Teen Wolf Season 5: Shelley Hennig on Stalia 'Changes,' New Faces and More

Teen Wolf Season 5 Spoilers

The Teen Wolf cast has returned to Beacon Hills High to film the MTV drama’s fifth season, and star Shelley Hennig couldn’t be happier to be back in its hallowed halls.

“It feels like home,” Hennig tells TVLine. “We go off, we do our movies [during the hiatus] and we come back thinking, ‘This is where we’re meant to be.'”

Below, Hennig talks (as much as she can) about Teen Wolf Season 5, including new challenges for Stiles and Malia, the lingering question of Malia’s lineage and whether or not we should trust newcomer Cody Christian (Pretty Little Liars).

TVLINE | This being your second full season on the show, it must be nice to not be the “new girl” anymore.
You know, I never really felt like the new girl. It’s felt right since the beginning, and I’m so grateful to the cast and crew for making me feel that way. Nobody did any sort of initiation with me, which I appreciated — but we are doing them to Dylan Sprayberry.

TVLINE | Ah, so he’s the new girl now.
Yeah, he’s the new girl now, so we torture him.

TVLINE | And how far into Season 5 have you guys filmed?
We’re kind of filming all over, different episodes, but we’re definitely in the first quarter.

TVLINE | Does the premiere feel like a totally new story, or does it pick up where we left off?
It does feel like we picked up where we left off, but there are a lot of new things to be excited about — and plenty of new things to be afraid of. We also haven’t forgotten the past, which is what I love about the show; it’s not like everybody suddenly forgets about characters that die.

TVLINE | Malia still doesn’t know who her mom is. Is that a focus for her moving forward?
One of the last things said in the last episode of Season 4 was about the Desert Wolf. As an actress, I read that and assumed it would be a part of this next season. I do think it’s important for Malia to figure out who that is, and I think we do start to explore that. It’s important to the character, so I hope we see a lot of that.

Teen Wolf Stiles MaliaTVLINE | Can you give us a Stiles-Malia update?
They ended really well in Season 4, but they’re going to be seniors this year, and there are a lot of things that happen when you’re a senior in high school. There are big decisions you have to make, including the whole “high school sweethearts thing,” even though I wouldn’t use the word “sweetheart” for Malia; it just doesn’t feel appropriate. But I’m sure there are going to be some real-life changes and decisions that need to be made in order to move onto the next phase of their lives. I’m looking forward to exploring the reality of these teenagers so people can really relate to them. This is Teen Wolf, and there’s never smooth sailing, so I’m going to make a pretty good assumption that something will test Stiles and Malia’s relationship.

TVLINE | Malia and Kira also had a great friendship last season. Will we see more of that?
Oh, I’m almost certain. We love working with each other, and I think it’s a great pairing; two girls kicking ass, not being the damsels in distress. Arden [Cho] and I really enjoy playing that, and I got so much feedback about that at Comic-Con. I wasn’t even thinking about it — to me, girls are kick-ass. It wasn’t like, “Oh my gosh, I get to play a character who gets to kick some ass!” To me, it was normal, but I’ve realized it’s a rarity in television and film. I love that Reese Witherspoon at the Oscars made a point of saying that her production company is looking for material where females can, first of all, have an interesting part, but also play a strong female lead.

TVLINE | I also enjoyed that video Teen Wolf posted on Tumblr. Something about you loving Malia’s shorts?
[Laughs] Oh my God, that was so embarrassing. I had just been at the Grammys a few hours before we filmed that, and I was still delirious. But I do love that Malia wears shorts all the time because it’s super comfortable. This is one of the best jobs I’ve ever had, simply because Malia’s wardrobe is full of the most comfortable outfits ever. Malia’s also an animal. She needs to be ready at any moment. If she’s wearing a skirt, how will she go running through the woods? The shorts are practical.

TVLINE | Lastly, let’s talk about Cody Christian’s character. Should we trust him?
He’s definitely new to Malia; she has no idea who he is. He’s going to stir up some questions about who we can actually trust. We’ll wonder what he’s here for, and there will be a search to figure out if he can be of use to us or if he can’t be trusted.

Teen Wolf fans, time to weigh in: What are you hoping to see in Season 5? Any dream castings for Malia’s mom? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. Anna says:

    Stydia is infinity times better then the garbage that is Stalia.

    • I’ve always hoped in another relationship – you know, the one they teased so much and used to gain votes, polls, awards, ratings and new viewers just to trash the fans later – but I’m with you in this.
      Stydia does make sense.
      Malia is an idiocity and the character doesn’t even make sense, and let’s not talk about the horror called Eichen House, where a possessed and drugged teenager has unprotected sex in the basement of a mental hospital with a mentally 8-years-old girl that lived like an ANIMAL for years.
      That was the jump of the shark, and there is no turning back.

      • Ellis~Belle says:

        You’re an idocy and you don’t make sense.

      • Richie Richardson says:

        Stiles and Malia didn’t have sex, they’re still virgins. Say what you want but Lydia had relationships before and Malia is Stiles’ first girlfriend so I’m happy he didn’t end up with Lydia yet even though I like Stydia as well. Can’t everyone be happy that we see Stiles in a relationship? To me it doesn’t matter which girl it (Malia or Lydia in the future) I just want to see him in a relationship because he’s a cutie.

        • Peter B says:

          wtf, of course they had sex. What about the part when Stiles asked what someone meant when they said “Go, have fun”. She said, “you mean sex with other people?” , which states that they already had sex with each other.

      • Jasmine says:

        What’s ur problem I know you hate Malia but seriously that’s immature. So just please don’t comment anything that makes you sound like a douche. You shouldn’t hate on a character because all these characters come from a rough backround so just calm down and realize that Stalia had potential because Lydia had 8 years to get stiles he was obsessed over her and I’m glad that he got over her because I only see them as a brother and sister so don’t hate on characters
        Plus I love Lydia so no hate to her

    • mary pearcy says:

      i totally and 100% agree!!

    • stalia-for-life says:

      Stalia 4 life

  2. Luke says:

    “It’s not like everybody suddenly forgets about characters that die” im not gonna bother rehashing things, but any Alison fan knows this is BS

    • What happened to this show? Jeff Davis, thats what. says:

      Not just Allison fans sweetheart, they clearly forgot about Erica, Boyd and even if she’s not dead, Cora. We get a funeral for Kate and she comes back but not Allison. If it weren’t for Hoechlin, Dylan O’Brien and Holland I would have left this show a while ago. Might happen soon though since it looks like Hoechlin hasn’t been on set in 3 weeks and Marrish might actually happen and Stalia will still be a thing.

      • This interview must be a joke, I can’t believe what she’s saying.

      • Ray says:

        I do not understand what’s so difficult for people to get that there was a timejump. We KNOW there was a funeral for Alison, why do we need to stop the time jump, see it, then jump?

        Also, so many people in general and in this topic are so rude and mean to Shelley Hennig that I don’t blame the cast and crew for utterly ignoring them. The more they rant on and on about Stiles/Lydia, the more I cheer when *nothing* comes of that delusion of a romance.

        • tamy says:

          Omg! Same! That’s what I hate so much about this fandom, they ache for satisfaction and when they finally got it. They hate it! Like god! You can’t please anyone here! The Allison death thing has past, I get that a funeral shoulve at least been announced in a flashback or something but who really cares? It’s over now! Who would wanna relive that gruesome momemnt back in 3B. And people should give Malia/Shelley some slack, she’s trying to fit in and people are just so judgy. You have to get that she’s been a werecoyote for 8 years, and just trying to fit in humanity and Stiles can help then so be it. I’m not a Stalia heart but I’m also not a Stydia heart, I just hope everyone should just date other people who relate to them. Whether it’s Lydia and Parrish or Stiles with someone else! Idk! Idc.

          I’m only watching the show for the plot it has not for the relationships being formed. Tbh, this show would’ve been one of the greatest shows in history if it weren’t for all the coupling and wars between fandoms! (But I’m okay with it bc I love Scira)

        • Ellis~Belle says:

          Yes finally someone gets it!

        • dahliademonica says:

          Finally normal Fans and not this crazy ones about their “only Stydia and scallison” is real.
          And boyd and Ericas deaths are explored though the changing of Dereks character. It effected him a lot.

        • yinloveyang says:

          Lol. I’ve gone through the same with Damon and Elena but when they happened all of them were so fine. Sometimes writers should just listen to fans for a while. If they want them to watch another show that’s coming from Jeff and his team. I’m sorry but I’ll never ever be interested in Stiles and Malia as much as I’m in Stiles and Lydia. Dylan and Holland rocks!!!!

  3. Beth says:

    Maybe I’m dwelling on the past too much, but I’m still kind of “…But what about STYDIA?!?” I know one of the writers said people move on IRL and that is true, but in a story it’s always weird when long-running threads like that are just completely dropped, and I wish they had dropped it in Season 2 because bringing it back with the kiss and Lydia as Stiles anchor made me all ?!?? when they put Stiles and Malia together and stopped teasing Stydia.

    Anyway sorry. I like Malia and she and Stiles are cute enough I guess, but there’s something that feels so weird and uncomfortable to me about how Stiles/Lydia just disappeared from the narrative.

    • Really Shelley?? says:

      I hated Stydia so much because of the popular trope that is girl finally realizes feeling for the nerdy guy. I mean really I hated it but I rather have Stydia any day than Stalia, I liked Malia when she was introduced but that Echo House episodes was really disgusting in my opinion and ruined her for me. Not to mention the fact that now she is only a love interest just like they ruined Braeden.

      Funny how she says that she loves that Malia wear shorts but in Echo house she actually said that ever since she turn human she is always cold but then takes her clothes off in a dirty basement. I can see why people like her, Shelley is a cutie but I really hate Malia so hopefully we get Stydia instead but the way Marrish is being pushed sadly I dont see that happening. Cant believe how much Jeff has ruin this show.

      • Jeff is killing his show with his own hands, and he deserves all the backlash he’s getting and the bad ratings. What he doesn’t deserve are the fans that supported him since the beginnig and that he used like garbage.
        Perhaps Malia being the sad excuse of lazy, bad MarySue-esque characterization is just a plan to make people love Stydia more.
        Oh wait, it’s Jeff Davis, the man without ethics and morals, that used LGBT+ representation as a marketing tool to sell the show just to trash it later.
        So no, he probably think he’s a genius.

        And yeah, let’s talk about:
        *roams around half naked all the time*

      • Beth says:

        I think they transcended that trope, though, by having Lydia and Stiles become friends and having Lydia choose Jackson in the s2 finale. And tbh I like the trope anyway, oops @ me. Maybe it is overplayed but I find it romantic, as long as the person crushing isn’t a douche when their feelings aren’t immediately returned, which I never thought Stiles was!

        Anyway IDK, I just feel like if there was a time to drop Stydia it was in that S2 finale and they should not have continued anything romantic between them past that point.

    • Ari says:

      I never thought Stydia was dropped. Their relationship evolved into a friendship. I just don’t see them romantically anymore.

      • Beth says:

        But they kissed at the end of the third season and kept on teasing it like Stiles dreaming of Lydia in his bed or wrapping red thread around her finger (In a Japanese influenced season I mean come on). I never felt they had dropped it because these moments seemed shippy and felt like they were building towards something until suddenly they put Stiles and Malia together.

  4. kate says:

    I have this thought they already cast the Desert Wolf who maybe was revealed in casting news and probably meant to be in some Peter flashbacks. But someone who can intimidate Peter. Good luck. I imagine the same issue Walking Dead is having with casting Negan.

  5. m says:

    I love Shelley, love Malia & love Stalia. I’m sorry that some of you aren’t getting another season of Stiles fawning over Lydia like a lapdog whilst she dates anyone who isn’t him, shows zero interest beyond friendship (that is more beneficial to her) and is completely aware of the size of his crush on her (because that’s what it was, not love) yet doesn’t have much time to consider his feelings.

    • Connor says:

      I know right … Like how do people not see that … Lydia only really thought of stiles when he was having a panic attack … I hope Malia-Stiles works well this season. Because stiles gave Lydia too many chances and she was always hanging around another little puppy … ( sorry Aiden <3 ). And Malia actually appreciates Stiles company ( once she got to know him ) … Anyway. I can't wait for Season 5 !! I don't care what anyone says …

    • Beth says:

      I think Lydia was starting to feel something for Stiles, tho?? Like, that is what I was getting out of their scenes after S2, like when they kissed she def felt something I thought! And she seemed in the last season premiere to be making faces over Stalia too in the back of the jeep. But then they pretty much just dropped it, which was weird.

    • Ellis~Belle says:

      Yes thank you, finally someone who actually gets wherw I’m coming from!

    • dahliademonica says:


    • Amberrr says:

      I do believe Stiles loved Lydia. That’s what happens in real life, you fall in love with someone from afar, anything for them. I mean, end of S1, Stiles throws himself in from of a murderer to save Lydia from dieing. To be honest, I wouldn’t do that unless I was in love, not if I had a crush. His love developed into a strong friendship between the two, and I believe there is still a flicker of love in Stiles for Lydia ;)

  6. Sam says:

    These past few months have been torture for me. Malia quickly went from being a nice addition to the show, to being one of my all time favorite characters. I can’t wait to see how the whole storyline with Her finding her mom plays out, and how that will affect her. I also love the uniqueness and innocence of Stiles and Malia’s relationship. I think they are absolutely great together and Shelley and Dylan have amazing chemistry! Here’s to season 5! I can’t wait! Thanks for talking to Shelley, she’s awesome! I love getting to hear her thoughts and how much she loves working on the show. She seems really grateful, they all do. Love her.

    • Connor says:

      I know right ! I liked it when they introduce Malia. And I loved it when she actually started to get a story and started to like stiles ( after she realised they were trying to help … ) Shelley is one of my favourite actors now ( even though she isn’t very popular)
      And yes, here’s to Season 5 !!! XD

    • Ellis~Belle says:

      Yeeessss! I respect you so much rn

    • Elle O. says:

      I like Malia too, even if I’m still not over Stydia ( that 3.11 kiss was way too meaningful I think…), but I think the beginning of the Stalia relationship was way too fast ! I would have liked it better if it didn’t go from her punching him to him catching her in the shower and them having sex in the asylum’s basement in 3 days… It was too rushed.

  7. We also haven’t forgotten the past, which is what I love about the show; it’s not like everybody suddenly forgets about characters that die.

    Is this a joke? (like everything else, Malia to begin with)

    • Sam says:

      You obviously have some deep seeded issues that go way beyond a tv show. Chill out. Malia is awesome. But even if you don’t see that, it’s fine, but chill with the bitterness.

      • Papa says:

        You know that having some critical sense and actual taste and not swallowing PR bs doesn’t mean having issues, right?
        The show never cared for the dead, and Malia IS a badly written characters.
        The fact that you like it doesn’t magically change reality.

  8. Tran says:

    Still miss her on Days of our Lives not to mention the one season wonder that is Secret Circle.

  9. TW says:

    Stydia is trash & I’m glad I don’t have to see that pathetic excuse for a relationship anymore. But that doesn’t mean I bring it up everywhere & write paragraphs on how much I dislike Lydia. And the bitter fans who spew venom on anything Malia or Shelley related will soon become like the Klaroline fandom & we know how everyone from the writers to the cast of TO & TVD feel about them.

    • Maya says:

      So to prove your point you are spewing hate on two fandom a one of which has nothing to do with this show. Classy.

      • Oh Jesus says:

        Maya, don’t bother, it’s the lack of critical sense. It’s a requirement to like Stalia.
        And of course people can’t dislike a bad written character without the sad defence squad policing what other people should like.

        • Tai says:

          I don’t understand this fandom at all. Actually I don’t get most fandoms and their constant need to tear down others because they like one character or another. So because people like Malia, they lack critical sense? She’s badly written? Like she’s the only one. There is one character on the show that was so beloved and to this day I struggle to understand how or why. I’m not getting into because I have better things to do than insult people for liking imaginary people.

          Really don’t get this fandom thing at all sometimes.

          • Sam says:

            You aren’t the only one Tai. I don’t get it. Let people like what they like. Respect each other. And respect this actress who loves this job and is gracious enough to share about it.

    • Ellis~Belle says:

      👏👏👏👏 yep yep yep stalia for life

  10. Jessie says:

    I really need some closure on Lydia and Stiles. I really want stydia to happen in season 5, however I think that won’t be anytime soon.. Jeff is smart, the ‘shipping’ thing is what brings in the ratings that is why he will always answer questions in interviews with something like ‘we haven’t seen the end of ….’
    I really hope we get to see more character development for Malia this season, for her to establish bonds with both Kira and Lydia (otherwise Lydia is left out again) and also with Derek since he is her family, maybe the quest for the desert wolf should be focused on the teamwork between Derek and Malia (I really like their scenes in season 4)

  11. Lo says:

    Well, before that article I was hoping for a better plot, but Shelly still don’t know anything about the show and they didn’t get rid of her character or Stalia or the desert wolf arc and JDs casting couch was really active too.
    Short, they didn’t learn anything from S4. Let’s see how further the ratings will drop.

    • Papa says:

      Let’s not forget all the new lookalike Davis is casting.
      This show is garbage now. I’m going to be forever bitter about this.

  12. Amy says:

    I have never been more convinced to NOT watch a show anymore in my life. Thanks for confirming that for me, Shelley! I was almost hoping that Teen Wolf’s writers/producers had learned from their season 4 mistakes, but apparently not. Malia the character and most especially her relationship with Stiles has basically made me never want to tune into any MTV show ever again. So kudos for that

  13. Melissa says:

    Can Malia just go look for her mother out of screen ? It’s not so hard since J*ff Davis do things like that all the time (allison’s funeral, the “development” of st*lia, stiles’ recovery after the nogitsune…) I still can’t believe how they give so much screen time for that coyote in s4 totally ignoring lydia and derek who ARE MAINS SINCE SEASON 1. People cares for the main core Jeff Davis, I want the original pack (Scott, Stiles, Derek and Lydia) working together, I don’t care about these trash new characters, THEY ARE NOT MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE CORE FOUR! (sorry for my english)

    • stalia-for-life says:

      that’s stupid. malia kira liam etc have an interesting story. and it’s normal that new characters come eith new seasons in series.

      • yinloveyang says:

        It’s normal to have characters that are interesting. I don’t find those characters interesting enough. Maybe Parrish.

  14. Ty says:

    “It’s not like everybody suddenly forgets about characters that die”
    Can’t believe what I’m reading.
    There’s really no hope for this show anymore. All the things that made it great are gone, buried under a pile of stupidity, insults and censorship, there are more hole than plot, the characters are all over the place and the only thing that ties them to what they used to be is their own name, otherwise they would be unrecognisable.
    It’s a display of lazy writing aimed at not-so-clever teens that have no conception of willing suspension of disbelief or of characterization and consequences.
    Eichen House and that disgusting scene jumped the shark, and this interview shows that there is no possible redemption.
    Farewell, Teen Wolf.

  15. Dominique says:

    the hate for malia (and shelley) disgusts me. she’s a cutie (both the actress and the character) so how about not attacking her just because you’re not getting your ship?
    i’m a huge sterek fan and i adore malia and like stalia.
    i can’t wait to see what happens this season, although i hope jeff davis will allow scenes and stories to make a bit more sense. during s3 and s4 i often felt like i missed an entire episode because things seemed to make sense to the characters, but i felt like a large part of it all played out off-screen.

    • Oh Jesus says:

      First, nobody is hating on Shelley. Criticizing a problematic sentence =/= hate.
      There are BIG issues with what she said, which is probably just bad PR as usual, but that sentence IS problematic. We all know that this show doesn’t give a damn about the loss, exactly like it doesn’t give a damn about consequences or many other things they constantly brag upon.
      About so many people “hating” on Malia, that’s on Jeff. And yes, you can dislike a fictional character. It’s perfectly ok. Because it’s FICTIONAL. You can also dislike bad and lazy writing as much as you want. And Malia is a mess. There’s no problem in liking her, but let’s not pretend her character doesn’t make any sense in the very first place.
      I love some movies that I KNOW are laughable. I’ve read some books that I KNOW are badly written, and I still enjoy those books. But I don’t get made or speak about hate when other people point out the flaws. There’s no problem in liking different things, there is a problem in pretending said things are gold and blessed.
      Also, this comment section has a moderator that would never allow your so called “hate” on an actress. The false accusation are the base of the stans’ posse, what about leaving that out?

      • stalia-for-life says:

        there are many people hating unnecessary on shelley.

        • yinloveyang says:

          The only thing I don’t like about Shelley as an actress (not as an person because that’s not my business and never will be) is an opinion of other people (myself included) that she seems to not be interested in the show as much as I think she should be. That’s pretty much it.

  16. Another breakup is probably coming. People enter into unhealthy first relationships in high school and learn from them so their next relationships can be better and I think we’re seeing that with Stalia. Shelley’s answer alludes to that a little bit, but she’s also careful not to give away too much.

    As far as foreshadowing goes, Sterek is still the endgame, it’s just a matter of how they get there. Jeff admitting that Derek’s dream at the end of 3B being based on An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge was really solid evidence of this. What he didn’t say was that Derek’s story arc in S4 exactly matches the story of Jacob’s Ladder, which was also based on Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge. Derek is now ready, we’re just waiting for Stiles to catch up.

    When you really examine the show it’s pretty clear that Jeff wants Sterek as the endgame, but he delights in making us wait and tear out hair out in frustration in the meantime. The only thing that could stop Sterek is the advertisers/corporate execs/Jeff’s bosses telling Jeff he isn’t allowed to do it, so here’s hoping Jeff can convince them to go for it even with all the drama and wank that’s been going on.

  17. Anna says:

    I’m happy when stiles is happy so I shipped stydia such a long time and then Stalin happened and I was kinda disappointed because it was to fast for me. But in season 4 I realized what a cool girl she is (and so is Shelley) and how cute their relationship is. Love them 💗

    • yinloveyang says:

      It’s cute yeah I like it as a cute relationship but that’s it. I don’t have any reasons to support them. I really find Stiles and Lydia more interesting even though they won’t be endgame as a romantic couple.

      And I really want to believe that we’ll get Holland and Dylan in a movie in the next a few more years :)

  18. kitti says:

    I love Malia a lot and her relationship with Stiles is nice to see. I don’t ship it but I don’t mind them being together.
    My biggest problem in Season 4 is the lack of Lydia and Derek. Supposedly the season was suppose to show them, but it felt like the Stalia Season.
    And also Kira never got an independent story line aside from Scott, Malia and Stiles. And I really want her to have an independent story line where she continues to grow with more scenes.
    I think in Season 5, Jeff Davis should lower the scenes with Malia and Stiles. There are so many other characters that should be focused on like Derek, Lydia, Kira and even Scott.
    We don’t need tons of ship scenes to make the show great.

  19. mary pearcy says:

    i feel like stiles and Lidia (stidia) should still be, idk a thing it doesnt feel right with Malia and stiles i mean blahhh come on jeff davis!

  20. mary pearcy says:

    i feel like stiles and Lidia (stidia) should still be, idk a thing it doesnt feel right with Malia and stiles i mean blahhh come on jeff davis! Also people stop hating on jeff i think hes doing excellent with everything…i still like stydia better

  21. Mary Kate says:

    Eww no please no Stiles and Malia. Jeff Davis puhlease, give us Stiles and Lydia!

  22. glad to see i am not the only one that still hates/dislikes Stalia.
    This interview made any kind of hope I had for s5 [[which wasn’t much to start with since s4 ended]] pretty much die.
    honestly i would give up on this show for aLOT of reasons [[so many problems with this show it’s downright laughable and really sad cuz it started out pretty smart and campy and now i wonder if i fell into another world where it makes zero sense and everything a complete disaster]] but alas my loyalty is to the characters (the core 4 here not the others cuz really?) and so I’m here.
    I hate Stalia alot and I really wish this next season won’t be another Stalia season cuz I cannot stomach their scenes together.
    Sitting through s4 last year was not fun because half the episodes were muted because I could not sit through their scenes. Shelley and Dylan are great actors but that whole…relationship…nope. Can’t do it. i won’t do it. Not even the fandom police can make me.
    But to add on, here’s to hoping the Desert Wolf? is super interesting.

  23. Ellis~Belle says:

    Stalia is endgame. They are literally the best couple on the entire show! You can’t describe them as the perfect couple, even though to me they are, because Malia has been through so much and so has stiles and in all of that they found each other. The fit together so well and the look in their eyes when they see each other just makes me melt because even though they haven’t expressed it qjrh words yet, they are in love. I think that even if their relationship is tested, theyre strong enough to pull through together, because STALIA IS ENDGAME! Jeff
    Davis brought them together, and they are basically my life 😂💞

    • lisa says:

      I don;t care about the “endgame” part, but what did Stiles & Malia go through? She wasn’t even there when he was possessed she just ran away! Stalia have been through literally NOTHING compared to what Stiles/Lydia Stiles/Scott & even Stiles/Derek went through. This is very embarrassing.

    • stalia-for-life says:

      omfg same stalia 4 ever

  24. Ellis~Belle says:

    So not true shut up.
    Stydia is cute and as long as stiles is happy I will be too,but that’s just rude.

  25. Radha says:

    Once again, inexplicably, the site seems to be permanently dedicated in only propping up Shelley Hennig. For some reason, even though she was a character added to the other mains in season 4, somehow SHE’S the one that the media is focusing on. Not Holland Roden who has played Lydia since the beginning. And certainly not poor Arden Cho who is the love interest of the MAIN CHARACTER and resident kitsune. Can we get some equal representation of the ladies on this show? Can someone interview Arden Cho and let’s see what’s going on with her in season 5? Oh no, we can’t b/c she was only brought on to represent the Japanese mythology in season 3B. And now the writers have nothing else to do with her. She’s an immortal kitsune, yet she can’t electrocute Berserkers when they are attacking her and her friends.

    On the other hand, Malia is a hot mess of a written character, brought back only because Jeff “loves Shelley”. Yeah, not every character that you love, or actor that you love, has to be brought back onto the show. And the fact that Shelley was brought back, and has catapulted into this MAJOR role at the expense of Holland and Arden is horrible. After Crystal left, HOLLAND should be the next female star of the show and, by seniority standards, Arden should be the next focused on female after Lydia. Not the girl who JUST joined the cast, is playing a character that makes no sense and is paired with Dylan –who is the fan favorite character– only because Jeff feels that will make everyone like and accept the character more. No, it doesn’t. Anyone who likes her, fine. I have no bones to pick with Shelley other than she is playing a “show ruining character” at this point. It’s not her fault, it’s the writers, but for people to not see how problematic the character of Malia is, to not admit that, well it’s just mind boggling to be be honest.

    I don’t have a problem with Shelley, but I do have a problem with all this obvious pandering TO her. How come TVLine–and other media sites–never do major interviews with Holland or Arden? Especially Arden b/c we should give some focus to a talented and beautiful Asian actress. Let’s let people of other ethnic backgrounds shine a little for the love of Christ. But no. Every time I see something about Teen Wolf, Shelley Hennig is mentioned. In an article supposedly on Dylan Sprayberry, somehow Shelley was mentioned in that as well. It’s obvious media pandering to this woman who is playing one of the worst written characters on a show that is rapidly slipping.

    Teen Wolf USED to be fantastic. Now, I’m not even looking forward to it this season. It has nothing to do with ships and has EVERYTHING to do with the obvious stupid turns the writers continue to take over and over again. I’m going to continue to watch b/c I’ve invested too much time and I need to see how the show ends, but to be honest? I wouldn’t be surprised if this turns out to be the last season. If it gets renewed for a 6th season, I’d seriously be shocked at this point.

    • Oh Jesus says:

      This is perfect. I’m so tired of them pushing Malia and Shelley at the expense of the mains. A character that is so badly written to make an entire show jump the shark and that caused the loss of 660.000 viewers in a week shouldn’t be forced down people’s throats like that. Seems like her management means more to mtv and davis than 1/4 of the viewers jumping the show.

  26. Letti says:

    Wow, the people here. I have to state I’ve never watched any episodes of Teen Wolf. But I’ve watched The Secret Circle, and Shelley Henig was fantastic in it. It’s ok to hate her character, but Shelley really doesn’t deserve all the hate. She is not responsible for how her character and story are written.

  27. tca says:

    ok!! she is cool, but yep, this s-5 they have to make it good, the rating are sooooo low OMG!!!
    They disrespect stydia and sterek fans and posh them to the limits,they stop promoting in tumblr,facebook etc, very bad news and is not the actors fault, is MTV PR to blame for it!!!
    Feel for stydia shippers and sterek shippers!!!
    even if she try to be nice, the damage is done!!!!

  28. Maysie says:

    Huh. I came late to the game and binge-watched all 4 seasons. I have to admit that I also don’t see much chemistry between Stiles and Malia. I like the actress, she does well with what she’s been given. But the story line is ridiculous. In what world can someone who hadn’t been to school since age 12 all of a sudden succeed in the same classes as the advanced students in junior year of high school (and if you’re telling me that Stiles and Lydia aren’t in the honors and advanced classes, I don’t believe you). She needs remedial math, English, science – it doesn’t make sense. Lydia’s notes won’t cut it. Maybe the attraction between Stiles and Malia is purely physical, which isn’t out of the ordinary for that age, but I don’t see where an emotional connection came from. While I think the Malia character is interesting, I don’t care for the pairing. (and I think she’s actually pretty humorous).

    That being said – I need to make one more observation. Where are the Sterek shippers getting their source material? I can understand it from a fan fiction point of view, but as far as the actual show goes, there is no indication of any such type of interest between those two characters what so ever. It’s never going to happen, it hasn’t even been suggested. They barely interact, and when they do, it’s comedic and Derek rolling his eyes at Stiles (and yes, maybe that’s how 12 year olds flirt, but not people Derek’s age). Wishful thinking. (and I heard about Sterek before watching the show, after watching it, I was totally confused at where the ship came from).

    • tamy says:

      Well. I think the whole ‘Sterek’ phenomenon came way back in season 1 and 2 where Derek and stiles mostly have scenes together. And people started shipping them when Derek and stiles started protecting each whilst fighting like a married couple. Then when Matt stated on how Stiles and Derek would make a really good pair then that’s when the fandom went nuts

  29. Julie says:

    I hope the show will show more of Stiles, Scott & Derek together. Those 3 have some of the funniest moments/lines that makes the show so great. The big mistake I think the show made with Malia was having her live with Stiles. I just don’t see a Sheriff/Dad allowing his teenage son to have his girlfriend live with him. Am I the only one who thinks this would never happen. It would have made more sense for Malia to live with Scott instead.

    • Nell says:

      Or with her dad, Mr. Tate? Who was supposedly super upset that she “died” and was also supposedly thrilled when she was found? Why the heck isn’t she living with her actual legal guardian? Or do the Teen Wolf writers just care that little about making sense?

      • Maysie says:

        Yes! That’s the other thing I was going to mention and forgot. What the heck happened to her dad?! And why *is* she always at Stiles house? I assumed she was just sneaking in, not living there. I don’t think too many parents would be cool with their high school age kids sleeping with each other every night.

  30. Nell says:

    So sick of hearing about Malia in every TW article. When did Teen Wolf become the Malia show?? Her character is probably the worst written on the show, and the more they put her in the spotlight, the more it highlights how much the quality of the show is declining. What the heck happened to Lydia? Or Kira?

    No offense to Shelley, but seriously, when your character lacks so much substance that you have to talk about Malia’s shorts instead of her characterization (which Is sadly lacking because apparently the TW writers think we’re stupid enough to eat up a character that’s so poorly conceptualized), that’s an embarrassment.

    • stalia-for-life says:

      I really don’t think so. Malia is my fave character &I don’t think her story is badly written.

      • Radha says:

        Hi Jeff.

      • Nell says:

        Then you fall into MTV’s target demographic, which is people who don’t understand critical thinking and don’t care at all about being good at their jobs and just want to make money off mindless viewership.

        It’s obvious that MTV has some sort of special agreement with Shelley to promote her the most and give her a starring role as the girl who hooks up with the fan favorite. If I were Shelley, I’d be insulted at the way my character is being handled by the show.

        • Nell says:

          Typo. I meant to say, the writers don’t care at all about being good at their jobs and just want to make money off of mindless viewership.

  31. stalia-for-life says:

    I really hope that they don’t break up…

  32. amanda says:

    When did Cody come on I don’t remember seeing him

  33. Megan says:

    I seriously cannot believe how much hate there is on the internet. I love Teen Wolf, it is one of my favourite TV shows and I love Jeff Davis for directing it. I ship all couples on Teen Wolf and especially love Stalia. All your reasons for hating the characters (or character a.k.a. Malia) are unreasonable. I get it, each to their own but still, why so much hate guys?

  34. RevyMeow says:

    I honestly think Malia and this lone wolf are gonna end up in a relationship or their gonna be attracted to each other and stydia seems like its bound to happen but their just building up to a perfect moment or stydia is going to happen because malia is going to leave stiles for the lone wolf and Lydia comforts him.

    • tamy says:

      Hey! Good thinking but idk. I want Malia to be with Isaac and i think Theo the lone wolf is Kira’s ex boyfriend..(i think) but that’s a good idea. I mean he’s in the senior year with the crew and malias suspicious of him and u know how the story goes. They always end up together

  35. Malia’s introduction and Stalia’s relationship felt a little rushed in the beggining, but
    they grew on me in S4. I liked how they were developing their relationship and i’m very okay with them together now. I still like stydia a lot, but i’m fine with stalia. I just want the best for them, and stiles is happy with Malia now. I think Lydia still only see Stiles as a friend, and that’s it.

  36. Jada says:

    I love Shelly she’s so cute and adorable but there needs to be stydia if there isn’t in not gonna watch the show they looked at each other in the mirror after Shelley said I would never leave you bull crap on the season 4 premiere they need to be together they are destined to be and please no one say well Lydia ignored him and everything but stydia is bae

  37. Angela says:

    I dont understand why people even ship stydia. it was always one-sided with a ludia always being a bitch to stiles. sorry but no thanks stiles deserves better someone who likes him only and that’s malia now. stydia shippers should move on like stiles did. lol

    • yinloveyang says:

      Omg! Some of you keep forgetting the fact that’s only a tv show and we can support whatever we want to even though Jeff Davis is fine with an uninteresting couple that is Stiles and Malia.

    • yinloveyang says:

      Maybe because some people just like watching Holland and Dylan together. I’m probably a fan of them because I love seeing them together on my notebook screen because this show is not airing in my country and I’d really love them in a movie in the next few more years or so.

  38. Ella says:

    Haters gonna hate. I love Stalia – never saw Stydia as anything other than friends. The only pairing I would give up Malia for is Sterek.

  39. jimmy magero says:

    teenwolf is my fevorite series & my best characters r :
    scott &
    i wish that how scott is very kind & caring,his like that in real life 2

  40. Kim says:

    “We also haven’t forgotten the past, which is what I love about the show; it’s not like everybody suddenly forgets about characters that die.” lmao are we talking about the same show

  41. najeem sodiq aka mr flow focus says:

    we will to see malia nd kira from the begining of season5 to d end, but do you guys we bring back jackson nd cora………..i can’t even believe dix interview of urx.

  42. Ugh. I wish Malia would just … go away, and never come back. I don’t even care how she’s written out of the show. Killed off. Goes on an adventure with her momma. Trapped in an alternate universe, forever. Whatever. Just as long as she’s gone. I can’t stand that character, and that nonsensical piece of garbage relationship that she’s in makes me want to vomit.

    Jeff Davis needs to get it through his head that there are people who don’t, “absolutely love,” Malia, like he had hoped. He can defend that character all she wants. The fact of the matter is: She’s a poorly written character who shouldn’t even be in high school, given the fact that she’s been a coyote for 8 freakin’ years! She has a lot of catching up to do as far as schooling is concerned. Also, she shouldn’t have been able to re-integrate into society so easily. But Jeff was so eager to make Malia a part of Scott’s pack, as well as Stiles’s love interest, that he didn’t care about any of that stuff. And don’t get me started on how he treated Stydia fans, teasing us with those moments in season 3 (The kiss, as well as Lydia being in bed with Stiles).

    Ugh! This entire Malia/Stalia storyline ticks me off! I’ve reached the point where I’m wondering if I should even bother watching Season 5!

  43. Charlotte says:

    This is so bizarre, i always watched the show for the show until i found out someone on my timeline on twitter saying “stydia” and then i found out everything about the stalia stuff the stydia stuff like ” the tradition” wich is every season the 11 ep is a big stydia thing or something like that… WELL i like stydia and everything because i really like Lydia in the show but i like malia too ! She’s sweet and make me laugh with her problems of “humanisation” and everything ! I think i like both stalia and stydia even so my preference for stydia by the fact that it was lije “the beginning” ! Anyway love Malia and i really really want to know who’s her mother and I hope that we’ll get an EPIC fight between her and Peter !

  44. Amberrr says:

    I love Shelley, she’s such a sweetie, but the same isn’t for Malia. Stydia was always the dream that you couldn’t quite grasp, but it was always there. Stydia will always be the fantasy we all want, but if the writers want it to be gone, Drop. It. Please. The kiss at the end of season 3 made me believe Stydia was back, but then Malia and Richen House scenes completely destroyed me. I was getting so excited for Stydia, and then BAM! STILIA! Please, make up your mind, writers.

  45. Noel Monroe says:

    I hate how fans can say that they dislike Stiles and Malia’s relationship I luv it this means that Lydia and Stiles can stay good friends and not ruin it with a relationship that may not work out and if u have so much negative feedback for the show n not positive than just stop watching it nobody is forcing u to.

  46. Ashley says:

    I really want alot of stilia!! I don’t care if everyone hates on me for loving stilia, I mean stydia had history but I can’t get over how much I love stilia!

  47. mikayla says:

    Shellly you are my idol! i can’t wait for season 5. You and Stiles are the cutest on the show and i don’t care what all these other people say about you and your character and you shouldn’t care either. You are perfect and a great actress! I don’t know how all these people are hating on Jeff because he has made an amazing show and brought some amazing characters referring to (MALIA). And people if you are going to say this rude stuff about the show and characters then don’t watch. I hope shelly doesn’t read some of these comments because they are a mortifying. STALIA FOREVER :)

  48. give me patience says:

    how about: derek stays and malia goes

  49. Caye says:

    They don’t forget the people who have died. What are they supposed to do bring them up every episode? Erica and Boyd were not HUGE characters and we did experience the loss of them with Derek. And Allison is brought up ALOT for a character on a show that has died.

  50. Grace says:

    Lol, Malia/Shelley is so adorable :)
    People are being so mean about her down in the comments, but I think that she is a great addition to the show! Moreover, it’s nice to see someone actually care for Stiles romantically as he deserves to be. I’ve never seen it with Lydia because of my first impression of them. She basically ignored his existence and continued to make fun of him all throughout the first season. Because of that, it’s just hard for me to see her as a good person, on top of almost always being a damsel in distress.
    Plus, Malia is so badass! She can easily hold her own, and it’s really refreshing to watch. I look forward to seeing much more of her during this season! Stay strong girl~