Fox Mulling Empire Concert Tour

Empire Concert Tour Fox

In the near future, Fox’s Empire might expand to a concert venue near you.

The network is “certainly thinking” about sending Lucious Lyon’s artists out on tour, reports.

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Dana Walden, co-chair and co-CEO of Fox Television Group, tells the site that a live musical tour — much like the one the network did with Glee for two summers — is a definite possibility for the ratings juggernaut.

“There’s no reason not to think of having all sorts of ancillary opportunities with this show,” Walden says.

(Note to Fox re: those “ancillary opportunities”: Cookie Lyon’s Prison-Yard Workout: Six Weeks to a Flashable Behind. Think about it.)

Would you buy tickets to an Empire concert? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Ray says:

    No thanks. The music is easily the worst part of the show.

  2. meg says:

    Sigh, do they want to become the next glee? Here is the danger when something becomes a huge hit, they sell out.

    • Hannah says:

      Yes they do want it to be the next Glee because Glee made millions of millions of extra dollars on top of the normal advertising revenue from their albums/tour. Just because people are tired of Glee doesn’t mean Fox regrets Glee AT ALL. And the issue with Glee wasn’t going on tour, it was the writers sucking, which could be avoided with Empire because there’s no Ryan Murphy on board lol.

    • Dude says:

      Glee’s problem wasn’t that they sold out, it’s that its creators got bored, stopped caring about telling a concise story and phoned it in for 5 years.

    • Mary says:

      I’m with you, I love this show but I never cared for Glee. I doubt I would go see them in concert, but might download some music. The music compliments the show but I don’t think it is the focal point of the whole show if you know what I mean.

      • B says:

        agreed, I don’t watch the show for the music I watch it for Taraji (who doesn’t sing on the show so I doubt she’d be involved with the tour) while the music is a nice supplementary addition to the show its too synthesized/autotuned for my taste

  3. Rose says:

    Yes,YEs, YES!!!. This would be awesome.

  4. Eric7740 says:

    Its Glee all over again!!! Lets over-expose a good thing and burn people out quickly!!!

  5. Nick says:

    So if they’re following the path of Glee, which it certainly sounds like they are, then we will maybe get a creatively solid 13 episode season out of a six season show that sold its soul once it became a hit. At least we can all look back and say the first season was good.

    • Dude says:

      Let’s be honest, Empire has never been a good show. People don’t seem to realize that. Glee in its prime (episodes 1-12) was a legitimately very good show, Empire never has been. It’s an entertaining show and a great excuse to watch people as talented as Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard chew scenery and have a ball but it’s very poorly written and relies on tired soap opera tropes and negative stereotypes to tell reheated and recycled stories.

      • MJ says:

        If you don’t like it then why do you watch it?

        I think the fact that the viewership continues to increase shows that people do in fact like the show.

        • Stacey says:

          Well people will like what they like. And there is no telling about quality. Right now there is nothing like it on television. But it will burn out. Risk is always in Season Two and onwards. There now a huge fall to grace to happen if people who are known to be fickle start to tune out. Really none of he buzz I have heard is about the music. It’s about Cookie and the craziness. Seems to be a waste. But then there will be a large gap between Season 1 and 2. So they hope to keep the buzz going,

          • Empire news says:

            your right but im sure if they base it off life events it will be a more great show. And all the actors are good but my dream actor is tajraji p henson. If they base it off what people go through in life then that tv show will be everything. I try to tell them that by emailing them but their not listing.

        • torrii says:


      • Lizo says:

        Ahhhh, episodes 1-12 of Glee. It was legit good for those episodes.

      • Mary says:

        Never cared for Glee, too much like high school musical and the acting was not that good. After saying that, I never thought I would like Empire but it is an addicting show. The acting is 100% better than Glee and the music is good, and I don’t usually like rap.
        I disagree on the writing but to each their own.

  6. Dude says:

    In case there was anyone out there dying to hear “Drip, drop, drip, drippity, drop” live.

  7. Lizo says:

    This is a terrible idea. It’ll drag down the quality and reputation of the show. Glee worked because it was about show choir and honestly, it was a campy show that worked for a tour. Empire, even though it has music, is not.

  8. dennis says:

    Fox should really stop dragging out there hits!

  9. Belle says:

    Nope, this is a TV show we don’t need anymore musical tours from a Fox show!!!! Stick with the small screen success :)

  10. Larc says:

    Not on a bet!

  11. Danny says:

    Fox, did you not learn anything but rise and extreme (and fast) fall of “Glee.” Stop courting overexposure. Let “Empire” be.

  12. Nico says:

    Fox will never learn. Glee’s ratings started plummeting after the second live tour, too much of a show will kill it.

  13. kmw says:

    Now we have gotten to the point where FOX might possibly go overboard. While it is understandable to milk your hot show, they run the risk of overexposure. That is also why it wouldn’t be a good idea for more episodes as well. Leave well enough alone and let the show continue running on its own

  14. A fan of TV says:

    I think it would be a lot more interesting if Fox let one of its hit shows maintain some creative integrity for once.

  15. mel says:

    Yes I would definitely go

  16. Stacey Mack says:

    YES!!! Dallas, TX at the AAC!!!

  17. Jewel says:

    Absolutely! I fully love the show and the music!

  18. Stacie Heal says:

    I absolutely would buy a ticket to this concert! I am loving this show and am sad there are only 3 episodes left!!

  19. Allie says:

    Yes empire is the best

  20. Carol says:

    Would absolutely go to an empire concert and I am old but I love it. Those folks are very talented. No please don’t do a glee just a live concert will do! Hopefully in the LA County area. Thanks!!

  21. KCMO says:

    ABSOLUTELY! Kansas City would love it!

  22. I love empire I would totally. Asell see Jamal and hakeem , they are hot. HOTTTT

  23. Jennifer faber says:

    OMG YES.I WLD!!!love empire

  24. bombshell says:

    Absolutely!!! Would buy my tix in advance. I like the music on the show. Mainly to see Terrence Howard I must admit, love him!!!

  25. Christi says:

    I would so buy a concert ticket! Were can I sign up!

  26. Ms says:

    Yes, yes, yes that includes well known stars such as Jennifer Hudson, Patti LaBelle, Kem and Anthony Hamilton

  27. AG says:

    GLEE was the bomb .com it was an amazing show I loved it. Ryan Murphy is a great director. Personally I would love to see empire in concert and it would help the show even more. GLEE haters can suck a big DICK!!✌👌

  28. Jeanette says:

    Yes I will please let me know when

  29. torrii says:

    Yes plz have a tour… My kids and I will surely be there…

  30. Tamara says:

    I heard the 2 brothers were doing a signing tour, is that true? If so, when are they coming to Michigan? And yes, DEFINATELY, I would for sure go to a cast concert!!

  31. C Tokarczyk says:

    Hell yes would love to buy tix real soon I hope

  32. Mya says:

    Great show its my fav music is like my life and all yall who don’t like it or the music gone somewhere we know yall jealous but that’s nun my business so gone some where oh did u here that it’s the sound of the elevator bc ur not on their level

  33. Claudette says:

    I don’t usually care much for rap/ hip-hop, but I love this music, the show and the total package! Yes, I would go to see this tour!

  34. Casmere Barnes says:


  35. Ereal says:

    I don’t do concerts but I love the music on this show and want to hear it more and more often – the whole song and not just snippets. I would love to see a real live concert show featured on TV from the music of this show that’s well orchestrated, choreographed, promoted and well executed. And if promoted properly at a quality level, it would solidify even greater following of the show and maybe even launch some real careers of future new artists down the line because all the other shows that discover musical talent are overdone.

    I don’t think EMPIRE is like GLEE at all –which I didn’t really enjoy GLEE except once in a while — it was about kids and I cant relate. But this is a show about the business of music and it’s legitimate to take musical artists – as these people are very talented actors and musicians — to the big stage and let them be seen and shine. Not every song of any artists catalog is all good even the biggest stars have bad songs that do well anyway because of who they are or because they promote it so much you get used to it anyway.

    In my opinion, it seems that some people cant see the value of legitimately talented people capitalizing on their success and ability while they are young. Timing is everything in any business. This thing wont last forever NOTHING lasts forever, but like my grandma said, you have to strike while the iron is hot, and if they make more money and it makes them happy doing what they love and its good and people appreciate it, then DO IT!!!!!!! Don’t hate!!!

  36. Charlotte wright says:

    I love “Empire” and yes, I would go to their concert

  37. I loved the show and the music is totally off the chain I would love to see them live and in action! Best believe you guys will sell out in many city as long as you put out commercial and ads promoting this bad boy… Cant wait bring it to New Mexico we love you guys here!

  38. Lyn says:

    Yessssss please!!! The music is the best part of the show

  39. Staci says:

    Yes front row seat

  40. jazzybee88 says:

    Yes definitely in UK.

  41. Sherry says:

    Yes!!! LOVE the music on the show! They were great on the BET awards show! Please do it and come to Philly!!!

  42. Jessica says:

    Yes only if it didn’t cost that much!!! I love all of it the singing the drama everything I love empire my favourite songs are ‘your so beautiful’ and ‘drip drop.
    My favourite cast are Hakeem,luscious,cookie,Tiana,cookie,jamal.
    Pls have tour and not to far away please .

  43. Makayla says:

    I would go in a heart beat so they better come to kansas!!

  44. pamela valentine says:

    Yes I would, I don’t know how other people feel about the show and the cast,but I love most of the songs that they sing,the cast are talented and entertaining.

  45. Tshepo says:

    Hell yes! Please have a tour!!!

  46. Renee arellano says:

    Will y’all come to Dallas, tx

  47. Pat Ambrosio says: