The 100 Recap: 'It Can't Be Over'

The 100 Season Finale

The drums of war finally sounded Wednesday during the first half of The 100‘s season finale, but by the end of the penultimate hour, it was clear that not everyone on Team Clarke was marching to the same beat.

The (initial) plan was simple: Clarke’s faction would launch an all-out assault on the front of Mount Weather — but don’t call it a slaughter, because remember: this is a “rescue mission”! — while Indra’s crew would infiltrate the structure via the underground tunnels in order to free the prisoners.

Of course, this is The 100, so “simple” is never actually an option… and apparently, neither is loyalty. The moment Lexa was presented with the opportunity to save her people — Ark prisoners be damned — she jumped at it, like it was Clarke’s mouth or something.

The look on Clarke’s face as the sting of Lexa’s betrayal set in was absolutely heartbreaking, made even more painful by Lexa’s attempt to justify her actions: “The duty to my protect my people comes first.” She even told Clarke, “We’ll meet again,” which is the traitorous Grounder equivalent of saying, “We’ll still be friends” after a breakup.

(I’m pretty sure I speak for Clarke, and all the angry viewers watching from home, when I say, “Lexa, please meet a fiery death. ASAP.”)

TUNNEL VISION | Octavia and Indra’s relationship also took a pretty serious hit this week. Though they began the hour on good terms — Indra even gave Octavia a big “You’re one of us” speech — the events of the episode’s final moments left their partnership fractured, perhaps beyond repair. Following Lexa’s shady deal with the Mountain Men, the Grounders called for a retreat, which Octavia wanted to ignore until after they’d saved the prisoners. Furious with Octavia for seemingly turning on the Grounders, she rescinded her earlier praises, going so far as to say, “You are no longer my second.”

THAT’S SO RAVEN (AND WICK) | Fortunately, not every relationship turned sour this week. The task of blowing up the dams, thereby unlocking the front gate to Mount Weather, fell to Raven and Wick, whose personal bickering was far more savage than the war brewing just outside. (“I liked you better before we had sex,” she told him.) But following a massive explosion, which nearly killed them both, Raven and Wick changed their tunes; the ever-stubborn Raven even showed her soft side, telling him, “Please don’t leave me.”

FATHER KNOWS BEST | Cage plotted to turn the prisoners against each other in an attempt to thwart their rebellion, and when that failed, he did what all spoiled idiots who have no business running an evil fortress do: He tucked his tail between his legs and ran to daddy for help. After putting Cage in his place — artfully so, I might add — Dante proposed the offer to Lexa, which she gobbled up like the treacherous turkey she is. But Dante urged Cage not to celebrate too soon; as long as Clarke and her people walk the ground, the war is hardly over.

Fellow earthlings, were you crushed by Lexa’s betrayal? And are you hopeful for next Wednesday’s finale? Drop a comment with your thoughts and theories below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Sarah says:

    Wow, I feel gutted as a huge Lexa fan, but BRAVO on that plot twist writers, was not expecting it. I think Lexa’s feelings for Clarke are real, but like she said, she had to make this decision with her head and not her heart. It’s painful, but she made the decision as Commander Lexa to save her people, even if that meant betraying someone she loves. Once again, The 100 proves to be one of, if not THE best show on TV. (PS: a small part of me is holding out hope Lexa has a plan and will come back, but either way, this episode was FANTASTIC and really set up for an excellent part 2!)

    • Juliet says:

      Yes another awesome episode. OMG Lexa, how could you betray Clarke. Well that relationship is over Clarke will be A sexual by season 3. I mean F##K, Lexa is the futuristic version of Alex in OITNB. I love Piper/Alex. Every time I think well this episode will not, be better than the last it is. I am heart sick for Clarke. I was into the Clexa thing nice twist to the show, and always thought Bellamy and Clarke are the end game. I am absolutely blown away. Honestly I don’t understand why more people are not watching this show. I get that it’s sci-fi, man this has to be one of the best shows I have seen in a long time. I don’t think I can forgive Lexa for the betrayal what a tease Lexa.

    • Lia says:

      Frankly, Lexa’s decision was smart and logical even if she stabbed Clarke in the back, I’m not saying what she did was right, but it was right for her people, and although she is in an alliance, her duty is first to her people, that is the responsibility of a leader, which she is. But I do believe that the ‘Clexa’ shipping that everyone had going between the two is done, Clarke is not forgiving and I highly doubt she’ll forgive Lexa, actually I think she’d become completely hardened after this betrayal, and not very trusting, I think there was a time for Clarke and Bellamy that it could of worked, but I believe that time has past, and they are now just strictly friends’, because Clarke will always put her people first before Bellamy even, and she has.

      • Igor Alb says:

        Lia, I don’t think so. Lexa saved some of her tribe, but turn the entire sky’s people into enemy.

        • Rita says:

          also, giving all of the mountain ppl the ability to step outside will not be benaficial in the long run, i really dont see how this was a smart decision at all

    • Donut says:

      I was thinking the same thing! I was screaming: WTF!!!??? When Lexa betrayed Clarke, but I really REALLY want us to see Lexa feel daunted by her decision and want Clarke. (Like, find a way to be with her, try to convince her to join the Grounders.) I am still holding on to Clexa<3

      • That would be an interesting storyline, but it’s hard to imagine at the moment. Although I can see Lexa saving Clarke while she’s out in the wilderness and possibly convincing her to spend some time with her alone.

  2. Alyse says:

    I knew Lexa was a shady bitch who couldn’t be trusted!

  3. LoloCurray says:

    I’m not going to lie, something seems of about the betrayal. Like maybe it is just flat out backstabbing, but she went from 0 to 100 really quick. I think (well, hope and pray) there is something more to it. #Redemption

    • A fan of TV says:

      I assumed it had to do with Lexa being hurt that Clarke didn’t jump right into her arms or agree to go yo the capital with her when it was all over. It was a reminder to Lexa that they aren’t together despite the alliance, but it was petty and horrible that she did it.
      – That said, it won’t surprise me if Lexa’s conscience turns her around to help even though she forced her people to retreat. But she’ll probably pay for that with her life.

  4. Sawyer says:

    OMG. I can’t believe what I just watched. I am a lesbian and I want Lexa to die a horrific death. What a b####. Man I love this show. The look on Clarke’s face when Lexa betrayed her was heart wrenching. I am speechless, what a twist.

  5. Drew says:

    The Lexa betrayal really wasn’t surprising. The woman has shown no loyalty to anyone but herself, ever. What was disappointing was how Clarke looked so devastated, like she didn’t see it coming. I was hoping that Clarke was playing Lexa last week when the kiss happened. Tonight I wanted her to tell Lexa that when they do meet again, she is going to kill her. Instead, we got Clarke being played and then all teary-eyed and lost. I hope she toughens up for the finale, then hunts Lexa down.

    • Rita says:

      the moment lexa betrayed her i wanted clark to get out her gun and shoot lexa in the face

    • Dan Mason says:

      Ditto Drew, Clarke’s silly flip-flopping teams was a plot device that IMO didn’t seem probable or character based, but that, especially today, is TV and a focal point of ‘the agenda’. Good riddance is all I have to say about that little relationship.

      • Chuck says:

        Really? You’re going to make this about the ‘gay agenda’? The writers have made it clear that Clarke is bisexual. It’s not that surprising if we’re talking about a futuristic society that has moved past the petty homophobia you seem to hold on to. Especially when they were all living in close quarters on a spaceship with multiple minorities and nationalities where it was against the law to have more than one child. Gay and lesbian relationships were probably encouraged.

        The more unrealistic one was Lexa being a lesbian and still able to lead her people. The main issue of the Grounders is that they don’t have enough people to fight the Mountain Men and yet they have an abundance of resources. Procreation would probably be one of the most important things to them. Especially as they presented themselves as a barbaric unenlightened warrior civilization.

  6. Amazing. This episode blew my mind. This plot twist blew my mind.

  7. Amelia Saleta says:

    At firts I was like Clarke should go with Lexa to the captiol and live happily ever after! and then LEXA YOU CANT KISS CLARKE ONE EPISODE AND THEN BETRAY HER THE NEXT WHAT THE HELL..and Lexa just totally lost all my love…I’m done, I want lexa dead now! I’m pissed, just kill her Clarke
    Predicted Deaths in next week’s finale:
    1. Me.
    2. My Sanity.
    3. My hope.


  8. James D says:

    wtf was that? seriously after the season long build up and all the crap she did she just takes the deal and retreats, doesn’t seem very groundery to me. I’m indifferent to Lexa as a character but still WTF that was thoroughly underwhelming and very disappointing. other than that it was a fun episode and I will definitely tune in for the finale. One other note please fix Octavia she was turning into a great character at the end of last season and the start of this one but this whole I have no home story is tired, trite, and pointless just my opinion.

    • kpfaber says:

      I was thinking that too, that it took an entire season for Clarke to convince the Grounders to team up with them, and all it took was one jerk Mountain Man to convince Lexa into a deal to betray the person she loved.

      But, I realized that the Mountain has been looming over the Grounders for a long time, and any sense of reprieve that they might get from the Mountain would be worth it to Lexa. Also she knew that if they took the 44 and maybe more Sky People the Mountain Men would have no more need for their blood, so she wasn’t worried about them turning on their promise.

  9. Alichat says:

    I seriously want to put a bullet in Lexa and Cage’s brains. I kept waiting for someone to point out to Lexa that by sacrificing the Arkers, she is giving the Mountain men what they need to be able to come outside. And then, what’s to stop them from shooting a missile at all the grounders’ camps, and taking their “rightful place on the ground”? She really doesn’t know how to think ahead….how to plan.

    • Jane says:

      Agreed! She is the dumbest leader I have ever seen. Since this is a tv show I doubt they will have the mountain men just wipe them out or take their land but in reality that is exactly what would happen in this situation.

    • Alyssa Castro says:


  10. Dani says:

    I sat here really quiet re-thinking that whole scene… And I don’t like what Lexa did but I understand it. First let me say that I love the Grounder Commander. Head-strong, lack of feelings, beauty and all. She pulled back, betrayed Clarke, and broke her heart. But taking Lincoln was a little bit too far (way-way). I just cannot blame her for that act for her people. It is war. Post apocalypse! Where people live in mountains and there is acid fog, reapers, and ‘kill or be killed mentality’. I want to blame her and yell at my tv but just can’t. I wanted a happy ending AND I almost cried after that kiss. But it is a powerful storyline. Way too powerful for a happy ending of such a nature.

    As for Clarke and Lexa, I don’t believe it is over in terms of there relationship. It could be a quick way to pull Alycia Debman-Carey out for the new WD spin off. It could also be a way for her to draw less attention to herself getting into Mt Weather and saving Clarke/The Day. I’m a hopeless for dramatic romance.

    Either way I still love the character. I absolutely think we will see her again very soon. And I am curious if the next season has anything to do with the Ice Queen/Ice Nation and the infamous City of Lights… They could have an aligning path where they “meet again”.

    Oh and next week… Who do you think will die? Maya? Clarkes Mother? Raven or Wick? How about Clarke and Octavia? I smell a lot of shade.

    • jami says:

      I thought it was strange Lexa took Lincoln from Clarke, considering he is really loyal to Clarke and seems to be one of Clarke’s people. Maybe Lexa has a plan to send Lincoln with a small army to help Clarke. Don’t know. I thought it was great episode. Clarke did look heartbroken, and I was heartbroken. Lexa you can’t just kiss someone and ask them to come to the Capital, then betray them. This show is so good. This show does not get the attention it should.

      • A fan of TV says:

        I feel like Clarke’s inability to commit was the trigger that pulled on Lexa’s heartbreak and made her make the choice she did. And it will probably haunt her.

      • Sophie says:

        I honestly think this is part of a bigger plan. I think Lexa and/or Lincoln will come back to help. Lincoln more likely as he is in love with Octavia and belongs with them more than the Grounders now, but Lexa can’t just switch off her feelings for Clarke as much as she tries…Also, the whole “deal” is suspicious; the Grounders went up to kill the MM and they managed to very quickly surrender and negotiate. Doesn’t sound like them, or Lexa. Blood MUST have blood.

  11. MBB72 says:

    Eww. Never liked the Commander. Glad she showed her true colors (which she really already had when she sacrificed Tondc). I had thought the betrayal was going to be that after they got inside, she’d have her people massacre all of Mt. Weather (which I might have liked ‘cept for the kids and the good people helping the 45.) But when it went the other way, I have to admit it was a surprise and I like that when a show can surprise you. Thought Clarke should have knifed her, instead of looking all puppy. When will she learn….thought she had. Only people you can trust are the 100….they won’t turn on you. Liked Raven and Wick…hope they make it next week. And hope to hell she shoots Cage and his father….his turning coat back to his people was weak….he sucks. Could have suggested his son send all the prisoners out…..not just the grounders. Clarke had already said they wouldn’t attack if he freed her people. But then we wouldn’t have next week. ps…Hope they agree to give Maya some voluntary bone marrow….it can be done without killing people. That’s one of the scientific things they aren’t mentioning… need to kill them all…that way you could use them forever! Makes no sense to kill them……still happy Dr. Beyotch is dead…I really hate when they talk sadly to the people they are killing….next week Cage channels her!

  12. Why do they let poor Raven keep suffering like this i can hardly bare to watch she is always saving their lives with her genius and what does she get …more torture

  13. Gui says:

    I googled “the 100 season 2” and this was the first site. Spoiler alert much !? wow you guys suck. Thanks alot

    • Wouter says:

      Oh boohoo, Don’t look for spoilers if you don’t want to be spoiled. You can’t expect everyone to stop writing about the 100 because you haven’t seen it yet.

    • A fan of TV says:

      You know what ducks more? Being THAT person who inevitably clicks a link pertaining to an episode that they know they haven’t seen yet, that’s labelled recap, and proceeds to blame others for the fact that they spoiled themselves.

    • Drew says:

      Why are you Googling a show that you don’t want spoilers for? The “News” results are always on the top, with the most recent stories first… have you not used Google before?

  14. Evan Busman says:

    The betrayal wasn’t explained well in the show. What happened is that the Mountain Men figured out that the Ark children and grounders were hiding out in the harvest chamber. It wasn’t seen but the Mountain soldiers got there first and retook them all as prisoners. They could have killed them but the Mountain people still wanted the Ark children for their bone marrow. The Mountain people were expandable though. So the Mountain people sent a message to Lexa that she could take her people now and leave unharmed or they would be immediately kill all of the Mountain men and children. So she betrayed Clarke and took the deal.

  15. The100me says:

    To be honest, all the hate on Lexa is bs. As pointed out in the show itself, Lexa is leader because she is ruthless thinking with her head and not heart. As I would do the same also if I were in that position. Big awesome twist. Do hope Lexa and Clark go back as they were in mid season tho, not death to either! U could see a little sorrow in Lexa when betraying, but like I said, it was smart choice. Oh and a tip for more popularity, do some reruns. Hard to spot a show only on once a week and once played, never played again

    • Dani says:

      If she really wasn’t thinking with her heart though, she would have let her people die in and out of the mountain. I would have done it too.

      Watch, if she comes back a hero fans will profess their deep seeded love and faith.

      • jami says:

        Well I am kinda pissed at Lexa right now. However I think she took Lincoln to help save Clarke, and her people for the finale. However this show is so unpredictable, who knows.

    • Jane says:

      She had a brain the size of a pea if she really is thinking with her head. She won a battle only to lose the war. Once the mountain me can get out they will annhilate the grounders because they see them as a threat and dangerous. They have the weapons and intelligence to do it too. The grounders don’t stand a chance. Furthermore if the other tribes find out she willingly sacrificed their leaders they won’t be so quick to come to her aid.

    • Purplerayne says:

      “Smart choice.” If it was actually a smart choice, I wouldn’t be as annoyed. However, Lexa gave them the weapon the mountain people need to reclaim and take over the ground – the ark people’s bone marrow.

      What, do you think the mountain men are just going to go outside and frolic gaily in the flowers? They are imperialists. They take over, dominate, and fortify, and give no f##ks as to whether or not they wipe out a whole people in the process.

      The ark today, the grounders tomorrow. Lexa didn’t make a smart decision, she made an impulsive one. One that puts her people in danger in the long run. Now she’ll have to pay the piper, no matter if the mountain men win, or if Clarke does.

    • kpfaber says:

      I think that Lexa had everything to gain from making that deal. The Mountain Men are not imperialists. They just do what they think they need to do to survive. They don’t really see the Grounders as a threat, as evidenced by their long-time use of them as slaves, and a blood supply.

      A lot of the reason Lexa made this deal is because Grounder have an innate fear of the Mountain Men, as evidenced by Lexa’s recounting of the last time a “missile” was used. She is afraid of them, and would do anything to have the Mountain Men leave her people alone. The Mountain Men no longer need the Grounders if they have the 44, so they’d be good to live and let live.

      I don’t think Clarke will forgive Lexa, and that’s mostly because of how television works. The writers would suffice it to have a main protagonist to have a same-sex love interest for one episode, as long as she really ends up with a man later on (Bellamy). I wouldn’t be surprised if Lexa never appears again in the series, but if they do want to make it good, they would have her appear with a continuing love interest for Clarke (which will never be returned because of her betrayal), and continue to help Clarke and her people.

      It seems that Lexa may have issues keeping control of her own people, as there is now seeded doubt in Indra, Octavia, and Lincoln. She may be killed off by her own people and the other Grounders may not be inclined to honor the truce with the Sky People.

  16. Judie Poston says:

    I was devastated that Lexa turned on Clark. Didn’t see that coming and definitely NOT happy! Even worse Raven is now stuck inside & so many weather station ark supporters died to help the Ark people. Really bad episode. You know Clark feels like a failure…her face evidenced that. It doesn’t seem there’s an end in sight…so sad for such a promising series.

  17. Saul C says:

    WTF. What ever happened to “Jus drein jus daun!” (Blood demands blood) didn’t she say that prior to taking the deal with Clarke, that’s why Finn died to make room for an alliance. Am I missing something like is there an exception to “Jus drein jus daun!”???

  18. Claude says:

    The sad day when The 100 writers chose shock value over logical plot development. I’m terribly disappointed in this finale, especially since I’ve been doing nothing more than raving about this show since the beginning. But this is just plain dumb, contradictory, ”twists!” over good story telling and continuity.
    1. One thing has been stressed over and over again: Lexa’s extraordinary and sometimes rutheless leadership because she is strategic and thinks about the larger picture. She accepts sacrifices for the longer-term goals. She will lose a battle and sacrifice some people (like the bombing of Ton DC) for the sake of winning the war. The war is not saving a few prisoner grounders inside Mount Weather, it’s about eliminating the threat for good i.e. eliminating the Mountain Men. Failing to do so, even when saving a few inside, will just result in them continuing with their kidnappings of the grounders/making reapers.
    2. Her very speech was about how Mount Weather had cast a shadow over the valley and its people for a century and victory over them was finally at hand. It wasn’t about saving some strander grounders.
    3. 250 people were killed in Tond DC, and she let them be killed, so she could rescue…50+ odd grounders inside?!!!
    4. She’s stated over and over the strategic importance of the alliance with the sky people (with their skills, weapons, technology) to keep the MM threat at bay, and she would betray and break that alliance over some peeps inside?!
    5. They HAD already gotten in, they had subdued those guys with guns on the ridge at the entrance, their grounders were already freeing themselves, Indra’s team was aldready almost in, the lack of power had made the mountain men retreat into level 5 because of the radiation breach, and the total number of guards (given that the total amount of mountain people is like 300 from what Maya once said), means probably not even 100 guards. Their army is in the thousands from what they themselves said. And the sky people have weapons. It was a sure win with few casualties, but the end result would be the END of Mount Weather. Lexa would NEVER make such a ridiculously UN-STRATEGIC move like that! She is the ultimate ‘the means justify the end’ leader type and NOW she decided to save some means and leave the threat untouched, when victory was assured?? I call BS!
    6. They just destroyed an entire season of character development of the Lexa and Clarke relationship. Thy had taken such care in building this give-take dynamic, of them learning and changing because of each other, and now they send it down the toilet with a betrayal of such absurdity for an ‘oh my god what a twist moment’?!! Why even bother with that scene of invitation to Polis, if they were gonna make Lexa next to unredeemable? No, no, no.
    7. They wanted to be so bold and progressive by having an LGBT relationship and leads, spouting how awesome they were in this world of no labels, but as soon as they have their ‘ratings’ kiss, they character-assassinate one of them, so they don’t actually have to develop and show them further? And here I had been raving how for the first time a show had not indulged in queerbating. OH HOW BITTER I feel to have been wrong.
    8. The whole season was leading up the this epic war, only to be none?! They just left. And I really don’t care of next episode some get inside to liberate the 44. I wanted at least some battle? All that buildup for nothing at all?! The most ant-climactic finale/season/idea I’ve ever seen and been disappointed by.
    9. Lexa has become one of the most facinating characters on TV for me in a long time, for how smart, strategic, conflicted, strong, female character she was portrayed as. Now this makes no sense on any level. Not that she should have put Clarke over her people, but over logic and strategy, over alliance, over whatever honor their supposed to have. Betrayal is suddenly just fine?
    10. Aren’t the grounders driven by their ‘blood must have blood’ philosophy, where vengance/blood justice is law? Where the mission wasn’t only about saving the people inside, but getting rid of the threart AND making them pay with their blood? And nothing? They broke their own law? Wasn’t that the title of the episode?

    i’ve usually praised The 100 for how well thoughtout plot and character developments have been, for how good their continuity and attention to consequences and long term thinking was. Tonight I lost my faith in this show when it chose ”shock” over quality and destroyed the very premises of what made this show great. It certainly killed my enthusiasm for it. Don’t think I’ll be even watching part 2 of this ‘no blood, no climax, no sense’ finale. Incredibly bummed out. :(

    • George says:

      Agreed, Lexa’s decision is anything but logical or strategically sound and completely contradictory to everything the show portrayed her to be. That was the grounder’s chance to end it once and for all but no – Lexa chooses to pick 50 or so grounders and be on her marry way instead. Not only that but the mountain people needed grounder blood which will change if they achieve their goal of getting enough bone marrow (funny on its own but it is only a show). So, if they no longer need grounder blood what exactly is preventing them from killing every grounder in their way? The conversations in the bunker control room suggest they got more missiles so they could basically blow up the grounder villages to soften them and then take care of the problem once and for all. What happened to “blood for blood”? All of a sudden Lexa forgets the “good things” the mountain men have been doing all this time? Are we to believe that she is naive enough to think that this will stop once the mountain men get what they want from the ark people? The only thing that could strategically make sense to me up this point is Lexa wanting to prolong the war to keep the tribes united. I guess I’ll have to wait and see, but they better have something good to explain this so called twist as otherwise I call BS…

      • Vincent says:

        I Think Lexa has a plan to help Clarke, but in a more discreet way. I think in the next episode she will be a hero that saves them all and probably dies. As someone mentioned she is now one of the main cast in the walking dead spin off “Cobalt”.

        Lexa also forcibly took Lincoln which is also suspicious since she normally would not care if he decides to stay behind and die of his foolishness. I think she has plans that will involve and require Lincoln’s skill and knowledge on how to enter Mount Weather. I think she basically planned to minimize the bloodshed, especially on her people’s side, and turn attention away from her and her people by taking the deal. But behind she will be helping Clarke end the threat of the mountain men forever.

        Otherwise yes it is not logical on Lexa’s character to not have the foresight of the mountain men being more dangerous once they are all able to go above ground and kill all grounders on sight.

        • sawyer says:

          I agree. I think Lexa did take Lincoln to help her, come back for Clarke with a small Army if not then yes it is BS. The writers were being praised on LGBT main character. Lexa her feelings seemed real and by Clarke facial expression she thought Lexa cared for her. It also was evident Clarke had feelings for her. I love this show, however last night when Lexa betrayed Clarke I was like wtf. I think after reading some of the comments, very valid points on the writing and the shock value. I might have to reevaluate my feelings for this show.

      • Kim says:

        On point 2, I 100% agree, it doesn’t make sense for her to sacrifice hundreds in Tond DC to save Tree People in god knows what fighting condition inside.

        But I am hoping the writers are messing with us and Lexa took the deal knowing that she would double cross the Mountain Men once they had had a chance to regroup. The whole exchange with Clarke took place right outside the friggin front door, which they know the Mountain Men have eyes and ears on. Lexa had to really sell her betrayal to Clarke for the Mountain Men to think they had regained the upper hand. “May we meet again” was a pretty pointed comment though.

        Here’s to hoping at the end of the finale, the Grounder army returns to surprise us in some form or other and Lexa comes good on her promise to Clarke.

    • Deni Tel says:

      the people of the ark and the mountain is who paid with blood

    • Jerry says:

      I agree. More perplexing, is the desire for the 300 or so Mount Weather survivors to leave a highly defensive fortress to reclaim the land from the thousands of mad max rejects they’ve been killing for years on end. There needs to be an episode devoted to their perspective if they are to be around next season – maybe its tied to the cryptic remark by the deposed President about New York. Could it be that the boat ride to find “The City of Light”, leads to another secret military bunker on Liberty Island that is part of the old U.S.??? Sounds like the ENCLAVE, Fallout fans…

      • Vincent says:

        Definitely has some Fallout elements in this show haha. And ye definitely more bunkers etc. in the coming season…And mutants!! :)

    • A fan of TV says:

      Wow an epic. Let’s rebut: Lexa’s choice to betray Clarke had almost nothing to do with her leadership skills, and everything to do with feeling hurt that Clarke didn’t leap into her arms or agree to go with her to the capital after that kiss. You’re totally right that the better strategy was maintaining the alliance, but Lexa’s judgment has been clouded. Even leaders are human, and love makes people weak. Lexa herself said that. Her stupid choices this week are because she’s blinded by love.

      Its still a great show. Hopefully this helps you see the bigger picture, beyond your misinterpretation that Lexa was born perfect. The leader she replaced got herself killed, as did hundreds of leaders before them. There are no perfect leaders who always make the right choices, not anywhere.

    • A fan of TV says:

      And if you let yourself believe you were queerbaited, when I just gave you an explanation that was all about feelings, you’re letting Twitter trolls tell you how to think. Rise above that.

    • Erika says:

      Your reply is absolutely well put. I couldn’t agree with you more.

  19. Jake says:

    Lexa was my favorite character but now… I don’t know. I’m conflicted to say the least. I can certainly see why Lexa did what she did but I don’t think that was the only option. I have a feeling we aren’t done with Lexa and Clarke’s relationship as well. All I can say is I can’t wait for next weeks episode. I am also super impressed with what The 100 has done this season. It’s incredible the transformation between and the slow and awkward beginning and what’s happening now. Bravo!

  20. Lisa_OfTheSkyPeople says:

    The grounders are the WORST!!!!! This is why I have trust issues to be honest! ;(

  21. Deni Tel says:

    I still love you Lexa … even u being a bitch! Please, go back….

  22. Jason says:

    If Lexa doesn’t die in the second half of this finale, I won’t be back for season 3.

  23. Kate says:

    Death to Lexa and especially Indra they are both cold hearted jerks. And of course Cage.

  24. Kc says:

    This’ll obviously make everyone hate Lexa (them hardcore Clarke/Bellamy shippers sure have plenty to say I imagine), but she’s basically been making ruthless, unpopular decisions in the interest of her own people since she first showed up. I like her too much I guess to start wanting her dead now or whatever (also this twist obviously makes for good drama).

    Alycia Debnam-Carey was so good in that last scene though.

  25. Zoe says:

    I have to wonder if Lexa would have made the same decision is Clarke had committed to her after the war.

  26. Sarah says:

    One of the things I always liked about Lexa was how smart she was. She didnt make rash decision or ‘fight first, ask questions later’. She looked at a situation and weighed up all the options.
    Which is why her choice to retreat makes no sense. Surely she see’s the bigger picture?

    – Mountain men capture all sky people
    – Mountain men harvest bone marrow from the sky people
    – Mountain men are able to leave the mountain and live outside
    – Mountain men decide they don’t want to live along side the grounder ‘savages’
    – Mountain men uses their guns and fancy technology to wipe out all grounders.

    Lexa has not only destroyed her alliance with the sky people, she has helped her biggest enemy gain more power.

    I only hope that there is a twist. That Lexa has done this for a reason to give them a better chance of defeating the mountain men. Or that her and Clarke came up with this plan together without telling anyone else and this is all an act.

    • Vincent says:

      This is also what I think and hope..that Lexa actually has a bigger plan behind her. She could not be soo stupid as to not know how dangerous the mountain men will be when they are able to go up on the ground since she was aware of all the progress on the marrow treatment and the result of it (i.e The Sniper that blew up Tondc was a immunized mountain men)

  27. Lucy says:

    This was one of the most well-written episodes of television I have ever had the pleasure of being devastated by – while the Lexa plot twist was just painful, it was SO perfect and in character, and it helps us get back to the centre of the 44 for next week without having to worry about all of the external characters as well. I am SO EXCITED by this show and everything it does, and the fact that it’s been renewed for a third season is the smartest decision the CW has made in a long time.

    • Jackie says:

      100% agree! I did not see this coming and although it was sad to watch, it not only was true to the character, but makes for one hell of a reunion in season 3 (fingers crossed)!

    • A fan of TV says:

      I’m bummed that the Grounder Alliance was over so abruptly, as many of them were very much growing on me, but they do have to make room in the cast for the people they’re bound to meet at the City of Light and/or the rumoured Ice People of Season 3. However, I hope Lincoln survives and becomes official ‘Skypeople’ so to speak, since he was sooo upset by Lexa’s choice and just wanted to help them, and I hope he brings with him a group of Grounders who disagree with Lexa’s decision, knowing that the war won’t be won until the Mountain Men heavies are dead.

  28. Ashley says:

    All I have to say about this is that I hope it’s some strategic plan to fool the MM into thinking they retreated so they can come at them a different way and take them by surprise. Because if it’s not, if Lexa actually destroyed the alliance and left all those people to die just to save 50 or so of her people, it goes against absolutely everything we’ve known about her all season. Lexa is a good leader for the Grounders because she’s ruthless. But she’s also a good leader because she thinks things through. She looks at the situation from every angle and makes the best strategic decision. Except in this episode where she randomly throws all of that strategy aside to save a handful of people. It makes no sense.
    Here’s hoping this is all part of some grand plan. Otherwise, the show just destroyed an entire season of character building and relationship development (with Lexa-Clarke) for some ridiculous plot twist.

  29. Johni says:

    Lexa’s dumb decision doomed her people. Maybe he saved a few, but gave up the only opportunity to conquer the mountain. After the people of the mountain and the people of the sky are done with each other, one of them will have a secure place with rockets, guns, acid cloud, and surveillance, and human eating grounders.

  30. Jenna says:

    honestly i was not expecting that OMG, but i agree with what some people are saying (well, hoping) that lexa has another plan to help clarke get her people back and only did that to take mt weather’s attention away from them. i had so much hope for the skypeople and grounders to live together and stuff, whats gonna happen with octavia and lincoln?? ugh, they’re never gonna be able to have a decent relationship! and raven and wick??? i just started to love them and now mt weather has them… i need to watch next weeks episode now!!!! :((

  31. Liza says:

    I don’t get what people see in lexa, Lexa is a cold hearted bitch, i’m almost sure that she will save clarke in the next episode or something but their relationship would still make no sense. They were building up to a good alliance maybe a friendship, but to say that they were building them up on a romantice way this season? no. And Lexa made clarke do some terrible things, killing Finn(sort off), Leaving her people to die in that village? i’m sorry but clarke would never have done that. And i really really don’t like the people who make comments on the bellarke fans because they are waiting for bellamy and clarke since season 1, and the writers said that their is no room for romance this season, so it’s a bit weird that clarke and lexa get a kiss while they get nothing after 2 seasons of waiting.

  32. James says:

    Damn. I loved Lexa and am now crushed. I think theyre creating a divide between the grounders and the citizens of the ark for season 3, with Indra also turning on Octavia. Super pumped for the finale!!!!

  33. seriously, could the mods get rid of ‘Lexa is a b****’ comments? it’s misogynist as well as cursing. the choice made (by the writers, really, but whatevs:) was really interesting, really compelling, and paradigm shifting for future episodes. Lexa and Clarke’s relationship wasn’t going to end in marriage after season 2, and whatever is happening is way more interesting. kudos to the writers, honestly.

    • A fan of TV says:

      If I throw in an honest ‘Finn was such a massacring, lovr-blind b**** before they killed him,’ can we call it even and not split hairs over what was a real b**** move on her part.

  34. oh well says:

    I still have hope for Lexa, i believe she have other plan &reason why she did this and not just by saving few grounders, why?

    -she made an alliance with sky crew to help take out the mountain man
    -she sacrifice 200+ people in ton dc to get justice and elminate the threat(MM) by winning this war

    -she is smart & tough commander
    -she always think of long term goal & always think ahead.
    -grounders means of justice is “blood for blood”

    The possible outcome of this action are:
    -MM win this war
    -MM get cured
    -MM get to claim the ground
    -MM kill the grounders
    -Lexa and her people accomplish nothing

    – so based on her characteristic, she will know what will be the result of this action
    – based on the code/law that she live by, she will not let the end result only benefit the MM and get her people be killed just becuase she want to save few grounders now.

    …so i beleive LEXA HAVE A PLAN..

    • Vincent says:

      Me tooooo. So sad that there is a chance she will not be in the show anymore having been cast on Walking Dead Spin off “Cobalt”. Wish she would stay on this show instead lolz

  35. Robyn says:

    I just can’t get over how cut throat Lexa is – i mean where is the loyalty!!! And by now she must know that there is no way they can beat the mountain men without the help of the sky people. I predict that there will come a day when the grounders will need the sky people’s help and wont get it. I understand it was kill or be killed but if Lexa had just came to clarke they could have thought of a better solution. I mean there was no Blood for Blood or anything like that so Lexa not only betrayed clarke but she also betrayed her people. There will be no coming back from this Lexa – she is walking down a path that will lead to her death. I mean where do you think the mountain men will go once they can walk the earth – straight for the grounders with their shinny machine guns and chemical weapons. ugh… thoroughly disgusted by Lexa’s primal instincts….

  36. Chris says:

    Beyond the betrayal, it didn’t make much sense tactically. Lexa was never going to have an opportunity like this to crack the mountain again: power down, collective armies and Ark allies at an open door, and more forces coming through the back and inside the mountain itself. Why would Lexa turn down the opportunity to crush her long time enemies — and make enemies of her Ark allies in the process? In making the deal, she’s left the Mountain free to do whatever they want to her people.

    I love the show, but I think this was a weak out. A better moral dilemma would be deciding what to do with people inside the Mountain. Disappointed.

  37. Charissa29 says:

    It was brilliant and horrible and sad and funny (thank you Wick!) and jaw-dropping! I love this show and hate to wait for Season 3.

  38. Jane says:

    Once again the mountain men have outsmarted the grounders. It is no wonder the grounders have not progressed over 90 years! First Lexa makes a terrible call in not warning the other tribe leaders about the missile and now she surrenders just when she could have wiped out the enemy! She really is not forward thinking or strategic at all. She won a battle only to lose the war. She can not plan further ahead than the minute she is in. She has a bunch of sheep following her and it only takes one person to turn the herd. Seeds have already been planted that person could be Lincoln. He doesn’t agree with her at all and if he steps up I feel he could convince others she is wrong. Clarke hopefully learned not to trust people who have no scruples. Jaha was right all along! I knew he would be bc he was the only one talking any sense.

  39. hal says:

    I hope Lexa’s death will be slow and painful.

  40. Eponine says:

    Enough about Clexa… Can we talk about Bellamy for a minute? This character has really come into his own; from the person we saw in season 1 to the hero who is risking his life to save those inside. Without him everyone, and I do mean everyone, would have died… The missile launch at TonDC, the acid fog, the caged Grounders, the 44. Let’s take a moment to realize the epic job Bob has done to make this character come to life!

    • Chalkyardy says:

      Some great acting moments in this episode, however dodgy the writing… Bellamy has redeemed himself over amd over here, and shown his great courage. His expression when he saw the empty Harvest Chamber was (almost) as bad as Clarke’s when she realized she was betrayed. I just can’t wait to see him back in Ark clothes. In Lovejoy’s stupid ugly uniform, he looks awful. The moment Monty crawled out of his hiding place so dazed and shocked, muttering about Mrs. Ryan really stopped my heart. Chris Larkin is a really talented actor who I really enjoy watching.

  41. Rhino says:

    WOW… Talk about plot twist!! I definitely didn’t see that coming. I definitely felt for Clarke, but Lexa made the only choice she could have. She’s told Clarke the whole time to think with your head and not your heart. I can’t wait to find out how Clarke gets them all out! Plus any thoughts on Lexa and Clarke’s future relationship??

  42. Namco15 says:

    I was sure that something happen, never will see protagonists lesbians :(

  43. Jen says:

    I have a theory and I could be totally wrong but here goes:

    Lexa’s deal with the Mt.Men was to get her people back and to have her people forever left alone by the Mt.Men since they no longer need Grounder blood transfusions to survive. That meant she had to sacrifice the Sky People and her alliance with Clarke — or so it seems.
    What I am thinking these tricky writers did, because it’s what I would do, is finagle in as part of the deal that Clarke not be harmed in any way – that she her life is spared. If that deal is broken, or appears to be broken in any way Lexa will probably rain down pain on the Mt., especially after what happened to Costia.

    I also believe Lexa’s decision, if genuine, to betray Clarke, will eat at her until she does something to fix it. She’s already shown that she is not as tough as she pretends to be, and has a caring heart.

    Another theory I have is that Lexa has a plan, but she can’t come right out and say it in front of Clarke and the Mt. Man she captured. She must appear to be upholding the deal with the Mt. Men and must appear to betray Clarke and walk away from the conflict. “May we meet again,” could mean, “I’ll be back.” Whatever her plan is after that, I have no clue. Maybe the Mt. Men will let their guard down thinking the Grounders are no longer a threat and then BAM the Grounders get their Blood for Blood in part 2.

  44. Jenna says:

    Does anyone think that the grounder girl Bellamy rescued might be a leader in her own right. Maybe one of the 12 in the alliance? Bell promised her he’d be back. She agreed to protect the kids. Did anyone notice the way the camera stayed on her for a bit as she came out the door? Could she be the unexpected help? I think they’re setting is up for something between Bell and this new girl. Maybe she is the elusive Ice Queen. Just a thought.

    • Jen says:

      I had that thought too. I have a feeling she will be none too pleased to learn Bell was abandoned after he risked his neck for them and everyone.
      I also agree with the romance between them being a possibility. Good call.

  45. i'm a stud says:

    Lexa is still a hottie

  46. Lindsey says:

    Almost passed out from holding my breath during the intense parts of this last episode! I am enraptured with this series. As mad as I was with Lexa, I am glad for the plot twist. Something had to occur for the show to keep going on to another season. If the alliance had stayed, and they had surged the mountain and won; there would not be as much TV drama or excitement. And this episode was full of drama and excitement. I am impatiently waiting for next week’s episode. I’m hoping it will blow my mind even further! I hope this series lasts a LOOONG time!!!!!

  47. shutuprob says:

    I’m really hoping that Clarke challenges Lexa to a duel to the death — and wins. While I’d like to see Clarke win a duel with Lexa outright (perhaps in an INdy-versus-the-swordsman sort of cheap-shot way) and win cheiftainship of the Grounders due to Lexa’s decision to allow Tondi’ci to be bombed, I could also imagine Lexa putting her throne up as trophy and throwing the duel because, as we already know, she not-so-secretly wearies of the sometimes unethical, sometimes immoral choices she has to make (as well as a personal penance for allowing Tondi’ci to be destroyed.)
    Also, with the 100 cut down from 101 (including stowaway Bellamy) to 47 (the forty-four prisoners plus Clarke, Bellamy and Octavia, 48 if you include Raven, which I do, 49 if you include Lincoln, which I do — not counting Murphy because he’s tagging along on Jaha’s Vision Quest and I’m tempted to add Maya and Wick if they survive next week), I’m thinking it’s time for them to replenish their ranks. Seems to me that a certain Ark officer that put the explosives in the door might be annoyed with both the Ark government *and* Lexa’s betrayal. Could some of the *Grounders* be offended by Lexa’s betrayal of the 100, especially the girl that Bellamy set free? How many of the Mountain people who helped the 44 might join if they survive, given the likelihood that Abby could develop a non-lethal bone marrow transplant protocol (yeah, assuming that Cage doesn’t kill her)?

  48. Maureen says:

    Let me help you all out here. It seems that everyone commenting has forgotten about the very thing that forged this alliance between the Grounders and the Sky People: they each had something to assist one another in winning this war. Evidently, everyone has been so distracted by the potential romances to remember that the Grounders need the Sky People in order to recover the Reapers (who are the Grounders own people). Lexa is too smart of a leader to be happy with just saving those already locked inside, she knows the Mountain Men’s potential when it comes to using ruthless ways to get what they want. She has already proven that she truly believes it’s important to allow the enemy to believe they have the upper hand (when she allowed the missile to hit Tondc without warning anyone). Logic would dictate that she has thought all this through. Another option, however, is that she has NOT thought it through, and her own people will deem her incompetent and turn on her when they realize she has turned her back on her own that are under the Red drug control right now. That would make sense, and showing Indra seeing someone she loves, who is a Reaper, is a lead in to that story line. Either way, please try to remember what created the alliance, as Im sure it will tie the entire story line together… and also give Lexa a more interesting exit than just getting killed by a Mountain Man.

  49. fan1am says:

    It might have been a smart decision, but not the way of the warrior. So how are the Sky People going to prevent their friends from getting chewed up and used for bone marrow?

  50. Sam says:

    I think when Lexa said she made the decision with her head and not her heart, she meant it. She got her people out without losing anymore forces. However, I doubt she will just back down when her people have been killed by the Mountain people…whatever they are called. If she did, this would not go with her character, to back down from getting what “blood must have blood” means to her.

    P.S. Clarke told Lexa that all she wanted to do was save -her- people. Wrong choice of words?

    • Jaco says:

      I have to agree. I feel maybe Lexa needed to hear those words, because her heart was wavering between having feelings and being the heartless commander we have come to know. And as Clarke kind of dodged her questions just before she left – Lexa had no choice but to fall back to being ruthless. Wrong choice of words – yes. Should they have talked about this before going to war as allied leaders? Yes.