Scandal Recap: The Hole Shebang

Scandal Recap B613 Exposed

ABC’s Scandal inched closer to its “classic” formula this Thursday, as Olivia set out to fix a broken heart, the White House swung into spin mode and Huck debated doing a number on B613.

THE LAST LAUGH | Virginia senator/VP candidate Susan Ross was poised to sail through the Senate confirmation processes, until at her first passer she let loose with a rip-snorting nervous laugh, earning her instant infamy. In trade for a “big pile of money,” Leo Bergen worked his magic on Susan, though his rough touch eventually forced the senator to “quit.” After firing boyfriend Leo, Abby beseeched Olivia to get Susan across the finish line, if only because “the bad guys have been winning like crazy” as of late and Liv “could use something good right now.” Sure ’nuff, Olivia guides Susan to a successful senate hearing, though it takes a bit of crow-eating from Fitz to coax enough votes from the senators who saw the West Angola war as, Liv puts it, “a mockery of democracy.” (Meanwhile, Leo’s “firing” at Abby’s hand leads not to a break-up but instead lights a fire under the lovebirds, “disgusting” as Leo may be.)

HOLEY MOLY | In the midst of the day he hears out all the “crackpots and crazies,” David is visited by a woman whose husband supposedly works for a super-secret spy group known as B613 — and it’s Huck’s Kim! David alerts Jake and Huck to this “Diego Munoz” who gave his wife the files, forcing Huck to come clean that he is Diego. The plan is then for Huck to proceed to testify but come across as a PTSD-afflicted war vet who made up the tale, but once in front of David, and awash with flashbacks of his brief stab at a normal domestic life, Huck stops hemming and hawing and tells a gripping tale about the infamous “hole” that B613 thew its bad eggs into. Afterward, while a smiley Huck gets a kiss at the doorstep from his proud wife, Jake assumes that David will “shut it down” — but David instead is resolved to use the files to “get the bad guys” once and for all.

WILTED ROSE | Rose aka “Where’s the black lady?” resurfaces outside Olivia’s apartment, still wondering where her friend Lois (whom Olivia saw shot dead during her initial abduction) disappeared to. While Huck and Quinn seek out the corpse, Olivia realizes the true, deeply loving nature of the older ladies’ “more than friends” connection. Rose recounts how she and Lois fell in love at 16, but got separated by disapproving parents. Sixty years later, Lois called for Rose, and she moved back to D.C. Olivia affords Rose a chance to say a proper farewell, claiming that Lois was felled by a painless aneurysm while sitting on a bench by the river. Though presented with some closure, Rose laments to her late friend’s casket, “It’s still too soon…. Now I’m all alone, things will never be the same” — relatable words that prompt Olivia to take another step back towards a normal life, tossing out the stained sofa cushion (you know she probably would have actually heaved weeks ago) and sidling up to a tallll glass of red and a huuuuuge bowl of popcorn.

What did you think of this week’s Scandal?


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  1. cyrano says:

    Inched closer but I still think they take way too many liberties and this is becoming laughable now. Season 1 was great because it was gripping and real. Season 2-4 just got waaay to campy.

    • GeekWithFanGirlSkills says:

      This! I actually stopped watching mid-way through the 2nd season and will only take it back up if I can get confirmation they’ve returned to that level of storytelling. I still read the occasional synopsis for signs of that. This is the first one to give me some measure of hope.

  2. madhatter360 says:

    On thing I really like about Scandal is that they don’t forget about the minor characters. Rose and Leo both returned this week. Charlie got a mention. Huck’s family is still part of the show (although maybe I missed something, but it seems like Javi got over seeing his dad kill a guy).
    Also, I didn’t realize this whole second half has only taken place over three weeks. It wasn’t clear how long Liv was gone for but this seems really short.

    • cyrano says:

      Season 2 & 3 was all about going thro’ Fitz’s first term quickly… Now that they are in 2nd term they are taking their time because the show will probably end at Fitz’s second term.

    • David4 says:

      Yeah. Last we saw the son he freaked out his dad killed someone.

      But just like ‘modern’ Scandal, why bother with details.

      I really wish the show would go back to the fun and crazy fast insane stories of season two. Now it just feels like they are just making filler and wondering around. I for one would love to watch the show pass Fitz’s horrible presidency. However Milly can not become president right away. That’s silly.

      • missvci says:

        Time has passed since Javi saw his dad kill someone, and I’m sure his mother talked to Javi before inviting Huck to dinner. Something among the lines ” I know what you saw was scary, but I’m going to give your dad a chance to explain and be part of this family again…” Not every scene/moment has time to be shown.

        I don’t need to see the filler apology scene, I rather just see Huck happy with his wife and son.

      • Adelele says:

        Mellie should never become president – that is as harebrained and stupid as the kidnapping plot and would not make for good tv.
        What they should do is to show all of her scheming to do so – which as always come to naught.

  3. Chester says:

    “We’re the bad guys.” Jake

  4. juliebestry says:

    It had been sixty years since they fell in love, but Lois contacted Rose after her (Lois’) husband died — Rose said she’d waited *40* years for her. So, I believe they’d been together the past 20 years.

  5. Cheyenne says:

    Confirming Susan Ross as VP is going to backfire spectacularly all over Mellie. Just watch. She’s going to turn out to be an excellent VP and will get a real taste for the job. Ten will get you twenty she will decide to run for president at the end of Fitz’s term and will beat Mellie in the primary. Or she will run as a third party candidate and end up winning the election. Mellie has a genius for shooting herself in the foot.

  6. TVPeong says:

    Didn’t Olivia and the Defiance crew make a mockery of democracy when they gave Fitz the pregnancy? Olivia has a very selective memory.

  7. Darcel says:

    I used to really like Scandal in seasons 1 and 2. However, it has changed from a political fixer drama to a B613 I Spy espionage drama. What’s worse is that when B613 was introduced, it was an entity that was needed to work alongside the republic to keep America safe at any cost and it was the one to be feared and that it could not be brought down. Isn’t Jake suppose to be in the military? Does he ever go to work anymore? When did Abby actually break up with David Rosen? Olivia is becoming one of my least favorite characters because she is so selfish and ungrateful. She doesn’t seem to appreciate people going to extremes to help her. There are so many loose ends in the story lines now. It is like they forget what they told us in the past or they just do not care. Also, why always add the homosexual element to storylines? Couldn’t the two older ladies be friends and not lovers? Gosh.

    • Queenie Welvh says:

      I totally agree. Olivia IS my least favorite character. I watch to see what Mellie is up to…she is fascinating. Why oh why did they have to make Florence gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Adelele says:

      Now why do you want to bother about such sensible details? Don’t you realize by now that Scandal is not written for the sensible? :-)

  8. Queenie Welvh says:

    Why did they have to make Florence gay. Lots of people have dear friends they care about and have keys to their homes. I also found Leo to be very very good fixer. He was right. How is this woman going to whine to him when she is up for the such an important job. Jeesh. Leo should have more screen time without Abbie.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Ugh, I hate Leo. God, he’s such a sleazebag. He just oozes smarm. What in the world does Abby see in him?

      • herman1959 says:

        I know, I can’t stand them together. I loved when Cyrus said “You’re dating him, that’s what turns you on?” and then he gave her a look like he smelled something bad. I actually laughed out loud,which hasn’t happened with this show for a while. This episode of Scandal was the best it’s been in a long time – it had good A and B storylines.

        • Adelele says:

          Cyrus should be the last person to talk. He’s a man that trolled for whores. Leo may be slimy, but he makes no apologies for it. I like Leo. Leo, Charlie and Hollis should be regular cast members.

  9. Ram510 says:

    “Inched closer to classic formula” I thought last week was very close to “classic formula” with her helping the father find out what happened to his son.

    And did I miss something but when did Abby leave David and get with Leo?

    • Cheyenne says:

      She dumped David earlier this season. She complained he was spending too much time being AG and not enough time with her. I find Abby to be really annoying. She’s like a spoiled princess. God knows what she sees in Leo. He’s a straight-up douche bag. He literally makes my skin crawl.

    • sassyladykay says:

      When Jake gave David the B613 files, at the end of season 3, when Jake and Olivia went off together, David was completely involved in them. Abby confronted David about his lack of attention to her in season 4, somewhere around early episodes, thus giving Abby a reason to move on.
      I do agree with the comments about Olivia, she is in a dark state and her behavior is very ugly towards the people who cared enough about her to be worried about her.

  10. azu says:

    This show has become totally ridiculous!!! Thank God for recaps

  11. Kim&Bey says:

    That was way to much Olitz for my liking..As long as there’s no Jake-Liv-Fitz drama, I’m good!

  12. GCH says:

    Give Marla Gibbs the Emmy now.

  13. Tracey says:

    Please get the show back on the track.It has definely lost its way.

  14. Sims says:

    Every time they say Susan Ross I think about the NBC Executive / George Fiance / Seinfeld… from back when TV was decent.

  15. jimferris says:

    I was mesmerized by the scene of Huck recounting his time in the hole. The tight face shots, the moving camera angles, the painful look on Huck’s face, the cut-aways to Kim’s and David’s reactions, and the feeling of intensity as you were drawn into his routine. Expertly written, acted, and filmed. I backed it up to watch it three times before going past that point. OUTSTANDING scene.

    • herman1959 says:

      Ditto. Mr. Diaz was able to stretch his acting wings last night, let’s hope the writers give him more chances.

  16. kelly says:

    I’m confused about going after B13. Hasn’t it already been dismantled? Who will David be going after?

    • Adelele says:

      I suspect some of the people who committed some of the crimes. The files were not all about acts that B613 committed. Some of the files are about acts some people committed that B613 found out about and used to black mail them. Do you recall that senator who killed himself over an accident? Rosen used that knowledge that he got from the B613 files.

    • herman1959 says:

      The point is that the public doesn’t know about this super secret government agency engaged in black ops and murder. David will expose it and all hell will break lose, sort of like Iran Contra, Watergate, etc.

  17. MiaB says:

    Was I the only one disappointed that this episode wasn’t called “Go, Diego, Go?”

  18. Adelele says:

    Good episode.

    Lois’ story was beautiful. Listen up Olivia – Lois waited 40 years for her lover. You can wait a measly 8

  19. Tracey says:

    Are the writers purposely trying to tank Scandal.

  20. I have no words for this season they are awful , what’s going on. Fix this or that’s it we watch for fitz and Olivia ‘ s romance, this is worst than last she was pregnant , this season only in a dream. Do something or I’m like so many other are out.