Idol Recap: And Then There Were 12...

Imagine an American Idol with Jennifer Lopez rocking a powder-blue Amish dress from the Pennsylvania Dutch Collection, Ryan Seacrest losing his cool and an audience of SwayBots successfully moving in time with the music.

None of those signs of an impending apocalypse occurred on tonight’s Season 14 Top 12 announcement/performance episode, but the hour was not without its share of whopping surprises.

The human equivalent of a frayed nerve, Joey Cook, pulled it together and became an unlikely front-runner — at least for a night. The usually flawless Sarina Joi-Crowe saw her sense of pitch scamper down the freeway like an escaped llama on the nightly news. And the hypnotizingly good Quentin Alexander needed a damn Wild Card to earn a place in the Top 12, his failure to garner more votes than Daniel Seavey being akin to Aretha Franklin losing her Queen of Soul title to an un-AutoTuned Katy Perry.

OK, OK, I’m exaggerating — just a bit. But no more so than Keith Urban telling Daniel he’s just a song choice away from musical greatness. Keith, you’ve got children of your own. What in the love of Lazaro Arbos and Sam Woolf is stopping you from saying, “Go back to high school and focus on your studies, young man!”?

I don’t mean to pick on Daniel — but he’s the clear No. 12 in a 12-artist lineup, and yet I think someone with more talent and potential will wind up getting the axe on Thursday’s Top 11 telecast.

Until then, though, let me offer my letter grades for tonight’s performances — along with the pithiest of reviews. (I’ll be back before 11pm ET to update this recap with more detailed commentary, I promise!)

Sarina Joi-Crowe — “Love Runs Out” — Grade: C+ | It didn’t help that the sound mix made it sound like the Idol band was playing down the block from Sarina, but the usually pitch-perfect diva was about a quarter-step above the note for at least half the song. Good thing she’s got more charisma that at least four or five of her competitors combined. Please, America, let’s remember her perfect pair of Detroit-round triumphs — and give her another take!

Rayvon Owen – “Wide Awake” — Grade: B- | Very pretty vocal — I think a couple of his high notes were actually delivered via heavenly cherubs — but Rayvon’s physical stiffness and failure to dig beneath a surface-level reading of the song’s lyrics left me as bored as I was back in high-school trigonometry class.. We know he’s capable of better — so here’s hoping he has a chance to prove it.

Daniel Seavey — “Hallelujah”/”Straight Up” — Grade: D | Bad enough that Daniel’s whiffle-ball bat hit nothing but air when he missed his cue into the bridge, but The Curious Case of His Disappearing Upper Register was so obvious, even Harry had to take notice that the kid is out of his depth. But just because he’s the obvious choice to finish No. 12 for those of us with functioning ear drums doesn’t mean his “awww golly, he’s so cute!” factor won’t buy him a Top 10 finish.

strong>Maddie Walker — “Suitcase” — Grade: B | The night’s least-known but possibly coolest song choice proved Maddie definitely deserves a Top 12 spot. She sang mostly in tune and did a nice job of tapping into the sly humor of the lyrics, too. If she can get the nerves completely under control, she could be a Season 14 dark horse.

MLB_2043_hires1Tyanna Jones — “Wings” — Grade: B+ | If Tyanna becomes a huge star and starts marketing a signature fragrance, it should definitely be called Pure Joy. Yeah, the opening half of the song had a few pitch problems — slightly better breath control would help — but as Keith noted, if it looks, dresses and sings like a star…

Nick Fradiani, Jr. – “In Your Eyes” — Grade: B+ | Nick’s performance didn’t quite build to the dramatic crescendo I was craving — OHHH I WANNA SEE THE LIGHT IN YOUR EYES — but it was rock-solid and soulful, and proved he’s got great taste in music, too. The fact that the season’s oldest contestant managed all this despite some unripened-lemon sour backing vocals is a testament to his skills. (Seriously, those employees of Rickey Minor sounded like they were performing on a small yacht during heavy storms after taking a dose of Dramamine. #woeful)

Jax — “I Want to Hold Your Hand” — Grade: B | Jax’s breathy upper register is prettier than sunlight at 6pm — praise daylight savings! — but things got a little pedestrian when she got up from the piano for a very good karaoke-bar cover in the back half of the Beatles tune. Of course, maybe the problem was that given the all-too-brief length of tonight’s performances, any singer who chose to have a tonal shift at the midway marker risked coming off as almost schizophrenic.

Qaasim Middleton – “Sir Duke” — Grade: C+ | It’s hard not to get caught up in this cat’s wayward energy and impeccable showmanship — but (not to quote Randy Jackson), this is a singing competition. And in terms of pitch and enunciation, Qaasim’s “Sir Duke” was a garbled, growly mess. Don’t get me wrong, I’m love-love-loving the Emperor of Stage Presence, but vocally speaking, he has yet to prove his clothes are the genuine article.

Clark Beckham – “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” — Grade: A- | This performance shall also be known as “How Blue-Eyed Soul Got His Front-Runner Status Back.” OK, Clark’s not quite Joshua Ledet yet, but this was, as J.Lo noted, the vocal of the night. Clark’s fearless abandon to the music — and his instincts for when to stray from the confines of the original — are thrilling. Now let’s see if dude can pull it off on a current-ish record. [Side note: Show of hands — who agreed with Harry’s comment about the James Brown classic being majorly “chauvinistic”? And who shook their heads and said, “this dude scores an ‘F’ in Lyric Comprehension 101?]

Joey Cook — “King of Spain” — Grade: A- | The blue-haired Queen of Idol Quirk backed up her highly stylized tendencies with a really fine vocal — and the bravery to try something different on show that too often serves “I Have Nothing” and “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” as microwaved leftovers. OK, I’d like Joey to stop adding “o” sounds to her vowels — “side” ≠ “soy-de”— but she’s already performing at a higher level than previously “unique” Idol chicas like M.K. Nobilette, Megan Joy, Lacey Brown, etc.

MLB_2576_hires1Quentin Alexander — “Royals” — Grade: A- | Harry was right — there were pitch problems. Somehow, though, the depth of emotion and elegant phrasing of Quentin’s performance transcended my typical role as Picky McComplainerstein. (And no, I did not tick him up from a B+ just because of his beautiful tears of joy… although I will admit they warmed my heart!)

Adanna Duru — “You and I” — Grade: B+ | Like Quentin, the night’s other Wild Card didn’t hit every note square on the nose, but her boot-stamping physicality and “I’m playing to a sold-out arena” energy provided the kind of excitement that some of her more accurate competitors didn’t. Next week, it’ll be vital for Adanna to prove she’s got the technical ability to compete with her more consistent rivals, but I’d be shocked if her fervor didn’t springboard her at least into the Top 11.

Eliminated: Mark Andrew, Adam Ezegelian, Loren Lott, Alexis Gomez [Highly, highly logical eliminations — except I’d have traded Savion Wright from the Top 24 for Daniel. So, well played, Idoloonie Nation!]

Should Be Thursday’s Bottom Three: Daniel, Qaasim, Maddie (Daniel going home)
Will Be Thursday’s Bottom Three: Maddie, Adanna, Sarina (Sarina going home — so GET TO GOOGLE AND VOTE SO I DON’T DO SOMETHING DRASTIC! ALSO, REMEMBER “MAMA KNOWS BEST”!)

On that note, I turn it over to you! What did you think of Top 12 performance night? Who were your faves? Who’s at risk. Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kaba says:

    Quentin, Clark, Tyanna, Adanna
    That can be our top 4 cause I love them.

    • Kaba says:

      Honorable mention to Qaasim, vocals not great or even what he’s usually at, but he’s entertaining.
      He just needs to find his voice.

      • Qaasim is entertaining and the few seconds of just his voice in the beginning of the song tonight was great, but when he goes full-out in his performance he loses his vocal. There are at least 7 or 8 singers that are phenomenal. I mean you didn’t mention Rayvon, whose voice is so good. If you take Rayvon’s voice and Qaasim’s performance skills you would have the winner of American Idol.

      • Runner says:

        I agree with Qaasim. When he gets on stage, things get exciting. And the beginning was really lovely as well.

      • JMay says:

        He’s in the top 12; better find it fast.

      • Jill Moy says:

        Well ny three advanced, all chosen from beginning wihout later changes, etc., etc. Tyanna, Maddie and Adanna. Yeah!

        Joey should be a comedian, along with Daniel! They both sound terrible. Jax also isn’t good with her whispering weak voice that sounds phoney!

        • oh god Jill Quentin made me cry and im voting like crazy for him.Love that Adanna made it

          • I think I agree with Michael Slezak when he said Sarina might go home over Adanna Adanna needs to get her pitch a little better, but she has dark horse Charisma. Both wild cards stepped it up and made others look a little bland. Adanna is going to be more dramatic and showy than Sarina and I could actually hear the bad singing Sarina did this time.

          • Jill Moy says:

            Thank God both advanced….CLOSE CALLS!

          • Yes Jill, but now im worried who goes home next. I have a feeling Daniel has tons of voters! Didnt Lazaro make it through all the guys on that season? I believe he was the last guy standing with the girls. All the guys got voted off and Lazaro was last. I wonder if “Vote For The Worst” is still around. They voted for Sanjaya and Lazaro! Im just worried Daniel will be the new Lazaro! Lazaro wasnt even cute! Yuck! Yep so glad though for Adanna and Quentin! 2 of my favs along with Qaasim.

        • Rere says:

          I agree with you on you top three, they are mine too. As for Jax, she isn’t good and neither is Joey. Those 2 have to go soon.

        • MC says:

          It happens that I only voted for three people and they were Maddie, Tyanna and Adanna. Maddie and Adanna probably need all of their fans to vote for them. I voted for Tyanna because she’s the winner as of now in my book, although obviously there’s a long way to go.

      • JoMarch says:

        Entaining, but how’s he going to sound on a record? Of course, I guess they could auto tune him from here to Sunday. He’s a bit TOO frantic to be really entertaining IMO.

    • Angela says:

      Works for me overall. I may switch Clark out with Sarina-tonight was not a good night for her, but she’s had a good run for the most part thus far, so I’d be cool with her showing up in there, too.
      But Quentin and Tyanna definitely have to be there, and Adanna is getting better and better with each performance, so yeah. She can come, too :).
      The rest I’m either iffy on or just can’t hear the greatness in, so…yeah.

      • Temperance says:

        Since Sarina-Joi’s performance was so atypical, I’m wondering if she just couldn’t hear herself. Something was seriously up with the sound, and she’s almost always pitch perfect.

        • Owen says:

          It was not atypical. As numerous people (including Harry) pointed out, she was flat last week as well!

          • Temperance says:

            She wasn’t flat – she was occasionally flat, but not much. As in less flat than almost very other contestant every week. I’d bet she simply couldn’t hear herself. (Oh, and I’ve seen Harry live multiple times, and his no better than last week in general, and Sarina-Joi hasn’t ever had to refer to his own lyrics in a concert).

          • She’s still been the best female two out of three weeks.

          • Ben says:

            Anyone who can’t hear the absolutely blindingly MASSIVE difference between Sarina’s pitch problems last week and her pitch problems this week shouldn’t get a vote…

            There is absolutely nothing in common with singing slightly under notes when you are singing pp and sliding in to them, and singing entire verses in completely the wrong key.

          • karyn says:

            I agree with Ben – you can’t reasonably compare the two performances. I don’t claim to have perfect pitch but will defer to people like Melinda Doolittle that she was flat on a few notes in the performance last week that sounded perfect to me. But I was wincing through last night’s song. This was very atypical so I am willing to overlook it as long as it doesn’t start a trend.

    • Roger says:

      You got it half right.

    • ChrissieK says:

      Guess I am not alone in that top 4 and that’s a good thing!

    • karyn says:

      I really disagree that Adanna belongs in the top 4. I think this list was basically right (I would have swapped Mark for Daniel) but I put Adanna at # 11 in this group. She more than just barely missed her notes last night – she was wildly off pitch. Unfortunately, so was my favorite Sarina Joi but she at least has the past performance chops to make me want to keep her in.

      Michael is being too pessimistic that people will send her home though. More people vote on all performance history than on who performed well on a particular night (though the latter is how it should be b/c the music industry is exactly that harsh).

  2. Jaszy says:

    Daniel seavey – booooh, that’s all i got to say, doesn’t deserve to be there based on vocals, pitch problems…NEXT!

    • Runner says:

      I honestly didn’t care about Daniel still being in the competition… until tonight. That was an epic fail. Wow. It’s kind of uncomfortable to watch him sing so poorly now. It’s like watching a puppy run in front of a car.

    • James T1SK says:

      Coming from the Top 16, it didn’t shock me that Daniel was in the Top 12, I just expected him to be a wildcard. Regardless, he’s the 12th best out of the 12 and after tonight there is a big gap between him and 11th

    • Ben says:

      I mean, boo that he got more votes than Quentin and Quentin had to get a wild card, because it doesn’t bode well. But do I really think Adam or Mark were so worth fighting for? Nah.

      • Mary says:

        That is what got me that America voted Daniel through and not Quentin. Come on America vote responsibly, close your eyes and listen with your ears- Daniel shouldn’t have made it this far. Oh well I guess according to Scott voice isn’t everything which I guess is true because have of the artist on radio today cannot sing live for the life of them. I am old school voice first showmanship second. Why can’t we have both.

  3. Jaszy says:

    Maddie Walker – love her voice, it’s very smooth and lovely, she needs a lot of stage presence, she’s only 17, she can work on that…well, the commercials just came on, WTF? They didn’t have time to show that Scott Borchetta tape, they could’ve showed that tomorrow in two hours…WE DON’T HAVE TIME! I literally only saw like 15 seconds of this performance before the commercials interrupted!

  4. Christian says:

    I LOVED Jax’s Preformance. Maddie suprised me. Clark redeemed himself, thankfully. I think Sarina has a big enough fanbase to keep her safe. Bye Daniel!

    • Runner says:

      I am so glad Clark redeemed himself. I hope Sarina pulls through…

      • Temperance says:

        Clark didn’t need to ‘redeem’ himself from anything – he was just middle of the pack last week. He was a hundred times better than Seavey’s ever managed in the whole season.

        • Runner says:

          I don’t constantly compare every singer to Daniel Seavey. I meant Clark’s performance (and only Clark) was better this week than HIS (only his) performance last week. Not that last week wasn’t good, but this week was stellar, which seems better than “middle of the pack.” Clearer?

        • Ben says:

          Honestly? Clark was terrible last week. I’m glad he was voted in, because I honestly thought he might not have been. And imagine a world in which he and Quentin were fighting for a wild card…

          • Runner says:

            Oh, that would be awful. I could barely take the fact that Quentin had to get the wild card in the first place….

  5. Jaszy says:

    Nick Fradiani – love this dude, love him, love his voice, EXPERIENCE GALORE…first time there were a couple of pitch problems….VOTE VOTE VOTE 6

    • James T1SK says:

      I agree, it was an off night for both him and Maddie, but I need them to be in the Top 10 along with Tyanna, Sarina, Rayvon, Clark, Quentin, JAX and Joey

    • Owen says:

      Okay, we can calm down with the OLD MAN stuff and that he has EXPERIENCE. As if he is the only Idol who got in the Top 12 at the last available age or the only Idol to not have worked the bars and weddings for the previous ten years.

  6. Other than Daniel Seavey making this Top 12 I am not upset about who is left in this competition. It really is unfortunate that this season, with at least 7 or 8 unbelievable singers/performers/artists, that we get less Behind The Scenes stuff. We don’t get to see their thinking of how they choose a song, or decisions to change things up or see the mentoring by Scott Borchetta. I do hope that once we get into the 2 hour shows things will slow down and we will get to really know some of these contestants, because a ton of them are great. I hope and pray that Daniel goes tomorrow, but I am nervous that Sarina-Joi had a tough time and went first. If Daniel doesn’t go then Maddie. Sarina-Joi doesn’t deserve to go home.

    • Mary says:

      I am thinking one of the wildcards will go unless their fans voted like made for them. Unfortunately I think we are stuck with Daniel for part of the duration, which means one of the good ones will go. I think it is going to be a tough year for voting because there are so many good ones and a few stand outs. Nobody can have a off week which is going to be tough with this new format. Maybe everyone should sing first and then Ryan announce who leaves.

  7. Florence+TheMachineRULES!!! says:

    I have so much to cover for tonight!!!
    1.) I was DEVASTATED to see Loren get eliminated. However she should be proud of herself!!! You can get her new single, The hope in three days!!! #TeamLorenForever!!!
    2.) I was pretty shocked that Quentin did not go through by public vote, but relieved that he and Adanna made it through on the wildcard!!! :)
    3.) My absolute favorites if the night were Joey, Sarina, Quentin, Adanna, and Clark!!! Tyanna was a clear honorable mention!!! :)

    • Temperance says:

      Quentin’s advantage (and disadvantage) is that he’s very emotional. This particular format really throws him and Joey. I think he’s much better when he doesn’t have an emotional three-ring circus three second before he has to sing.

  8. Jaszy says:

    Qaasim Middleton – Sir Duke – showcasing his vocals more this performance…his vocals are very average…his performance should not make up for it and I think they have been, causing him to coast along…that last falsetto note was very awful, it made me cring

    • Mytake says:

      Completely agree with you. Everyone needs to stop saying he’s so fun to watch, has high energy and is entertaining. Every house party has some guy that has the moves, plays air guitar wonderfully and can lip sync with the best and is highly entertaining. But they aren’t famous or making a living as entertainers because they can’t sing! That is Quassim in a nutshell. His singing is mediocre at best and his stage antics while seeming to obscure his lack of singing ability to so many of you, just serves to annoy me all the more that he’s still there when far better singers have gone home. Next time he performs, close your eyes and just listen and if you truly believe he can sing after his performance then get your ears checked.

      • Mary says:

        I agree that voice is first for me but there are MANY famous artist who really can’t sing- Auto tune anybody – and they make millions. One of the many problems with today’s music but that discussion can go on and on.

  9. Mike says:


    • Jaszy says:

      I hope he doesn’t. I can’t stand Clark or Daniel Seavey!

    • Gailer says:

      I hope so after tonight, didn’t like him until tonight and the others paled. Darn that Daniel for costing Savion a shot this season.

      • margi209 says:

        Ok. up to now the Daniel Seavey comments have focused on his voice and performance. And all were justified. BUT it was not the kid’s fault that Savion went home. Blame it on the voters or on Savion’s performance. I like Daniel. Do I think he’s too young this year, Yes. Do I think the judges should have told him to come back in a couple of years, Absolutely. Will he be back next week (and I didn’t vote for him tonight), probably..

    • Timmah says:

      If he didn’t come across as such a smug a-hole I’d say he was a shoo-in. However, I think Nick Fratboyani will win and will be the quickest to be dropped from the label in Idol history.

    • Jill Moy says:


      • Please No Not Jax! Her “Whatever happened to baby jane” voice! Yuck, that creepy whispering baby voice.

        • Hey Jill. They had a red carpet aftershow interview with the top 12. You can see them online. Anyway there is a creepy guy in a trenchcoat standing behind Daniel while he is being interviewed. He is not his dad. The guy is sticking his tongue out and everything and people are commenting in the comments “Who Is the Creep in the Trenchcoat? He totally looks like a child molester. He is creeping around behind Daniel the whole time. Its gross! What is creepy is Daniel still looks like a child and that creep was in the video. He also makes weird movements with his mouth and licks his lips! LOL Yuck,

  10. Andres says:

    Joey was awesome. Clark was awesome.
    Daniel needs to go.
    The wild cards are pretty good as well.

    • Tom22 says:

      I would have been so much happier with Joey’s performance if she didn’t say “spy” ds instead of “spay’ds . I enjoy her originality but saying words in just a plain gratuitously strange way is really effected to me. I can handle some weird vowel sounds as a passing instant in a verse but for clear notes in a melody they’re just plain weird. If she had a real life regional accent that said “spy”ds (like from gaelic speaking ireland?) I could get it if thats how she spoke.
      Ditto on that for Jax.
      I’ve been enjoying Clark more the last few weeks than I initially did. He reigned in the over singing yet has kept all the energy.
      I had been hopeful and forgiving of Daniel as each week I heard parts of his performances I found interesting even as he was swallowing some notes. I was already feeling he’d had enough chances but this week just put an exclamation point on it. I didn’t hear anything interesting at all and on top of that if was full of flaws between portions he barely handled.
      I’ll miss Adam as I enjoyed his performance most last week. I thought he had the most control of his voice and established a real groove, but I didn’t expect him to last forever, hoping some more current people would eventually lead. (there were plenty of dated performances last week)
      Tyanna: I was really impressed how she and the band really made this week more current in it’s rhythms and it’s inflections. I’d criticized that the last few weeks, even with the Megan Trainor song she did and the completely straight bubble gum version of Rockin Robbin but this week was good. I hope they continue like that.

      • Tom22 says:

        Oh yes, its “Spain” not “Spades” but still, neither start with “spy” which makes me want to cry for an otherwise enjoyable performance beyond those types of inflections.

  11. Jaszy says:

    I was never a fan of these fast-paced 1 hour shows…everything just feels soooooo rushed and I find myself not remembering the performances as much, cause there’s one immediately after the other!
    All so forgettable.

    • Runner says:

      LOL. I love how Ryan rushes the singers off the stage. It’s hilarious. You are definitely right though – the show’s pace is insanely fast, but I prefer it to the 2-hour shows.

      • Mary says:

        Hour and half would work better or have all the singers sing and then Ryan announce who it going home. I think that is half the problem with the singers they are so excited they made it through and then have to hurry up and sing. It will be worst when it goes live.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I’ll take this over the filler they used to do like Ford music video commercials where they’re awkwardly laughing in the world’s most unstylish automobile.

      • Runner says:

        Oh, yes. I agree!!

      • AB says:

        You are so right! I had almost forgotten that awfulness!

      • Alan Dvorkis says:

        If in fact they have a mentor, they can have an excellent 2 hour show. Tell us something about the contestant, tell us how they came up with the song and show the mentor and singer discussing what needs to be done to make the performance work. The judges would also have time to make intelligent and relevant comments, which is something that 2 out of the 3 judges are capable of. I think they could fill 2 hours without any boredom.

      • karyn says:

        Agree. That and the lip synced group numbers. Please please please let those never come back.

      • Tom22 says:

        Haha on the commercials. The only thing I can say is I liked those commercials with the contestants slightly more than the other ones we get in the “real” commercial breaks.
        As for “filler”, that runs the gammot between bad and interesting. I’ve said here many times that I view these sows as prime time variety shows, not just singing shows, so I miss some forms of showing things about the contestants, I enjoy the better written better pulled-off banter between the judges (but like with a stand up comedian, bad jokes are painful, good ones uplifting).
        More than anything though, I miss seeing the time (or perhaps it’s only a few glimpses but still) the contestants spend preparing for the show. I really enjoyed the one or two comments or pieces of advice guess mentors made to/about the singer, and I really enjoyed those scenes we had for a couple years in the recording booth with Jimmy Iovine and Will.I.Am.
        I think those are some of the reasons I’m really enjoying the voice format more despite the fun of the Idol fairy-tale. We use to have both on idol.

  12. Kevin says:

    this is a really strong top 12; regarding daniel, he is a talented dude, but def needs more years. However I don’t think it’s all because of his age that his performance is subpar to others, tyanna is one year older, but her performances are just as good/even better than a lot of others.

    Glad Adanna made it, she’s def the dark horse of this year, barely got any screen time before, but she’s a fantastic vocalist and a great human being, looking at all the charitable things she did so far!

    Sad to see Loren lott go, I’ve grown to like her vivacious, though apparently polarising personality. She’s easily a better choice than daniel seavey, but gender has to be balanced.

    All in all, what a great top 12, this is gonna be such a good season can’t wait.

  13. Rowan says:

    If Lena Dunham were a wannabe entertainer, it would be Joey Cook. I think she tries way too hard to be quirky, comes off as too affected, and is generally not as great as people believe. I don’t understand it because to me? She comes off as totally insincere and has shoehorned herself into this quirky girl image.

    • Kaba says:

      Why does everyone think she’s trying too hard?
      Goodness, this girl strikes me as absolutely genuine, but somehow she can’t catch a break.

      • kevstar says:

        She’s already catching a break. She’s beat out 100, OOO people, at least, so sing in front of millions. No matter how genuine she is, it comes across as phony. A lot of young people, try to come off as ” avant garde by wearing weird clothes, putting on accents,getting ugly tats, and piercing body parts. (If everybody’s doing it, it doesn’t make you special)

      • Runner says:

        Kaba, I totally agree. It never occurred to me that she was feigning being a quirky hot mess. I mean why? Is that the “in” thing now. I think she is adorable and as genuine as can be.

    • MC says:

      I think Joey was very self-consciously quirky and affected in many of her previous performances, but she toned it down considerably for “King of Spain.” There’s a talented person in there when she is completely focused and willing to tone down the affectations. I have not been a fan, but this was a good night for her.

      • MAB says:

        I agree with this. Tonight was the only time I enjoyed her performance. I too think it was toned down a bit.
        Jax and Clark are my favorites.

    • Owen says:

      …you write that as if you think there is anything wrong with Lena Dunham…

    • I completely agree with you. She is contrived all the way around. A+ on the Lena Dunham reference.

      Also, does slezak actually think she is a potential front runner? He graded her the same as Clark. Lunacy!

      • margi209 says:

        If you don’t like her voice or her style, that’s fine. But unless you know her personally and have spent time with her, don’t tell me how phony or genuine she is.

      • Tender Puppy! says:

        I think she is too ridiculous not to be genuine, honestly.

        Also, he graded her the same as Clark because he found her performance to be wonderful, as did I. The only way you could see that is if you stopped thinking about who she is and rewatched the performance with an open mind.

        I loved it; she was my personal favorite performance (combining song ‘choice-by-proxy’, vocals appropriate to the song, instrument change, what it represents musically). As for Clark, he gets the vocal prize of the night; this was the first time he’s done anything for me since “pre-taped lives” began. He’s getting to be extremely overrated otherwise, and his stale “recycled from Joshua & company” songbook choices is getting old. Not sure if he’s an artist per se, or just a singer who can do covers. But, they were the top 2 last night, in very different ways.

        Sure, Slezak is overestimating by tossing the term “front-runner” around like that. But he was basically conveying that Joey calmed down her nerves, toned down the act (I definitely concede that she enhanced the quirks too much at times) to deliver a vastly improved blend of quirky and talented, and has a better chance of resonating with the average viewers now as a result.

        • I’m certainly not close-minded when it comes to performance, and I can understand your point of view. To me, her personality is not what I find to be contrived, rather her image and singing style. The quirks and nerves aren’t particularly appealing to me, but if that’s who she is, I’m cool with it. It’s just that the performance side of her gives off a STRONG impression of being forced and inauthentic. (It is certainly unoriginal as there is a large wave of folks like her in the amateur realm). Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

    • karyn says:

      I don’t think it is affected at all. In fact, her quirks are more intense in those high-adrenaline moments when she’s just gotten through (see last week’s entire performance) so it clearly is not calculated. She’s not necessarily my favorite but I thinks she is who she is and I’m glad to see someone less cookie-cutter getting through.

    • jay says:

      Ditto…I felt the same way watching joey perform last night.

    • lola says:

      She seems way more authentically quirky than Jax, who seems like a valley girl trying to be a hipster.

  14. James T1SK says:

    Rankings (based on this week and previous weeks)
    2) Sarina Joi-Crowe -1
    3) Rayvon Owen +3
    4) Clark Beckham +1
    5) Quentin Alexander -3
    6) JAX -2
    7) Joey Cook +4
    8) Qaasim Middleton -1
    9) Maddie Walker +1
    10) Nick Fradiani -2
    11) Adanna Duru -2
    12) Daniel Seavey
    I would have replaced Daniel with Savion Wright, but what can you do?

    • Clark Beckham was clearly number 1, JAX 2, Maddie Walker 3 as she surprised me, 4 to Adanna Duru as she kicked her way to the top!

      • James T1SK says:

        This isn’t based off of just tonight, but tonight matters the most. The way my rankings are set up, it awards consistency over improvement and improvement over one good night. Clark and Maddie were kinda shaky in the semifinals and their rankings suffered, however they are now climbing back up.

      • Ben says:

        Power rankings are what they are. Clark was easily my number 1 tonight… he was probably my number one going in to the live shows. But I only thought his top 24 performance was mid-pack and thought his top 16 was one of the worst. He needs to get more consistent if he is going to win. 4 is a pretty reasonable slot for him.

      • kake526 says:

        I think Adanna is to far down on everyone’s list. I thought she did a good job last night…Daniel should not even have been in this top 12 or 24

        • karyn says:

          She has pretty consistent pitch issues. I thought the wild card was appropriate b/c she is better than the other eliminated singers but only barely.

    • karyn says:

      I’d swap Nick and Quentin but otherwise this is exactly my list.

  15. Jaszy says:

    Clark Beckham – I don’t like this dude for some reason. He’s kind of a ladies man…and ladies’ men annoy me…everybody swoons over him…and what for? There’s no reason. Hate his high notes, they always sound bad. I know he’s not going anywhere but one can dream…

    • Temperance says:

      You mean other than he’s dead hot, big, tall, and he’s a pretty amazing singer?

      • Jaszy says:

        Yeah, he can sing. But there’s something about him that I can’t stand. It’s not like my opinion matters, though. He’s still there, so…so much for what I have to say, right?
        I want a girl to win! if not a girl, I want Nick to win. He’s way better than Clark!

    • Owen says:

      Oddly, I also get a douchey vibe from from him. But dude can sing.

  16. marie says:

    What can one say when Quentin garners fewer votes than Daniel? I’m speechless, and I’ve NEVER been so grateful for the Wild Card!

    • Jaszy says:

      Quentin – glad the judges chose him…that’s all i got to say…he deserved it!…to think that Daniel Seavey made it in over Quentin….who the heck is voting…Daniel Seavey is NOT READY!

      • Temperance says:

        If your voice hasn’t finished changing, you have no business on the show. He was a mistake from day one. He makes some very interesting choices, but he should have waited five years.

        • Alan Dvorkis says:

          Correct he should have waited, but he is a kid with a chance to be on national tv. The judges blew it. They are 100% to blame for putting the kid through. I am sick we have to endure him, when it could be Riley or Savion (in that order)

          • karyn says:

            I agree the judges are to blame for putting him through to the top 24, over other much better signers. He seems like a genuinely nice kid, he plays a few instruments and has some musicality, so with a little development he might have a real future. But unless he gets cast after this on a Nickelodeon or Disney show (and that wouldn’t surprise me at all), I foresee him making it through for another 5 weeks or so, getting ripped to shreds by websites like this, and ultimately giving up music after he gets cut.

          • khes says:

            I sooooo agree with this….. blame the judges…… IMO he’s not even cute!!!! Young sells and that’s what this is about.

    • Jaszy says:

      Quentin – glad he made it…that’s all i got to say…he deserved it!…to think that Daniel Seavey made it in over Quentin….who the heck is voting…Daniel Seavey is NOT READY!

    • Jaszy says:

      sorry, semi duplicate comment!

    • Hayder B. Hayden says:

      Every year talented people get sent home while some absolute stiffs advance. People vote for.who they like based on a variety of factors, and singing ability isn’t always at.the top of the list. I’m afraid Quentin’s time on this show will be short. It’s unfortunate, but not unprecedented.

      • Smokey says:

        True, we’re in the popularity phase for the voters now. ………Not for the viewers, but for the actual voters who feel enthusiastic enough to vote various ways, rather than just watch the next tv special., or move-on to other interests……………………It’s not up to the Judges and their opinions anymore (except for the comments), but up to the voter that likes one or more of the contestants. ……………………………. and most voters are not doing a note-by-note micro listening evaluation of each contestant. They may just like the song choice, the genre or the way it was performed,

        • Owen says:

          It’s the tweens and grammas who are obviously voting for Daniel. I think Harry was strong armed by Keith and JLo (or the producers) to include Daniel into the Top 24 and is sort of pissed as this is what happens when someone such as Daniel gets voted in…

          • marie says:

            NOT the older women! I am NOT voting for the little kid, and no woman of my age whom I know has any interest in watching little immature kids perform. Young girls, sure, but as an older woman I’d bet VERY few older women are voting for Daniel. Why does anyone think mature women and little girls like the same things?
            My voting strategy for tonight: I threw at least 17 of 20 votes to everyone BUT Daniel, who got zero votes from me and my wife.

          • LeahKittyS says:

            I know what you mean. Being lumped in with the stereotype sucks. But I do get what they’re saying. My grandmother was a fan of Sam Woolf last season and was happy when he got the Save. She even said he was cute once. So there’s at least one grandma who fits the type.

          • MAB says:

            Leah, and there is probably some 25 year old out there who thinks he is cute and votes for him too. JoLo is not a grandma and she adores Daniel. Does that mean all 40 year olds love him. Just because one grandma likes him does not mean we all do. I hear this every year. If there is a young cute boy that is not the best singer it is stated oh it must be the pre-teens and the grandmas voting for him. It’s like because we are older we lost our intelligence and maturity and reverted back to being 11 or 12. It is very insulting and demeaning. Like others have said, I also don’t know any woman my age voting for Daniel.

          • MAB says:

            No, it is not the grandma’s voting for Daniel. I resent the implication that because we are older we have no taste in music and just vote for a cutie pie. I love music and have a huge library of all different genres. Daniel should never have gotten as far as he has. He really needs a few more years. I think he has a great future but not now.

          • Puchinsmom says:

            THIS grandma wouldn’t vote for Daniel if he were the only contestant on the show. This isn’t the first time someone assumed that grandmas like the young kids just because they are young. And Marie, right on!

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            marie, they just won’t stop accusing us of voting for Daniel, will they. Yeah, the generation that lived through Hendrix, Joplin, and Jim Morrison is voting for Daniel. Give me a break, people!

      • Ben says:

        It’s not unprecedented that wild cards go deep either (see: Jena Irene). I’m not assuming Quentin is about to go out the door by any means.

    • Runner says:

      I know. Right? I still think the-bottom-two-thing is all staged. I mean Quentin had the pimp spot last week and sang really well. And *still* he got less votes than Daniel? How is such sorcery possible? ;)

      • Silver says:

        High school student = huge active voting population with cell phones, twitchy texting fingers and a whole lot of time to devote to getting their classmate through to the next round. … which is why I’m guessing there is going to be a healthy dose of this year’s teen crop up into the top 6.

        • Lola says:

          Exactly. It is NEVER only about talent, but about the voting demographics. Look, Phillip Phillips won American Idol. Sorry kids but he is not a huge talent. Good … fun … nice looking … WGWG … but not a huge talent.

          • MC says:

            I actually think that Phillip’s debut album is miles ahead of what some other AI graduates have delivered in their debut. He doesn’t have amazing range, but it’s more important to convey emotion and he does that in my book.

          • karenb says:

            I think Phillip is extremely talented. Especially for his age! He has a bright future. Have both CD’s. Love that kid’s voice.

          • MAB says:

            I saw Phillip live in concert last summer and he was amazing. He puts on such a great show putting his whole heart and soul in it. I think he is extremely talented and was by far the right winner of season 11. The only other person who is doing anything from that season is Colton Dixon in the Christian music genre.

          • LeahKittyS says:

            Agreed. Phillip is proof to me that you don’t have to have a perfect voice to be a great artist. My test for whether I love a singer is “Can you hold your own in an acoustic setting?” And he has shown multiple times that he can.

      • Hayder B. Hayden says:

        I think the “pimp slot” has lost it’s power. Now, it’s probably more of an advantage to sing early or toward the middle of the show. Under the new format, the kids are seeing the chairs fill up and are wondering if they are even going to get a chance to perform. The tension must be unbearable, especially for someone as emotional as Quentin (or Joey). His performances have suffered the last two times. It will be interesting to see if the trend continues tonight.

    • He made me cry. I just love Quentin, he wears his heart on his sleeve! His vocals were stellar tonight!

  17. Jaszy says:

    Joey Cook – whatever…she doesn’t get my blood flowing…her voice is quirky, but it’s not strong enough for a vocal competition…she doesn’t ever show any range….EVER!

    • Timmah says:

      It’s a pop idol competition, not a vocal competition. Range is important for opera singers, but pop singers need personality and presence.

      • MC says:

        It’s actually all of those things rolled into one, although (like it or not) I agree that “personality and presence” is more important on AI than it is on other talent shows.

  18. BobL says:

    Why does everybody give Qaasim a pass on his vocals, yet ridicule Daniel for his. I know this isn’t entirely a singing competition (I wish it were), but it’s not a dancing show either. Qaasim is the weakest singer in the Top 12, and it’s not even close. Daniel is a couple years early, but the kid is a musical prodigy. I think he could sound a lot better with the right song, i.e., a song that a 15-year-old should be singing.

    • Jaszy says:

      Well, I have commented on Qaasim’s vocals. In fact, one of my comments is on this board. But Qaasim has the performance skills, Daniel doesn’t. Both of their voices are average, but if choosing between them, I would pick Qaasim ’cause he has so much more to offer…so much more potential…and so much more spunk!
      Daniel looks like a 12 year old at a high school talent show.

    • Runner says:

      Um… Daniel can’t dance nor does he have cool hair. Um, is this a rhetorical question?

    • Temperance says:

      I don’t give Quassim a pass on his dreadful vocals. Most of the time, if not for the fact I know the song for the music, I’d have no idea what the lyrics are. I’m enjoying his performance, but he’s not enough of a singer for me. I’ve never voted for him.

    • Ben says:

      I give Qaasim a pass on his vocals because if he stood still and sung exactly what Daniel sings, he would sing it in tune. He is a far better singer than Daniel. First half of Qaasim’s performances are always in tune, the second half is always wildly entertaining, and only not in tune because of what he is doing on stage. I’m enjoying that enough.

      At some point I will feel like the rest of the pack are simply too talented for Qaasim to hang around, because he will never be as good a singer as the top few. But that time is not yet.

      • Mary says:

        I don’t know about that his first half of the song last night was not in tune according to my ears, but he is entertaining so I don’t mind that he is there. People vote for many reasons which unfortunately it isn’t always about the voice.

  19. Maddie’s the only country singer left, so don’t be so quick to put her in the bottom three. I think she’s going to hang around a while. (Which I think is a good thing, because if she can overcome her nerves, she’s got the talent.)

    • karenb says:

      Yes she definitely is nervous. These last few weeks I thought she looked like a deer caught in headlights. Tonight it looked like she was reading from a teleprompter. Something strange about how fixated her eyes become when she’s sings. Cute girl, talented, got to overcome the nerves.

      • Temperance says:

        She looks terrified, and it’s very offputting. She really is very talented, but she’s still as a board and white as a sheet on stage. Like Quassim, no votes from me.

    • karyn says:

      I put her at 9 or so but that is my preference and you have a really good point that the country demographic is huge so she may make it way up there.

      I thought she was better last night than I’ve seen her yet. I have never really liked any of her performances before, though she obviously has a good voice and is better than those who have been eliminated except Savion.

    • Smokey says:

      Maddie will probably go solid Country or Country friendly type of songs going forward, as that’s a niche she can hold onto. It’s her best chance to make it through a part of the coming pyow ,pyow, pyow eliminations of the girls in the coming weeks.

  20. Wesley says:

    I’m just gonna pretend you didn’t say Rayvon’s performance was boring. If anyone was boring tonight it was Nick and Maddie (she’s technically great but she needs a super fun upbeat song with some range and just wails her little tail off).

    Anyway I’m sticking by my prediction that Clark is indeed going to be this year’s Idol winner.

    • Jaszy says:

      I really hope a girl wins this season. They are treated so unfairly on this show. But it’s ironic, cause they are always the ones with the most talen…but the judges always nit-pick with the ladies and give boys like Daniel Seavey a pass…when his voice sucks compared to others who have already been eliminated!

      • Owen says:

        Why do you all stupidly parrot Slezak’s “ooooo the girls get it sooooo much worse from the mean ol’ judges than those stupid boys”. Did you not watch the show??? Did you not hear Harry basically tell Daniel he’s out of his league and should go home now?

        • marie says:

          Thank heavens for that remark from Harry! First honest critique the child has received. Poor child looked crushed, but hey, he shouldn’t be playing so far out of his league.

        • Mytake says:

          If the judges had been rightfully fair and judged Daniel properly and harshly as they’ve judged the girls, he’d have never made it past hollywood week! That’s why Slezak says it and why many others including me “parrot” it because it’s the truth. Harry just realizes they have a potential Lazaro situation happening (due to their own lax judging standards for the boys) and is trying to correct the problem. JLo and Keith are still throwing gasoline on the fire however with their stupidity.

        • Jaszy says:

          First of all, I have been an avid fan of this show since its inception. I have always felt that the women are treated more harshly than the men….ALWAYS! I am not parroting anybody. I write my thoughts and comments WHILE I am watching the show, so the thoughts that I put on here are my own…no one else’s! I mentioned this unfairness LAST WEEK before Slezak ever said anything about it in his reality check episode. So I resent you saying that. The fact that we cannot think the same thing according to you is tomfoolery. Yeah, I am an average person compared to Slezak but my observations are my own and very astute seeing as I am not the only person who thinks that women are treated less fairly.

        • Jaszy says:

          And yes, the judges did criticize him this episode, but that was after they BUTTERED HIM UP the past few weeks. They are just now mentioning it when they should have mentioned his inexperience weeks ago. They did not say anything of the sort last week when he sang horribly. Jennifer even said he was going to be a favorite! If you would have read my posts on last wednesday night’s episode, I mentioned this. They are saying completely different things to Daniel as opposed to last week…yet they were still mentioning pitch and intonation to the majority of the girls ( I also mentioned this in previous posts for last Thursday’s episode)….I guess you just refuse to acknowledge the gender unfairness, so instead, Owen, you accuse people of not having their own thoughts as if it is a crime that two people could possibly think the same thing…

    • Runner says:

      Totally agree about Rayvon tonight. That was sublime.

      • Temperance says:

        And rich, and buttery…. and boring. So boring that I forgot about it until you mentioned it. That’s not promising.

        • Runner says:

          I like butter. Butter is good.

        • For me Quentin is rich and buttery. Like Mrs Butterworth syrup. 3 or 4 cups of it slopped all over some pancakes. There is so much syrup my fingers are all sticky and syrup is dripping off the plate. He rips my heart out every time he sings! Hey I might have to go make some pancakes now, that sounds good!

          • Owen says:

            I miss the old TV Line commenters who at least could give comprehensive and truthful rebuttles to my attacks…

      • Puchinsmom says:

        This was the first night that I really loved Rayvon. I never cared for his previous performances. But tonight I got chills from his vocals. He was giving off a more serious vibe. Not the same old smile. Clark was back to being remarkable. Agree that he was one of the best tonight. Tyanna was super. Joey pretty darn good.
        Totally shocked that Quentin needed the wild card spot. He sooo deserves to be in the top 12, or even much higher. Quaasim’s vocals were painful to me.
        As for Michael’s question about why Kieth doesn’t tell Daniel to go back to high school and focus on his studies…. the answer is because Kieth and his fellow judges put him through in the first place. BIG MISTAKE!

  21. kevstar says:

    I don’t know why they couldn’t do the elims like they do at SYTYCD at the start of the show.

    • Temperance says:

      The can’t do it because the show has to be planned to take up so many minutes, and I’m sure the choreographers have contracts that ensure that their work gets aired if the do the gig. A dance isn’t a song.

  22. Hayder B. Hayden says:

    I am enjoying the format change resulting in more music and less vapid talking before and after songs. They have also cut back on the JLo cam, focusing more o n the performers. Unfortunately, the performers are not living up to their side of the bargain. Maddy was a surprise; Joey was a joy, Adanna impressed; and Quentin did ok fighting against his emotions. The little boy needs to go home; Qaasim is a great performer but a weak singer; Sarina was out of control. Everyone else was BORING. I snoozed during the rest of the show. Jax is overrated. Nick is human ambesol. I can’t even remember the others.

  23. Craig says:

    – By FAR my favorites tonight were Tyanna, Joey and Quentin. I can’t believe Quentin didn’t make it on the vote. Totally undeserved!
    – Sarina-Joi was depressingly off the mark this week. I know she has better in her. Agree about the sound mix being horrendous. Seems like it got slightly better later on but it was consistently bad throughout the night.
    – Jax sounded great… until she got off the piano. She’s also doing the same exact “dynamic” arrangements week to week – starting slow and lilting and then suddenly “rocking” out the rest – and it’s getting a bit tiresome. She needs to plant her butt down at the piano sometime soon and just sing.
    – Qaasim is going to get voted off the second he stops gyrating on stage. He sounded awful tonight!
    – Clark was pretty good after a few rough weeks. I was hoping he’d start pulling it together and it seems he is, so good for him.
    – Adanna may be off the mark vocally at times but I ENJOY watching her because she puts her all into her performances.
    – Nick is competent but. sorry to say, his voice is generic as hell. Neither his performance style nor his singing are the least bit memorable.
    – Rayvon has a great voice but he is playing it far too safe with one quaint, sleep-inducing performance after another. Where is the fire and drive in this man? At least most of the others are ATTEMPTING to entertain the audience while Rayvon just stands there smiling.
    – Maddie = County fair + beauty pageant. She’s an OK singer but… Zzzzzz
    – Daniel is a lost cause.

    • Jaszy says:

      Don’t say that about Nick! I love his voice! Daniel Seavey’s voice is generic. Rayvon has a generic r&b voice…
      Nick’s voice is GOLDEN!

      • Smokey says:

        Observation only: Daniel Seavey is likely to have a small but very excited and devoted fan base of girls who know how to vote —in the early teen and pre-teen age group. ……..The Beeb and guys from Disney show productions, etc. know what that can do for a kid. ……………….

        Throw-in a little base of other adults who like the young enthusiasm and boyish charm,… sprinkle-in some others who vote but are not happy with some of the others for some perceptual reason, that flip some votes to Daniel — add in some home-state support ——and presto, he’s in the actual top 10 of the top 12, not needing a wild card.

    • Runner says:

      “– Qaasim is going to get voted off the second he stops gyrating on stage. He sounded awful tonight!” LOL. Then tell boo boo kitty to keep dancing. I gives me a break from boring ballads and such.

      • Quentin is my fav, but when it comes to Qaasim, I would rather watch him gyrate and run all over the stage than hear jax’s fake baby whisper voice and watch her play with her hair. Make the choice! LOL One or the other! At least Qaasim does a little different movements each time, so its a surprise. There is no surprise with Jax. We know she is going to play with her hair and sing like a baby whisper. Its always the same. Ok She just tries to hard and it looks desperate which is another turn off! Not impressed by jax! Now Adanna! WoW She is intense, but needs a little work on vocals! There is just no one this year like an Amber Holcomb or Angie Miller. I wish there was. They were a couple of my favs.

    • Temperance says:

      I put Clark, Tyanna, Jax, and Quentin at the top. But I have to agree with you about Quassim, Adanna, Nick, Rayvon, Maddie, and Daniel.

    • AB says:

      Don’t count Maddie out yet. If you remember, Carrie Underwood had zero stage presence for most (or all) of Idol and look at her now.

      • Mary says:

        I still think Carrie is a little stiff on stage but even on Idol she never had the deer in headlight look. Maddie looks like if someone touches her she will fall over. Her voice is nice but she is way worse than Carrie ever was on idol.

        • Owen says:

          Maddie is WAY more comfortable onstage than Carrie ever was!

          • Mary says:

            Wow really, are we watching the same show or do you need those eyes examine. Maddie looks like she is going to loose her lunch up there.

        • MC says:

          Agreed. Carrie always had the confidence that she could sing anything. There were theme shows every week back in those days and she was constantly singing outside of her genre. Carrie didn’t blink an eye and she delivered a terrific vocal ever week. Was she stiff? Sure, she didn’t have much experience on a stage at that point. Carrie, however, always had piercing, strong vocals. She was never in danger of going home whereas Maddie (although I like her) is on the brink.

  24. Christian says:

    JAX…a B…mkay

    • Ben says:

      The second half, in anyone elses hands, would have been terrible. Jax made it ok. But the judges were absolutely right that she never should have stood up and changed the beat of the song, and I think that decision was enough to demote Jax’ performance to a B this week.

  25. Graham says:

    Michael you did not mention….wow AI being bumped next Wednesday for another show. Wow times have changed

    • Jen says:

      It’s not being bumped, it’s going to be on Thursday…it was announced a while ago that Idol was going down to one show per week instead of two

  26. that was quick says:

    Well, Adam was eliminated, so that right there makes it a good night for me. I’ve never really been much of a Maddie Walker fan, but I agree with what Michael said that she was definitely the right choice. I kind of wish the judges had chosen Loren instead of Adanna. Loren is hilarious (and the girls side has been lacking in personalities in the past few years.) If the new limited voting method works as well this year as it did last year, Daniel will be leaving us tomorrow (I think. I’m so confused. My tv guide is saying the top 12 is performing tomorrow, so I’m not the only one). I’m just glad that (it appears anyway) the show will go back to its normal speed from now on. I feel like I’ve been watching Idol on fast forward recently.

  27. Tommyo2000 says:

    Jax absolutely needs a producer. The first 1/2 tonight was fantastic, she didn’t do badly when,she got,off the piano, but could have had a special performance if she stayed at the piano. A good producer would have told to drop the second 1/2 of that song the way they wanted to do it.

    • Temperance says:

      I liked the second half, but you and Harry were right: she should have just stayed slow and on the piano.

  28. Christian says:

    Does anyone know if the judges have a save.

  29. Jobless says:

    This format is absolutely crushing the quality of the performances. I really hope things get switched up from here for the sake of our ears and the show itself.

  30. Taylor says:

    I loved Joey Cook tonight.

  31. Everyone!!! Please vote for sarina!!! #TeamSarina #VoteForSarina #Slayrina!!! :)

    • Christian says:

      Already did!

    • Timmah says:

      Why? She was awful tonight and overall very boring.

      • I used to think Sarina was good, but tonight I really heard the bad stuff! I would rather take a chance on dark horse Adanna. Just love Quentin!

        • Timmah says:

          I agree about Adanna, she is one of my favorites because she shows some emotion in her singing. Sarina is like a robot, and last night a badly-programmed one.

    • margi209 says:

      I’m sorry, but when even I can hear someone singing sharp, it’s not a good vocal performance. I loved her the first night in Detroit, but last week wasn’t great for me, and tonight . . . I hope it was a technical problem, and if so, then the judges should save her if the voters don’t.

  32. Scott says:

    Very very satisfied with this too 12, aside from Daniel. Not hating, but this kid is not ready. Didn’t really care for Adam or Mark either, but he needs to be the first out of the top 12, there is like 11th place, a big gap, and then Daniel in 12th, and his performance tonight proved that. That was not a top 12 performance. Seems like a nice kid and think he could have a future, but not yet, peace.

  33. Doc michaels says:

    I’ve been with this show since day 1 but my wife and I have thrown in the towel this year. The decline seems more intense the editing more hyper and the contestants less and less interesting. Time to go on a hiatus for a few years to get the mojo back.

    • Janny says:

      You are dumb. This is the last week they are doing the 1 hour edited shows. Tomorrow is going to be 2 hours and at a regular pace. Calm down.

  34. danin says:

    Here are more realistic grades. Sarina-B-, Rayvon-B, Daniel-D, Maddie-B, Tyana-A, Nick-B-, Jax-B, Quassim-D(get him off this show along w/Daniel), Clark-A(he redeemed himself after 2 awful weeks, but he knows the song inside&out.How will he do w/new songs?,Joey-B,Quentin-B-, Adanna-B.

    • Temperance says:

      If you call Clark’s ‘awful’ better than most of the rest have ever managed, then I’d agree. :D

      • I agree. People get carried away with this stuff. He wasn’t even “off”. His last two performances were average, and still managed to wipe the floor with some of the other competitors.

  35. LeahKittyS says:

    Hooray! After last week’s eliminations, this is exactly what I wanted! Wishes do come true! Now let’s get Daniel out of there ASAP and I’ll be an even happier camper. Oh yeah, and start the iTunes recordings earlier than they did last year. Last year they didn’t start with those until Top 10. That bugged me, I would’ve liked full versions of some of those songs.

  36. Shaun says:

    Didn’t they sing these songs during Hollywood week?Sweet lord it was boring.

    • kake526 says:

      Yes, but that is what they were supposed to sing this week, but I agree, it was boring, think they just wanted to see if any of them improved in the past few weeks.

  37. JMay says:

    Clark BeckDayum more like. Haven’t heard a vocal like that since Josh slayed that song in season 11. Other great performances were from Tyanna, Joey, Jax and Quentin. I hope Sarina can bring it back to where it needs to be next week and that Daniel packs his bags.

  38. There’s something wrong with the scoring. Why should Maddie go home for getting a B while Rayvon with B- and Sarina with C+ stay. LOL.

    • daynamoet says:

      Because Slezak actually does think about full body of work and not just the performance at hand and Sarina actually in his predicted WILL be bottom 3, but he’s a big fan of hers, as am I, and with one off week she should not go home. None of the 3 mentioned above should go hom anyway, it should be Daniel.

  39. PatD says:

    First off, the ONLY people voted into the Top 12 should be those: a). Who have a legitimate shot of winning the whole thing, and b). are good enough to make people want to pay money to see them live on tour. Which is why it’s an absolute travesty that Daniel made it, and close to one that Joey did (sorry, Michael, but I think you were way off on your Joey grading tonight). I get that with Joey it could be a subjective, stylistic preference, so I’m willing to concede her dubious spot on the tour, but Daniel instead of Loren?!?Or, for that matter, Adam??? Just wrong in so many ways. Who is voting for this kid? Everyone who has ever had a beef with American Idol? The whole cast and crew and their families, friends and neighbors of The Voice? I want names. Man, I can’t wait to hear what Melinda has to say about this (and I really hope she speaks the truth).

    Clearly the best vocals tonight: Clark, Quinton (best vocal performance he’s given and tonight he made me a fan), and Tyanna. Close behind: Nick and Tyanna. Even if Nick wasn’t one of my favorites, I’d have thrown him a bunch of votes simply for being able to maintain over the AWFUL backup singing he had to rise above. Where was Intonation Harry about that mess? Because they sounded TERRIBLE.

    Country is not my favorite genre by a long shot, but I really hope that Scott person can help Maddie with her performance and on-stage persona. I honestly believe that girl has Carrie Underwood-like potential. She’s, hands down, my pick for an amazing growth arc this season, if TPTB don’t sabotage her. Remember: I said it first.

    • PatD says:

      Correction: the above should read: “Close behind: Nick and Maddie.”

    • I keep posting this info, but 2 states represent voting for Daniel. Im from Portland,Daniel is from Vancouver Washington. The 2 states are only separated by 5 minutes over a bridge. He is having huge voting parties in both states, and also now that Lovey is out (she also from Portland) her votes prob went to Daniel. He has been on local news constantly! No Im not one of his fans so dont think I am. I am obsessed with Quentin,Adanna, Qaasim! The local news is really pushing people to vote for him, and our local news covers Oregon and Washinton. Then think of all the other tot girls in other states added to those Daniel votes! Scary!

      • The reason I jeep posting that about Daniel is, their is always someone saying,”who in the heck is voting for that kid?” So I answer what I know and hear on the news! Oh J-lo looked like she was wearing a curtain from goodwill! What was that?

      • Mary says:

        I guess we have to have a circle prayer that the power will go out on voting night so they can’t keep voting for him. Sad really they aren’t doing him any favors but whatever.

  40. Me+ME says:

    Why no pic of the rockin Amish dress JLo wore? I think I saw her in something similar to what you say. I would be no means say she rocked it. What I would say is, it looked ridiculous, if it is the same type.

  41. flicker says:

    Clark’s vocal may have been good, but he was utterly disconnected from the lyrics and failed to convey the meaning and emotion (in contrast to Joshua’s epic performance). This kid has the vocal chops, but let’s be fair and start talking about his (lack of) connectedness (this week and in general) too if we’re doing that for others

  42. Sherr says:

    I don’t know what in the world you’re hearing when you listen to Joey, but it’s not what the same thing I am. Quirky had me interested at first, but I’m over it. And Quentin not making it through on the vote is a travesty. Thank God the judges put him through. Daniel and Joey have to go.

    • C says:

      I literally groaned when Joey’s name was announced. What is with her fake Cockney accent when she sings? Like I said last week, her “Boho” vibe is becoming tiresome.

  43. Owen says:

    I love how Michael is now trying to backtrack on Miss Perfect Note Sarina Joi, acknowledging that she was off key THIS week, but implying this WAS THE FIRST TIME! Now, my friend who also has pitch perfection also thought Sarina was off key last week, but, like Harry, plays the piano. Maybe, as Melinda pointed out, it was key based on guitar. Nevertheless. This proves the girl is NOT pitch perfect and that Harry is NOT just “picking” on the girl (s).

    • Mary says:

      I think you are missing the point of the remarks M & M made last week. NONE of the judges critique the guys who were way off yet the girls were nick picked to death. Was Sarina off last week, yes I agree not as bad has Harry said. I will not say the same thing for this week. However, last week Daniel was off worst than anybody and all the critique he received is your so cute. Well sorry if he wants to be in the big league he needs to be critique like all the rest. Was Sarina perfect last week, no but was better than 90% of the other contestants. You might not agree with Micheal heck I don’t always, but I have always found him to fair in his critiques even with his favorite.

  44. ctz says:

    I absolutely hate this new Idol format, it is so rushed and frantic. It seemed like contestants had 30 seconds from the time their name was called until the first beat of music. Their emotions must have been all over the place and to try and compose themselves and deliver a great performance was asking a lot of these green artists. I sure hope future shows has eliminations at the top of the hour so the rest of the contestants can concentrate on delivering their best performance possible.

    • Jaszy says:

      You’re not lying. I commented about the rush as well. I hate these 1 hour shows. Be happy when we get 2 hours back…TOMORROW!…but darn it…I’ll be at work…well, there’s always HULUPLUS!

  45. Jenna Jacobs says:

    Surprisingly, I don’t see people criticizing Daniel’s stage presence nearly as much as his vocals. He looks so uncomfortable that I receive secondhand embarrasment just from watching him. It’s painful. Every move looks choreographed to the point where he’s just going through the motions and not actually feeling the music. And he forgot the words! Honestly, top 12 material? Who is voting for him? I gave him the benefit of the doubt at first. It was the judges’ lack of well, judgement, that got him to the top 24. But now, I’m just angry.

    • Jaszy says:

      Everything about Daniel is awkward. He can’t move, he can barely sing, he has no stage presence…just…please, go home! PLEASE! Can’t take another week of seeing this dude.

    • karenb says:

      Great comment Jenna, agree 100% with you. I thought I was the only one who noticed he forgot the lyrics! Second hand embarrassment is right. Not only is it painful to listen to him, it’s almost as bad as watching him.

    • RF says:

      Agreed. How I wish Trevor is among the top 12. That geek can dance, act, play piano too. Super talented. He is never boring to watch. Check out his youtube videos. I also think he looks cuter! Sad the voting public let him go so early…

  46. PatD says:

    Uh-oh. It makes me kind of scared for Rayvon… that even though I think he has the purest vocals of all of them… that I completely forgot to post about him. He needs to work on being memorable. He doesn’t have to fly all over the stage (to hide behind poor vocals), and he doesn’t have to hit glory notes every time. But he does need to choose songs that will leave an impact. Songs that tell a story with a beginning, middle, and end. Keyword for Rayvon: Dynamics.

    • Alan Dvorkis says:

      He sings pure. He is extremely boring and therefore forgettable.

    • Amy says:

      Actually, exactly what you said for Rayvon is what I fear for Nick. One of the best voices, but needs to show dynamics now and choose something he can really emote with and, as you said so well, “leave an impact.” He is a very polished, skilled, smooth musicean with kind of an understated stage presence…which is fine, it’s who he is. But in a sea of showman & women this year, what he’s serving may get overshadowed. I don’t agree at all with the comment of him being “cofee house” though. He’s definitely (and I hate to keep drawing this comaprison, though it’s not a bad one to be compared to),but he’s more Daughtry type with a tight band. That kind of solid voice/musician, with a very marketable, current sound. But right now for this competition, the stakes will get high, he’s got to show us more, make us feel something we remember, while still being authentically him…in order to keep going through you gotta make America feel something memorable. I really, really hope he makes tour, at the least. He is so deserving of that and will make tour better. I also wish judges would cut out the AGE stuff…he is not the first 28-29 y.o. to perform on Idol, for gosh sakes, so I don’t get it?! I smell #Agenda there.

  47. Smokey says:

    Prediction on the 2 wild card picks – Quentin Alexander will outlast Adanna Duru in the competition……….

  48. I don’t understand the appeal of nick. He’s definitely the guy at the coffee shop that you’re trying to think over. And can we please stop the Joey train? Yikes. Girl needs to strip it all down and put forth SOMETHING genuine.

    • Gailer says:

      Sadly, they all belong at potbellys singing for the lunch crowd. Until simon cowell returns, I fear this show is in big trouble. Ryan has been the best thing for awhile now on Idol and he looked so unenthusiastic last night! I’m scared!

      • You hit the nail on the head about simon cowell! I totally agree!

        • MAB says:

          Simon didn’t seem to help the X-factor. I think if Simon ever came back to Idol and talked to the contestants the way he use to there would be an uproar. For heavens sake if one of the judges makes a comment to someone’s favorite everyone gets upset. Simon was downright cruel at times. There was never any need for it. I remember when I first started watching Idol I was appalled by how mean and insulting he was. After a while I got immune to it but I really think if that same type of judging was done now it would not be taken well. Times have changed.

          • Ah yes, the times they are a-changin’. AI judging is an interesting picture for society as a whole, isn’t it? Almost no standards at all and anything goes. The reality is (aside from the flop that was season 9), the level of talent was much higher when Simon was still a judge. Yes, he was cruel at times, and I agree that it was too much, but there was less riff-raff. Though there were a few exceptions, the Daniel seaveys and lazaros of Simon’s day didn’t have nearly the success on AI that they do now.

  49. botwin says:

    Why Quentin needed a wild card to get in the top 12 is beyond me. Daniel has got to go already though to be fair, if Daniel would have been in the bottom 3 instead, the judges would have probably chosen him.
    Maddie surprisingly sounded great, but she looked terrified up there.

  50. JB says:

    My rankings and predictions (And I’m usually right)

    1. Clark
    2. Tyanna (my current gut instinct is that she’ll win and that’d be awesome)
    3. Rayvon
    4. Sarina Joy (wow the judges are throwing the best female singer under the bus, wtf?)
    5. Quentin
    6. Jax
    7. Qaasim
    8. Adanna
    9. Nick
    10. Maddie
    11. Joey
    12. Daniel

    Bottom 3: Maddie, Daniel, Joey
    Should go home: Daniel
    Will go home: Maddie