Bates Motel Season 3 Premiere Recap: 'Move Over, You Silly Woman'

Bates Motel Season 3 Recap

Bates Motel finally gave us a shower scene.

Midway through the A&E drama’s Season 3 premiere, newly-minted motel manager Norman peers into Room 4’s bathroom window to sneak a peek at visiting prostitute Annika (Revolution‘s Tracy Spiridakos) channeling her inner Janet Leigh.

It’s totally, completely Psycho.

But before Norman has time to even consider fulfilling his destiny, Norma catches him spying on the leggy guest and promptly flips out. “You’re the hotel manager now,” she bellows. “You can’t be skulking around the hotel rooms staring into the guests’ bathrooms. It’s. Not. Normal.”

An embarrassed Norman promises it will never happen again before slinking off to his bedroom. He’s not done with his call-girl crush though. Not by a long-shot.

But before we get to the episode’s climactic moment, let’s quickly run down the key takeaways from Bates‘ premiere:

R.I.P. FRANCINE | Norma learns early on that her estranged mother has passed away and there’s an inheritance with her name on it. She can care less — about the death or the dough. Her brother Caleb, however, offers his share of the estate to nephew/son Dylan, who also wants nothing to do with the loot. Nor does he want his uncle/father hanging around. (Mark my words: That money will come into play sooner rather than later.)

NORMAN GETS SCHOOLED | Norma decides to home-school Norman after his first day of senior year proves disastrous (nice to see you again, Mrs. Watson!). Emma catches wind of this and decides she wants to do the home-school thing too — and right alongside Norman. (Is it really that easy?) Also, Emma informs Norman that her lung capacity is diminished “like a lot,” and he responds by finally asking her out on a date. But not because she’s dying. Just because… “it’s time.” Emma’s giddy, priceless response: “It’s been time for a while.”

BACK TO THE GUEST IN ROOM NO. 4 | Annika stops by the office to ask for directions and Norman offers to serve as her personal GPS device. It quickly becomes clear that helping her find her way into town is at the bottom of his to-do list. This is confirmed when he returns to the hotel driving her car, and she is nowhere to be seen.

Do you think Norman whacked Annika? Was Norman playfully cooing to bedmate Norma, ‘Move over, you silly woman,’ your favorite moment? (‘Cause it was mine!) What did you make of the premiere as a whole? Grade the episode below and then sound off in the comments!

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  1. Jenna says:

    Wow. What a start. The creep factor is definitely increasing. Looking forward to this season.
    Yeah, Annika is history.

  2. Ralph says:

    Truly didn’t think a prequel to Psycho would have a chance of working, but thanks to Ms Farmiga & Mr Highmore “Bates Motel” is awesome. Loving the ride the show is taking us on. I hope it goes on for quite a while, but can’t wait for the inevitable either!

    • Bartimeus says:

      I’ve never seen Psycho (well, as a little kid but I don’t count it, I only vaguely remember it) and watched this on the recommendation of someone, glad I did. It’s one of my top favorite shows, especially if you don’t count genre series, ha.

  3. Angela says:

    Yeah, I’m thinking something bad definitely went down between Norman and Annika.
    Vera and Freddie really know how to sell the relationship between Norma and Norman. All the moments with them in bed together were weird, creepy (hello, moment where they nearly looked as though they were going to kiss before going to sleep!), and yet strangely sweet at times, too (I liked the moment where Norma wanted him there ’cause she was grieving over her mom and just needed him to be there with her). I’m interested to see how this home schooling thing is going to play out for Norman, and Emma as well…I’m already very worried about poor Emma, and not just because of her illness.
    And I continue to be interested in the way Norma tries desperately to bottle up everything that’s bothering and upsetting her, trying to pretend like all is fine while her world is slowly falling apart around her. I feel for her so much.
    Intriguing start to the season! Considering that ending, I can only imagine how intense things’ll get from here.

  4. loki says:

    He may have just driven her car home at her request.

  5. maria pile says:

    His mother should get him. Help not allow this behaviour to go on and. On I think its over rated.

    • maria pile says:

      And stupid since he loses. Control. And. Freaks. Out a.lot…… love ❤ his brother…. He. Should take. A leaf 🍀.out of dylan’s book…… not kill every woman… well. Almost that is too. Sexual. For. Him….. Not normal and. I’m.tired.

  6. dman6015 says:

    Was Annika wearing a red shirt when she left with Norman?

  7. Ro says:

    Great season opener! Why was there a viewer discretion disclaimer at the beginning?

  8. IMHO says:

    Great start to the new season.
    Yeah that hooker is not coming back…
    Norman is beginning to show signs of the adult “Norman” introduced in the Psycho movie

  9. Marci says:

    I first saw Psycho in the theater when it was released in 1960–I was 19. This was the first movie in which the star (Janet Leigh) of the film completely disappeared within the first hour, and the shower scene was the most graphically violent scene in a movie up to that time. To this day, I can’t take a shower at night without locking the bathroom door.