Revenge Recap: Hit the Road, Jack

Revenge Jack Emily

A family secret, a twisted new alliance and a long-overdue declaration of love? Oh, Revenge, how we’ve missed you.

Let’s start with that last one, shall we? After what felt like 10 seasons — but was probably less, I’m sure — Jack finally grew a pair and told Emily how he feels about her on Sunday’s episode. “I have one certainty in my life, and it’s how I feel about you,” he said in the final, heartbreaking scene. “It’s always been you.”

I call the scene heartbreaking because, unfortunately, Emily didn’t exactly give the response that Jack (or any self-respecting fan) was hoping for: “I can’t, Jack. I’m sorry.”

Allow me to react on behalf of Jack and the collective Revenge fandom when I say: Um… excuse me? First of all, apology not accepted, Emily. Second, you’re finally in a place where you can be open and honest about your feelings, and you’re choosing to pretend like you’d rather be with Ben? Ben?!

At least Jack was man enough to say he’s “not going to wait around” for Emily. She had her chance, and she totally blew it. And while we’re on the subject of this week’s epic failures…

THWARTS AND ALL | Margaux experienced yet another setback in her ill-conceived plot to take down Emily, as Team Thorne — which now includes Louise, who “plays” dumb like a pro — managed to destroy the video of Jack admitting to Kate’s murder. But just when it seemed like the media mogul (or whatever she does) was finally ready to throw in the towel, she set her sights on the other man in Emily’s life, tracking down Ben’s ex-wife. Any guess as to why he’s so determined to hide from her?

Revenge NatalieWHERE THERE’S A WILL | The death in Victoria’s family turned out to be Conrad’s father Edward — not Charlotte, as many fans had hoped speculated at the end of the last episode. And just when we thought we knew every last one of the Graysons’ secrets, along came this game-changer: Four months ago, Conrad’s father married Natalie — yes, that Natalie — who apparently concealed her true identity upon arriving in the Hamptons to get a genuine read on Victoria, who inherited nothing but a pair of charming (not to mention “incontinent”) corgis. With a little help from Nolan’s future boyfriend Lyman, Victoria discovered that Natalie, who claimed to have been Edward’s caretaker before he died, had actually been stripped of her nursing license after a hospital caught her “swindling” patients out of their money. Next stop: court!

EX GAMES | While Victoria was busy forging an alliance with Lima Bean, her new nemesis was sinking her claws into the Hamptons’ most eligible psychopath, David Clarke. It started with a drink, followed by the gift of a boat from Edward’s inheritance, then a flirty chat about baseball to seal the deal. I’ve got to say, for a newcomer, Natalie knows how to play this game well.

Revenge fans, were you as crushed as Jack and I were by Emily’s rejection? What’s the deal with Ben’s ex-wife? And is my gaydar totally off with Lima Bean? Drop a comment with your thoughts and theories below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. bill says:

    Can’t understand why Amanda/Fake Emily shut Jack down like that. That was just cold.

  2. Kelly Deeny says:

    “First of all, apology not excepted, Emily” Haha and so true! I think my eyes bulged out of their sockets and my mouth dropped to the floor. I’m still processing this because it’s nowhere near what I anticipated and am taken aback. My only thought is that Emily is afraid of getting involved with Jack because the other two men she loved/cared about, romantically speaking, were killed. Ben is safe, but she wouldn’t risk Jack’s life or having to lose someone else again.

    • tyranthraxus says:

      I dont know. To be honest, I think Jack had his chance back in 4×01 and then well kept putting it off until Jealousy kicked in. As characters go Jack has ALWAYS been very reactive. Im also not sure the Chemistry is still there, but by the same token I dont think we are going to see a new guest star for Jack to have as a Girlfriend.

      • It’s always possible, these writers are the masters of contrived time wasters.

      • lorna says:

        I think the chemistry was much stronger in the first two seasons, but I am still a Jemily girl.

      • Kelly Deeny says:

        I liked that we got to see Jack pining for Emily, because it was the other way around during Season 1 and 2. Despite the feelings he professed to have for the woman he knew as “Emily”, he still chose differently. Then, “Ems” had to stand there and watch. I like their chemistry because it’s subtle and built on friendship. It’s shifted over the seasons, but continues to deepen which makes the pairing all the more interesting for me to watch. I must say that at least Jack admitted his feelings and spoke up, which Emily never did regarding hers for him.

  3. diane says:

    That episode bummed me out.

  4. Except for Louise’s darling turn this week, I was bored out of my mind. Jack and Emily equals a big “is it 2012 again?” to me.

  5. Alichat says:

    I get the feeling that Emily’s reason for shutting Jack down will be some sort of argument about protecting him……Margaux did say that she would find Emily’s weakness, and aside from her father and Nolan, Jack is it. Although, if Margaux had even a modicum of sense, she’d already know that.

    • cyrano says:

      Marguax-away is a clueless idiot… I don’t know what the producers are smoking to make her the big bad. She knows nothing and is nothing. My only hope is that in doing what she’s doing she does something that incriminates herself and Emily finally takes her down.

      • Margeaux as a villain is just awful, she’s not even entertaining at all.

        • Websnap says:

          I don’t think she is supposed to be a good villain – I think she is supposed to exemplify how someone initially doing and being “good” can be led down the wrong path though lies and the chase of revenge. I think it is also to highlight emily going overboard for the wrong reasons – she has been evolving into a bully to cover up past actions and it is better exemplified against someone who was seen as “good” as opposed to someone mysterious or someone known to be “bad”. If emily goes against someone “bad” we feel she is justified going overboard – if she did the same agains someone who isn’t really “bad”, it “muddies the waters” and tells a different type of story.

    • She won’t, she’ll just be a pathetic cartoon villain, she might as well tie Jack up on railroad tracks and twirl a mustache at this point.

  6. Tracy84 says:

    I also think that Jack is Emily’s weakness. She told Margeux that she didn’t have one, but I think she is pushing Jack away to protect him from yet another unbalanced woman seeking revenge against her. She is probably also reminded of Aiden and probably is gun shy about putting her heart on the line again. She knows Jack would never hurt her, but anyone that she cares about has a target on their backs, so she can’t say the same thing. Also, does anyone actually think Margeux is going to have her baby? The way she is acting, I think she is bound to have a miscarriage or go into labor early and I don’t see the baby surviving. She’s not thinking about her baby. She should at least put her plan on hold while she’s pregnant to reduce her stress, but she is only thinking about how Daniel saved Emily and her jealousy is what is fueling this ill fated revengenda.

    • H says:

      Margaux will have the baby, it’s the reason she’s still on the show and why the must find something for her to do. I think she will die in childbirth and Victoria will inherit the kid being the only relative left, and therefore she will control the Le Marchant empire.

  7. zia says:

    It felt just like that night by the docks early season 1. Jack took the chance of telling Ems he’s drawn to her even without consciously knowing she’s Amanda and boom–rejected. C’mon. They’ve tried to kill the chemistry between Jack and Emily since Aiden and now they’ve extinguished every last bit of it.

  8. drhenning says:

    I am wondering if ABC has give the writers a heads up as to whether this season is it or not… I would hope it would end with Jack and Amanda together but if they are getting another season, they’ll need to keep that on the back-burner..

  9. Desmond Kane says:

    Um no. Emily shut Jack down because it was the only thing that made sense. They haven’t been romantically involved since Season 1 and the apex of that romance was a kiss! In fact those two have shared a total of two kisses the entire series and the second kiss ended with Jack rejecting Emily. So why after all of that would she just fall into Jack’s arms? Just because fans and conventional TV tropes say that they should be together doesn’t mean that they should be. Jack has to earn that ending and it requires more than a declaration. These two have never even had a date!

    • Sarasa says:

      THANK YOU! Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one in this fandom who remembers that! On that note let just refresh everyone else’s mind that Jack spent two years with Fauxamanda while the real one was right in front of him, to the point of having a baby with her and probably would still be with her if she was alive.

      the only real twist that Jack brought into this show is that even he being the stupidest character on the show he somehow outlived people who were smarter or/and more powerful than him, i.e. Daniel, Conrad, Fauxamanda and Aiden.

    • Kathy says:

      I was beginning to think that I was the only one who didn’t want these two together! Honestly, I have never felt a romantic connection between them. Also I always felt that Jack only was interested in Emily when she was with someone else. I think it is time he packed up little Carl and moves out of the Hamptons!

      • Anita says:

        Agreed. Jack has been the damsel in distress since the beginning. He’s not strong enough to be with Emily, and they have 0 chemistry.

  10. leon says:

    What a joke. The new big bad frenchie drives away from the scene of the crime peering out a closing window while her $10 an hour driver speeds away, Helen Crowley Initiative style. Straight out of a comic book

  11. Chris says:

    If Emily would have mentioned that he loved and married Faux Amanda and she didn’t want to take him away from her, I could understand.

  12. iokastimath says:

    First of all Margeux will never hurt Jack
    Secondly when you are an avenger you can not be a winner Emily lost her faith in love when she couldn’t change Daniel and lost her true love Aiden from Revenge over Pascal’s death.
    Also jack was very mean and to her back in season 3 and he is in love with a girl who doesn’t exist anymore. I believe Emilys story should end in Aidens grave she will say that she has to move on that they will leave open the ideo of her going back to jack but we will never see them together just a hint for every fan to make his ownfinale

  13. Ems says:

    Margaux should not be made a villain as it is not credible. The character is just too lame.

  14. Samara says:

    Andy this recap had me in stitches..thank you I needed that!
    I loved this episode; great to see Nolan & Emily working together, I also loved seeing Emily in bed with Ben, I have missed seeing her a little relaxed like that and having abit of fun. Ben on the other hand I’m not completely sold on him.
    Really loving Victoria/Lyman team up….esp Lyman, he seems not to have much of a moral compass, which I love.
    I loved that David Clarke was in small doses.
    Well I have never been a fan of Jack & Emily together but that scene was incredible and so heart-felt! I was even hoping for a kiss; then that single tear from Jack just broke me.
    Overall great episode!

  15. Liza says:

    The ridiculous “Margaux as villain” plot continued its pathetic path last night!! I can’t wait until Emily finishes her off. Also, ugh to Ben! Hope we are saying goodbye yo him soon and Emily finally ends up with Jack!!! I love Nolan and Louise. I hope they genuinely fall in love. They are great together!!!

    • maud says:

      Isa, totally agree with you. I’m wondering if maybe Ben killed his wife. Sorry for typo. Meant to say Liza.

  16. mc says:

    Was that Sarah Lancaster? It got me really excited.

  17. joeyreifer says:

    There’s one thing that’s been driving me crazy, where is Amanda’s mother & why is no one talking about her?! I mean I understand the fan reception to her was lukewarm at best, but it’s still a huge dangling thread that they ignore. Am I the only one who absolutely loved Jennifer Jason Leigh in that role?!

    • Revenger says:

      Nope, same here. They should bring her back and it seems like everybody forgot about Mason Treadwell and the book he was supposed to write about Emily.

  18. Betty says:

    The preview for next week said that the Red Sharpie is back. I certainly hope so.

  19. Iakovos says:

    REVENGE has moved on from its original concept. And we must accept that. I enjoyed a sunnier Hamptons and the Nolan-Louise friendship. But I am ready for this series to wrap it up. Writers have done well with the winding road to lead us to where we are, but Victoria and the Graysons no longer seem central to the story. Emily is protecting her identity but does she need to anymore? Margaux does not seem a level opponent for Emily, nor is it as interesting a conflict as the one with Victoria.

    I do like Gina Torres as the last-minute widow to the senior Grayson. She adds punch!

  20. schu says:

    For an episode I found quite underwhelming (except for Gina Torres’s) this recap made up for it immensely. That link to Ben!? is completely spot on. A loaf of bread actually holds my attention more. But in all honesty, I’m committed to watching this show, but it has completely lost my interest. I’m not engaged to any of the current storylines. I’m hoping next week’s return of the red sharpie regains my excitement I once had for this show.

  21. babysteps4health says:

    Andy- I am disappointed- no mention of the crazy scene between Nolan & Louise: “Emily and I are SuperHeroes!” I was ROFL!

  22. babysteps4health says:

    “Emily and I are SuperHeroes”! Come on, no comment on that scene! I was ROFL!

  23. Kylie says:

    I think Amanda/fake Emily turned Jack down, because Ms. LeMarchel is determined to find Emily’s soft spot, which we all know is JACK. If LeMarchel finds out Emily is “dating” Ben, she will think that’s Emily’s soft spot, and go after him, as it seems she is already doing.

  24. Katie says:

    emily not choosing jack may not be for any other reason than to protect him, ill fated as that intention may be. Either she knows she still will put him in a position that (once again) will comprise his morals or she knows that margeux will use that relationship against her to bring her down

  25. Deion says:

    Crushed for Jack. Yes. But Emily’s soft spot, whether they have her explicitly say it or not, is Jack. Romantic love or guilt for everything he’s been put through since season 1, she rides to his rescue every few episodes. Now. Is Emily using Ben to deflect that weakness? I think it’s possible. But over everything, Jack is going to have to become a better operator if he plans to ultimately bed Ms. Thorne. Which the first step is figuring out that we do what me must and we can’t walk around in public lamenting doing it where any old body can hear and record it.

  26. Fred says:

    Loved the scenes with Gina Torres. Especially the one with David on the boat. It felt so natural and it was so nice. She comes across as genuine so I’m curious if she truly loved Grandpa Grayson or if Victoria is right after all. I do think Natalie will be on e of the three characters that bites the dust next week.
    I have to say the Margeaux/Jack and the Jack/Emily scenes were very well-written. I loved the last scene, it was so good…

  27. Zack says:

    oh my mom not going to like that not one bit cus jack is her man and she wants him happy lol

  28. kiwirevengefan says:

    This episode has just confirmed to me that Jack is pathetic and definitely not the man for Emily. I mean, he thinks giving her a piece of glass from the beach will do the trick? What does he think she is? Ten years old again? Jack is stuck in the past, he can’t see that Emily is not the sweet little girl she used to be. He wants her to be that girl but she has changed.

    And when Emily and Nolan ask Jack to trust them he says “no”. Always got to do things his way (and usually stuffs things up). If he loved the woman Emily is now he would trust her.

    And he says he wanted to give her space after Aiden died. So jumping into bed with Agent Kate is “giving her space”?

    Jack doesn’t know what he wants but as soon as he saw that Ben was with Emily he decided that he wanted Emily. Actually no, he wants Amanda, the little girl, not Emily the woman. Pathetic.

  29. kiwirevengefan says:

    I think Nolan and Louise are great together. I think Nolan is just starting too realise that he and Louise are made for each other. The marriage might have been a sham to start with but I bet it will develop into the real thing soon. And Louise seems happy to join the gang in their plotting. She definitely does a better job of acting innocent that Jack does.

  30. gloria 098 says:

    YEAH HIT THE ROAD JACK finally “im not waiting much longer” i was like 8D BEMILY

  31. Jean Moore says:

    i have wanted Emily and Jack together from day one and I have watched faithfully for that to happen
    I will not watch it if Jack leaves the show or they don’t finally get together..,jack has gone through

  32. What the hell is wrong with Emily??? She’s clearly demented. I’ll take him.

  33. Allene says:

    I was crushed by Emily’s (Amanda’s) comment to Jack!!! What was she thinking??