Secrets and Lies Recap: Fear the Boogeyman, Become the Boogeyman

It isn’t easy maintaining your innocence when everyone around you seems keen on making your life a living hell. For Ben Crawford, keeping himself in check is only getting harder as Secrets and Lies unravels.

According to Detective Cornell, 75 percent of all child killers insert themselves into the investigation — and if she’s right, Ben isn’t doing any favors for his public image. Even worse, the missing flashlight used in the murder turned up in Ben’s truck on Sunday’s episode, bloodied from repeated blows to Tom’s skull, and Scott’s no longer a person of interest.

SEX, LIES AND ALIBIS | Remember how Scott broke into the Crawford residence in the middle of the night and threatened to kill Ben if he was responsible for Tom’s murder? Yeah, well forget all about it, and chalk it up to PTSD. As it turns out, Jess’ psychotic ex, an Iraqi war veteran, had gone AWOL, which was why he was keeping a low profile. Also, he was busy schtooping Jess’ sister back at her place, which Ben and Jess discovered upon arriving at Nicole’s apartment. Later, when Ben visited Tom’s grave, Scott showed up and the two of them came to an understanding: neither of them were responsible for what happened to Tom, and no matter the results of the paternity test, Scott was Tom’s father.

ROCK THE CRADLE | As Cornell’s whodunnit continues to lack probable suspects, Ben’s home life is only getting worse. After noticing the expensive earrings Christy claimed were given to her by a client, Ben discovered a shopping bag by her bed that contained a bevy of sexy underwear purchases and a pregnancy test — and even though we learned the test wasn’t hers, that still doesn’t explain the undergarments she purchased before an (allegedly) innocent business dinner. And if that’s not enough to make Ben question his wife’s behavior, she continues to let Cornell conduct searches of their home in his absence. This time, she came searching for a receipt to match the model number of Ben’s flashlight to the one used in Tom’s murder, which Ben had locked away mere inches from the backpack concealing the missing weapon of choice. Christy insisted she was only trying to help Cornell so the investigation would come to an end, but like Ben, we’re not so sure.

SINS OF THE FATHER | It’s about time we got Maury Povich up in here! As tonight’s hour drew to a close, the question of who fathered the potential bun in Natalie’s 16-year-old oven boiled down to 21-year-old boyfriend Cooper and thirtysomething moocher Dave. When Detective Cornell came looking for Dave to give a report on Ben’s earlier assault of Cooper for making out and boozing up his underaged daughter at a party she wasn’t allowed to attend, Ben found Dave’s chest and bed covered in Natalie’s body glitter, and her high heels near his bedside. Furious at his good-for-nothing friend, he kicked him out in a full-fledged fury directly in front of Cornell, who was ready to take the moocher out for breakfast to fatten him up in exchange for answers.

Was Ben’s decision to hide the flashlight suspicious? Is it only a matter of time before someone reports that he and Dave were out browsing handguns? And if it wasn’t Ben or Scott, who are you guessing was responsible for Tom’s murder? Sound off in the comments section below, and spill on your juiciest theories.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. L says:

    Christy is looking awfully suspicious.

  2. Fred says:

    I think the wife did it as well….

  3. Meg says:

    At the funeral Matty, the special needs kid, used his tablet to say he wanted to go home and he wanted someone (I think the name was Terry). Ben turned around and said to Melissa Gilbert’s character he didn’t realize Terry was back and she just said Matty was confused. I’m guessing that’s the killer for no other reason than we wouldn’t have any reason to suspect this person.

  4. M Sinclair says:

    Youngest daughter seems not to be bothered. Maybe killed Tom, jealous about the attention he got from her dad

    • King says:

      Spot on I agree

    • Kara says:

      This could be a good probability. She creeps me out. She seems like a Psychopath.

    • Elena says:

      My feelings exactly….

    • Lisa B says:

      That’s what I was thinking, too. She seems *waaaaay* to attached to her father. I’m thinking Tom’s mother was lying when she said she didn’t know Ben was Tom’s father, and the little girl either overheard something or found something at the house while her sister was babysitting for Tom. Then again, it’s only the second episode, so I’m sure there are people we haven’t even met yet. My other suspect is Melissa Gilbert, who may be covering up for her own son. He may have done something inappropriate to Tom, and she was afraid he would tell.

    • nicole says:

      Yes, that is what I was thinking. They are showing lots of flashbacks with him spending a lot of time with Tom, and he did not even know Tom was his son. I’m thinking she did it by accident, but then why would she put the flashlight in his car

  5. Bwhit says:

    I’m going to have to go back and rewind the ending because I thought those were Natalie’s shoes on the floor. Things keep going from bad to worse for Ben but really dude, you coceal and put your prints all over the flashlight?!? I almost think it’s Tom’s mom at this point to get back at Scott because she knew he was sleeping with her sister.

    • Dawn says:

      Omg I was thinking the same thing about the flashlight. I was oh COME ON you dummy, if you know your innocent then why would you hide the murder weapon that coukd possibly have the killers DNA. But then again that detective really has it out for him so I’m sure he may have been scared what she’d think if he all the sudden had the murder weapon back in his possession. Oh my I didnt even think about it may be one of his daughters. I dont think it was the youngest tho, think mayb the oldest. Mayb the oldest fell in love with Scott (Tom’s Dad) while they secretly meeting and thought if he didn’t have his son around that he would leave his wife for her. Idk her meeting him like that was just strange. Its more than she’s admitting to if ya ask me

      • Curly Girly says:

        Don’t think that the actual killer’s DNA was returned with his/her DNA. They are clearly trying to set up Tom, they wouldn’t leave any evidence to point to them. Tom needs to get rid of that flashlight ASAP!!!

  6. wrstlgirl says:

    I am really enjoying this show but I cannot stand Detective Cornell. She is such a b*tch, lol. There’s something weird about the wife and Gilbert’s character for sure.

  7. Kisha from Houston says:

    I didn’t notice any underwear on the friends nightstand??? I kept questioning whether the friend crossed the line with his daughter or was it all a misunderstanding. In other news, Ben sure is looking good! The guys are going to hate this but I wouldn’t mind a few more shirtless scenes! LOL

  8. Texasmomma says:

    Definitely, Christy! I think she she’s been knowing that Tom was Ben’s son! She’s really weird and something is off with her. This is tv so, what other way to hurt your cheating husband than getting rid of the child he had with the neighbor! I can’t stand detective Cornell either!

  9. Zenobia Jackson says:

    This show is so frustrating…Juliette Lewis’ is such a caricature…i expect to hear da da dum every time she is on-screen,,,either that or twirling her mustache.

    Ryan Phillipe’s character deserves to go to jail…for stupidity….constantly losing his temper that makes him look guilty, going to the dead boy’s mother’s house, trying to clean the blood off of the flashlight, then wrapping it up like a christmas gift! Like that isn’t going to come back to haunt him. the stupidest suspect ever. There are no likeable characters on the show….Philippe is an idiot, the wife and older daughter are bitches, the friend is a goofball, the mother of the dead boy is illogically composed, and Juliet Lewis is a terrible actress. She is bad and overrated in the same way that Patricia Arquette is.

    • ChickenLady says:

      I agree 100%. I love Juliette Lewis but this character is horrible. Agree on all your other points too, there is just no one likeable, and that’s a big deal for a show, so that it grabs your attention from the beginning. I find myself watching it to see if I like it, cause I still cannot decide.

      • Francy says:

        I keep watching to ‘keep confirming’ i can’t tolerate Juliette Lewis’ bad acting. I can’t get her and Brad Pitt’s 1990 flick ‘Too Young To Die’ out of my head… its the scene where she’s in jail for murder and when her lawyer comes to visit her… her ‘main concern’ is whether he brought her any chocolate candy? Maybe that persona worked for her when she was 15 yrs old… but over the years soo NOT working now!!

    • CarolJayne says:

      Omg Zenobia! Lol. I agree completely. I saw the first episode but missed last night and only bummed because I wanted to get another good chuckle at Juliette Lewis. Dum dum dum.. And all she needs to do is stare into the camera from the corner of her eye. Hahahaha! Is she for real?? It’s like I’m watching a realistic computer animated version of the board game “Clue.” Lol. But I can’t say I won’t watch to find out who the killer is. I’m a sucker for a murder mystery. But maybe because it’s been a very long winter!

  10. chocolatfrog says:

    Watch 1-2-3 last night. I’ll go with the youngest daughter as the killer. I bet his dad will find out and will do anything to take the blame for the killing.
    But, I so hope thats not the plot. Series are so predictable, am mostly never surprised anymore.

  11. Ben Mickle says:

    I think his wife found out a while ago that Tom was his son. Started to see some resemblance and got him tested herself. I think she is extremely bitter about the affair and is framing her husband.

    • Nataly Ruiz says:

      yeah i think its the wife as well.. for some reason i don’t like the wife, the older daughter, or Tom’s mom.. Ben is stupid for trying to hide the flashlight.. it will come bk an bite him in the ass later..

  12. Debbie Tiessen says:

    I believe the youngest daughter is guilty. She is very needy and clingy. She is also rather unemotional. She is definitely my prime suspect

  13. Me. says:

    I’m almost wondering if the mom did it. She seems to be very needy and I wonder if it’s a way for her to get attention from Ben. Or maybe the crazy friend Dave. But I did wonder about the comment during the funeral about the person we haven’t seen.

  14. Lynne StJames says:

    I think Christies looks guilty, but it’s only 3 episodes in! Love this show, by the way!
    Does anyone else “see” Reese Witherspoon in the sweet young actress who plays Monkey? (Isn’t Ryan Reese’s ex and her older kids’ dad?)

  15. PFitzDC says:

    The younger daughter is my pick. She has all the sociopathic tendencies…not very much empathy for others, very much into her own enjoyment and not wanting change.

  16. Sheri says:

    Ben is making mistakes and that’s infuriating. I want him to be innocent. He threw his buddy out right after Ben told him about the flashlight. That could be troublesome. I love Ryan Phillippe and I love Juliette Lewis so I will keep watching.

  17. Alex says:

    I think Tom’s mom killed him, how did he get out of his house, with shoes on and a jacket>

  18. taberah says:

    Absolutely looking like bens wife is guilty!! Im not 100% tho but she seems like she is trying desperately to pin it on ben. Which is weird so I guess we will see.

  19. Lisa says:

    Who are Dr Joe & Vanessa?!??

  20. debbie says:

    Tom’s mother killed him. She’s got problems!

  21. Terry says:

    Ben either did it or knows who did it and is covering for them, otherwise he would have immediately taken the murder weapon to CSI to get it all CSI-ed and find out who the killer is. Instead he bleeping cleans if off and then hides it and tells his freeloader all about it. What a moron!

  22. becky says:

    The show intrigues me but they need to finesse Philips’s character he’s too over the top mmanic as for Louis puhleez give her some PMS pills and a personality

  23. Dawn says:

    I think it was either the wife or possibly the kid with the disabilities mayb an accident with him, just because the mom his mom is a tad bit shady, does anyone else agree there? Another thing that caught my attention is when they were at Tom’s funeral the handicap boy ( sorry I can’t remember his name right now) said something on his communication app that he wanted to go home to see Tyler and Ben asked her if Tyler was back and the kids mom ( Melissa Gilbert) said no he isn’t her son was confused. Did anyone else catch that? My question is who is Tyler?

  24. Dawn says:

    For as far fetched and out there as this show is. I like it, it’s a good show so far

  25. laura says:

    Either Jess,Tyler, or Abby.
    I think Abby-little bit too cold blooded .
    She is a nosey little parker.Jealousy set her off.
    Lamer version would be Jess in anger or the mysterious Tyler-his mom covered up the fact that he was back.

  26. laura says:

    I have 3 suspects.
    #1 his odd younger daughter.Unemotional. Nosey little parker was jealous.
    #2 Tyler-Mellissa Gilbert lied about that.Disabled son wanted HOME and TYLER. Motive-protecting son.
    #3 Jess in a fit of anger and frustration.Tried to set up Scott. Motive revenge.
    Ben is screwed cuz he stupidly STILL has the murder weapin wrapped un a bow for Cornelle.

  27. He’s drunk, he’s fighting with the wife, he returns alone in a taxi, he is tossed and goes to Jess’ house to hook up. No one answers. He goes for a run in the dark and takes his flashlight. He stumbles upon the lifeless body …he forgets the flashlight …daylight is close. BUT Tom is small …and light …danger could still lurk nearby …why did Ben not carry him? This is the one piece that bothers me …that might make a detective be on him like a bloodhound until he trips up

  28. Trina says:

    husband and i are suspicious of the wife and a little toward the 16 year old daughter as well. Like this show. Reminds me of Twin Peaks which was awesome!

  29. anakl says:

    The wife did it or knows who did (which could mean her elder daughter)… when he went to the boy’s mother after finding the body she looked hurt/jealous/angry, which means she must’ve known of the affair, then all that anger when she said something like: you got the son you wanted (here manifesting anger/jealousy at the boy not the affair); she told him that somebody else could have found the body (as if she was the one who left it there & was angry at Ben for finding him); she’s always allowing that annoying detective to search the house while he’s not there, knowing that it bothers him… She’s setting him up (that way she’ll ruin his life the way she thinks he ruined hers)…
    I also agree that hiding the murder weapon & putting his DNA all over it was not his finest hour but he panicked & he knows they’re gunning for him & nobody else.

  30. carol says:

    Think its Jesses sister, the boy was in boots and a coat, what time did mom see him last, maybe Tom was in the way of her and Scott. Only other person could be Tyler, the pic Matt was looking at and the mom denied he was back.

  31. Cee says:

    It was Dave.

  32. Lorraine Albert says:

    A mentally challenged boy has been shown twice and I think he is the killer.

  33. Georgie says:

    There is something that’s really bothering me and has little to do with the story. Is his last name Garner or Crawford? Depending on the post/web it’s either one or the other and it’s kind of confusing. Maybe it’s been talked about before, but I haven’t gone through the all the comments…

  34. new says:

    I know who it is..It’s the special needs kids brother “tyler” remember he kept pressing the button on his speech device asking “I want tyler..and the mom looked really suspect once he asked “oh tylers back ” and obviously its someone in the neighborhood if the flashlight just reappeared in his vehicle ABc IM going to need you to do better.

  35. Trish says:

    I suspect Dave.

  36. Francy says:

    Does anyone feel sorry for Christy…. not me, i’d like to shake or slap her!!

  37. Francy says:

    Now that we know about Kevin and him being Ben’s stalker… maybe the flashlight that Ben found was well placed by Kevin and has animal blood or the like on it? Just sayin…

    • sspeir says:

      I was thinking Jess, b/c she obviously wants Ben and can’t have him, then I watched the Cornell Confidential and thought it was Christy’s brother Michael, b/c he so desperately wanted to put Ben away THEN I got really curious and looked up the original version and it was…(SPOILER ALERT!) ABBY! I kind of hope they change it just to be different from the original but its all pretty spot on so far.

  38. I wonder about Natalie. She used to babysit Tom,and maybe she somehow found out Tom was her father’s. Also, she seems to hate her father and might try to get him put away,or at least her mother to divorce him. Also,even tho,presumably,Ben is the only suspect,sometimes it almost seems like Cornell knows he didn’t really do it. I’m just not sure what game she’s playing, and why his wife who swears she is sticking by him,keeps calling Cornell and letting her search the house when the girls are there but Ben isn’t. Another possibility is the wife herself. She might be trying to get revenge because she actually did know about his affair with Tom’s mother.

  39. I think it was either Natalie,because she used to babysit Tom and may have found out he was her father’s or the wife because maybe she really did know about the affair,and wants to set Ben up for revenge. That could be why she is always calling Cornell and letting her search the house behind his back. Also,I wonder what game Cornell is playing,since sometimes,I could swear she knows Ben didn’t really do it.

  40. I trust the most youthful little girl is liable. She is extremely poor and clingy. She is additionally rather unemotional. She is certainly my prime suspect

  41. Most youthful little girl appears not to be annoyed. Perhaps murdered Tom, envious about the consideration he got from her father