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Post Mortem: Suits Boss on Donna's Surprise Move, Harvey's 'Emotional Block' and Mike and Rachel's [Spoiler]

Suits Donna Quits as Harvey's Secretary

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Wednesday’s season finale of Suits.

He loves her, he loves her not…

Wednesday’s Season 4 finale of Suits was certainly a rollercoaster ride for fans of Harvey and Donna as he failed to return her affections in the way she wanted, despite his dropping the L-word in the previous episode.

Realizing that Harvey was never going to come around, Donna declared that their arrangement wasn’t working for her anymore and that she’ll now be Louis’ secretary instead. But will the headstrong lawyer just let her go?

Below, executive producer Aaron Korsh previews Harvey’s reaction to Donna’s move, breaks down their feelings for each other and offers some insight on how to read her parting kiss-off — or is it?

The EP also weighs in on another pair’s big step forward: Mike’s proposal to Rachel.

TVLINE | Let’s just put it all out on table: Does Harvey love Donna, but he’s not in love with her?
What I like about our actors is they bring so much to the playing of each scene. And I also like that the audience brings a lot… I believe that in Harvey’s mind, he obviously loves Donna. That’s clear as a bell in terms of his affection for her and his bond with her. And he also, at times, can be attracted to her, obviously. But I don’t think that he thinks she is The One for him. Now, he could be wrong. I’m not saying he’s right. But I don’t think that at this time in his life, Harvey thinks Donna is The One for him. And that could be the result of any number of reasons. It could be that he’s got some kind of emotional block, which is a result of his past. It could just be that he’s an idiot and doesn’t see what’s right in front of him. I suppose it’s possible that he’s just correct that ultimately they would not work well together. [Laughs] But clearly, he cares about her as much, or more than, anybody else in his life. That’s absolutely true.

TVLINE | When she asks him, “Love me how?,” is he hesitating because he doesn’t know or because he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings and say, “Not in a romantic sense?”
You could make the argument either way. To me, he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings. When he said, “You know I love you,” she just basically said, “Why don’t you sleep over? I want to sleep with you. I want to be in a relationship with you.” And he said, “No.” She said, “Why?” And he says, “You know why. I don’t want to be in a relationship with you right now.” And then like an idiot, instead of walking out… he says something to try to make it feel better — “You know I love you.” It’s just so dumb. [Laughs] So now she’s confronting him and telling him that he did that. Now when she says, “Love me how?,” he’s just doesn’t know what to say because he’s not used to treading in this type of water. He doesn’t want to f—k up again.

TVLINE | The other line in that scene that was so telling was Donna’s, “You have everything,” which implies that she wants something more, that she’s missing something. Does she want a relationship with Harvey, or does she just want him to be honest?
She’s pointing out the fact that he’s calling the shots. She dedicates her life to him. It’s just a very difficult situation, and she’s frustrated. If you ask me, yes, she wants a relationship with him. If he really, truly doesn’t want a relationship with her, then she would accept it, but… he won’t even talk about it with her. So that’s very, very frustrating for her. She says what she definitely doesn’t want is his pity.

TVLINE | When she walks away from him at the end, her last words to him are, “I love you, Harvey,” which are almost the same words he said to her last week. Is that as much of a kiss-off as it is a declaration?
I wrote the scene, and I don’t know why, I just put it in. I had no idea. I showed it to other writers in the room, and I didn’t know what their reaction was going to be to it because I didn’t even know what my reaction was going to be to it. We all thought, “Let’s just hear how it plays. We can always cut that line.” Then I think [NBCU Cable Entertainment President and CCO] Jeff Wachtel read it and had big questions about it. “What does it mean?” [Laughs] I said the same thing to him, “Let’s see how it plays. If nobody likes it, we’ll cut it.”

In my head, when it was originally written, I thought she was maybe going to read it as a “f—k you” to him. And then Gabriel [Macht] and Sarah [Rafferty] had takes on it. I think Gabriel’s opinion was if she gives it to Harvey as a “f—k you,” that it makes her weak. I said, “I don’t disagree with that. But I also think it makes her human.” But she ended up reading it, in my mind, as… His “You know I love you” was a little bit out of pity and discomfort and trying to make her feel better. Hers seemed like she took the high road, like it really was, “Harvey, I’m doing this because, for once, I need to look after me instead of you. But I do love you.” Like it really was meant to be kind.

TVLINE | Is Harvey just going to accept Donna working for Louis? Will he try to win her back to his desk?
Suits Donna Quits as Harvey's SecretaryI’ll let you think about what Harvey Specter is going to do when something that he doesn’t like has happened. We definitely deal with the ramifications of her leaving on everyone. This is such a tight-knit group that something like this is going to affect the entire firm as we know it in the form of our six [characters]… Harvey is going to go through a full range of both emotions and actions regarding this thing.

TVLINE | Can Donna and Louis mix friendship and business?
Obviously, between Harvey and Louis there might be a little bit of tension, and at some point, Donna’s going to be forced to choose — probably more than once — between Harvey and Louis again. Harvey might come to her and say, “I need your help,” when he’s battling with Louis over something, and she’s going to have to decide who she’s loyal to. I think she’s going to have pick Louis because the first time she doesn’t, it’s going to be over, knowing Louis. So she’s put herself in a position that she didn’t think through. And then Louis, from his point of view, has gotten what he’s always wanted — both Donna and something over Harvey. The thing about Louis is, the second he gets what he wants, he figures out a way to start f—king shooting himself in the foot — or at a minimum, he wants more, which is probably the first step to shooting yourself in the foot. Or he’s petrified to lose what he has. All of that is the answer to: Can Donna and Louis work together? They have a lot of challenges ahead of them.

TVLINE | Elsewhere, Mike and Rachel got engaged. Is this their happy ending? Or are there more challenges ahead for them?
Suits Mike Rachel EngagedIt is Suits, and it is television. This isn’t necessarily their happy ending. They had a rough year. We tried to have them have a lot of sweetness and being nice to each other in the last six [episodes], because they had such a rocky road. The proposal is a little bit, to me, out of nowhere, but it’s not 100 percent out of nowhere because Mike has a very, very strong history of doing very impulsive things. We thought, “Why don’t we let him do something impulsive for positive gain?” So after Norma’s death and in conjunction with working the case with Rachel, seeing how smart and loyal and caring she is when they walk out of the scene with the Alzheimer’s woman, he’s just so impressed and he’s so in love with her. Then when Norma dies, and Louis says, “Don’t let the moment pass,” he’s moved to do this. He just does it. I thought it would be really nice to end the season with at least one really positive, sweet thing, and we’re very happy about that.

Suits fans, what did you think of Donna’s big announcement? Is Harvey in denial about his feeling for her? And are you glad to see Mike and Rachel so happy? Grade the finale via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your pick!

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  1. dee says:

    They legit ruined Harvey’s character development from last episode! Honestly Dick move writers…don’t even know what to think about this episode but the feeling is not a good one. Starting to get tired of them dragging this Harvey/Donna will they won’t they story when it is obvious what the end of that would be. The couple is much stronger than Mike and Rachel and they are the ones getting married? C’mon

    • Dj says:

      Kind of disagree that they are a stronger couple then mike and Rachel. The show has always shown Mike and Rachel as both wanting to be with the other and that they are in love. It hasn’t felt at all like Harvey was in love with Donna or that he wants to be in a romantic relationship with her. Korsh answer about if Harvey is in love with Donna fits perfectly with what they have done with the characters.

      • Bwhit says:

        You are so right. There was never a question where Mike and Rachel stood even when they weren’t together. Donna especially has implied she and Harvey’s dynamic works because they are not involved. I looked at this whole storyline with Donna as a way to remind those who want them together that yes there’s something there but Harvey especially is not ready at all.

      • Emily says:

        Kudos DJ. You’re so right.

    • Sarah T. says:

      I don’t think that they ruined Harvey’s character. I think he grew but it scared him that he admitted to Donna how he feels. That’s why he tried to reason his way out of it when she called him on it. But he also wouldn’t say whether he loved her in the platonic sense or the romantic sense when she flat out asked him. That’s because he’s not ready to admit that he feels more for her than just a friend. Donna knows that because she does know Harvey better than he knows himself. But she also knew that she had to take care of herself which is why she decided to go work with Louis. She needed space from Harvey so she could move on and I’m sure there’s some hope there that he’ll figure out what he wants. Also, she was right in telling Harvey that he had everything he wanted. He had all the benefits of Donna (her loyalty, anticipating his needs, her friendship and her love) without any kind of commitment to her. It’s clear that Donna wants more. That’s why she told him she loves him before she left. She wanted to be clear with him so there wasn’t any doubt on her side.
      Harvey’s biggest fear about a relationship is that he’ll be betrayed like his mom cheated on his dad. It’s the main reason why he has yet to marry. Yet that very reason is why he’s scared to be with Donna. That if he lets her in completely, it will ruin the dynamic they have now. And we’ve seen what Harvey is like without Donna. Next season should be interesting. I don’t think that we’ll see Donna back working for Harvey by the end of the season premier episode. That’s going to take several episodes because they’re going to show what Harvey does from here. Does he decide that he wants to pursue Donna romantically? Or does he sit back and watch while she moves on without him? Donna decided either way she didn’t want to be stagnate and wait for Harvey to figure out what he wants.

      • chair4ever says:

        My thoughts exactly!!!

      • Jennifer says:

        It’s like you read my mind!
        People on other sites are saying Donna is working for Luis to get back at Harvey, which I don’t believe. Donna isn’t spiteful. She’s taking care of her needs this time. She can no longer deny that she has feelings for Harvey. I’m just glad that they are finally addressing their feelings!

        • Sarah T. says:

          yeah, I didn’t view her working for Louis as being spiteful. If anything, I think she knows that she’ll like working for Louis and that maybe Harvey will come around and figure out what he wants. If he wants to be with her, then they don’t have to deal with the obstacle of her being his secretary anymore. If he doesn’t, she doesn’t have to deal with the heartache of working for him and knowing that there isn’t going to be more to their relationship. If anything, it’s a power move. I don’t think she’s trying to force Harvey’s hand but this is the only way that Harvey might actually make up his mind. otherwise, he would continue to have his cake and eat it too with her working for him.

          • Darrius says:

            I agree with most everything in your comment except for where you said that Donna is not trying to force Harvey’s hand. She is totally trying to force his hand, or at least, as you said, to remove the boss/subordinate dynamic from the equation to allow romance to become the a viable option; but I go further to say the ONLY viable option.

            It’s not like Donna doesn’t know where it’s going. Harvey already told her he loved her, twice, I believe. They already slept together and discussed and agreed on how to deal with the sexual attraction between them. This was all started by Harvey acknowledging that he had better leave her apartment before they ended up in bed again; and having the awareness to state out loud that he loves her and she knows it. It’s not quite an ultimatum, but it’s not far from it.

            Having said that, Donna had to do something. I agree with you on that. Donna has clearly changed and now wants to be acknowledged as Harvey’s woman/girlfriend/wife. In actuality, she already is his woman in every way except that they don’t have sex (often) and don’t identify each other as lovers. As it was, Harvey had no incentive to change anything. So she had leave although going to Louis may not have been the best thing.

            I find it curious that no one mentioned that Donna is using Louis. Louis wants Donna to be in his camp for real. He may even love her himself. He probably thinks the move is real, but it’s not. This move is clearly more about Donna strengthening her position with Harvey than it is about Donna helping Louis. Everybody knows that she is going back to Harvey as soon as Harvey gets the message that Donna wants Harvey to say out loud that she is his girl, and he says it.

        • Louise says:

          Thanks for saying exactly what was on my mind! I’ve read so many interviews and comments the last few days and felt a bit overwhelmed.
          It will be interesting to see how it plays out. I know everyone says that a relationship such as this would be the death of the show but I disagree. We already know their love for each other. I just hope the writers are brave enough to take a chance with it.

      • Louise says:

        Thanks for saying exactly what was on my mind! I’ve read so many interviews and comments the last few days and felt a bit overwhelmed.
        It will be interesting to see how it plays out. I know everyone says that a relationship such as this would be the death of the show but I disagree. We already know their love for each other. I just hope the writers are brave enough to take a chance with it.

      • trudy says:

        well said… same thoughts :)

      • SL says:

        Very interesting thoughts and I concur because Donna is always telling Harvey what he wants and helping him especially with scottie. I never liked scottie as a character nor with Harvey because she wanted to change him and he perfect and everything else and Donna was right to say he is a good man but not perfect and is trying but to take him as is or go. Scottie leaving in my opinion shows her feelings weren’t as strong as she claims and her eyes have always been getting name on door and she usually try to do it by manipulating or going over Harvey’s head but he always caught on to things. I think she loved him but more for what she could accomplish through him. I think it helped Harvey because he learned to try a relationship and be vulnerable as a test run but he is also afraid of messing up. The one thing Donna has over scottie was that Donna never had to go to extreme measures to get Harvey’s attention and also Donna doesn’t want to change him but help him be better. Donna was right Harvey is a good man and he changed for the good because of Mike and forcing him to protect Mike. I just think Scottie never really got or understood Harvey. I just hope it doesn’t come back to haunt people. Scottie was just annoying and acted whollier than thou especially when she wanted to be in the know on everything and still wanted to leave. I also think Mike and Rachel are a good couple but I can see hard times they will face especially with Harvey and Rachel probably getting jealous. I hope she focuses on her career more and balance things like she did for the first couple of seasons and most of season three. it is funny how Louis respects Harvey and yet he keeps stabbing him in the back by doing Jessica’s dirty work. I’m glad Donna left to sort things out herself and give Harvey space because Harvey needs to know for sure and give Donna a straight answer because he can’t have things both ways. Plus Donna can’t tell him how he feels. He knows what Donna wants which is a relationship with him and he puts off he isn’t ready but that is just another delay tactic. I think this gives a chance for Harvey to find himself without Donna and come to conclusive decisions one way or another and maybe Donna could help Louis not shoot himself in the foot so much. Good season and look forward to more. I don’t think either Donna or Harvey meant their words as a brush off but Harvey had Donna so much that he depended on her for a lot that he can’t see clearly about his feelings for her. He needs to figure out if he is in love with her or loves her as a friend and tell her definitively one way or another.

  2. Mo says:

    I am not surprised Harvey doesn’t understand his feelings about Donna when Aaron Korsh doesn’t know. And as much as I’m cool with their relationship sticking more to the platonic side of the scale versus romantic, I don’t doubt it will eventually go that way because there is no one else as well suited for either of them. I don’t blame Donna for doing what she needs to do for herself.

    • emma says:

      I don’t know…might be a while and I have a feeling that is because of Aaron Korsh. He is clearly not a Harvey/Donna shipper and they may not be together soon, if ever because he is in charge. We’ll see I guess

  3. Forstman touched his balls and Donna put the ball in his court for him to make a play for them.
    I can live with this for now, pretty predicable episode IMO.

  4. Joey Padron says:

    Surprised Donna left Harvey will be working for Louis. It will interesting how Harvey wins her back from Louis next season. Not good Harvey couldn’t express his feelings to Donna. Sweet way Mike purpose to Rachel. It’s good they’re engaged.

    • snpragent009 says:

      The way I see it, Harvey and Donna probably can’t work directly with each other if they were to be engaged (I could be wrong here, just thinking about normal corporate rules. May not apply at Pearson Specter Litt.) So if they were to be engaged, she would be in a fine position to keep working at the firm anyways.

      • duelistjp says:

        i’m pretty sure jessica would be on their side and when 2/3 of the name partners including the managing partner want something I think they’ll generally get it. might have to change the bylaws though

  5. Carly Simon says:

    I don’t think the relationship between Harvey and Donna should change; I like the banter between the m. I will stop watching the show if the producers decide it’s a good idea….and I believe they will lose viewers as well.

    • prish says:

      This might be like The Mentalist, coming together at the end. It worked.

    • Joey says:

      This is Suits. Anything that will negatively impact Harvey or Mike, especially something that occurs during a finale, will be almost immediately reversed when the next season or half season starts. This will be no different.

      • snpragent009 says:

        True. Like Louis being pissed at them; he came back around in like 2 or 3 episodes. Could have dragged that out a whole season and it would have been great TV, because you still definitely felt for Louis and his side.

    • mia says:

      i couldn’t disagree more! I believe the viewers will stay because of Harvey and Donna. the ratings improving in these “harvey/donna romatic themed episodes” prove it! They have dragged their relationship so much it’s becoming annoying. I personally will stop watching if they don’t get together soon

  6. Abby says:

    This episode was kind of a mixed bag for me. It’s hard to articulate properly how I feel about this episode. I liked a lot of the stuff that happened but then at the same time, I didn’t. I feel like this arc could have some great development for both Harvey and Donna as characters and as a pairing, but it’s a little hard not to feel a bit down right now.

  7. Erin says:

    I knew that Donna would go work for Louis. That is the only way her and Harvey will work.
    I’m ok with how Harvey handled the love thing because that’s how Harvey would handle it. He doesn’t deal with feelings. He was never going to say I love you and Donna was never going to say I love you back and they would be together.
    There was always going to be distress/heartbreak/confusion/frustration first. Same happened on Bones… Booth told her he loved her but Bones said she couldn’t be with him because she can’t change and Harvey is exactly the same.
    I think it’s weird that Aaron Korsh doesn’t know what will happen or even what he wants to happen. Hart Hanson was very clear that he knows how Booth & Bones will end.

    • Stacy says:

      I loved that scene on Bones so much. Emily’s portrayal made her pain so real. A lot of “will they, won’t they” shows throw up unrealistic roadblocks. This scene did not feel like that.

    • Erin says:

      I am slightly more comforted after reading the THR interview. Aaron Korsh’s insights were a little more rationalised and considered than he gave here. There is a plan and justification for why.

  8. chris says:

    suits has become a show, about relationships, everything to with law this season, has been filler, while relationships and love, drama,has been it’s main focus, compare season 1 and 2 to this. it’s a STARK DECLINE, it’s like 2 different shows.

    • m3rcnate says:

      Extremely true. Not only that but they ruined a lot of the relationships in the process, got rid of some fun/cool characters and we dont see Mike’s “genius/eidetic memory” anymore. He comes off (as do his skills) to be very typical, very regular, he fails a ton and doesnt “come through” in a clutch way in the last few minutes with a genius idea anymore.

      The relationships: They wrote and therefore showed us (in flashbacks) that Rachel was a married man seducing homewrecking affair haver, while at the same time showing us in “present time” her be a horrible lying GF to Mike and write/show us her cheat on him. She is then a horrible GF in her lack of ability to give Mike space when he asks for it, then giving him an ultimatum that was basically “get over it, you did the same thing (he didnt, he was single) and if he loves her to just get over it and forgive her”. How do they write her this half of the season to make her likable again? Make her the supportive GF in 50% of her scenes and the other 50% she is either naked or about to be naked in their apartment about to have sex / just having had sex.
      We saw in this episode the Harvey/Donna relationship get really hurt and being wishy washy and fans not being too happy with it. They ruined Louis for quite some time with his anger and issues and backing the bad guys, though they finally got him back on track when they went for the car ride together in the Bentley

      As for characters that are gone that were good…there used to be Mike’s grandma who grounded his character…i get why they wrote her to die im not complaining. There was Trevor who i get why hes gone. But Katrina Bennett is sorely missing…she was fun and cool with Mike, could have become friends with Rachel, and was a great associate and character with Louis. Also missing is Mike’s secretary from when he was a Banker. She was awesome and sassy and his Donna…where did she go? This show needs more characters to deepen it and fill it out.

      • Beth says:

        I completely agree! I felt blind sighted by Rachel’s turn, and then pissed off. I also thought “What’s wrong with Harvey? He’s losing it” in terms of his legal prowess. I did not care one iota about any of the relationship drama, except it would be nice to see Louis back with his lady love. And Louis – where has that badass legal beagle mind of his gone to? Where did Mike’s brains fall out of his head? Maybe things will be back on track in the next season.

    • smartysenior says:

      I completely agree with this, it used to be fun legal problem solving with the characters bouncing off each other in terrific ways. Now it’s a romantic soap? I’ll be interested to see if viewers stay with this because it really was a different show this season.

  9. Donna will be back working with Harvey by the end of the next season’s premiere.

  10. Willie Williams says:

    DonnA leaving Harvey doesn’t work for me i love the show but that move just may have turned me away from it. Thank you writers great job, not.

    • Felicity says:

      Totally feel the same.

      I have always thought that Suits changed a lot specially this last season and for the worst, confusing plots, tired of the Mike´s secret, all repetitive and this last episode gave more reasons to think that way.

      I don´t think that they are really interested in Harvey and Donna romantically but due to the interest that this couple generates they will milk Darvey as much as they can and will keep teasing and fooling people.

      The spirit of Harvey and Donna, the loyalty all its gone. The purpose of Donna and Louis working together is just to drag out Darvey and nothing will change in season 5.

    • Ms Morton says:

      Amen …. and the cursing is not right from the writers and every actor/actress obeying it and no the Bible!

    • dana says:

      This show is loosing viewers because of two things: 1. the cursing and overly used “GOD DAMN” ( and keep in mind I am not religious and it still bothers me that they say it 100 times per episode) and 2. Aaron Korsh in his interviews. His answers are teh exact opposite of what the actors are portraying. Like when Harvey said ILY to Donna in Intent, from his actions you could clearly see he was in love. Just his look and everything…and I’m not talking about the “You know I love you Donna” part specifically, i’m talking about what he said to her just before, how she is different and she is the only one that matters….and how his voice was low and his eyes on her lips and all that. That’s how someone in love acts…and after Korsh comes to say that no it was in a brotherly way cuz he was afraid to hurt her because he would reject her since she basically said “stay Harvey and let’s sleep together” WHAT? that is so not what that scene was like!! Anyways i don’t think it would hurt them to give the majority of the fans what they want from time to time…they have dragged this suspense and tension about Harvey/Donna for way too long. Time for Harvey to close that deal

      • snpragent009 says:

        For real, that’s not how I saw the scene either.

        And also, yeah, they have a few lines they repeat over and over. “Listen to me, Goddamnit!” I didn’t think it detracted from the show at all, but of course other viewers may feel differently.

        @Aaron Korsch: C’mon maaan!!

      • duelistjp says:

        well seeing as he is the writer that means the actors have made a mistake. The Word of God reigns supreme

  11. Alex says:

    Man I remember when this show used to be about law and cases each episode and incorporating relationships while doing the csses

    • Alicia says:

      What show are you watching because as much as this show is about lawyers there has never been for one moment where I’m on the edge of my seat because one of Mike and Harvey’s cases. I had high expectations for the show, but I soon found out that corporate law in my opinion really isn’t that interesting. It’s their relationships whether they be romantic or not that kept me coming back each week since I discovered it in between season 2 and 3. I have a prediction for the next season which I think will be their last or second to last. Mike and Rachel move forward with getting married, but Robert Zane finds out about Mike and threatens him or Harvey or the firm. Louis and Donna get to bond even more. Forsman tries to get Louis in trouble for accepting the money. Harvey and Donna get to be awkward for the first 7 or 8 of the summer episodes and then find a way to be okay. Rachel and Mike’s wedding is number 10 aka summer finale and Donna and Harvey get together and the back 6 for next season is Rachel graduating and fighting off Forsman or some other evil corporation. And they end the show with Donna returning to work for Harvey as his assistant and as his girlfriend. And the show ends on Mike being promoted to Junior partner.

  12. steph5856 says:

    I am so happy for Mike and Rachel.. It’s about time they get done real happiness… I can’t believe for 1 second that Harvey can even “exist” without “his” Donna… She is the reason Harvey is a better man… Please let him get Donna back

  13. paul says:

    episode four starts with fire I liked it…the fact how Jeff came in from the ACC..was just good….in between Louis seeing Jeff as a threat I can say…since he wanted senior partner…Ep 4 is far did Jeff end up with Jessica .in season 5?

  14. Ange says:

    I actually think Harvey loves loves Donna but does not want to ruin their working relationship. Now that she is supposedly working with Luis, we’ll see if that dynamic changes. I personally would like to see them together but only close to the shows end like they did with The Mentalist (as referenced below). I mean really – how long can they go with Mike pretending to be a lawyer in open court…that’s beyond criminal and at some point will need to come to an end. Not sure about the Mike/Rachel thing either. I never warmed up to them as a couple.

    • paul says:

      I wanna see how it goes up with Jeff and Jessica….I really love the way Jeff acts…that character…bravo…..I can’t wait to see him in next EP

  15. slope says:

    I liked the ep but was pissed when I saw this.

    Donna’s ‘WHY?’ from last episode meant “Why don’t you sleep over? I want to sleep with you. I want to be in a relationship with you.” ??? Nowhere near how I read that scene. Is this how assuming men are in general?

    Seriously, next season USA network should consider to input a subtitle of Korsh interpretation of each scene. I thought I was sad and cold-hearted but nowhere near his level. I can’t understand and will never tolerate his point-of-view of women.

  16. Bwhit says:

    I know I’m in the minority but I don’t think Harvey and Donna should be together now. He is not going to settle down, look at what happened with Scotty. Yes Donna is different to him but them getting together should be one of the last things the show does before it ends. I don’t get his comments on Mike and Rachel, haven’t they been through enough? Why have them get engaged in the sweetest way possible and say Mike did it on impulse?

  17. Lisa says:

    I loved this episode.

    I am glad and sad that Harvey and Donna did not get together. As it stands, I don’t see how they could be together and reach the next level of awesomeness. So its good they held off for now. But it still kills me that they didn’t even share a kiss. I ship them Hard.
    I agree that Korsh and his writer pals played us for fools, the “You know I love you, Donna” scene made us believe that this was it for Donna and Harvey.
    I just hope that they won’t sweep the progress on this relationship underneath the rug because that would be a b*tch ass move. 4 seasons of waiting is more than enough.

    Moving on, Can we just applaud Gabriel on his awesome acting?! That last scene with Sarah! The emotion on his face just before the scene ended. He looked like he was close to a breakdown. Did anyone else feel like the episode was as much about Forstman as it was about Donna and Harvey?
    I love how Donna told Harvey she loves him. It totally made her into a strong woman in my eyes.

    I am not sure of Mike and Rachel. They bore me.

  18. Maggie says:

    What I loved most about this episode was how Harvey was mostly powerless – he spent more time sitting at his desk than I think he has in any episode previous. He was paralyzed by his feelings about what happened with his brother, and certainly paralyzed by whatever is going on with Donna, so instead of being the one playing the game, he, for once, didn’t have the control. This episode, for him, was about how he needs other people. It was about how that’s made him weak, and also about how that’s made him strong. Rachel and Mike wouldn’t stop until they had an answer for him, and he knew it. He fell into Forstman’s trap years ago because he loves his brother (and also to keep his brother from taking money from someone who could hurt his father’s feelings). He is so unclear on his feelings for Donna that his indecision propelled her away from him, which you know is going to kill him. The look on his face after she told him she loved him and walked away was perfect. He might be at the top of his game professionally, but personally, he might finally be realizing that he’s a hot (HOT HOT HOT) mess, which is huge.

    Gabriel Macht and Sarah Rafferty also absolutely killed it, as per usual. And also, when Jessica told Harvey she wasn’t even sure if she had her head straight…it was exceptional character growth, both for her, and for where maybe Harvey’s head might go. I can’t wait until next season!

  19. shars says:

    I hope the writers look to a show like ‘Bones’ and see that you can have more fun when you put a couple together to change the dynamic. Gabriel and sarah have such great chemistry, and the show’s been getting a little stale this season. I did love the acting, nothing was on script, but Gabriel fighting his lust for donna was electric, and sarah’s confusion about ‘donna’ and ‘harvey’s feelings was so genuine. I truly thought she was clueless, and could see her trying to figure it out, which is fun for Donna since as she said, she knows what people want before they know it themselves. Very fun, but i hope the writers focus on them navigating a real relationship, rather than fighting the obvious.

    • vico says:

      Omg, you are so right! Bones got so much better when they got together it was amazing! They became this superpower couple or something haha. I hope Suits goes in the same direction as Bones because Bones is still doing super well even after 10 seasons. I hope the writers don’t drag this on for longer because it could be the death of the show!

    • Emily says:

      Just binge watched. GREAT acting chemistry, PERFECT BFF chemistry, zero romantic, imo. Harvey had the best onscreen romantic chemistry when his real-life wife guest starred. They were amazing together. Donna is awesome, but together, they, as a couple, make very little sense. It was painful to watch. On paper, maybe, but onscreen, I don’t find it believable outside of her being a surrogate sibling/mother/bff figure.

  20. Abhishek says:

    Too many damn plot twists in the last five minutes. I doubt louis-donna is gonna last long though. Harvey will be broken. :'(

  21. keenen says:

    Harvey and Jessica belong together, and Donna belongs with Louis. The Mike and Rachel saga is not what damaged the show, it is the clumsy way they focused on and handed Mike’s “secret” and the ramifications it had on the firm and everyone’s relationships. Do we now have to look forward to Eric Roberts finding out Mikes secret and showing up constantly like Daniel Hardman? Oh joy!

    And yes there was a time when for those of us that thought we were getting a show about lawyers, when although the personal relationships were there, they did not overpower the show and we actually got to see them solving problems for other people as lawyers, and not just fixing their own personal messes.

    Please, please, let Jeff stay gone. Jessica needs a different type of man.

    • amanda says:

      I like this idea of Harvey and Jessica together very much. She is gorgeous, great dresser as he is, tells him no alot, and I think they would be really HOT together

  22. Amrit says:

    Donna’s attitude makes no sense, in season 2 she said that she only thought of Harvey as a brother and nothing romantic and now this? What?

    This shows characters just seem like….you would get cut if you tried to hug them, lol. They go around from place to place with their shiny suits and clean cut haircuts and speak exposition. There is no warmth or depth to any of them. They are too one note. Louis goes from psychotic to endearing every 30 seconds, Harvey is like rubber where everything bounces off of him and Mike is a sanctimonious prick who is either too cocky telling people how they should run their lives or going on and on about how his parents died and he should be allowed to do anything.

  23. HAP says:

    Looking at real life, one can see the dynamic between Harvey and Donna is really a no brainer for Korsh. Gabriel and Sarah have known each other and have been friends since meeting at a theater festival in 1992. Sarah got married in 2001 and has two kids. Gabriel married Australian actress Jacinda Barrett in 2004 and they have two kids.

  24. Deion says:

    I find it hilarious that who Donna works for is a metaphor for who she is in a relationship with. It has become painfully obvious in the second half of this season that Louis is in love with Donna. It isn’t just their friendship. He’s come to her, said all the things to her that Harvey won’t and at the end of the season, she goes to work for him. I think Donna quitting
    Harvey is how they “break up” because Harvey won’t commit. When he gives her the “I need you more than Louis does” speech, likely in the season premiere, she’ll come back. With a little more understanding that Harvey needs more time to be with her romantically. Setting up another explosion from Louis.

    That said, WHERE ARE RICK HOFFMAN’S EMMYS? The man does yeoman’s work on this show going from comic relief to being the most emotionally vulnerable person on the show in seconds. No matter what Louis does, I always understand why he’s done it and am willing to give him a chance to fix it.

  25. Mel says:

    I like the way that the Harvey and Donna thing has progressed – let’s face it – they have the most interesting relationship in the series. It would have felt weird if all of a sudden – they got into a relationship out of nowhere.

    4 things that Donna moving does for their relationship:

    1. Donna’s rule of not dating anyone she works (directly) with no longer applies!
    2. Distance from Donna will make Harvey realize what he’s missing
    3. The fact that she now works for his office nemesis will more than likely create delicious tension!
    4. We’ve covered how Donna feels about Harvey, now I’m hoping we’ll see more of those long smoldering looks from Harvey.

    It would be even better if they make Donna move on romantically… she needs to gain some power back…specially after the “pitying” comment!

  26. Teresa says:

    Please don’t have Donna and Harvey start a relationship. These never work. dating your boss and working together. I don’t like this angle and may quit watching if this develops. I was disappointed in the episode before the finale with Harvey and Donna back at her place drinking wine – very predictable. I like their dynamic without the office romance. I hope you don’t go that route ’cause I love suits.

    • Willie Williams says:

      Wrong, I wish people would quit saying that about romance is TV series working relationships. Love is love and where you just happen to be lucky enough to find true love should make no difference. Its exciting to me to see a connection work out in these TV shows; mayhem, back stabbing and murder you just get tired of that being the norm.

  27. Teresa says:

    I love Rachel and Mike. Love to see them get married and focus on Rachel’s career and education.

  28. Ms Morton says:

    There is a special place in HELL for the writers and actors using GOD’s name in vain!!!! Please correct this so I can continue watching this series.

  29. Jenn says:

    Did i really expect Harvey and Donna to get together? Not Really. Especially, when Aaron is so not a fan of them. But to have it end that way? That was atrocious. What i have always loved about Harvey and Donna more than anything was the loyalty and that was so beautifully portrayed in 4×15. To have Donna suddenly say she is leaving Harvey to work with Louis was 10x worse than them never getting together at least in my opinion. I deeply upset at this dramatic change. And I understand Donna is frustrated, who wouldn’t be but honestly I think she is a bit of a hypocrite because its not like she wants to talk about HER feelings either.

  30. Heathers says:

    Surprise?! This show is so damn predictable when it comes to Harvey/Donna and Mike/Rachel, and Louis! No surprise that Donna is going to work for Louis, after his meltdown following th passinf of his secretary. The whole Louis character is getting really stupid and silly.

  31. KO says:

    Can you make Mike less of a d-bag next season? I really dislike his character after this season. He’s not the underdog anymore, he’s spoiled and arrogant.

  32. Deidre says:

    I loved the intense emotion that Harvey was holding back. He seems afraid to lose Donna by having a romantic relationship with her but bitter sweet he loses her anyway because her character is stuck & has to move forward with her life. A Great Big World ‘Say Something’ is the perfect single for this finale!

  33. Teresa says:

    Can the show be more about legal work and situations so we might actually learn something. The show is becoming too soap opera-ish. Donna should find her own life and forget about sleeping with her boss. I love her as a secretary. She is great at her job – her role is believable. I love Rachel keep her smart and sharp but she and mike are good together. Less soap opera more lawyers doing legal work.

  34. snpragent009 says:

    I must have misread part of the episode; I thought Harvey was about to confess his real, love for her. I thought he could have just finished what he was saying before she interrupted and *boof* happily together. That’s what I was actually a little confused about; I thought she might have been walking away from Harvey in the romantic sense too.

  35. Ella says:

    You could Donna’s move to being Louis’ secretary coming a mile off. Very predictable and very childish – and that’s saying something because Donna is my favourite. I just don’t see see her and Harvey together so I can’t blame him. Yes he could have handled it better but ultimately, their dynamic is best the way it is. On another note, who actually LIKES Mike and Rachel together?! I keep wishing he would get away from her rather than have them as a couple forced down my throat. She is the worst.

  36. berry says:

    Harvey and Donna BELONG together its been coming from day one….just want them to get on with it

  37. LouisHasMorePotentialThanHarvey says:

    I was under the impression that Donna wasn’t out of the clear yet with her whole investigation…I don’t know much about law, but it seemed like there was still something to wrap up with her whole thing. I figured this final episode would start with a bump in the road, have a climax in the middle, and then resolve at the end. I’d have rather seen this tied in w/ the Harvey/Donna romance than something random out of the past with Forstman out of nowhere. Yes, it’s totally links with a lot of past stuff but kind of seemed out of place.

  38. Denny Hurley says:

    LOVE !! this show, It always keeps me guessing as to ,,, how will they get out of this one ? The entire “chemistry” between this cast is so great together, And although Louis’s part usually is a pure “jerk” it has that touch of narcissism, which fills the ,,, one in every crowd ,,, character. Even his character is really cool in the mix. Did i say I LOVE !!! this show, and i just hope that none of the actors get greedy with unreasonable demands for more $$$ and leave. The only thing that could make it better would be a bit longer season. Oh ! the final episode,,,,, AWESOME !!! love this show.

  39. Gabriel Oak says:

    I just don’t think Donna working for Louis is going to work at all.

  40. albertj15 says:

    Great ending, I hope this summer will be as good as the last season.

  41. Jewelz says:

    After Harvey left the DA’s office…he and Donna had a fling, but she made it clear if she followed him it would be strictly professional. They are committed to each other and Harvey respects her…I think he was thrown a curve ball and not sure how to react. There has always been the unspoken love between them. She was asked on the stand flat out if she was in love with Harvey and she lied. Harvey knew just by watching her reaction, but like always he swept it under the rug. I could see he is devastated and possibly for the first time truley heartbroken. He will do whatever it takes for her and he’s proven that, but if a relationship evolves it will be genuine and not a tactic to keep her.

  42. I don’t think Harvey wanted to pursue the relationship when they were also such close coworkers.. Now maybe he can go after since they are no longer working together.

  43. I love this show and can’t wait to see if Harvey tries to acknowledge his feeling s for Donna. Beat wishes to Rachael and Mike.

  44. Kingsley says:

    they should seal d deal between Harvey and Donna…am tired of dem stretching it… Harvey and Donna are great couple and are specially made for each oder and Aaron should bring Katrina Bennett back and show more of Mike photographic memory and also more of Harvey being in love wit Donna

  45. Miranda says:

    I absolutely love Mike and Raychel and SERIOUSLY hope everything ends up good for them!

  46. SL says:

    I also think Harvey has to weigh much more with Donna because he has a lot to gain and even more to lose. It would be extremely difficult for Harvey to say goodbye to Donna than scottie. Donna is right only Harvey can decide what makes him happy and that is what Donna wants most for Harvey. Harvey relied on Donna to bail him out or stop him from doing stuff even when he does stuff against Donna advice. I think it’s time that Harvey learns to be a good man without Donna as his crutch and have more confidence in himself.

  47. SL says:

    One more thing, I think Harvey and Mike relationship will be tested but get stronger because they see what they are to each other and I didn’t like Harvey when trying to beat Mike because he was becoming who he dislike which is another tanner. Also Mike is another Harvey but with his own head and taught by Harvey so it was like Harvey trying to be himself and couldn’t do it fairly but he recognized and tried to ratify the situation. this season also shows Harvey needs Mike but it would be fun to see them go head-to-head more often because they bring the best out in each other and together their clients benefit.

  48. SL says:

    Funny how no one really discussed how Harvey and Jessica reacted about Mike telling Rachel and kept them apart but then they go ahead and divulge it without much thought and didn’t get much grief about it. I think and hoping Jeff can moved past it because he can be open minded and seen what Mike can do and plus Jessica is risking everything because she believes in Harvey and Mike. I don’t think about Scottie is the same and she says Harvey always beat her because she had something else in mind that which is Harvey romantically but I think it was more of getting her name on the door which has been the case since we first met her. Plus she has this attitude is annoying and thinks she is better when she is not because she always tried to undermine Harvey to advance herself and she isn’t above using shady tactics like with the hotel merger of two companies and Harvey and Mike caught it. She has no right to accuse Harvey of becoming darby when she does similar things and if she was a better lawyer she would have demanded more to know of darby and ask more questions than she apparently did and instead of complaining later. I’m glad she is gone because I didn’t like her nor did I like her with Harvey. Plus Harvey was trying to save Mike and she still only thought of herself and not offer to help or ask about skins which is her character because it is always about her.

  49. amanda says:

    Donna is like Harvey’s beard. She steps in when he needs her. But he is not in love with her. She has never been a challenge for him. He had her from the first hello and he knew it. Bring back the sassy lawyer for him. She was a challenge for him.

    • amanda says:

      Or a Jessica and Harvey duo! That would be really hot! Better than watching Donna play Louis against Harvey. That has been done over and over. Louis can fall in love with Donna. A man shld always love the woman more. Jessica holds the key to Harvey’s soul. He will be blown away by her in boudoir and she holds the purse strings that he wants but doesn’t want total responsibility for.

  50. Leanne says:

    Team Scottie!