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The 100 Finale Post Mortem: EP Talks Clarke's Choices, Jaha's Discovery and the New 'Threat' in Season 3

The 100 Season Finale

As promised, The 100‘s second season finale on Wednesday wrapped the epic saga of Mount Weather, claiming a surprisingly high number of causalities in the process — even for this show. So what’s next for those left standing?

First, a quick recap: After shooting Dante in cold blood, Clarke and Bellamy radiated everyone on Level 5, killing countless innocents, including Maya. Upon returning to Camp Jaha, Clarke was so disgusted by her actions that she took off into the woods, potentially never to be seen again. Meanwhile, Jaha and Murphy — the sole survivors of Team Rowboat — arrived at a mysterious mansion, where a holographic lady revealed that she’s in possession of the nuclear warhead. Dun, dun, dun! (Oh, and Lincoln finally put an end to Cage’s miserable life in spectacular fashion. Gotta love him!)

Below, executive producer Jason Rothenberg breaks down the finale’s biggest moments for TVLine, then gives us a (pretty sizable) taste of what to expect when the show returns next season.

the-100-post-mortem-1TVLINE | Clarke was making so much progress as a leader this season, but now it seems she’s reached her breaking point.
For me, the whole season has come down to that moment in the end where she’s faced with that decision: Will she or won’t she kill every man, woman and child in Mount Weather in order to save her people? At some point, does the good guy have to become the bad guy to get that done? If you remember back to Episode 1 of this season, Clarke had her hand on another lever; she could have pulled it and killed people, but Jasper talked her out of it. Now her hand is on this lever, and she pulls it. It’s with Bellamy’s help, but ultimately, it’s her choice. So I knew she’d be tested, I knew she’d do it and I knew she’d be broken by it. So she’s done. She’s got to get out of there. She can’t deal with what she’s done.

TVLINE | Not that I doubt her survival skills, but what can you say about her time away from the group? What’s she going to do out there alone?
It’ll be strange for her people, for sure. More interestingly, the question is: When we find her, is she just on a walkabout in the woods, trying to chill out, or does she find the lack of a mission impossible, like a soldier returning from a war? There’s that great scene in The Hurt Locker where the guy’s in the grocery store and he just couldn’t function. Is that the journey we find for Clarke? I’m not saying if it is or it isn’t, but it’s definitely an interesting possibility.

TVLINE | So it’s not like little kids who threaten to run away and only end up going down the street?
[Laughs] No, I don’t think so.

TVLINE | Fans are still reeling from Lexa’s betrayal. Have you thought about where they might see each other again?
First of all, I hope they see each other someday. Second of all, I do think it was a betrayal and Clarke felt broken on multiple levels. Here was a woman she came to respect and count on and she was completely abandoned by her. It’s not something she’ll get over anytime soon, but as the dust clears and she wraps her head around what happened, she’ll probably be able to understand why Lexa did what she did. Lexa never lied; from the first time they spoke, Lexa said, “Love is weakness.” In that moment, she proved herself to be a woman of her word. She lives by what she preaches, so as hard as it was, I think Clarke will be able to understand it. That doesn’t mean she’ll forgive her, but she’ll understand her.

The 100 Season FinaleTVLINE | Jasper seemed understandably upset when Maya died. Might that trigger a shift in his character?
Jasper’s character probably underwent the biggest change this season; he lost Clarke and Bellamy as leaders and was forced to lead that group of people and boost their spirits. He did that with the help of Maya, who he fell in love with, and he believed he’d found a way out that could save everybody — and that was taken away by Clarke, Bellamy and Monty’s decision. Going forward, things are going to be difficult for Jackson and Monty, which is heartbreaking for me because I love their friendship. I don’t know where it leaves him; he’s definitely heartbroken. … But he’s got his goggles!

TVLINE | The original Jasper ‘ship: Jasper and goggles. Joggles?
Yes! Exactly.

TVLINE | Does Cage’s death signify the end of the Mount Weather storyline?
Yes, the Mount Weather story has definitely been told. Emerson is alive, though. He’s the one person who survived Mount Weather, and he’ll probably factor into our plans as a threat that’s out there somewhere looking for revenge. But the Mount Weather story was Season 2. We turned the ship towards Mount Weather with the white room at the end of the Season 1 finale, and now, we’ve turned the ship again towards the über story of Season 3 with the City of Light — or, as it turns out, the Woman of Light.

TVLINE | Yeah, let’s talk about that. Will next season have a more futuristic vibe?
Futuristic, yes, but in a weird way, it’s also going to go back to the past. 2052 is when the world ended, and it’s 97 years after that that the show began, so one of the things we’re doing with this ending is getting back to how it all began. It’s a totally new element for the show. It’s a more technological thing, for sure. We’re going to play with how the world ended in the first place, and hopefully, we’ll upend some expectations.

TVLINE | Was there any significance to using “Werewolves of London”?
There’s a significance to me, personally. In that moment, for the first time in 100 years, power was returned to that bunker. The song that you can imagine was playing when the power went off comes back on, and that’s what that moment was. On the first stereo system I ever got, when I was 11 years old in Michigan, the first song that came on the radio was “Werewolves of London.” That’s the only reason we used that song. That and I thought the mood was great.

The 100 fans, your take on the insane season finale? Are you worried about Clarke, all alone in the wilderness? Any theories about Jaha’s new lady friend? Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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  1. Alichat says:

    Deputy Lupo from Eureka is on The 100??? What????

    Can we put the brakes on all the death next season? There was so much this season, and this episode made me want to down a bottle of Xanax just to deal with the anxiety. Not that I didn’t love seeing Gage, and let’s face it his father, meet their end but more people died this season than in a LOTR movie! Can we let some folks live until the end of the season now??? Just sayin’…..

    • Luke says:

      Well we know Erica Cerra can play a crazy, evil AI quite nicely, she did it on Eureka;

      • Alichat says:

        Yes….true. I remember that season. I was just surprised she was on the show. I don’t recall any news on the casting.

    • lonewolf360 says:

      If you want less death watch some soap operas or the Disney channel or something you wussy, all the death and action is what made this series real good and interesting, go watch black sails, that has way lest death, and I thought black sails was gonna have more then this, and not even close.

      • Alichat says:

        Oh I’m sorry……I must have missed the TV Line site rule that states anyone with an opinion that differs from lonewolf360’s will be subjected to ridiculous replies and petty, grammatically-incorrect insults. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Run back to your bridge little troll.

        • Slayomo says:

          Well he is kinda right. It’s a drama/action show. Get over it. Your opinion doesn’t matter this time. Sorry but it’s true. By the way , why judge his grammar when it really doesn’t matter online. Especially on a season finale review. People type like that on the internet because it’s faster. It’s not laziness if they don’t do it the “right way” they just wanted to say something , In a quicker way, just like u told your useless opinion

  2. Emma says:

    Please more Bellarke and more about the main characters. Less grounders and Lexa can die.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      THIS!! Although I don’t really care if Bellamy & Clarke hook up or not. But the rest definitely :-) :-)

    • Tamim says:

      Speaking of Bellarke… So there was that moment when Bellamy wanted to go and save their people, but Clarke basically forced him to stay by saying, “I can’t lose you, too.” (until she decided to go all hard leader and send him away, but that’s a different story). However, when the roles are reversed in their final scene this season, I think Bellamy’s moment during their goodbye showed so much more about the connection between the two of them and the different way he shows his feelings for her. You could see in his eyes that he wanted to say, “don’t go” or echo Clarke’s “I can’t lose you,” or just chunk it all and follow her. And I am pretty sure that if she had said, “let’s blow this joint,” he would have gone away with her. But he didn’t do that. Instead he forgave her, and though you know he wants to go with her, he can see that she wants to go, and probably needs to go, so he lets her… go…. without him, then heads inside the compound to take care of their people. Broke. my. heart.

    • lonewolf360 says:

      No keep doing your thing producer of 100, don’t listen to these softies! The grounders are what also made the 100 very interesting! & Lexa did what was the best for her people without sacrificing more of them, remember Clarke fried 300 of the grounders, so lexas decision probably wasn’t a hard one either, even though they attacked the 100 first.

      • Random Person says:

        Going to disagree with you when you say Lexa’s decision wasn’t a hard one. She had actually started to care about Clarke despite all her efforts not to get involved again after Costia. She essentially had to choose her people’s needs over her own feelings, which I imagine is a hard thing for anyone to do.

    • jenn says:

      Bellamy and Clarke all the way

    • Dante says:

      I certainly hope that Clarke and lexa meet soon series gonna get interesting real quick. I was kind of mad for jaha to let Murphy live but he had a little compassion tsk tsk tsk I would’ve downed Murphy long time ago instead of finn. I believe that the lexa and Clarke won’t have words but actions will prove whose better bet on that!!!

    • Dante says:

      I was kind of mad for jaha to let Murphy live but he had a little compassion tsk tsk tsk I would’ve downed Murphy long time ago instead of finn. I believe that the lexa and Clarke won’t have words but actions will prove whose better bet on that!!!

  3. Juan says:

    Wow I really thought they find a way. That was heartbreaking to see Abby telling Clarke that there aren’t any good guys no more. I understand Clarkes decision to leave though I wish it would have been with Bellamy.

  4. Kim (@AD76) says:

    Ahem, Murphy was not at the mansion – he was at the lighthouse. Jackson and Monty? Think that was supposed to be Jasper and Monty. Loved the finale! There just wasn’t another way out of the situation. It sucked that innocents had to die. I cheered when Lincoln cut off Cage’s hand and said, “Aim for his head next!” but alas, he didn’t.

  5. A. D. says:

    This was an amazing season…Soo look forward to Season 3!

  6. Larry says:

    One of the best and most exciting season finallys I’ve ever seen cant wait for the next season

  7. Drew says:

    Clarke really doesn’t do anything halfway, does she? Couldn’t she have cut off the air supply to level 5 and put everyone to sleep?

    • Kim (@AD76) says:

      I think that would have taken so long, plus Abby and the others were on that level.

      • Drew says:

        They’ve shown that they can cleanse levels, which probably means sucking contaminated air out, right? That would cut down some time.
        Then, once everyone is asleep, neutralize the enemies and turn the air back on. Nobody would die.

        • Kim (@AD76) says:

          I just think that it would’ve taken way too much time to do that and there wasn’t enough of Clarke’s people that were free and able to help all the ones that were chained up before brain damage set in… and they’d need air tanks. Plus, there just wasn’t enough time to think of that. They had her mother and no one thought of anything else.

          • Drew says:

            “Kill all of the kids” is a weird place to get to, no matter who the other guys have. Once people were knocked out, just shoot the bad guys and turn on the air. Worry about the chained people later. :)

          • Mark says:

            Okay they went there and did the whole genocide thing but what I didn’t get was they just upped and left everything afterwards. They are living on nothing at the crashed spaceship. If its survival the show is trying to get across why not take over MW with the technology and weapons etc that’s available plus med bays etc. That just made no sense the main doors hadn’t been breached the grounders had a truce and wouldn’t attack. better in a fortified bunker than a open field…. To recover just my opinion

        • Kim (@AD76) says:

          Oh, and the thing is, Emerson was at the door trying to get in. So there was Clarke, Bellemy, and Monty in the Command Center, unable to get out. Octavia, Jasper, and Maya were out there, but if the air was cut off, they’d be knocked out too and it’d be up to two people (I’m assuming Clarke and B) to go save people while Monty waited so he could turn the air back on. In my mind, I just can’t see it working. I do wish there was a way to have saved some of the people. There were good people who supported them and even helped them.

        • Kim (@AD76) says:

          But the chained people are her people – they would’ve been left without air too…and died.

        • Sam says:

          Without air, though, it only takes a short while to die. Like a few minutes.

    • Alichat says:

      That wouldn’t have put them to sleep, that would have killed them. Once they passed out, they’d have awakened the moment the air turned back on. She’d have to leave it off long enough for them to die. I had been hoping that Monty would have figured out a way to just ventilate the outside air into the chamber where they were holding all the Arkers. Since Monty knew how much Jasper cared about Maya, I thought he’d find a way to keep her alive even though Jasper was right and it probably would never stop.

      • Drew says:

        I meant that they would pass out. This would give the others a few minutes to disarm/kill/whatever the dudes who posed a threat before turning the air on and waking people up. As we saw with Finn, it doesn’t take that long to slaughter a bunch of people.

        • JJ says:

          Clearly you don’t know how respiratory distress works….you can’t just make people pass out from air loss like in movies. The second you’ve deprived enough oxygen to cause loss of consciousness it’s a very slippery slope towards brain death.

          At the end of the day, there was no easy fix for situation. Clarke made to make a decision – a terrible one that cost the lives of countless innocent men, women, and most importantly children, but there wasn’t any other viable alternative except to blindly hope Jasper could kill Cage.

          These morally compromising situations are makes The 100 such a truly great show, and elevates it above typically CW shipping nonsense (shipping will always be ridiculous; for anyone reading this who watches tv show specifically for couplings (Bellarke – acutally retch-inducing) reevaluate your tv habits please).

    • Tamim says:

      I think it was a no win – Kobayashi Maru – situation with no choice but to pull the lever or die. Clarke and Bellamy were watching the imminent death of the two people they love the most. Meanwhile Marcus, who once upon a time embraced various levels of mass killing, was trying talk sense into Cage, trying to explain that he, along with Abbie, could help save the whole Mountain through bone marrow donations. But Cage would not listen to him or even consider the possibility that the people of the Ark would want to help the people in the Mountain. Cage’s obstinacy and failure to negotiate left Clarke and Bellamy with no “right” choice. They either had to let themselves, their friends, and their family die, or they had to eliminate the threat, along with anyone else who might be hurt as collateral damage.

      I think in the end the episode was a very interesting look into the real costs of a wartime event. Soldiers aren’t the only ones killed when people go to war. When leaders make decisions to save one group there is always another group who will suffer horrible consequences. And there is no such thing as “a just war”, just justifications that you had to do what you did to save your own people. Innocents were killed on all sides. Lexa took her people and ran. And in the mountain Clarke’s people were the arbitrary beneficiaries of not having as vulnerable an Achilles heel as the people in Mount Weather.

      Were Abbie and Maya were both right when each said:
      Maya, “None of us is innocent”
      Abbie, “Maybe there are no good guys,”

  8. Toben says:

    There’s a mistake in the section about Jasper and Monty’s friendship. You called Jasper Jackson.

  9. wrstlgirl says:

    Is it wrong that I laughed watching Lincoln kill Cage :-) :-) :-)

  10. Marie says:

    Fantastic episode until the last couple of minutes with jaha. I really disliked the whole jaha storyline this season and hate that the episode ended with his find. I get you want to pique people’s interest for next season but I just thought it was dumb. Would have rather them have the episode end with the Bellamy/Clarke moment.

  11. Kim (@AD76) says:

    Weren’t there a few people besides Cage and Emerson that got treatment and that could go above ground? Or were they the guards that Emerson had mentioned were killed?

    • Jason says:

      Emerson made a comment to Cage about being the only one that had completed the treatment left alive when they captured Clarke’s mom and the others. It was implied that the rest of people that had the treatment died in the attack.

  12. Thrilled at the beginning; disappointed by the end says:

    The entire episode was solid…. right up until the last few scenes (where Clarke left, and Jaha and Murphy were on the island). Those scenes were incredibly underwhelming, and they did not get me excited for next season’s story line at all. I’ll keep watching, because I love the show and I’m sure the writers will do an excellent job next season (just like they did this season), but I think they really dropped the ball on the final scenes of this episode.
    I’d give the first part of the episode a solid A+, but the last few scenes were a C at best, bringing the episode overall to a B.
    Of course, this is just my opinion, and I don’t doubt that there are people who disagree, lol.

    • Santiago says:

      I tend to agree actually. But I think the finale had so much going on already too.
      It was a solid finale, can’t wait for season 3

  13. stephanie says:

    an amazing end to an amazing season! If this show was on ANY other network, it’d be wracking up awards left and right! Simply outstanding! The CW has outdone themselves. Thank God we’re getting a third season.

  14. Jamie Kohns says:

    Noooo! What a great season finale… UNTIL: Silicone is stuff of fake boobs, Silicon is what microchips are made of. An A.I. certainly wouldn’t get that distinction wrong.

    • ? says:

      It’s a hundred and fifty years in the future. Maybe A.I.s are made from fake boobs!

    • Luke says:

      and if you think about it an AI comes from a supercomputer made with wires and microchips among other things; that hologram didn’t come from thin air;

  15. James D says:

    good finale, predictable but still satisfying. I’m disappointed in Octavia as a character I thought they had a chance to do something cool with her but instead they went the very overused way with that said she was a total bamf in that fight scene. Too some extent the same can be said for Clarke why does every show and movie have to do the same thing with the lone hero malarkey it would of been far more effective if she stayed and had to learn to deal with what she’s done instead of running. Overall i thought it was a very good ending to a very good second season and I will definitely tune in next fall.

  16. aplwrites says:

    So much death and killing. This is the CW’s Game of Thrones

  17. ? says:

    Man I really like this show. Make a teenage girl do horrible things that she knows are horrible to win a war because it’s war and she’s the only one who can, then watch her try and live with herself. And not once am I like “this is so unrealistic why would the adults allow this and not try to take over” because they’ve successfully convinced me the adults can do nothing but follow her given she was the lynchpin in an alliance holding the entire war effort together and is the only one who fully understands their tactical position being that she’s been on the ground the longest and has actually been inside Mount Weather.

    I mean this season alone they made her murder her own boyfriend, allow her own troops to be hit be a missile and slaughtered by the hundreds to preserve a tactical advantage, and now effectively murder every man, woman, and child of her enemy to win. And for a minute there I really thought it was going to cost her her mother, too. “Princess” Clarke indeed . . . and you know, at what point does she become an ACTUAL princess given that they all keep calling her that and she’s their leader? Like, what else does it take, you know? Sure, it’s jokingly . . . for now. Do it long enough though and I mean, that’s how princesses got made originally, right? Heh.

    Oh and Raven totally ripped a guy’s throat out with her teeth, why doesn’t that make the recap!

  18. bluegossip says:

    never saw genocide coming…did the computer chick start the nuclear war?

    • BJ says:

      That’s the impression I got after watching the tape of the guy who killed himself. I think the IA was corrupted and launched the missles. Now she seems to want another “human” to help her and Jaha’s her man since he sent her another bomb.

      I guess next year will be all about trying to stop another apocalypse. To be honest that doesn’t seem as interesting to me with just one insane AI as an adversary.

  19. brian says:

    Does not make sense. Why would Lexa let 250 people die. Just to make a deal to save less people. With no guarantee the people of Mount weather would not just bomb them again. Or continue to take their people. And the reason the sky people and grounders agreed to be allies is because Clarke could bring the reapers back. Then Lexa walks away with out any mention about saving her people that became reapers. Where are all the people that got the bone marrow treatment. It was not just the 3 of them. Previous episodes showed many random guards that have been cured. Where are they now.?

    • Kim (@AD76) says:

      They died – Emerson said that he had gone out with a bunch of them and they died in an attack – he was the only one besides Cage who had the treatments that were alive. Now Emerson is it.

    • Random Person says:

      The 47 were the guarantee that no more grounders would be taken. With the 47’s bone marrow Mt. Weather would no longer have to use Grounders to fix radiation burns. So they wouldn’t have to use Reapers to find more Grounders to drain either. With the Grounders no longer fighting them, Mt. Weather would have no reason to bomb them. Though that doesn’t explain why Lexa just forgot about turning the Reapers back to normal… Maybe she was cutting her losses and figured it was worth ending Mt. Weather’s aggression?

    • Lisser says:

      Lexa made the deal to save hundreds of Grounders. There’s a scene where Bellamy and Clark go to get the Grounders, and find not just that one room empty, but dozens of cage rooms empty. There were only 44 Arkers in the compound. Until recently, they thought Reapers were permanently gone, so it’s more of a return to the prior status quo, with the bonus of a truce with the Mountain AND their remaining people released. Overall a great deal and a strategic one from the Grounders perspective. Especially with the Alliance with the Arkers new, unpopular, and unstable.

  20. Mark says:

    Season 2 was outstanding. Bring on Season 3!

  21. ollie says:

    More Lexa, please.

  22. aplwrites says:

    Octavia 100% would smash

  23. Jerry says:

    Nailed it.
    To the cast and crew, THANK YOU for a fantastic season 2!
    I was sad to see the deposed President get shot-he played a likeable character that couldve been used to explain the Red Queen A.I. In season 3; but alas the Mt Weather chapter needed to be killed off (quite literally it turned out). Loved the actor who played his son, as he was able to create such a dispicable villian, that had no redeaming quality and elicit such emotion. Well done Sir!
    I was happy to see that Clarke was able to follow thru on her threats as well, I was expecting to see a more broken Clarke after the betrayal-but, bam, she ices the Dad and irradiates evey man, woman and child to save her people. A true test of leadership is being able to make decisions that mean people die and it makes her character all the stronger.
    Im kind of hesitant on seeing where the rogue A.I. plot leads, and the significance of allowing the Mt weather LRRP guy survive, but in both season 1 & 2 I had trepidation going in-so I know season 3 will be epic!

  24. Great ep but no more Raven torture please and some screetime for Lindsey Morgan who is awesome and unappreciated imo

  25. Kc says:

    I’ve never cared for Jaha (or Murphy) so this direction for the show is… not particularly exciting.

    Personally i hope they get Alycia Debnam-Carey back for as often as her schedule will allow because she and the character of Lexa really made this season for me. ( I liked the show well enough but it was a little tedious to watch when there were always characters I wanted to punch in the face e.g. S1 Bellamy).

    • All the Lexa stuff took away from the characters i actually care about so i can do with less Lexa

    • Bernice says:

      Totally agree about Lexa, she definitely made the season. And even if she is only in a couple of episodes next season, I’ll take that. She definitely brings life to an episode.

      • Lexa came across like an American teenage girl who dreams about prom. Not convincing at all for a person living in the harsh wild without any luxuries of civilization. .. she even walks like she is not raised in the forest but in shopping malls.

  26. damric says:

    Hopefully we get some hot lesbo action between Clarke and Lexa

  27. Opal says:

    Too bad Lexa’s actress will be busy on another show. :\ She was a great addition to The 100.

  28. Et al says:

    This is officially my favorite show. What an amazing episode. The setup for next season is fascinating – truly a snake in the mailbox – I don’t know how I’m going to survive the wait for season 3.

  29. tiny says:

    why do i feel like if you love someone they are going to die vibe on this show. Clark needs a vacation it would be nice to see her smile and laugh again like how Finn brought that out in her, maybe she would hologram Finn in that new season or meet up with Lexa in that place lexa mention, I liked the mountain men. they could of learned from each other, maybe she’ll go there and live and at least be safe and deal with the dead. There’s a lot of resources in that place. What about the reavers?

  30. Lauren says:

    Did anyone else get a huge Lost vibe from that place Murphy found? I half expected Desmond to pop up with a ‘Brotha’.
    Incredible episode, I was intermittently screaming at my tv and sobbing. Can’t wait for season three!!

    • DonnaMama says:

      I did, glad I read the posts before putting my 2 cents in. Was waiting to see those numbers – – Kane/Desmond was handcuffed to the wall, lol

  31. Steve says:

    I thought the season overall was awesome but they kinda overdid it with the “some must die for the greater good thing”. It did get old a bit. I get personal / moral dilemmas but it was the same theme over and over again. In addition Lexas betrayal made no sense at all.

    • Maria says:

      True. As someone mentioned, in light of everything, I thought that was the less logical choice. Sigh, I’ll miss her character — I doubt they’ll do anything more with Clexa.

  32. Good episode with two issues. The ending scenes with Jaha sucked. And after the conquered Mt. Weather why would they leave. It is a serious upgrade to move into the mountain over returned to the piece of crashed Ark.

    • JeffDJ says:

      Agreed. It would also be a cool irony if the Arkers became the new “Mountain Men”. Maybe Clarke will find herself there next season and chill out alone while taking care of all the dead she slaughtered.

    • michelle says:

      They would have to clear out all 300 dead bodies… and eat where they died… definitely an upgrade but ugh

  33. Essie says:

    The season finale was awesome. It was heartbreaking to watch that last scene with Bellamy and Clarke. When they do meet again, I hope there will be a romantic development between them.
    Lincoln killing Cage was awesome! I wonder when and how Emerson will be back now that he’s the only Mount Weather survivor. And I loveee Octavia, she’s been through an interesting growth which was interesting to see. I wonder what will be next for her. I didn’t know what to think of Jaha’s find in that house but I’m excited for the next season!

    • Jim says:

      People keep saying Cage was killed. He had his hand chopped off and he was injected with the same drug that Lincoln (and many more were hooked on, but they didn’t die). So how was he definitely killed? Just curious.

      • Kim (@AD76) says:

        I’m thinking maybe the blood loss from his hand was what did him in. I don’t remember the info about the drugs when Lincoln was made into a Reaper if another dose was needed to do it or if what he gave Cage was enough to make him OD.

  34. Otto says:

    Just wondering if clarke will use that nuke in 3rd season or will she wait until 4th.

  35. BrianR says:

    Opening shot next season Clarke in bed with Lexa.

  36. shadanchi says:

    It looks like AI woman is the “she” that had the codes and nuked earth.
    one of those cliché kill all humans sort of things.
    I think Clarke will probably find her way to the capitol Lexa mentioned Polis

    does that remind anybody else of Clark Kent/Metropolis?

    • cobalt20 says:

      I’m guessing since Mt. Weather is a real place in Virginia and “TonDC” is the wreckage of Washington DC, that Polis might be the former location of Annapolis, MD. (I had a theory that the City of Light was either Philadelphia or NYC since it was across a dead zone north of DC, but apparently not)

  37. Gerald says:

    They are really trying to dwindle the numbers back to 100 aren’t they?
    I cannot believe Clarke killed Finn, allowed the bombing of the camp, and now shot the old president and then radiated all the Mount Weather people. If that is growing as a leader I can not understand how anyone would follow her, or even like her. I have taken to watching this show only to see how much of a train wreck it has become.

  38. Balilo' says:

    I love this show and I read with pleasure the well deserved glowing reviews and comments about it. But I still feel that part 2 of the ending was rushed and not well thought out. Here are a few questions. Am I the only one who finds strange that the Cage and his acolytes, who had bone marrow transplant and so can live at any floor, do not consider essential to man and defend the operation center from which their death will be delivered??? And why would Emerson suddenly give up the blowing up of the center door? How about the peculiarity of Cage who runs away for his life and, instead of carrying a huge assault rifle or other essentials, takes a syringe needed to poison the grounders??? (by the way, the sleeve of the arm from which his hand was chopped off does not seem to show any blood…). Bellamy, my favorite, has been given in the past some awful lines, but “I forgive you” (Clarke) for the killing of all the people in the mountain lair is the worst (it would have even in the pope’s mouth).
    Finally, how likely is it that, of all the places on the planet, the holocaust happens to have originated just there, in the vicinity (so to speak) of the ark landing on earth? Holograms and nuclear weapons, ominous as they were meant to be, misfire as the ending; this belonged to Clarke and her remorse.

  39. Yachid Yada Meir Zara, Embassador for Christ says:

    Why didn’t/don’t ‘The Sky People’ now occupy Mount Weather?
    Seemz logical – a huge step up in living conditions & infrastructure.

    Yachid Yada Meir Zara,
    Embassador for Christ.

  40. CountryQueen says:

    Love this show! Loved the ending. Found myself thinking that Skynet took out the world 97 years before! LOL

  41. Bernice says:

    Thank goodness he said that Clarke’s walkabout wouldn’t be a little trip down street. I feel that would negate the impact of her leaving camp. I hope she does do a proper journey, explore the world. And i don’t even mind if they do time jump and we don’t see that journey in its entirety.

    I’d like her to meet up with Lexa, and deal with the betrayal, and walk away being friends at least. I think Lexa would be able to help her deal with the choices she made.

    I know Jason says we going to more of the Women/City of Light story arc, but I hope it still includes the Grounders, because they are still apart of this world, and if she’s going to try nuke the world again, they (the Grounders) should be able to help defend against that.

    I LOVE this show, and I am basically wishing away a year of my life to the fall for Season 3.

  42. I hope it will get going I can not stay like that.I’m hopeful we continue I like it let me update is is in the office soI’m hopeful we continue I like it let me update

  43. chitchat says:

    I loved the finale so much! My favorite scene was the awesome but heartbreaking Bellamy and Clarke scene at the end. It would have been much more powerful to have ended the season with that scene of Clarke walking off. I personally hope that Lexa falls off a cliff because I do NOT want her to come back on that show ever again. I really dislike her character and seeing her makes me want to puke.

  44. anna says:

    Love the 100. cant wait for season 3 will be just a good im hoping.But would love to see if clarke sees the grounders leader again. lol. CANT WAIT HURRY UP.

  45. mitsaras says:

    When exactly does the third season begin?

  46. joe schmoe says:

    keep moving it forward, I really like this show and the reveals as twists

  47. terry Morgan says:

    I enjoy this show very much and follow it closely. I love the idea of coming back to earth after a century and the mystery of what we would find . Clarke and Bellamy need to have some alone time .romantically I think

  48. My wife and I both like Nashville alot. We tape it every week so we both can waych it. We love the music, like some of the situations, and the fact there is very little violance. Please dont cancel it we really enjoy the show.

  49. matt says:

    Wish there were more family reunions. Jasper should of had a gun, not a knife. Made the show stupid for 1 minute. I still really liked the ending.

  50. Joseph says:

    I like the way it ended. Reminded me of Hirishima and Nagasaki. Some may call it genocide.

    If you remember WW2 history. The Allies has depleted so much of its resources to take out the Nazis and still has another battle on the Pacific front. However, the Allies developed the atomic bomb and made it clear to Japan to surrender. No was the answer and there goes Hiroshima. Another warning was given out and again no surrender despite. After Nagasaki, the Japanese Army still refused to give up but the emperor stepped in and signed that famous peace treaty on board the American Vessel.

    So Clarke was caught in the same dilemma, had her hand on the trigger to “let my people go” and still no surrender from Cage. Whom would rather sacrifice his people that to just surrender.