Mindy Project Pics: Stephen Colbert Lends the Docs His Holy Counsel

Stephen Colbert The Mindy Project Photos

You’ve seen the Instagram pic, now get an official, exclusive first look at His Holiness Stephen Colbert, The Mindy Project‘s man of the cloth.

The incoming Late Show host guest-stars in Tuesday’s episode as Father Michael O’Donnell, who gets involved in the Lahiri-Castellano relationship when Danny’s priest dies, and the über-Catholic Dr. C goes looking for a new confessor.

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But will Fr. Colbert O’Donnell marry the expectant lovebirds while he’s around? And is series star Mindy Kaling barely holding it together in that dinner scene? You’ll have to watch the episode (Fox, 9:30/8:30c) to find out. Until then, scroll down to get a good look at Colbert’s Mindy debut, then hit the comments with how you think everything will play out.

Stephen Colbert Mindy Project PhotosStephen Colbert Mindy Project PhotosStephen Colbert Mindy Project Photos

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  1. Joe says:

    It’s unfortunate that Colbert wasted his talents here, Looking forward to Late Night in the Fall. Mindy Kaling is the weak link..

    • S. says:

      Don’t act like you’re a TMP viewer and have any idea what you’re talking about. Mindy’s got multiple Emmy nominations as a producer and writer, a couple SAG awards as part of The Office *acting* ensemble too, a WGA award as part of the writing team, a WGA award nom for TMP, SNL once offered her a job as a writer while she was working on The Office but sure. She’s a weak link because you have no taste. Right. Stephen Colbert wouldn’t agree to do this show if he agreed with you. Know that. It’s an indication you don’t even really appreciate Colbert, never mind Mindy. She does many things and does them well. Keep on being jealous and resentful.

      • Jessica R. says:

        Awww. You’re one of Mindy Kaling’s few — and there are VERY few — remaining fans, and your widdle feelings got hurt.

        Now for the reality check: Mindy Kaling does not have “multiple Emmy nominations.” THE OFFICE does, and she’s one of many writers and producers included under the umbrella of those nominations. It’s disingenuous of her to suggest she was nominated individually several times. She wasn’t. Know that.

        She was not nominated for a WGA award. The show was, and lost.

        She was not nominated for an Emmy Award for acting. She campaigned for it like her life depended on it, arranged to announce the nominations so she could bask in her “moment,” and was rightly denied. She was humiliated. Know that.

        She’s a weak link because… wait for it… she has the lowest-rated returning comedy on TV, that has always been on the brink of cancellation. Even now. Yes, even now. That’s pathetic for a show in it’s third year.

        The original poster clearly appreciates Stephen Colbert, who is slumming by lowering himself to appear on Kaling’s awful show.

        You, apparently, are one of her handful of fans who identify with her to a psychopathic degree. You probably cry at the Amex commercial she did that SNL mocked this weekend. Yes, they mocked her. By extension, they mocked you. You must feel extremely humiliated and angry. Perhaps making a Tumblr page full of Mindy Kaling gifs will add some meaning to your life.

        Run along now. :-)

  2. dman6015 says:

    Two things I just can’t understand: 1) Why are the Kardashians popular? and 2) Why is Mindy Kaling still on TV?

    • Slivonia says:

      1. Because America is angry and depressed.

      2. Fox, until recently, had nothing to replace it with. Now it does. Her show — the lowest-rated returning comedy on TV — will either be shoved to Fridays next seasons, or cancelled outright.

      • S. says:

        It’s adorable that you think you know how to program television. Good luck at your job–oh oops–*not* doing that for a living. I guess it’s for the best. I mean you don’t know what you’re doing and they don’t want to hire you to not do that thing. Win/win right?

        • Jessica R. says:

          The person who put Mindy Kaling’s show on the air — Kevin Reilly — was fired due to his low ratings. And none of his returning shows had lower ratings than The Mindy Project.

          Let that sink in. The person who put Mindy Kaling on the air… was fired… for that very decision. Own that. Live with that.

          It’s going to be fun watching Mindy Kaling’s ratings continue to fall, because of how soul-crushing that’s going to be for you. You’re not going to be able to handle it. It’s going to be so mind-blowingly awful for you that maybe… just maybe… you’ll be forced to do something with yourself besides defend untalented mediocrities.

          But I wouldn’t count on it. :-)

        • Tanna says:


          Who defecated in your cornflakes?

          Seriously, though; why the lashing out? If someone doesn’t like The Mindy Project, that doesn’t mean you should rant like a sidewalk derelict. Not many people watch the show, or even know who Mindy Kaling is. That’s not a crime.

    • JR says:

      And, I don’t understand why The Mindy Project isn’t more popular. It’s well written, very funny, snarky and sweet. One of the few comedies on my DVR because I usually have to watch twice to get all jokes. I also don’t understand Kardashians’ popularity….

  3. carrabus says:

    You all are crazy! The Mindy Project is hilarious

  4. Becky says:

    I love The Mindy Project, so funny. And Colbert is my hero. I’m looking forward to this small break in the dead season between The Colbert Report and the Late Show.

  5. big cheddar says:

    Just watched the episode and it was HILARIOUS! Can they get him back for a few more episodes?