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  1. Razor Charlie in the original From Dusk Till Dawn and From Dusk Till Dawn 3 and Razor Eddie in From Dusk Till Dawn 2.

  2. Steven says:

    I wish El Rey would announce a return date. It feels like it’s been on hiatus for ages.

  3. Tran says:

    Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune just keeps going on and on and on. Still upset on when the entire CBS Daytime line-up is going to get renewed. Don’t know how long Drew Carey is going to stay as host of The Price is Right depending on his contract as does the models on the show. Price is Right is NOT a show that is 100% funny and executive producer Mike Richards and his entire crew are a bunch of brain dead idiots and I really hope that the execs at CBS Daytime is planning to end The Price is Right sometime in the near future.

    • WhatGives says:

      I’ve held my tongue until now but you’ve been griping about this for MONTHS. What exactly is your deal with TPIR anyway? Do you have some show you want CBS to pick up and put in it’s place or something?

      • Tran says:

        I really have no idea what you’re talking about. I seem to like Drew Carey when he took over for Bob Barker back in 2007 and now I started to feel sorry for him because he’s not in the level Bob Barker was and I believe that non-Price is Right fans are outraged by his hosting duties not because of his attitude, behavior, his whining and complaining and messing things up in his head. There’s two choices that I think what the execs at CBS Daytime is going to do to The Price is Right: either Drew Carey will leave the show depending on his contract OR end TV’s longest running game show for good in the near future. If people aren’t giving up watching Price is Right and if it doesn’t get canceled then I can still whine and complain whatever I want and possibly throw a temper tantrum.

        • WhatGives says:

          I’ve watched TPIR for over 30 years and I see nothing wrong with the way the show is now. Frankly the show hasn’t changed that much in that time. They’ve changed some games and the way they’ve looked but nothing that would drastic enough to make me stop watching. NO ONE is Bob Barker level. Heck Bob Barker wasn’t Bob Barker level in the beginning of his career. The majority of people who watch TPIR on a daily basis are older and have no clue what Drew talks about on Twitter or anywhere else. (I’m not one of them.) Why would non-Price is Right fans be watching the show anyway. Also, what exactly is a non-Price is Right fan? Is it someone that doesn’t watch “The View” that day or whatever is on their local NBC? What do you mean by Drew “messing things up in his head”? Everyone messes things up in their head. You messed up writing out half the things you wrote on your post by using the wrong tenses but no one is complaining about that because everyone does that (especially since you can’t edit on here…GRRRR) If you don’t want to watch TPIR then don’t watch it, your lost viewership won’t help cancel it. (For example: I’m so sick of the bullying Rick and Maya are doing on B&B on a daily basis I stopped watching weeks ago but it’s not going to change the storyline any.) I’m pretty sure CBS will announce it when they want to announce it which is usually the same time every single year and I’m 99.999% it’s going to stay exactly the same way it has been for years.

    • Tran says:

      BTW, my message to The Price is Right crew: better bring back the three model rotation for next season because I’m not so sure about the depending contracts for the show’s models and if they’re going to have just two on every episode by next season then I will never watched Price is Right anymore. People are still angry and upset about this whole “two model on every episode” situation. Also, no more guest models on the show because just like last season, it’s a disgrace for fans of TPIR.

      • Steve F. says:

        So, what is it that you’re obsessing about then – the models? ‘Cause I watch for the games and the fun the contestants are having… isn’t that what The Price is Right is all about in the first place?

        And point me to links backing up your claim that people are upset about the “two models on every episode” and “non-Price is Right fans are outraged by his hosting duties not because of his attitude, behavior, his whining and complaining and messing things up in his head.” I too have seen your complaints constantly on TPIR, and like WhatGives said, what is your deal? (You danced around the question the last time.)

        • Tran says:

          If you’re going to start whining and complaining about what I’ve said about The Price is Right then stop bullying me. One of the reasons I dislike most about Drew Carey when he’s hosting The Price is Right is that he TALKS TOO MUCH and all he does best is his whining and complaining as does George Gray the announcer and sometimes the models when all they do is just stand there and root for a contestant to win a prize like cheerleaders. The most important question about The Price is Right models: Why do they always wave on camera? ANSWER: the models are always obsessed about waving on camera. Wish the models better “stop waving on camera” because they don’t have the brains instead of beauty. My warning to the models if they’re listening to me: STOP WAVING ON CAMERA. All the models do is just stand there and do nothing and they don’t have ZERO TALENT because waving on camera has always been an obsession to them. I want to apologize about the mean things I’ve said and try not to throw a temper tantrum at me. The Price is Right needs to end in the near future OR ELSE…

          • WhatGives says:

            Did you really just call us bullies and then say the models “don’t have the brains instead of beauty” and that they have no talent? I really hate to tell you but that makes you the bully by insinuating that women should just stand there and smile. I still don’t know what Drew and George “whine and complain” about, can you give me examples? You do realize that the point of a game show is for the contestant to win, so why shouldn’t the host/announcer/models root for them? Models have always waved on camera even back when Holly Hallstrom and Janice Pennington were on the show. Shocked you didn’t mention that they speak now too since they didn’t do that when Bob was there. Starting to think you were turned down as a contestant or model with all the hate you are spewing. Curious to know what your “OR ELSE” is when TPIR is renewed.
            Also I assume since you don’t speak English fluently (as “try not to throw a temper tantrum at me” is not something someone who speaks English as a first language would say. You can’t throw a temper tantrum AT someone as it’s not an actual object.) that you are telling us to not get angry with you for having an opinion, which no one has. Just as we don’t want you to get angry for stating ours in support. We just wanted to know why you are so desperate to see TPIR taken off the air and your statements to back up what you said. I, for one am, not angry at you for having an opinion, I just wanted to express mine in contrast to yours. :)

  4. DavidSask says:

    I feel bad for anyone watching Logo! The new shows, anything on the channel will be edited so much with no nudity or cuss words. Seek the shows elsewhere, put them out of business, USA deserves a proper gay channel, their programming, license should be challenged as well.

  5. Tran says:

    My message to WhatGives: today all you did about what the mean things I’ve said about The Price is Right is your whining and complaining and you lied to my face because you’re such a liar and a true hypocrite. I demand an apology from you and I really mean it because I don’t like when people lied to me. An apology about all the excuses you’ve said and mimicking the things I’ve said or else I’ll go all Jack Bauer on you (DAMMIT!!). If Jack Bauer was on The Price is Right, he should interrogate and torture a contestant. This is your FINAL WARNING. APOLOGIZE OR ELSE…

    • WhatGives says:

      Can someone translate this for me because I don’t understand any of it or how it has anything to do with anything I’ve said previously.
      First of all I can’t lie to your face if I can’t see your face and I can’t be a hypocrite because I haven’t claimed to believe something that I don’t actually believe.
      Second, I haven’t whined or complained (please learn the definitions of these words). Third, I haven’t lied about anything as I have nothing to lie about.
      Fourth, you can’t go Jack Bauer on me because A) you can’t see me and B) you’re making threats at me which is illegal.

      • WhatGives says:

        Oh and fifth, I will not apologize for stating my beliefs as you don’t have to apologize for saying yours. But you should apologize for saying contestants on TPIR should be tortured and for saying that if I don’t apologize you will do something to me.

        • Steve F. says:

          I’m with What Gives as well – obviously you’re either not a fluent English speaker or have some major issues with the models and announcers (c’mon, what problem do you have with George Gray?), and resorting to threatening contestants and posters with opposing points of view?

          Face it, the days of Bob Barker and Rod Roddy have long passed. If you don’t like The Price is Right, stop watching. Matter of fact, if you have all these issues, why are you still watching?

          (And threatening to send Jack Bauer after people like us… what a maroon!)

          • Tran says:

            Steve you’re such a bully and I’m not a moron or maroon whatever you want to call it. About to throw a temper tantrum on you and your so-called friend WhatGives.

        • Tran says:

          You’re such a bully because I always hate bullies. If you’re going to bullied me then be my guest or you still act like a bully.

          • Steve F. says:

            You never did answer my question about why are you still watching TPIR when you’re so critical of it.