American Idol Recap: Chick Magnetism

Like a flatline that finally goes “bloop,” American Idol‘s Top 12 Girls telecast sprang to life just when I was about to give up, start folding laundry and write an intro to this recap along the lines of “Season 14 officially belongs to the dudes.”

Hail Sarina-Joi! Hail Jax! Hail Tyanna! (And medium tip-a-hat to Maddie!)

Also: Why do the show’s producers insist on front-loading the telecast with weak links — thereby encouraging viewers to check their DVRs and determine whether they merely dreamed that CBS had launched NCIS: Bangor.

Anyhow, if the Idoloonie Nation has an average IQ higher than a ball of dryer lint, we’re on the brink of what could be the most closely matched season in show history. (And yes, I remember Seasons 5 and 6 — where any member of the Top 4 was positioned to receive that luxurious confetti shower.)

I mean, imagine a Top 12 void of someone whose best performances sound like somebody put an iPhone4 in a blender! (Wait, I never said that last sentence was about Lazaro Arbos, so don’t you dare judge me!)

On that cruel note, let me weigh in now with letter grades for each of the night’s performances — along with succinct five-word opinions (gotta keep it pithy — since I also recap the craziness that is How to Get Away With Murder).

AI14_24perf_1585_hires1Lovey James – OneRepublic’s “Love Runs Out” — Grade: D+ | Verse too low. Pre-chorus? “Yikes!”

Adanna Duru – Clean Bandit and Jesse Glynne’s “Rather Be” — Grade: C+ | Chorus sharper than Ginsu. “Next!”

Alexis Gomez – Miranda Lambert’s “Gunpowder and Lead” — Grade: B- | Overdone track — solid but unspectacular.

Joey Cook – Keith Urban’s “Somebody Like You” — Grade: B+ | Cutesy X 10, but not dull!

Katherine Winston – Taylor Swift’s “Safe & Sound” — Grade: C+ | Face TERRIFIED. Voice tremulous, pretty.

Shannon Berthiaume – Pink’s “Who Knew” — Grade: C | Blank looseleaf paper has more commitment.

Loren Lott – JoJo’s “Note to God” — Grade: C+ | Fourth runner up, Miss California.

Shi Scott – Rihanna’s “Umbrella” — Grade: D- | Rihanna + Lawnmower Blade = Catastrophe.

Maddie Walker – Shania Twain’s “Love Gets Me Everytime” — Grade: B+ | Excellent cover of un-rangey jam.

Sarina Joi-Crowe – Jessie J’s “Mamma Knows Best” — Grade: A+ | Beastly Range + High Kick = Lady Lambert?

Jax – Cher’s “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)” — Grade: A | Feather delicacy, imbued with power.

Tyanna Jones – Meghan Trainor’s “Lips Are Moving” — Grade: A- | Lovechild of Teletubbies sun & LaBelle.

Should Go Home: Shi, Shannon, Lovey, Adanna

Will Go Home: Shi, Alexis, Lovey, Adanna

Your turn. Who’d you love from the Top 12 ladies? Who should be and who will be at risk? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Last night it was tough to narrow down the best 3 because there were probably about 6 guys or so that stood out, tonight it was easier because only Sarina-Joi, Jax and Tyanna really brought the house down. There were way too many performances that started too low and out of key, there were too many performances that lacked energy and way too many performances that had really poor song choices. A really uneven night. Thankfully Jax, Sarina-Joi and Tyanna saved the episode.

    • JayNC says:

      I would only add Maddie to the list – those four were last and best and saved the night. The rest can all go home for all I care.

      • JayNC says:

        But please, let Shi be in the group that does go home, please.

        • Runner says:

          JayNC, Shi/she was a hot mess tonight, much like other nights – but tonight seemed like her worst performance. Not everyone can handle the big stage. It really is time for her go.

          • JayNC says:

            Shi was truly, painfully awful. I cringe just thinking about it. And Shannon, you should never sing Pink unless you have the pipes to back it up.

          • Smokey says:

            If the viewers poll above is an indication, it would be putting Adanna, Alexis, Loren and Shi on the bus home next week.

          • LeahKittyS says:

            And I would be totally cool with that. When performance nights are as rough as they’ve been tonight and last night, I’m more concerned with saving my favorites than sending people home.

          • bobsaccamanna says:

            Agree on Shi and I would add Loren Lott to the painfully cringe worthy list. You could just tell by Harry’s cryptic” that was powerful” comment that he thought it was powerfully sucky. It pains me to think of all the good female vocalists that were sent packing only to live us with Shi, Loren and Shannon.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Yes, bobsaccamanna, last night was one of those nights when I wondered if the judges were watching the same performance as me. Maybe they were trying to say less because they didn’t want to influence the voters, but I thought many of their comments were WAY too kind.

          • as says:

            I’ve tried to watch the past 2 nights, but I’ve felt indifferent about even the singers that I thought had potential. Is it the live stage? The whole thing feels like an amateur talent show.The Voice somehow has just swallowed Idol live. That said, props to Tyanna…she’s charismatic and can SING.

          • as says:

            Quite a few people have used the words CRINGE and CRINGE-WORTHY in their descriptions….Michael Slezak, I don’t see how that raises some of these girls to the level of any letter grade. We could have used a few of those beaten-down 25 year olds J Lo who weren’t quite as pretty or as focused.on their dress,

        • mamamitzvah says:

          Shi sealed her fate with her phoney baloney introduction. Plus, she can’t sing.

        • karyn says:

          In past weeks, I didn’t get the hate people were heaping on Shi (and I still don’t “hate” her) but I finally got the complaints about her voice which always seemed decent to me – not great but worthy of middle of the pack. On this show, she was actually as awful as some have said all along.

      • Ate my comment again! Where in the heck is the reality check?

    • Runner says:

      Ditto. Sarina-Joy, Tyanna, and Jax outsing those other girls by miles. I love them and vote accordingly ;) !!! And thank you, Ms. Sarina-Joy for bringing some knee-high-glitter-platform boot realness on that stage. Werk, mama! Werk.

      • JayNC says:

        Oh my god she was so fabulous in every way.

        • Tom22 says:

          I saw Sarina waving arms and stomping and carrying on in ways that take away from the music, not interweave with the instruments. A good singer is part of the group and shapes a melody into a musical message, not going “me me me” shouting and stammering But I guess that’s why so many of you don’t like Rhianna. you think a singers job is about something other than shaping a time and a place. and a mood that isn’t really necessarily about the lyrics in a literal way.

          • karyn says:

            I agree with this. I loved Sarina’s singing and her performance was great right up until the kick which was out of character for the rest of the performance.

    • The Beach says:

      Sarina-Joi, Jax and Tyanna were the only ones to get my votes tonight.

      • I want Sarina and Quentin for the finals because I think they are the most talented! So impressed by those two.Image, voice, drama, beauty, And great, great voices! I dont care for Jax, because i feel like she purposely tries to sing in this almost creepy whisper with a little girl voice. Also Im tired of seeing the African American talent get voted off. I am a white woman, but we all know talent when we see it! People like Melinda Doolittle and Joshua Ledet getting voted out way too early. Lets hope the most talented person wins! But I just love Quentin and Sarina and hope they go all the way to the end! I wish Katherine Winston and Shannon would have done better! Because I like WHO they are and they are both humble!

        • Tommyo2000 says:

          Joshua ledet made it to number three, how is that too early? And isnt it a bit early to be picking the finals? We kind of need to see how this group grows. If we were picking order this early Haley Reinhardt would have never made past number 10

          • Holly says:

            So true! I hated Haley Reinhardt early in her season, but by the end she was one of my favorite Idol contestants ever! Some of these girls and guys will experience major growth. That said, I think Tyanna is the most dangerous contestant. She is SO talented, and she has amazing growth potential. She hasn’t found herself yet as an artist, but when she does, watch out!

          • Tommyo2000 Oh well Im just picking my favorites to win. Im not saying they will for sure! But thats who I would like. I will say I picked Caleb as the winner last year very early on! I think around Hollywood week I predicted he would win.

        • Brenda says:

          Those are my two favorites as well. At this point. But almost every year, somebody comes from behind and surprises me — and then becomes my new favorite.

          • That usually happens to me also! Someone always gets my attention in the middle of the competition. Im so curious to see who made it to top 16 and we have to wait!

        • Jill Moy says:


          Well, numbers 2, 9 and 12 on the list top to bottom are my remaining 3 out of the 4 I picked (Savion the other). I have never changed my picks from who I pick from the start on any season (have always picked only 2 on all the previous seasons). My streak of picking winner or runnerup every year may end this year…..MAYBE NOT!

          I thought Shannon, Shi and Lovey in that order were simply terrible and should go! What are these judges listening to????? Shi shouldn’t have went to Hollywood! Jax was a little better but I don’t see any great singer. Tyanna and Maddie were good, to me best of the evening! Let’s face it, the guys were much better overall. Speaking of the guys, I hope Adam isn’t eliminated!

        • blents says:

          What about Candice Glover, the 2013 winner??

        • Its terrible that we have to say goodbye to Katherine Winston.

    • K says:

      I’d add Joey in there with Jax, Sarina-Joi and Tyanna – just because she’s fun and different. But crossing fingers and toes that Shi goes.

      • John Doe says:

        I hope shi goes home. I’m really rooting for Katherine. American idol has shown her twice the whole season. That worries me. Hopeful people will see how good she is and how bad shi is.

        • JM says:

          Yes, I like her, too, and gave her some votes.

        • In regards to Katherine, I’m torn. I THINK she has talent, but I’m concerned that her lack of exposure during earlier rounds combined with what, for me at least, was a horrible song choice (I simply HATE that Safe and Sound song – it’s the only Taylor Swift song I can’t listen to) and nerve-laden performance will doom her.

        • Mary says:

          I love Katherine voice but honestly I don’t know if she can handle being on stage. She looked petrified up there I thought she was going to keel over. I hope she stays in to make the top 12 but she has to try to get pass the stage freight.

          • Jaszy says:

            Katherine did okay. That is a very beautiful song. However, Katherine didn’t look too comfortable on the stage, especially without her guitar.
            She had the same look on her face throughout the whole performance. I know she’s all mellow and all, but she should put some spark and fire behind her eyes. She might get a lot of comments involving her lack of connection to the songs that she sings.

        • syb says:

          I voted for her. Her voice is lovely and really, although it was a pretty sleepy song, it was contemporary in a Lana Del Rey sort of way. She doesn’t stand much chance though as she has really faded into the wallpaper behind the big personalities on the ladies side.

      • Jaszy says:

        I think that out of the 12 girls, Shannon, Katherine, Shi, Loren, Lovey, and Joey have a greater chance of going home.
        People seem to like Alexis, so I don’t think she’s going.
        The obvious shoo-ins to stay are JAX, Sarina Joi, and Tyanna.
        Adanna and Maddie might be towing the line.

      • Robertino3 says:

        If I were sightless and only had my ears to judge by, Shi would never get my vote. This is first and foremost a singing contest and she can’t. My God; she was awful.

    • James says:

      Power rankings (based on tonight and other nights)
      2)Tyanna Jones
      3) Katherine Winston
      4) Jax
      5) Maddie Walker
      6) Joey Cook
      7)Loren Lott
      8) Adanna Duru
      9) Shannon Berthiaume
      10) Shi Scott
      11) Lovey James
      12) Alexis Gomez

      • If you have Loren anything but last, you need to get your hearing checked

        • LeahKittyS says:

          Nah, Shi is definitely in last here. Loren would be a close second, though.

          • Temperance says:

            Not a bit. Lovey was awful, and Shi was too weird to judge (which means the American public will loathe it). Shannon and Alexis will duke it out for the next least memorable.

          • Ben says:

            Agree with Shi last. And as much as I really like Shannon and wanted her to succeed, hers was pretty dire too. Lovey started too low (when will people learn the band just drowns them out if they can’t put out volume down low), but she picked it up in the back half. Not sure why people would have Loren in a category with people who sang poorly.

          • Alan Dvorkis says:

            Shi wins because she has never given a single good performance, sorry, not a single fair performance.

        • Ben says:

          Honestly, you need to get your hearing checked. Loren last? What??? All I can say is – Loren is not current at all and can’t win. But she executed what she was doing. I’m not even sure how it got a C+.

        • James says:

          i already had a rank from last week and i average out their most recent performance and their previous rank. Tonight Shi, Shannon, and Alexis did worst pulling them down and Sarina, Tyanna, and Jax did best pulling them up. Loren and Adanna are 7 & 8 because they have given either good performances in the past (i.e Loren’s “Skyfall) or have glimmers of a beautiful voice (first half of Adanna’s song)

        • syb says:

          Shi and Shannon would be bringing up the rear for me with Loren just ahead of those two. Lovey also neck and neck

      • Fangirl says:

        Think Maddie should go home, along with Shi( unfortunately, because I’ve heard her sing better), Shannon, Katherine ( zero stage presence). Jax, Sarina_Joi & Tyanna saved the night!

        • James says:

          I dont think Maddie has hit a single bad note to date, so I don’t think she should go home

          • Jaszy says:

            I agree with you about Maddie – that was a very endearing, heartwarming performance. I disagree with the judges; I think Maddie picked a good song for her voice. She sang it well. It wasn’t the most obvious country song choice. It was very fun to watch. Great job, Maddie.

        • Jill Moy says:

          Are you crazy? Why would Maddie go home? Overall sh has been the most consistant performer….EVERY PERFORMANCE HAS BEEN GREAT!

          • Jill Well I think I finally figured this stupid computer problem out! I got logged out of my account and couldnt get back in! I fixed it though! LOL Well I saw your post about maybe coming to Portland soon! Yes let me know! I would love to meet you!

      • James, I’m liking your ranking. People are hating on Jax’ drama but I prefer drama to dullness and I think Shannon should be given a second chance. I am not hating on Shi as much as most here and think maybe she is not ready for prime time but does have talent. I think Alexis should as you ranked her last because she is trying to change her persona due to what J’lo says and others that got booted were better than her.

    • JM says:

      Hmmm. I actually thought the girls sang better than the boys. Sarina-Joi was definitely the best. But I also gave votes to Jax, Tyanna, Adanna, Joey, and Katherine. I don’t understand why no one likes Adanna. I really like her voice.

      • I agree with you, I mean Adanna is a fighter and she has a good voice which really confuses me too why others do not notice her :)

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          Adanna has a nice voice but her diction was dreadful during the first half of the song. I couldn’t understand a word she was singing during that softer portion. It was better at the end.

      • Temperance says:

        The top 4 girls were in the mix with the guys – the rest were worse than any of the gents by miles.

      • Ben says:

        I agree completely JM. I thought the buys were terrible last night, on the whole, but the girls I thought were overall quite good.

        And while there is absolutely no doubt that Sarina, Jax and Tyanna were the best three of the night, they were also head and shoulders above anything the boys put out last night.

      • Mikko Makitalo says:

        I actually love her a lot – except that strange growling sound that joins her singing voice in the peak moments. That growling makes me abandon her. If she would not growl, I would genuinly be in fond of her.

    • Ginger Snap says:

      It was much easier to pick 6 guys last night to keep. Only 4 of girls are worth saving.

      Let’s just skip to top 10 and call a day.

      • safado says:

        That’s why the boy/girl quota set-up drives me nuts. Most of the boys would go through if we weren’t forced to vote by gender. Instead, some less-talented singers will go through just because they’re female.

        • Mary says:

          Really, I think only about 4 guys did well the night before that really deserves to be in the top ten. Grant you maybe only 3 girls deserve it but I am giving everyone a pass for the first live show jitters, after that it is sink or swim.

        • Jaszy says:

          The gender quota drives me crazy too, but for the exact opposite reasoning. I tend to think that the girls are always better than the boys, therefore there should be more girls in the running. I never get excited about the boys as I do the girls…and I am a girl. Girl power! So, instead I wish it was like 20 girls and maybe 4 boys.

    • A fan says:

      Actually I thought Tyanna missed a few of her notes tonight. Sarina and Jax were a definite cut above the rest for me. Adanna was an early favorite of mine but hasn’t shown up at her potential recently. Song choice is so vitally important I wish they would be more careful about their selections!

      • Aprilcot says:

        I agree. I think Tyanna is awesome, but I didn’t think last night was her best at all.

        • Tom22 says:

          I liked her but she and the band made a newer song sound like a Motown song. It was missing the rhythmic feel of today with a greater hip-hop influence which infuses all of today’s pop music. It’s very subtle but today’s emphasis on syncopated notes is what makes me find the last 3 or 5 years music far more interesting than pop music since the days of the singer band combos like Frank sinatra etc which also used a lot of syncopation. I guess that was pre-rock and now we should be post-rock

        • I agree. I thought I was the only one that noticed Tyanna was off and could have been better

      • In regards to Tyanna’s performance last night, I thought the judges (can’t remember which one(s) exactly) hit the nail on the head with the comment about starting out the song in a higher key. Throughout the performance (but especially during the first verse), I kept thinking something sounded off, but it wasn’t until that comment that I was able to put my finger on what the problem, IMO, was with the performance. I want her to advance, but I thought that was a spot-on observation.

      • Alan Dvorkis says:

        Finally someone else heard that she was out of tune the entire first third of the song.

    • Alan Dvorkis says:

      Except Tyanna was out of tune the entire first third of the song

    • Antonio Hall says:

      I agree with you but Loren killed it . Her performances was on 10 the whole time . She have a killer voice.

    • Jaszy says:

      I really want to root for Shi because she hasn’t been getting a lot of love. According to others, her personality rubs people the wrong way.
      I just think she’s misunderstood. Her and P!nk would be really great friends.
      Shi seems nervous when she’s singing in front of people . It REALLY shows in her vocals, the nervousness, the breathiness, etc.
      She always sings in tune and on pitch, however it’s not the most pleasant of tonal qualities.
      Sometimes, I do love vocals that aren’t perfect; towards the end when she went hard, I did love that part, but the beginning was not good.
      I don’t want her to go, but Shi’s going home.

  2. Christian says:

    Let’s see what all the Jax haters have to say about that preformanxe!

    • Runner says:

      She has haters? Really? Boo. She’s always interesting to me and the girl can sing. Oh well… I just need her to make it through tonight.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I’m Jax neutral. I loved what she did in the first half of the song. Very pretty. Second half? Ugh. Was not digging that at all.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      I’m not a Jax “hater”. I don’t care for her style and find her vocals annoying. Obviously some people like that odd, affected vocal. I also didn’t care for her song choice but I didn’t like that song when I was 11 years old, either.

      • marie says:

        It’s a strange song, all right; the lyrics have always made me uncomfortable, which is why I was rather delighted when Jax actually sold it to me. I don’t happen to find her style “affected” but can see how someone would.
        Kudos, btw, to Mr. Slezak for identifying it as a Cher song; I don’t remember ever hearing the Nancy Sinatra version (I had to Google to verify that NS had actually recorded it). The Cher version was the hit I knew.

      • Jo March says:

        Agreed; I wrote my comment before reading yours. I called her rendition “affected”.

    • as says:

      I’m no Jax hater by any means, but don’t you admit that those funeral dirge dramatic beginnings to every performance are starting to make her look like a one trick pony?

      • Jenna says:

        I see what you mean. I think she can be overly dramatic at times, and it does rub me the wrong way. Like, take that pause during “You and I” at House of Blues. Hated it. It was uncomfortable and didn’t have the intended effect. Or “Let It Be.” Stroking her mother’s thigh was just…too much.

        • DreaDaze says:

          Omg that was so annoying the stroking of her moms thigh during let it be!! she is phony bologna and does a creepy whisper put on voice That rubs my boyfriend and I the wrong way .. I wish she would just sing naturally I guess.. idk

          • DreaDaze says:

            Jax is the phony bologna I am talking about in the above statement just to clarify.. I think she has some talent but forces that creepy tone into her voice and does weird things just to get ppl to feel sorry for her or attention idk its hard to explain but it is definitely annoying lol

    • Jaszy says:

      Yeah! I get so sick of the Jax haters! I love me some JAX! She’s simply amazing.
      Winner material right here!

    • Jill Moy says:


  3. The top 8 girls I want to go through are Sarina, Jax, Tyanna, Loren, Katherine, Joey, maddie, and lovey

  4. Jake says:

    Jax and Sarina gave me everything I needed from Idol tonight.

  5. Christian says:

    Let’s see what all the Jax haters have to say about that preformance!

  6. Andres says:

    this episode was boring until the last three lady’s S-A-N-G. Sarina was the best. Jax and Tyanna were second.
    (Joey was good too)

    • Jaszy says:

      Joey was awful. I didn’t like that performance at all. Keith had to say something positive because it was his song. Yeah, she changed it up, but the vocals were a bust.

      • Andres says:

        I thought she sounded great. She obviously wasn’t the best, but I like her Because she is different.

      • Michael Johns says:

        I also thought Joey was horrid. Where was the melody of that beautiful song? I’m afraid she’s just a one-trick phony. She’s probably authentic and all but her singing and style just don’t cut it.

  7. Dax says:

    I thought Maddie, Lovey, Alexis were bad. One should be gone. I won’t comment on Joey because I don’t like her.

    • Christian says:

      Maddie was pretty good (my opinion) Shi was a hot mess

    • safado says:

      Give Maddie a better song and she’ll shine.

    • Jaszy says:

      Alexis – the pace of that song was too fast. Should’ve slowed it down a little more. Maybe she should not have picked such an obvious song for her voice.
      Hope she stays because I see potential. She just has to pick the right songs.

      Lovey actually did a pretty good job. She didn’t completely bomb like Shannon did. Was it the best vocal? No. But if she controls her voice a little more, I think she could surprise people.
      However, I wouldn’t be surprised if she were to be one of the four sent home.

  8. Taylor Cassell says:

    The last 4 performances DEFINITELY saved the night. I think once we get down to the top 7 or 8 we may have one of the most solid seasons we’ve had in a while! Tonight definitely went to Sarina she SLAYED Jessie J’s song and that’s not an easy one to take on.

    • Runner says:

      I think you are right, Taylor. America needs to correct some of the poor selections the judges made and then things are gonna get good. I was happy with final 3 performances.

  9. Rip Tide says:

    Just imagine had this been a two-hour show under the old format. A lot of people would given up and gone off folding laundry before the first hour was up.

  10. Jobless says:

    This was the worst overall performance show I’d ever seen on Idol until Sarina, Jax, and Tyanna saved it. I actually think this is fairly easy as to who should go home. Shi, Shannon, Adanna, and Lovey were clearly the worst. I fear for Katherine though, she was one of my favorites and didn’t really do herself any favors tonight.

  11. sg54 says:

    I didn’t think Katherine looked terrified at all. Then again, I was probably more focused on her voice, which was breathtaking. I don’t understand how absolutely no guys got criticism last night and so many girls got some tonight. Am I hearing something wrong or does this show simply have a problem with women?
    Should stay: Tyanna, Jax, Sarina, Katherine, Joey(!!!),
    Should go: Shi, Shannon, Adanna, one country girl.

  12. DL says:

    Hey now, Bangor, Maine is the home of Stephen King. I bet NCIS: Bangor would be chock full of all kinds of small town Twin Peaks style weirdness. Bring it on, I say. ;)

  13. Jobless says:

    Also, poor Shannon looked like she wanted to be anywhere else but up on that stage tonight. She has some talent but definitely was not ready for this at all.

    • Smokey says:

      True, and she has a certain Joplin’ish niche as a vocalist ………. she needs better advise on what to sing. …….. many times a song a person “really likes” is not at all the song they should be singing to match their own voice uniqueness and strengths.

      • Robertino3 says:

        Agreed. She absolutely slayed me on her vocal turn during her group performance of Queen’s “Find Me Somebody to Love”. I felt sad that this one poor performance will probably doom her

    • LeahKittyS says:

      Yeah, what she did was not good. I won’t be upset if she goes home. Shallow observation alert: I realized last week that without her, the Top 12 girls consist of entirely blond women and black women.

    • She was my favorite, I wish she would have done better!

  14. Karen says:

    Haven’t seen this show yet, so looking forward to seeing my 3 main girls killing it (Jax, Sarina-Joi & Tyanna) – And if Slezak’s comparison of Sarina-Joi and the ever-marvelous Adam Lambert rings true, I might already have a favorite this year.

    • Kayk says:

      I compare Jax to Adam Lambert in terms of talent and creativity and being fun to anticipate what they will do next!

      • TakenByTheWind says:

        I feel same way! JAX is really interesting and dramatic… Made me think of Adam too

      • Lana says:

        Adam has an awesome voice to back up that creativity Jax does not. Tonight is the first time I enjoyed Jax, Adam from the first note. However I am now interested to see what she does next, but I am not won over yet.

  15. BobL says:

    I gotta give some love to Joey. Yes, the three that everybody’s talking about were all great, but I thought Joey was terrific too. She was original, fun, cute as hell, energetic; and I thought her voice sounded sweet and on key. I really hope she makes it because I will always be excited to see and hear what she’s going to do from week to week.

    • sg54 says:

      I completely agree! On this show, vocals are always #1 for me so obviously the last 3 girls shined, as well as Katherine. But Joey is just something else all together. She is so, so unique. Just based on the history of this show, I know she won’t last forever, but I want her to last long enough to get a good fanbase to have a career with and to sing us some really creative songs!

    • Mikko Makitalo says:

      She really has something unique there, and I was interested to see, what this performance would be alike. But I was disappointed to witness, that it was all kind of a joke. She is taking the theatrics and gimmics so far, that it is just pure gimmics. Too bad, because somewhere there really is a real person with a real talent, I believe. To me, what we saw was just plain ridiculous.

    • I find her to be contrived in every way.

  16. Angela says:

    Seems I’m in agreement with many here. Sarina was the best, hands down, but Tyanna was great, too, as usual. And Maddie’s performance was cute-I can see what the judges were saying about a different song for her, perhaps, but she was having fun with the song and gave it some personality, so it worked for me.
    Shi’s performance of “Umbrella”. Yeah. That was…interesting…to put it mildly. I think a lot of the women on here have a lot of potential, but whereas last night involved a lot of guys shouting and yelling their songs, tonight many of the women seemed nervous and awkward. If we can just tone the guys down and boost the girls up, we might have something.
    I do think, with the women, I’m seeing something with them I didn’t see much of with the guys last night-the women seem to actually be paying attention to the lyrics of the songs they’re singing, for the most part, and trying to bring across the emotion of the lyrics. That’s a point in their favor.

  17. LeahKittyS says:

    Once again, I have six that I definitely want to hear again. However, they are divided into two categories: “certain” and “likely.” The girls were not quite as strong as the guys were last night.
    Certainly want: Sarina, Jax, and Tyanna. And from the looks of this poll, most of you feel the same way. I didn’t think Sarina was that big a deal in previous years, but now I’m wondering why she never made it all those times before. Oh well, maybe they were setting her up for a big huge redemption like Candice and Caleb. I’ve loved Jax from the beginning. She’s like Ellie Goulding without the British accent. Some people call it too affected, but the word I use for that kind of voice is “friendly.” Instantly recognizable and easy on my ears. Tyanna is still just a little bit rough, but when she’s on point, she is so on point. Plus that song is one of my guilty pleasures.
    Will likely still want in the Top 12: Joey, Katherine, and Maddie. How priceless was Keith’s reaction when he realized Joey was singing his song? Yeah, the accordion and her tone of voice are a little strange, but I still find her significantly more interesting than half these girls. Plus she has great fashion sense. There’s always that one person who gets little screen time in the tapes rounds but then surprises you once they’re out of the gate, and this year it’s Katherine. Totally disagree with Harry about the ballad thing. And cute little Maddie…after the way her entry into the Top 24 was handled, she proved she deserved her spot. Let’s hope she continues to grow and improve, though, because good grace will only get her so far.

    • JayNC says:

      Your critique is spot on as usual Leah.

    • Runner says:

      Oh, thanks for this. I slept through the first 5 performances so I don’t have an opinion on the show as a whole. I will have to go back and check out Joey. I find her interesting at least. Thanks for this review.

      • LeahKittyS says:

        You’re welcome. But you really didn’t miss much. I liked Joey and Katherine, but the first three were no great shakes. Any or all of them could leave next week and I’d be fine. Still, you should watch just so you can form your own opinion.

        • Jessamine says:

          Katherine’s voice is beautiful, but she seemed like she was concentrating so hard on hitting the notes that she forgot that there are other important aspects to performing, like conveying a mood, telling a story, etc.

    • Mike says:

      Yeah I seem to remember Candice Glover pretty much sealing the deal with a ballad just two seasons back. Sometimes I think Harry oversteps with his comments.

    • Mytake says:

      100% agree. Thanks for writing that

  18. BobL says:

    When I was listening to Shi tonight, all I could think about was what it would sound like if Rocky Balboa tried to impersonate Rihanna.

  19. Marilyn says:

    Last night was so good, and tonight not nearly as good although I though the one’s who were really good were Joey, Jax, Sarina and Tianna. Wow, and they were really good. Thought Katharine and Shannon were good enough to stay. They both have that almost eerie sound when they get high. The rest,, meh.

  20. Christian says:

    Does anyone know how the results will be revealed, since their is no results show tomorrow.

    • LeahKittyS says:

      Next week. But when in the show, I don’t know. All I know is, it won’t be at the top of the show. It could be a repeat of last year’s Rush Week. Only this time, the contestants will see it coming, so the resulting performances should be better.

      • Puchinsmom says:

        But…..that means they all rehearse, and then four don’t even get to sing after working all week??? That is not real nice. I’m still an Idol fan, but the setup this year is not my favorite. Too manic and not enough time spent singing for each contestant. That said…. for some contestants that was a kindness!!

        • LeahKittyS says:

          Well, the network cut Idol back to once a week, so they have to do something about the results. This isn’t Rising Star with live voting and all. And based on what a mess that show was, I’m grateful for that. When it gets down to fewer people, I think they’re going to do it like “Dancing With the Stars,” where everyone performs and whoever had the lowest amount of votes front the previous week is eliminated afterwards.

          • JayNC says:

            I think it will be that the ones that got the highest votes will be revealed one by one and they will sing as they are revealed. The ones voted off will probably not sing at all.

  21. Rowan says:

    when joey was laughing during her song it made me think of the “sky ronnie” skit from SNL. i can’t stand her.

    • Christian says:

      I loved the laugh. I thought it was beyond adorable.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Ditto. She’s having a wonderful time on stage, bringing her own twist to the music, and has such a quirky energy that I find too cute for words.

    • Art says:

      She was easily one of the best pieces of entertainment tonight. I don’t think she is close to winning but for pure entertainment tonight Ithought it was Jax, Joey, then Sarina

    • i can’t stand her either. i don’t really understand why she and singers like her think that purposely mispronouncing words automatically gives them style. and the love of the accordion is contrived, i think.

  22. andrealschultz says:

    Bang Bang is a Nancy Sinatra song.

  23. Simon says:

    Honestly, I thought neither night was that great, but overall I would still rank the girls higher. My top 3 were Sarina-Joi, Jax, and Joey, but several others did a decent job as well, including Adanna, Maddie, Tyanna, and Lovey (D+? really?). The only guys I enjoyed in the slightest were Clark and the 2Qs. Most of the others were train wrecks, Rayvon being one of the worst. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that his A- was the most inaccurate grade Slezak has ever given.

  24. Mafs95 says:

    Ok, from what I’ve been reading in several places and taking into consideration their performances (and their performance slots!), I can guarantee the last three girls are S-A-F-E! But like… clearly safe. Maddie and Joey will probably be 4th and 5th in tonight’s voting. The rest will be similar in terms of voting, I think.
    I really hope Katherine and Lovey are safe! I like them, even though they weren’t that good tonight. The 8th spot could go to either Alexis (who was always average-ly consistent) or Loren (some screechy notes and the nasal tone isn’t really pretty but she does have a powerful voice and is pretty!). Shi, Shannon and Adanna are most likely toast.

  25. Christian says:

    Was I the only one that noticed Lovey’s illuminati signs.

  26. marie says:

    Well, I can see that I agree with pretty much everyone else on the top three tonight: Sarina-Joi, Jax, and just a tiny step down but maybe only due to her age, Tyanna. I also retain a fondness for Joey; this may not have been her best night, but she’s been really good up too now and I’d like her to continue on the show.
    Why did the judges seem not to hear how rough Loren’s performance was? Pitch problems all over the place. I certainly didn’t get the praise.
    In a certain way, this is shaping up to be a rather frustrating season: the judges are constrained by time limitations from offering much in the way of critique, and Mr. Slezak is similarly constrained from penning the full reviews of each singer we’ve come to enjoy so much by the necessity of writing other shows’ recaps. Sigh.

  27. Good Job Ladies says:

    This is gonna be a tough year, I’m just glad the girls side has people like Joey and Loren, it’s usually all the personality on the guys side and the better talent on the girls side. There is only one girl that I’m rooting gets a booting (please go home) and that is Shi. The only reason I think it would be fun to keep her is she is about a second away from only referring to herself in third person, and that would make for some confusing situations, which would be funny.

    I do have to complain about my 2 Idol (and singer in general) pet peeves that 2 people did tonight. 1: I hate when people sing through their hand (I’m talking to you Adanna) just put that hand down and use your voice. It’s a crutch and it’s annoying. You either use it to help you stay on pitch or stay controlled, you shouldn’t need help with that. second pet peeve is getting the sign language for “I Love You” mixed up with the symbol for “rock on” (aka devil horns). I’m talking to you Shannon! If your tongue is out your thumb should NOT be!

  28. Michael H. says:

    SO DONE!!! Describing Tyanna as the lovechild of Teletubbies sun and Labelle made me laugh so hard. Really enjoyed Jax and Tyanna, but Sarina Joi…#Slayrina is going nowhere, so that’s clear. For my other 5 to go through to next week, I would say Maddie Walker, Joey Cook, Katharine, Alexis, and Loren I guess. Not sure who else would go through. All I’m going to say, is that if Shi and Lovey don’t go home this week, I quit.

  29. Lemon says:

    Katherine’s voice is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever heard on this show. She’s like a Norah Jones or Joni Mitchell… something you listen to when you want something mellow and contemplative. Her nerves did seem to get to her this time, which surprised me, because she sings live fairly often. The tough competition could have psyched her out. I think she will make the next cut, but she has to steel her nerves, and focus on the narrative of whatever she is singing.

    Re The Top 24: Overall, I am really only impressed with Quentin right now. Really wishing they had stayed in LA and practiced rather than going on an exhausting mini tour.

  30. Harry_Wild says:

    I caught the last 15 minutes of AI since I am a Backstrom fanatic and I thought that AI is even worse this year then last! Of couse, I am an AI former fanatic and watched AI back in 2002-2009 when Simon, Paula and Randy were judges. It was great entertainment. The same thing is happening in this years “The Voice” where Adam, Christina, Pharrell and Blake are over the top in entertainment value and the contestants are just amazing singers.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I don’t think you’ll find too many folks who agree with you on that one! But you’re certainly entitled to your opinion.

  31. metitometin says:

    I never got to see the good performances at the end since I had long since fallen asleep after those dreadful performances in the 1st half of the show.

  32. CMB says:

    I’m pretty sure Bang Bang is a Nancy Sinatra song.

  33. Brian Taylor says:

    The Voice no longer had any competition. Bring back Simon!

  34. Choir Girl says:

    Dear En Vogue, Do you need a new member??

    just finished watching Sarina steal the show.

  35. Alan Dvorkis says:

    Loved Joey Cook’s joy and originality. Loved Jax, Again!

  36. Timmah says:

    Sarina/Jax/Tyanna, wow, what a finish! And I thought Joey and some of the others were really good too. The girls really brought the energy and creativity tonight. Such a contrast to the guys who I thought were mostly lifeless and dull. On the negative side, did anyone count the number of cutaways to Cruella? I guess it was too much to hope for that to change.

  37. Evan says:

    Is anybody else tired of the judges singing along with many of the performances? Keith, JLo- this is the contestants’ moment, not your own!

    Jax and Sarina were the best of the night.

    Lovey gave one of the more interesting performances I’ve seen in a while. I thought she went from absolutely horrid to quite good when the song finally picked up.

    • Timmah says:

      I never liked it either. I think it’s a sign that you’re not really focused on your job. Judges should keep their mouths shut and their ears open during the performance.

    • Mary says:

      It doesn’t bother me because I think they are into the music; that being said what bothers me is the camera always goes to them and not kept on the contestants. You wouldn’t even notice them singing if AI focus on the contestants 90 seconds on stage.

    • marie says:

      Yes, I remarked about Keith singing to my wife last night. I can’t see how you can really be listening intently if you’re singing along; I guess I could be wrong, but I really don’t think I am.

  38. jane says:

    Tyanna and Sarina for the win!. Everyone else can go home. I want to like Jax, but she comes off as really phony to me.

  39. Sandra Allen says:

    Who is working with these girls? In all the idol years never seen a group go backwards and wonder what the judges were thinking! If this had been my first night to watch I would not. Couple of redeeming performances but they need to have someone working with these kids who make them sound better not worse.

    • Smokey says:

      A good observation and comment – for all the work the producers, coaches and band was going to put-in with the contestants to raise the bar — to make a really good show,, —– …….there were several “fails”,,,, in bad song choices,… staying in-time ….. and too much (getting corny) ;;;;;;;or too little ( motion, lyrical expression) ..stage performance dynamics. .

      • Puchinsmom says:

        Seems to me the first “live” show always is rough. Although it seems this live show was actually taped days ago? Frankly I’m confused and mystified with the format so far. How could we have no clue how results are going to be. I’m not happy waiting almost a whole week to see results.
        But my ORIGINAL point was that the first show with the top 24 is notoriously hard on most of the contestants. And those worth going on settle down.

  40. danin says:

    If Loren is Miss California,and I certainly agree w/you Michael,then Maddie is a teen Jon Benet Ramsay.Both pagenty and affected. I love Tyanna but she was not so hot tonight.Sarina&Jax took it tonight.

  41. darcy's evil twin says:

    Wow, for those of you that said you couldn’t wait for the girls to “bring it” – I guess you’re still waiting. Most of that was dreadful. The guys were SO much better. But here’s to Sarina Joi Crowe and Tyanna Jones for giving the most solid performances of the evening. I would give props to Maddie Walker and Katherine Winston, although I wasn’t wild about the song choices. Joey Cook gave an interesting performance.
    Still can’t stand Jax. I have never liked “Bang Bang”.

    • Tahoe Mike says:

      I remember “Bang Bang” from when I was a kid. Now when I hear it I instantly think “Kill Bill,” which I love, and it makes me smile.

  42. Viajero says:

    I agree that Sarina, Jax and Tyanna gave the standout performances of the night. Below them (quite a ways below them), I´d have a second group that includes Alexis, Joey and Maddie. I´m pretty much okay with any of the others going home as they all showed serious deficiencies in their performances.

  43. Kate says:

    I don’t get anything sincere about Jax.

  44. Faye says:

    Very disappointing. I was expecting more from the girls.
    Sarina-Joi, Tyanna, and Jax were the only bright lights of the night for me. They should all sail through to the next round.
    I did like Katherine’s song choice and most of her vocals but she looked so unnerved that it was sad. I want her to stay because her other performances have been strong and I find her interesting.
    Joey is simply delightful. I enjoyed what she did with Keith’s song but the accordion needs to never be seen again.
    Otherwise, they ranged from forgettable to poor to karaoke.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      “The accordion needs to never be seen again”.
      that gets a Made Me Laugh. :-)

      I couldn’t agree more. The same goes for the ukelele IMO.

      • Timmah says:

        I don’t mind the accordion, but I’d definitely like to ban the ukelele. Hard to spell, hard to listen to. And in particular for ruining Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

        • Timmah, I’m sorry to disagree with your opinion on the ukulele. But I think you should listen to Jake Shimabukuru’s mastery of the ukulele or the late great Bruddah Iz’ rendition of “Over the Rainbow. We in Hawaii believe the ukulele to be a great instrument in the right hands. Aloha

  45. Syb says:

    Too sleepy but Katherine can sing. I liked Sarina Joey and Tyanna. I cant get in to Jax. She is too stylized

  46. Lou says:

    How come every season the contestants are great until the Top 24 and then most of them are terrible? Practically all of the House of Blues performances were really good. Tonight most of the girls were just not very good.

  47. Temperance says:

    Tyanna, Sarina-Joy, and Jax cement their top 3 status. Jesse J is Sarina-Joy’s idol, so she instantly hops up an order of magnitude in my eyes for her superior taste and song selection. Maddie is only 17! Wow, I thought that she was older. She showed a lot more personality tonight, so if she keeps building on that, she’ll do pretty well.

  48. JB says:

    Ok, so the girls have some work to do… My “American Idol” rankings for tonight.
    Top 12 Girls…
    ~ the great
    1. Sarina (she could win the whole thing)
    ~ the good
    2. Tyanna
    3. Jax
    ~ the pretty good
    4. Adanna
    5. Loren (shocked she’s so high on my list)
    6. Alexis
    ~ the adequate
    7. Maddie
    ~ the eh
    8. Lovey
    9. Katherine (poor thing has such a good voice but tanked tonight)
    ~ the bad
    10. Shannon
    ~ the awful
    11. Joey
    ~ the absolutely atrocious
    12. Shi
    Should go home: Shi, Joey, Shannon, Lovey
    Will go home: Shi, Shannon, Katherine, and either Adanna, Lovey or Joey

    • Temperance says:

      Joey was really good – just not your style. Most people seem to have also liked her performance. It was way better than most of the others.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Joey was absolutely good. Just very different.
        Clearly Jax is very good but she is absolutely not my style. I’m surprised at how many people think she’s wonderful (including Mr. Slezak and Melinda) but to each his own, I guess.

  49. joy1013 says:

    several of these girls are not anywhere close to being an “idol” and I was really surprised to see some of the song chocies, lack of energy and how they sang all over the place. The girls I’m talking about are shannon, lovey, Maddie. I don’t see anything special avout them. Shi sang well with every other song so I hope she doesn’t leave because of this one time she didn’t pick the right song. I find her to be a lot better than maddie who sounds like she is singing for a small town fair and bot ready for a show like this. I have no idea what some people sew in loren. She is so full of herself and way too dramatic. I really find her annoying and I don’t think she can sing. I really like jax, tyanna, and Sarina-joy! Top 3 girls with no comparisons! They are amazing And deserve to be on the show and make it far. I hope shi does get her vocals together and stays another week as she was way better than shannon, who ruined the song and looked scared while performing. She was all over the place and off key, etc. what was Shi wearing btw? Very wierd. I wasn’t a fan of joey and her rendition of keith’s song. I only like 3 guys and 3 girls this yr. I hope they all end up in the top 6. It’s pretty obvious who is making it to the top of America votes for actual voice. A lot of seasons I couldn’t understand how some of the winners actually won or even got on the show. I feel like people tend to vote for who is most likeable and their story instead of strictly voice. if maddie went into a record label today and sang that song, do people honestly belive she would get signed? I think she needs a few more yrs to practice and train and see who she wants to be as an artist, as many of the guys and girls do.

  50. David says:

    Was I watching the same show? I though Tyanna sounded all over the place with that performance!