Reign's Torrance Coombs: 'There's Still a Lot of Love' Between Bash and Kenna

Reign Bash Kenna

Reign returns from its wee hiatus Thursday (The CW, 9/8c), but with only seven episodes left this season, will there be enough time for Bash and Kenna to patch things up? For what it’s worth, star Torrance Coombs wants nothing more than to see the couple happy again.

“Characters grow and change throughout a show, but as an actor, you find yourself clinging to the old ways a bit,” Coombs admits to TVLine. “So the scripts come out week after week, and [Caitlin Stasey and I] both think, ‘Are they going to figure it out now? Or are things going to get worse?’ When we play these scenes out, anytime we have to fight, it just feels icky.”

Below, Coombs discusses the possibility of a Bash-Kenna reconciliation, the perils of being a ghostbuster and how Bash might play a key role in fixing Mary and Francis’ rocky romance.

TVLINE | How would you kind of describe their relationship at the moment? What really went wrong, and who’s to blame?
There’s still a lot of love there, but somewhere along the way, Bash got pretty screwed up. He saw a ghost, and suddenly, the skeptic became a believer. It doesn’t exactly go over well when your wife wants to spend time with you and you say, “I’m sorry, there’s a ghost in the town and I have to say hi.” He has a hard time convincing her that’s a valid excuse for putting off wife time. She’s not getting what she wants out of the relationship, but at the same time, he needs to do this.

TVLINE | Bash has been a bit of a ghostbuster this season. Has it been weird for you going off and doing your own thing?
Honestly, it’s just been cold. I think we had four outdoor scenes to shoot the other day, and we only got one of them done. It was so cold that the cameras were dying and my mouth was freezing. I was doing scenes just to get them done, as opposed to actually making them fun to watch. Unfortunately, being the ghostbuster comes with never being to warm up for weeks at a time.

TVLINE | Speaking of ghosts, might there be some fallout from Catherine killing Diane?
I don’t imagine that would go over very well. … Catherine’s very good at hiding bodies, so we’ll see how long it takes for old Bashy to find out about it. I can’t imagine that will go unnoticed forever.

TVLINE | I know Bash has enough problems of his own, but will he get involved in Mary and Francis’ drama at all?
Right now, Bash is unaware that Mary has gone for Conde. He knows [she and Francis are] on the rocks, but he doesn’t know the full extent. He’s been too busy carrying out deputy duties to be aware of all that. He knows his brother and Mary are hurting, though, and there will be a point where he tries to reconcile things between them — which is kind of a funny position for him to be in, given what went down in Season 1.

Reign fans, your hopes for Bash and Kenna as the season draws to a close? Drop ’em in the comments section below.

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  1. Lane Wescott says:

    I so want Bash and Kenna to stay together and have a baby. I think if she finds out she’s pregnant they will stay together. It will be interesting to see.

  2. Diane says:

    As far as Bash goes he has always been my favorite person on the show, and I have always wanted him with Mary. I never liked Kenna from the start, I just hope if things end between Kenna and Bash they don’t kill Bash off. The shows I really like always seem to kill off my favorite character. Just like they did on The 100 when they killed Finn.

  3. Kim&Bey says:

    Bash is a definite favourite, I like Kenna but the pairing with her and Bash has never seemed organic to me. Obviously with Bash being a gentleman he made it easier for this union to work. I would not be upset if Bash and Kenna split up. I think Kenna has more in common with King Antoinne anyway, they both love a flamboyant life! Kenna is all about material wealth and status, even though Bash loves her, I doubt he will be able to make Kenna completely happy and content.

  4. Les Gart says:

    Never understood why Mary picked Francis in the first place. Who wants an effiminate king or lover? Kenna reminds me of Angelina Jolie … Hope Mary and Bash finally get together.

  5. Ella says:

    I LOVE Bash/Kenna and I hope they work things out <3 Love Francis/Mary and Greer/Leith too so my heart has been breaking all season. They need to fix this, I don't really care about Conde or Lola.

  6. Kara says:

    Well all the comments down below are disparaging Kenna. Kind of sad if you ask me, I’ve always loved her quite a bit more than Mary or any of the other character’s (except for Catherine and Greer.) I really hope Kenna and Bash work out, they might not have started out in love, but they’ve worked to get there and that’s something that I’m so interested in. They have a real love between them and I want more than anything for them to work out. I really hope Bash is able to fix Mary and Francis too cause this Conde x Mary storyline needs to be over and done with. It makes no sense to me that after what Mary’s been through she would push the one person away that loves her so much! I just don’t understand it. Makes me not want to watch the show if I’m honest. I hope things get better for Kenna and Bash soon.

  7. cjl says:

    If Francis and Mary can’t be together then there’s no reason for me to watch.This is the same thing I see on Scandal,if a tv show centers around a couple being together than let it be,but don’t for almost a whole season turn fans off by keeping the couples apart,thinking your going to keep viewers coming back.In the end it backfires,specially when you have the characters sleep with other people.What ever happen to true love.And the long breaks between episodes?BIG TURN OFF.I will wait for it to come on NETFLIX from now on.

  8. ninergrl6 says:

    I’ve always adored Bash (and Torrance) but it makes no sense for Bash to be uninvolved in Mary’s life this season. It’s like they don’t even know each other now even though they used to be BFFs and nearly got married. It’s like Conde (who I also like) has taken the place of both Francis & Bash in Mary’s life. I don’t like the characters being so disconnected. I understand that everyone has their own relationships and storylines, but for God’s sake they live in the same house! There should be more crossover and consistency.

    • Lane Wescott says:

      If Bash interferes with Francis and Mary he would be in trouble all again and Francis would hate him. He doesn’t go there because he loves his brother and he’s married to Kenna. He has to be respectably distant with Mary.

    • lscott says:

      Totally agree! If Mary is going to cheat, let it be with Bash. And let him have a story line that doesn’t involve detective work, for once.

      • Diane says:

        I agree with that 100%. The first season I looked forward to seeing what Mary and Bash were going to get up to, this season they barely pass each other in the castle halls Bash was someone that Mary could count on. If he would have found out about what happened to Mary he would have made those guys pay. I feel like if this was still the first season Mary would have turned to Bash even for someone to talk to. That is how close they were.

      • Lane Wescott says:

        Bash would never double cross his brother by taking Mary over. He loves his brother and he loves Kenna. Both Mary and Kenna have really crushed Bash’s heart. He learned to love Kenna and he asked her not to have their marriage annulled. She’s just stupid if she does.

  9. HDenham says:

    Im indifferent about Bash and Kenna lasting. If they work things out then great and if they don’t then I hope Bash gets a new love interest. Kenna’s character has become spoiled and predictable. I do not like how she was ready to leave Bash for Antoine. I would have liked to see Bash with Mary but that ship has sailed. Now Conde is in the picture and he is YUMMY. Francis and Lola make more sense than Mary and Francis. I hope Conde sticks around and they don’t turn him into a bad guy or kill him off.

  10. suzybel58 says:

    I love Bash and Kenna together, they make a great couple and I’m so glad to see Torrence Coombs in his role as Bash. He is perfect.

  11. Kathryn says:

    Bash and Mary are the endgame in the series final

  12. dale says:

    I agree with the rest. I wish that Bash really would end up with Ma ry. Kenna and Bash are not A real pair no thanks to King Henry. Francis need to just rule not be involved with anyone. He doesn’t have the pizzazz as he should to be King. Let Mary take her right place as Queen in her own country with Bash not Conde.

  13. Joan says:

    Mary any Francis need to fix whatever has them apart they are the center of a true love story. Bash a kenna are perfect together.. who better to tame a wildcat than Bash…Grear and Leigh are a good match as well…bring everyone back together…get rid of the wedges. Keep a strong stroy line of friends and love. Quit bumping them all around with eachother

  14. Lizzie says:

    In season 1 I LOVED Mary and Bash. Even though they obviously aren’t as close anymore because of the whole Bash loves Kenna or that seer girl and Mary is having Conde’s kid. Maybe. But I can’t shake th feeling that Mary and Bash belong together and so I am hoping that in season 3 the show will focus on trying on mending that relationship. If they can’t be together I want them to at least be close again.

    • Diane says:

      I agree with you 100%. Bash and Mary had more chemistry together than either Francis or Conde. I really miss the friendship Bash and Mary had in the first season. They really need to bring that back. I really don’t think Mary is pregnant. I am sure she is using that as a ploy to get Conde’.

  15. Lizzie says:

    Mary and Bash

  16. A says:

    Bash and Kenna are endgame :) They love each other and they’ll work things out because they’re the best! Way better than Mary and Bash that’s for sure

  17. Bubble gum says:

    What I really think is that Bash and Mary will end up together. Francis is sick and Kenna wants things that Bash could never give her. In season two you will still see a connection between the two which I believe will grow stronger in season three. I believe no matter what happens Bash and Mary will always have feelings for each other no matter how much they fight it. Besides I think Bash loves Kenn but isn’t in love with her.

  18. terush says:

    Bash/Kenna are a total must, also ship Lola/Stefan and Greer and Mary somehow dont interest me anymore…maybe because their other halves (none of them) dont make me fell like – yes! thats the right guy for you!

  19. Cassandra says:

    I hope they break up cause I can’t stand them together.

  20. Mash says:

    I believe Mary and Bash should still be together forever. 💖💜💙💘♡.♡

  21. Janlyn says:

    A little late, but I prefer to see Bash with Kenna rather than Mary. Also all the negative comments towards Kenna is too much. The show constantly reminds the viewers how hard it was for the women during that time and If you think about it, Kenna does the things she does as survival. It’s what she has been pretty much taught to do to stay alive. Yes there are other ways, but her character seems to portray what I’m sure how many women during that age behaved. Back to the couple… There are several moments when you see how bash and Kenna have changed each other. Bash bring her back down to earth and Kenna shows him life other than the “bastard” life he knows and most importantly you see the love and care both never really recieved before. They are the opposites that I never expected to attract and I love it. I hope they stay together. After all the constant breakups and new lovers in the show, I’d like to see at least one stay together. Oh and also please give Kenna more justice and let her prove her worth.