American Idol's Top 10 Theme Will Be...

Anybody know a ritual to ward off Disney princess ballads — as well as soundtrack cuts from Armageddon, Titanic and The Bodyguard?

TVLine has learned exclusively that the theme for American Idol‘s Top 10 performance telecast (next Thursday, March 19 at 8/7c) will be “Songs from the Movies.”

The guidelines for film-related ditties in previous seasons have been more flexible than Olympic gymnasts — pretty much encompassing any track that’s been featured in a prominent film or appeared on a major motion-picture soundtrack.

During the live episode, one contestant will be sent to the guillotine based on America’s votes from tonight’s “Get the Party Started” installment – check out song spoilers here — while Jennifer Lopez will perform “Feel the Light” from the movie Home.

Following the March 19 telecast, Idol moves to a Wednesdays-only schedule (combining performance show and elimination), beginning March 25.

Idol‘s two-part season finale will air Tuesday, May 12 (9/8c) and Wednesday, May 13 (8/7c).

Stoked about Idol returning to the movies? Any suggestions for upcoming theme weeks? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. Sara says:

    Give me a break

  2. Timmah says:

    I guess for their final season they’ve decided to recycle the worst themes from previous ones.

  3. Gailer says:

    Michael: “Idol‘s two-part season finale will air Tuesday, May 12 (9/8c) and Wednesday, May 13 (8/7c).”
    Uh, unless the finale is preempted by reruns of Empire

  4. Brandon says:

    UGH. NO.

  5. Jobless says:

    I guess I’ll be the first to go on record as liking this theme. Just because contestants are lazy about song choice doesn’t mean there aren’t some awesome songs from movies waiting to be covered.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      I agree. They just have to find some fresh material.

    • syb says:

      Yeah, I don’t dislike the theme. I dislike the songlist. Some of the epic performances in Idol history have come from this theme. Summertime anyone? I just brace myself for the suicide bomber that goes with “Against All Odds.’

  6. I really hope no one signs Against All Odds. So tired of that song but sadly it will probably be the same songs performed every year with maybe one new song.

    • TiaGata says:

      I agree with your statement, they can change the set and format all they want, but the basic premise of AI is still the same. BORING, stale asped songs, with the same reality show formatted contestant as all the other years that I have watched. Now they are singing “more modern” songs, but they have been singing the same “more modern” songs since season 8, and each season since they have added one more “more modern” song ’til all the songs sound like songs we heard in the prior years.

      I find that so far the best TALENT belongs to Tayana, but I’m sure they will figure some way to scrrew with that too, so that Maddie can win – because that’s what AI is about…

  7. Love Idol!!! Stop trying to promote a tv show…Empire. your American Idol…not Empire.. i watch you for you….stop being a whore…

  8. Love Idol…NOT Empire…stop promoting and whoring….

  9. J says:

    I like the artist themes. Billy Joel songs. Micheal Jackson as examples. Motown

  10. elaine says:

    Fav song…I want to know what love is

  11. Stephen says:

    Bring Adam back,God the singing is awful except for 4 or 5 contestants,do you people not like rock,Idol needs a rocker this season to carry theses so called singers to the end,Bring Adam back,I’m done with idol for this season you guys suck,what a slap in the face to rock n roll by getting rid of Adam so sad.

  12. elaine says:

    America’s choices are way way off in my opinion…..disappointed so far tonight!

  13. elaine says:

    America’s choices are way way off in my opinion…..disappointed so far tonight! And the judges are way off as well!

  14. Cheryl says:

    I think this years contestants are some of the most talented young artist that idol has ever had! Best party song is Rod Stewart’s she’s got legs.

  15. david Gonzales says:

    Classic. .sing Oh Girl

  16. Cheryl says:

    l would love to here some of the old time Rock an roll also more Motown Al Green,and Ray Charles also some Janice Joplin.

  17. Rip Tide says:

    This top 12 is absolutely awful. About all I can say.

    • Elaffy says:

      some are good but some really should not be in the top 12, (in my opinion) My fav is Nick I think he has such an outstanding voice…They need to pick the right songs & try to have a good time, by not being nervous…lol, easier said than done. My knees would be knocking so bad if it were me up there ;) Also, I think the judges should stop their facial expressions because it tends to sway peoples opinions! It’s American Idol, not Americas Got Talent…..I want to hear their voices not all the jumping moves or dances, years ago the beginning American Idol sows were about the singing & their voices, & their confidence…NOT ABOUT THEM DANCING OR CHANGING THE WHOLE SONG AROUND WHERE YOU COULDN’T EVEN RECONGINZE WHAT SONG IT WAS! Just saying

  18. scott boykin says:

    Weak to no singing talent. Show has gone downhill. New format doesn’t help.

    • Timmah says:

      The new format is ruining the show because the singers are all pumped up with nerves and adrenaline wondering whether they’ll be eliminated.

  19. Bet says:

    The American Spirit is captured in many types of songs. My idea is Simon & Garfunkles “They’ve All Come To Look For America”.

  20. angela says:

    Oh my goodness how is joey Cook in the top she is not good. Shes borinbborborinbbborborinbborborinbbbborinbborborinborinbborborinbbborborinbborborinbbbborinbborborborinbborborinbbborborinbborborinbbbborinbborbborinbborborinbbborborinbborborinbbbborinbbor

  21. Char says:

    Frankly, this year’s singers are much better than many before. I personally do not like music where you can’t understand a word the singer is singing – what many of you call ‘rock’. Much of rock or heavy metal sounds like the singer is shouting, not singing.

  22. Holly says:

    For the love of God, can they come up with a few new themes already????

  23. Shawn Shuttlesworth says:

    I don’t know what the singers sound like live but they sucks on the tv.

  24. Velma Bumgardner says:

    Movie song suggestions:
    Fame or Flashdance

  25. Velma Bumgardner says:

    Fame or Flashdance

  26. amrit khalsa says:

    How about favorite love song for a theme?

  27. why do people hate this theme? its soo wide open. Its not like their pigeon-holded to just movie themes

  28. Sue Stanley says:

    Comments are interesting until someone starts with the negativity of the entire format. If you don’t like AI, quit watching it or at least quit posting about it. To level the playing field, there has to be themes. We want to know they can sing and themes prove that. They are a fun group and the show has changed enough to show effort and I love it!

  29. TD says:

    Next week is top 11, not top 10.

  30. Razor1331 says:

    I would like to see Jax sing Tyler Ward’s version of The Hanging Tree. Seriously, it could work.

  31. Hayder B. Hayden says:

    I hate this theme–not because it’s been overdone (it has)–but because it doesn’t mean anything. If it were somehow limited to songs that are closely identified with movies, then sure. But instead it includes any song that was played during the closing credits and songs that showed up on the soundtrack album were not part of the move, as well. It ends up meaning nothing–just play a song you like and find a way to connect it to a movie. They would be in the same place if there was no theme at all.

  32. JW says:

    This is almost always a failure. They need to restrict the choices to songs written FOR movies first of all. And they should be songs that have a ROLE in the movie. Maybe an and/or would suffice. But just any song that was included on a soundtrack? Not challenging.

  33. Elizabeth says:

    Clark should sing “She Came in Through the Bathroom Window” or “Cry me a River” by Joe Cocker. His voice is perfectly suited for any of Cocker’s music.

  34. elaine says:

    I really think Nick could go all.the way but he can’t let his nerves get him in trouble…he has to try to relax and have fun….his voice is so awesome, just got to sing the right sings. They are all good, but some should not be in the top 12 in my opinion. opinion. The judges show their favoritism on the way they comment or the way they make certain facial expressions & seem to grove their body tocertain performers, it may steer people’s opinions!

  35. Daniel Seavey should not have made it as far as he did!! These judges chose him over many other talented guys, such as Santana’s nephew,Adam Lasher, he was the whole package and they passed him up. Anyone can tell Daniel Seavey does not have a chance in hell in winning American Idol!!!!

  36. Lois Benton says:

    Really, Idol must have pity on its too-faithful viewers. Please, pleeeease, no one must sing “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.” It is not a good song. Okay, well, maybe Joey or Quentin. Okay, maybe Qaasim. If I shall be amused by an wildly original arrangement, okay. Nobody else do it. Jax, do not do it. Jax is really not as original as Joey or Quentin. Maybe she’s as original as Qaasim, but not as entertaining. Be prepared for her to leaver sooner than the finals, particularly if she sings “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.” She’s good, yes, but not as good as those three.

  37. Mark says:

    “Unchain My Heart” from the movie “Ray” for Clark Beckham?

    “Begin the Beguine” or “Night and Day” from “DeLovely” for Joey or Jax?

    “I’m Happy Just to Dance with You” from “Hard Day’s Night” for Quentin?

  38. Linda garris says:

    Joey is soo talented,and idc what anyone says so is Daniel, his youth and inexperienced performing will improve if he stays.really want to c him in top 10.joey GIVEN. My prob is w a few who cant sing on key but can perform well. I dont watch live ,watch recaps on u tube. Ok imho Clark & the italian guy have the best voices guys. Joey and 16 yr old girls. We’ll c what america says. Then all of us will b upset. Im just tired of sad background stories,all competition shows do it. Oh i feel compassionate but should that determine a winner. There’s a million sad stories in America. Lets focus on talent. I will say joey gets a deal no matter what happens and bc of his youth & talent(he plays six instruments haters). Idk abt Quassim. He puts on a good show but vocals,not so much. Idk y jlo raves over rayvon either. Very handsome but again vocals. I realize not all stars r the best vocalist. Katy Perry couldn’t make it in Christian music.reinvented herself &hx made. I thought this group hd more talent until thurs performance. Maybe nerves bc all wanna b top 10.

  39. CandaceTX says:

    Yay… Against All Odds, Don’t Want To Miss a Thing, and (to be current) Let it Go (from Frozen)

  40. CandaceTX says:

    Can we put Adam Lambert in charge of song choice for every contestant, for every episode?

  41. darcy's evil twin says:

    So……..they picked this theme so Jennifer could sing her new song!
    This wouldn’t be a bad theme if they just found some songs that hadn’t been sung to death on this program.

  42. darcy's evil twin says:

    Okay, so I tried to come up with “songs that haven’t quite been done to death from the movies” (with the caveat I may not have spelled everyone’s name correctly):
    Rayvon Owen – “Some Enchanted Evening” from “South Pacific”
    Maddie Walker – ” Nobody Does it Better” from “The Spy that Loved Me”
    Clark Beckham – “Up Where We Belong” from “An Officer and a Gentleman” (even though it’s really a duet – some others suggested this as well)
    Tyanna Jones – “Fame” from “Fame”
    Quentin Alexander – “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” from “Roberta”
    Daniel Seavey – “The Rainbow Connection” from “The Muppet Movie”
    Qassim Middleton – “Lose Yourself” from “8 Mile”
    Jax – “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” from “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”
    Joey Cook – “All that Jazz” from “Chicago”
    Adanna Duhru – “The Man that Got Away” from “A Star is Born”
    Nick Fradiani – “Luck be a Lady” from “Guys and Dolls”