Calista Flockhart Joins CBS' Supergirl as Cat Grant, Kara's Boss From Hell

Calista Flockhart Supergirl Cast Cat Grant

Supergirl will be taking orders from Ally freakin’ McBeal.

Calista Flockhart has joined the cast of Greg Berlanti’s CBS series in the role of Cat Grant, the media magnate boss of Kara Danvers née Zor-El (Glee‘s Melissa Benoist), TVLine has learned.

Described as J.Lo by way of Anna Wintour, Cat is the self-made founder of CatCo, a media empire that includes a global magazine and websites in multiple spheres. Having started her career as a reporter, she has the media savvy of Kim Kardashian with the entrepreneurial knowledge of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.

Kara serves as Cat Grant’s personal assistant and it’s not an easy job. Being an assistant to a super-villain might be easier.

This marks Flockhart’s first series regular gig since Brothers & Sisters went off the air in 2011. She joins a cast that also includes Desperate Housewives alum Mehcad Brooks (as Jimmy Olsen) and Nashville‘s Laura Benanti (as Kara’s Krypton birth mom).

Flockhart recently guest-starred in two episodes of Showtime’s Lisa Kudrow comedy Web Therapy. She will next be seen in Season 2 of DirecTV’s anthology series Full Circle.

Other Supergirl series regular roles still to be cast include Kara’s science-minded foster sister Alex, her CatCo colleague Wynn Schott, and Hank Henshaw, the Supergirl-obsessed director of the DEO (Department of Extra-Normal Operations).

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  1. uk-usa-tvaddict says:

    Weren’t they looking for a Latina woman in her 40s? I am sure that was the bio for the role. Give the job to a more deserving older actress.

  2. Matt says:

    Darn it now I’m gonna have to check this out I love her! Miss B&S!!!

  3. Dean says:

    Wow I was unsure of the show given the person who was cast as super girl but given who plays her birth mom now this news I’m sure to tune in now.

  4. CRAP. I just realized Toyman is in this show. Toyman and Cat Grant are a bad combination. Very bad. If she has a son, she better hide him.

  5. I do hope this series wont be like Smallville was like.Never seeing her as Supergirl.Plus battles some bad element, but not far out things

  6. Mark says:

    I was sold on the show until I read that Nina said super girl will be “solving crimes.” It will just be another CBS crime procedural. I’ll pass.

    • drb999 says:

      She’s a superhero…fighting crime is part of the job.

      • Mark says:

        I feel like fighting crime and solving crimes are very different things. Solving crimes implies it’s a procedural as if it is mystery based. You don’t fight mysteries, you solve them.

        • DigificWriter says:

          “Solving crimes imply it’s a Procedural”

          And what’s wrong with the Procedural genre?

          • Mark says:

            I don’t happen to like procedurals. It’s why I don’t watch anything on CBS except the Good Wife. I find them quite boring. It is just totally indicative of CBS to take a superhero show and make it fit their genre as opposed to being original in its storytelling technique.

          • DigificWriter says:

            CBS president Nina Tassler sees The Good Wife AS a Procedural, so it surprises me that you watch that show if you don’t like the Procedural genre.

            And as far as Superhero procedural go, this is far from the first show to fit that description: the BTW spin-off ANGEL very much fits that description as well, and look at how well-received that show was.

    • Based on this description “Cat is the self-made founder of CatCo, a media empire that includes a global magazine and websites in multiple spheres. ” it’s clear that Kara will be a fraking reporter. She’s stealing Clark Kent’s job. She’ll be an investigative journalist, you’ll see. Superman in a dress. Nothing more, nothing less.

      • DigificWriter says:

        How do you get ‘reporter’ from the description of Cat being a media mogul like Robert Murdoch or Anna Wintour and Kara basically being her ‘glorified butler’?

        • You’ll see, she’ll end up being a reporter in the making or whatever who tags along with Jimmy. And I wouldn’t be surprised if she wears glasses too.

          • Davey Elmer says:

            You seem determined to hate this show on principle, especially since you’re trying to conflate two completely different kinds of companies – CatCo and the Daily Planet – with one another and make logic leaps that make no sense whatsoever.

            Based on what we know, CatCo is Vogue meets TMZ, Cat is Anna Wintour meets J’Lo meets Harvey Levin, and Kara is Rey-Hanna Vakili.

            Kara has also, by all accounts, had her PA job for quite a while by the time she ‘breaks out of her shell’ and becomes Supergirl, so it makes zero sense for her to suddenly decide to become a reporter.

          • This show is a blatant rip off of the Superman comic book, with 99.99% of the characters announced so far all coming from that series and only TWO from the Supergirl comic. As a procedural, you can be certain that Kara will be a reporter, and given that she has a secret id, you can be equally certain that she’ll wear glasses. She’s a female Clark Kent/Superman, with zero redeeming value whatsoever.

  7. Steven says:

    I’ll check this out just for Calista. I loved Ally McBeal.

  8. Drew says:

    So much of this series has been questionable, from the CBS president making it sound like a cross between The Good Wife and NCIS (I get that those are successful for the network, but waaaaaaaay off base for the demo they should be aiming this series at), to some of the casting choices. But I have to say, this one actually kinda makes sense.

  9. murley says:

    This is a great casting choice, in my opinion. I am remaining open minded. I am not too keen on the show having a procedural element but I remain hopeful that won’t be the overwhelming tone of the show. I am also hopeful about Melissa Benoist given how well Grant Gustin worked out and he was never given much to do on Glee either. In terms of Supergirl being just a rip off of Superman, people often say the same thing about Green Arrow with regards to Batman, and Arrow had made him feel worthy of headlining a show so that doesn’t bother me at all. At the end of the day I would take another superhero show over another medical drama anytime so bring it on!

  10. Jason A. says:

    thumbs down!! This decision wipes out this show from my tv show schedule. Hopefully TNT’s Titans gets a better cast.

  11. mc says:

    Calista Flockhart and Greg Berlanti, reunited

  12. lame says:

    Can’t imagine Calista as a super bitch, should be interesting and fun.

  13. Scribe says:

    I only care if we can get Harrison Ford as WGBS President Morgan Edge who later becomes a villain :)

  14. TVNerd says:

    Loved her in Ally McBeal and Brothers & Sisters…I wonder where they can schedule this??

    **Revised CBS 2015-16**
    Monday: 8 pm: Big Bang Theory/repeat 9 pm: Scorpion 10 pm: NCIS LA
    November: 2 Broke Girls/Mike & Molly

    Tues: 8 pm: NCIS 9 pm: NCIS NO 10 pm: Limitless or Code Black

    Wed: 8 pm: Survivor 9 pm: Criminal Minds 10 pm: CSI Cyber OR Criminal Minds Spin-off

    Thurs: 8 pm: Thurs Night Football
    November: 8 pm: Big Bang Theory/Odd Couple/Mom/Life in Pieces 10 pm: Rush Hour
    Risky move: Scorpion to 9/8C and move Mom and Life in Pieces to Monday at 9/8C

    Fri: 8 pm: Super Girl (Amazing Race Fall during break) 9 pm: Person of Interest 10 pm: Blue Bloods

    Sun: 7 pm: 60 minutes 8 pm: Madame Secretary (Undercover Boss during break)
    9 pm: Good Wife final season (May be replaced with Doubt in Spring if final short season) 10 pm: Final CSI 13 episodes in Sept-December. Elementary January 2016-May 2016

    *CSI and Good Wife will get final seasons in my opinion
    **Super Clyde, The Mistake comedy held for midseason
    ***Doubt, Sneaky Pete or For Justice held for Midseason
    ****Only way I see Hawaii 5-0 and Stalker surviving is if they push some shows into the summer like Unforgettable, but this is highly unlikely
    Cancelled: Hawaii-5-0, CSI, Stalker, Battle Creek, The Millers, The McCarthys, The Mentalist and 2 and a Half Men final seasons done

  15. Tran says:

    Calista Flockhart’s comeback tour may help Supergirl’s chances at CBS. Wasn’t Greg Berlanti one of the executive producers of Brothers & Sisters back then?

  16. Evans . Charles F says:

    How long must we suffer with Dees , kill him off sooner the better