Chris Hemsworth Hosts SNL: Watch Video of the Best and Worst Sketches

After last week’s better-than-usual Dakota Johnson-led episode, the question loomed: Could Chris Hemsworth bring the hammer down at Saturday Night Live and make it back-to-back wins for NBC’s sketch-comedy show?

Alas, it wasn’t meant to be — despite the show’s writers tackling timelier-than-usual pop-culture targets (i.e. Iggy Azalea, Empire, even a Thor-led news report).

Below are my picks for the week’s Best and Worst:

BEST: The Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation With at a Party
Cecily Strong’s rambling, language-mangling bubblehead was especially goofy this time around. Best zinger? “At the health fair, everyone’s talking about HMOs: How about just calling them gay people?”

BEST: Hillary Clinton
Kate McKinnon’s tense smile and unhinged ambition while attempting to look like “a relatable woman on a couch” made for one of the best cold opens in recent memory. Her email response to a friend’s invite to see a Bradley Cooper flick — plus a stellar House of Cards joke — have me hoping McKinnon’s contract has been locked in for the duration of the former Secretary of State’s inevitable run for the highest office.

WORST: Empire‘s New Character
OK, this one got more laughs than that stupid Disney Channel spoof, but it could’ve/should’ve been so, so, so much better. Kenan Thompson nailed Terrence Howard’s tremulous delivery, then was left with very little to do, but Sasheer Zamata will need to dig a lot deeper — and crazier – if she wants us to buy her as the already iconic Cookie Lyon. I was fine with the idea of plunking Hemsworth’s square paper-pusher into the Empire mix, but with so much rich source material left un-mined, the end product felt a little slapdash.

WORST: So You Think You Can Live With Brian?
Was there an actual punch line in this Kyle Mooney- and Beck Bennett-led exploration of tired reality-show tropes? I don’t doubt there are laughs to be found in spoofs of mundane unscripted series, but not this time.

Hemsworth got to share the stage with a hen who, to her credit, wasn’t glued to her cue-cards.

What did you think of Chris Hemsworth’s SNL hosting gig? Take out poll below, then sound off in the comments!

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  1. Jo jo says:

    The Hillary Clinton was the worst! The best part of that sketch is when it was over…whole show was a disaster. Ps. Kyle Mooney has no talent

    • Stacy says:

      Really. The arbiter of talent is a poster name jojo. Okay. First of all tone down your immaturity. Second use your words. Why not what did you like or dislike? C’mon. You can do it. Speak jojo SPEAK. Don’t whine.

    • leigh says:

      I agree with you. I think Kate McKinnon is very talented but this sketch was not funny. Amy Pohler does a much better Clinton. I knew though that this sketch would be a best because there is a slight favoritism for Kate. Many times it is warranted but not last night with that sketch.

    • Cori says:

      It’s going to take awhile to accept Amy isn’t there and they need a Hillary. Kate did a decent job, I thought, she just wasn’t Amy. We’ll get used to her.

      Normally I looove Kyle, but I didn’t get it last night. :/

  2. Dee says:

    Did anyone notice the abundance of jokes about the size of Chris Hemsworth’s penis? I only watched the first 30min or so, but what was up with that? Does he have a complex or something?

  3. Rockell says:

    I thought this episode was way better than Dakota’s last week! Chris nailed all his characters/accents and looked like he was having a blast! I actually choked from laughing so hard during that Disney twins sketch when Cecily kept going on about how Chris’ twin’s qualities were better than Taran’s twin’s qualities. (But I’m Aussie so I might be biased.)

  4. Linda L says:

    Totally disagree! I thought the Chris Hemsworth episode was way better than the Dakota Johnson one. He was funny and went for it. Watching him try not to laugh in the chicken sketch cracked me up. The Avengers sketch worked for me and I liked the take on reality programming (maybe because I don’t watch). I loved that Cecily Strong visited Weekend Update – I’ve missed ‘the girl you don’t want to start a conversation with at a party’ and the ‘we’re not porn stars anymore’ skits always make me laugh! Above average for me…..

    • Brendan says:

      I agree. I loved the last skit. Cecily Strong is so awesome. :) She was great at the desk and as one half of the former porn stars (Chris’s abs were SO nice to look at as well).

  5. Lauren says:

    Couldn’t disagree with you more, but hey, if we all liked the same stuff, it would be a pretty boring world.

  6. You missed the part where early in the Brothers2Brothers skit, Taran Killam misses the high five and slaps Chris Hemsworth in the face. Thought this episode was way better than Dakota Johnson’s awkward one.

  7. colig says:

    those kyle mooney films and sketches are the worst and so is he.

    • Patrick says:

      Mooney’s awful. I’m afraid he’s one of those guys who no one likes but Lorne, and that’s all that matters.
      That said, McKinnon’s Hilary impersonation was awful. The skit wasn’t so bad, but she was. If Hilary runs in two years, they’ve got to find someone who can impersonate her better than McKinnon (who is fantastic in almost everything, just not this one instance).
      The monologue was the worst. I liked the rest of the skits pretty well. He really went for it, and, like Dakota last week, wasn’t afraid to be the butt of the joke. When the star does that, its good for the show.

    • Brandy says:

      I’m surprised they keep churning out his sketches when they’re so polarizing. I happen to be one of the ones that loves them though. It’s a subtle humor for sure.

      • arni says:

        The Bennet/Mooney sketches are not SNL classic humor but there are certainly a lot of people that appreciate them. People are so extreme in their comments–they think because they don’t find something funny no one else will.

  8. DL says:

    I actually liked this week’s ep loads better than last week’s. Just goes to show how subjective it all is.

  9. Stacy says:

    Never heard of this guy and he was great. Creative writing and total commitment. Really made snl relatable and pitch perfect.

  10. Tran says:

    I give the Chris Hemsworth episode of SNL an A. One of the best episodes of the season and I give Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong my co-MVPs of the night. The Girl at a Party made me laugh and kudos to Miss Strong on her laughable performance. Don’t know whose going to host SNL when it returns March 28th as well as the musical guest.

  11. Brandy says:

    LOVED Hillary, Girl at the Party, Brookies, and the fake reality show. I even laughed at the Disney Channel spoof. But the chicken sketch was so strange. And I’m definitely over Leslie Jones screaming at the camera.

  12. Babybop says:

    Not gonna lie – I thought the pre-taped reality show spoof was hilarious. Chris Hemsworth did a great job this episode. Him as overconfident Thor was great!

  13. Cori says:

    The best part of the entire show was Colin’s 36 inch penis mistake.

    Overall I really liked the episode. I didn’t know anything about Chris Hemsworth (I live under a rock), but I thought he put in a good effort. Even if the sketches weren’t all stellar, nearly all had at least one moment that made me laugh out loud. I gave it a solid B.

    • Ray says:

      That didn’t seem like a gaffe but rather a rehearsed bit.

      • Steve Ungrey says:

        Oh, he tripped over his lines. They were so busy with all the Ben Carson jokes that when it came time to do another joke…

      • S. says:

        Seriously? You couldn’t tell that was an accident? They were trying to set up another thing and screwed that up by accident. Colin just went with it because it was already out there and ridiculous.

      • Sin-dee says:

        It wasn’t rehearsed. Chris was taken completely by surprise and stepped completely out of character for a second. This stuff is done live and there are a lot of gaffes and miscues.

  14. Dude says:

    I actually really liked this episode and thought Chris Hemsworth was a fantastic host. Best: The Iggy Azalea Show “Our next guest is a hardcore hip hop cutiekins”. Worst: So You Think You Want To Live With Brian. But I really liked the fake credit card commercial, the Disney Channel show and yes, Chicken Captain, “We’re gonna eat her, because she smells delicious and she was also such a bitch.” I laughed at the Empire one (mostly because of Chris) but I agree it should have been so much better. They should have made Leslie Jones Cookie, Sasheer has absolutely no range and what she does on the show isn’t even that funny. Maybe she’s good in another environment but SNL isn’t for her. I’m sure they don’t want to fire the girl they hired after the black female cast member PR disaster a few years back but I wish they’d hire someone with a stronger sketch comedy background.

    • Ashly says:

      Agree with pretty much everything you said. Leslie Jones was great as Portia but she would have been a better Cookie than Sasheer. I really want to like Sasheer, I do, but she falls flat most of the time. Best part of the sketch was Kenan’s Lucious impersonation. He nailed it.

  15. Deena says:

    I thought Chris was great. He committed to every sketch & was a pleasure to watch. First time in a long time I got through the entire show without fast forwarding.

  16. Anna says:

    I have to agree with some of the comments, I thought this week was much better than last week. Also, Colin Jost was hilarious. Who would’ve thought?

  17. Wire Dreamer says:

    If the Saceship/Chicken Captain sketch wasn’t the unfunniest/most embarrassing thing in the history of SNL, I’m not sure what was. Or could be.

  18. Tran says:

    BREAKING NEWS: Chris Hemsworth has officially join Twitter. Congrats and I really hope that his brother Liam should host SNL sometime in the near future perhaps promoting Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part Two.

  19. Nancy says:

    Chris did a good job, with lousy material. It is definitely time for new writers!

  20. jbj says:

    As a SNL fan, I feel like this episode was pretty awful, but I also think that Chris Hemsworth was a pretty good sport about it. He was downright professional, given the material. Starting with the monologue, I suspected that it was a bad sign that he didn’t even get a courtesy chortle for his Australian Dancing with the Stars reference. He recovered himself quickly when he stepped on the lead-in to the Hemsworth brothers joke…although it is sad that the funniest part of that was him having to slap Liam’s back to remind him of his cue. The pre-taped sexy Hollywood newbie bit was creatively lazy, but still funny (Michael Che actually playing a character in a bit was a tiny bonus). However, the space chicken sketch was pretty much a sign that the show was going to be downhill from there. I’m a city girl, but even I could tell that bird was a ROOSTER puffed up from fear. Hemsworth nobly tried to interact with him, but it was clear that the old adage about not acting with animals suddenly made sense to him. In a quality episode, that sketch would have been left until after the second musical performance, yet this one occurred before Weekend Update! Premise-wise the Empire sketch was just plain stupid, with the only plus being Leslie Jones’ perfect resemblance to the actress playing Portia. Weekend Update was so weak that not even the Girl… bit saved it. The rest of the show was pretty forgettable (despite me finishing it just an hour and a half ago).

    So in the end, I just felt sorry for Chris Hemsworth, because I kind of felt like this SNL appearance was the equivalent to him being on Australian Dancing with the Stars. Seemingly, a gamechanger, but ultimately just a dud. Fortunately, he has his incredibly vanilla, though perfect, looks and basic acting competence to fall back on.

  21. Ray says:

    I’m surprised at the mixed reviews here. I thought this was easily SNL’s best episode of the season. I was in stitches during several gags, and I’m very seldom provoked to laughter by television.

  22. RB921 says:

    I disagree with you Michael, I thought Chris Hemsworth’s episode last night was a lot better than last week with Dakota Johnson … like someone said, we can’t all like the same thing.

  23. Tom says:

    Kyle Mooney Digital Shorts are not funny. Simple as that.

    • al says:

      People have different tastes in humor, if that isn’t obvious to you by the widely differing opinions expressed in reviews and comments on each and every sketch and cast member. There are plenty of people that find the Mooney/Bennett sketches hilarious.

  24. JK says:

    About 2 minutes in, I said “It’s too bad when such bad writing happens to good people” I felt sorry for Chris. Luckily, I had the Good Wife’s PaleyFest feed to occupy my time!

  25. Kim (@AD76) says:

    I enjoyed it quite a bit! Overall I thought the sketches weren’t too bad, though I thought the reality show one was dumb. Loved the Avengers one. Cold open was kind of stupid.

  26. liame says:

    Hated it! I don’t know why embarrassment comes in to play when watching this show that has nothing to do with me.

  27. Sin-dee says:

    Not the beef-cake I was expecting, and that normal hair cut – not the “sexiest man” on People magazine cover. I suppose his 2 brothers dragged in to compensate…so now I can’t decide who’s cuter! My message to the Hemsworth brothers: stop bein so sexy cuz you’re drivin me crazy! Hey, that would make a great song title… Funny how it’s all relative, since the shortest Hemsworth looked “short” next to his two brothers, but appropriately beef-cakey standing next to Kate McKinnon. SNL gays-up the butchest studs and this was no exception but Chris took it all in stride, he seemed to enjoy himself more than Bradley Cooper on the 40th anniv show but Chris makes a better blond for sure.

  28. BR says:

    Did anyone notice Chris Hemsworth penis was sitting in his pocket at the very beginning if the show? Yes, go back and rewatch; very nice!!

  29. abc says:

    I feel bad because Chris was really good but not all the skits were winners. I liked the Iggy Azalea one, the monologue was cute and i always like the two former porn star ones. i also thought as a whole, weekend update was better than usual (both anchors have loosened up which is nicer to see than how they usually are plus they are interacting which they really dont do)

  30. Chris says:

    Why is Chris so small? It’s freaking me out.

  31. Ashley says:

    Leslie Jones’ Weekend Update appearance wasn’t on par with some of her others, but it was still a highlight for me.

  32. Bella says:

    I thought Chris did a fantastic job. It’s the first time I’ve watched the show and while some of the skits were funny others had me wondering if I was from another world.

    • Sin-dee says:

      SNL can be jarring to first time viewers. And the skits are not all intended to be funny. Over the 40 years of SNL, the show has proven to be consistently inconsistent, this year in particular is very weak, weaker than the last 4-5 because some of the best cast members just left to do movies. I consider the current cast to be very weak, the only standout is Kate McKillon, who may actually be one of SNL’s all time best performers and is ALWAYS funny, sketch comedy suits her very well, she should be in the all female Ghost Busters that’s been announced. Some of the most revered SNL actors, in retrospect, seem more suited to the big screen, like Dan Ackroyd (Cone Heads) and Eddie Murphy. Many movie stars actually got their start at SNL. However, a lot of what SNL does just doesn’t work.

  33. wow that chicken sketch was hilariously ridiculous

  34. Apey says:

    It seems like it has been a long time since I actually laughed while watching SNL, but I actually found myself chuckling several times during this episode. Chris Hemsworth fully committed to every single sketch no matter how absurd. Slezak and I clearly have a different opinion of what is and what isn’t funny, as I really enjoyed almost the entire hour and a half!