Agent Carter Finale Recap: Times Scare — Plus: Should It Get a Season 2?

Agent Carter Finale Recap

Marvel’s Agent Carter on Tuesday night brought its season to a satisfying conclusion — but was there almost too much closure, not enough dangling threads?

Picking up where last week’s episode left off, the SSR arrives at the movie house to find 47 innocents dead, the cause as shocking as the grim scene itself: “They killed each other.” The trigger for the melee is uncovered by Sousa, who inadvertently gets a whiff of the Item 17 gas and then violently lunges for Thompson, before getting subdued.

As the SSR ponders the ramifications of nine more canisters of the stuff being missing, Howard Stark arrives to fill in the blanks: Item 17 aka “Midnight Oil” was developed to help keep troops awake and energized, but as with many of his stolen “bad babies,” it had its glitches. Alas, back then some of the batch was stolen and used on Russian troops in the infamous Battle of Finow — and that’s why revenge is quite a personal matter for Dr. Ivchenko aka Johann Fenhoff, who survived the battle but saw his brother die, and thus is out to “punish” Howard.

The SSR baits a trap for Fenhoff, staging a presser in broad daylight, but Stark is the one who winds up ensnared, hopping into a police car manned by two Leviathan stooges. The SSR meanwhile realizes Fenhoff’s endgame: to target Times Square on VE Day. Worse, Fenhoff hypnotizes Stark into piloting the attack plane, under the guise of receiving BRIDGET REGAN, HAYLEY ATWELL, RALPH BROWNa distress signal from Steve Rogers’ downed plane! For added oomp, Howard even imagines Peggy presenting him with Cap’s red-white-and-blue s.h.i.e.l.d, saying: “Bring him home!”

As Fenhoff guides Stark on his misguided mission via radio, Peggy arrives and gets into it good with Dottie. The two badasses slug it out, each getting in some brutal blows, until Peggy kicks her adversary out the window, onto an airplane wing below. Fenhoff meanwhile has fled into the main hangar, where he believes himself to be hypnotizing Sousa into killing Thompson. Sousa, though, is wearing earplugs and thus dupes the doc until he’s close enough to clobber the old man.

After noting that Dottie has gone missing after that nasty fall, Peggy gets on the radio with Howard and is able to snap him out of his fugue just in time, before Jarvis needs to shoot him down, saying, “We have to move on, all of us. Impossible as that may sound. We have to let Steve go.” Disaster averted! Afterward, Peggy’s SSR colleagues give her a round of applause, but it’s Thompson, to Sousa’s disgust, who fields the thank you of a senator (and President Truman himself). But Peggy is not perturbed: “I know my value,” she says. “Anyone else’s opinion doesn’t really matter.”


As the finale winds down, Sousa asks Peggy out for a drink, but she sweetly defers (and privately smiles afterward); Jarvis relays Howard’s invitation for both Peggy and Angie to stay at the Stark manse (though I’m a bit worried about whom Angie really ran off to telephone…), as well as offers his future services to Peggy “at a moment’s notice”; and Peggy has a date with the Brooklyn Bridge, from which she pours the last vial of Captain America’s blood into the river: “Bye, my darling,” she sighs.

In the coda, we drop in on Fenhoff, whose face has been shackled Hannibal-style (lest he lull anyone else to “Focus, focus, focus…”), as he is thrown behind bars… alongside Arnim Zola (played by the Captain America films’ Toby Jones). The biochemist/onetime Red Skull ally assures his cell mate that despite Leviathan’s setback, “New visions will arise… There is another way for us to collaborate,” imprisoned as they are here in America, “the land of opportunity….”

What did you think of Marvel’s Agent Carter? Would you like to see it come back for Season 2, same as this time, during the winter break?

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  1. Jason says:

    We need a season two!!!

  2. Heather says:

    I am really upset that Jack Thompson turned back to his misogynistic ways. I really hoped the writers would redeem his character.

    Overall though, there isn’t anyone that I would rather watch save the world than Agent Carter.

    Fingers crossed for another season!

    • Fredd says:

      Did he turn back? Or is he just playing the senator? The senator doesn’t want a woman as the hero, and Jack knows it, so he’s just handling the senator lest they replace him with someone worse to run the SSR.

      • Rose says:

        Thank you. That’s one logical way to analyze the situation without shipping biases. Thompson has been taking baby steps to redemption and it would be a waste to see him slide back to his old ways.

      • abz says:

        One way to look at it, but I definitely think a major part of him did it for himself.

      • gcw07 says:

        I saw it partly that way too. For one he was out to help himself (like always), but at the same time he knows how the world really is at that point in time and some senator isn’t going to accept or want a woman as the hero. With him in charge at least he can continue to actually give Carter real assignments. If the senator didn’t like him and replaced him with someone outside the local SSR office, it would just go back to how things were at the start of the season.

    • Angel says:

      He’s a war criminal, of course he was going to take the credit yet again.

      • John NYC says:


        His not knowing the soldiers he shot were going to surrender (IIRC) makes his actions erroneous, and not heroic, but also not criminal. And the number of American troops that were blown up by “surrendering” Imperial Japanese troops makes his mistake quite realistic. Even outside the awful context of Okinawa being seen by the Japanese as a last stand battle of their revered homeland, leading to horrific casualties and even more desperate acts of violence.

        He confessed to Carter of his making a mistake that he got unwarranted credit for, not a war crime.

    • Chuck says:

      I thought it was very realistic for the period. The senator is looking for a “face” to show the public about the SSR. Jack does that. They would not acknowledge Peggy (woman) or Sousa (handicapped) as the reason for the win. Jack did what anyone would do to further your career.
      But overall, this show was Fantastic. I do see it being renewed only because the Marvel name and since Disney controls the product (and the network) it makes sense as a filler series. If AOS gets renewed, Carter will be renewed.

    • Paul says:

      His ways are misogynistic only by today’s standards. By the standards of his era his behavior is normal. Add to that the fact that most people change slowly if they change at all, and his behavior is expected.

    • Julie says:

      I don’t think he did though. When he realized the senator was giving him the credit, he looked back to Peggy and she smiled slightly and looked down. So I think that was supposed to be taken as her tacit approval of Jack taking the credit, since that is what the public would expect/want anyway.

  3. SUSO says:

    Considering that it’s probably going to be cancelled, I’m so happy to see it wasn’t all cliffhangers with no closure. ESPECIALLY considering that they kept calling it a limited series.

  4. Jimmy says:

    I thought it was a good episode and a great fight between Peggy and Dottie. Since there’s a good chance there won’t be a second season I think they felt obliged to tie everything up as much as possible.

  5. Dj says:

    I liked that arnim zola appeared. Really nice nod to how hydra got into shield. If there is a second season I hope they can get Toby Jones to return. Also I thought Peggy notice Dottie went missing after she talked Howard down.

  6. Mare says:

    Thompson is a coward and a creep. I’m actually glad he turned out to be true to his nature. Sometimes, creeps just don’t change!

    I really hope this show comes back! I love it, and I absolutely want more! Peggy is amazing, there’s SHIELD to be built, and Howard and Jarvis to work with her, etc. WE NEED MORE!

  7. GeoDiva says:

    Loved the whole season! Wish they ended with Peggy accepting that drink date with Sousa. I hope that her smile was the indication that he was her future husband.

  8. Tran says:

    Fingers crossed for Season Two but if it gets renewed, mid-season 2016.

  9. Patrick Maloney says:

    When the show does get renewed, it needs more episodes and be treated as more than just a band aid so the show can breath, develop more season long arcs for the characters that were left by the wayside this time around (*ahem* Angie *ahem*).

  10. Kat says:

    i reallllly need another season of this show. i’m feeling a bit hopeful as they have only referred to the episode as the “season finale” rather than a “series finale”.

  11. Matthew says:

    This has been such an enjoyable series. I really hope for a season two.

  12. MoshiMoshi says:

    YES!!! I Need A Season 2!!!!!

  13. Smh says:

    I like this show better than agents of shield. I want to see more

  14. Tom says:

    So needs more, like a summer series maybe, though I suppose it’s too late for that

  15. wrstlgirl says:

    I don’t know how I’m going to go back to watching AoS after this. Agent Carter was soooo much better.

    • Simon Jester says:


    • Katherine215 says:

      Totally agree. From the fabulous Peggy Carter to… Skye. :( I don’t care how amazing they make the inhuman storyline, Skye will never not be a terrible waste of screen time for me.

      • abz says:

        Skye was a little meh in the beginning, but I think she’s gotten a lot better over time.

        • Katherine215 says:

          Yeah, I realize others must like her if she’s getting a bigger storyline. Personally, I find her overdramatic and completely self-centered and her scenes grate on my nerves. Compared to the awesomeness that is Peggy Carter, and really, every other female Marvel hero, she comes up quite lacking in my opinion. Sorry. :)

          • aw says:

            I sure prefer Agent Carter about almost any fictional character in the world, but i DO look forward to revisiting Coulson and his Team. And even though I am not excactly marvelled by Sky I do love May and Simmons!

            I SO loved Agent Carter, I really hope for a second season!!

  16. Angel says:

    Agent Carter is such a great show. I’ll definitely miss it. Fingers crossed that there will be a second season! I also enjoyed the little coda at the end and the nod to the fact that these two will be creating the Winter Soldier.

  17. Nick says:

    Dear Santa,

    This show not only deserves a full-fledged 20-something episode season 2, but also a season 3, a season 4, and a season 5. At minimum.

    I know it’s early, but that’s all I want for Christmas. You can even cancel some of the other shows I’ve been watching for years if necessary. Thanks!

    • abz says:

      I like the shorter season format. It keeps the story flowing better and characters developing without the need for too much filler. I think 10-13 episodes is a good number for it and its a nice bridge with AoS. I wish OUAT would do something similar and have another spinoff to air during the long hiatus between the show.

  18. Katie says:

    Loved it! Tied it up enough to satisfy me for now, but left enough open that I want more! I’d love to see if Dottie, Zola, etc. turn up again, the foundations for SHEILD being laid out, more development for everyone…

    Though I wouldn’t be opposed to a slightly longer season, I think this short format worked really well – it kept the storytelling fairly tight. (Also, I watch a lot of shows from across the pond, so I’m somewhat used to the shorter series/season.)

    Peggy is seriously one of my favorite characters in such a long time. I was psyched when I first heard about “Agent Carter”, and I hope for more to come!

  19. ndixit says:

    I really hope to god that Thompson doesn’t turn out to be Peggy’s future husband. He had earned a little bit of goodwill in the last couple of eps but he squandered it at the end. At least he looked a little sheepish. Sousa is pretty likable and is certainly a good candidate for Peggy’s husband. I liked that he was smart to deceive the doctor. But regardless, as long as its not Thompson, I’m fine with whomever else they introduce. Overall it was a good show. The emotional scenes were the ones which hit me. It was basically about Carter making her own space and moving on from Steve. I do admit that this is a low impact series. It works because of the humor and the characters but if it does get cancelled, I won’t be terribly upset because I think the concept may be better as a mini series anyways.

    • KatsMom says:

      As of right now, Thompson’s a long shot to be Peggy’s husband. In Captain America 2, Peggy says the man she married was rescued by the Cap. Thompson was stationed in the Pacific, per his story when they went to Russia, but the Cap spent all his time in Europe. Plus, in order for the Cap to have saved Thompson’s life, Thompson would have either been a part of the group captured from the 107th or he would have been rescued by the Cap while he was working the Howling Commandos. So, it seems like, upon meeting the Commandos, Thompson should have mentioned the 107th connection they all shared, or thanked them for the rescue, if he was to become Peggy’s future hubby.

      • herman1959 says:

        Good points, but I’ll bet the writers could find a way around them if they had to. Anyway, fingers crossed for season 2 since this has become a favorite of mine .

      • During the “radio show” there was something about Rogers going down in the Sea of Japan. Which could be their way of sneaking it in there that he was in the Pacific briefly and could have saved Thompson.

  20. opus says:

    I like Agent Carter much more than Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It should definitely get a 2nd season.

  21. abz says:

    Loved Agent Carter. I really hope it gets a second season. I liked the short season format. If they want to add an extra 2-3 episodes I don’t think that would be too bad, but the short season format is pretty great and kept the story moving well.
    I just love Jarvis. And I love Peggy. And I’m a huge fan of the friendship they’ve created together as well as their banter.
    That scene when Dotty whacked Peggy on the head with the bat almost made me jump out of my seat. Looked so painful.
    For a second, I actually thought Thompson may stop being his douchey self and give Peggy the credit, but then again I’m not all that surprised, plus given the time period the show is in.
    I just wanted to double check, Peggy Carter is one of the founder of S.H.I.E.L.D. right?

  22. Joey Padron says:

    Season finale was great. Yes there should be a season 2!

  23. James D says:

    Loved it. Please renew it ABC I’d be most appreciative, maybe kick it up to 12-14 episodes. seriously you can’t dangle Toby Jones in our face and then leave us hanging that would be a total d-bag move.

  24. Tahoe Mike says:

    Hayley Atwell is awesome as Agent Carter. I love this character. I definitely want more of her. If they don’t bring back the show, I really hope she finds her way back into the movies.

  25. Steve F. says:

    Season 2, please! And seeing Toby Jones as Arnim Zola was very surprising! Plus, who thought Dottie’s reaction to a phone in every room was priceless? Ah, the times back then…

    (But, why did Thompson get all the glory? Jerk. At least the seeds between Souza & Peggy have hopefully been sown.)

    • Steve F. says:

      I meant to say, Angie… although hopefully we’ll see more of Dottie again. (Hopefully the folks at Jane the Virgin can rent Bridget Regan out for a possible Season Two!)

  26. Mark says:

    I really enjoyed this series. I definitely hope it gets another season. That was a great scene at the end between Arnim Zola and Doctor Faustus.

  27. JoAnne Goodwin says:

    I actually became bored with Agents of Shield into the first season and stopped watching. When this premiered I was excited because I really liked Captain America. I watched the entire season and loved it. I especially liked the abbreviated season format. I do hope the network will decide to renew and use it as a “filler” series again for mid-winter or maybe summer since it’s a great way to fill in those slots they have between the other bigger shows when they go on hiatus.

  28. Marquis says:

    This show brought me back to The golden age of television. It lacked extreme violence and caustic language that is all over our television today. Between the vintage sets, the clothes the colorization, as well as the personalities of the characters is something that is sorely lacking and I feel greatly needed nowadays.

  29. partisan says:

    If it does come back I hope they stop relying on the magic wand of hypnosis/mind control that has become such a staple of Marvel story-lines lately.

  30. JulieAnn says:

    What kinda of question is that??? You guys never ask if bad TV like The Killing or The Bachelor should return for a second season, but Agent Carter needs a freaking poll? Come on, guys, you are better than implying that this show somehow do not deserve a second season.

    • Katherine215 says:

      Well, it’s a bubble show. It’s ratings aren’t high enough to guarantee a second season, so that’s why they’re asking. I can’t speak to The Killing’s ratings, but I’m pretty sure The Bachelor’s ratings make another season unquestionable.

  31. R says:

    Why in the world would they be dumb enough to put those two in a cell together?!!

    • well we are right after world war 2, prisons were kinda full,also i think (not sure) zola was captured later and except captain america no one knew basically how involved was in hydra’s organization .
      i might be wrong so excuse me in advance
      now i have to watch again first captain america!!

    • aw says:

      I thought so, too… why would you stash away two evil master-minds together?? No matter how full the prison is. It is not exactly like they were very much afraid of law-suits back then… Then I thought, maybe Zola arranged for them to be together. That dude seemed prepared!

  32. Mel says:

    Excellent wrap-up. I think another short-term season (10 episodes) would be justified.

  33. Stephon J.S says:

    Yes renew ASAP. If it get more episodes then split between Winter and Summer

  34. HCDZ says:

    I loved it! Peggy is a great character and I really hope there’s a 2nd season. I think a few more episodes would be ideal.

    I was annoyed that Thompson basked in the credit, as well. I guess that’s something that could be addressed in season 2.

  35. Heidi says:

    Wonderful show. I thought, for a moment, as Peggy was pouring the blood into the river she would whisper that she’d brought him home. That would have been a tear-jerker.

    • Steve F. says:

      If she was dancing with the vial prior to emptying it out – that way, they had that one dance he promised her near the end of Captain America: The First Avenger – I would’ve lost it.

  36. Amanda says:

    I loved the finale and it’s such a great show!!! I don’t want to get my hopes up but I would love a second season. Just don’t know if ABC will with the ratings. If they don’t then Netflix should pick it up since they’ll have 4 other Marvel shows. Do love the way it ended with the possible hint that Daniel might be Peggy’s future husband, which could also tie in with Enver being in The Avengers as a cop if that character is their grandson. Jack’s behavior was normal for that time and the senator probably wouldn’t have acknowledged Peggy anyway. Jarvis and Howard were great too and loved the tie in to “The Winter Soldier”. And that scene at the end with Peggy saying goodbye to Steve was so great. There’s a lot more they could do but the way it ended was ok if it does end up being the last.

  37. Luis says:

    “Agent Carter” was a great bit of fun, well-paced with some fine performances and a great look. The ratings appeared to be on a par with AoS, so that would seem to justify a second season.

  38. Doris says:

    I really enjoyed the short series. I love that time frame of the 40s. I really hope it comes back!

  39. Apres Ski says:

    I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hooked on Agent Carter! I want more even on a limited series. I think the short season runs better and holds the interest of myself and the viewers.

    But I love how Peggy knocks the crap out of the men in those fighting scenes. Her hats and costumes are fun to watch. And that Blond who has sooooo much testosterone is amazing. She bleeding from her head and she disappears. OMG! She’s like Yul Brenner in the movie West World. She just never dies!


  40. TD says:

    I’ve enjoyed “Agent Carter” more than “Agents of SHIELD.”

  41. Tori says:

    Bravo, very well done. I will miss Agent Carter and hope for a few (at least four) more seasons.

  42. Katherine215 says:

    I adore this show. Peggy’s friendship with Howard and her talking to him, trying to bring him back, was such a fantastic scene. I love the friendship they built between Peggy and Jarvis too. Though I’m kind of wishing Jarvis’s wife would disappear or something. Their chemistry is amazing.

  43. Rick Katze says:

    I found the format very satisfying. Very little filler.

    I voted for the slightly extended series because I think that having both Carter and Shield each running about half the year which improve Shield without destroying the effectiveness of Carter. Two shows each telling an good story would be the best option,

  44. apres says:

    At some point, I’m wondering if Carter will cross over into AoS (Agents of Shield) or vice versa. But I love Agent Carter! Short, fun, interesting and never wanes for characters or storylines.

    Good job! It needs a 2nd, 3rd and 4th season. It should have been renewed just on its own.

  45. Gerald says:

    Would love a 22 episode season but will take anything I can get!!!!!! There really just isn’t anything else like it on TV and Haley Atwell is a GREAT female role model.

  46. Maggie says:

    Such a great show. Gotta have season 2. It’s such a change from anything out there right now that it’s a pleasure to watch.

  47. Carol C says:

    Come back, Agent Carter! This is the only Marvel show I watch.

  48. Boyer says:

    Full season or nothing. No more puny short runs, they stink! I just start to get into a short season and it’s over. Thumbs down!

  49. Maxsmom says:

    Agent Carter gets A- from me because the pacing was always a bit slow for such great story and perfectly cast actors. I also hoped for more of a connection to the Marvel Universe. I would love a return engagement of the same length with a new story though I wouldn’t mind a return from Dominic Cooper’s Howard Stark.

    • herman1959 says:

      Now that everyone knows what Peggy can do the pacing can increase. Plus, Howard Stark did volunteer his services whenever Peggy needs them – I love how he plays off both Peggy and Jarvis.

  50. The Kaibosh says:

    I’m kind of inclined to think this should be it. The End. Not because I didn’t like it, or I’m not invested in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s precisely because I LOVED IT and I’m very invested in the MCU.

    Peggy’s story is intrinsically bound to that of Captain America. Theirs is a tragic love story and she has now made her final farewell to her darling. This is a good way to end the story, and its good story telling we should all be primarily concerned about.

    We already know what will happen to Zola and to SHIELD in general: we’ve seen it already. And of course I would love to see more Peggy Carter, but I would hate to see her story putter out in any way or remove itself too much from its connection to Captain America. The challenge would be that it wouldn’t work to keep Peggy grieving for Steve because that’s done already and she’s said good bye. The alternative would be for the story to pull away from Captain America and that would be difficult to watch because their tragic love story is so central to the overall MCU narrative.

    This one’s tough to call but we can all agree that knocked it out of the park.

    • John NYC says:

      Except in the film the ending has already played out so why not see more of her journey to that hospital bed with Steve at it’s side?