I guess next episode will remind him of that!

      • drhenning says:

        Looks the actor playing Ben has been busy off-screen since his wife (JLH) is pregnant and that fact was announced on her show Criminal Minds this week. I guess no hiding there.

  2. aa says:

    I guess we’re finally getting somewhere? I just can’t imagine what direction this show takes after Emily eventually takes down Margaux.

    • Desmond Kane says:

      This could be a way for them to loop back to Emily vs Victoria. That baby is the last part of Daniel that Victoria has. If/when Margaux loses the baby it’s almost guaranteed that she’ll blame Emily.

  3. kn1231 says:

    The single best part of this episode was the preview for next week showing Margaux getting hit by a car! I can’t wait!

    • Andy Swift says:

      Right?! I almost referenced that in the recap, but I’m going to save up all my energy for next week’s.

      • tyranthraxus says:

        i just assumed she was getting someone to hit her with a car…perhaps owned by Emily or Nolan or connected to them. Perhaps getting more desperate.

        If she is willing to go to the imprisonment of Jack, denying Carl a father, then getting hit by acar on purpose dosnt seem too wacky.

        • tyranthraxus says:

          ooh… it would be awesome if Carl managed to get behind the wheel and steer into Margaux.

        • kn1231 says:

          I don’t care how it happens, I’m just excited to see her get hit. Also, even if she does try and make it look like someone else hit her, they are not going to go down for it for too long! But again, I think seeing her get run down will be the most satisfying things this show has done for a while!

        • Megan says:

          Seeing her get hit was weirdly satisfying lol. And even tho she went too damn far by getting jack arrested and separating him from Carl, do you really think she would risk her own baby’s life by getting someone to run her over just to clear daniel’s name? i don’t even know why she loves him! i certainly didnt see the chemistry there. heck even louise and nolan have more chemistry in their fake marriage!!!!

        • Don’t forget she was willing to have an innocent young woman killed in order to coerce Ben into helping her. I don’t think even Emily was ever that ruthless!

      • April says:

        I think there is a chance that they will do that to phase out her pregnancy storyline. She will end up being okay overall (although I can’t stand her character and would like her off the show).

  4. Scott says:

    Margaux took it too far when she had Jack arrested and baby Carl taken away

  5. Fred says:

    This episode was season 1 -type of brilliant. The Revenge that I loved in season 1 is back. I hope it stays this way.

  6. Sue Daniels says:

    amen on the Jack/Emily/Ben triangle of ridiculousness!!! I’m just afraid that by the time Emily DOES pull her head out … And she will at some point…. Jack will be done. She is an IDIOT.

  7. Alichat says:

    I hope next week’s promo wasn’t just a red herring….a red herring in a red suit flying over a yellow taxi. She’d better be in a coma after that….and just be the gestational vessel for Daniel’s baby for the next 7-8 months. I don’t wish the baby any ill will…..just Margaux. You do not mess with Jack and baby Carl. I still don’t understand why Louise didn’t tell Nolan about Lyman lying at the bottom of the cliff. After everything she has been through, and since it was an accident, I don’t see Nolan turning on her or thinking less of her. And she needs Nolan and Ems to make sure the accident story sticks. Lastly…..I LOVED the look on Ben’s face when Emily said that Jack is her weakness…..her first love. Granted she wasn’t answering his per se…..but still, his reaction….perfect.

  8. cyrano says:

    Marguax-away Lame-archal… Best new name for THE single most annoying character ever. I know I sound like a troll for saying it but they really need to tell the Producers the show is ending and let them wrap things up.

    • Megan says:

      Margo yes i can’t be bothered to spell it correctly i don’t care but she is more annoying than Charlotte. I wonder what happened to her. Well tbh i don’t care a lot I’m just glad she’s off screen and hopefully M will be too. Let’s wrap things up as you say!

  9. cass says:

    I am glad Lymann is dead but I am worried to see why Louise didn’t tell Nolan the truth. Also UNBELIEVABLE that Nolan’s laptop wasn’t more secure to prevent Lyman from accessing it!!! A password perhaps!?

    I assume margeax will probably lose the baby, but who cares, she isn’t acting like it matters to her at all. Wonder how Victoria would react to that, try to blame Emily?

  10. Chris says:

    I’m not okay with Victoria getting any sort of happiness in life considering that she did murder Aiden.

    • Bates says:

      Aiden was a cold blooded murderer. Remember he shot and killed the white haired man as he was laying on the floor unconscious.

      • Kota says:

        The white haired man was a murderer working for terrorists??? Victoria murdered Aiden to get back at Emily for what happened to Pascal which was definitely not Ems fault

      • Bill says:

        He also killed Takeda

      • WingsStef says:

        Victoria killing Aiden was so stupid. Granted I was not a big Aiden fan, but it was still sad for Emily. My point though is that Victoria killing him made little sense. Conrad killed Pascal and “real Victoria” would have realized that. Then again maybe that time Conrad tricked Victoria into killing that Helen chick because she thought she was going to kill Daniel harden her? In regard to Margaux, Daniel caused his own damnation. He shot Emily in the gut and then tormented and taunted her about how he “sterilized” her. Not someone worth Margaux revenge. I remember a scene where Victoria told Margaux to not let a man define her (or something like that). Margaux used to be spunky. The show has since made her petty and cruel.

  11. Jose says:

    Anyone else found unbelievable that Louise trusted Lyman so easily….. or that he could hack into Nolan`s computer?

  12. Tamara says:

    Natalie’s takedown was the only satisfying part of the episode. At least Victoria was smart when she and Emily were sparring. Margaux is just desperate. It’s not a good look for her.

    I’ve loved seeing Emily and Victoria take on new enemies. It was a refreshing change. My fear all along had been that Margaux will lose her baby and that will reignite Victoria’s wrath and the feud. I actually was hoping somehow if another season happens, we’d see the opposite and they woild somehow team if Emilyn and Victoria for some epic revenge.

  13. BrittBrat says:

    When will people learn not to confess to the crime! They always get caught on tape.
    Nolan needs a new hiding spot.
    Still can’t stand Margaux-Away!!!!!!!
    Poor Jack and Carl.

  14. Kim&Bey says:

    Ben’s aight ..come one people:)
    I’m enjoying Ben-Emily, I know it won’t last but there’s something fresh about it.This r/ship is a great escape for Emily; I like seeing her open up emotionally esp when she talked about Aiden. I think this r/ship is what she needs right now.
    Plus I like that Ben can hold his own and does not need Emily to protect him.
    Lol so Jack is giving Emily attitude because she rejected him …Rude!

    • gloria 098 says:

      lol i agree klm&bey bemily

    • brightflower says:

      Exactly! I love that Emily could be herself with Ben and they have such great chemistry. With Jack, there’s no chemistry anymore. Maybe in season 1 they did but not anymore. He was never waiting for Emily. He sleeps with any girl that looks his way. Also, every step of the way, all he ever did was make Emily feel guilty for the things she has done. Even though, he follows along with her like a puppy. At least she owns up to it. He always tries to make himself look humble and a man of principles but he clearly is not. Emily deserves better than Jack.

  15. N says:

    I loved Louise! Why did she lie to Nolan! Really loving Jack…..

  16. Essie says:

    Poor Jack! And why didn’t Louise tell Nolan about her brother? Can’t wait for next episode.

  17. rg says:

    Ha ha. Victoria really burned Octopus face. I can’t stand Victoria, but she is like a saint compared to Octo face. Poor Jack, the guy just can’t catch a break. Lame-marchel is annoying as hell. Did it look like Ben showing up at Nolan’s house in uniform, perhaps to check on a dead body ?

  18. smart tv liker says:

    Nolan&Louise are good together. Natalie needed to go down. It was easy to see that she was up to something with David. Victoria has never been my favorite but she teamed up with her would be killer to do it. Natalie shouldn’t of messed with her holiday. Jack well let’s just say, he should never of used his son like that. Margaux shouldn’t of went after his son, that’s just cruel.

  19. I actually liked Margaux but she has become such a bitter, vengeful b*tch towards Ems that I just want to see her gone.

  20. Evelyn says:

    I really enjoy Ben and Emily. It is a good relationship for her. Unlike Jack, he doesn’t want to change her and he empathizes with her conflict of identity. Something that Jack will never be able to do because he just wants that innocent Amanda Clarke back.

    She is not Amanda anymore. He married “Amanda” and is raising their son. Carl should be his number one priority not some woman who he shared a kiss or two with. He jumped into bed with the Agent Kate quickly as well- at that point they were both single. Where was your undying love, Jack?

    I think the Jack and Emily romance should be concluded. Ben is her better match. He can hold his own. He doesn’t flop around. He has been interested in Emily from the onset and pursued her. He isn’t a coward.

    Also, I kind of like the idea of Emily working in the police department/investigation. Clearly she has a knack for it. What would she do with Jack?

    I’m team BEMILY!

  21. Iakovos says:

    My guess is Margaux’s accident next week is part of rebuilding that uneasy cat-and-mouse game between Emily and Victoria which was center tot he REVENGE story from the start. Victoria might blame Emily for Margaux’s accident and loss of Daniel’s unborn child and the game begins anew. Poor Louise, reliving what happened when her father died (an accidental fall) with her brother who she so foolishly trusted. I am liking having Louise around. Still, I am tiring of the show’s efforts to remain true to its purpose. Now that David id alive and well and the Graysons are done, is there a genuine and driving purpose for Emily and the others to continue all this REVENGE? Seems we are just now another primetime soap but one that is a little off the rails.

  22. Mukta says:

    Why is margaux being a bitch …..That last scene reminded me of david and Amanda and their separation !!!!

  23. R. says:

    The most intriguint thing about margaux is her haircut (and how it keeps changing in every single scene). Remember the days when Emily had both Conrad and Victoria to deal with? I laughed when Emily said in this episode “Margaux is no amateur”. It almost feels like the writers are trying to convince themselves she’s a compelling enemy to watch.

  24. Arely Torres says:

    Well if Margaux is killed of next week this could leave an opening for Conrad to come back since we never actually saw him buried that door was left wide open! And please someone told me this could be the last season… Tell me this isn’t so!

  25. You had better not cancel Revenge. That’s my favorite show. I look forward to that show with secrets & lies. If you do cancel Revenge you will hear about it from the viewers. We do matter.

    • Susan says:

      I agree with you, Earl Humphrey! Love love love Revenge and am also hooked on Secrets and Lies now. A great Sunday night line up there.

  26. Phyllis Englert says:

    Glad that Natalie was taken down.I didn’t want her to make a fool of David. I also thought Nolan and Lyman were going to be a couple. That would have been too transparent I’m glad there was a twist. Emily and Ben will never be a couple. More mystery to come. Love my favorite show.

  27. I really, really love this show, I started watching from the beginning, but I think is getting to much drama. The people she wanted to revenge is almost gone. So I thing is good to finish all the drama and no more drama plus drama, is over….

  28. Karen Geels says:

    Loved this show at first. Emily had a mission. What happened to that? MRevenge has gone to far off track. I wish they would of stayed with the initial story line and gone off the air. I lost interest and quit watching. They ruined a really good show. They should of had Emily stick with one guy and been faithful. That’s what the story line eluded too. Revenge for family and being faithful to her father. You could accept what she was doing because of all of it. Now she seems like a teenager who can’t decide who her boyfriend is.

  29. wingsstef says:

    Ben and Emily…blah. Yay Victoria she was spunky again Sunday. Natalie starving a man to near death…ow that’s cold. Lydia might have been a homewrecker but I actually believe her and Conrad were a love match, and that just made Natalie jealous. I liked Margaux last season. This season they just have made her feel petty and what she did to Jack and Carl was just cruel. Nolan and Lucille are okay,

  30. Gloria says:

    Best show ever! The writing is spectacular and every single character is sheer perfection! Congratulations to ALL involved!

  31. Revenge could have become the #1 show on ABC if the network left it on Wednesday nights.
    Bad bad choice to move it to Sunday….. result the show is bumped by special events so often
    it is pathetic. Move Revenge back to week night or cancel it.

  32. Lisa says:

    Victoria looks amazing. Whatever Madeline Stowe is doing is reversing the sands of time.

  33. Mischa Cruz says:

    Ben and Emily, I hate it! Cmon Revenge writers! Poor poor Jack. Everything that he went through (all people he loves who died and then being rejected a lot of times by Emily!)!!!
    Plus he is the moral compass of the story. He deserves to have a happy ending with Carl and Emily. I’m starting to hate Revenge now…

  34. Jessica Harper-Quinn says:

    Emily and Jack need to be together they both need some happiness in their lives like Jack lost everything besides Carl and the real Amanda and Emily lost everything but gained somethings like her father. Marqaux needs to leave there’s no reason she’s in the show anyway.