The Walking Dead Recap: All the Comforts of Home

The Walking Dead Season 5 Recap

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead might as well have been titled “Honey, I’m Home!” Because just as Rick and his haggard family of survivors fought not to get too comfortable in Alexandria in “Remember,” “Forget” found (at least most of) them deciding, “I could get used to this.” Who were the holdouts? Keep reading…

TAKING PRECAUTIONS RATHER THAN CHANCES | Early on, Carol and Daryl took a secret meeting with Rick at the shack where he’d hidden the now-missing gun and agreed that they’d need firearms sooner or later, so they’d better swipe some sooner THAN later (before the Alexandrians became suspicious of them). As for the rest of their group, they were to remain unaware of the trio’s back-up plan and continue trying to assimilate. (Interesting side note: While at the shack, the threesome discovered a felled walker with a “W” carved into his forehead to indicate — I’m guessing — a kill by the “wolves” that attacked Shirewilt Estates?)

Back within the gates, Deanna made it easier and easier for our regulars to want to settle in Alexandria long-term by conjuring up visions of a thriving future community that didn’t just have houses and plumbing but also businesses and a working government (good luck with that!). In fact, it was that last goal of hers that she cited as the reason she wanted to work closely with Maggie. (As into it all as Michonne was, she still had trouble believing that their new neighbors would suddenly see her and Rick as authority figures just “because we’re wearing windbreakers.”)

While Deanna painted her pretty picture, Rick nodded and said all the right things, but really, he was more interested in discussing security. For starters, he wanted the walls patrolled 24/7. “People,” he reiterated, “are the real threat now.” After Sasha volunteered to pitch in as a clock-tower lookout — and it was revealed that the post was only manned sporadically by Deanna’s son, Spencer — Rick was horrified. Sasha, on the other hand, was like, “I’ll take lots of shifts, extra shifts, all the shifts.” In response, Deanna told the grieving sharpshooter that she’d consider making her lead lookout if she came to that evening’s welcome party for the newcomers at Casa Monroe.

THEY SHOOT HORSES, DON’T THEY? | Meanwhile, Daryl ran into Aaron hunting in the woods, and though Merle’s brother was his usual surly self at first, they wound up bonding big-time chasing after an elusive horse. Aaron said that he had tried before to rope Buttons, but to no avail. (Yes, the horse’s name was Buttons. One of the Alexandria kids had spotted the black beauty and named it.) This go-round, Daryl nearly wrangled the horse, but in the end, walkers got it and ripped its innards out. “He always ran,” sighed Aaron, clearly heartsick. “You were trying to help him,” Daryl replied. (A pretty good metaphor for the new friends’ relationship thus far.)

Later, Aaron suggested that he, Eric and Daryl had something in common: Albeit in different ways — the couple for being gay, Daryl for being the standoffish new guy with a crossbow — they were all outsiders. And since people fear what they don’t know — and “fear shrinks the brain” — Daryl should let his new neighbors get to know him. Easier said than done.

PARTY CENTRAL | Since Rick’s absence from Deanna’s party would be noticed, and since Daryl was always watched like a hawk, it was decided that Carol — “invisible” in her Desperate Housewife disguise — should be the one to steal the guns. Unfortunately, she wasn’t invisible to Jessie’s younger son, Sam, who followed her as she snuck away in hopes that she was going to make more cookies. Caught in the act, Carol warned the boy — cold, Carol! Cold! — that, if he blabbed to anyone, he would wake up one day deep in the woods tied up as zombie bait. On the other hand, if he kept his lips zipped, he’d get cookies. (Too late — if I was that kid, I’d have already wet my pants.)

Nearby, the party was in full swing. (It looked so normal, nobody would’ve blamed you if you’d thought you tuned in to the wrong show!) Rick and Deanna’s husband, Reg, formed a mutual admiration society. Glenn and Maggie refused to let Noah bail. (“You’re here with family,” she reassured their pal.) Rosita said the three magic words that Abraham needed to hear to get into the swing of things (“They have beer”). Soon, he was so tipsy that his philosophical conversation with Michonne seemed downright flirtatious. (Or was it just me who thought that?) Handsome Spencer tried — and failed — to charm Sasha. (Too soon. Dude couldn’t have known, but way too soon.) And, even after being properly introduced to Jessie’s doctor husband, Pete, Rick stole a kiss from his cute stylist — on the cheek, but still! — as she handed Judith back to him.

Eventually, all the “normal” got to be too much for Sasha. Prodded by her hostess to join in a little more, Tyreese’s sister lost it when a new neighbor asked what her favorite dish was. The nice lady was explaining that she was cooking all of the newbies’ favorite meals one by one, and she was worried that she’d make something for Sasha that she wouldn’t like. “That’s what you worry about?!?” Sasha hollered, incredulous. And with that, the party was officially pooped.

NEW BEGINNINGS | While everyone else was at the shindig, Aaron invited Daryl to join him and Eric for some “pretty serious spaghetti.” (With his broken ankle, Eric wasn’t going to the party. And since Eric wasn’t, Aaron wasn’t.) Afterwards, Aaron revealed that he had asked Deanna not to give Daryl a job. Why? Because Aaron had a job for him: Aaron didn’t want Eric risking his neck as a recruiter anymore, he wanted Daryl, who knew better how to take care of himself, to be his partner. Not only that, but Aaron just happened to have a garage full of motorcycle parts that he’d always meant to assemble… which he suspected Daryl would instinctively know how to assemble. Aaron understood that sometimes Daryl just had to get out of there, to be out there. So the offer was both practical and pretty damn thoughtful. And since “I got nothing else to do,” Daryl accepted. He even said thanks.

The next day, when Carol offered Rick and Daryl guns, the former took one, but the latter… surprisingly, he passed. “I’m good,” he said. Big moment, that. Michonne, too, turned an important corner: She hung her sword on a wall.

What did you think of the episode? Are you sorry the show doesn’t seem to be pairing Rick and Michonne? Did Carol go too far threatening Sam? Hit the comments!

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  1. Jessaly says:

    I thought the bit with Carol and the kid was hilarious – go along with Carol’s Sweaters of Subterfuge routine. Still really weary of all these sheltered Alexandrian sheep, but at the same time it’s fun to see (most) of Team Family start to assimilate and relax, just a little bit.

    I was hoping for a bit more action in this episode, though. Felt very much like filler overall, to me.

    • Shannon says:

      I LOVED the part with Carol and the kid. Do you want the nice sweater wearing cookie lady or the tie you to a tree in your sleep and let the monsters eat you lady?!?!

      • LAwoman says:

        I love Carol so much. That scene was hysterical. That kid doesn’t even know how real that was. He’s lucky he didn’t have to “look at the flowers.”

    • AnnieM says:

      Okay…I’m not judging any of you here, but I was horrified by what Carol said. Maybe it’s because I have a son about the same age as that boy, but all I could think was “How could a mother do that?”

      • CMartin says:

        Carol, like Rick, is sliding down that slippery slope that is post apocalypse survival, where morals and humanity are no longer a major priority. I wasn’t horrified by what she said to the child, in fact I wasn’t even surprised she warned him given the other things she has done (she shot poor little Lizzie in the back of the head).

        Carol is no longer a mother, her child was taken from her in a truly horrible way and she has since evolved into a hardened survivalist capable of anything from shooting a broken child in the back of the head, or letting someone else’s mother get torn up and eaten by Walkers (yes, Gareth’s mommy, but still).

        Rick is going the same route, he’s already shot a cop (a traiter to this group albeit) with his hands tied behind his back, and now he’s eyeing a married woman with children, and even pawing his gun out of jealousy. None of these acts are truly surpising given the trauma these folks have been through, and what they have already done.

    • maryann says:

      I know i probably should not have thought it was hilareous but Carol was great..good God that woman has a dark side.

  2. Matt C. says:

    Any other former One Tree Hill fans freak out when Austin Nichols (aka Julian) popped up as Spencer? So great to have him joining the cast!

  3. Beth says:

    Did anyone else notice the ‘Morgan Rd’ street sign at the end? So ready for him to be back!

    Also, so thrilled to see Julian Morris casted.

  4. Jen says:

    Very happy everyone lived through the episode…seems few and far between these days. Also, oddly excited to see Austin Nichols on the show; I’m hoping he’s more involved in the future. Maybe not the most exciting episode, but I’m intrigued to see where it goes through the end of the season.

  5. liame says:

    I’m sort of annoyed by the non-pairing of Rick & Michonne. They respect each other and the chemistry is there. C’mon!

    • zac says:

      I think being in a zombie apocalypse, being with somebody is the last thing on these people’s minds

      • Sparta says:

        Definitely not the last thing on Rick’s mind.

        • relaxxx says:

          But he has time to kiss up on his married neighbor who is a complete stranger that he has no problems holding sharp scissors near his personal space. Mean while Abe n Rosita, Glenn n Maggie, Aaron n Eric Deanna n Reg and even the Governor has time to bang three different women but for some reason there isn’t room for Rick n Michonne to be together? There’s been tons of relationship s on this show but for some reason with Michonne n Rick its a problem and please don’t talk about him having to get over his shyty wife that got pregnant with his best friends baby!

          • Sara says:

            Yes Rick. Go after the first blonde woman you see cradling your baby. And conveniently forget that Michonne protected BOTH OF YOUR KIDS and slaughtered walkers with Judith on her Back….then suddenly be attracted to said woman after she gave you the same speech that Michonne given you 2 or 3 times before.

          • guest says:

            Why are you so eager for Rick and Michonne to become a couple? I don’t see any sexual chemistry between them at all and putting them together just to make some type of statement about interracial relationships in a “post-racial” and post-apocalyptic world would be silly. I hope it never happens.

          • reed says:

            Maybe Rick is not attracted to Michonne in that way. Maybe he finds Jessie more attractive. Big deal.

          • steve says:

            Maybe he doesn’t find Michonne attractive in that way.

        • Meredith says:

          I think it would be the first thing on people’s minds. Well, not first, but it seems like an excellent form of relaxation to me.

      • Dysturbed says:

        It may not be the first thing but there are various examples that suggest that it certainly isn’t the last thing.

    • mariana says:

      Really. What happened with Rick and Michonne??? They have chemistry, i can feel it! It’s so annoying watch him with that blondie! wtf!

  6. Bwhit says:

    Poor Buttons! I want to believe Aaron is being honest with Daryl but I’m still skeptical about Aaron’s intentions. Rick has crazy eyes again so this is going to be interesting!

    • Guest says:

      It took nothing but a horse and spaghetti for Aaron and Eric totally adopted Daryl. I guess I don’t mind Rick and the new gal, if because he always had but pieces of a relationship with the women of the group: he had the partnership with Michonne, intimacy with Carol, support with Maggie, but never the whole thing in the same package as he has with Jessie. And he has always had to share, not even his own wife was just his.

  7. relaxxx says:

    The best part for me tonight was Aaron and Daryl! Aaron/Ross has chemistry with everyone he shares scenes with. There wasn’t enough Michonne, and Glenn tonight. Someone needs to put up posters for Father Gabrielle. He was mia this episode.

    • AnnieM says:

      Fr Gabriel looked to have a big part in next week’s promos. He doesn’t do a lot in the comic, either. Since I read the comics, I know where the whole Jessie thing might be going. (Since things get changed, maybe things will be different for TV). But I agree with you, I’d be happy to see him with Michonne. In the comic, he’s with Andrea, who’s still alive there, so it’s anyone’s guess who he’ll end up with. I also like the Darryl being buds with Aaron & Eric thing; over time, I’d like to see Darryl & Aaron become like brothers.

  8. Rick says:

    What’s up with the scarlet letter on Rick and Jessie’s hands? Did I miss something?

    • Dysturbed says:

      It is an A for Alexandria. Jessie’s son asked Rick if he wanted his hand to be stamped like how his parents had one. After he was stamped Jessie said “now you are one of us.”

    • Brian says:

      Yes, what could a Scarlet-A mean? Hmmmm…. And it’s stamped on a man and married woman engaging in a relationship. Gee, it’s a mystery!

  9. Sara says:

    OK Honestly, one mediocre Becky comes around and suddenly Michonne is irrelevant?

    • h says:

      Mediocre Becky? You actually sound hurt that Rick would choose a white woman over Michonne. What planet do you live on?

      • relaxxx says:

        Jessie is married. Hello! She’s married.

        • h says:

          Yes, Jessie is married but that doesn’t mean he can’t be attracted to her. She is obviously attracted to him and I never got the sense that Michonne saw Rick in a romantic way.

        • james says:

          Married to a douchebag and probable abusive dick.

          • relaxxx says:

            That has not been shown yet. Right now Rick looks likea douchbag for kissing Jessie n almost pointing a gun at Petes family after he just said hi to Rick. This is not the comics.

      • Sara says:

        I’m not butt hurt that Jessie is white, even if she was another woman of colour I’d still be pissed. This pairing between Rick and Jessie is so out of left field…we all know how he felt about his wife hooking up with Shane, now all of a sudden he forgets all his values and does the same ish? Also they’ve been hinting at the chemistry between Rick and Michonne and all of a sudden it takes a different turn…the writers take us for idiots.

        • guest says:

          I never saw any romantic chemistry between Rick and Michonne. I think that’s wishful thinking.

          • Soheyl says:

            me too…never noticed any chemistry between Rick & Michonne ever…their’s was a survival pairing with immense respect for each other…btw, did carol pick an extra bar of chocolate?

          • maryann says:

            I agree..never saw anything remotely romantic between the two of them.

        • kamla says:

          Exactly!! He had a totally differing opinion when he was the husband. The writers played it up like Michonne and Rick could become more then friends. I mean this woman was good enough to be a mother figure for your children. Then 👱 comes in the picture and we are suppose to be like “Hurray Adultery”!

      • relaxxx says:

        I agree with you! The writers make Rick look like a lunatic. It is all from left field especially after what Rick went through with Shane. Why would he want to break up Jesse n Pete’s home? If Pete is so terrible then Jesse should just leave Pete. This whole love triangle is just messy. Kirkman didn’t have Rick looking like a asse like Gimple did. Ricks suppose to be the hero.

    • Jack says:

      Um, when did Michonne become irrelevant?

  10. guest says:


    Ummm, Rick is white. Is it really that hard to believe that he would prefer Jessie over Michonne?

  11. bsmirh says:

    It seems at this point the writers are sticking pretty closely to the comic source material which means that the Jessie storyline will more than likely end the exact way it does in the comic and as for Rick and Michonne as a couple possibly in the future but at this point I think we need to get through the storyline with Jessie first.

    • Hi bsmirh, Thanks for your comment & straightening eveything out on the Rick & Michonne thing. People just don’t let it go, lol. Without giving out too much info, can you pls tell us (or me anyway, lol) is there a chance for Rick & Jessie to have romance even tho she’s married? I don’t read the comics but Rick could use a little love. He really lost it when Lori died. Thanks!

  12. I really enjoyed tonights episode. Relieved no one died. Esp hearing about the “surprised guest” on TTD. Was glad it was a peaceful episode. Our group (& us fans) needed a break. We lost 2 main chars back to back with Beth & Tyresse & our group was half starved & like a pack of wild animals when they reached Alexandria. It was “almost too late” for them (might still be!). I hope to see them be able to adapt & return to somewhat normacy a person can have after all they’ve been thru & give the Alexandrians a chance yet still be on TOTAL guard at all times like they are by taking the guns. Just not give up ALL hope tho. I hope that this place can be their new shelter like the prison was (but nicer) as they haven’t had one in so long & that the BAD people now will be the “Wolves” that I keep hearing people mention like on The Talking Dead show tonight to keep things interesting. I also think that Morgan will catch up to them evenutally. As for Rick & Jessie, it would be nice to see him find love again after so long. He went crazy after losing Lori. Maybe love will bring him back from the brink of insanity? Hopefully. :)

  13. m3rcnate says:

    Its really really fascinating to watch everyone assimilate into their new lives except Rick. He seems to be spiraling into a Shane. He wants a married woman, hes acting weird, he’s wanting to take the power and be in charge..its wild and awesome. He’s the one that since the beginning has held it together, has been the leader and everything to the group. I mean Michonne is hanging up her Katana, Daryl is making friends, Abraham is loosening up…yet Rick…the guy who has kept his heart of gold and goodness through everything…is going off the deep end? Awesome.

    Critique? I dont care how much ammo you got, you use it sparingly and its rationed unless you have a way to make new ammo. No way you go out there and just shoot a ton of crap and go through boxes of ammo. All it takes is one big shootout with a gang and all of a sudden half of your ammo is gone (used), especially give the fact barely anyone knows how to shoot so they are highly ineffective with their shots.

  14. relaxxx says:

    How do you know they’ll even put michonne with Morgan. The show is completely different. Lenny James is always busy with other projects.

  15. Gupy says:

    Was anyone else disturbed by Rick’s unusual behavior? He looked like he was about to pull a Shane and kill Jessie’s husband so he could be with her. I don’t want to end up hating him…

    • Shannon says:

      I was surprised that didn’t get mentioned in the recap! He totally had that “Ima kill your husband and bring you back to my cave.” look Shane was sporting in season 2 as Rick was watching Jessie and her husband walk home. Also, did he not look like a kid on Christmas morning when he heard that walker banging against the wall outside?

    • AnnieM says:

      It’s funny – first thing I thought of was the line frfom BtVS’s Faith: “Want…take…have.” :-D

    • Zaki Greige says:

      i definetly agree with you gupy

  16. lizz says:

    wow the chemistry between Rick and Jessie is really really good. I can’t wait to see more of them! She brings back some fire in Rick, great casting! I also think that there is something wrong with Deanne, she seems to good to be true. Her son on the otherhand wauw great to see Austin back on tv!

  17. JimsShip says:

    I was disappointed in the horse scene. Not because the horse died, but because he was caught in the first place. A horse that size should have had no problem running past, through or over those walkers to get to the other side of the field. I’m pretty sure he would have kicked or trampled a few if he was indeed scared for his life.
    I don’t mind the gore as long as it’s believable.

  18. Shannon says:

    I still have a very, very hard time believing that no marauders or walker hoards have shown up at the gates since the outbreak. Screams of children playing would draw every walker in a quarter mile radius. Especially since the town has managed to clear an entire highway. Can we not string trees with cans on some strings or something at least?!

    The naiveté of the town about the dangers that exist outside are maddening to me as a viewer, so I get Sasha’s b*tch please moment at the party. Security? That’s crazy talk! Why would we need security in a post apocalyptic world where the undead view us as dinner and resources for the living are dwindling?! That watchtower is a decoration!

    That town is intact based solely on luck. If it’s going to sustain itself long term every man, woman, and child should be trained how to shoot and be aware of the dangers that lurk outside. I’m not saying everyone should be armed at all times- but if they are ever under attack there should be a defense plan in place. Sasha is absolutely right, Alexandria is an illusion unless the people who live there know how to protect what they’ve built.

  19. frosty says:

    Aw, I’ve been shipping RIck and Michonne.

  20. Zaki Greige says:

    i felt pretty bad for Sam when he was threaten by Carol. I am also still stuck on why rick would give Jessie a kiss!

  21. Liz says:

    I’m bummed that the show isn’t pairing up Michonne and Rick as there is so much chemistry between the actors and there characters are so much alike, they would really be in sync. I thought it would happen as they were traveling in Season 4 but I really think Jessie is a diversion, just a plot point to bring Rick into conflict with Pete.

    And you forgot to mention the weirdest moment of the episode, in the final two minutes as there was a walker on one side of the wall and Rick resting against the other side of the wall. Was he grateful to be safe? It seemed more like he was comforted by the straight-forward danger of walkers rather than the complex effort of trying to understand the motivations of the people of Alexandria.

    • ten says:

      I’m glad Rick has not hooked up with Michonne. Jessie is obviously who he wants and if he and Michonne had a romantic relationship only for him to dump her for some blonde he just met, it would be highly insulting.

  22. hhou says:

    Here’s my thought on the Rick Jessie flirtation…maybe Rick and Jessie will hook up and bring to light her husband’s true nature. Maybe that will start a new tumultuous story line for Rick. If he’s with Jessie I am sure she will die eventually because that’s the way the show goes. As for Rick and Michonne, there’s flirtation there but to say he’d choose the white girl because he’s white is so untrue. We all know that you can have a friend of the opposite sex that you’re attracted to but the timing to become more never seems right or you feel it could ruin the friendship. Their relationship is one of the strongest on the show, if they got together you know one of them would have to die…there’s no happily ever after during an apocalypse. One more thing, maybe a love affair for Rick will spring board a jealous reaction for Michonne which would move rick to reevaluate his feelings for her…you never know.

  23. max says:

    I like Jessie. I like her and Rick’s chemistry.
    From the short scene we got of Rick with her husband Pete on the porch at night on a previous episode and when Pete flared up a bit at the party when she offered to get their drinks, it seems something’s off between their marriage. So far, Jessie has been a welcoming member of the community, and has been just understanding of Rick and his group’s wariness about the community.
    I agree, the kiss on the cheek shouldn’t have happened. But I think the scene the following day when Rick reached for his gun after the couple said hi only showed that Rick senses there seems to be something off about Pete and the way he handles his Jessie, and would readily be able to defend her in case she needs saving.
    As for Michonne and Rick, they look out for each other, fight together, but I never once got the sense that either one was interested in the other.
    I hope Aaron is being sincere with Daryl.
    From all that the group has been through, it’s understandable that they’re suspicious of these people in the community. I hope they don’t completely let their guards down even if outwardly (Michonne’s katana being put down, Daryl not taking a gun, etc) it seems they all do want to put in roots and live “normally” in Alexandria.
    Lastly, I hope Sasha, or any person for that matter, would stop wasting bullets (at first I thought she fired away so she could attract walkers and could vent out her feelings towards them, but when none came I guessed she just wanted to act out her rage(?)/frustrations or whatever, but the bottomline is she was really wasting bullets). Alexandria seems to me a ‘residential’ community, I don’t presume they manufacture ammunition in there.