The Arrow/Flash Spinoff Project: Are These the Atom's Super Teammates?

Arrow Flash Spinoff Cast

The curious spinoff project featuring characters from both Arrow and The Flash is starting to come into focus, with details on three roles to be cast.

As previously reported, the CW spinoff — which may zip past the usual pilot process and be ordered straight to series — will star Arrow‘s Brandon Routh (who plays Ray/The Atom) and Caity Lotz (formerly Sara/Canary), as well as The Flash‘s Wentworth Miller (Leonard Snart/Captain Cold) and Victor Garber (Dr. Martin Stein aka half of Firestorm).

Rounding out the ensemble, TVLine has learned, are the following “mystery” characters — though we’ve put forth out best theories on the familiar heroes/foes being cast. (With reporting by Michael Maloney)

“THE TRAVELER” | Described as a “Han Solo-esque rogue who gets by with his charm, this hero hails from the future, and has journeyed back in time on a secret mission. His razor-sharp wit hides the pain of a man who has lived through serious conflict. He also harbors many secrets, always leaving both his teammates and the audience unsure of his true allegiances.
Quite Possibly Is Rip Hunter (pictured above), who first debuted in 1959 in the pages of DC Comics’ series Showcase and has popped up in continuity over the years. This Time Master has revealed in the past that “Rip Hunter” isn’t his real name – it’s an alias he uses so that his enemies can’t thwart his future efforts by killing him when he is a helpless infant in the past!
But Could Also Be Booster Gold — though he appeared in an episode of Smallville (played by Days of Our Lives‘ Eric Martsolf), and it’s been said the new characters have never been featured on a live-action show before — or Time Traveler, a powerful villain who’s gone up against the Legion of Super-Heroes.

“FEMALE WARRIOR” | Arrow_Flash_Spinoff_FuryThis twentysomething Latina is pretty but unassuming, book smart and socially awkward by day. But by night, when she hears the cry of battle, her fury is ignited and she becomes a fierce warrior — so much so, that sometimes she can become a threat to others.
Quite Possibly Is a cross between Fury aka Helena Kosmatos (pictured), an Amazon heroine empowered by the ancient Furies, and Yolanda Montez, who assumed the role of Wildcat from her godfather, Ted Grant.
But Could Also Be Pantha aka Rosabelle Mendez, a short-lived member of the New Titans, or Tarantula aka Catalina Marie Flores, who hails from the pages of Nightwing.

“MYSTERY HERO” | Arr0w_Flash_Spinoff-StaticAn African-American male in his twenties will fill the role of a regular, street smart guy who unexpectedly gains powers, and then, as part of the team, regularly quips about the insanity of the situations.
Quite Possibly Is Virgil Ovid Hawkins, a high school student who was splashed with experimental chemicals after being caught in a gang war. Virgil emerged with electromagnetic powers, which he uses to fight crime as the superhero Static (pictured).
But Could Also Be Black Lightning (aka Jefferson Pierce) or Black Vulcan

Carefully consider the character descriptions above and present your own “hero” theories below!

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  1. jmble says:

    Booster Gold would sell me! Oh, who am I kidding? I’m hooked on all these stupid shows. I’m sure this will be no different no matter who is in it.

  2. The Traveler definitely sounds like Rip Hunter to me, not Booster Gold.

    • L says:

      Sounds more like Booster to me… he certainly has a lot of secrets to hide.

      • Booster came to the present to escape the bookies he owed money to or something like that, to become a famous celebrity after he ruined his chances in the 25th Century. That would hardly qualify as an important mission. Whether it’s him or not ultimately might really depend on whether any talks about producing a Booster Gold TV show have ended and the project isn’t going forward anymore.

  3. Tom says:

    Is it confirmed whether or not Caity Lotz is playing Sara? I know she’s dead but so was Oliver so you never know.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Nobody knows….. [Ominous thunderclap]

    • Dude says:

      I feel like if she was, they would have kept her casting a secret because it makes her fate pretty obvious. Sara being alive would undermine this entire season of Arrow as her murder has driven pretty much every storyline since. It would be a mistake to resurrect her for some spinoff unless this is set in the past.

      • JC says:

        Caity has to play Sara, and in the present, There is no other reason to bring her on the show. Sara was hugely popular. I think that trumps undermining the third season of Arrow, which I don’t even agree with. Resurrecting Sara would be the best thing this show can do. She never should have been killed in the first place.

      • kris says:

        I totally agree with it undermining this season of Arrow, but I don’t see how they could cast her as someone else since Arrow, Flash and the new show are so closely tied. I assume they’ll continue doing crossover episodes, in which case it would just be incredibly strange to see Lotz in a different rolemail potentially playing against her old compatriots.

      • Migue says:

        I don’t think this spin off would be a story from the past because of ATOM, Ray is just building his suit, if ATOM is going to be a part of the show, is the present, or it could be another universe…

        • WayneAdneyC says:

          That makes perfect since but production budgets may derailed it being a full time setting in the future..with futuristic tapestries to boot. The better compromise would to focus on both future and the present day as in “Arrow and Flash’s timeline. That way no fuss from network and studios for high production costs. Plus, an intricate weaving of the two may make it more interesting not mention allow secrets (or Ray/Atom’s secrets to reveal in a clever manner.) It’s about time someone here is thinking of the problems that can arise with this character’s unique “out of time” situation. I have watch shows like this that start out with a great draw-in but lose you when the creator’s eccentrics wins-out over conventional wisdom “Don’t weird up show to gain more ratings to stay on air” The least you can hope for out this mundane outcome is cult status although it’s more likely you won’t get a satisfying plot/story conclusion and leave you feeling jaded especially by a good show creator like Joss Whedon. Remember there’s always a “What-Not-To-Do” when developing a show especially in Sci-fi genres. Remember Whedon’s Doll House…I thiit fell apart from the start obviously…for revealing who’s a doll to soon and the revelation of the said title. Just my opinion, folks.

      • I am under the impression that this show isn’t a “team” show but a revolving “DC Universe” show with a Atom story one week, a Firestorm story one week, Captain Cold one week, etc. Therefore the Sara episodes would be from the past filling in the history of how she became Canary.

        • JC says:

          That assumption is incorrect, it has already been stated that this a a super hero team up show.

        • JC1 says:

          The idea that this is going to be some sort of anthology show has been put forth by a lot of fans, but it’s not based on anything anywhere that I have been able to find, except perhaps wishful thinking. The original announcement said it was going to be a team up show, and I’ve seen no reason to think that is incorrect.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Ditto; though I suppose a game of “telephone” could have come into play and “superhero team-up show” was intended to suggest something else.

          • Drew Melbourne says:

            I think the issue here is that most of you folks don’t know what a “team-up” means in comic book speak. (Understandable even for modern comic book fans, as the team-up format went out of style in the mid-80s with any attempts since then being relatively short lived.)

            Team-ups in the comics are almost ALWAYS between two characters and team-up series are almost always anthologies that pair a series regular with a different guest star every issue.

            For examples, see:
            – DC Comics Presents (Superman team-up book)
            – Brave and the Bold (Batman team-up book)
            – Marvel Team-Up (Spider-man team-up book)
            – Marvel Two-in-One (Thing team-up book)

            So if they said “it’s a superhero team-up series” it probably means it’s an anthology series featuring different guest stars every week.

            It certainly COULD be something else, but given that they’ve listed a dead character and a villain as two of the stars, it’s FAR more likely that it’s got a rotating cast.

          • JC1 says:

            Hmm. Well I will defer to your superior comics knowledge. You may be right. However, I will say that for myself that sounds not even remotely appealing. I would have zero interest in a show like that, so I hope that’s not the case.

          • JC says:

            I don’t think anyone needs things explained to them by you, Drew. Every report says this will be a team of superheroes. Even these casting sides.

          • herman1959 says:

            Um, I do need things explained to me because I’m not up on all of this comic-book stuff, so explain away Drew!

        • Heather says:

          Did you read the character descriptions? Two of the three refer to there being a team.

          • I am not trying to start any trouble, but, it could be a team and a team up at the same time. If you look at the history of the Alpha Flight comic book series, they would showcase one or 2 members of the team, then have them get together for a few episodes when they needed to. I thought that was kinda cool, but, I could also see how that could be problematic for TV. The biggest issue that I had with that was that if they featured a few comics on my least favorite character in Alpha Flight, then why would I want to buy that comic?

            That said, I do think they could spend the first half of the season on them in their individual story lines and then have them all meet. For example, you could have the Atom get into some hot trouble that he can’t deal with alone, then have Canary show up. Then, Firestorm shows up later on. You can still show each character per episode, but, they wouldn’t know each other yet. IMO, that works b/c these characters don’t know each other. I always find it odd when people who don’t know a thing about the other person suddenly become best buddies on TV shows. It takes time to build trust. Saving someone’s life is a great way to earn that trust.

      • Lex says:

        I wouldn’t be too sad if this season of Arrow was undermined. Remember when it was about Oliver’s journey towards becoming a hero, and how Felicity and Diggle were there to help him while also keeping him grounded and calling him on his sh-t when needed? Now it’s just about making sure we know Laurel is the *superior* Canary (because Sara had “no light,” you see) and that Ray can carry his own show next season (by using Felicity’s popularity to get people to care because she’s involved). I’m getting really tired of Felicity and Diggle being used only to prop up other heroes, which has been happening all season. I wouldn’t get choked up if season 3 was undermined, especially if it brought back all the stuff we loved in season 2 instead of using it to groom other heroes.

      • 134sc says:

        I disagree. The two people in my opinion it would supposedly undermine is Laurel and Thea. I think both have grown, changed and developed so much this season that bringing back Sara back would not change any of that. It might even help to develop Laurel further as despite Sara’s “resurrection” she chooses to remain the Canary not to honour Sara, but for herself and the city.

      • Russ says:

        That assumes all of this plays out at face value. What if the traveler plucks her from out of time just before she dies and she has to return there when her mission is done? Or if this is Earth-2, or the Flashpoint earth, or some other variation on the theme? Plenty of ways around it.

    • B says:

      but if she plays sarah what happens to laurel’s black canary? It will be strange if she plays sarah (though exploring sarah’s past would be interesting) and at the same time it will be strange if she plays a new character

      • Jerry says:

        “You are taking good care of this city now Laurel. I’m needed elsewhere.” Done.

        • B says:

          but then wouldn’t there be 2 versions of black canary in the same universe? The only solution would be if sarah took on another alter ego but again that would make her stint as black canary confusing

          • Why? There have been multiple Robins. There have been multiple Canarys if I remember correctly. They are sisters. I don’t have a problem with both of them being called Canary. Or one could be called Canary and the other Black Canary. I feel bad for their dad if she comes back from the dead a second time. It might send him over the edge…

            I think their best bet is that they bring her back from the dead. There are tons of ways in the comics to do that. Tons. Like I said elsewhere, they could even have her hitch a ride if they bring another character back from the dead, like Solomon Grundy.

      • What if:
        Sorry, I like to mix a bit of Marvel in with my DC….

        Seriously, what if this Sara is closer to the actual Canary of the DC world, complete with real sonic scream? Lets face it, the real Canary on Arrow would be far too powerful for that show, all she’d have to do is scream and that’s it, no matter who she faces (thus far, with the exception of a very powered down Deathstroke – I mean, he would laugh if Thea shot him with a gun in the comics), but, in this world, especially with Atom and Firestorm, well, a real powered up Canary would be almost on par with Firestorm.

        So, my thinking, she is resurrected from the grave, but, the process gives her the true powers of the Canary. Heck, if I had my way, her and Solomon Grundy would both be raised together and that is how Sara gets back in the show…

      • TC says:

        Spin off Laurel from Arrow to a new show and keep her there permanently, even if it gets canned just after few episodes keep her there. Would do wonders for Arrow.

      • Lex says:

        While something happening to Laurel’s Black Canary wouldn’t be a tragedy, Caity will becoming back as Sara (thank god), but she’d likely be going by another name after whatever was used to revive her. They could make her a composite of other characters or an alternate version of Sara, but she won’t be the Black Canary. For better or worse, we’re stuck with what we have.

    • Derek117 says:

      Caity Lotz did a Wizard World Chicago panel yesterday, and said that she is not allowed to say “who” her character is in the Spin-off. Which, IMO, adds more fuel to the theory that she’ll somehow be a “version” of Sara Lance. And, she can’t reveal it now–because it’s part of a future Arrow episode.

      Keeping with theories, the Best I’ve heard is: Sara was secretly dug-up by Nyssa and taken to the Lazarus Pit–without Ra’s knowledge. This explains why Ra’s offered Oliver the leadership position of the LOA…because, of course, he somehow discovered what Nyssa did. As for Sara: because she was “dead” for so long, she comes back with little knowledge of her past self–but with her skills as a Killer. So, in the Spin-Off, Sara starts off as a Villain, but becomes one of the Good Guys by the end of the first season–and thereafter is part of the Team of Heroes. Like I said, it’s the Best Theory I’ve read.

      • Jon says:

        Interesting, I would go so far as to say it’s probably not a future Arrow episode.Caity Lotz was contracted for three Arrow episodes this year. However, they could easily sign a new contract for Flash. With time travel soon becoming a factor there they could do the ‘alternative universe/multiverse’ thing and pull Sara from “Earth 2”. This would actually pay tribute to the Pre-Crisis origin of Black Canary.

        • JC says:

          She was not contracted for anything and that doesn’t mean much even if she were. They can put her on
          Arrow again if they want.

          • Heather says:

            The producers said she was contracted for three episodes multiple times.

          • JC says:

            CL has never been on contract. She may haven greed to three episodes, but that means nothing. If they want her in more, she will be.

      • Delirious says:

        I like how you think. Or how whoever thought of that thinks.

      • Nichole says:

        This is my thoery, in part at least. Sara’s LOA sounds an awful lot like Talia and she has been romantically linked to Nyssa. I say she comes back in this manner but as Talia Al Ghul.

    • JC1 says:

      Marc Guggenheim said a couple of days ago on his Tumblr blog that “Sara’s return will not affect Laurel’s arc.” Which does seem to imply that Sara is returning somehow.

    • Drew says:

      They wouldn’t have Caity play anyone else unless it is just a voiceover or something. They can’t just pretend that she didn’t play a major role in that same universe for a year. It would be really, really amateurish.

      • Lex says:

        It would be amateurish, but after this season I wouldn’t put it past them if it benefitted the franchise as a whole and launched another spin-off.

    • Sally says:

      I like her, but I dont see how she can play sara, she’s dead. She’d better be dead and not alive.

      • JC says:

        These are tv shows based off of comic books. Death means nothing.

        • Derek117 says:

          Totally agree. The viewers seem to forget that TV & comics are NOT real life. People come back from the dead in comics all the time, and on TV quite often.

    • Lizo says:

      I’d loooovveee it if she were still alive.

    • cdhaskell says:

      I must agree with Tom that you will never know about being death. The writer will discover a way to bring back Sara(Caity Lotz) Lance from the death.

    • Kristina says:

      I really hope she isn’t cast as someone else. Not just because she was great in the part, but if they’re keeping the other actors consistent with the same parts they played on The Flash/Arrow, it would be REALLY weird to have her as a different character.

  4. The female warrior could be Big Barda. If they can race swap one of the Flash’s, I don’t see why they would stop with one of the New Gods.

  5. Patrick Maloney says:

    Hawkgirl would be my pick for Female Warrior, unless anyone can think of a reason she wouldn’t work.

  6. Trish says:

    Yay! Could it be? Are they actually trying their hand at real honest to god diversity and placing people of color in superhero roles? Poor Diggle. Now he’ll never see a suit. Their quota is being filled….in 2016.

  7. theschnauzers says:

    I have two thoughts. First, it is possible that when the Flash goes back in time to the night his mother was killed, he may cause a “reset” of both The Flash and Arrow, which may give an out as to Caity Lotz being Sara/Canary.

    Second, wouldn’t Stephen Amell also be part of the spinoff as well, or is he likely to remain with The Flash?

  8. Chris says:

    How come Robbie Amell isn’t going to be part of the cast of this new DC show? They just can’t have only one half of Firestorm on this new possible show, otherwise what’s the point?

    • Patrick Maloney says:

      Stein went onto a mentor role, and stopped being Firestorm, after a while in the comics. So, I’m sure that’s what the show is planning.

    • Tony says:

      There’s an actor who’s playing Jason Rusch,he’ll be the other half of Firestorm

  9. SPAMMER says:


  10. Whimsical says:

    Rip Hunter would explain Sara- went back in time and grabbed her out of her timeline, and replaced her body. So Sara would be alive while everyone else would think she was dead.

  11. So….how do they intend to resurrect Sara?

  12. Evan says:

    DC doesn’t own Static Shock. Milestone Media does and they’re setting up some new things apart from DC.

  13. Anon says:

    Rip Hunter means time travel…so they don’t need a Lazarus Pit to bring back Sarah….

    I’m thinking it isn’t Fury, but probably Thorn….. a vigilante with split personalities….

    I just can’t see anyway that a character named “Black Lightning” is on 2015 tv…..just can’t see it.

  14. Maya says:

    My theory regarding Sara is that this is an alternate earth sara connected with the crisis.
    They have already hinted at the crisis on The Flash, if they want to really go all the way they can do the “infinite earths” part of it. Caity can play a version of Sara who managed to crossover from an earth already destroyed by the anti-monitor, maybe even take on Lyla’s comics role- the Monitor assistance.
    I rather she won’t be resurrected, an alternate earth Sara/Black Canary, makes much more sense if they are going to eventually introduce the crisis.

    • Jon says:

      Indeed, an alternate Earth Sara would be the best sollution and could solve alot of problems depending on how events went on that alternate Earth. Say for instance the Lance sisters roles were reversed on that Earth. Sara was the one dating Playboy!Oliver and Laurel was the one going on the yacht and events go from there.

  15. The pic you guys used isn’t the Helena Kosmatos Fury, by the way. That’s Wonder Woman’s daughter from Earth-2 in the picture.

    • Vic says:

      The Helena version of Fury wasnt an amazon either… though she was an attempt to replace the Earth 2 Wonder Woman… her storyline never did make much sense and I did read the whole run of “Young All-Stars”

  16. Drew says:

    Rip Hunter would explain how Sara could appear. That said, I still think that an anthology series which uses each character for a shorter arc before moving on could be cool. Maybe Rip could be the thing that ties it all together.

  17. Andy says:

    My assumption is that Caity is one of the three superheroes that have never seen live-action and that she’ll be a version of Deadman or The Spectre. I don’t see how she can come back to life without robbing Laurel of her Black Canary status.

    • JC says:

      The three are the casting sides here, not Caity. I honestly couldn’t care a less about Laurel. Sara is better anyway.

  18. Kyle says:

    I think the black guy is mr terrific

  19. David says:

    Is Static even in the DCU anymore? Isn’t Milestone striking out on their own?

  20. ggny says:

    Rip Hunter,Hawkgirl and Black Lightning are my guess

  21. Luli says:

    I’m so excited for this spin off, but I could do without Ray Palmer (atom). I don’t like him at all. And no… I am not an angry Olicity fan. I just don’t like him. Never have. I don’t like any Brandon Routh characters since Chuck.

    • L says:

      I’d like him better is he could shrink like the chracter is supposed to instead of being some kind of “Iron Man” clone..

      • You should remember a few things:
        1. This is a TV show, it has a limited budget.
        2. You can’t expect the hero to have all of his abilities. This is very much his origin story.
        3. You can’t expect to show the shot that everyone is waiting for. The first rule of TV is give them half of what they want, b/c if the viewers have it all, no one watches anymore. Everyone is waiting for him to shrink.
        4. I’d imagine that all battle suits would have the same abilities: Flight, Super strength, Damage reduction etc. I’d be shocked if it had anything else like a dwarf star or other “out there” stuff that is noted in the DC universe. All of these shows are very much an origin of, so, as of yet, none of the fancy stuff is “known” to that world, or the stars.

        • Chris says:

          Felicity has already commented on the suit “being powered by dwarf star alloy” and Ray, in the same conversation, stated that its weapons consisted of “compressed hard light beams.” In the comics, the dwarf star alloy was used as a “lens” of sorts to enable the ATOM’s shrinking ability. The crossover with The Flash later in the season has Ray hitting up Cisco for help with the ATOM suit, while the bad guy of the episode controls lots of “miniaturized bees”… that seems like a recipe for shrinking to me. Maybe Cisco and/or Dr. Wells (if he hasn’t gone full heel-turn by then) helps Ray develop the shrinking abilities of the suit during the crossover. I agree with all your other points tho.

  22. meatwad says:

    While i would love the idea of Static being on a live action show, i just can’t get behind an Atom lead show. He’s one of the most boring parts of this season of Arrow.

  23. Lacy says:

    I’m so into this. Huge Brandon Routh fan..even bigger Victor Garber fan. I’m so there already.

  24. Russ Cross says:

    The “powerful villain who’s gone up against the Legion of Super-Heroes” would be the Time Trapper, not the Time Traveler.

    • Does anyone remember the Legion of Super heroes tv show? I was addicted to that and was so angry when that ended. Does anyone remember who the big bad was? He’d be a great villain for the show. And it would be a great reason for them to all bond against a common foe. And to be honest, I’d rather see a new all powerful villain that isn’t Darkseid or Thanos…

      • Lisa says:

        If you’re talking about Superfriends vs. Legion of Doom, the lead baddie/organizer was Lex Luthor on that show, counter to Superman being lead on Superfriends

        • Very unlikely. There was actually a Legion of Super Heroes animated series some years back (2006-07), which ran for two seasons in what was then the Kids’ WB Saturday morning lineup. Though Bruce Timm wasn’t directly involved, it might be counted as the last series of the “TimmVerse” DC animated continuity that began with Batman: The Animated Series.

          I don’t know who Daniel might be thinking of as a potential villain from LSH, though; the show’s 31st-century outer space setting was very different from what’s likely to be the focus of the current spinoff, so importing any specific character would be tricky. And I don’t recall an over-arching “big bad”, either, though there were some recurring villains (notably including the iteration of Brainiac that briefly crossed over into the animated Static Shock.)

          • I looked it up. The guy I was thinking of was the Persuader. I thought he was the recurring big villain in the series. I guess I don’t remember it as well as I thought. But, he was very powerful and even in Smallville, he beat the crap out of Clark. He’d be a good villain to face off with…

            They could have a Terminator set up where Persuader comes back from the past, and someone follows him back, of course they have the tech to resurrect Sara and or grab her from death and leave a live action decoy or some other doppleganger there. Lets face it, this is the comic world and there are hundreds of ways to come back from the dead. Now, I will say that I am much more familiar with Marvel (collected from 79-99), but, I have been a pretty big fan of a lot of the superhero cartoons for quite a while (all the way back to the superfriends). I just didn’t care for the power levels of the characters (Wonder Woman could lift Mt. Everest, I mean, that is well over 100 tons, and that is the limit that the Hulk could lift) and Superman was even stronger then that (back then) and it turned me off a bit…

            So, the Persuader was the guy that I was thinking of, and from what I can recall, he’s wickedly powerful…

          • I was wrong, it isn’t the persuader, it’s Imperiex. He’s the big bad from season 2. IIRC he’s pretty bad…

        • I looked it up, there was a legion of super heroes show on WB and the guy I was thinking of was the Persuader. That Cosmic Axe could hurt Superman, so, yeah, he’d be tough enough to force everyone to band together, and a ramped up Black Canary would be needed.

          • Nope, I was wrong. I was right about the TV show, it was the Legion of Super Heroes, but, it was the season 2 big villain, Imperiex. IIRC he’s pretty bad azz. He’d be a great reason for all these characters to team up. Sorry about that, I should have done more reading…

  25. L says:

    Sounds interesting… though I hope this is a limited run mini-series that will air sometime mid-season rather than a full-on ongoing series. .. and they cant use Static as he’s a milestone character that is no longer owned or licensed to DC/Warners… I’d love to see Black Lightning on the show though.

  26. Vic says:

    The female warrior characters you mention are all very obscure heroes.. i’d think they’d go someone with more of a track record in the comics…. Black Vulcan? Seriously? He’s only existed on Super Friends and is very unlikely.

  27. Stan Brown says:

    The female warrior sounds like Rose and the Thorn–the split personality, day/night personas–but made Latina.

    • That’s a definite possibility, and an interesting character. And it makes me wonder: if the showrunners are willing to make Rose/Thorn Latina, might they also massage the origin of the Thorn’s son — Todd Rice aka Obsidian — to slot that character into the “mystery hero” role?

  28. Rob Horine says:

    Black Vulcan was never a character in DC proper. He only existed in the Superfriends Cartoon and in a few episodes of Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law.

    But if the character is Black Lightening I would be glad.

    PS: DC no longer has the rights to Static. They reverted to Reggie Hundall and Milestone Media.

  29. jrex says:

    Rip Hunter? Rather obscure, but in the more recent stories it turns out that Rip is actually secretly Booster Gold’s Son from even further in the future. All this time travel stuff just gets so confusing! But then people loved “Interstellar” so could work.

    • John NYC says:

      The problem is if he grabs her “just” before she dies, she doesn’t die…. she just disappears and that blows a big hole in the current show’s lineage. From Oliver going to ra’s to Nyssa coming to Starling and Laurel’s adoption of the Canary persona, which she’d never do were Sara simply “missing”.

  30. Ella says:

    Nooooo, I don’t want Ray to leave Arrow :(

  31. Nate says:

    Please oh please be static shock

  32. Given the continuity limits (i.e. no prior live action appearances), I think Rip Hunter is a likelier guess than Booster Gold for the “Traveler” character, especially since he’d be credible as a team-leader figure and so far no one besides Routh/Atom seems to be a candidate for that slot. I’d still like to see the Phantom Stranger in the mix, but the background given for this character doesn’t even come close to being a fit.

    Two more prospects for the female warrior: It might be Vixen (true, in mainline continuity Mari McCabe is African rather than Latina, but Vixen has a lot of history with the Justice League and parts of the stated background are a decent fit for that material). A much longer shot would be Terra, from Outsiders/Titans continuity; the powers are a possible fit but the background is much less of a match. While both have had extensive histories in various animated DC series, I don’t think either has jumped to live action before.

    The description for the Mystery Hero sounds far closer to Static than it does to Black Lightning; if the rights situation is resolvable, that seems a far likelier nod (and I seem to recall reading some months back about Static being shopped for a live action show). That said, nothing in the text actually mentions the hero’s power set — which could open the field greatly. (One possible if extreme long shot: Black Adam, at least one version of whom has been associated with the Justice League.)

  33. Bill says:

    ooooh last one has to be Black Lightning

  34. The Watcher says:

    -Rip “TIme Master” Hunter! (aka Son of Booster Gold) would tie in perfectly with ZOOM.

    -Static! This HAS TO HAPPEN NOW!

    They’ve created a whole world of heroes & villans and there are others literally waiting in the wings to be featured in this new DCTV-U series they’ve created…

    If you also take into account the names “Harrison Wells” rattled off on The Flash, we’ve got several new Heroes to look forward to meeting in the next few years too…

    Elongated Man
    Amazing Man

  35. Okay, have Googled and can now amplify on matters Static-related:

    Yes, Milestone Media is back in business…and it turns out that some of that business is with Warner. Specifically, Comic Book Resources has been reporting for some months — most recently, here — on the development (by Milestone) of a Static live action series to be distributed via Warner’s “Blue Ribbon Content” direct-to-digital operation.

    Now, does this rule Static out of the present CW spinoff series? My read: maybe, maybe not. What I’m wondering is whether someone behind the scenes at Warner saw both the Arrow/Flash spinoff and the Static series being fast-tracked at more or less the same time, and had the bright idea of fusing the two projects together. (I think it’s interesting that the Static grapevine seems to have gone quiet at about the same time that the Arrow/Flash spinoff buzz started to pick up.)

  36. TheAppleFour says:

    I can’t think for what in the world would want them retcon their own story lines to bring in a dead as door nails character, that would also undermine their current storylines. Sara is DEAD, DEAD, DEAD. Let Caity be another character, there is plenty to choose from.

    Also if you can’t have two Batman type characters running around in the same universe, then why is it okay for them to have two Canary type characters.

    I seriously hope they’ve thought this through before they attempt this retcon.

    • Heather says:

      They have two archers just on Team Arrow alone and two speedsters on The Flash. If she doesn’t use the name “Canary,” what is the problem?

      Sara being alive doesn’t undermine any of their storylines. Whether it turns out she’s been alive the whole time or she gets resurrected with the Lazarus Pit or the character on the spin-off is some AU/alternate timeline Sara, right now the characters believe her to be dead and their actions are not going to be undone if/when she reappears. Although I would be fine if they did undermine this entire season, because it has been crap. You want to talk about retcons? This season has been full of retcons to make their ridiculous stories happen.

      I’m sorry you love a character that is so weak in every way that the mere existence of Sara on another show threatens you so much. Wait, no, I’m not. Get over it.

      • Lex says:

        I agree with both of these points. It doesn’t matter when/if/how Sara is brought back because everything happening on Arrow due to Sara’s death will continue because they still think she’s dead.
        And seriously, this season has pretty much retconned everyone’s character to make sure the writers get certain boxes checked off. Make Laurel the Black Canary? Check. Even if Felicity and Diggle were turned into pod people. Set ATOM up for his own show? Check. Even though it’s ruined the Team Arrow dynamic and forced Felicity out of the foundry and into the B-storyline. I have no idea why Oliver has been such a moron this entire season, and can only hope there has been a point to the whole “let’s be besties with Merlyn” thing (that’s another retcon – suddenly Merlyn is just misunderstood?).

        Sara being alive could only improve things – the retconning we’ve already seen has been terrible, so why not add some more if it makes it possible to bring Sara back?

  37. Maryann says:

    So do we have any idea yet why Robbie Amell is not in the cast? How can you have just one half of Firestorm?

  38. Me says:

    I really can’t see Sara being alive and it not affecting Laurel’s arc but still interested to see how they’ll spin it.

  39. Dave says:

    Black Lightning seems like Static shock.

  40. Elga says:

    Why they’ve killed Sara if now they want to bring her back? It’s stupid.

  41. Kyle says:

    I think caity loitz will be voiceing a artificial intelligence

  42. GhostWolf says:

    I enjoy comic shows more than anything but the CW is really becoming a niche network because of the comic shows and then the vamp shows (TVD / TO).

  43. AW says:

    If Sara Lotz ends up playing Sara Lance again, then I prefer her to be the one from Earth 2 then.

  44. mgs2277 says:

    I thought Will Arnett played Booster in Smallville

  45. Gary Armstrong says:

    latina hero is probably either the female wildcat or fire/green fury.

  46. Tried to post this last night, but either my system ate it or it got filtered. So, trying again:

    As regards the Static character: yes, Milestone Media resurrected itself. But Comic Book Resources has been reporting in recent months on a new direct-to-digital Static live action series to be developed by Milestone…in partnership with Warner’s new Blue Ribbon Content division. Which is very, very interesting, because the last news about *that* deal seems to date from late January…just before the buzz about *this* DCU-based spinoff project started to really ramp up.

    So while the two deals certainly originated independent of one another, I’d say there’s a definite possibility that somewhere in the development pipeline they may have been introduced to one another and turned into one combined project. If that’s in fact the case, it would explain why the “Mystery Hero” character looks so much like Static.

  47. B Smithy says:

    The Traveller: Booster Gold. he’s been on a show before but Lotz might well just play a new character.

    The Female Warrior: Rose and Thorn. The summary pretty much sums up that character to a T (daytime nerd, nighttime vigilante, split personality). Plus “Rose” could be short for “Roseangela”, a fairly common name in some Latin cultures.

    Mystery Hero: Static or Black Lightning are good guesses. I’m betting Static if DC still has the right to use him in other media, otherwise BL but I hope they keep his teacher/athlete background.

  48. Spikenalabama says:

    If Caity Lotz is on it, I’m out. That girl is a horrible actress.

    • Chris says:

      Have you seen any of Caity’s films? She’s shown quite a lot of range… try The Machine or The Pact, or even her comedic stint on the show Death Valley. I have to vehemently disagree with you, Spike. I think she’s a very underrated actress. Apparently lots of casting-type people in the industry agree, because she is in very high demand, with many film roles and guest appearances in the pipeline. She’s also very physically gifted, able to do practically all of her own stunts, as well as parkour, dancing, and fight choreography. Plus, she’s REALLY easy on the eyes! :)

  49. Suzette says:

    Imagine a movie or a tv show starring a mix of Marvel superheroes and DC superheroes?

  50. Luis says:

    I wish they’d break Huntress out of prison for the show. My top three choices . . . the Question, the Question and . . . The Question! (with a teensy little vote for Red Tornado; androids are in this year)