Once Upon a Time Recap: Parents, Trapped — Plus, Burning Qs Answered

Once Upon a Time Snow White Secret

This week on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, we learned a little more about the big secret Snow and David are hiding from Emma, Regina enlisted Pinocchio in her search for the Author, Hook withheld a fish tale and Rumple got an eyeful.

So as much as I’m fearing a bit (lot?) of flashback retconning to come, I’m certainly curious about the Charmings’ secret. This week, we learned that with the Dark Curse looming, Maleficent et al urged Snow and David to trek with them to the Tree of Wisdom, of which only two valiant heroes can ask a question — such as, “What color is #TheDress?” “How do we defeat the Dark Curse?” Alas, the only answer the Charmings got was a zap onto their royal tuchuses. Why? Because Snow White was unknowingly with child, and her baby wasn’t guaranteed to be valiant. Rather, Mal noted, a product of True Love can also have the potential for great darkness, to become a villain “darker than any realm has seen.”

Later, in private, Mal confided in Snow that they have something in common, that she is also to be a mother. Thus, they must unite to stop the Dark Curse, for their children’s sake. But do-right Snow dismisses the idea of allying with evil (“I won’t become like you”), in part because of how it’d threaten to corrupt unborn Emma.

Here and now in Storybrooke… nightmares and no sleep convinced Snow and David that they must get Cruella and Ursula “the hell out of town before anyone finds out what we did.” And that means keeping tabs on the two Queens of Darkness, such as when David and Emma tailed them after they are exited Gold’s shop. Pulling over the Panther de Ville, David finds a box the ladies stole from Belle, but hides his discovered from Emma. Later, revealing the totem to Snow, the Charmings conclude that a plan is afoot to resurrect Maleficent, and the only way to thwart it is to dispose of her remains from beneath the library. But it’s all a trap, intended to lure the Charmings to where they’d otherwise never venture, to use the blood of “those who wronged Maleficent most” to activate her resurrection — and it does. Once Mal roars back to life, Snow contends that she doesn’t know the whole story behind what happened long ago, but the sorceress counters that all she cares about is the Charmings’ pain, and that it be as “long and terrible and unyielding as my own.”

Afterward, Snow and David resolve to come clean to Emma… but chicken out when they overhear their daughter talking to Hook about the trust she has placed in him, despite him not disclosing the nature of a past clash with Ursula — that she will do what her “parents always do” and see the best in people. Thus, when Emma wonders why Maleficent, the witch she once already slayed in a dungeon, is back and allied with Cruella and Ursula, her ‘rents lie that it’s simply because “we’re heroes and they’re villains.”

But Snow must loop in somebody, so she meets up with Regina to warn that Maleficent is back and suggest that the formerly Evil QueenOnce_Mal_Rattle “go undercover” with the other sorceresses to see what the plan is. Regina’s iffy, so Snow reveals that Emma was born with a potential for great darkness. And that if Emma, who is finally opening her heart, were to learn this truth and be let down by her own parents, it could send her tumbling down a dark path. What’s the big secret, Regina asks, as we see Maleficent turn her “totem” into the baby rattle it once was? “Because of us,” Snow admits, “Maleficent lost her child.”

Elsewhere in the episode:
* Regina pressed young Pinocchio to remember something about the Author, but the lad comes up empty — even with future honey Emma on hand to “jog his memory.” Later, Geppetto, upon finally appreciating Regina’s plight, Once_Belle_Willpasses along the saddlebag from August’s motorcycle. At episode’s end, we see Henry discover inside it a drawing of a doorway with a Post-It saying, “Author?”
* During Snow’s closing narration and the montage that accompanied it, Rumplestiltskin smiled as he looked in on Belle from across the street… until he saw her kiss Will Scarlett. Crestfallen, Rumple slinked back into the shadows.

Following a recent screening of this episode, Once creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis answered some questions about what’s to come, including:

HAS RUMPLE LOST BELLE FOREVER? | Horowitz notes that when Belle kicked her husband out of town, “She kind of reached her last straw, and she’s kinda moved on a bit.” As such, “[Rumple] has his work cut out for him.” That said, the spied smooch “activates him in a way, and starts him on a new quest that he’s really energized about.”

WILL EMMA GO DARK? | Kitsis posits that if/when Emma realizes “the two people she trusts most in life are lying to her,” it would be, in a word, a “bummer.” After all, “What happens when you find out that the person who was helping you grow is just as bad as the people you were trying to get away from?” One thing seems certain: Emma won’t get the bad news from her mom’s unlikely confidante. As Horowitz states, “Regina is a stronger secret keeper than Snow White.”

WHAT HAPPENED BETWEEN HOOK AND URSULA? | That backstory will be detailed next Sunday, and as the pirate intimated, it’s “far worse” than any romantic snafu, Kitsis affirms. “When you think about what would be worse than having your heart broken, I would say having your soul crushed.”

What did you think of the episode “Unforgiven”?


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  1. taran63 says:

    I just want to know what happened to Anastasia. I really liked the way her relationship with Will was shown on Wonderland. And now that seems to all have been for nothing.

    • Alyse says:

      Right? I need to know what happened to her and to their relationship!

    • Sandra says:

      Don’t you remember how Wonderland ended? According to Alice, Will and Anastasia will be together in future, so relax.

    • H says:

      Since this show has become a merchandising tool for Disney like S.H.I.E.L.D. is for Marvel, every time a Disney movie comes out we get a related storyline: Frozen in 4A and Maleficient (the Angelina Jolie movie) in 4B.
      The new Cinderella movie is coming out this spring, which means OUAT will revisit the fairytale soon, probably during 5A.
      Anastasia is Cinderella’s step sister.

      • Ginger Snap says:

        Unlike Frozen, Maleficent and Cinderella were introduced to us in season one. They part of the original story. So it’s hard to make your argument that this is Disney self promotion.
        OTH, Frozen was completely injected for self promotion.

    • KirstyLou92 says:

      I’m assuming you’ve seen the series? So you’d know that Wonderland starts in Storybrooke at the end of season 1 of ouat and that 7 years in the future we see Will & Ana happy and together…

    • Daisy says:

      I don’t like Will with Belle!

  2. X says:

    Poor poor Emma, everybody is lying to her, idiots!

  3. laurelnev says:

    I am SO GLAD there is more to the secret than ditching them on the way to some tree! But unless there was some kind of tragic accident, I’m not sure I like where this story is going. Snow was supposed to be absolutely PURE before the original curse, and to imply she knowingly and pointedly caused Mal’s miscarriage, still birth, or whatever is just out of character. Even to suggest Snow relocated Mal’s baby, which could possibly be why she was shaking that rattle at the end, is also out of character. Considering Emma barely made it out of the womb before the curse hit, it would seem MUCH more likely that whatever Regina did to trap Mal in that dragon state was what caused the loss. Not quite so sure I’m liking this 360 degree turn in what it constitutes to be the “savior” either. Just the fact she fulfilled her destiny would put Emma on the light side. Watching Regina vascillate is much more true to character.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      My early theory: There was a “test run” with another Enchanted Tree or other such gizmo to send a baby to safety, and that’s how Mal “lost” her child — due to some arguably selfish or misguided decision by the Charmings.

      • laurelnev says:

        So maybe the tree that could only shelter ONE from the curse…make that TWO so we can write the Pinocchio thing in…really THREE, so we can test it with Mal’s baby before we chop that sucker down? Oh, and too bad we can’t tell anyone about Mal’s baby. We SWORE not to partner with her, but she followed us into the woods, and put her baby in it before we had a chance to chop it down? So it’s really not our fault, but it is? We had NO idea that “protect from the curse” meant “send through a portal to the side of a highway in Maine?” That type of thing? :)

        Despite all of this, I STILL plan my Sunday nights around watching this.

      • Patrick Maloney says:

        Could the girl Emma met as a teenager earlier this season, Zelda I believe her name is, be Maleficent’s daughter?

      • Gail says:

        I would guess that Mal’s baby is born as a dragon or some other monster and that Snow and Charming sent her to our world for chance to be human in a land without magic. Then they sort of get to still be heroes. Losing the baby could be why Mal had to be locked up.

      • Gail says:

        I thought the idea in the pilot was that was only one tree that could take one person , later re conned to two people to our world. If there were more than one tree, Snow could have gone with Emma . Rumple could have come to our world to find Bae without the curse etc..

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          As I said — I am braced for yet another piece of “omitted” pre-Curse story, regarding some other “escape” plan that (seemingly) went haywire.

    • Lily is possibly the lost child :)

      • laurelnev says:

        Then Mal should THANK Snow. IIRC, Lily was some spoiled rich kid who came from mega bucks, as opposed to Emma, who ended up in the foster system. Guess Lily got ejected into a limo going DOWN that highway in Maine then. ;) And despite the absurdity, knowing this show, your theory is spot on. :)

      • Gail says:

        I am sure it is more than possible. She is about the same age as Emma, we know she is going to return, and we know Mal’s baby is not dead. Who else, who we have met could she be?

  4. Al says:

    Loved it !
    This arc is so much better than Frozen

  5. Well this episode I think pretty much confirms that “Lily” is Maleficence’s daughter :)

  6. aurat22 says:

    Great recap! Especially like the part about the dress. Best line of night went to Regina “fish sticks” and “pound puppies.” Would have liked to have seen how the whole Belle and Will thing developed rather than just having it sprung like that. Still think they are trying to tell too many stories for too many characters at one time but at least we got to see more of the Charmings tonight.

  7. Jennifer says:

    Where is the poll so I can give this episode a D? It might have been intriguing if so much hadn’t been spoiled from filming last week. As it is, the only worthwhile parts were Cruella’s sass, Snow confessing to Regina, and the promo for next week. BTW, watching Emma try to jog Pinnochio’s memory of that time they kind of dated was beyond awkward.

    • Al says:

      This why I never look at spoilers LOL

      • Jennifer says:

        Probably a good policy but still wouldn’t have saved this trainwreck of an episode.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Yup. Those who live by the long-lens paparazzi photos die by the the long-lens paparazzi photos.

        • Jennifer says:

          Contrary to their name, spoilers won’t ruin a story if it’s well written and I’m still interested in seeing Maleficent’s story play out. Sadly though, this episode was all set up and the B and C plots were awful.

  8. Erica says:

    I suspect that Hook’s story with Ursula has to do with Milah. Maybe Ursula pretended to be Milah to get the pirate to do dirty work or promised that she could bring back Milah.

  9. Gerald says:

    As much as I liked the episode, why do they keep repeating themselves over and over again? I mean another villain with family issues? It’s getting kind of annoying.

    • Mer says:

      LOL. I agree Gerald. I think OUAT is trying to teach us that, if you experienced bad parenting, it automatically makes you a villain. I would love to see a villain to just be straight up evil. At least that is the pattern.

  10. Lysh says:

    It kind of pains me, but this episode was kind of boring. Maybe because we heard about Snow and David having this terrible secret the entire episode and it took until the very end to reveal it, so I was just eager. But I liked seeing Ginny in her long hair wig and it was cool to touch on Pinocchio/August again – the scenes with Regina and Gepetto were great.

  11. Rumplestiltskin smiled as he looked in on Belle from across the street… until he saw her kiss Will Scarlett. – wait, what?!?

  12. StephonJS says:

    The secret was so LAME!

  13. Skittles&Bits says:

    It’s really disheartening to see the writers trying to make Snow White less of snow white. I mean she’s supposed to be pure of heart. I get that they want to build her character and make her more realistic but she’s a fairy tale princess, not sure realism counts. Between offing Regina’s mom and now her being involved in Mal’s baby issues, Snow White is looking more like Snow Gray and it’s really bumming me out. Don’t the good guys ever learn? Keeping secrets is the fastest way to screwing everyone over. I hope they stretch the Regina redemption arc out a bit more. It would be way too easy if she got her happy ending so quickly especially after the pain and terror she brought to so many people. Pinnochio’s dad was right; as much as I love Regina and Lana Parilla’s nuanced portrayal of her, she still has quite a long way to go to deserving a HE. Nevertheless, this half of the season is playing out really well. I feel like Once is back to its S1 roots at last.

    • Jess says:

      The whole point of the show is that every character is a gray character. Despite the whole “heroes vs villains” theme they have going on, the larger tale the writers are trying to tell is that no one is completely good or completely bad. Heroes can be villains at different points in their lives and vice versa. The fact that Snow White has done some bad stuff gives her more character than just being the good innocent person everyone thinks she is. Snow White as a simple pure person is very one dimensional. Sometimes there are hard choices in life that you have to make in which someone gets screwed over no matter which way it goes. Everyone wants a happy ending. The story is all about the choices people make in order to get there. Snow White as pure is just an illusion. Snow White having had some dark moments is more realistic and it paints a picture of a real character.

    • Katherine says:

      Wasn’t the plot in 3b that only the pure of heart can go through the door? The writers are shooting themselves in the foot with that one cause now they show us Snow is not that pure of heart but she still went through the door to Glinda so it’s really a WTF moment. Do they even know what they wrote 10 episodes ago? It wasn’t even that far.. It was in 3×19. Snow had a pure heart and so did David cause they could go through the door, but now they are not so pure cause they kept a horrible secret, a secret that was still there went they went though the door.

      Do the writers really think so little of the fans? Do they think we’re stupid or something?

      • Mer says:

        Exactly Katherine. And it is not like they haven’t already dealt with Snow being gray with how she off Cora by using Regina. A&E are trying to act like Heroes/Villains concept is something knew that they introduced this arc but they ahave been writingthat for 4 season lol. That is why we get so many background stories of villains to show that they aren’t evil for evil sake.

        • missvci says:

          Maleficient was evil before Snow caused her to lose her child. But this gives reason for Malificient to want revenge on the Charmings.

          And for all we know Cruella and Ursula are cruel for cruel sakes.

          i’m also thinking the whole baby thing wasn’t purposeful, which is why her heart is still pure. I mean Regina blamed Snow for losing her true love when it really wasn’t snow’s fault, so maybe it’s that same line. Snow does hold herself to higher standings.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Zactly. I imagine Snow had the best of intentions re whatever happened (trying to “save” Mal’s child from the curse), but Mal only has seen one side of the story. Plus, “lost” can mean many things (Mal thinks child died, was sent to another realm etc).

    • Leeeeeeeee says:

      so you want regina’s storyline to be realist and not have her redemption come to easily/quickly but you want snow’s to be unrealistic and to be a prefect pretty princess? although its a show about fairytales if it wasnt atleast realistic to them being people you might as well watch the cartoons. I personally love regina having a relapse because in real life that would happen. And that she wasnt always evil but something a good person did,thinking they did a good thing, made her that way. I love that even snow white isnt perfect(which they’ve portaryed since season 1) because in real life no one is. Thats what makes it once upon a time and not real actors replaying you the story of snow white,etc IMO

  14. Isn’t Hook’s encounter with Maleficent going to be in episode 15? So two weeks until we get to see that. Wish it was next week. Either way I can’t wait to see it! :D

  15. CMA says:

    I give this episode a C. It was okay but it was kind of flat.

    I like how the Charmings were tricked. One of the things that has bugged me in the past was how many times the “heroes” had to run to Gold/Rumple for help because they couldn’t defeat the bad guy but then treat him as the villain. They need him yet took some moral superiority over him or bitch when they didn’t like the price. I hope that TPTB do not dumb down the villians and we get tosee Gold at his best and completely out smart the heroes. This should not be an easy win for the heroes and by the time this is over I want the heroes to pay the price for the victory.

    I also didn’t like the Belle/Will/Gold scene. I don’t like the whole idea that Belle comes out like this poor victim and is now finding love after her suffering. I am not excuse Rumple or say he does deserve to suffer but please not white wash Bell. She used the danger against him several time (it doesn’t matter if it was fake, she didn’t know and still willing used it.) She claim she loved him for who he was but always tried to change him. He was never going to be the hero type so at most she could only hope for neutral. She should also know that what they had was true love because she felt the magic so why is she denying it. Also Will has a shady past so why is she okay with it along with being on good term with Hook ( who at least admit that part of what happen to him was his fault) and Regina. I don’t want Rumple to pine over Belle. IF she has reached her limit and given up on him, then please have her have to face Rumple like any other hero and suffer the consequences. I don’t want to see Gold trying to protect her in any way.

  16. Quen says:

    That was interesting. I had no major theory about the Snow and Charming secret yet, but I definitely didn’t expect… that. I like it though, I like the conflict of it. On the one hand you get that Snow and Charming would want to protect their child from embracing darkness, but on the other hand Snow was COLD in that last flashback scene with Maleficent and seperating another mother from her child to save/protect yours is… well, at least questionable. Even if that mother is a villain.
    Cruella and Ursula continue to be entertaining in Storybrooke, great chemistry between the actresses and they deliver those sassy one-liners well. I’m glad Maleficent is now going to join them, this should be fun. The promo for next week’s episode looked very exciting already.
    Additional favorite moments from this week’s episode included the two Regina & Gepetto scenes (so great to see Tony Amendola again), Maleficent with the rattle, Henry and his chocolate frosted donuts, and Snow and Regina at the end. I don’t mind Belle and Will in theory, but I’m not a fan that we jump to them being a couple without any build-up or at least any real hints towards that development in the premiere.

  17. Katie says:

    I guess I’m in the minority, but I actually loved this episode. Like, no complaints at all. It’s great that they’re getting back to focusing on the main characters. I felt like, emotionally, everyone was on point. Snow and Regina’s conversation was just perfect. Snowing’s secret was worth the build up. I saw the spoilers about Lily as well, but I still thought that it was surprising. I’m SO excited to have Snow and Charming back at the forefront and see more about their past. I feel bad for Emma – they’re clearly setting this up to have a huge fallout. I don’t have a huge opinion on Belle and Will. They’re definitely cute, but anyone that thinks they would set up these two to be endgame is crazy. I’m not a huge Rumbelle-er or anything but at the end of the day we’re still talking about Beauty and the Beast. They’re not going to separate one of Disney’s core couples permanently. So it’s hard to get invested in them. I did feel sorry for Gold, though.

  18. Stephanie says:

    I have a feeling that Maleficent’s daughter is that girl Lilly that Emma met years ago when she ran away from the group home. We all knew that she would be back, so it seems like the perfect time.

  19. Mckenzey says:

    I think Lily is Maleficent’s daughter. Think about it Lily is the same age as Emma and Maleficent is a a wicked awesome sorceress she could find a way to get her child to another realm

  20. Alichat says:

    This ep bored me to tears.

  21. Matthew B Lawler says:

    Can’t believe no one has asked the million dollar question who is magnificents baby dady

  22. ninergrl6 says:

    No one believes Maleficent was about to give birth to a child, right? I 100% interpreted her “I’m about to become a mother” comment as her planning on stealing someone else’s child.
    I’m surprised to read that we’ll find out about Hook’s past with Ursula next week because the previews didn’t seem to have anything to do with them. Given the characters’ sea-related nature it makes sense for them to be connected, but I’m glad that mystery is going to be solved sooner rather than later. BTW I really love Hook, but what does he DO all day besides bring Emma lunch?
    I like the idea of Regina going undercover and I like that Snow confided in her. I also like that Belle is moving on from Rumple & that he saw her kissing Will. I said out loud to my tv, “Ha! Serves you right!” I have zero sympathy for Rumple.

    • Mer says:

      Hook has no purpose other than to be Emma’s cute boyfriend. He doens’t even have a job, lol. It is a shame they don’t do more with his character. They don’t even hint with him having to deal with his darkness unlike Regina/QoD/Rumple/ or for crying out loud, Emma, lol. It is like he is firmly seated in the Hero catergory than the Charmings which is bull.

      • Buttercup says:

        I’m not sure how you can say Hook hasn’t dealt with his dark past. Half his scenes involve him dealing with his dark past, and it looks like there will be more of that with Ursula around. Why, just last week he was agonizing over what he did to the fairies, and he obviously hates himself for whatever he did to Ursula.

        • Rebecca says:

          It’s cute that you think that…… Because he hasn’t dealt with anything. He lies to everyone, withholds his past (as we saw in this episode) and conveniently doesn’t apologize for ANYTHING he’s done. When has he dealt with/apologized for selling out Bae to Pan? Trying to kill Belle what 4 times? Kidnapping Regina? He’s a useless character who doesn’t do crap. He only acted like he felt bad for doing whatever he did to Ursula, to make it seem like he’s a decent guy now. Hook’s ‘redemption arc’ is a joke. I could singlehandedly write this show better than the morons over at OUAT do.

          • KirstyLou92 says:

            Sounds exactly like what’s happening with Rumple at the moment. But people still root for him…

          • Mer says:

            Let’s add to the fact that if Emma didn’t confront him, he would have never said anything about Ursula. Unfortunately, this has been a pattern for Hook ver 2 seasons. He never admits to Emma anything that can harm her or put him in a bad light in her sight. For a character that A&E said that she has trust issues, Hook is by far the worst person to pair her up with.

            I’ll be impress with Hook if he ever confesses anything without it being last minute, or close to his or Emma’s death, or makes him look bad. But the writers probably won’t do that since they have Emma explicitely say that she doesn’t care about his past, so no, nothing will be dealt with and he gets out scot free more and never talked about than with Regina and Rumple as (former) villains.

          • Buttercup says:

            Aw, you’re adorable how think Hook hasn’t redeemed himself. Sweetie, Hook saved Bae from Pan on Neverland. When Pan told Hook about Bae in the cave, he encouraged Hook to leave Bae there so he would have a chance with Emma. Instead, Hook told Snow and Charming immediately that Bae was still alive and helped save him. In the end, Hook and Bae were friends, and I think they even hugged in the episode when Bae died.

            Hook apologized to Belle long ago. They are friends now, and even though Hook hates Rumple (with good reason), he comforted Belle by telling her that Rumple truly loved her.

            Regina betrayed Hook several times, so he owed her nothing. She was kidnapped by Greg and Tamara before Hook started to redeem herself. If Hook owes Regina an apology for that, she owes one, too. She tricked him and used him as fodder for Maleficent when Maleficent was a demon creature. He could have died, and she didn’t care. Nor does she care about all the hundreds or thousands of people she murdered or the children she sent to die in the blind witch’s house. Has she once apologized for what she did to Snow? For cursing the entire kingdom? For ripping out Graham’s heart, raping him for 30 years, and then murdering him? If anyone’s redemption arc is a joke, it’s Regina’s.

        • Mer says:

          And your name is adorable Buttercup. What I am emphasing, is that Hook doesn’t have to confront his past on the show. Yes he told the others about Bae being on the island, but yet he was selfish in fighting his former step-son to get with his step-son’s baby mama when the focus should have been on saving Henry. How convulted is that?

          And its a shame that Emma does not know Hook’s role in selling Bae to Peter Pan since Hook has a pattern of sailing children off. But for you CSers, it doesn’t seem that Henry’s safety is much of a concern.

          Hook never really gives her the full details about anything that may shown him in a negative light. That is why in the blackmail situation, he conveniently made himself as a victim even though he blackmailed and threatened Belle first. Guess what, that piece was missing in the phone conversation.

          Buttercup, please illustrate in what episode has Hook has ever apologized Belle? Was it before or after the 4 time he has tried to kill her? Don’t worry, I’ll wait…

          My problem in how they are writing Hook has been continuing to lie to Emma since he has known the woman, but yet it doesn’t get addressed and we are suppose to see Hook so anguish over it but he keeps doing it. However in the framework of how they show Rumple lying to Belle, we are to take it as very bad. Hook is A&E Gary Stu, this whole Ursula situation is much ado about anything since they will have Emma to pat him on the back. Literally, anything that Hook has done, continues to do, and will in the future do, is going to a 2 second resolution.

          And with Regina/Rumple, as my initial post mention, Regina’s past, like Hook calling her the Evil queen, the QoD telling her to rip someon’s heart out, her past is at least mentioned and reference even when changing. No character at all does that with Hook, and that is because he is the pet character of A&E.

          • Buttercup says:

            He stopped fighting Bae when they returned to Storybrooke. In fact, he offered to step aside and give Bae a chance to win Emma back–for Henry’s sake. Henry has never been in any danger with Hook. I have no doubt Hook would risk his own life to protect Henry. In fact, he did risk his life in Neverland. He could have died at Pan’s hands or at the hands of the lost boys, but he put Henry (and Emma) before himself.

            We don’t know what they discussed about the situation with Gold and Hook’s hand/heart during the 6 week hiatus. Hook tried to admit everything in the phone call that Gold deleted. He obviously owned up to helping to trap the Apprentice in the hat, because he and Belle talked about it in 4×12. I hate that we missed 6 weeks and don’t know everything that was discussed, but they obviously want to keep moving the plot along rather than showing the characters spending a lot of time rehashing the events of 4A.

            I don’t remember the episode number where Hook apologized to Belle, but I remember him doing it. It was over a year ago, I think. Sometime during the Wicked Witch arc. I re-watched all of Season 3 during the hiatus, and I remember seeing it.

            As for Ursula, we don’t know what Hook did, but he already admitted to Emma it was pretty bad. She asked whether he broke Ursula’s heart, and he said, “Worse.” He’s obviously torn up about it. I’m sure they will end up discussing it at some point, possibly in 4×15 when we get the Ursula episode.

            Hook’s past is mentioned all the time, just like Regina’s and Rumple’s. He’s struggled to change, just like they have. Rumple appears to have completely failed, but Hook and Regina are still working toward that goal.

          • KirstyLou92 says:

            Aww, how adorable, with just a hint of sarcasm. How delightful. Can’t enjoy a good show without some bashing somewhere I suppose. Good job I love all the ‘ships’. Ahh, least I can enjoy the show.

      • gloria 098 says:

        lol its funny how ppl hate a GREAT ship XD

    • Guest says:

      Wow I didn’t even think of that! Great idea! Would definitely bring aurora back into the picture if she was actually in fact the child mal wanted as her own!

  23. Atiya Spence says:

    I can’t believe it, Mal was gonna be a mother. Maybe her child might still be alive. I love this show and the costumes

  24. Jking says:

    So will move on ! So that mean Anastasia. Back in ( wonderland. ). As evil

  25. Jking says:

    I hope that Ursula is more big before she was the sea wich. I hope she is wearing purple on the flashback.

  26. Jking says:

    If that is true that snow white killed mal baby then mal should kill. Snow. ?

  27. Jking says:

    Mal should get a spin off ! I hope mal don’t get killed off ?

  28. Gail says:

    I am guessing the way Ursula and Cruella got to our world outside of Storybrooke and with their memories is that Evil Queen Regina made a plan with them to protect them from the curse in exchange for them helping her capture Mal in dragon form. What Regina didn’t tell them was that they would not have their powers in our world so they were stuck.

  29. Ali says:

    Snow is finally interesting since…well since forever.
    If only Regina will get back some balls and stop moping over a dude, OUAT would be great again.
    I always hate when a show rewrites history to push a ship. I remember last year we covered the timeline of the show with Adam on twitter, and we’ve been able to find out that Regina dated RH for 3-4 days before Marian came back (unless Snow White’s labor lasted 3 months ;) ) . Now apparently they spent time with Henry + Roland. I blinked and I’ve missed it. Stop pushing something that doesn’t work, OUAT! You turned the best character on the show, Regina, into an embarassment.

    • missvci says:

      Regina whole vengeance on Snow is based on her moping over a dude!!! And remember this is the world of fairytales where characters meet and fall in love in just one day. So 3-4 days is a lifetime. And knowing that Robin was her true love she missed out on, intensify things.

      But i’m obviously a fan of Regina and Robin.

  30. s3ri4lnumb3r says:

    Not Buying the whole OutlawQueen, is still too forced and just leaves us with a sulking and pathetic Regina. Wasn’t Henry her happy ending in s 3?Also, what was S 01 all about then?
    Boring Hood is killing Regina!
    C’mon Regina, get over your 3 day date with the forest guy and go back to Kickkass mode!!!

  31. Katherine says:

    Can’t believe they still had to mention Robin. Again. And somehow Regina’s story always revolves around Robin. And now she’s only happy when she has Robin and Roland. Her son is no longer enough and tells it to his face. A+ parenting from Regina. Regina is unrecognizable since they introduced Robin. She literally mops for 2 months now over a guy she dated for about a week. It’s absolutely pathetic what they’re doing to her character. And she totally ignores Henry in the process and somehow makes it all about her. Do the writers hate Regina? They’ve reduced it to this 1 dimensional character that only cries and throws temper tantrums because she lost a guy she dated for 1 week. Pathetic. And on international woman’s day to show such an unhealthy clinginess to a guy. To show a woman can’t be happy unless she has a guy on a day women are celebrated for being strong and self sufficient. It’s really messed up.

    Also Snow will send Regina undercover. Yeah great plan Snow. It’s like sending a recovering alcoholic to work in a bar or hang out with people that like to drink. A+ life choices and advices from Snow.

    • Mer says:

      Katherine, you took the words out of my mouth. We don’t even have a scene with Regina spending time with Robin/Roland including Henry. It is like Henry was kicked to the curb with a replacement of the Hood family. It is insulting for her to say that to her face when she has tried to work so hard for Henry’s love when he rightfully rejected her for gaslighting him, attempting to kill his family several times, and her wanting to put herself in a sleeping curse because of her love for him was so strong. Man there is a lot of backtracking.

  32. Pat says:

    After reading some of the comments, I love how they came up with Lily being Maleficent’s daughter. I always thought that storyline with Lily in it was cut short but now, this is intriguing. If this is where the story is going, I cannot wait to see how Emma will handle this.

  33. Karen says:

    I wasn’t feeling the flashbacks story up until the reveal that Maleficent was pregnant too, but other than that it was another good episode. I’m liking season 4B of Once Upon a Time so far. I admit I don’t really get the “special Emma is special” stories they often do because in this case for example I don’t quite know why I should be more worried about her than everyone else since we all have darkness in us and many characters of their cast serve to underline the dangers of embracing one’s inner potential for darkness. But I’m gonna go with the flow, they’ll explain it better as the season progresses I hope.

    I loved Maleficent since season 1 and it made me happy they finally found a way to bring her back. Kristin Bauer did a fab job balancing the threatening, dark side of Maleficent with the emotional side of her, mourning the loss of her child. I was giddy with excitement after seeing the promo, Regina and Maleficent meeting again should be epic and I’m so here for Regina going undercover and interacting with, sassing all three Queens of Darkness. The scene with Ursula and Cruella at Granny’s in this week’s episode was already great, but it looks like it will only get better.

    I’m really happy with how they’re writing Regina anyway. She’s come such a long way, but she’s still Regina. The scene in the office when she lost her patience with little Pinocchio, but then went to see Gepetto, apologized honestly but in her own way, and the two found common ground in being protective parents to their children was a wonderful reminder of why such character focused moments are one of OUAT’s biggest strenghts. Especially unexpected moments like that. I’d like to see more of those moments. Also nice shoutout to Robin Hood and his son, I do hope we’ll find out what happened to them in the real world soon. I’m missing the dimples brigade already.

  34. Sjaney says:

    Probaby the one of the few OUAT fans with the truest heart of all because I absolutely loved the Frozen story arc :~) And from what has been revealed to date season 4-B, the heroes vs villians is such a brilliant theme.

    Spot on for those commenters theorizing that Lily may be Mal’s daughter. If true, do you realize the irony of young Emma shunning Lily’s friendship the way her mother, Snow, dismissed Mal all because she’s a “villian”?

    • aurat22 says:

      I didn’t mind the Frozen arc too much. I loved Anna and miss her comic relief. Right now I could do with a lot less airtime for the Queens of Darkness and more for the traditional denizens of Story Brook. For instance how did Belle and Will get so cozy in six weeks? Maybe if we weren’t spending so much time with Mal, Urse,and Cruel we’d know.

  35. H says:

    Belle moves fast. It has been how long, maybe a week since she cast her husband out of town?

  36. Mer says:

    Season 4B is so much better than the last arc. I’m truly enjoying it so far. Regina has really came a long way, she didn’t need anyone to tell her to apologize to Geppetto. She did it with her own volition, other than Hook who, if Emma didn’t confront him, he would never had said anything to her about Ursula. Good thing that he has a woman that literally everything he has done in the present and decent past doesn’t mean anything.

    Hook has so many things that no one knows, this Ursula thing I feel doesn’t even need to come up. His trading of his ship was suppose to be a great sacrifice, when are we going to get a scene dedicated to that trade? That led to Emma actually liking him and thinking him as selfless. Like, who in the world would trade rare magical bean that is suppose to take a thousand years to grow, that travels to any and all realms, for a boat? I want to know how that went down.

    The Mal scene with the rattle was sad. Ursula and Cruella together are just awesome. Regina/Emma parallel of their parents forcing them in different paths is just awesome. I can’t wait for more.

  37. Bianca says:

    Was loving the Regina and Henry scenes. (And enjoyed her mentioning Robin and Roland. It’s nice that characters aren’t out of sight out of mind.) I love how far R&H have come.

    Reginas apology was a beautiful scene. Her character development is my fave part of the show.

  38. D. says:

    I have to say, I really enjoyed the episode. I was dubious about the entire arc but know i start to think it could be very interesting. I’m loving the dark turn and Kristin Bauer van Straten’s last scene broke my heart, she’s so good…

  39. Steven says:

    One aspect of this episode really bothered me. Is Emma’s “Super Power” on the fritz? I thought she always knows with absolute certainty when someone is lying to her. And yet, this power seems to have completely deserted her in this episode, as several different characters lie to her face and get away with it. The most egregious lie was David telling her he didn’t find anything in the car. The “I could have sworn my parents were lying to me today, but they wouldn’t do that” line the writers threw in at the end didn’t help. To me, it smacks of inconsistency, or lazy writing.

    • Gail says:

      No Emma stated that she felt that both Hook and her parents were hiding things from her but unlike the past she now trusts them,

  40. Gail says:

    They imply that Hook crushed Ursula’s soul so I will assume Ursula crushed Hook’s soul and that is why he doesn’t want to talk about it with Emma.

    • Rebecca says:

      Yes, because everything is everyone else’s fault BUT Hook’s? *rolls eyes* How about that he just didn’t want to talk about it because he just didn’t want to seem like a douche to Emma so he didn’t bother saying anything until she practically forced him to? He just doesn’t want to own up to anything he did. Plain and simple.

  41. kirads09 says:

    Anyone else having a very hard time buying that Dev-il, Mal &Ursula would so quickly align themselves with Gold/Rumple after he betrayed them & left them for dead before? Ursula needs to up her game. I like the actress but find the character so milquetoast. Maybe if/when they have an episode devoted to her backstory a bit, I will feel differently. I have to wonder if the Knave/Belle thing is a spell cast/manipulation by the rest of team evil to have leverage should Rumple try to break his end of the deal this time? Belle/Will Scarlet is all wrong and seems to come out of almost nowhere quickly. Anastasia/The Red Queen is the ONLY one for him. Out there theory: Could the powerful Sorcerer (not the Author) who Blue warned about be – JAFAR? Maybe they are opening a way to have an appearance by those characters from Wonderland? I guess you can tell I am one of the few (I guess) who LOVED OUAT Wonderland and wish it had been given a chance. Was to hoping for S2 trip to Agrabah. Aladdin and Jasmine MUST get included somehow in OUAT at some point, no?

    • kirads09 says:

      One of the reasons I wonder about scheming re Belle/Will is Cruella’s intentional lying to Rumple that Belle didn’t mention him or talk about him at all.

  42. Michelle says:

    “Just as bad”? Are you freaking kidding me? Unless we see Snow and Charming massacre an entire village, abuse and murder children, enslave an entire population, and commit repeated rape…sorry, no. Not anywhere NEAR as bad.

    This is the thing I can’t stand about this show now–acting like what Snow and Charming did, which was most likely done with decent intentions to protect their baby, puts them anywhere near the likes of Rumple or Regina. It is simply absurd! (And yeah, the retconning is incredible…)

    I appreciated Gepetto finally saying that Regina didn’t deserve a happy ending after ripping so many others’ away, but then he just changed his mind and drank the kool-aid really quickly.

    They even mentioned her having ripped out the hearts of an entire village, and no one blinked an eye. And it’s not like she’s apologized; on the contrary, she even stated that she has no regrets. And it’s so sad to watch Emma put up with Regina, but she still doesn’t know that Regina enslaved and murdered the man Emma was falling in love with! (And whose shoelace she still wears nearly all the time.)

    • blahblahblah says:

      Thank you, thank you, thank you! Sometimes I feel like I’m watching an entirely different show than everyone else, in regards to Regina. This woman has committed some of the worst atrocities of any bad guy on TV (including mass murder, rape, and emotionally abusing her son), said repeatedly that she not sorry, blames everyone else for her unhappiness, and is only on the good side because she thinks it’s the only way to get what she wants, and we’re supposed to care about her happiness?

  43. Ram510 says:

    So will we see Ariel again soon and maybe Eric?
    It would be nice if they also showed Sebastian, Ursulas eels and other Little Mermaid characters

  44. gloria 098 says:

    YAY a GREAT CAPTAIN SWAN scene <3! then snow ruined it. i was like :\ … really. but i still like this episode veary much 2nd to best episode EVER!

  45. Anika says:

    I think Maleficent’s child may still be alive. Hook and Ursla may have dated. Regina could possibly go back to the daek side again

  46. Daisy says:

    When will Rumple go back to Belle! And how! Belle is with Wull!!! So annoyed !!! IS Belle ever going back with Rumple!? I think Adam and Eddy are lying!!! I am a Rumple fan now, but I’ll likr yo know if they will ever get!!! IDK!!!

  47. Leeeeeeeee says:

    This episode was slightly dull. I hope its more to the “secret” than that(the way they were so crazed about people finding out)… if the reason snow and charming feel responsible is because they didnt team up with her to stop the curse and thusly she lost her baby that wack. Because technically wouldnt Mal have hated the evil queen more. Hopefully its something like they make a deal and the charmings betray her. Also I do hope lily is Mals daughter :-)

  48. sararnoldi says:

    I don’t think Ursula and Hook dated, maybe Ursula was in love with Killian’s brother

  49. Mellie says:

    I’m sure Maleficent’s baby is alive somewhere out there (a la Rumple and Bae). In fact I think it’s Emmas old friend Lily, who had the mysterious star on her wrist.

  50. Lauryn says:

    Could be/is Lily Maleficents daughter? It all fits! The star birth mark on her wrist could be the mark of the fairys sending her to a world without magic, snow and maleficent were pregnant at the same time and lily is Emma’s age. Also, lily was an orphane until she was adopted.