Grey's Anatomy Recap: What's Shakin'

Grey's Anatomy Recap

Where’s Charlton Heston when we need him? In this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, an earthquake turned Grey Sloan into a Yahtzee shaker, and wouldn’t ya know it? What it rolled was trauma, drama, a possible new couple and an aftershock that came all the way from D.C.

Want the deets? Keep reading…

PHONING IT IN | Shortly after the quake hit in “I Feel the Earth Move,” Owen answered what he expected to be a routine phone call but turned out to be Ruby, an 11-year-old whose mother had fallen off a chair at their cabin. (Props for managing to make the moment that he transferred the call to a quieter area so damn tense.) When April informed Hunt that the call couldn’t be traced, he and Amelia diagnosed the mother as best they could over the phone and, with Richard’s help, saved her from suffocating by talking the little girl through basically – yikes! – surgery. (Who knew the Bee Gees’ “Staying Alive” could actually help a patient… well, stay alive?) Later, mother and daughter at last arrived at Grey Sloan by chopper, and Ruby ran into Owen’s arms. “You did perfect,” he assured her. After Amelia was able to report that the mom was going to be just fine, she and Owen celebrated by getting it on in an on-call room. (And they say romance is dead!)

BATTING A THOUSAND | From the start of the hour, Jo obsessed over Mer’s increasingly amazing track record. Surgically speaking, she was, as Stephanie put it, pitching a no-hitter. So the residents held their breath as Grey resuscitated a crashing teen. And though Alex pleaded with his girlfriend to keep her lips zipped, when Mer successfully pulled off a touch-and-go procedure in the OR, Jo couldn’t help but blurt out, “The streak’s alive,” thus tipping off Grey to the fact that she hadn’t lost a patient since November 14. (She’d nailed 89 surgeries, 22 of them trauma cases!) Afterward, Alex worried that the revelation would mess with Mer’s head. But her attention wasn’t so much on the length of the streak as the date it began — the very date that Derek left Seattle. “I’ve been perfect ever since,” she marveled, adding that maybe Karev was right and she WAS better off without her husband. Later, however, she realized that Derek’s departure had done exactly what it was supposed to – it had reminded her of who she was outside of her marriage. But that didn’t mean that she wanted out of her marriage. Not in the least. Unfortunately, when she phoned Derek’s cell to share her happy revelation, a woman answered… a woman who wouldn’t reveal her identity!

PERFECT STRANGERS? | After being trapped briefly by the quake in an elevator with a smiley radiologist named Ethan, Maggie teamed up with Callie to treat a randy 75-year-old who’d injured her replaced hip during sex. Callie wanted to operate so as to restore the vibrant horndog to full flexibility. Maggie was like, “You wanna risk her life so she can get laid?” Uh, yeah! And, regardless of the reason Callie wanted to perform the surgery, the patient still needed it. So there. During the procedure, Torres teased Maggie for going all Upstairs Downstairs on Ethan, rejecting his invitation to go on a date because, as a radiologist, he was “beneath” her. Afterward, Maggie confessed to Callie that the real reason she turned Ethan down was because of a “gap” between her and other people, a distance that she didn’t want to pretend wasn’t there. So “there’s just no point to me saying yes,” she insisted. In response, Callie called BS and encouraged her to conquer her fears. Which, at the hour’s close, she did, changing her no to a yes in the very elevator where she and Ethan had met.

IN OTHER NEWS… | While being recruited for “the plastics posse” (working title) by Jackson, Ben opened up in a roundabout way about his transitioning sister and, eventually, apologized to Bailey for having been such a tool about it all. And a note from Herman revealed that she was busy at the blind institute “learning how to not bump into things.”

Okay, your turn. Do you think Derek is cheating? Do you like Maggie with Ethan? Hit the comments.

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  1. Emily says:

    In high school when we were learning CPR in health class we were actually taught to do it to Bee Gee’s “Stayin’ Alive”

  2. RMR says:

    This wad a filler(YAWN) episode.

  3. JJM says:

    Derek cheating after another failed marriage that wasn’t working in his favour wouldn’surprise me. It’s another Addison-esque marriage for him. He doesn’t get his way so he goes all dark and twisty.

    • H says:

      Working for the presidency includes lots of secrecy and classified informations, it’s not their problem if the wives get jelous when they want to know their husbands’s businesses. He won’t cheat cause the relationship is all these two have.

    • Julia says:

      Yes, I completely agree. He has been dark and twisty lately so there is more to this. On a side note, does anyone know where Patrick Dempsey has been? Did he take time off because of his divorce?

    • Krazyk says:

      A lot of faith u have this is a couple that can survive anything even cheating they have to they are the perfect couple without them there wouldn’t be a show and I can’t amagen them ending the series like this

    • Krazyk says:

      This is a couple that has been throw everything together we are talking about the perfect couple they can get through anything even if Derek did cheat they have to because with out the perfect couple we wouldn’t have a show and I don’t think any series would end in such a terrible way

  4. Lina says:

    once a cheater always a cheater… You know I realized tonight that I haven’t missed Derek on this show one bit. He has kind of become pretty unlike able. In my opinion anyway….

  5. Alejandra Rivera says:

    I hope he’s not but I have a feeling he is cheating on her.

  6. tyranthraxus says:

    Kinda miss Derek. One thing Ive always noticed about Grey’s Anatomy is that whenever a character is away somewhere, or is on leave etc, their character tends to get ‘assasinated’ on the show. Bad things are said about them that obviously they arnt there to refute.

    Grey’s Anatomy misses.. something without Derek being there.

    As usual , the women answering Derek’s phone is probably either a relative (and hey its not like they havnt dont the family misdirection/humor before) or its a personal assistant or the like.

    • Olivia says:

      Good point, Derek does have a lot of possible relatives, but why would someone be so hesitant when they answer. If it was someone who Meredith would have no problem with answering Derek’s phone, why would they just hang out. Also, skeptical because Derek’s voice wasn’t in the background during the call

    • NikNak says:

      If it was a relative wouldn’t she have just answered Meredith? This is not a half hour sitcom where that type of foolishness would fly.

    • Era says:

      If she’s a relative or a PA why didn’t she answer Mer’s question and hang up the phone?

    • Krazyk says:

      Without Derek we don’t have a tv show and with all they have been through we can’t have Derek not with his wife

  7. Laura says:

    “Plastic posse” isn’t a working title. Its paying homage to Mark Sloan. That’s what Mark said to get Jackson to join him in plastics! Love when they add comments based on the shows history

  8. Babygate says:

    Don’t miss Derek but really miss Dr. Herman. This was such an underwhelming episode. It was definitely a filler although it moved Maggie towards dating, and getting Owen and Amelia to hook up. Which, btw, yuk!. I literally had to look away. He’s such a caveman, and not in any kind of sexy way, IMO. Besides, whoever he hooks up with will always feel like a second choice to Cristina and I like Amelia way too much to see her in that position. Owen should just stay in the background. Webber is much more interesting as Chief than Owen is. The earthquake situation was over-hyped and it turned out to be a bore. The best parts of the episode were all with Callie and Maggie. Those two play so well off each other. I guess it does make a difference if people have a relationship off camera. Callie is by far the most entertaining one to watch. I literally rewatched every one of her scenes. Mer feels like a background player. I’m not comfortable with that. It’s like they don’t know what to do with her. And this whole thing with Derek, the only way to make it stick, is to have him actually cheat, otherwise it would be way too predictable and anti-climactic to just have this be a misunderstanding. At least he would have an excuse, unlike Arizona.

  9. Karen says:

    I really miss the Mark/Lexie story. If Derek is cheating, he’s a jerk. Let’s just bring M/L back.

  10. Luli says:

    OMG!! Gene, the hip replacement patient, was grams on Charmed!! It took me a while to put it together, but I finally remembered.

    The whole phone scenes were amazing, great case, and I may have gotten teary eyed when Ruby hugged Owen.

    I just hope that phone call isn’t what it seems, I don’t know If I can handle it.

  11. Jessica says:

    It really really bothers me if they have Derek cheating. I mean, you can give a married couple problems without going to that overused plot point. It seems like they are destroying his character. Obviously they are giving Patrick time away this season. Makes me wonder if they are slowly breaking them up so that he can leave the show and Ellen can stay. But I think that’s sad. Regardless of the fact that Shonda writes this show all about Meredith, and her person was Cristina, not Derek, Mer and Derek have been together since literally the first episode. This show is also about them as a couple. And even though he ended up cheating on Addison with Mer after giving it another shot with Addison. It was her cheating in the first place that sent him across the country. Derek was never portrayed as this horrible husband that cheated on his wife. It was a complicated situation. And he committed to Meredith and they have kids. I think it’s out of character for him to cheat on Meredith. What I would rather see is an exploration of Derek’s character here. One of the things that they acknowledged lead to Addison cheating was problems Derek and Addison were having in their marriage. Well, now Derek and Meredith are having problems. So let’s explore Derek’s issues and what happens when he hits rough patches with his wives. Addison dealt with it wrong. Meredith may or may not have handled things well, but she hasn’t cheated. I can see Derek having issues with how Meredith has handled things, but I don’t see an excuse to cheat. I don’t think it makes sense for this woman to be a relative or someone Meredith would know who would hang up on her. BUT I could see it being a woman who has come into his life over there, who wants him, and he is not cheating, but the woman is trying to get him, so she may be manipulating him and now Meredith too. I mean, what woman answers a man’s phone who isn’t her boyfriend or husband. And even if they are together, she must know about Meredith so why would she answer when she calls. She can see who’s calling! I think it’s a woman trying to snag him and trying to cause problems, and she probably isn’t being obvious about it with him, so he’s probably telling Meredith she’s crazy, he isn’t involved with so and so and there’s nothing to worry about there, and he may be unwittingly forming an emotional relationship with her because she’s there and Meredith isn’t, so he’s talking to her. But I don’t think he’s sleeping with her or intending to have another relationship. And I think this woman is playing and manipulating and trying to steal him.

    • Merderfan says:

      Haha I love how thought out your response is, I love Merder way too much and so does Shonda to have him cheat. She’s just playing mind games with us like a couple episodes back when Mer was supposed to go to Washington but didn’t. If he did cheat I’d be done in a second b/c he was the one at fault here not her. He chose a career over his family and that’s on him. I really think that if they had just been direct with each other about what they really wanted this all could have been avoided but they have to play up the drama. Anyways great opinion, hopefully it’s something like that or a secret service woman answered it and wasn’t allowed to say anything about anything.

      • Francine says:

        Also bring back Burke… I’m sure Isiah Washington is available. now that Yang is gone and some of the old players who were at odds with him… Or bring back TR Knight for Callie.. He could have a twin cousin who look just like the old George…. LOL.. but SERIOUSLY….

    • Era says:

      Good point. However remember how Owen was said not to be the cheating type, that it was not in character for him, that Shonda would never ever go there to mess the huge fan base that used to be Crowen? It turns out that not only he cheated on Cristina as he was a big fat cheater after all and have cheated on all his women. Next one is Amelia.

      I think Shonda is preparing Patrick’s goodbye. What better way than having him cheating? It’s the only way to make fans despise and disinvest on him. Otherwise fans would never allow her to get rid of him. Very smart move on her part.

      • Kelly says:

        I think I read somewhere that neither Ellen nor Patrick would stay if the other left the show but I could be wrong. I’m hoping Jessica is right or it’s a SS woman like merderfan said!

        • Era says:

          Honestly me too. It would be refreshing not to see another male cheating on the female protagonists for a change. What am I talking about!? That would be unprecedented on GA history. A middle aged couple behaving like the adults they are supposed to be. What twist! Oh, but then again, this wouldn’t sell.

      • John says:

        11 seasons though of that investment of them just to have him cheat seems too cheap a shot. Shonda’s better then that.

        • Era says:

          Crowen and Calzona said exactly the same thing a while ago. That woman has zero respect for couples fans and the show is so shaby she’s in state of despair right now. I’m just saying.

    • Krazyk says:

      Taking the first flight home I think was a good thing Derek could have just simply called her to exoplanet things but he clearly cared enough to come home and talk. Derek new they were in a bad plase clearly he loves her or he wouldn’t have flew all the way home just to work things out with her in person know matter what happened in DC. I know that they love each other and this mess I hope will work its self out
      Personally if they do take darick off I will most likely stop wathing the show I know I watched it less when he was in DC. Acctaly the only episode I watched was the one when that little girl called the hospital and Owen talked her through how to save her mothers life

  12. Will says:

    We are all in agreement that Ruby’s mom is gonna kick it and Owen will somehow come to adopt her, right? I mean, come on…

  13. Wordsmith says:

    [b] So… on the day of a fairly notable natural disaster, the Chief of Surgery, Head of Neuro, Head of Trauma and the Former Chief/top general surgeon spend much of the day sitting in front of a phone, waiting for it to ring?
    Does that seem problematic to anyone else? [/b]

  14. Nickynz says:

    Still miss Cristina Yang :(

  15. NiNi says:

    Derek’s got tired of waiting for Mer to turn up. PD is wanting out. Does Mer actually see her children now? I think Mer will ned up with Cristinsa at this rate.

    This episode has ruined my day

    Oh and CPR to ‘Nellie the elephant’. Sorry it’s an ancient song. LOL

  16. didi says:

    This has ruined my day, the Der finding another ‘woman’ SL. PD is being written out big time. Mer is following Ellis’ pathway to being on her own. Hate this if this how things work out. Hope it’s just Shonda misleading us again.

    ‘Stayin Alive’ and ‘Nellie the Elephant’ good for CPR

  17. Era says:

    Honestly, episodes like this one is why people say this show should have been shut down long time ago. This is not writing for children anymore, it is writing for retards. That’s how I feel when I let myself to be talked into seeing an episode of this crap again, like a retarded and also embarrassed.

    What a pile of tedious boredom that was the SL with the kid on the phone, the hurt skiers didn’t add nothing. The Amelia-Owen hook up, on the on call room as always,, when it is not on Joe’s bar of course. Which by coincidence is the same place where so many times he was with the ‘luve of his life’, showing how deep were his feelings for Cristina. Now I’m awaiting him to take Amelia to the vent either to in the end cheat on her with a slut in Joe’s when she fails to be what he wants when he wants. erh.

    And the cherry, they need to give PD a send off of hell so they are turning him on a cheater. Oh! the novelty of it all!

    • kn1231 says:

      The fact that you are using the word “retard” and “retarded” take away from your whole point. Pretty disgusting language if you ask me.

      • Era says:

        And a person who rides the high horse of principles like you shouldn’t use the word “disgusting” while refering to others comments. It can give the impression of superiority mania, you know that kind of feeling of “I’m better than everyone else here”. That’s disgusting, if I may tell you.

        Besides, you should read carefully what is written and how it is written before jumping on others. But in the other hand, discrediting one because one’s is talking badly about our fav character is shabby. Did I offend your fav, did I? poor little thing!

        Words don’t take away from nothing, much less facts.

        • Era12559and1231 says:

          Well, and I couldn’t disagree more on agreeing. Or is it the other way around?. LOL

        • kn1231 says:

          You don’t have to be superior to know using words like that is disgusting, you just have to have basic common sense. But good try trying to justify your language. Good day.

        • Krazyk says:

          Do u even know the real definition of retard maybe you need to look it up in the dictionary. That word does nothing but cause trouble in fact the word is mostly used as a verry mean and nasty way to refor to people with septal beads like autisom when in fact some of those people can out smart you and myself any day

      • dana12559 says:

        I couldn’t agree more. Using the words retard and retarded IS disgusting.

        • Era12559and1231 says:

          Sorry, my dedicated response above was for you dear dana oh, sorry Kn.

          Well, and I couldn’t disagree more on agreeing. Or is it the other way around?. LOL

    • Krazyk says:

      I think this whole cheating thing on GA is becoming to much it seems like someone is cheating on someone every season it’s time for somthing new there are so many othe ways for a couple to have it out there is even other ways to show Jellusy

  18. Sara says:

    Rather boring. Glad to see April back. I like this tougher side to her. Overall, a snoozer.

  19. Kim S. says:

    How tense Owen felt when he was transferring the call is how I feel at work trying to transfer calls. I also am not 100% sure I’m doing it right and won’t disconnect the call.

  20. Britny says:

    When the woman answered Derek’s phone my first thought was not cheating. I thought he changed his number and didn’t tell her. Not that it’s any better but that was just my first thought. I guess I just didn’t want to think that he could really chest on her.

    • alyssa says:

      I thought the phone had been stolen. Would explain the woman who picked up not wanting to identify herself and seeming unclear about where Derek was.

      • Francine says:

        Why couldn’t it be Addison on the phone? She could be in DC with Derek, which is why Mer kept asking who is this? Since the voice could have sounded familiar to her. Also, this is a way to bring Kate Walsh back to Grey’s since her last show “ad Judge,” was cancelled or Katherine Heigel, since her show was cancelled as well. This way some old flavor of Grey’s past could be brought back and punch up the show again…..Just my thoughts….

  21. Melinda M. says:

    I loled at “Izzie? That was a cancer marriage. It lasted five minutes.”

  22. Lillian says:

    Honestly, I can’t wait till the next episode. THE SUSPENSE!! But I feel like I’m going to be let down next episode. Derek really? Again?

  23. Alice says:

    Show has become extremely boring. Without Derek and any interesting story lines the show is now redundant. Ow-Amelia,Ben-Sis-Bail,Maggie,Ari/Herm – Yawn,Yawn,Yawn. Alex/April/Jackson have become mere scene fillers. Callie is only interesting now. Mer has vanished in a supposedly Mer-Centric season. It’s sad that my fav show has gone downhill so fast. Derek,Christina,Sloan,Lexie , George were characters we felt for – fans felt a deep loss when they left. Any of the existing characters die, no one will shed a tear. Relationships, love and fun have vanished from the show.

  24. I think they could be a hot but confusing couple. I would like to see Christina back.
    Also- is it necessary to have all that loud background music that cuts off the dialogue?
    I have to strain to hear what’s going on. Why the music anyway? It interferes with the
    concentration of dialogue and actors.

    • Olivia says:

      I have a strange feelings Shonda will let us down like she has os many times recently this season. Like when the suspense was built around who Meredith spent the weekend with when in reality she spent it buy herself in the hotel. There is a possiblty Derek could be cheating, most likely Shonda is just trying to create conversation and viewers for next week. Much this season she has failed to keep intresting storylines so Derek cheating seems unlikey.

      • Francine says:

        Bring back the relationships that made Grey’s so great in a hospital setting… There are so many great actors available who were once on the show… Kate Walsh, Katherine Heigel, their shows were cancelled and it would sent shock waves to Alex’s new relationship if Izzy were back… Also read below
        Why couldn’t it be Addison on the phone? She could be in DC with Derek, which is why Mer kept asking who is this? Since the voice could have sounded familiar to her. Also, this is a way to bring Kate Walsh back to Grey’s since her last show “Bad Judge,” was cancelled or Katherine Heigel, since her show was cancelled as well. This way some old flavor of Grey’s past could be brought back and punch up the show again…..Just my thoughts….

        • Francine says:

          Also bring back Burke… I’m sure Isiah Washington is available. now that Yang is gone and some of the old players who were at odds with him… Or bring back TR Knight for Callie.. He could have a twin cousin who look just like the old George…. LOL.. but SERIOUSLY….

          • Olivia says:

            I think bringing back Addison would be an amazing an addition to the show, but when private practice ended, Addie was in a completely diffrent place than she left Grey’s in. She married Jake (Benjamin Bratt) and has a child. I think her doing anything wrong with Derek, as intresting as it sounds is unlikely. Same for Katherine Heigel. Shonda said numerous times she made the choice to have Izzie leave the show and they didn’t end on very good terms, do to Katherine wanting to be seen as the star. I think bringing Kate Walsh back would be amazing now that Bad Judge is over! She was always my favorite character, i just don’t know how realistic that is, who knows, the way the show is going, anything could happen.

        • Krazyk says:

          I really like this Addison theary

  25. M says:

    Missing Dererk :( hope he’s not cheating… :( not his character!

  26. Krazyk says:

    the Internet sees that our perfect couple have both aimed up for the next 2 upcoming seasons of GA so it looks like they won’t be righting Derek off according to that website